Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Some items of good news to start off with. First Retard Macs and his micro group of KO Asskissers has been removed. I guess he wants to be a real secret group as opposed to the paranoid delusions of KO and her equally idiotoc Jen Dodgey with their "secret group" bullshit.

Second, the Insane Jounral of Catshit documentation blog that's been long coming, and planned out to be put up since the beginning of even my blog, has been finished. All the screenshots have been made fully public ! So much for KO's sneak attacks and then removing them so her "follower" won't catch on. It will be added to as the Crazy Catshit (KO) continues to troll, harass and show how insane she is, that is.

There are also posts on other blogs announcing this new piece of evidence. DeAnna's Blog and JC's Journal LBF.

Now onto some other things that need sorted out.

It appears that some comments have not been going through. That would be Google's massive fuck up because I do not censor anyone ! In the rare instance that KO or some fuckwad has been talked into commenting here with actual personal details of someone's street address or their home phone numbers, those are the only comments I will remove. But that's a rare instance. It's happened before, KO's pathetic attempts to get this blog shut down. Technically, all they'd have to do is email me and ask me to remove any such comments. However I caught them early enough. There's only one person who needs censored and that would be the TROLL KO herself ! That sludge of grime shouldn't even be allowed internet access ! But sadly, she has an enabler; her mother !

So in light of the issues on the blogspot end, I have went ahead and put up the comments that didn't show up the first time at this entry Take Action Against The Troll as that was the entry being commented on. I apologize for any frustration this lag in the servers have caused. Ever since they've added the new features things have gone from smooth working order to a complete it's anyone's guess what the fuck happened? So bear with me and know that I would not ever censor you, my fellow readers! Especially anyone who has been victimized by KO the slimebag of psycho cunt waste. I'm on your side ! So comment away !

I actually would have missed the comments in my inbox had I not been notified that some comments weren't making it through. Lots of people prefer to comment anonymously, making it harder to locate specific comments. They're from all over the globe. KO's enemies have gone international so that's why it was hard to find the missing comments. If anyone else has these issues, PLEASE let me know ! If not here at the blog, then if you know V, Sindy, Bibbi or anyone in your circles that have had issues and do not wish to comment here, tell them and I will get word and get in touch with you, asap !