Wednesday, June 7, 2017

CatShit's LJ Makes Another Hysterical Rant

The Whacko of CatShit returns with more of the same, tired old trolling that only a Kooky O'Crazy can spew up.

Here are the screenies;


OK so there are the screen captures of her rant against DJ Stu and yours truly, so let's dismantle this easily debunked catshit storm.

1st; the last part of her psycho rant is just name-calling and unhinged screaming, so we'll set all that aside and give it a rating of .0- and the stuff about Stu seems like she took something he said in jest and twisted it. Whatever.

2nd; she lies straight up when she claims she has never posted about me. HA! But KO lies coming out the gate and her English really is horrid. I guess she still can't define the difference between haven't and ain't.

3rd; The school table mentality is her projection of me. And others. She accused Astrid of the same thing. Poor little psycho. Must have been hell for her to go to a school where people mingled at the table and avoided her because she's toxic and talks about cannibalism, grossing other students out.

4th; I never had a problem with anyone liking Paul McCartney but you KO, sure must think you own him to make so many posts to him and about him personally. Even to the point where you lie such obvious lies about his relationship with you. But that's your projections again.

5th; Your obsession with me is stalkerish an creepy. This blog was a response to the crazy you would continue to post on all McCartney related sites. Glad to know you still read my blog!

6th; Where is this Gordon thing coming from? LOL! How am I latched onto an internet stranger that I probably only had two conversations with?

7th; toxic people into drama? The projection meter just broke! Shattered gauge and plexi-glass everywhere! HA! Nice Freudian slip there, CatShit! Which you then lead into your same old mantra again with no cease or end in sight about those people you refer to as mental! LMAO! The ones you use the "bi-polar" label on so much that if it's been tattooed to your fat slob of a body so that no matter what you're doing you can look at yourself and say BI-POLAR! Yay for you!

And PIDers? Nice folks, really they are. I don't mind that yet another group of people are subscribed to me who find you completely vile.

But here I have the honor of gracing your little livejournal with a crazy ranty rant against me that you will end up deleting and then deny, being the agitator, and keep playing the victim card. So Kathy of you! Kathy Griffin, right? HA HA!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Creep at FB is KO

Let's see, KO has been sending emails from her fake email shit she uses, then claims she's being victimized with ID theft. KO is "laughing" at "fatherless children" showing her cruelty in all its nastiness. But all of what she vomits is just more projection. She can't get a man, and she's not married and she's a stalker. Who would marry such a psycho? It'd be plausible if she didn't look like a maggot-filled garbage pail bloater.

While using fake emails to send threats, she uses her drama queen self to claim others are, claim others are doing ID theft and her usual claim that people are stalking her and now going off on someone who unfriended her.

Maybe nasty KO pissed off someone who is blonde and they decided they had heard enough and washed their hands of that nasty, bigoted bitch?

But what do you wanna bet that whoever this was, was asking questions and wanting proof and KO went and unfriended them to avoid answering a direct question? I VOTE THE LATTER!

What's really strange is that her crazy and her psycho is plain as day yet she's still got fools who still believe her psycho and let themselves get bamboozled.

And dear readers, some of you already got some of her nasty emails but a heads up to all of you: BLOCK THIS EMAIL as that would be the crazy stalker bitch who now has several of my subscribers contact info.

Full of crazy and batshit stirred into a little psycho post!

KO is going to do a "ritual" to talk to some dead guy that she's never met in life about his own kid? And when said dead guy explains that he can see all things from the Other Side and he has undeniable proof that she is absolutely batshit insane, can see how she harasses people and what she's written and done, wonder how her ritual will go then? Will she make things fly around the room in her typical rage or will it be the dead guy who had to listen to a crazy bitch moan and groan about his own kid? Hope it's the latter!

And no, little crazy nutso. Nobody's "shivering" about your post that you intentionally made sure was seen due to your trolling tactics. Just laughing and maybe some head shaking. But that's it.

So NOT reality in any sense of the word! One, she does NOT live on her own terms, she lives in a total dark misery where she is constantly thinking about all the people who've distanced themselves from her because she's toxic. And she certainly care what people are thinking that she will stalk them endlessly.

See? She even admits to being poison (toxic)!

 HaHaHa! So I guess she does care about what others' opinions are of her after all!

This is hysterical. KO claims she is right about everyone else including the poor guy who is now her target and spends all her time being obsessed with everyone else, but then claims everyone else is wrong! The fact she keeps dedicating all her internet accounts to people who want nothing to do with her and that she constantly bitches about and slanders, is proof enough that we are all RIGHT about her!

The bitch needs slapped. Hard. Her own parents never gave her an ass whipping for being such a psycho brat!

And the psychopath that she is, she reveals that she abuses animals!


 Batshit Cray of the Day!
I think she answered her own question! That number in red is the number of people who stupidly love her. The number in green is the real number of people whom she has attacked, abused, maligned and stalked. So 414 people hate KO. 2 idiots and a couple of relatives love her. And even that is sketchy lol.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The KOok has been making yet another fandom toxic with her toxic self!

I have just noticed someone has clued us in on the recent goings on in a Doctor Who site.

Check it!

Scroll down to the replies left by Unknown and see that the insane stalker creep has landed on yet another unsuspecting group of people to abuse and use!

To the DW fans; I am truly sorry she has stunk up your place with her toxic self. And here I was, all of us in Beatles/Paul McCartney fandom, breathing a sigh of relief that she stopped going to our sites all the time with her insane shit day after day, night after night!

It was just that she found someplace new to ooze on.

My sincerest condolences.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

KO the Racist of People's Hair Color

What a arrogant hateful piece of filth. So the latest is she supports Hillary Clinton because Clinton said something along the lines of standing up to bullies. Yeah we all know how Clinton "stands up" to "bullies" better translated as "killing off" people who can expose what she really is. Let's be honest here.

Aside from KO's major projection that she still excels at, let's put this better into words aligned with how KO "stands up" to her enemies. First she sends threats. Check. Then when she is banned from Dirk Benedict sites for sending threats and all the libel she is guilty of, she goes and stalks people, finds their phone numbers and then calls to continue with the threats. That folks, is KO's version if :standing up to what she calls bullies but in reality are just poor site and group owners who were at their wit's end dealing with her sick ass.

But the hate against them is now, at this time, about their hair color! KO is off her meds again! Someone shove those pills down her and get her back into her padded cell!

 Thankfully people aren't as stupid or as bigoted as she is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Crazy KO still stinking up the Macca boards

The first batch of crazy for 2016

Drama Queen on her Drama Spleen throwing out more stupidity

Newsflash bitch, they roll up the streets in Detroit too, and most of it during the day is fucking desolate.
The shithole she's got never ceases to ooze. Her mouth is the shithole and Detroit is a result of being the diseased host for that twatwaffle.

Grand Rapids is a much better place compared to run-down, dirty and dangerous Detroit.

What's the streets like at night in tiny little Bloomfield Hills? Rolled up at dusk, huh? But you still harp on about Detroit being the best because it's like Forbes #1 Most Dangerous city? Isn't that right, stupid cunt who likes to bash other people's cities and countries?

Thankfully other members responded to her crazy with great posts. It's also hilarious that all her topics are being ignored.

Here's some more whining and bitching

Paul, you're a great guy! Thanks for doing Beer City! Lots of good folks and lots of green this time of year.
What's Detroit got? Another body count and more drug dealer corners where Mental Misery hangs out waiting for her meth connection?

The second batch of crazy for 2016

The stupid bitch troll has posted several anti-PETA posts and claims the education about where animal products come from isn't working and yet, it's working. People are becoming more aware and won't buy those products. Yet she's only posting this shit to troll people who love animals because she thinks she looks cool in dead flesh of an innocent.

Like those fat ass bikers wearing leather; nothing but a stink hole of filth. Pieces of shit love to stink like dead corpses. KO must be right at home with her outhouse and armpit-stench combination smell.

Yet she seems to shed some crocodile tears for birds? Birds are just as important as cows. So fuck off, hypocrite!

The third batch of crazy for 2016

And her George story (lie) takes yet ANOTHER turn!

The never-ending, twisty, naked, cop, snake, George Harrison story that keeps changing states, times, who was there, etc.

So now it's in Alabama and the snake is still there but George Harrison isn't present nor is the swimming pond on an estate in some National Forest. LOL! No this time she's at some gathering. She seems to write a lot about being naked everywhere!

First it was Michigan meeting George Harrison, then it was in Colorado, meeting George Harrison and a cop and some guy with a camera, NOW it's in Alabama with a crowd of strangers who seek to promote peace and mary jane with a cop and a guy with a camera! And this time the snake slithered onto her instead of the guy with the snake asking her to pose with the snake. Everybody got that? It won't matter. The story will change again.

One could also note that Suzy made a topic about something that happened to her, and KO of course took that opportunity to turn the topic AGAIN into being about her fucking skank hole.

Too late KO! You're already That crazy fat bitch!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Crippled Dancing/Dancing Cripple!

The Poor Me Routine As Always

I suppose this is another dig at Stu. A guy she hates. You don't have any kind of Bowie relationship, KO!

The Crippled Poor Me Routine!

"I have cerebral palsey and am crippled"

This is strange considering that you described yourself as an exotic dancer, someone who walks around naked in forests in nothing but a hat and tennis shoes and as someone who has multiple sexual partners! And fucking learn to spell palsy if you're going to claim to have it!

And KO can cut the act now. We all know that at age 12 she had no clue who Paul was. Her first obsession being Dirk Benedict.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

KO Returns to Stink Up The Place!

Wow. An insane woman full of rage claims to be an "empath"!

That Crazy Bitch is back

Read the thread. That crazy bitch is just always having some rage and anger at someone! It's a neverending thing with her! And she is quite definitely emotionally ill. Though she will always blame someone other than the true culprit; herself.

KO returns to stink up the forum again!

"the sexism is why I left the animal rights movement."

New Reason just made it up!

Really? Because her story was that they didn't like her and wouldn't allow her into their group. Now it's because it's "sexist" but this changing a story every five minutes doesn't surprise us.

And this gem.

Really it's more about a stupid costume hat than a dying mother, at least her priorities are still the same! It's more about what she looks like in a hat! The spells, the spells, the spells. Forget medical science, KO's got "spells". Biopsy bitch is casting spells!