Friday, November 30, 2012

Karma Kills KO !

She said that NOBODY can report her or do anything to her, or touch her little bullying facebook account and GUESS WHAT ?? YEP not only was she touched, she was downright PUNCHED in the fat, ugly, greasy face !

Karen Nesbit's Facebook Account has been Flushed Out !

For all those LJs she bragged about getting deleted, and gloated over, it looks like Karma has paid a visit to the perpetrator who had brought on destruction to many others and saw the gloating words of KO Catshit and demanded retribution. And a fine retribution it is !

The evil dictator Kathryn O screamed and flailed that she had destroyed the people's words and dished out the Wipe Out strategy she so loves to employ and then stood on some great soapbox and DECLARED for all the world to see that she could not be taken down, that she was above all else and could not fall. Well well well... surprise surprise the Queen of Attention Whoring and Drama gets her ASS beat and handed right back to her ! That switch must sting that fat ass of hers.

Gloat heartily, all ye merry netizens at the downfall of the Facebook bully Karen Nesbit. Seems like what goes around comes around. She kills LJers for the crimes of outing a bully and a liar. And she gets the thing she's been spending her LIFE at, posting bullying comments everywhere, totally ripped out from under her.

Seems like Facebook didn't appreciate her boasting that all her posts were designed to Upset, to Thumb in the nose of others, and they apparently didn't like Karen Nesbit Spitting in people's faces using their service to do so. This is too goddamn funny that THEY could just pull the plug on her when she absolutely thought she was untouchable. What a REALITY CHECK for that windbag, I tell ya !

Spitting in people's faces. Please. That's not the kind of community that Facebook wants.

So Karen Nesbit YOU GOT FLUSHED like the little (and powerless) piece of SHIT you are! Enjoy the sewer from whence you came.

How's that for spitting in your face ?

Take that ! ALL the people you've been abusing, harassing and bullying are going to GLOAT big time about this !

Faceook doesn't delete one very easily. It's not LJ where drama queens have their asses kissed, oh no it takes a real fuck-up to get deleted from facebook ! A real psycho to get removed from that service.

We'll be ready to report your ass again.

And FTR, it was no plot or inside person, it was called using the report button. Even your "untouchable" account had one. Ooops ! Didn't think about that, did ya ?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

KO - Catkick Still Attacking and Obsessing over Astrid

The Troll KO goes and shows more of her insane ass. Further showing that she has this cruel little mind that spends her mortal LIFE stalking Beatles communities and forever lashes at them with tons of vitriol on LJ, FB and everywhere else she has access to.

First the LINK


And a great reply by a sane, real Beatles fan, Molly:

Catshit's new LJ entry is the same typical bunch of insane. As usual.

This nut-fuck actually dragged up an OLD post and is trying to flaunt Astrid as if Astrid is now back to not knowing what a psycho KO is. Why is KO so stupid ? We can all see that the post she's pointing to is dated 2010 !!!

Astrid has NOW as of this year we're living in, already been shown what a psycho Catkick is by Catkick's OWN actions.

Her whole "Here's my proof she doesn't think I'm as bad as she claims.  She only claims I'm bad to fit in with a certain crowd" is laughable and astonishingly obvious in its own retardation and desperation. Is THIS what she calls proof ??? Oh really ? How desperate and deranged. We can see she's talking about Astrid because she states that it's the last comment made on her shitty story.

That's got to be the LAMEST thing KO's done so far, in the last 24 hours, since she's as lame as a one-legged clown on crack.

And to mention this other claim about some facebook mole. LOL Okay shithead. WHERE does anyone CLAIM to want to set her up on facebook? WHERE?? Link, letter, screenshot, anything please ! You don't have it because your mental diseases cannot manifest and manufacture evidence that just doesn't exist. I have looked all through comments here and many other sites where your crazy is documented and have not seen one_single_instance where anyone claims to be setting you up. People are REPORTING your fucking fake, abusive account on facebook. But FACTS aren't your cup o' tea.

Please stop lying because you're too easily proven to be a LIAR.

Astrid can also think for herself despite what Catshit says to try to present her as someone trying to fit in with the other Beatles fans who find Catshit/KO equally creepy and crazy as Astrid does. Astrid can make her own mind up and nobody dragged her into any brainwashing sessions and after Catshit wrote that really nasty, mean, cruel and crazy story where she slams Astrid, Catshit has way more to do with Astrid's eyes being opened than anything else.

But of course it's never Catshit's fault, oh no. It's gotta be the other fans who did it.

Oh and there's more than 5 people who know what a crazy twisted fucked in the head asshat KO is.

Way more than 5.

They all know the truth about Catkick/KO/Karen Nesbit/misfittoy who seems to like the number 5...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Do not come here and start shit.

You don't want to fuck with me. I don't delete comments. Unlike the liars (KO) who like to remove evidence, I won't. I'm not afraid of KO or her minions. Be warned, I do fucking bite and I bite hard.

KO has been trying to destroy my account since its existence. Failure KO. Truth hurts. There are no fence-sittters here. If you don't like the TROLL KO being talked about. Do not come here.

All IPs including KO's which is always showing up here, are being listed on my private stats. I see everyone coming here and where they are from, what service provider they're using and all the computer jargon that comes with it.

Comment at your own peril.


I'd like to add something given that I have heard from one of Bibbi's friends. The person I thought was trolling here is not a troll. My apologies. Someone gave me the scoop on things and Bibbi is someone I know enough that if anyone vouches that this person is her friend then I believe them. So it's been cleared up. Hope everything's alright now.

But to explain why everyone, including myself, will be quick to raise the shield I must say that I have had to come in here and literally remove some comments before because they contained very personal information like social security numbers and street addresses. These could have been faked but nonetheless the IP posting them came from a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan IP although it wasn't KO's regular IP. It was the same location she lives at and that was enough for me. She was trying to get my blog deleted. She could have signed in with a different browser to mask her usual Comcast IP but I wasn't taking any chances. No doubt she knows where people from MOWFO live because she can easily follow them in a car when they gather at their meetings and I'm sure she's done just that.

I have also heard from people that KO is still trying to get my account wiped out. That she's asked someone to hack me, asked another person to find a way into my blog and leave comments that will go unnoticed so she can report them as if I posted them. And on and on. You see, KO is retarded and beyond stupid. I see ALL comments coming to my account, and the IPs of those comments.

Point is, I can't be too careful. Another reason why I thought there was a troll coming in here again was because there have been other trolls before. I know from another person who admins a forum had trolls from the U.K. come in and BADGER the fuck out of them. They all had this motto about not giving KO any attention and could not, would not understand that nobody is feeding that troll in the traditional sense that one would feed a troll. KO is a stalker and a stalker like her makes it damned near impossible to ignore especially since she cannot actively stalk all her targets over years like she'd want to. But the trolls came in and disrupted the threads and came off like self-righteous know-it-alls. They knew nothing of the grief and years of harassment this one bitch KO has caused.

So please accept my gratitude that you were brave enough to come here and comment. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I truly wish Kathryn O would just go away and never come back.

However my message to any potential trolls, the same message in the beginning of this blog entry, still applies.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

KO Spins Her Lies! Pathetically.

The very first thing I'd like to point out in this blog is that I am not here to quote/unquote "make fun" of the notorious TROLL known as Kathryn O/Karen Nesbit/Misfittoy. That is not the reason why I'm here. Making fun of this Troll KO is just too easy. What I am doing however is EXPOSING her lies, the HARM she is intentionally trying to do to many other people. I am giving people, as many as I can, a voice whereas they have none. One thing KO is, is a complete controlling freak tyrant. KO will attempt to destroy any person's account that would expose her ugly secrets and lies.

So whenever you see her claiming that there's a blog that "makes fun of her" and lists the offense as being just that, with a brain you'll see that she's hiding the truth. She won't ever post my link anywhere. Ever. Because then people could make up their own minds and she can't have that because she knows she's fucked up in the worst way. She'll never admit it, but people would see. And compare notes. And see the screencaptures ( genuine, not faked in any way and some still with active links ! )

My account here, and for the matter DeAnna's blog (not the LJ, the blogger) are in existence to DISPELL the mountain of lies KO spreads like a filthy little gossip. We're on the end that got to see the real deal.

Here on Robert Macs FB group you can see her spinning her lies there when she talks about us. She's not there to talk about Paul McCartney because there's never anything there by her except to bitch about all of us. The Secret Group she belongs to is also all she'll talk about while she's feeding them lies, she's running to the others (like Suzy) and telling them about everything going on there. KO loves to stir shit.

Her latest fb wall is also very obvious with her spins on things. MPC (Misery Pest Control) did not own the LousyBeatleFic LJ or the CatkickClaims. But she addresses them as if they were. Then she finds some lovely little psycho card and takes aim at MOWFO again or what she slings MPC at. How long is that ban on her for MOWFO ? Hmmm, I wonder. ;)

So again, this blog is just to remind people that nobody set up any blogs, ljs or otherwise to "make fun" of the trash we know as KO. These blogs are here to EXPOSE her LIES ! Big difference. Know what you are dealing with. Do NOT let her piss in your face and tell you it's raining! KO loves to distort the truth in any way she can. She is a liar by nature, she couldn't tell the truth if her sad, little nothing life depended on it.

And IF she does have cancer; Karma didn't leave her off the list ! And I have to say that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


The latest insane, Special Olympics retard claiming to be "screwing us" and "winning" as she puts it, is another WTF and point and laugh at her delusional outbursts.

Ooookay. Now to dispell her pathetic lies.

1. She's had several of her own accounts removed already. This claim of hers that she only had one LJ is bullshit and nobody is buying it.

2. Nobody is whining about Alan not talking to anyone about her. Nobody is whining about Alan except for people she's gotten banned from MPL, like Josh and Herc.

3. Her statement "sick puppy with revenge problems" is an exact projection of KO through and through! Oh we've seen her past posts from other forums.

4. MPCs seems to indicate a plural but she, as always, goes right into a singular person by her addressing her target as a "she". Nice try but KO is a totally obsessed sick puppy after all.

5. Nobody is setting her up with anyone because nobody cares who or what she trusts. She only trusts those she can use. That's all.

6. The psycho bitch finally admits that everything she writes is to UPSET someone, us, them, et al. Sounds like a very vindictive, vengeful thing to me. Who's the sick puppy with revenge issues? Oh that would be KO. And she even admits to every post she makes is to spit in someone's face. While she destroys their LJs and they can't do anything to her.

Nice full profile of the Psycho in action there, people !

Now I wonder what the troll who came here acting all important will say to that...???

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KO Still Stalking Julian, Another Letter and Curses!

There's a so-called "secret group" which KO actually spoke about back in August. In case anyone's wondering, this group includes Suzy from Macca's forum. Amid KO's barrage of insane wall postings and whining fests. Now that she's on Josh's FB group, she's been doing some sneaky, underhanded shit. Her usual shit. Reporting back to Alan and the mods there. Of course she's leaving out all her sneaky underhanded shit. Especially her hateful comments against Suzy and Herc. Two people that she has kissed up to on MPL. Especially Suzy who had the first instincts to be disgusted by KO. Suzy's instincts were right on, but like a fool she was manipulated into believing KO was her friend when in fact what KO wants is to be in any group that will have her. Little do they know. Little do they know.

So she's still stalking Julian. You had to know that, right?

One of her former friends from FB has given their testimony of why they totally distanced themselves from her. Check it out. Name of sender omitted.

I had finally had enough. I guess. She pissed me off with her obvious made up stories about how Julian Lennon was looking to hook up with her and when she wanted to "get serious" he bolted according to her. I don't think he ever talked to her or had any kind of relationship with her. She even tried to tell one of my friends whom I've known for like ever, that Julian was hitting on her. So when she came to me and asked me to get Julian's personal email (like I even had it) I wanted to know why, if she were so close to him at one time why didn't she have his personal email? She got angry and lashed out at me accusing me of bullying her and asking too many personal questions. All I said was that she should have Julian's email if all she told me about him and her were true. That didn't seem to matter. She was attacking me for asking a blunt and JUSTIFIED question. She didn't want to be caught in a lie and that's what I had done. I caught her in a bald-faced lie.

Before I blocked her, she would tell me all about what MPL would do for her. She could just call on them and they would jump to her demands and defence without question. Those are the only people who are her friends! People who do not even DARE ask questions or question anything.
She did say that Alan was her personal saviour and that she works for him and Paul but not to go around telling anyone that. I of course knew she was full of shit but I played along to see what it was. What her little fantasy was. Sure enough she fancied herself as Paul's personal "warning system" that could detect false fans from real ones. She's no real fan so I thought it was extremely odd that someone like Paul McCartney would even dream of hiring someone who doesn't know smack about his recording history (other than what she read in a book) come the friggin fuck on!
The work she claimed to do for Alan was to find the best Beatles/Paul stories online to share the links. Ok... so that's like what everyone does on the forum for free. Find interesting stuff and post it. But she's playing this game that only she knows about and so all her "shares" are wasted for the most part. Alan is losing money left and right if he's paying her. She did say that Alan did pay off some people for her and that he avoided a lawsuit and so he had to keep her on the payroll. Just such amounts of bullshit.

There is the letter from yet another individual who had been exposed to the "Plague of the Internet" as my friend in Canada calls her.

I understand that MOWFO has been coming under fire again, for the umpteenth time by boring old KO. Predictable old slimebag KO. That whole thing that got her banned was that people there had caught her "cursing" people on livejournal. I saw these posts myself, but so have the members of MOWFO. Naturally the liar that KO is tried to deny it. But she loves to curse people! It's what she's all about. KO just isn't happy unless she's making someone else unhappy.

So for all her denials that she doesn't post about cursing people; here the Troll is offering to curse someone who she claims is annoying her. Oh really? What about the Karma she's got coming for all the people she's terrorized? Apparently with the help of Alan; her personal saviour.

Oh look someone even brought up the issue of someone tattling to the mods. Gee, like Karen Nesbit does all the time? She tried to get me banned. Didn't work though. Failure KO. Failure.

So those MOWFO people were right! She does love to spread the curses. Wonder how a curse will spread around on her? Not that she would ever tell the truth if she really had something wrong with her. She'll just invent things so she can whine. While whining to the mods. Like all she ever does.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


The ever psycho flame-filled Nasty on the Net who loses friends due to her abuse and bullying, finds more unsuspecting people to add to keep her numbers up. She does fancy herself as a BNF (Big Name Fan) in all things Beatles. Previously a BNF (or more accurately NIST) of the Dirk Benedict fanbase. So Nasty Nesbit went and trolled her most favourite and safest place on the whole wide world where she can troll without consequences; MPL!

When Paul McCartney's facebook posted something about "weirdness" she didn't hesitate for a second to use that as a three-way attack! With her latest attacks against all those big bad mean people whose only crime was to discover that she is the sickest psycho on the planet!

Her newest pile of steaming shit made its way onto Macca's Facebook wall, then to hers then right onto MPL, OF COURSE!

Weird Topic by a weirdo who enjoys writing John Lennon as weird and even calls him weird! Boring, KO Katshit, boring.

Now the screen captures of her using Macca's FB to spew her usual hate and abuse, and the tamer comment on her own wall.

You see, she would get more views posting the hateful comments against sci-fi members of the sci-fi community on Paul's FB than she would get on her own wall. As nasty and hateful as her FB wall is, she saves the uber-vicious comments for other people's walls!

One thing she does love to do is shit on other people's facebook pages. That's how she did Yahoogroups for the longest time, folks! Too many witness accounts of that and exact links to her shit despite all her sockpuppets! Or had since Yahoo removed her accounts.


It seems I spoke too soon and nasty KO has decided to re-rant her stupidity on her own wall that she put on Paul's FB.

That right after Bill (one of the people she loves to annoy, stalk and harass) had posted a 'Get Lost' message to her, and rightfully so. Yes, we know she removes anything that would show the truth but she's not going to hide the truth no matter how she tries to spin her twisted web of lies. Check it.

Bill finally stands up to the bully:

Hmm, sounds a lot like what everyone else has been trying to tell the stupid sow. But of course she's all about the lies and lying. So she posts this in an effort to cover up what Bill was actually saying. Mind you, this was NO "bratty temper tantrum". Bill was finally at the end of his rope with her and her constant obsessions, stalking and harassment.

The Bully just does her usual act of stupidity:

The cyber universe is begging for Karen Nesbit (KO) to unplug her mother's computer because she's too damned stupid to realize social networking programs and the lags in timesource, get offline, toss that machine out of the window and leave everyone alone in peace! AND TO GET A LIFE!

So anyway, after Bill finally made her antics known and given her the boot, she went and re-posted the abusive post about females in the sci-fi community who KNOW she's a psycho nutcase. This is exactly what Bill was talking about. The endless abuse done by her.

And it has been quite confirmed that the only reason Alan hasn't banned her sorry ass from MPL is because he actually likes psycho obsessed fans. Go figure.

BTW, if people haven't caught on, KO is the one behind a lot of bans on Macca's board! She runs to him everytime someone says anything she doesn't agree with.

Another place KO trolls and shits on:
Facebook Group

They must not know she's spying on them there. Shakes head. Yeah they're bashing Suzy in there and KO is just sitting there watching it all, without one remark or comment in the favour of Suzy. If Suzy thought KO was her friend, she's sadly mistaken. KO is nobody's friend! But oh how KO sure SCREAMED about an LJ that showcased her crazy! Hypocrite KO! Therefore it can be concluded that Alan is keeping the crazies on MPL. What is his problem? He must have a thing for the crazies.

Anyway time for some more helpful links;

Lousy Beatle Fic Blogger

John Charles' Journal of Catshit

Stu and his Crew Not for the Timid

Stu states his case against KO's slander

And now for something to cheer up the downtrodden and targeted;

Grabbed from DeAnna's blog.

And something SURE to cheer you up!

RT before it's deleted! It's GREAT, isn't it? The psycho nut can finally claim her Big Name status in Beatle fandom. Just like she managed to do in Dirk fandom, and sci-fi fandom and all the other fandoms she's oozed into and tried to take over.

And Sarah (of BeatleLinks) kindly go fuck yourself. KO deserves to be thrown in a little cell with bars all around so she may sit and rot the rest of her life away, instead of what she's doing now; trying to drag everyone down with her to the Hell of her own making!

Friday, November 2, 2012

More Lies Exposed

First, I am still working on the Giving the Victim's A Voice Facebook posts. These posts should be featured in as many places as possible. I have thought of making different blogs for different sites since this bullying bitch is everywhere and there seems to be no escape from her! Or the stupid people she lures in.

But right now, I got something to blog.

Gullible People or Masquerading

Are these people (like Audi) just that stupid and gullible that they actually BELIEVE the crap the Spewer of Lies posts? Or are they just mocking her?

Incidentally her story never mentions any names here:

Marvin the Nameless: Imaginary Robot Hippy

And do you know why? Because she made that all up!

FACTS: Michigan, as many states, had made public nudity against the law WAY before any of these imaginary friends of hers came into being even if she made these friends up the moment she was spawned.

Laws and Indecent Exposure

EDIT: Added more screenshots to the Jena and Ariana posts and updated Stu's post.

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Stu

Ah, the ever patient, ever reasonable Stu. Who had been given huge responsibilities when KO went (as people say) thermonuclear on MOWFO when she was finally exposed and shown in the true light of day. Everyone (except for a dimwitted few) had seen with their own eyes what kind of shit KO did behind their backs. Stu was given a moderator position on MOWFO's list when Kimba (rightfully) spoke up and decided to leave the drama-causing bitch that KO is, in the dust.

Actually this whole thing had been shown the light of day before in this very blogger. Here is where it can be found: Troll Lashes Out Against MOWFO.

Now onto the abuse and further abuse this poor guy, Stu, has had to put up with.

The Great May 2012 Facebook Battle!

Posted Sunday, May 27 (8:42 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
Hmmm...since MOFO is no longer an open organization, they need to change what the O in it stands for. How about Oppressive? since they ordered me to apologize to the bully who has abused me for several years and did it worse then ever while calling her abuse, 'snippy'

Posted Sunday, May 27 (8:47 PM) by Stu Chisholm
"...And that's been today's episode of 'Revisionist History!' Tune in next time to see why Pearl Harbor never really happened!"

Posted Sunday, May 27 (9:42 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
This coming from someone who called the abuse merely 'snippy'. especially when she was knowingly reopening childhood wounds. and violated her own rules on her own yahoogroup to attack me

Posted Sunday, May 27 (9:45 PM) by Stu Chisholm
The exchanges I saw were catty, snippy, childish and totally NOT amounting to anything like abuse. I simply called it as I saw it. She admitted to violating the rules. She did everything she could to fix it. YOU violated the rules right back -- and to a much greater degree -- yet you did nothing to try to fix it. And that's the way it wuz.

Posted Monday, May 28 (7:56 AM) by "Karen Nesbit"
There were exchanges taht went on for years before you became a part of the group. She did nothing to fix it. You can't fix what she did. what? Say "I'm sorry?" Sorry's don't mend. She never said, "I'll never do it again." why? Because she will. I only defended myself being kicked when I was already down. (You went on about what a bad time she was having and ignored the traumas I was going through.) YOu also put me through the ringer of having people vote on me, brinigng back child hood scars (I'm never forgiving you for that) taking delight in your sadistic mannerism by even laughing at me, "YOu got voted off the island." Being rejected by the CAtholic bitches while being forced to stay in theri school system, both you and her opened up deep childhood scars. Has any abuser admitted to perpetrating the abuse ever?PLus you also stated that my closest friends wouldn't even be allowed to vote for me, rigging the vote. (and they know this). Why? something abotu f**king and the police. WHich is BS since this isn't even a crime. Just me veing victimized by Big Fudge again. Last good point: She's a 50-soemthing woman who wears pigtails. Enough said there.

Posted Monday, May 28 (8:00 AM) by "Karen Nesbit"
You also don't know what it's like being the only kid not getting a christmas present in school. It went on for almost a decade and scars deeply. (That type of stuff is big when you're a kid)> that's why Big Fudge would bring you all gifts and not me. She did it to open up childhood scars. YOu call it snippy. I call it abuse. Then she quoted my bullying stalker at Brick to drive us apart because he was supporting me. HER QUOTING MY STALKER IS ONE THING I WILL NEVER FORIGVE. I can see why Penguicon kicked her out. You call it snippy is inaccurate. She usedto taunt me with, "I can get you banned from the group. I have the power. Ha ha ha. Remember that about me." I told her how cruel that was and she kept doing it until I blew up at her. then she said, "Sorry," but kept on doing it. She did nothing to fix anything but say 'sorry.' When will her behavior change? She always needs someone to bash and those of us who were her targets always had to take turns.

Posted Monday, May 28 (1:31 PM) by Stu Chisholm
This looks like a copy/paste of old posts...
Seriously, the only way you can overcome past trauma and "scars" is to seek therapy or treatment. You have done nothing. Then we are all supposed to magically know that some remark we make or action we take will trigger some deep hurt that we have NO WAY OF KNOWING ABOUT??? Seriously???
All I have is my perspective; you were a part of a group I joined and apparently had the occasional tiff with the organizer. Nothing unusual. Your exchanges were 99% cordial in front of me, and the few that weren't were silly, childish, Jr. High nonsense. I can't answer for her. But when I was placed in the untenable position of having to "do something" as demanded by the members, I did my best. I took action, and I did it in the most fair, above-board manner possible. All the while, I took a great deal of time to talk to you via e-mail, giving you the best advice I can muster, all in an effort to keep things from blowing up. But you rejected everything I had to say and only made things worse. There's nothing I can do about that. I also told you about why I questioned M & M's objectivity, but I NEVER shut them out! In fact, I made it a point to HAND DELIVER a survey to both of them a second time. They simply chose to not answer. I will also say that their two votes would not have made a difference, assuming they were 100% in your corner.
You can go ahead and not forgive, but that will only harm you. I have a VERY clear conscience. Venting online, consuming all the "seaweed" you can find and harboring hatred will never bring you peace or get you past all of your demons. I'm very serious when I say that you need to talk to a professional. Doing so is NOT an admission of anything; it doesn't mean you're crazy or in the wrong! It just means that you're not an island and you, like everyone else, need a hand to get through what life dishes out. You needed help recently with your infection, right? Well, problems of the mind are no different than problems of the body. Despite what you might think, I always have been, and remain, your friend. And as your friend, this is my advice: get some help. I'll even go with you if you'd like.

Posted Monday, May 28 (1:50 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
therepy and treatment? Dude, I ain't like your crazy friends Brick and Chris. and what you did was not fair and there are those who agree with me. Not letting my two best friends vote for me because I am f**king them? Because that's got something with the way cops do things? WTF? Hardly fair. THIS WASN'T A GODD***N POLICE MATTER! Make me apologize for defending myself? Feeling all sorry for Big Fudge going through crap but ignoring that I was going through crap and was down when she broadsided me? Hardly fair at all, dude. those that oppose you just would never speak up. they feel it's useless and I've been told that time and time again.

Posted Monday, May 28 (1:51 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
and I stand by my original statement that O needs to be changed...and with you adopting police tactics, it fits.

Posted Tuesday, May 29 (8:23 PM) by Stu Chisholm
No, you're certainly NOT like Chris or Brick... you have REAL problems. Nobody's put up a website or posts blogs solely about THEM. What I did was completely, 100% as fair as I could make it. In fact, by my writing you "back channel" to try to give you an advantage was over-the-top fair! And if anyone agrees with you, they haven't told ME. (Nor has anyone suggested what way I was not fair.) And yes, it can be safely assumed that the testimony of someone sexually involved with a person accused of something will be biased. Absolutely everything from law enforcement to simply corporate policy reflects this reality -- I didn't make it up! And I STILL invited M & M to submit a survey TWICE. All to be as fair as possible.
Nobody said you shouldn't defend yourself. It was HOW you did it. Don't you understand that YET??? Even when Kimba posted her rant, she didn't use four-letter-words; she didn't insult your appearance, physical quirks or the way you dress. She never brought up religion. YOU DID ALL OF THAT. You did that to the point where you made members DEMAND ACTION. Some left, but most bombarded my inbox with "make this stop" requests. (Nobody but you complained about Kimba's letter.) Don't you GET this yet? YET??? It's been HALF A YEAR!
You brought this all on the group, it got dumped in MY lap, and I didn't like it one bit. I still stand by MY statement: you're so quick to point out problems that other people might have, but ignore your own. You complain and complain to all who will listen about your "childhood traumas" and horrible past, but FAIL TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Here's a newsflash for you: nobody is required to tippy-toe around other people in fear of tripping over one of their emotional landmines. YOU are responsible for your own mental health. So get help or don't, but if you don't, you cannot blame me or anyone else when you get a flashback. Seriously.

Posted Tuesday, May 29 (8:41 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
As stated in my above post, you were NOT FAIR. IN FACT, IN YOUR LATEST POST, YOU GO BLAMING THE VICTIM AGAIN. (AND BRICK IS THE ONE WITH THE REAL PROBLEMS. I'D RATHER TAKE MINE THEN HIS or Chris's). Plus, MOFO is not a corporatoin or affiliated with law enforcement. It is a social group that used to have a connection with Penguicon but Kimba ended that. it's rules need to be the not so fascist. (which it never was before and suddenly became) and yes, it is all Kimba's fault. If she had not violated her own rules with her original post and kept it off list, it would have never happened. When you poke a bear and it mauls you, whose fault if it? as far as the bullies harassing me, there you go blaming the victim again when you're the one who they approached and answered back and got involved for whatever sick reason. it ain't my fault that the person (and it is mostly one with many fake IDs and too much time) suffers from BPD and makes me her target. I stated before, no one felt like approaching you who sides with me and agrees with me. they figured it wouldn't do any good. AND IT'S NOT FAIR EXCLUDING THOSE YOU KNOW WOULD VOTE FOR ME FROM VOTING BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID POLICE RULE. You can't even begin to call your self fair. you aren't. YOu hurt me deeply. YOU. DId you tell your audience how you timed the vote just before Christmas? (UNfair). How you kept telling me KImba was hurt while ignoring my own pain? Dude, just look at you defending some police rule in excluding my friends from voting and how unfair it all is. basically, I hope to never see Kimba again. If I do, I hope her tongue burns from red pepper. as for you, you proved time and again you ain't my friend. Now go find some other bullied person to blame.

Posted Tuesday, May 29 (8:44 PM) by "Karen Nesbit"
as for how I defended myself, Kimba proved she is an MPC and has been helping them a year earlier when she went around claiming I cursed Brick which was BS. So , I simply used the MPC tacticts used on me for over 7 years. tell me this: Why is it okay for the MPCs to do it to me but me wrong to use it back? That's what I see you saying. They insulted my appearance (never mind that both Kimba and Bad Kitty are fatter then me) with four letter words over 1000 times a week. Oh, I forgot. Kimba said, "i'm sorry, but I'll do it again." and that made it all better. and then YOU BULLIED ME TOO

*Note I added links to show her very obvious projections, manipulations and sociopathic tendancies.

Posted Tuesday, May 29 (9:17 PM) by Stu Chisholm
SO FAST YOU ARE to play the victim card! Let me lay this out for you: when you viciously attack someone and then refuse to take ownership of your actions, it does NOT MATTER what your past is! YOU are the bully. Get it? I only blame you for what's YOURS. (And you do deserve plenty of blame.)
Both Chris and Brick were your FRIENDS at one time. When friends have problems, a true friend does not attack them; they do not mock them; they do not insult them. They SUPPORT them. They give them sympathy and empathy. You attack them to make yourself feel better. Here's another factoid for you: just because others have problems does NOT make them wrong, nor does it negate YOUR PROBLEMS.
MOWFO never needed a policy to deal with troublemakers before you started this stuff. You forced our hand. I had no choice but to do something. Now, in the overall scheme of things, MOWFO is nothing more than a loose-knit group of friends who get together to support fandom and, above all. socialize. It's not important to anyone but us, I guess. But when one person comes into a group and causes trouble, some "police action" is called for. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I took a tip from my local co-op board where I lived back in the '70s. They used surveys and consensus. Worked every time. What could be more fair?
By no stretch of the imagination can you say I bullied you in any way. In fact, I stood by you the whole time, writing paragraph after paragraph of insight, intel and advice... and YOU told me that you stopped reading it. You kicked me in my teeth for all my effort. I can't answer for Kimba Wilson, and barely know Bad Kitty. If you have unresolved issues with them, you need to take it up with them and leave ME out of it. As for your issues with me, I've quite vividly described my perspective above. I've always been straight with you. I hold no malice. And I still strongly suggest that you find a good, professional counselor that you trust and get some help and support. If you really do have childhood trauma, don't let it hold you back or make you a social pariah. Just get the help you need.

This was a copy and paste from a Facebook shit-storm that KO launched. Apparently against Stu because he would not change the MOWFO group's name. I'm not sure if this is even still on his wall. She could have reported it. If it was on her wall, you can bet all your money that she deleted it. You'd be richer by double!

It is also hilarious that she's the one with all these sockpuppet IDs while accusing others of it. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, see the Psycho on her Wall. Blaming others for her own game, when it comes back to bite her in the fat ass of her shame!

Now onto the screencaps. Stu had finally been pushed and pushed by the continuing psycho bully Karen Nesbit a/k/a KO:



Stu's Facebook can be found here:

To my knowledge and through people who know him, Stu is a very open and HONEST man. He does not hide from the lies of a sociopath like KO.

His link is open for all to see.

If you wanna see the further stupidity of KO and how she tries to come off as the know-it-all of everything, read Stu's wall around 6 October. I saw that just by looking it over and found that. Fucking Missy Little Prissy Troll.

I am sure that's not the only time she's taken something that was meant as a joke about food and ran off to some stupid hissy fit over it. She takes a swipe at the local sci-fi fans too. Yeah they're all mean, evil, evil. And according to her warped twisted psycho lies and BS, others are bullies while she continues to post this kind of shit, when she isn't getting enough attention, OBSERVE the BULLY in action here:


And believe me - that is just the TIP OF THE ICE-BERG! Her wall reads like one long attack against many people mixed in with obvious signs she's never been laid.

Because calling people the names she's always calling them is safer to do on Facebook. Hooker, Ugly, Autistic Cage Man, etc. so much safer than actually saying it to them to their faces. FTR; these people have been harassed only via internet by her. KO did threaten to beat the "Hooker" up in a parking garage once in another forum she's long since been banned from but she's never confronted them face to face. She acted an imbecile while Kimba was present to "guard her". Now Kimba knows what she is. I'm sure at the time she was probably confused by KO's antics at conventions though.

Yeah, who's the BULLY here? Hmm, it looks like the one screaming the loudest about being bullied is the real bully! Welcome to the Reality Check you bullying coward, KO!

Boring old fat ugly KO. Just can't get a life, let alone get laid.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Chris

Late last year, and early this year, KO attacked Chris, Kimba and Brick with such hateful scathing emails and posts on their FB walls that they literally had to block her and block all her email aliases and sockpuppet accounts. Here is some of what she did to Chris, who is a very nice and gentle soul.

Attacks on Christopher's Own Wall

Ask for a friends request if you are not one, and check out more of Psycho KO's shitting on other people's facebook walls.

So much for demanding others to behave themselves when the real bad mannered, beyond bad mannered cunt does shit like that!

"I don't care how you feel, but think how I feel"

to paraphrase her shit on Chris's wall. Basically she doesn't care about anyone but everyone MUST bow down to her self-appointed special needs. FFS!

Chris posted the following on 29 February, 2012:

Here are some comments and emails shared during the big attack on Chris:

I've been watching to see who comments on those posts.  Nobody.  Not a one.  She's broadcasting to all her LJ followers that her "haters" do not write anything to her, do not give her comments... do nothing except watch, if that.  If she got hate mail, she'd post it.

All but the dimmest bulbs have to have realized by now that she's the stalker.  I remember when I came to that realization, and I can only smile at the thought of her getting tossed out of yet another community and being so clueless (as she is) as to wonder "how did `they' get through to turn these people against me too?"

And it all happens while we do nothing but sit and smile.

- as stated by a local resident in Michigan in referrence to her LJ posts against people he knows.

When someone jumps to conclusions about every post online being about them...they need to get offline...and into a rubber room with a straightjacket.

- A comment by someone else on Facebook observing Karen Nesbit's constant attacks against people he knows.

When KO says she's "through being bullied and persecuted" like she's repeated over and over AND OVER AND OVER again, she makes sure to post it on other people's walls where she is, in fact, bullying them with unprovoked attacks and slander against them!

- as stated by a fine lady who has been maligned horribly by the stalking KO and who had been followed around at conventions.

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Jena

See the pattern. See the Troll, the desperate Fail Troll attack Jena on Jena's OWN wall!

And below; snipped from Original Screenshots for easier viewing.


Note that this is over the fact that people in MOWFO actually witnessed her typical LJ drama bullshit. The shit she does, deletes and then tries to deny. Back then she claimed everything from religious persecution to Kimba having a secret plan to kill her and it's gone from one crazy delusion to the next. Her recent claims for being banned from MOWFO is because everyone there is on medication and while she keeps saying she will have nothing to do with MOWFO, she sure keeps shitting on their members' walls on Facebook. Just like she keeps shit stirred on LJ.

For the record, Jena did nothing to KO. Nope, KO just used anything Jena said as a way to turn the whole discussion into a KO discussion. Jena did not need that shit and KO used Jena. People are not people to her. They're just rags to be used and tossed away and of course attacked and maligned for the rest of their lives. Or for however long KO lives.

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Ariana

Ariana is someone who had a birthday in October. She is a fairly new member to MOWFO. See what happened. A simple reminder. No malice. Nothing at all to be offended by.



Adding more of Psycho Karen Nesbit's Abuse done on this lady's FB wall.

Her comment had no place there and had already been posted before on someone else's wall. Or a hundred other people's walls as is the case with this Internet-Dwelling Troll.

The comment there should show you how stupid she is and how desperate for attention she is! There was no reason for her to even post since Ariana was smart enough to NOT give the bitch her phone number! It should be obvious that if you don't have someone's number, you can't call it. D'uh. I guess she was hoping Ariana would be stupid enough to see her comment and give her number to her! Ariana didn't. Ariana smart.

How can this Karen Nesbit bitch remain without the admins taking notice? MySpace would have taken this bitch to court by now.

Here is a letter written about this very attack on Ariana's wall:

I'm not sure what touched it off, but something really shoved the sand in her vagina lately.

The first sign of trouble, for me, was when one of our MOWFO members posted about her birthday party.  We have a tradition of letting the birthday person choose the location for their celebration and she was excited.  Suddenly, there was Superbitch, prattling about how hurtful it was for her to SEE all of us making plans to have fun without her!  GASP!

She then lashed out at Kimba (of course) and, for some reason, Brick.  She prattled something about T-shirts, and even Brick had no idea what she was blathering about.  He seemed to half-remember some joke about showing up at a con with some sort of slogan on a T-shirt, but he never did such a thing for real.  Once again, she's simply playing the victim card, going to third parties for validation and then lashing out at those she considers enemies.

I think Mike & Marla's reply was in response to whether they'd be at the birthday meetup.

As for her other possible problems, I have no clue.  She went SOME where yesterday, because I posted a verbal slap-down on her page that stayed up for several hours.  She finally read it and deleted it, comically lying that she "never read what you wrote," yet responding to it point-for-point.  WHAT an IDIOT!

KO has also just lashed out at people for saying anything about her private, so-called sexual encounters with Mike and Marla.

Now let's look at JUST A FEW of her posts here:

How on EARTH can this psycho bitch even complain about others making comments about her so-called "relationships" with others in private when SHE HERSELF fucking spreads it around like horseshit?

Just sayin'

So you see, she does this shit everywhere, not just on LJ and to people like Astrid. The psycho fuck who needs to be put out of her misery does this to everyone. Some are just too dense to realize they are also being used.