Thursday, March 29, 2012

Troll Still Starting Shit (Won't let it end, involves entire forums)

Still, still, still spewing on and on and neverending on about people she hates !

The topic will now be about... you guessed it! HER! And she is a bully and sadistic. It's obvious.
And OF COURSE she just HAS to re-play her delusional stalker bullshit again and again as if people can't see that Miss Stuck-Up Prissy is trolling for attention again.
You see, more and more mentions of "stalker" this and "stalker" that !

She's like a stalker with her posts in every thread she can get a hold of! Like so obsessed. She's on her stalker kick today!!! Everyone watch out or she'll type it again with more of her usual bullying and defaming poor argument techniques and all that.


Really if people want to distance themselves from her and want nothing to do with her, or don't find her "interesting" how can she claim she's being stalked? Oh look, she's fucking crazy.

BTW, she's stalking my blog. I'm a member of the Beatles forums and have been for a long time. I see her posts, and I can show people how nuts she is, but my blog is my own but she's stalking it. I guess I can start posting about MY stalker too and tell people, it's someone who posts on the very BeatleLinks forum ! Thinking I should do that. See how she takes her own medicine !

1. Potty mouth? As opposed to crazy psychological nutcase Misfittoy?

2. I don't need to troll the forums with my opinions on her posts, I do it here and spare folks because she would fill up the boards with mountains of shit if anyone dared do to her what she does to everyone. She on the other hand, as shown so many times, has tried to involve entire forums into her drama.

3. Nasty simplistic manner? She keeps that projection handy, don't she?

4. Her hobby is all about trash talking everyone! Some life she's got. She's so blind to herself that her state of denial is almost comical. Not quite, but mock-worthy enough to include in Fandom Wank.

5. Nobody's contacted any random member on BL about the troll. We already know she's a troll. We, unlike her, don't seek to involve others. Like she tries to do with entire forums of people. Who are, BTW, still ignoring her demands for attention.

6. Whine? No little trollie troll, point and laugh. Big difference.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Troll doesn't even have the GUTS to post my link but keeps stalking me! The coward!

The Psycho Troll is doing nose candy again!

How does someone that pointedly proves she got no life accuse others of that? How does gloating about something she has no idea about show she's got a life?

How does posting a link to some generic page that all pages say when something's been taken away from her grasp prove she's now "having a life"? What? KO is so full of her own delusional make-believe world that I have to really wonder if she's really not locked up in some looney bin and she somehow sneaks onto the internet when the staff isn't looking.

Her rants against "Fudgie" are not even coherent and she's definitely been in the crank again!

And in case people haven't noticed, she makes a direct attack against MY blog here! Oh but fails to link it of course. Can't have people seeing that! Because she is an obscurer of truth. She'll bitch about it and stalk me and attack me and my fellows here, but she won't link it so people can see what she really is and take notes and make comparisons and have anyone else's take on her ugliness on the internet. No she'll sweep all that under the rug and claim everyone is stalking her. Because that's how liars and trolls operate. That's how psychopathic/sociopathic she is.

So while I'm here, while living my life and certainly not giving her all my time like she would like to think she's taking all of, I'll post the recent sightings of her trolling. It's the least I could do and it only took me a few moments to see her ugly trolling and comment on it in the safety (which is now being stalked by KO) of my own blog which really bothers her.

Known for "dancing"?
Suuuuure. Oh but about her claims that she's a cripple on BL?

She even takes her imaginary friend out to places! People see her talking to herself a lot.

Blog of bigotry? That would be anything KO is posting on LJ or wherever else she gets a chance to spew.

Let's see... hmm who isn't someone she targets and harasses? Nope, can't think of anyone. Oh but she puts herself above everyone else on the planet and claims she's God's gift to mankind or something like that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Troll's Obvious Delusional Claims

Here she is glorifying sluts and whores. Until next time when she wants to bash someone by calling them a slut or whore, that is. Then claims of writing an article for some magazine she claims is a "Major Detroit Magazine" and we can only guess what her game or lie is there.

And go down further, she claims to be an attractive female and being in the "sex industry" herself - WTFF??? I didn't know working as a clerk in some store qualified as being in the sex industry. Is she prostituting herself on the street corner at night? I guess she can't afford her drug habits with a clerk's wages.

WTF is with her felony-mail fantasy world she lives in? Oh she's just looking for another way to slip in more of her toxic poison again. Note that nobody she accuses day and night of her own shit is in jail for anything so that's just little psycho troll Kathryn O still living in her little delusional world again. I've been told that Jim O is an alter ego of Kathryn O.

But from what I've read elsewhere; I know KO is guilty of mail fraud which makes her posts about it even more entertaining / mock-material. There were people who wouldn't allow her to use their names and addresses who've been relentlessly flamed online and harassed by her when she couldn't get her way to have them mail Dirk for her. So she used fake aliases and addresses to slip past the ban on her. That was deliberate tampering with the U.S. mail. That is a federal offense. And if Dirk wants to he can have her arrested and that would NOT be the only thing they'd have on her either! Then she tried to attack the owner of the forum when she couldn't get her way.

Oh and that is a repeated pattern. KO attacks all admins of every forum she doesn't get her way on and is banned from so many that people have lost count.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Coward Troll gets other to do her Dirty Work for her !

Looks like Kathryn O has roped some idiot who apparently knows nothing about her, into doing her own trolling for her ! Check this, we're getting posts by this person (with an IP that is a dynamic IP; meaning he or she is using a proxy and is a very public IP) and posting shit talking stupidity to my blog ! I guess she really got another stupid idiot to do her bidding for her and we know this is the case because anyone just passing by, wouldn't be trying to make such a case for Kathryn the Troll.

No. We are not fooled. I know she is very much behind this. It's a shame this new little idiot she's got all believing that we're such horrible people hasn't even once considered the obvious: being asked to post shit for someone over the internet makes you look like a complete fucktard. This new idiot can white knight all he or she wants but in the end, the idiot is nothing but someone that Kathryn can use because Kathryn knows full well about IP address. Oh yes. You see, I've done my homework. She's been caught in so many online shenanigans and nefarious activities that she knows if she comes in here, we can post her IP right along with her stupid posts. So what does she do? Why she cries off to some fool who is too dumb to realize this and gets someone who's ready and willing to troll for her. Thus getting someone to do her dirty work so she doesn't get caught. Instead, someone else does and looks even more like the stupid ass-sucker when it tries to claim it was "just passing through" ! Bitch please. You're a bad liar and like Kathryn, you probably live with your mother, can't get a job and drive your mother's car claiming you own it. FFS.

I know from other sources that she tried desperately to get other people to post shit to my blog. They ignored her and moved on. Them smart people, must really suck that Katrhyn can't get everyone sucked into her game. But there's always that one idiot with the brain brightness of one watt. Dim, and clueless as Kathryn herself. I've also found out so many other things about Kathryn that she would shit herself that I know these facts. She has spent so much time and so much of her life harassing people and trying to force everyone to bow down to her, and those who wouldn't have been targeted, maligned, even threatened to the point of having to call the police ! But Kathryn continues in her mad quest to make everyone who has seen through her take the brunt end of her abuse on a daily basis because she simply will not stop. Her insane quest consists of making everyone like or love her and those who won't are to be fed to the lions. Or as far as her power goes; harassed, threatened and maligned relentlessly on and offline.

Her history of this shit goes back years. She stalked a guy (Dirk Benedict) to a cruise ship and then when she was tossed off for whatever she did to freak people out there, she went on this years long troll binge where she followed people to different sites, sent numerous harassing and crazy emails and snail mail to Dirk's staff and other people associated with his website. And has caused so much grief for many, many people. She even tried to get people to send mail to Dirk with THEIR own names and street addresses after she had been blocked from Dirk's mailbox by his postmaster. Sound familiar, little asswipe who wants to be showing up here ? Maybe you can help her harass other people too ? Maybe you can make all her evil deeds disappear with your great undying love and heroism ? Or maybe you'll just end up like the rest of the people who've tried to help her and realized she's fucking insane. Even people who didn't even have a dog in the race ! This bitch has made it her LIFE to go after anyone saying a damned thing about her constant slander of them and when they've taken measures to stop her; like blocking and banning her, her rage got even worse !

But the idiot troll helping her out now doesn't even wanna know any of this and probably doesn't care because he or she is gonna "save" poor little Kathryn from the big bad world and be a hero ! Right. Don't confuse the idiot with reality or facts, that would cause its little delusion to come crashing down. This is what makes this person even more pathetic. How can someone of any scrap of intelligence not even think; Gee this person wants me to post for her on a public site, I wonder why she won't do it herself? Could she be a coward and just wants ME to take the rap for HER own shit?

Of course Kathryn is telling this new idiot all kinds of lies and trying to mislead them into all the pits she can. It won't bother her any, she's got herself a new fuckwit who has been completely blinded. To be misguided into whatever KO can do to escape detection herself. But this as I understand isn't the first time she's gotten someone to do her dirty work for her. Oh the long post this would be if I put it all here what I have found.

What the trolls don't get is; White Knighting refers to the fucktarded online defense of attention whores, "Artists", or douchebags, all under the pretense of supposed compassion for some sort of benefit. Generally, this action occurs on websites like DeviantArt, Stickam, YouTube, and other places which foster self-proclaimed Internet Celebrities, who are protected by people that seek some sort of benefit in return- be it secondhand popularity, sex, or just attention. This invariably results in making the defended look even dumber, making the defender look pitiful, and making the entire situation one big clusterfuck of fail/lulz

Now let's get to the ever stupid, lame ass, unintelligent claims made by the new ass-licker of KO about breaking the law by publishing IP addresses, shall we ?

First, posting someone's IP is legal. Especially a public IP which this idiot is using. Posting your IP when you troll is called you getting your ass handed to you, you dumb fuck.

Second, I hope you try to sue me, because you'll be paying my lawyer too when you lose in court. I'm ready for you, you dumb fuck. Though living with your mother is going to damper your plans of finding a good lawyer though. Ask KO about that. Nobody will take you seriously when you tell them how you helped some online stranger to fuck with people and you got what you asked for. Or in KO's case, where she fucked with people and they banned her and then had the police visit her front door and issued warnings after banning didn't get rid of her. Yeah lawyers are dying to help out a crazy delusional online troll who thinks she's a witch with supernatural powers like her, I'll bet.

And finally, when you take it upon yourself to post to any public site, your IP is visible, and my IP counter that I have installed in this blog and all my blogs, does indeed come with a function that if I choose, I can make every post here display the IP address of all the people coming here. They don't even have to post, I can see all visiting/lurking IPs. How's that for ya? That function is available to me if I choose to use it. I just have it set where only I can view the IP list. But since I can opt for public display and the hosting site for IP Tracking that I have here, I'm certainly within my right to do whatever the fuck I want with any IP coming here. You can go back to eating the shit you're being fed by KO; a notorious online troll and stalker whose mission in life is to ruin everyone else's lives because her life is just so miserable and she isn't happy unless she has gotten everyone stirred up.

I bet you and KO have had yourself quite a conversation about all the shit you're stirring up on here. My advice to you; get out while you can. You have no idea what she is. None at all.