Saturday, September 21, 2013

KO Trolls BFFD, disrupts that place then continues attacks on her Insane Journal

Since we know she loves to lie, attack, spin out of control and act a total dumbass then DELETES her own shit and any response to it on livejournal, the saving of screencaps has been a welcome invention lest KO tries to rewrite all of history!

For the latest just check these links out: Link 1 and Link 2. Of course you may want to also check on the blog that documents the actual Insane Journal of Catshit at this Link.

I'm always amazed at what certain mods will put up with when the psycho troll is such an obvious psycho troll. As someone else put it so well, she must have a list of people she rotates with and attacks them on given days. No life KO at her usual spot again; on the internet just being a trolling attention-whoring psychopath.

But while it's still there, you can probably catch it before she makes it disappear. Catshitty at it again. The BFFD posts were removed before I could link it here, but it can be seen at the Journal Fen links given above. Thanks for the screencaps ! And of course the Journal where it can be seen anyway.

What's really telling of her monsterous nature is she seems to be way too focused on the private parts of the people she attacks.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Psychotic Delusions of KO the Psycho Troll

Oh look. Another drunken outburst from the eternal attention whore herself ! And her tantrum was posted on the same day as her post admitting she posts while drunk as her little drunken episode on her shit-fic livejournal.

What's really hilarious about this fucked up next in line drama of hers is that I'm being accused of being Milla (Amazon Russian) and since anyone who knows me and knows her (as well as us ourselves) knows how incrediably laughable that is, we look at KO's never-ending delusion buffet of stink as one big long line of lulz !

Now let us address the issue of "obsession" since the Queen of Obsession loves to use that word that describes herself and her minions far better than anything they're trying to throw at me.

#1 I have never contacted Retard Macs on facebook nor would I want to. He is a creep. A real loser who's bought into a drama queen's sob stories to a degree that he's wasting his life whiteknighting for her.

#2 The obsession with Milla is really telling on KO when some poor woman has literally been accused of being just about everyone else and their goat !

Now let's take a further look into who the REAL obsessors are, shall we ?

Who is it that comes into other people's blogs and sites to troll and attack them ? Why the answer is KO and her good little minion Retard Macs.

Who is it that stares at the Macca boards all day waiting for Rahil, Peter, Martin, Harley or even Suzy to say something they feel is attack-worthy ? Then carry out some all out war upon those people via bullying them and following them to their own sites, who is that ? Or in fact anyone that three particular banned trolls can't stand because they're not going to play KO's sick games and buy into every lie she wants to tell ? Why that would be KO and her little band of banned minions ! So obsessed is she and her merry band of fuckwits that time is ALL they have on their hands. While Retard Macs waits eternally for some kind of sick vendetta against some people that he himself had forced to stand against him. He did that all to himself. If he wants to be a sorry fuckwit, then so be it. Let's talk about their obsession with MPL members to a point they spend countless hours posting hundreds upon hundreds of comments on a little sleazy sick group of asshats and then spend the rest of their day (or night) posting silly youtube songs from written lyrics that could have been better produced by Mrs. Dody's kindergarten class.

And the stuff about me not being unbiased is also a ton of bullshit. At first I recognized KO as little more than an annoying troll. I hadn't formed any opinion on her until she herself had proven to me what a little liar and psycho she is. I don't need the approval of her or her retard minions. I cannot remain unbiased now as she has attaked me and several of my close friends over the years. And she can stick her hypocracy right back into her rancid asshole. I'm sure Retard Macs can make room for that but he might be a little cramped. So shove that right up your ass, psycho bitch ! You know, where you like to shove things you so liberally post about others having done to them.

So while we are keeping track of the bullshit being spewed, we're actually not spending our lives in the futile persuit of a vendetta that KO has vowed and never going to relent from. That's obsession and it is her obsession alone except for the few braindead fools she can get to drag along with her.

Have fun eating your shit there, KO. That mouth of yours must be in a perpetual state of running off without a pause. If scientists could harness the power of your running mouth and your stupidity, there would be no need for fossil fuels or even wind energy, you'd beat them all as the streaming madwoman that never stops. However they couldn't possibly wish to inflict such a horror upon the world and therefore stick to other alternatives.