Thursday, February 28, 2013


Boy this NAILS Psycho Woman's personality so well!

Psychopaths feel Superior to Everyone Else

The Nature of a Misfit and the Stalking of People who don't Want That Person Around

Cowardly actions as "superior" as in she wants to curse everyone because everyone is to be blamed for all her shit.

And she does seem to be incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong, and thinks everyone else has that same handicap.

I added more links. People are starting to follow publicly, though they did not have to, it is appreciated. You're brave to open yourself up to possible abuse or for some of you, MORE possible abuse.

A lady friend has shared her photo slideshow of movie psychopaths, or movies about psychopaths, with us to add to the blog. I think I've seen most of them, I believe. Very informative.

Thanks for all your continued support. May we one day be free of this miserable troll woman from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice to not have to deal with her in any form. Until then, we are adapting and surviving as one might say.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Special Update

Milla shares her experiences from the creeps and psychopaths and the strangeness. From the trolling of KO at TrekSpace to the hostile Facebook war KO and her minions have waged against people and her.

It will be in both Russian and English. Login with the name Milla's Story and the passcode phrase that we all know very well best describes what is happening.

Milla's Diary

I'd also like to thank another wonderful lady for sharing her slideshow gadget with us to feature on this blogspot.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Robert Macs Attacks...Lame Threats and Whiteknighting Galore...Mac the Moron

The group of KO sychophants have a new bunch of bullshit posted. Laughable bullshit as fact-checking is obviously not something they do because they cannot come out of their troll cave for sunlight will hurt them.

I am of course talking about the recent comments brought to light about our trolls and stalkers (mostly KO doing the stalking and craving attention again) as pointed out by our good friends here.

Robert Macs who acts and sounds just like Alan Grieg, both pathetic morons do seem to spend an awful lot of time kissing KO's ass, has posted his same old tired, oft repeated and yawned at threats of physical violence. I'm in the U.K. and anytime you wanna rumble, you pathetic piece of shit Robert Macs, you let me know. You keep threatening it over the internet and hiding behind your monitor but what have you done exactly ? Nothing. That's what. You're also quite the dumbshit. 6 followers that YOU can see, but I'm up to 116, and I do advise my readers to STAY private because we are dealing with a lowlife troll who stalks people and now a little piss group of 34 measely members (most of which don't even bother to post) who are actively helping a psychopath that you know nothing about ! So best to not let them know who all is here by way of other accounts, twitter and all of that. Especially with Alan trying to hunt down every last person who knows what KO is, and try to demolish them.

Interestingly, the same IP seems to show up when AG is looking for baiting.

Interesting what my stats show on this:

Total Visits:112 Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom IP Address: Talktalk ( Referring URL: Page:
 Mental Misery: Psycho Troll Still Stalks and Trolls - Finding New Victims

There's that showing up again, and what do you know, why he's even got a facebook group too! My my my.

Do you know Kathryn O, in real life ? Do you ? Or do you just sop up all the shit as she wobbles over her laundry piles and empty Cheetos bags while she has you completely convinced of all her drama and lies? Believe me, it's the latter.

But since you're so into helping the Drama Whore create drama, why not post this;

The Real Secret Group

Or this;

The Real Secret Group II

Or even this!;

Julian Lennon is stalked by Kathryn O - she went as far as kidnap threats

Yeah the Catholic stuff is rather eye-opening, isn't it ?

I mean, when you actually PAY ATTENTION and use a brain cell it's kinda easy to spot.

KO: I don't trust and am active against Catholics due to the fact they treated me like crap all my life while growing up.

Now there. What do you REALLY know about KO ? Hmmm ?

Her victim card is ALWAYS played.

As far back as last year, some members of the Catholic belief tried to reason with the Drama Queen and were nothing but polite to her and told her she met at least four good Catholics there. Here let's read more about THAT.

And now here it is over a year later and wouldn't you know, yeah she's STILL against all Catholics.


Not because they're bad people, but because she is a LIAR, a MANIPULATOR, a SOCIOPATH, and a FRAUD!

Kinda reminds me of the sick bitch, another nutjob.

And in case anyone's wondering... no, I am not Catholic. But I'm not out trying to abuse them and trash them all over the place like KO does to them. Like KO does to everybody.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy Troll KO Tries To Creep Up On Others

...And then removes the EVIDENCE!

As Rahil and his friend Jags have been bashed by the psycho KO, and KO trying to tell people they are Astrid and other people, it has been requested that their links are taken from the Links section because they felt unsafe that KO would see their links here and with KO's past actions of asking hackers to hack Paul's forum to break into personal conversations with others, it's only fitting that I take out their links. I have taken out other links recently too because of the fact KO has been watching and attacking everyone and manipulating others. Since she has zero hope of getting one of her minions to hack, say DBC, those links can stay because those are established sites and they are filled with members who've been repeatedly harassed, stalked and threatened by KO.

Rahil and his friend did not want to be her next targets. Understandably. But they are real people. I highly doubt anyone she hates from LJ would go to the lengths to drum up a persona like Rahil.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Numbers Are Increasing

Hello Readers, and fellow seekers of truth and advocates against a Psycho Troll who has become (as many rightfully call her) The Plague of the Internet. I wanted to post the following note that I will be keeping links of the various other websites and what all in my links section so people reading here will know the people that this blog has featured as subjects of the attacks, threats and harassment done to them by Kathryn O the Plague of the Internet. That people will see them as they really are; good people who've been unlucky enough to be in a fandom that Psycho Troll KO has decided to obsess in and insert herself into.

Not that she's a real long term fan, she is in fact a stalker of mostly the Erotomania and Morbidly Infatuated kind but she fits all other of these types as well and sociopaths like her always attach themselves to someone of a high social status to make herself feel important. All her life, I reckon, she's been attaching herself to any man with money or fame in the only way she can; through fandom. She'll never obtain these men in real life by the way, so she makes up for it by convincing herself she is the foremost authority in all fandoms she's stalked her way into. Paul McCartney living or dead would not touch her. And she knows it.

For instance all the facebook blogs featured here as part of the Giving The Victims A Voice blogs I've posted: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 and other people from her long list of targets she keeps handy and focused on, I want my readers to know these are real people, with real lives and see them as people rather than the shit KO tries her whole life to drum up as nothing but figures in her delusional psychopathic little dream world. I want to give these people a FACE! That they are the victims of a very disturbed and mentally insane woman who has nothing but internet time and lives with her mother.

So my newest addition is Rahil's site and his support. The more word gets out, the more we can keep this sick thing from making fandoms the toxic grounds she always seems to turn them into before they see what's happening and ban her toxic ass.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Psycho Troll Attacks with Voodoo Curses

Oh my stats were really buzzing today with KO's IP all over the place !
Firefox 18.0

This is not to say that she still isn't using her encrypted crap IP, that I still see anyway, but there it is.

What's the matter? Is KO spending another one of those Valentine Days alone again ?

She's apparently not had anyone to attack or troll today so she made use of her Insane Journal again with not one but TWO posts that show exactly what kind of creep she is.

As one commentor put it:

KO says: leave me alone
While KO is STILL stalking people she claims she ignores and blocks!!!!!
KO is looking in on blogs and other people's facebooks and says: now i have something to burn and stuff in the doll
Wow, creepy stalker revealing her psycho voodoo crap. What's she gonna do, start going through their trash cans for hair and fingernails now?
Case in point. KO does NOT intend to STOP stalking, harassing and looking for attention from her victims!
Deanna, and apparently she's still trying to locate her main target Nacky, and she's still deluded about everything else!
FYI KO thinks that Milla (our Russian contact) posted anything about Suzy. I suppose KO wants those kinds of stalking skills but nope, Milla never said anything about Suzy anywhere here. Nor does KO's pathetic attempt show any proof that Milla said anything other than the Suzy thing is freaky, which it is. This is like her trying to trap Astrid in some lame attempt. Which failed miserably. Of course.
NOTICE how KO doesn't give any links, screenshots or A DAMNED THING to back up her claims when spinning HER LIES on someone else, did you all notice that? Yeah of course you did!

Troll KO. It's what you do best besides stalking people!

BTW I have never seen any words of wit from KO. Ever. This place is still got the truth, the wit and is a great source of info.
Thanks EL, and thanks everyone :)

And here are the links to her recent attacks again on (where else) LJ.

Oh look, people, Catkick is crazy. That is one fucked in the head batshit insane attention whore. What's the matter, Robert Macs not posting enough attacks against people who exposed you as the obsessive Paul fanatic who got him banned ?


Psycho Troll KO removed her 3 LJ entries (she had posted another crap post stink pile on the 15th) when people pointed out her utter delusional psychotic crap. So what doe she do ? Why she attacks DeAnna all over again!! That's what.

This INSANE delusional creepy stalker goes into her delusional drama about DeAnna wanting her friendship then makes a very gross sexual innuendo! Wow Catkick (aka KO) sure knows how to be creepy and sick all at once while lashing out against someone who never even asked for her friendship. Ever. DeAnna has made it very clear where she stood when it came the the psycho stalking troll who attacked her friend Tina. I'd say that Catkick is a master of projection!

Her whole post there is basically yet another jealous rage over DeAnna having lots of friends and apparently having a problem with a person named Blasted Bill too!

And Another ETA

The Psycho Kathryn O has been telling people that she is going to enlist the help of Alan and Paul's staff to help her get this blog deleted, DeAnna's blog deleted, and the other blogs deleted, such as the Dreamwidth and JF ones. Alan is apparently working on helping her obtain revenge on us who have brought her evil and psychotic nature into the light.

Yeah and good luck with that. Sarcasm in case you feel like you want to try to be me, little psycho hippy runt. Sarcasm in case you're too drugged up on your biopsy drama pills and heroine addicted witchcraft claims.