Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The TROLL KO still TROLLING on and on

Oh boy. It's really like a nightmare that never ends. How does this insane woman even get through life without someone locking her up, beating the living crap out of her or calling the guys in white coats to come and put her in a padded room?

So the latest round of KO's terror trolling involved someone in a livejournal community who is supposed to be me and after Julian Lennon blocked KO, this whole other forum was exposed to yet another one of her delusionally warped accusations and paranoid schizophrenic episodes of drama! KO of course could have keep this a secret, and not let people know what they already suspected about her being insane but she just had to go and prove she was insane! Thusly the JHP boards were the scene of her outrageous accusations and drama. The wank is thick in JHP!

To find out what happened, because the crazy troll removed the evidence (or tried to) of her lies and laughable stupidity, you'll have to go and find the thread as saved here; Angie's livejournal.

So since Angie has been accused of being me, and Nacky (who's not even on LJ anywhere) and everyone else who happened to call the trolling attention whore out, a whole war has been brought on again by the very master of manipulation herself: KO the stalking Troll! Needless to say, I really had no idea she was trolling LJ to the extent that she trolls MPL. But this doesn't surprise me in the least!

I have also taken time out to look for this "word for word" thing that Angie was supposed to have repeated that KO jumped all over (like she does at any crumb of opportunity to attack) and could not find any such! The words BATSHIT, Attention Whore, Insane, (let's add) Mentally and emotionally ill and Troll have all been used to describe KO because those words are what fits what she is, and everyone that I know in my own clique has said those very same words PRIOR to even knowing any of her past victims! Let alone went and looked for words to repeat. These are words that are readily given in observance of KO's batshit crazy fucktarded actions and deeds. No need to copy/paste. So that's another lie of KO's exposed. Angie is a real person and so is Nacky, but both are different people. I also have inside info, so KO can take her baiting and attacks and shit them back up into her own ass! From where all her posts come from.

Now onto the usual. The Troll is still on MPL and still making people there miserable. It's actually quite the statement that the site is literally going downhill. Yeah when you keep a poisonous cancer around, you lose members and scare off others! But don't get rid of it MPL, no, no, keep it until you know for sure despite the evidence that she's a destroyer of forums and communities and can play you like a violin unless you wake the hell up already! Learn the hard way, right?

The trolling troll's troll posts on MPL today were many because Julian Lennon is now just fodder for her facebook crabby complaints, moaning and bitching about him, and MPL is a bigger audience, as always.

This is the 6th time KO has zeroed in on a new member (because she takes notes of ALL new members since she loves to point a stalking finger at them) and confronted that new member with a bait.


The second time in less than a week that a new member has been made to defend themselves, and pointed out as a new member in a very condescending way. Nice way that MPL has to make people feel welcome! Let KO interrogate them! Yep she sure is running that place now and is acting upon who can stay and who is to be booted! KO even insults the new member and calls him/her a 14 year old, so now we know she stalked everything that member had available on there AND what's more, she tells him/her to be nice! WTF? Translated it means kiss KO's ass and you won't be "taught a lesson" by her henchmen that she calls "Paul's staff"

Lookie here! More announcements to bait and troll people. KO will hide the fact that she follows everyone else and taunts them all over the place. But she won't admit to that!


She is also following everything Julian says or does, Paul, James, Dhani, her victims, people from MOWFO...

And lookie here! A big bad ass, right? KO can get drugs and guns! She certainly threatens people with guns when witchy curses aren't working.


Read further down at the MADE UP on the spot story... funny, her life has been saved by rats, cats and spiders, and now a gun against dogs - in the middle of a street, by a boyfriend who happened to have a firearm with him while in the middle of the street. With dogs. And she's been in a theater shooting too! But has only JUST NOW revealed this and brought all this up when the subject of guns was discussed a year or so ago on MPL! Why, you'd think she'd have said something then! But no, this is just what came to mind and she's just doing her usual lying to get attention again. Oh the TROLL never stops!

And of course, she's the raging queen of knife fights too!
Are these the knives she keeps in her bag? Or the dinner knives she claimed to have skill in throwing at people across a table?

Then HERE she contradicts her own self when she does exactly what she's done and is doing all the time while trying to drag this person into an argument with her!

Never a break from this psycho unless storms knock out her power lines. Oh where are the solar flares when you need them??!!??

EDIT with further Info!

The moderator of the Battlestar Galactica Rec Room gave me a few links to KO's posts. I'm only putting a few here because the group is public and there's no sense in making the entry longer when anyone can easily find the homepage and search from there, but I am putting this little bit up with the following comments from info I already had.

The kind of bullying and harassment Julian is now being subjected to....

No mentions of Beatles anything and Jim is a pervert that got her into sex clubs? That's a lie. On another note because she herself mentioned it, the Attorney General did a simple search and found out she was the one doing the mail fraud when the man contacted Dirk's staff and the members there that had saved the evidence.

And this. KO has no friends from the cruise. Why? The one she did have has since realized she was seriously fucked in the head and Tonita found out about KO's vicious suicide stories about her that KO went around telling everyone after being thrown off, in an attempt to cover up the fact that she was close to being charged with harassment and stalking Dirk on the ship. KO sure loves to throw as much mud around as possible in order to stop the truth from being known.

Oh and this is the article that is spoken of in that post:

NOWHERE is Beatles or Paul/John even mentioned! Not that any of that other stuff is true either (writing since she was 12? And STILL incrediably bad!) but please note the big, gaping hole where there is nothing even remotely about the Beatles even mentioned there! Strange for someone to not mention them when she makes a point to claim she's written Beatles slash for 30 goddamn years! No, back then she claimed that Battlestar Galactica was her first love! SO that means all the lies about the John/Paul/Ringo/George slash writing has just been a bunch of hogwash and shown the light of day for the doubting Thomases!

Thank You Metrotimes! Screensave it, because she'll be trying to get that destroyed too!

Now for the text document from the Christian group admin that I was given permission to post here. All email addresses have been omitted, and only the content may be shown at this time. The name "bss" is KO in the text.

bss: Nice people on this list, please pray for me and my friends Todd,
Betty, Jim and Dirk who the Benedictator also harrasses. These people are special to me,
and her constant attacks have made some of them back
away from my friendship.
thank you for your time

From: Group Mod
Do any of these people post here? I'm confused.

From: bss
they don't even know I'm here, i am afraid the Benedictator would ruin this experince for me when I have
so many friends here in the Christian groups.

From: Group Mod
According to my logs, you just joined this group yestersay, who are these people you say are your friends?

From: bss
I should not have to explain myself to you, i have every right to be here just because I'm not a christian.

From: Group Mod
I ask again. Who are these people you say you know from here? You came here and started posting about someone here sending you things and more or less, from my point of view attacking him and now you're asking for prayers for people you say are being harassed by a Bendictator, and I just want to know who these people are. It's a reasonable question, don't you think?

From: bss
I can't give their real identitties as I am being stalker. i have been sent Christian cards from someone here and i think he is sick when he should know I am no Christian.

From: Group Mod
Okay. Still confused. Is that your real name on your Yahoo ID?

From: bss
No I have used this Id for safety, the Benedictator does not know it.

From: Fredrich
Then why not tell us the names of these people you say are your friends here since you're using a very confusing username and seem to be avoiding the question?

From: bss
I don't know you. and you are probably one of the troublemakers. How do I know your not spying on me?

Needless to say, this went on until I finally banned her. She just came into the group to start problems and name names and claim claims that she could not back up.
I'm guessing when she said that "Dirk is a very special friend" to her that she was speaking of Dirk Benedict. Really I had no idea what was happening until one of the real victims contacted me and asked to have posts removed that indicated she was beaten by an abusive husband that this troll had posted with a fake account with her name on it. Then she came back with another ID and posted under the name blue sky song and posted what you see on the text docs.

Please copy only that which is in the text.doc because I really don't want her coming back to my group and I'm sure she doesn't remember what group it is since she joined in 2006 which is long enough ago to not feel so apprehensive about, also because of her we are a moderated group and members must be approved by me before they can join. As the group mother, I had to take those steps because of people like her.

Sorry to hear you're dealing with her presently, my prayers go out to you and yours. Please also post this footnote that people will know that nobody from our group or any of the other groups sent her any money. }It is simply not true!

She tried to get people to send money but she was far too sketchy and wouldn't answer honest questions. This is not someone who would give money to the needy. Not after what I had personally witnessed of her actions.

God Bless!

Wow. KO sure has no social skills.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have gotten letters from lots of people over the last couple of days. And finally heard from the very victim of KO's stalking and abuse. I was given permission to share that here. I will of course not post her email address, just the content of the letter but everything has been confirmed and she showed me the evidence of everything stated in her letter.

Yes, I get blamed for every little thing she does because she has always used me or Tracy or Bibbi, or anyone as a scapegoat. I have NOT even ONCE contacted Julian damned Lennon, nor would I even want to send her crap porno shit to anyone. Why would I want to torture a man like Julian Lennon like that? I was never even aware that she was stalking him too! I know she's stalked Dirk Benedict and is now compulsively obsessed with Paul McCartney, that I did know. But not Julian Lennon or the other guy. Misery (KO) is utterly and completely, as others have pointed out BATSHIT INSANE! Also I looked for any instance that Julian Lennon was mentioned in the context of being sent her nasty ridiculous fics. Nothing. Just as I suspected. There's nothing anywhere about sending Julian Lennon her dumb ass bullshit links. Further I do know that Dirk Benedict has blocked her in every way humanly possible so her being blocked by this Lennon guy is NO surprise to me. Other famous figures have blocked her as well. Tracy was blamed by her for being rejected by Dirk, now I'm being blamed by her because she was rejected by Julian Lennon! Wow. When Paul rejects, who will be blamed for that, I wonder? Me? Tracy? Anna? Or a whole network, like facebook? Probably all of the above.

*I will also forward you the actual letters that Paul's staff; Alan & Craig sent to me. I did NOT, repeat did NOT contact them. They came TO ME! I have no idea how they even got my email address, but they did. They asked me about the nasty bitch stalker who has terrorized me and many others for years. Over eight years to be exact. She has done all manner of shit that you can't possibly even imagine. One of them actually joined my forum to get more answers. But a troll went in there, we know it was one of Misery's minions and stirred everyone up. But the FACT remains that I never went to Paul's damned staff! Ever. They came to me. Please see the attachments of the emails they sent to me*

I cannot stress enough how crazy Misery is (KO) and she will invent shit just to justify her stalking and harassment. And threats. She started stalking me shortly after a cruise in which she was apparently almost arrested on charges of harassing other passengers and harassing Dirk Benedict. She told my whole group that she pulled out a steel dildo in front of him and freaked him out. We all knew by then we had a serious problem and she had to be banned. Prior to being banned she would contact me offlist and beg me to stand up for her, which I would not do because I was not there, nor did I agree that Dirk was a nasty child molestor. When I wouldn't agree to any of her shit, she attacked me.

I was NEVER her "friend" she was just a member of my group. Last thing I told her directly was "Please do not contact me ever again" and that was my last word to her. This of course was not the end of her stalking me. I have been contacted by her in so many different ways (including threatening phone calls from her) that you wouldn't believe. Misery will of course claim I'm stalking her when the truth is so exactly the opposite of her LUDICROUS claims of being stalked.

One of my members sent her Dirk "cruise story" to one of the moderators of another group that discussed Dirk's career and she automatically blamed me because I would not defend the gross slander she was posting. Any group admin, if they don't take her side, she attacks them instead of the member or members doing whatever it is they do. But Connell was right in sending her "story" of what happened on the cruise because then we all found out what a pathetic liar she is. Connell actually did it because he was already so frustrated at seeing her posts that repeated themselves over and over again and we already knew, by then, how the cruise ended. She was simply sent packing.

On the Paul damned McCartney thing. What a BUNCH of shit! I never joined their site, I never went to them, they came to me so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have learned the hard way. What exactly is she implying they did to me? You'll never get any specifics because she makes everything up. Paul's staff even called her a pathetic woman with no life. I have included their emails in my letter to you. See for yourself.

Now that is from the horse's mouth. She didn't even know KO was stalking Julian Lennon, let alone tried to intervene. The attachments she sent me do show that Paul's staff did indeed contact her. Not the other way around. The emails they sent to Nacky also show that they apologized to her for any mistakes regarding other incidents.

I will be more than happy to post those here too but she asked me to wait until she could get permission to share the letters publicly and techically I would need permission too since they are the authors of those letters. I can actually go ahead and post them if I feel so inclined if KO's shit and lies persist.

I have tried to contact Tracy and would like to post her side of the story regarding Dirk Benedict blocking KO's nasty ass. So far I have not heard back and Nacky is on vacation so I'm thankful that she took enough time to answer my emails. Thank you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workload is Massive Part 2

I knew there was too much to get done in a little time. The screenshots and emails, all waiting to be posted and some of them I would like permission to show before posting. Like the links and emails that some people had received from years ago. I have contact with the Christian Yahoo mailing list owner that KO showed up on to try to con people there and attacked a member there, and all kinds of grief she had given them. I have contact with the moderators of several BattlestarGalactica lists on Yahoo, as well. I also have a contact who knows a guy named Stu, who is one of the moderators of MOWFO and he does have all the screenshots of KO's nasty, violent posts on Livejournal despite what she thinks that they've been destroyed. Stu has these screenshots as they were saved by vigilant folks who've been victimised by KO for years. Suffice it to say that he's not the only one with the screenshots. There are over 100 of those. Of KO's Livejournal abuses.

Here are the lists of the Troll KO's past accounts on Yahoo and MySpace, plus a few other items, like her ex-friend Betty's accounts on Yahoo, and the deleted Livejournal accounts that the Troll created.

KO's reign of terror on Yahoo:

transbot7 (this was her John Blake ID)
charliegauto (this was her Charlie G ID)
gy_rogers (created to spoof one of the mods on BattlestarGalacticaRevival)
inga_tessler (created to spoof her favourite victim)
solve_this_problem (created to harass Tracy, another favourite victim)
youthreatenedme (created to harass Tracy and the admins of DBC)
youarejade (created to harass Jade and Diane, victims local to KO)

KO has sent countless threats and harassments using all of these emails, all of which have been saved for documentation. All the accounts themselves however have been removed by Yahoo Administration.

Her current Yahoo IDs that we know about are:


KO's reign of terror on MySpace:

http://myspace.com/barbara758 (created to spoof Bibbinut)http://www.myspace.com/notbannedforever

There were 12 accounts in all. All of them filled with creepy staring you down and burn you alive inside a house of wicker removed by the admins for severe TOS violations. The "stalkergoaway" one was created to directly contact people who had blocked her previous myspace accounts. Fucked up, huh?

Here are Betty's Yahoo IDs which have all been removed by Yahoo.


Note: the moderators and owner of the BattlestarGalacticaRevival group have proof from their management logs that the theshadowwarrior66 was an account that KO and Betty created and shared to spam many BSG groups on Yahoo. There is bonafide proof of this. IP logs don't lie.

Betty & KO's Livejournal accounts that were created to harass KO's victims and which Betty aided KO in that harassment:


The Yahoo mailing lists that they created. Several were created to post the ugly slander against Dirk Benedict and his fans, and the other groups eventually turned into a bashing ground for KO to bash Dirk in because the owner let her bash him there. All removed by Yahoo Administration.


Here are the groups which KO and her aliases have been banned from for causing flame wars, flamebaiting and attacking other members and spoofing their accounts. Not to mention threatening, harassing behaviour towards mainly the Dirk Benedict fans within those groups.



Sunday, July 8, 2012

Troll is back, Letter, and Julian

We all know KO lives on the internet and that it is extremely rare if she's ever offline for more than 6 hours everyday, so when there were power outages in her little town of Bloomfield Hills, there was a MUCH needed break from her trolling and stalking that people actually celebrated. Unfortunately, she got back online and the bullying harassment continues. Did you expect anything else ?

She immediately filled up her facebook wall with more of those bullying comments and thinks of herself as a "smart mother fucker" because as she states "my bully thinks I'm crazy". Excuse me while I laugh at her theory she surmises that anyone would think she's crazy because they are "dumb" LOL and she must be wearing her tin foil hat again ! She goes on and on about "bullies" and then singles ONE "bully" down in her latest barrage of bullshit. She jumps between plural and singular so much any person can quickly pick up she's a raving lunatic. KO is crazy. Nobody is dumb, the people who know she's crazy have come to that conclusion because they were smart and have been on the other end of her abusive crazy stalking and obsessions. They are smart enough to detect her lies. It's a no-brainer. If her mouth is moving or her fingers are typing, it's a lie. She claims to talk to dead people like George Harrison and John Lennon and she lives in a totally make-believe world trying to make the rest of the world adapt to her psychotic fantasies. In short she is crazy. A sociopath, a psychopath, a stalker. A bully online and as much in real life.

Moving on.

Someone sent me several letters explaining some things in the hopes that I can help dispell the vicious lies KO posts about someone named Jenny. Here is a cut copy paste of portions of that letter (with permission to post it here)...


She was on Mowfo and trashed Jenny and anyone else into online gaming. What happened was Jenny and this other lady simply refused to help Kathryn to stalk and harass anyone. These gamers were more interested in having fun, playing online games than to sit and help her obsess over Tracy and whoever else Tracy knows. Kathryn wanted them to drop everything they were doing and help her get to Dirk - that was her big and ultimate goal. She has posted nasty, and I mean NASTY bullshit, trash bullshit talking against these ladies and tried to tell all of Mowfo that they lived in their own feces, would throw used tampons on the floor and all kinds of such disgusting images she could pull out of her ass! NONE of what she said about Jenny or the other lady was even remotely true. Kathryn is just so mad at them for not helping her bully people that she set them up to look like social rejects (like she is) and made them into such a piriah that she hoped nobody would have anything to do with them. Needless to say someone in Mowfo did defend Jenny but all those harmful vicious lies that Kathryn posted, still remain. Now she's trashing them on facebook.
We have also notice that she is trying to use Marla Rudas in the same way she tried to use Jenny. Please know that this is exactly what she tried to do to Jenny with the whole Dirk Benedict obsession she had at that time. She is still trying to make Jenny out to be this unimaginably horrible lowlife by spreading these grostesque rumors about her, but that's what Kathryn does. That's how she does people. How she tries to control people. I wanted the truth to be out. Kathryn is a criminally insane liar and do NOT for one minute believe a damned word she says or writes! She's the one who is obsessed in the computer. Worse than any gamer alive because all her time is spent on stalking people and harassing them if they don't play her games!


Now let's discuss the situation with Julian Lennon and compare, shall we ?

On her facebook wall today, she posts the following troll crap posts after this Marla person asks if she can "do" anything. To which the Troll KO states to Marla to do something about Julian Lennon and tell him not to listen to anyone about her.

#1 Nobody is talking to Julian Lennon about her. Nobody. Julian can see a nutcase for what it is himself. Sending an obviously silly woman named Marla to "talk" to him is the stupidest thing ever. She is just using this idiot woman to help her harass Julian. That is what's happening here. Just like she tried to accomplish with the subject of the above letter; Jenny.

#2 She calls Julian a "Beatle baby brat" in her urging to get this silly Marla woman to confront Julian. So in essence, what she's done is insult and demean Julian while trying to get someone else to "put in a good word for her" !!! AFTER just insulting him. Go to Julian and tell him how wonderful, saintly and whatever other lie sounds good, about KO. While of course calling him a Beatle baby brat. Nice way to make your point there, Troll KO ! Slap him with a degrading, name-calling, bullying comment and then get someone to not see the obvious and agree to go pester him for you. Pester him about how wonderful you are after showing how shitty and psycho you really are !

#3 From the looks of it, this silly Marla woman is going to send Julian some crap letters for the psycho. Good grief.

You know Julian can also block KO and her co-horts. Problem solved. Except for the annoying fact that she will begin the same campaign against him that she had going against Dirk Benedict. Another fanbase has now been introduced to the nightmare that KO brings, and will never let up on. Going without a computer for the blessed 2 and half days that we had from her, wasn't enough and she's back online where she lives on her computer, back to bashing and bullying, stalking and sulking forever about everyone.

I've been busy with work and getting outdoors and planning a trip up to Scotland for a couple of weeks. It's just been such a windfall and I will get all this stuff done here even if it takes me longer than I had anticipated. I want to thank all my readers for their comments and also for their kind and supportive letters to me. I greatly appreciate your vigilance as we fight this troll and expose all her lies and psycho actions. We have to keep on our toes.

Julian Lennon can handle himself so there's no need for anyone to go to him about this psycho woman KO. He's already figured it out if she's already calling him names. That's a sign that he didn't buy into her rubbish. He must have told her to get lost. This is the result of his rejection of an internet troll who is a stalker. We're seeing that play out. So Julian has already seen what she is for himself with no help from anyone else. He can block, he can ban, he can even report her if things get out of hand. We know they will. BUT LET HIM DEAL WITH IT ! He is more than capable of ridding himself of an obsessed fanatic crazy lying stalking troll, so do not fear for his safety. All KO can do is bash him everywhere and stalk him online. She doesn't know where he lives or anything.