Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Creep at FB is KO II

I did a blog entry at this LINK, but apparently with the psycho drama the whackjob Kooky O'Crazy is still churning out, it's time to feature another blog entry. This is just some more batshit and by no means all of it since the former blog post...

This is how she thinks, it's all about curses and being destructive. Like Hillary Clinton, all she can do is prove how much of a loser she is with the constant bitching and with it, the wish to hurt others!

Both are evil entities. Very evil. Very destructive. Thank goodness neither of those psycho bitches have any real power.

Now time to dispel some twisted lies from KO and point out the utterly ridiculousness of her bullshit.

1. Shay was the one who was approached at a convention local to KO, and she was harassed by KO. Shay turned KO down when KO wanted to "pet" her. Shay reacted to the request with a polite 'no' and after that KO went around trying to start rumors about Shay. KO doesn't handle rejection at all.

2. Shay posted about her experience in Survivors of Stalking that KO constantly refers to her victims as "mental patients" as any psychopath would of their victims. It's always someone else's fault according to them. Btw, KO stalked that forum for years and tried to have it hacked into by several lowlifes to just tell her what was being said. Thus when Shay related her experience "There isn't enough soap in the world to wash Kathryn off" was basically Shay's disgust at KO's lurid attempts to hit on her. Shay handled the situation with grace.

3. KO NEVER, EVER, "saved" Brick's life. Nor did Shay try to apologize to KO. That never happened.

4. KO was not "arrested" for a "crime" of "being unpopular". Fucking what the hell is it with this drama queen? LOL so far the laughable statements about that matches with the laughable story she's telling there.

5. People were discussing ways to have KO adhere to the LAW when it comes to harassment. Which KO engages in all the time. The constant curses she wants to cause should be a clear indicator of how mentally ill she is and how it coincides with her active harassment of people. So nobody was trying to have her jailed for being unpopular. Just jailed for the active harassment and threats (usually in the form of curses) because most who are her victims do deal with this filthy nasty woman almost on a daily basis when they would like for her to just go the fuck away.

And the comments she got from a Bella Dee (I'm so sure that's her real name lol) is just proof she has some people totally fooled.

Anyway, whoever she's cursing now, we can take bets that it's Betty or Gordon. Or maybe Matt, since word got around that he never gave any indication that he would "deal with Gordon". Yeah don't try to make sense of her antics. It will just cause further frustration. KO is the epitome of ludicrous.

She's the Harvey Weinstein of Michigan conventions. And just as ugly.