Friday, September 21, 2012

Don't Let The Troll Get You Down

We all know KO has a long history of trolling and stalking people and fandoms, we know she loves to get anything deleted if it tells the truth. This is the way of a psychopath. But she can't hurt us and as I understand, people saved everything. So here are some suggestions where the good and badgered people from LJ can go to host their content.

Also there is an email to try.

Might try to ask them how to join that host.

They offer what LJ cannot. Freedom of speech. LJ has been known to restore accounts though so don't give up. I knew the Troll would whine to LJ until she got her way. That's what she's been spending her time on. You could make the communities private. And that could be something they might do. I will help where I can. Get in touch with Sindy via Astrid. Also there are dozens of other options to host from.

Remember LouseyFic accounts are allowed on LJ. So are features on idiots who make up outrageous lies and claims.

I am here for anyone who has been victimised by that Troll KO !