Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Trolling of KO Knows No Bounds

Oh God, Psycho Troll brings in all her hateful drama once again to MPL. She had no one to attack on other sites today so she found a thread she could inject that negative toxic personality into. Arguing with EVERYONE on the thread here:

The Hypocrite Barges Into Thread; Attacks Everyone

Hmm, KO doesn't like the title of a thread...yeah what about the title of "German Turd" on her Livejournal page of her stupid account called Catkick? Yeah what about that?

FFS she doesn't even pick a side, she's just trolling her usual trolling tactics. She even posted that she hates Peta!
KO hates Peta. KO is all about the hate.

Gee now I wonder what Paul will do? Stop being a member of Peta ? Does she even realize all her posts are nasty and projections of her trying to convert people to her hate circle ? She has such lame excsues for why she's even barging in on that thread to derail it. Lame as her lop-sided fucked up enlongated head.

And what Jags posted was SPOT ON and yet she just HAD to turn it into an issue about her delusional drug hippy friends (the ones we don't hear from except a few who confirm she is a psycho liar) and of course she takes little time to turn the thread into an issue about her filthy twathole !

KO is the LAST person to worry about birth control because she owns the body and face that she does, and there's not enough money in the world or enough beer !

Further on in the thread she starts spouting some really shitty self-righteousness and Jags even calls her out and shows what a hypocrite KO is and what does KO do ? Why she starts on some jackassed dance and claims that Jags lost the argument because of "name calling" !! This same KO who posts ugly name-calling against Astrid, Kimba, everyone else on the planet...yeah THAT HYPOCRITE and she nailed her own coffin shut on her OWN ARGUMENT because KO IS A HYPOCRITE and JAGS WAS RIGHT !!!

And no, little delusional KO, you certainly did NOT win any arguments, you name-calling, immature trolling psychopath. Take your shit and get lost already!

Anyway THANK YOU Jags for your post! Wholeheartedly agree! It's unfortunate that the TROLL who had NOTHING to contribute but just had to fuck it up with something that had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the topic or what you said, but instead she wanted to make it be all about some faceless person shooting up heroine. Oh yippy, another attack on yet another person who isn't there to defend themself.

Jags said this very right on and RIGHTEOUS that's right RIGHTEOUS statement:

Do not ever ask me to respect your "personal choice" when you're eating dead animals whose lives were not respected!

Do not ever tell me that vegans are not tolerant, since you are the intolerant one with animals!

Never tell me that we think we are better than you, because it is you who think you are better just because you are a human!

Do not call us radical or extremists because justice doesn't have an extreme!

Do not ever tell me that we are part of a cult, because you are part of an industry that knows no ethical or moral anything, and you are cowards because you are very comfortable and you dont question what you doing.

Do not ever tell me that there is no alternative, that this is the life, and always has been, because you know vegans, you see what we eat and see we are alive.

You, you're not as ignorant as you pretend, because you really know part of the truth, because we have opened your eyes. But you wanted to close them again.

And certainly do not tell us that this is unnatural and goes against evolution, precisely because you base your position on custom and tradition.

I will be passing on Jags words to everywhere I can. KO can just suck her ass into one of her foaming at the mouth screaming drama attack-campaigns. She can go fuck off anytime and buh bye KO - you sick piece of shit !

THANK YOU Simplyrahil for your post! I wholeheartedly agree!

Telling it like it is !!! Go Rahil !!!

kathryn o, this was not about drinking soymilk per se
we are all aware of the negatives of many things which are in the vegan world also, but note well: the same soya that you speak against is what all the animal-eaters also eat and drink huge amounts of either directly or indirectly by 'virtue' of al the flesh and milk they consume.
almost all the animals are fed soya hence their flesh and all has the same 'bad stuff' and most products these people purchase which are non-vegan have added soya also, including milk drinks.

i don't even use soya much.
once in a while only do i consume soya as in a drink.
not regularly by any means.

if you took that literally, then i'm sorry for your thought process.
it was a statement to mean it could mean anything vegan, anything not from an animal in the metaphorical 'cup of kindness' that was being thrown about

also, you should use this mood you came on this thread with to speak to the animal-eaters, because they are the ones who are filling themselves EVERY MINUTE with unhealthy flesh and other related 'products' versus the average vegan's diet.

and if you are not a vegan, but i assume some sort of vegetarian, then decide which side you're on and speak out for the animals (which is what we have been doing here) instead of attacking those who are defending them strongly. (amen)

and this is not about 'you winning a debate' or vegans 'losing the debate'
facts are facts - killing and eating animals is evil and paying for it makes one equally accountable and responsible and to BLAME for its perpetuation.

as for the title of the thread, (is that anything like KO Catkick's German Turd thing?) you'll have to take that up with 'phillip' wherever he may be.
i have no idea who or where he is.

i am only responsible for my posts defending the animals and opposing the insane mindset that animals are simply 'meat' on here.
*shakes head*

p.s. you said you 'stopped being vegan' quoting some lame reason. (THANK YOU Rahil for saying what everyone was thinking ! KO certainly harped on and on endlessly about it in MPL much too much ever since she's been there !)
if you truly understood the real reasons for being vegan and felt compassion in your heart for animals, then no external reason would sway you from still being vegan. (That's just the problem. KO has no heart. Or conscience and you should hear about what she did to a poor innocent puppy when she was like 12)

in short, you weren't convicted enough about the right of animals to not be murdered and eaten, to stay away from such yourself.
don't blame others for your shortcomings as a human being who actually saw the facts and still chose to be part of the murder by not being vegan.

accept that if you are not vegan then you are part of the network of this murder of animals as a consumer of anything non-vegan.

And poor simplyrahil, he probably doesn't know that KO came into that thread with her "mood" so she could attack someone. Anyone. Not at all to contribute anything other than to lash out at someone who happened to be in her line of fire. She only posted in there to do what she always does; to PLAY like a victim, bring in her own stupid head games and psycho issues and show her ass. She wanted to simply PICK A FIGHT with someone. That is the ONLY reason she is even ON the internet. Word.


  1. So basically Catshit stuck her snout into a thread to get some attention and was her usual obnoxious self? Why derail a conversation with your nonsense? You'd think that she'd have some logic to back up her arguments, but no she just goes into EVERY thread half cocked with her pea brain.

    1. She just went into that thread to get some more attention and turn it into a topic about her favorite subject; herself!

      The animals are what are important, but KO of course is still making everything be all about her. As always.

      Those other members see what she is (a Troll) and have called her out on it, but I'm sure she'll be back blathering on about how much all this vegan stuff affects HER LIFE and her life ONLY!

    2. The psycho bitch just came back into the thread and trolled those people even more and calling them liars and accusing them of all kinds of shit. Really stupifying how insane she is.

  2. Jags and Rahil made excellent points throughout and KO is just trying to reduce them into something less and placing herself above them because according to KO, they are "displaying" something unsavory in their words of truth. My my my how KO immediately puts herself up on a high horse when stomping others for doing that when they weren't.

    1. The psycho KO even replied to Jags one post TWICE or more just to flamebait that member some more. Claiming Jags lost the debate. The debate is NOT ABOUT YOU KO! So the only LOSER I see is YOU KO!

      Shut The FUCK UP you hideous dredge!

      Also note that KO edited Jags post and made it a point to call her out on swear words. Sheeeeshes! I'll bet KO is reporting the fuck outta Jags now! And MPL in their tradition to jump to KO's demands, they'll probably kiss that putrid vicious ass of KO's again.

  3. I find it particularly disgusting that KO not only had to butt in on a thread she clearly had no intention of staying on topic with, but to go in and claim some kind of victory and ALL CAPS saying she won a debate when the debate isn't even about the word Nazi or anything else she's throwing in there. It's like all she wanted to do was yell at those people and nothing more.
    It's clear they are (like me) passionate about saving lives, and saving the innocent animals being murdered but to go and cheapen the WHOLE thing to be about HER EGO and for her to go EGO TRIPPIN' like that just makes me more and more disgusted with her presense on this planet!

    And here:

    The photo didn't say or suggest anything sexual about veggies, but sure enough the slime that KO is, just had to go and spout off even more nonsense and bullshit. She's not funny, she's not a winner in any sense of the word and she's not made one valid point ever. God how do those mods put up with such a hideous troll?

  4. I've left a warm thank you on Jags blog. I wish I could speak enough Spanish to tell Jags how sorry I am that she is now being exposed to that filthy troll KO.

  5. Looks like pissing off the Germans wasn't enough now that she's decided to go International with her Enemy List. Germans, Russians, Japanese and now the Latin people!

    Hey you all have my support. I help co-admin a blog too. ;)

    1. Picture this...
      Every person she's ever has pissed off throws her and her computer off the planet! ROFL
      And Good Riddance!

  6. That's Kathryn O for you. She doesn't get it. Doesn't think that maybe the topic isn't about her or her obvious issues and like all other threads, she only posts in them for the opportunity to talk about someone else who is (according to her) a heroine addict, a fat loser or some other inflametory thing she's posted about on that forum before for the millionth time. KO is a wratched jaw. Her mouth just keeps flappin on and on about the same shit she's posted before (although she does change her stories often and can't keep her lies straight) but she isn't there to be anything other than an annoying loud-mouth ass-boil.

  7. hehe

    oh, catshit, you're the nuttiest.

  8. OMFG you definitely need brain bleach after reading what KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET rants on about.
    Pea brain? Brainless is more like it! ROFL

  9. I told you that KO was hitting that report button like a crazed whatever the fuck she is, and the admin stepped in and removed Jag's posts. KO's posts are still there. So when KO wasn't winning any damned competition for attention in that thread (that of course was all about her getting attention) she decided to play the one card that always wins her something over people and that's to report them.

    Like she would report Lazy and Macs when they were getting too "insulting" against Paul. But they welcome her with open arms and think she's "alright". That KO Kool-Aid is some nasty shit like an Invasion of any common sense and stops the weak-minded from even using a single brain cell.

  10. That KO is still bashing on! Rahil made excellent points and wasn't ever condescending nor nasty, btw neither was Jags, the only nasty one is KO. Rahil simply stated facts and KO is having major spaz-attacks over it! She brings up the same lame reasons again; of watching people on drugs and placing herself HIGHLY ABOVE "an entire city" <<see her own words, she gets on an even HIGHER HORSE with her latest post and still ignores the very TOPIC for which the topic is - animals being killed! KO keeps turning it into a popularity contest for which she is trying to get everyone else to participate in. She shows how CLUELESS she really is and that same hypocrite who has railed against drugs in that thread has MULTIPLE times bragged about taking LSD, still smokes pot and drinks! All those things make her JUST like the very people she is claiming she has put herself above.

    KO is low. Really low. She'd sure make a good politician with how much bullshit she craps out and all the lies and side-stepping she does to avoid the real issue.

    1. Kathryn is one HUGE LIAR. That's right and I'm here to tell you she's never turned anyone to vegan food. Before she was banned from MOWFO, she'd order the same greasey burgers and junk food others were ordering. She never brought her own food to cons either, unless it was junkfood leftovers from her mother's fridge. She only worked in a health food type store, she never practiced a Vegan diet. I am telling you the God's honest truth! I know the lowly bitch in real life and she isn't no vegan nor ever was a vegan. Ever. So her rant against that Rahil guy is a big fat smoke-screen!

      It's so astonishing that she claims her "cause" is to stop people from treating each other badly! OH PLEASE, do tell! This SAME bullying sociopath who's been posting nothing but hate, lies and attacks (not to mention even death threats) against everyone who's crossed her path! And this "high horse" she's on about morals and ethics, oh please let me LAUGH in her fat hypocritical face!

      Astrid, are you there? May I ask you if you see KO as some kind of humanitarian? Just let me know what your take on this bitch is who's been posting some really crazy self-righteous crap on that Macca thread. Please I'd like to hear your take on her newest claims of being such a lovely person.

      As for me who knows what a horrendous liar she is, let me say that her posts in that forum are nothing more than to turn the whole thing into a fight and make herself the very CENTER of attention and topic! The animals don't even factor into her argument. It's all about her and her "cause" she could have made her OWN thread, but instead, she opts to destroy others' threads with her bullying bullshit and hijacking someone else's thread.

      KO was never a vegan. Please be educated that she is a vicious and habitual liar. It's willful lying on her part just to bash the hell out of those people who have a pure agenda. And Kathryn just can't stand it.

    2. THANK YOU for your comment!


      KO is all like, I was a vegan but I saw this other vegan take some heroin, then the city is on drugs, so I decided to not be vegan anymore because of THAT!

      Not only are her excuses lame but her argument is beyond lame to the point of being downright insane!

      KO will go ahead and keep a murderous industry going because someone insulted her. I wonder when she'll bring Stella up for the imagined insult KO claims Stella made to promote MFM!

  11. KO: My life cause is against self-righteousness

    So she's against herself ! Glad to hear that. That doesn't change the fact that she's acted like a self righteous bigot from the beginnng.

    KO: You simply keep responding with catch phrases

    Then she uses her own catch phrases again with; Funny how I am not a vegan yet I've converted more to the joys of vegan food then you have.

    When IN FACT she has NO IDEA how many Rahil has converted to being vegan! I'm sure all the meat eaters are really proud that KO is speaking for them with the insane pompus bullshit she keeps flinging out there.

    KO: Get off your high horse for a moment and realize there are other evils in this world then your cause and you display some of them.

    CLASSIC Sociopathic tactic. Try to blame the other person for what she is, and what she does !

    Is this the same evil she displays in threads called "German Turd" and the endless list of bullying and attacking she's well known for ? Or this just something that she feels should exclude her evil while she carries on against the rest of the world ?

    And what "attitude" is Rahil displaying exactly?

    Let me answer that, he is displaying a passionate and yet polite attitude - THAT'S WHAT! KO is the one coming in with a self-righteous and high-horse attitude and with classic sociopathic tactics, she tries to turn the whole thing around on others.
    Trying to distort the facts, and the issue with her personal bullshit issues and clouding the string in an attempt to mask her real agenda which is to be able to publicly attack people local to her. She wants the members to forget what the topic is, to get the thing so distorted that people will even forget the question! KO is really playing her 'I'm better *THAN* you' (while she still insists to misuse the word THEN) self-righteous thing while accusing others of what she's actually doing. Classic sociopathic trait. Coming through loud and clear to those who can see it clearly.

    Jags was reported and the mods have removed Jag's posts. Yet KO still continues to rage on until every last person who has the same viewpoints as Jags has been reported and defeated. KO's real "cause" isn't good, because KO is evil through and through.

    And since KO herself said that there were other evils in the world, why didn't she just make her own trolly thread instead of hijacking that thread with her off-topic bullshit ?

    Attitude indeed. A very shitty, intrusive, judgemental and vicious attitude on KO's part.

    KO: It's called survival. It's hardly lame. Being afraid I'd end up with a mentality like the one you display

    Tsk tsk KO, how very TWISTED of you. You've displayed every hateful trait and then some. And this so-called surviving equals eating meat and of course surviving means being "afraid" of ending up like a certain "mentality"??? WTF? How insane because KO, you ARE insane so your precious mentality is warped, vicious, contradictory and you're a liar. One of the biggest liars I've ever seen. Some great mentality you got there! To stop being vegan means to become like you and HEY we are ALL against THAT so let's see you ride your high horse there some more because everytime you start on someone else's "attitude" you have this uncanny ability to show what a fucked up attitude you have and contradicting your own arguments!

    And for the record, you just repeated everything on that thread that you attacked Astrid for recently. Get yourself into a mental hospital and lock that rubber room door and spare the world of you !

    Liz stepped in again. I have to wonder if she's tired of KO's shit or is she ?

    Yet KO won't be banned. The mods and AG can't have their pet be all mad at them.

  12. I'd like to say my deepest sorry to rahil. He is talking to a sick wall when trying to use logic on KO. It's like acid in the face, because she won't ever get it and she can't stand it if she isn't the big center of attention and Rahil keeps on topic FOR the innocent animals, and KO keeps harping on about herself and drugs and heroine. Poor Rahil, I feel for him because he must now be realizing that he has wasted his time trying to talk logic to that piece of shit stain.

  13. Robert Macs is officially a laughing stock.

  14. That bitch is still in that thread spouting off and still turning it into a "her" issue. She then goes and accuses Rahil of some "personal anger" issue when of course the whole thing IS ABOUT being ANGRY that the cruelty and slaughtering of animals is still going on and people should be ANGRY as HELL! Has nothing to do with personal anything but everything to that self-centered narcissistic bitch who can only keep veering everything to be about her rather THAN the animals these people are defending, it's always just has to be all about her and what Rahil is supposedly doing wrong - which is of course take a STAND, STAND UP and fight for ANIMALS RIGHTS! Nope, can't do that around the all important QUEEN KNOW-IT-ALL who still can't figure out the REAL issue and what the topic is REALLY ABOUT!

    She can't stand up for any animal because she's too busy postulating herself all over the place.

    She's also still lying her lies about how important her family is.

    That rich broad will never see past the end of her own nose.

  15. Wow she just keeps LYING! Folks, she's no vegan and never was one! Her telling that gentleman that he has no idea what she is, is bullshit because you're either a vegan or you're not! She is such a sucky liar that she can't even keep her lies straight! Now she's claiming to be a vegan for over a decade or two!!!! HUH? What a CROCK and to turn back to meat eating just because some person insulted her by not sharing their heroine oh and her saying previously that she was only a vegan for six years! OH COME ON! Lie lie lie! Kathryn has no valid point to make about any of what those people are fighting for which is ANIMAL RIGHTS!

    That's the core of what the issue is but she's just gotta show her ass and keep lying.

    Also someone expressing disappointment that another is no longer a vegan "it's a shame" isn't anger. It's called disappointment BUT to Kathryn everything is anger. That's all she sees because that's all she is full of (that and SHIT) and again, as I've said, she's NEVER been no damned vegan.

    1. when she used to go to the Mowfo Dinners she would order hamburgers with bacon on them frequently....

  16. Hey that KO sure loves to propagate bullshit because the Vegan Reich are extremely anti-drug so her ex "friends" whom she claims was part of that while being heroine addicts is a blatant lie. Also the movement is not from Tennesee. But that's KO for you. Always getting her shit all confused.

    Anyway..... GO RAHIL!

  17. I don't know which one said it on that MPL thread, but that person is completely and totally WRONG if they think that Paul's message of showing what happens to poor animals didn't change anyone from eating meat... it most certainly DID! I can testify to that on many counts! Knowing at least 7 people PERSONALLY that have seen Paul's concerts and changed their lifestyles because of that! So Paul DID have an impact and it was a wake-up call to many people who otherwise would have kept on being good little sheeple to the greedy corporations!
    And yes, there's KO still talking out her ass. Nothing's changed there. God and she's still on the forum!
    Glad I stayed away and plan to keep staying away since it's her forum now and she controls it more or less! Is there anyone she hasn't reported? Goddam.

  18. KO STILL TROLLING! Now she's admiting to having no conscience like it's a good thing! Get this; because she was relgiously abused! Usually people who were abused feel more and have more emotions than the average person and are more vulnerable. While sociopaths like KO take avantage of people who feel! She still claims to turn more people to a vegan diet than Rahil - boy she's really delusional. She will always place herself above everyone else. But she's the lowest slimeball I've ever seen!

    1. Yeah she says she's not reading Rahil's posts but she still responds to them! Classic KO trollery! If she isn't reading them, she should do herself a favor and stop replying with the half-cocked shit she's spewing so at least she isn't making herself sound MORE like a dumbass and braindead! If that's even possible.

      And she was NEVER at no Paul concert in the 1990s and Paul didn't drive people away in droves. Another propaganda tool used by the Drama Whore herself!

  19. KO beats her chest and proclaims in her usual self-righteous holier-than-thou BS that she turned more people onto vegan food than Rahil or Jags... hmm yeah I'm sure when people saw her snarling down a bacon-hamburger they must have had a permanent distaste for meat after witnessing THAT!

    And she would have torn into hey_kittay had that person not put a note afterwards to save him/herself from being flamed by anyone. KO would have flamed them too and of course, like KO loves to do, report them to Martin and the other mods.

    1. Oh yeah she turned people into vegans and then they became heroine addicts! She said so herself that all the vegans she knows are heroine addicts so she got them off meat and right onto....YES DRUGS!
      But she oddly enough attacks them for that while patting herself on the back FOR that. :/ :/ :/

    2. "She wanted to simply PICK A FIGHT with someone. That is the ONLY reason she is even ON the internet. Word."

      CHIEF reasons are to ATTACK, HARASS and STALK people too. THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET chief goal! Word!

  20. KO's trolling and arguments against vegans have become ASTOUNDINGLY STUPID! Now everyone who doesn't want to kill animals is against sex and women receiving health care and they are also against gay people and want to disrupt classes on birth control because SHE CLAIMS their arguments are "word for word" of course after they replace a word here or there! WHHHHAAAATTT THHHEE FUUUUCKKK?

    Yeah that heroine. It fried what little brain she had IF she ever had one! She even claims to have been a vegan over 25 years ago for over six years...HAHA...she's really glued to this blog! If she's claiming she been a vegan for over two decades before why throw in an "over six years" bit? So she's lying out her ass all over the place just to troll and hijack threads!

    Notice her little bitter quip about "what posts were allowed to stay up" HAHA! Wha's the matter little pathetic troll KO? The mods wouldn't remove all the posts you demanded they remove? You're loosing your power on them. That bullshit witchcraft of yours all verges on the fact some mods have acted out of not knowing what you are, but they're waking up! No curse you can conjure can stop that from happening! Keep quacking, you dig your own grave fine all by yourself.

    FACT: Most people become vegan because they love animals and want them to live! They are not homophobic nutcases like Kathryn O, they are good people!

  21. First time poster here.

    I find her posts to be utterly low quality and dumber than a baboon's ass. She keeps harping on this "snobbery" for the reason she went back to eating meat and she's shown more snobbery, stuck-up, self-centered, self importance than anyone else on that thread or anywhere! She wants to play both sides of the fence but saying to go back to eating meat because of a snob or two isn't a good reason, never will be and is very showing of her real sociopathic personality.

    Just because a snob has opted to be part of a neighborhood watch to protect their neighborhood from robbers and other crimes, does that mean I should stop my position against crimes against people because a snob down the street is part of the same community? Should a snob here or there somehow influence my or any other's decision to do the right thing? THAT'S EXACTLY the argument that kathryn o is stomping around about! A so-called snob influenced her and she goes into unrealistic reasons that aren't even REAL and evils that aren't even a THREAT except to her EGO as the reason she wants animals to keep being killed! That
    is the biggest snob right there! WTF should another's attitude have on a conscience decision to do the right thing?
    Snobs have also voted for Obama, so should that mean psychos like kathryn o not vote for him? Boy she sure was on his bandwagon when a mormon was running for the same office. A mormon being her biggest enemy because of some religious thing 100 years ago that
    gave a man more than one wife but the wife
    couldn't have more than one husband. This was of course the canidate's fault.

    And just like her bullshit story about some imagined boyfriend
    who shot some wolves in a city on the street to save her pathetic sociopathic lying ass, this whole thing about her "vegan community" is also bullshit. She doesn't even know the first thing about vegans and hasn't proven anything other than she's never been one and her excuses are so lame and getting more
    and more ridiculous by the minute!
    kathryn o's preaching from her high horse that vegans are:
    heroine-addicted, homophobic, anti-sex, anti-women, pro-gun, pro-death assholes. It's sickening that her words are being allowed to stay up because she's injecting those words, those POISON UNTRUE words into that thread and the mods can't SEE what she's doing?
    I am offficially with you guys and wish to make my own blog.
    Where can I get in touch with the Star Trek people and the Dirk Benedict people?

    A big SHAME on MPL for allowing such hateful propaganda from that hateful bitch and double shame on MPL for not even asking her to provide some kind of PROOF of her claims which we all know she's making up, and allowing those kinds of lies to remain so people who might not see it, will think vegans are horrible, bad, bad people and are to be avoided. kathryn o is the one to be


      Those are just to begin with.

  22. Rahil handed KO her ass again!

    all your bitterness and defensiveness aside Kathryn, if Sir Paul's exposé 'glass walls' didn't affect you enough to keep being at least vegetarian, if not vegan, then there's something really wrong inside you.

    the only reason necessary to stop funding the killing of animals/stop eating them is their suffering and murder.

    it doesn't matter your repeated self-aggrandizing about 'how many you have made interested in going vege' but about what you and all animal-eaters are causing, contributing to and perpetuating.

    your repeated 'used to be vegan' serves no purpose for the sake of the animals whatsoever.
    it doesn't matter what you 'used to do' but what you are doing right now and will do for the animals.

    since you failed to continue being a vegan, then you resumed contributing to the pain, suffering and murder of animals and will continue to do so unless you change back to being vegan.

    every excuse you try to make, whether it be your already stated excuses about other vegans or whomever, is weak and just exposes your own lack of determination to do what is right and to stick to doing what is for the benefit of the innocent animals who are killed because people do not want to stop eating them even when they are aware of the facts and the horror.

    you brought up the Jains also and proposed that people should try to follow what they can of them. what's then your excuse for not following?

    some Jain's attitude also is your excuse?

    the only reason you feel you are some 'champion' on this thread with your obnoxious attitude is because i am outnumbered by those who eat animals on here.

    there is nothing you can say, no matter how insultively, snidely or bitterly as in your retorts thus far that can really clear you from being part of the shame that is paying for the murder of animals.
    EXCEPT if you take heed of Sir Paul's appeal and stop eating them.

    I love that guy!

    1. there's something really wrong inside you.

      THIS !!!

      There is something VERY WRONG inside her mind and her whole entire being. Sociopaths have no guilt because they literally have no remorse, sympathy, empathy or any of those things. Sociopaths are VOID of geniune emotion. They only mimic emotion when it fits their agenda. Like her trying to appear all pro-women.

      What a laugh.

    2. Rahil, Rahil, KO was NEVER A VEGAN! She is LYING! I've known her so long and I've lived through the horrors that she lives to create! But she was NEVER A VEGAN! She is an attention-seeking bullshit liar who's trying to be the champion of the threads! She is a TROLL! And a BULLY and here is just another fine example of her bullying which the mods are cheering on!


  23. Wait a minute....did that Kathryn bitch snob psycho clown ACTUALLY say anything about "welfare" and that women should have access to welfare programs???? DID SHE REALLY JUST POST THAT?????

    OOOOOOHHHH reaaaaalllly now....


    KO's own words when someone defended a single mother having to receive welfare for her children and who worked very hard for her family...these are KO's OWN words here folks:

    Everyone I know on welfare are Welfare Queens and I hate that I am paying for their checks when I pay taxes. Every women getting welfare are usually drugged out hippies sitting in their dirty houses with used tampons on the floor and getting wasted and smoking bongs. i am joining the movement in my area to stop these worthless cunts from getting a single dime from me ever again! they are all on welfare because they can't get jobs!

    And that's just ONE instance of the same bullshit she's perpetrated on many posts and in real life when around people.

    The rest of her insane posts about vegans, I won't even commment. She's too fucking insane to even put into words.

  24. Why isn't that horrible Psycho Stalker in jail yet?

    Anyway I wanted to show my support and you guys will NEVER lose my support. I know the PID thing that I am very interested in isn't everyone's cuppa, but nothing could make me not support you against that Psycho Stalker Kathryn.

    1. Nobody will lose my support either. I will see KO brought down like I've seen other evils in this world brought down. Well what evils have actually been successfully brought down that is.

  25. I just wanted to add that I am glad this blog exists. I was very sad to see that Jags had been banned because KO reported her until they banned her and that KO succeeded in getting most of Jags posts removed. Sad sad sad. :(
    Wherever you are Jags, thank you from me, as well!
    Sorry that Macca's official forum is run by likes of Robert Macs/Alan they are like two peas in a pod. Kathryn O ass-kissing and hypocrites from Hell!

    1. I think Jags was banned too, because she was a new member and KO can run to the mods and demand they remove any new member because all KO has to do is play her "my stalker" card and they'll ban any new member who says anything contrary to KO because they all drank so much of that KO poisoned punch that they believe everyone on the internet is out to stalk that stupid bitch. Everyone must be out to get her.

      So the mods and admin will just ban any new member based on anything KO says, so she basically runs the place as far as newbies go. If they don't say anything, they're safe. But once they do, and KO sees that they're new; they do get banned. Without question. Without investigation.

      It's just the way things are over there. People have left in droves and assholes like Robert Macs would put the final nail in it if he were in power like he wants. He desires power over others. Just like KO. But KO got Macs banned. I wonder if I should laugh or shake my head.

  26. EL here. Updates in this comment and the latest trolling of KO the Psycho Troll.

    First Lone Raven (another new member to MPL and soon to be banned, I am sure that KO will see to that when she complains LOUDLY to the mods and accuses YET another person of being "her" stalker) posted a GREAT post here:

    Anyhoo. In light of recent events and when I can figure out how to move posts around to a hidden area, I will be taking out some posts to do with Astrid. It's only fair to absolve her involvement when she has protested loudly about being involved. When I figure out how to do this, I will hide the post. I do not want to delete it because I have joined the caused to document everything ever since a close friend of mine was abused by KO when he had something happen in his family and KO sent numerous mocking and abusive letters to him and to several people we know mutally. So I will keep every bit of evidence of her abuse that I can. It's the least I can do.

    And I know that she can be ignored by the folks who aren't really in her line of fire, and she's even ignored by those who are mainly in her line of fire but the fact is, some of these people have made other people feel, well, not so united. I look at it this way and yes I'm opening myself up to being just as criticised but the Syrian Leader is Syria's problem, right?

    WRONG! There is a GROSS INJUSTICE and to look the other way because it doesn't affect you immediately is wrong. Even if you can't do anything about a third-world dictator, you can acknowledge the evil and not go on the attack against the citizens being killed in that country, saying that maybe THEY have the option to ignore things. Sorry. Not buying it.

    KO is a dictator without the power like a president. But she has enough minions to do plenty of damage.

    Remember Jane? Well Jane and someone named Gordon has come under fire by KO. Being in touch with a few people from MOWFO and that community myself, I have forwarded some letters THEY'VE received that KO instigated against them. I forwarded them to a fellow soldier in this fight.

    1. I wanted to say one thing here since I won't be talking to some people anymore. J, A and whoever all you LJer slash people are, your last letter was so full of shit and assumptions and accusations and bullshit and hate that I can't even dignify it with an answer. Germans win all arguments and we're all fixated on the word rape. Goddamn get yourselves checked into some kind of clue hospital.

    2. Yeah tell me about it! Thanks for sending me the letters. They sure like dancing around when you pointed out a de-facto thing. Nobody called him names and then he goes back to the whole YOU'RE FIXATED and NOBODY DROPPED IT when in fact, it's them who won't drop it. Also I did fix a post here and ETA'd it when I realized that other person wasn't a troll and I said that I was mistaken to think that.

      It was a knee-jerk reaction after having to remove several other posts prior to that! Fucking get off it already you Germans! If you want to ignore KO, please do it! What do you want FROM US ???

    3. Being German myself I can safely those Germans don't speak for all of us. ;)
      Germans also happen to be blunt and outspoken.
      We say exactly what we think.
      Germans certainly don't win all arguments.
      But, we like to try. ;)
      I myself have been attacked,harassed,stalked by KO.
      She's tried to pretend to me.
      I put a complete stop to that.
      I also ignore KO and refuse to pollute my brain with her obscene rants on my computer screen.
      I'm proud of my German heritage and I also fully support those who wish to have KO permanently removed from the net.
      Enough said.

    4. Meant to say...
      "Being German myself I can safely say those Germans don't speak for all of us. ;"
      I respect all those in the fight against KO.

    5. It was really something, I got accused of trying to hand them over to KO as a head on the platter when I have stuck up for them, defended them and sided with them when KO would attack them and to be accused of that was the last straw. They couldn't defend their actions of repeatedly attacking me and others for our siding with Rahil and for some reason when the FIRST comment was to defend the animals, and how wrong it was to defend KO, the very second comment was just more of their name-calling. Crazy, insane or something along those lines. So KO won some more assholes over to the dark side.

      Our fight to get rid of KO is a never-ending one because too many people have bigger problems with people like Rahil than they do with her. I was back-stabbed, betrayed and handed over to KO like a piece of fodder. The Detroit address and the person there, now KO knows she has the right info. One of her minions saw that and now she knows she has the right address and now any plan to thwart that is now gone.

      So that's what I got for trusting a back-stabbing asshole and all I can do is help the other Detroit person avoid KO and watch their block for her car driving by their house. There are no words to describe how I feel right now. All because some couple of assholes just HAD to fucking beat the fuck outta Rahil for what he said about meat-eaters. OMFG! They had more of a problem with him than ANYTHING KO ever said or did. We've been played, we've been fooled. There'll be LJs on us now. I've already been informed of that.

    6. Thank you for not being one of those Germans who are always right and everyone else is always wrong. It's appreciated.

      S.T. it's a really fucked up thing to trust someone and have them totally betray that trust, Milla had this happen to her when someone she knew in and around for years from MPL buried the knife in her back. It amazes me that Mark Lazy has no concept of the word honour but preaches like he's all about honour. He and Macs both are so drunk on KO Kool-Aid that even a caveman has more civilized breeding.

      I kinda thought KO won those LJers over a while back after their LJs disappeared. Who knows, maybe they deleted them themselves ? I'm not too familiar with LJ to know. At any rate, yeah I thought it odd that the "Catshit shitty fics" were no longer featured anywhere. A handful of other people's fics but not one review on her crap fics. So either she successfully scared them from reviewing her stories for the CRAP-fucked-warped shit pieces they are or they gave in to that Dark Side and feel that maybe her insane self-rambling pieces aren't so bad. Good-GAWD!

      S, you are not alone though. I am here for you and I am angry and saddened by this fact that KO always seems to reign terror no matter how many have seen the light but someone always finds a way to villainize those of us who are really and geniunely trying to put an end to her, and thusly some go back to the Dark. Some monsters just never die.

      But hey, I am still here and fighting the GOOD fight ! You're not alone !

    7. Yeah I had bent over backwards to be nice to them. Said my sad goodbyes and...well you seen what I got in return in those emails. The hate and spurning was overwhelming. Who knew how vicious meat-eating KO fans of her opinions were?


  27. KO keeps trolling and keeps getting her ass handed to her. I am SO glad Rahil wasn't banned, but I fear he will be when KO finally gets the mods all up in arms. The mods and admin are on her side after all.

    But for the time being, it's nice to see her get the smack down. I've been saving screenshots and will get the latest before Rahil's and others posts disappear.


    Her post is just ALL BULLSHIT and more of her made-up fantasy stories.

    It reads like her GH shit, with her inserted dialogue put in at the time of posting.

    WHO on earth other than a complete imbecile would applaud a very stereo-typical nasty remark like that?
    KO would! That's who.

    A vegan by any other name would still be an asshole is basically what she's saying. So you see she has virtually (as she had before) put ALL vegans into a pot and has called them all wrong and bad bad people! Truth is, no vegan has ever done anything to anyone to warrant the abuse they have put up with from meat eaters who have a real problem with the fact that vegans EXIST! The biggest asshole; KO of course!

    And this made-up co-worker of her imaginary world she lives in is just another KO conjured up person that she has complete control over because in REAL LIFE a vegan would not just start saying that he didn't want to be called vegan anymore. A vegan never has a problem with the word vegan. Never had. Never will.

    KO has made such AN ASS of herself on that thread and she's still determined to show what a fucking twat she is.

    Also according to her little story there, some guy who is "militant" gets insulted by her TWICE! Who's the militant in this? Or in any of these threads? Why THAT would be KO the meat eater!

    He asks to not be called vegan. She mocks him with something about ice-cream, and when this figment of her imagination says that he just doesn't like being called something 'negative' she goes and insults him again with a quip about roses and him being a bitchy preacher.

    Nice. Shows her attitude very clearly. And of course in her little world, she gets appaulse for her belittling him. Psychopath.

    And what in the flying hell did her little self-praising story do for the thread? NOTHING but show what an ASS she is even more.

    People made points, she came back with more ad hominem attacks and still acting like an aggravating bitch, placing herself still above everyone else and showing off with her little made-up co-worker stories.

    This is the bitch that has dominated MPL for the last 3 or so years. Sick.

    1. I'm sure there's someone there who messages her and keeps her thinking she's doing good work and telling her how "right" she is. I can imagine who that is.

  29. I think it's kind of ironic that KO is speaking for all meat eaters in that thread. They find nothing wrong with her crazy ass though because they're chomping down. Seems some people's guts can overlook a lot of obvious with their own eyes when their way of life is brought into question. They know everything and how to live and KO being their spokesperson is of no problem or consequence to them.

    Fuck them and their KO.

  30. (though I make allowances on your part for language differences)"

    perhaps you didn't read lone raven's post, but i live in Trinidad, Caribbean.
    that is stated clearly under my avatar.
    what makes you think that English is not my first language?
    the fact that my photo is non-caucasian or that you are uneducated geographically?

    This had me laughing in hysterics because of how dimitted that DIMWIT KO really is that she didn't even bother to look up ANYTHING about Rahil's country and then went and put her big fat foot in her big fat mouth TWICE in that thread! HAHAHA!!

    It's so painfully obvious that Rahil himself points it out!

    Actaully it's BOTH! She figures because of his skin color that he's not an English speaking man, and she is VERY geographically uneducated to the point of retardation! Goddamn!
    But what can you expect from someone who's lived a sheltered life all her life in her posh little rich one-horse town of rich broads and bigots? She's never been out of the county.

    1. I love the fact that his English is better than her use of it, and he even points that out too.

      Well a five year old's English is better than hers and a five year old could write a better fic too!

  31. Actually vegans are better because really if we lived in a world where wife-beating were the norm and some men felt that beating your wife wasn't necessary, they'd be looked at in society like vegans are, they'd be met with just as much hostility because they are going against what's been engrained and taught to the masses all this time.
    But men who don't beat their wives are better than men that do. So in that respect they ARE better human beings because they will not do something that brings harm to another.

    Well in this case, a vegan will not do anything to bring harm to an animal, directly or indirectly. They will not fund it and they will not let society tell them how weird they are. So I still don't agree that folks who KNOW the situation and still fund it, carry on with it, and find
    nothing wrong with it to be equal in terms of taking on an action that is acceptable because it is the norm.
    Rather a bunch who just simply don't give a shit.

    1. Yeah I know! LOL rape bad. Wife beating... okay.

    2. Yeah I wonder if a man never rapes anyone can call himself a better man than one that does? Probably not, according to the likes of Kathryn O.

  32. OMG, she is really TROLLING the fuck outta that MPL thread!

    I lost COUNT of how many times she has parroted her own parroted phrases of parroting!

    She has now said she is not eating meat when she is a meat-eater! And she IS a meat-eater as we know from people who fucking KNOW her in real life but now she's claiming to not eat meat!

    lactofermentation has been the number one non-vegan product most former vegans start buying and here he could prevent that but won't due to self-righteousness. (see what i mean about it being the most negative thing? and see why vegans are so infuriating?)


    Nope. I see why YOU are so infuriating, KO!

    Hippie (sic) Bob - singular noun, or plural? Is Bob her imaginary personal army? What?

    This Bob is suddenly introduced to the thread because she has nothing else to use from her previous bullshit!

    We got hippy Bob, excuse me if I go ahead and use proper grammar. We got hippy Bob, and now crack addicts too, and heroine, and all kinds of drugs and now drunks, let's not leave that out! And all these vegans and health people are so messed up on drugs and being selfish people who won't share their life-saving secrets with the world but somehow share with KO who in turn ONLY uses what they are not-sharing so she can troll other vegans on the internet in some little thread, instead of helping others HERSELF!! OY OY OY! Nope, the mean nasty vegans that she obviously hates SO much, only need to be presented as the biggest evil and the most wrong people and even have all these made-up stories about them presented in the worst light ever because her followers will be forever sold on her little evil sociopathic manipulative tactics she's using there so they'll see her as the most informed and yet most victimized meat-eaing healthy vegan person there! This is where we go; whuuuut? She is THAT goddamn warped! FUCK!

    And I still fail to see where Rahil is being "self-righteous"!!! That is her GO-TO word now because she just can't argue with the facts he's telling her!

    those who use life in all capital letters claiming they are superior

    Wow AGAIN, he never said he was "superior" he just stressed the word "LIFE" there was no mention by him of being superior! GODDAMN she really does make the meat-eaters look so damned stupid! Oh and THEN...

    I've seen them deny me health care and blow up medical buildings

    ROTFLMAO! This is her witnessing a blown-up building now after being denied Health Care! The RICHY broad who lives with her mother in a neighborhood that she (not so long ago) called one of the RICHEST neighborhoods in the NATION! Not just the state, but the entire COUNTRY!

    And FOR FUCKS SAKES she keeps claiming to turn more people to vegan then (sic) Rahil or real vegans do! She must have those stalking skills so enhanced that she has been able to literally stalk someone's success rate all the way to Trinidad!!!

    But that MPL with their belly full of the KO Kool-Aid, they keep letting her stink up the place with her inane, backwards and totally ridiculous posts!

    THIS person, this NUTJOB that is KO, THIS is the thing that people on wherever had to jump at the first opportunity to agree with for no good reason? Sad. Truly sad.

  33. That troll keeps going on and on like a deranged energizer jack-ass (best way to describe) with her rambling parroted claims that go like this:

    I GOT MORE PEOPLE to being VEGAN "then" you!

    I got more people TURNED to being vegan "then" you!

    I converted lots more to being vegan "then" you!!!

    And she accuses others of acting superior??? She's done nothing but act superior from her first posts and with that bunch of bullshit alone, and I'm not even going into her other repeated boasts of how superior she thinks she is! But with all her putting herself so above Rahil while accusing him of doing what SHE'S actually the one doing, while lying her ass off, she still cannot seem to use the word "THAN" just so her superior bullshittin' attitude doesn't look like it's posted by a complete nimrod of babbling in-coherence.

    It's just so painful to watch MPL slip into the kind of infamous category that makes 4chan look like a respectable hang-out.

    And they say Suzy is bad. KO makes Suzy look like the most intelligent, well rounded and high quality poster on MPL!
    Druggies, vegans, blowing up medical buildings, denying her health care, denying the public super vegan secrets, being a failure of turning people vegan because they are vegan therefore they are automatically self-righteous, and all the other bullshit she's heaped into a thread. If her bullshit could be measured by saltwater, I think there'd be a new Pacific Ocean of KO Bullshit! That's a big ocean located to the West of the USA and East of Japan, in case she reads this and wonders what the Pacific Ocean is. We know how geographically retarded she is. Besides being just generally retarded.

  34. That me2 KO-follower is helping her troll!

    The way of force is wrong according to the biggest control freak on the Detroit area! I suppose reporting people to the mods repeatedly like she does that her way is about FORCE!

    Me2 wants all vegans to love and accept them just the way they are with their knowingly eating meat that they know where and how it got there, BUT, oooohhhh they sure can't bring themselves to love others who don't agree with their choices because defending Rahil was so bad that even defending him in an anti-Catshit blog wasn't going to be tolerated! Some love preaching there NOT to mention that this same "love" just isn't supposed to be extended to the lives that are being lost, those of the animals who apparently don't figure into the equation of "love". KO and her fellow vorists are such hypocrites. Love your own goddamn selves. You won't get any from me. I rebuke you.

    NO! I do NOT love you asshole trolls. You suck. There is something wrong inside you and to take up forces with the likes of KO because someone made you think is really telling. Has nothing to do with force, control or anything. If anything it shows who the real control freaks are because you're still trying to justify defending something that's proven what a psycho she is because you got a freezer full of animal pieces.

    Let's not forget how (according to Psycho Troll) all Vegans are drug addicts, she knows thousands of them in the Detroit area alone (this is something she claimed at many a MOWFO gathering - knowing thousands of people and vegans personally) so she's the world's foremost authority on vegans. Like she is on everything. And all Catholics are abusers, and rape little boys (this is something she claimed at many a MOWFO gathering - knowing thousands of people and Catholics personally) yeah that's how she knows everyone so much more than Rahil or any of us. Of course we don't stalk people like she does but due to the fact she spends so much time trolling threads I'd wager a guess that she knows no such vegans or catholics. It's all bullshit self-glorifying posturing. Align with her, wear the badge. You've earned it.

    1. It looks like both KO and me2 (nice with the Me Too usename there-KO sockpuppet parroting account perhaps?) have put their collective foots in their collective mouths because there ARE studies that they claimed didn't exist. For Chrissake there are studies how many times someone farts a day so why the hell wouldn't there be studies on vegan vs meat topics? WTF are those meTWO2 morons on about?

      I also went back through that thread and AT FIRST KO boasts that she "probably" turned more people vegan with her claims that someone saw her eating vegan food. This hambuger and bacon queen turned people vegan when they saw her scarfing down her meat more like, but then in just a few pages she has already made the claim to have definitely turned more people vegan with her "I love the FACT" she calls it, "that I turned more people vegan then you" THE WORD IS THAN bitch but it doesn't exist to the Ultimate Troll, so whatever. She goes right from probably to definitely without any proof of HER claims or back up from anyone. What a troll.

      Rahil is not trolling the thread and he is not the troll of that thread; KO is the TROLL of that thread and so I know whoever would say otherwise, is an idiot.

      My 2 shillings.


    "Yes, thank you for bullying me, shaming me, harassing me/included calling me names and insulting me. It totally converted me," Said no person ever.

    "blond bimbo broad"

    "I was so angry at her comment. I remember writing her and saying, "Well, all you Hollywood celebrities just take that money you make and blow it on coke.""

    We can let KO's contradicting posts speak for itself.

    So not only does she feel it's okay to go ahead and bully, harass and write/stalk people (in this case a celebrity she can't remember in one sentence but clearly remembers WRITING to said celeb celeb's staff btw, for your info, idiot KO), it's even okay to contradict herself, make an ass of herself and totally show what a HYPOCRITE she is too!

    Other note.

    This me2 person who shows up (I can guess who that is) sure has all this preachy "love" stuff but by their own posts, keeps targeting only veggies with preachy love stuff. What about preaching love to the meat-chompers?

    And how about teaching the concept of "love" to the Syrian leaders and military who routinely slaughter their own citizens? I'm sure those psychopaths/sociopaths can prove how miracles CAN happen if only they have someone to just "love" them and "accept" them just the way they are!

    Go "love" one of THOSE monsters and come back and tell me how well that theory worked. Don't go all Jesus on me, I wanna know, from a REALIST conclusion how it's possible to "love" such a person having no conscience if they can be changed by love. I would like to know what the success rate of that is.

    Even the most evil people that ever were had loved ones and people who "loved" them.

    1. if you think me2 is your new favorite enemy called astrid you are wrong. she hasn't touched the threat for a long time now. she hasn't even visited the forum since her last comment in that threat.

    2. Didn't even mention Astrid's name. Didn't even bring up KO's LJ attacks on Astrid. So no, you're going after the wrong guy here. I also note that Astrid does spell the word "thread" as "threat" and the only "threat" I see in any of that Paul site is KO. She is a threat. Honestly I was actually speaking of KO's minion or Astrid's friend (not sure who) called Zaube. We're really not sure who it is but it does have a Michigan state IP.

      As for this new favorite enemy thing, I think it's because people like Rahil and so anyone posting there in agreement with him is going to be made into an enemy anyway. If it's returned in kind, don't get all up in my face dude.
      Fact is: I think KO is a troll and a very evil, pathetic bitch but is also a major sociopath. So even though I'm not vegan I can agree with Rahil because hey he's right and I can own up to that. I guess I just hate the evil KO more than I would have a problem with an "aggressive" animal rights person and the world needs animal-rights persons. Not KO's ilk!

    3. i can assure you that astrid has no friend called zaube. there are a handful of friends, none on paul's board as she is seldom there - too much drama. all her friends are on lj, and no one is called zaube...especially not with a michigan state IP. does anyone here even know the name of her account on paul's board? I guess not.
      apparently some people wear a tinfoil hat here.

    4. Tin foil hat? Where the hell did that come from? Another one of Astrid's friends? Who the hell are you? You're just trying to stir shit up in here. I never mentioned Astrid's name and when I told you who I was thinking it was, you come out with more bullshit. I thought maybe Zaube was one of Astrid's friends but NEVER did I fucking say that it was! I DON'T KNOW WHO THE FUCKER IS! Got it?
      And KO's name on Paul's site is Kathryn O. Idiot.

    5. me2 is probably a sock puppet of KO. ;)
      I suspected that rightaway.
      As for wearing tin foil hats...
      I certainly am not wearing one.
      I post anonymously to protect my identity.
      I've had dealings with Kathryn O.
      Kathryn's attack/harassment/stalking of me.
      Sending me nasty emails with threats, those emails were forwarded to the police where KO lives.
      Pretending to be me at MySpace.
      I soon put a stop to that. The admins were a great help.
      Harassing me on her LJ using my LJ user name in her disgusting rants.
      My LJ is now private.
      KO's claiming that I pretended to be her at Hak5 forums.
      My account is still there with the same user name that I use for my LJ. My account there is good standing and I have the admin and some of the moderators on my friend's list.
      They know for a FACT that it was KO herself who posted at the Hak5 forum to ask for help in hacking sites.
      They have the IP, ISP and email on record when she signed up.
      My own account at Hak5 has my IP, ISP and my ISP email were also recorded when I signed up.
      The members at the Hak5 forum are very, very experienced computer users. I myself am in IT.
      zaube... Michigan state IP... another sock puppet me thinks. ;)
      Wish Paul would take a look at MPL and fire that sorry excuse for an admin's ass and make that KO never again joined any site or forum that promoted Paul.
      Enough said.

    6. GTFO to the trolls. You have to remember I can see IP's of my visitors, not just when they post. Michigan through an anonymous router I can still see. I also get notifications on your sneaky little posts on past posts here. I had to remove more of your shit today because people's phone numbers are not allowed to be posted here UNLESS they are PUBLIC numbers.

      As for this Zaube, here's what I took time out of my day to find out. Zaube is one of KO's minions. Either that Rudas, Fiz Zit the Pimple whatever, Robert the Crap or Tomeo the Lameo. He claims to be a warlock who has great witchy powers and is a prominent figure in the Pagan community. Hint: he is another lying piece of shit like Psycho Troll KO. They've never heard of him or his username. It's a sock-puppet or a minion but that's all he is.

      After the attacks by KO on her LJ and the lame dumb-ass "revenge" mary sue that KO posted regarding her tit-size among the loads of other mary sues she's injected herself into the Beatle community with, she's got this Zaube asshole to go around and email people with stories of witchy greatness and he has also claimed to be Astrid's friend.

      Of course we doubt it and it's another one of KO's tactics to further damage someone but no dice for KO and her shit plans. Zaube is simply another minion acting like these other nimrods of retard ville.

    7. Zaube is simply another minion acting like these other nimrods of retard ville.

      Being Fiz Zit, Rudas the Dumbass, Robert the Crap, Tomeo the Lameo. Got it ?

  36. ~~~Thank you Dierdra~~~

    She posted this:

    I don't know if studies have been done, at least that I can find, on "actual vegan" behavior, aggressive or not, in converting people...

    I was actually referring to the photos and videos graphic content as to influencing people to rethink their diets and meat use...

    I could have worded that sentence better, but it illustrates part of what we are discussing...

    That whether vegans are totally meek and quiet or more aggressive...non vegans will still take offense at what vegans are trying to get them to see...that using/eating animals is wrong.

    It is morally wrong to cause the constant pain and terror and death that animals go through, just so humans can taste what they are addicted to....

    I have gently suggested a vegan food item instead of the giant steak someone is about to eat...and they blow up in my face...

    But I could say.....hey, jerk, how about you put down the blood soaked chunk of meat and wake up...and they would still blow up in my face...

    So what's the difference?

    Not much as far as I can see...

    Personally I try to always be gentle and careful with what I say...but to be honest I'm the one who gets crap ALL the time from non vegans..... no matter how careful I am.....

    So this swings both ways...vegans get attacked constantly...mocked constantly...ridiculed constantly...insulted constantly...

    And on top of that...we get to have meat commercials, magazine ads, TV spots, store displays, family dinner tables centered around meat, etc., etc....

    The people who eat meat are certainly NOT having to cope with all that...are they?

    Seen too many vegan food commercials lately?....hahahahaha

    Nope, because our ENTIRE world is focused on meat/dairy/poultry...not vegan food.

    Yet vegans are always the ones who are supposedly "shoving our beliefs down everyone's throats"....

    I find that hard to stomach....literally.


    The psycho troll is still trolling and now hijacking another thread.

    The psycho troll is now proclaiming that she turned more people to vegans than Rahil does! For like the 1,987th time. Is this like her 'High IQ' claim? XD

    The psycho troll admits to having no emotions of guilt which indeed is the very trait of a sociopath/psychopath.

    And her birth-control issues are non-existent! No one's trying to fuck her no matter how much she lies on the internet all day about that.

    Rahil's not the only one seeing her as a bitter old nag. I see it too. Others see it. The psycho troll keeps using excuse after excuse when we already know the real reason! She's a sociopath who feels no remorse or other normal emotions associated with what a normal person would feel.

    Boggle is a psycho troll too. He's in England and he's working for Burger King! Wow two schmucks from the fast food mentality industry on MPL!

    Boggle is another Paul-sychophant that MPL endorses. All of his posts attack other members. All of his posts show how much of a loser he is. He doesn't even post with any kind of intelligence and in his offtime, must be conversing with his penis-wrinkles.

  38. Kathryn O wrote:
    and I have no guilt. I long ago stopped feeling that emotion and don't anymore.

    Rahil replied:
    that would explain A LOT

    please have that checked out..

    one of the symptoms of a known mental disorder 'psychopathy' is 'lack of guilt'..

    THANK YOU RAHIL! EXACTLY!!!! I love that guy! I sooo love that guy! Right on! Right on! And BTW Rahil is in that long line of people who've suggested she needs to seek professional help!

    Need a screenshot of this!

    Various quotes on the subject:

    Guilt is a normal feeling. Presuming you’re not a sociopath, everyone feels guilt. It makes sense. We all make mistakes and we all feel bad about them. It’s just, plain human.

    Psychopaths have only a shallow range of emotions and lack guilt.

    They feel unique, are affected with grandiosity and a diminished capacity for empathy. Consequently, they regard the physician as inferior to them, alienate him and bore him with their self-preoccupation.

    1. I know! There were so many GREAT posts made by Rahil handing KO her her ass that I wish all the following posts could have been screenshotted and featured. This last post by Rahil is a GEM!

  39. Vegan Holy Man Felice in Detroit = made up person in the mind of a very crazy, delusional psycho troll. She makes up personages more often than she grows another inch to her armpit hair.


    Kinda creepy to know she studies Victoria's Secret models and besides that, you can't really see the panties. That KO, always with a negative insult towards someone.

    And that vegan dude she posted about, yeah she changed his name again. It has gone from being Felix, to Feliz, to Bob, and now he's Felice. Looking on any search engine for this "well known" dude she claims exists, turns up nothing. Hmm. :/

  41. I am amazed that Troll KO hasn't said anything in response to Rahil. It must be killing her, she can't find anything to say that wouldn't prove his point even more ! Love it !

    Check out this blog:

    I've already emailed the author and followed it. I want people to know how KO does things, how she manipulates people. It's very important that her victims realize this. That her minions she employs the help of are just like her when it comes to the "cyberpath; psychopath with internet access" and know they are not up against no ordinary troll.

    Lots of other trolls are featured on that blog. I hope to get our story to a wider audience because it's ridiculous the amount of damage she does and yet she remains at large.

  42. She's always online right? I mean I mostly get word from others on facebook about her trolling. Mainly from people she has attacked there on their own pages when she was parading around as Karen Nesbit.

    1. Many of us here are part of many Beatles sites and communities and sometimes it seems she is gone for a whole day up to a couple of days, but believe you me, she is ALWAYS online. Even when she claims she isn't, she is. KO is never offline for more than, maybe, 6 or 7 hours at a time and that's when she's asleep.

  43. KO says: leave me alone

    While KO is STILL stalking people she claims she ignores and blocks!!!!!

    KO is looking in on blogs and other people's facebooks and says: now i have something to burn and stuff in the doll

    Wow, creepy stalker revealing her psycho voodoo crap. What's she gonna do, start going through their trash cans for hair and fingernails now?

    Case in point. KO does NOT intend to STOP stalking, harassing and looking for attention from her victims!

    Deanna, and apparently she's still trying to locate her main target Nacky, and she's still deluded about everything else!

    FYI KO thinks that Milla (our Russian contact) posted anything about Suzy. I suppose KO wants those kinds of stalking skills but nope, Milla never said anything about Suzy anywhere here. Nor does KO's pathetic attempt show any proof that Milla said anything other than the Suzy thing is freaky, which it is. This is like her trying to trap Astrid in some lame attempt. Which failed miserably. Of course.

    NOTICE how KO doesn't give any links, screenshots or A DAMNED THING to back up her claims when spinning HER LIES on someone else, did you all notice that? Yeah of course you did!


    Troll KO. It's what you do best besides stalking people!

    BTW I have never seen any words of wit from KO. Ever. This place is still got the truth, the wit and is a great source of info.

    Thanks EL, and thanks everyone :)

    1. You are welcome. I try to keep everything in order. KO never lets anyone rest. Like they say; she's always waiting and striking.

      Yeah she's been on the attack all day. So I already heard from her minions.

  44. hey everyone,

    i just stumbled upon this blog.

    i am certainly pleased to learn that i am not alone in my experiences with that individual, especially on the issues regarding the animals on Macca's forum.

    my suspicions have been confirmed about the nature of that individual, and i am glad to see so many sensible people on here who can still see through the nonsense and stand up for what is right.

    all the best ♪

    1. Glad to see you here! Yes that slime has been sliming MPL for a couple of years now. Sad thing is, she's got the admins under her control.

    2. Hello Rahil! Glad to see you here! Some people lost support against the Psycho when they would not disagree with you but we still stand strong. Someone from that site was saying that "Mr.Boggle" is sure on his way to a massive coronary shutdown with all his gluttonous gobbling of other once-living beings and like Psycho Troll KO, he apparently lacks any normal traits and cannot feel guilt, remorse or sympathy. You nailed it when you called it out as psychopathy, personality disorder and those two are rife with it.

      I will add your link to my Links section because I want people who visit this blog and I've seen in increase in numbers steadily of readers and commentors, to see how many people this Troll has affected or tried to inject with her poison. We're calling everything out! I will post a new blog shortly. Thank you for stopping by.