Thursday, February 14, 2013

Psycho Troll Attacks with Voodoo Curses

Oh my stats were really buzzing today with KO's IP all over the place !
Firefox 18.0

This is not to say that she still isn't using her encrypted crap IP, that I still see anyway, but there it is.

What's the matter? Is KO spending another one of those Valentine Days alone again ?

She's apparently not had anyone to attack or troll today so she made use of her Insane Journal again with not one but TWO posts that show exactly what kind of creep she is.

As one commentor put it:

KO says: leave me alone
While KO is STILL stalking people she claims she ignores and blocks!!!!!
KO is looking in on blogs and other people's facebooks and says: now i have something to burn and stuff in the doll
Wow, creepy stalker revealing her psycho voodoo crap. What's she gonna do, start going through their trash cans for hair and fingernails now?
Case in point. KO does NOT intend to STOP stalking, harassing and looking for attention from her victims!
Deanna, and apparently she's still trying to locate her main target Nacky, and she's still deluded about everything else!
FYI KO thinks that Milla (our Russian contact) posted anything about Suzy. I suppose KO wants those kinds of stalking skills but nope, Milla never said anything about Suzy anywhere here. Nor does KO's pathetic attempt show any proof that Milla said anything other than the Suzy thing is freaky, which it is. This is like her trying to trap Astrid in some lame attempt. Which failed miserably. Of course.
NOTICE how KO doesn't give any links, screenshots or A DAMNED THING to back up her claims when spinning HER LIES on someone else, did you all notice that? Yeah of course you did!

Troll KO. It's what you do best besides stalking people!

BTW I have never seen any words of wit from KO. Ever. This place is still got the truth, the wit and is a great source of info.
Thanks EL, and thanks everyone :)

And here are the links to her recent attacks again on (where else) LJ.

Oh look, people, Catkick is crazy. That is one fucked in the head batshit insane attention whore. What's the matter, Robert Macs not posting enough attacks against people who exposed you as the obsessive Paul fanatic who got him banned ?


Psycho Troll KO removed her 3 LJ entries (she had posted another crap post stink pile on the 15th) when people pointed out her utter delusional psychotic crap. So what doe she do ? Why she attacks DeAnna all over again!! That's what.

This INSANE delusional creepy stalker goes into her delusional drama about DeAnna wanting her friendship then makes a very gross sexual innuendo! Wow Catkick (aka KO) sure knows how to be creepy and sick all at once while lashing out against someone who never even asked for her friendship. Ever. DeAnna has made it very clear where she stood when it came the the psycho stalking troll who attacked her friend Tina. I'd say that Catkick is a master of projection!

Her whole post there is basically yet another jealous rage over DeAnna having lots of friends and apparently having a problem with a person named Blasted Bill too!

And Another ETA

The Psycho Kathryn O has been telling people that she is going to enlist the help of Alan and Paul's staff to help her get this blog deleted, DeAnna's blog deleted, and the other blogs deleted, such as the Dreamwidth and JF ones. Alan is apparently working on helping her obtain revenge on us who have brought her evil and psychotic nature into the light.

Yeah and good luck with that. Sarcasm in case you feel like you want to try to be me, little psycho hippy runt. Sarcasm in case you're too drugged up on your biopsy drama pills and heroine addicted witchcraft claims.


  1. The Psycho Cuntface is still obsessing over Nacky and some other
    people not in the Dirk site. When she starts attacking Nacky or Bibbi,
    it just means she's leaving Tracy and Dirk alone. I wonder whatever
    happened to her claims that Dirk was cursed by her voodoo de-loo-loo
    delusions? Cue the Psycho theme! So she's still claiming that "magick"
    chose her? WHAT? Really, so there is truth in what the Catholics say
    about it being EVIL! Only something warped and twisted would want
    anything to do with a warped and twisted psychopathic stalker like
    Kathryn O.

    I mean she screams LEAVE ME ALONE while doing things that scream GIVE
    ME MORE ATTENTION! She's like a vicious cycle of manic nutcasedness
    all the time. She really does give "magick" a bad name if it were even

    Why does she always have to bring in past Dirk people into anything?
    Why is she still stalking Amazon?

    1. She's not getting enough attention again. So the trolling pathetic piece of lard does this shit. She must have driven off more people from her facebook. She's quite good at that.

      Amazon is her new favorite targe now because she was able to manipulate people who were in agreement with them about Alan. Alan is the guy Kathryn kisses the ass of because she thinks he's putting in good words for her to Paul McCartney, Kathryn got RM and LD banned from MPL. Just incase anyone's paying attention.

    2. Yeah and she goes and sends out more creepy posts.

  2. Friend to the VictimsFebruary 14, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    Anything you got - I got TOO!!!

    Strange lies here, being all brought up Catholic and all. Oh and everyone is a heroine addict, and she thinks she's above the law so she thinks she can use "magick".

    Scroll down from that link there and she goes into her cursing routine and atttacking the imaginary hooker again, and in 2004 that is when she stalked Dirk Benedict on that cruise and came back to show what a total psychopath she is to that entire fanbase!

    Just FYI.

    You guys might want to get screenshots of her posts on Macca's board. As she has been harassing folks in Michigan lately too.

    Get ALL the screenshots you can is what I'm saying.

    That Kathryn O is really living in quite the imaginary world thinking she's great at cursing people.

    1. Please don't believe a thing she posts about Diane. KO is the most vile liar I've ever known.
      Diane is doing fine thank you very much! KO has NO power to do shit to anyone! She cannot break people up despite her boastings and postulating bullshit.

      And so is Dirk and his fans too. All are fine. But KO, she's always claiming it and you see it in her posts. Oh she's got some bad shit coming to her alright.

    2. Her posts really do show what a psychopathic/sociopathic person she truly is.

      She loves to blame the world for everything that happens to her and there she is showing the world that she is doing it herself with the curses and harmful wishings and the nasty tones and overall creep-factor she brings in her words.

      She is a poison. She is toxic.

    3. LMAO! She calls Tina crazy for mentioning a spiritual connection with dolphins and the 7000 year bit. But what she seems to forget is that we have copy of her posts from Macca's Fun House (before that admin totally booted and wiped out all her posts) where she just HAD to have one better than Tina and claimed that she was an 11,000 year year dolphin and the very guy she's slamming on MPL as being a heroine addict, she claimed on MFH that he told her that she was a dolphin and some high being and then went on and on about her birthday party where everyone made it into a dolphin themed party complete with dolphin paper plates and she really went all out with her fantasy world about being the BEST dolphin. So there you have it. I wish there was a way those people could have seen her posts in MFH when she's busy calling someone else crazy for their beliefs because she is the crazy bitch who made those claims!!!!
      She always has to be one better or have exactly the same thing as someone else. Yeah she should know all about that insecurity.

      The BD party was supposedly thrown by the MOWFO group. This was in 2009 when she was still trolling and sliming those forums.


    So now she's going to do some voodoo on my sister??? Good luck with that little PSYCHO STALKING BITCH KATHRYN OCONNOR HORVATH! None of your curses have ever worked on me or Tina or that Shay lady who BTW deflected YOUR curses. So what did you do? You drove by her house and stalked her there. Fucking lowlife stalker.

    To those who don't know; Shay lives in the Detroit area. Too many of her victims live near enough that the stalking is easy for KO to do to them. Otherwise she tries to find people's phone numbers and other info like that.

    And her whole rant about how I only use the word "fuck" over and over. If that's all that's in my blog, why does she spend so much time on it? Reading it? Stalking me everyday when obviously I'm not even around all the time! Because she is lowly pathetic GOT NO LIFE stalker!

    "They say the word 'fuck' over and over" she whines but then follows the very NEXT sentence with the word...wait for it: FUCK!

    What a self-contradictory, trolling, seething foaming at the mouth cuntface of a billion stinky armpit hairs that has surrounded her basement chair in her momma's house.

  4. LOL A batshit crazy bitch calling others batshit on her LJ. Wow did she find herself a new word?
    My goodness is she so psycho insane batfuck bonkers.

    No lack of wit from me :p

    1. Especially with the notion she's going to burn a picture and voodoo it into a doll. Then she's posting all over MPL with crap about being a hippy witch. Why didn't someone just put this bitch in the nuthouse with all the other hippy ghouls back in the 70s?

      How come she's still walking around the free peoples and using the internet? Clearly the ball's been dropped and she's been free to reign terror by way of making herself the biggest laughing stock online while really stalking people in real time.

    2. "How come she's still walking around the free peoples and using the internet? Clearly the ball's been dropped and she's been free to reign terror by way of making herself the biggest laughing stock online while really stalking people in real time."
      Very well said.
      THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET should have been arrested a long time ago. Or thrown in a ward for the criminally insane. She IS insane. NO doubt about that. IMHO she'd kill someone given the chance. She's talked about guns and watching people being burned alive when she had accounts at MySpace. Part of the reason why she was banned permanently from MySpace.
      It would be a blessing if her computer blew up in her ugly troll face. What goes around comes around.

  5. I noticed she attacked me again. She spent all day thinking of me. How creepy. Wasn't it an American holiday over there?

    The dumb slimebag thinks I posted about Suzy here. She thinks I was telling those idiots one thing and you guys another. I noticed a lack of LINKS, or any damned thing to back up her claims, too! I noticed that!

    That worthless ass rag sure lives in a make-believe world.

  6. Ok ok, the "wife" she's referring to is Marla and she is not married to Marla. KO is her usual full of bullshit self and if she *really* had any "powers" as she claims, she'd use them evil just as she has used the internet for evil, the groups she interacted with for evil, the cons she went to for evil... the CRUISE she went on for evil! Everything she does is evil, psychopathic and crazy. If she had any such powers she'd have people killed. That's just a fact given her poisonous personality.

    And she wouldn't listen to anyone trying to talk her out of it. Just as she never listened to anyone asking her to stop stalking people. She does every little evil thing she can do. Anyone on that forum who believes she has any kind of discipline, integrity or a conscience is flat out fooling themselves!

  7. DeAnna's Friend CoraFebruary 15, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    OMG she thinks Milla owns this blog! That Catshit sure lives in a total delusional warped flippin-finger world! She whines about being flipped off!!! haha! Maybe she should LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE and that wouldn't happen? But no, she's going to continue being a stalker and being batshit insane while trying to project herself all over her obviously screaming for attention on livejournal. The crazy ape raging bitch. Is she to the point where she is bathing in her own feces now? That time she spends in front of her computer....oh MAN! That's bad.


    The occultic attacks continue!

    She was a little girl in a ghetto in Detroit?

    Ok so the story of her growing up in Indiana, or a posh neighborhood is all a lie. Or is the rich broad just making up YET another one of her drama llama stories? I think that's it!

    Claiming to talk to the dead and she calls OTHERS crazy? Whoa!

  9. Crazy Stalker Kathryn at it again I see.

    First, she's mocking and being an asshole to anyone else's beliefs and is just nasty to anyone in that Paul thread about magick, she's just acting like a big fat know-it-all who knows nothing, disses other people's beliefs while expecting them to swallow her lies and stupidity hook line and sinker.

    Second, she's got another stink pile of catshit on her Catshit account. Something about fake pics on facebook. Um, like the FAKE one she uses on hers? And Andrea's account is way older than even her (NOW REMOVED) Karen Nesbit shit account and does actually contain pictures of the woman who owns that account!

    So again, slimebag asshole creep Catshit proves again that she loves to post tons of bullshit, start fights with people on threads, and going out of her way (her usual trolling) to get everyone's attention!

    The grizzly-haired, drunk and drugged up hippy is still making quite the ASS of herself!

  10. As me and my friend Stu puts it:

    I knew the silence was too good to be true. She just can't live without her drama!

  11. She's been really on an attack binge lately. She was doxed herself and now wants to attack everyone. She could always just email the guy who has her personal info up. (look up name Kathryn)

  12. Oh look she's all jealous of DeAnna having friends! To a point that she reveals it so obviously by even having to mention unmentionables! That ought to creep DeAnna out and churn everyone's stomach that Psycho KO is thinking of her underwear. And the stuff about "fans", oh wait, yeah KO claims to have fans all the time! Who the fuck is Blasted Bill? Is this another poor soul who got accused of stalking her, bullying her, looking the wrong way?
    She sure took down those other posts really fast. Yeah she is def. stalking you guys.

    1. She comes off even more ridiculous and damn a child of 2 would have more maturity! See one of my friends saw her post and said basically that she is too pre-occupied with panties. He said it's because she wears adult diapers and she's always sitting in wet sticky shit because she must shit her pants like she posts shit online as she smells it from her chair that she never gets out of.

  13. KO is all like crazy person believes in 7000 year old dolphin spirit blahblahblah then immediately starts telling people that SHE talks to the dead, that magical powers had chosen her and that she can break up people's marriages. AND she wonders why people see her as the crazy batshit insane motherfucker she is?!?!! *head desk*

  14. Paul's staff get this blog deleted and the other blogs?
    *snort* *laughs*
    KO just shit herself in the head again.
    Translation from a German saying. ;)
    Ain't gonna happen. ;)

  15. That stupid bitch is really too dependent on her "German turd" line of attack. She's also very dependent on her mother for internet connection, an ISP, and a roof over her psycho head!

  16. And once again she has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she's THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET.
    And also insane, psychotic and UGLY both inside and out.
    Did I leave anything out? ;)

    Yes, I can hear all the cheers now of the netizens that have been attacked, harassed and stalked by her...when's she's taken away in a straight-jacket. Or better over by a gigantic garbage truck! ;)
    Picture Animal and Miss Piggy from the Muppets when they see Catshit!
    Animal "Woman? UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY!" Animal then begins to beat the tar out of Catshit...
    Miss Piggy "Hiyaaaa!" and flings her arm out and sends Catshit flying away from her computer and off the planet into outer space...we never ever see Catshit again!


  17. Hey just now finding this blog -THANKS-!!

    The catshit one has actually sent ME messages regarding Astrid before.

    I'll have to see if I can locate her letters. Bunch of whining.

    There were whole paragraphs about cursing Astrid and that no matter where in the world she was, Germany or not, that her curses always work and that she isn't one to be shunned or some weird shit like that.

    She said she had all Astrid's info too and seen her website and could get her personal stuff.

    I laughed especially at catshit's claims that she knew people IN Germany who would gladly kick Astrid's ass.


    Catholics are Satanists?

    The post below whatever nonsense she said about Catholics, is just as laughable. Oh and her reputation is very bad of her own making and every bit as true!

    We got the goods! We got the evidence! She cannot spin the truth the way she wants and keep bullying people! People KNOW she's a bully! People know she's a STALKER!

    Then there's this BULLSHIT:

    She still thinks she can curse people! She still thinks she can control people's lives. She still lies out her ass! She claimed she would banish three people and because they aren't around for her to stalk anymore she thinks HER CURSES were successful! She's TAKING CREDIT for what happened to their lives! If one of them had died she would be taking credit for that but NOTHING happened to anyone, but because one of them moved, she's going to take credit for THAT! She'll take credit for ANYTHING! She's so full of shit. I notice that she goes from practicing witchcraft from 30 years to over 40 years now! All within a couple years time. She claimed to be a witch since age 3, in some other posts she claims since she was 10. I think she's been a "witch" since she found that it gets her attention on the internet and she has lived in a delusion all these years about her alleged powers. I can't see how any logical person can believe in that tripe to begin with.

    KO : [a good friend who helped build up and heal my life for many years decided to tear down everything he had done for me.]

    He found out what a real PSYCHO she was. It was really that simple of a conclusion.

    Also whatever hateful energy KO has spent on cursing others...I can assure it all came back on her!

    1. No matter what lies she spins or what her fucked-in-the-head delusiona are, NONE of her so-called curses worked on anyone. Those three people are not troublemakers and they are still very much welcome in Bill's circle. They are not banished or suffer any banishment or any spell casting she thinks worked for her. It is all a bullshit lie. She is the biggest liar and fraud there is.

      If she had any intelligence, she'd graduate to scammer. But as it is, she's a lowly internet troll bully stalker. That's all she'll ever be.


    Oh the delusions she lives in.

    She thinks the people who know what she is are poor and like her (dumb and crazy) and she hates Catholics some more!

    Man she'd be surprised who all actually want to see her get locked up. But I guess she's gotta tell herself that her victims are helpless. It's the sociopath's way to keep their make-believe control over them.

    But of course anyone who's been posting about talking to dead people and being an 11,000 year old dolphin isn't living in reality.

    1. LOLOLOL! Well for something not "amounting to a hill of beans" she sure fills up that Paul thing and all her other accounts with endless BITCHING and WHINING and NAGGING about "them", she uses words like "devastated" and "hurt that will never heal" and all that other drama llama drivel. Mountains out of such a *hill of beans*. Yeah and people who justifiably hate her are "poor" and "dumb and crazy" (according to the projection of herself obviously) and not big governments or anything... and YET her curses against them *for ALL these years* still hasn't worked on them one shred or bit.

      LOL for someone like her who is dumber than a bag of rocks, crazier than Charles Manson and poor herself because mommy won't buy her all the fancy hitmen she wants, it's really something that she can go around making claims to escape karma and knowing curses to bring down a government body when she can't even get any of her LOADS of curses she's spoken about, posted about and sent emails about for so many years to work on one single little "poor" person. Yeah some magick there! Some being chosen there LOLOLOL! How's that been working out for ya, crazy twatwaffle?

      KO is absolutely nuts. I reckon when her mother dies, she'll end up on the doorstep of the next real victims who will eventually end up cursed with her presense. That's all the power she has. Well she might try to kill them when they see the real her, but then only a dumb idiot would allow her around them.

      How's those curses against the Dirk fans going for you? Shithead.

    2. I wonder why she thinks people are too dumb to catch onto her shenanigans and terroristic tactics? She's revealing more about herself when she goes into rants about curses she done on people and then claims they're "dumb" to do anything about her. ::as if to say:: that her victims can't do anything about her harassment of them because they are ::as she puts it:: too dumb.
      Well it sure wasn't dumb for them to block her, call the police on her and file restraining orders against her. Those people are pretty damned SMART! The only thing she's left with now is to post her psycho on a livejournal account and some crap on a Beatles forum.

      Are those little pink elephants she sees telling her little pink princess secrets? The dream world she lives in is really something! I guess when one doesn't have a real life, lives a sheltered life with a rich broad mother and has nothing but internet time this is the result.

    3. Oh yes the poor and dumb (and crazy) don't amount to a hill of beans but she gets banned from Julian Lennon's facebook and EVERYONE on planet Earth had to hear about THAT. The Beatleslinks forum, the livejournal communities, the big MPL, everyone was told how totally devastated she was over that! Because according to her drama on that; it was stalkers that did it, then it was Julian Lennon's evil admins that did it and then it was Julian himself who was dumb and crazy to not recognize her greatness or something!

  20. AHA HA! So in her twisted little psycho mind, Catholics treated her like crap. I'd love to hear THEIR side of things! She's treated people like crap and is the belching narcissist that you just know WHO the crap-treater is!

    I'll bet she starts bragging on facebook about the pope resigning and says some mean shit about him too.


    Everyone gets spam from the board, and I mean everyone, but that delusional KO, OF COURSE it's all about her! And ONLY her. Nobody else!

    DeAnna's chart on her is damned accurate!

    BTW, she doesn't talk to people all the time from MPL. That would take her away from her stalking time.


    See, what did I tell you! This bitch is STILL going to drag her drama around!

    For the record; she and her "friends" have done plenty of victimizing of others over the years. Spamming people in other emails and sites and posting THEIR phone numbers! Well looks like she got her ass handed back to her.

    But she'll play her lies and her victim card over and over again and she's one to talk about being "put through" shit? Yeah but she'll justify her stalking others via emails, conventions and phone calls.


    PsyKO the ETERNAL NAG <good name for her.

    1. Oh she so wanted that MPL spam to be unexplained, she sooo wanted to be able to jump right into the center of attention (as always) and they put the stops to her game.

      Not that she still didn't take a stab at trying to spin and drama the place up, she so wants to use that as another ME ME ME ploy.

      KO is still fuming that the Btlestar group owner swatted her and she has no intelligence to pull off anything like that so she'll remain focused on anyone from there because they got one over on her. They knew she was a poison and they banned her. MPL; the NOW place where she does what she did in those other sites.


    Private stuff? Like how she really treats people when she thinks they have no one to help them? Or private as in, lying about everyone else. Yeah it BOTH!

  24. She is now plaguing the Peter Doctor who pages. We can't hide from her even though she is blocked she still gets to our Facebook pages and leaves horrible comments. I fear for Peter's and his families safety.

  25. She also uses aliases and fake profiles, and has possibly coerced another fan (or created another fake profile, we can't tell which), into doing her bidding and trying to join groups that have banned PsychoBunny (we call her that because she psycho and she hops from fandom to fandom causing trouble). Heads-up, she has a fake FB profile under the name of Jane Tucker.

    1. I am so sorry that she's found yet another fandom to make her little toxic cesspool. Where is her fake FB links? There is a way to report them and I happen to have an email address to someone who has direct contact with FB staff. Please let me know where I can reach you so I can send you info and gather info.

  26. Kathryn has !#$%!$% me to where I can't be on social media. Fooled me and everything. Thanks, bitch (Kathryn). Is there anything I can do to help stop her?