Monday, October 29, 2012

Psycho KO Lashes Out At Julian Lennon by way of a Photo of his Dead Father

The recent posting of Karen Nesbit (aka Kathryn O, Catkick, Misfittoy) is another example of her psycho hatred of another celebrity who had seen through her "mask".

The Troll had posted a photo of John Lennon right after he had perished of a gunshot wound. The whole reason she posted it was to cause contention, strife and discord and namely to insult Julian Lennon who is the real target of her rage. She then tries to justify it when any sane person can see it's just more of her trying to get more attention. Her so-called medical issues had failed to garner too much attention for her, so she turns to her usual trolling by posting shit like that. I recall her anti-Jewish posts showing something about "Dead Jews" and their ashes. Very offensive content and when someone finally wises up and blocks her, she goes out and adds new people to her friends list who have no clue how fucked up she is.

Her Facebook wall is nothing more than one long hateful tirade after another, amid the boring repetition of seeing some random two celebrities posing in some press photo and her same old statement of "Let's see you guys kiss each other".

For more details, go to LBF. That's one journal the report-happy bitch will have a tough time trying to get deleted.

Also just as a discussion topic, and facebook's world takeover, I found this. The article doesn't seem to realize that the psychos are on facebook. Like Karen Nesbit who spends her life there, just spinning on like a retarded top way out of control.

Also this might interest some. Julian Lennon getting stalked around the same time Karen Nesbit started harassing the other Julian Lennon fanpage.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Educational Tools for Power Enough Against Cruel Evil sociopaths

I bring these URLs for the victims to read through. Country of Liars blogger has a sociopath in his family, the name? Kathy. Imagine that. Now that I have time to post today, I present these pages for anyone to read through and realize that this individual's story isn't unlike others in the same boat. I wanted to share this here so my readers can understand how a very disturbed person (like Kathryn O) premeditates and does, in fact, set about to destroy other people's lives.

How to get revenge against the sociopath
Taking on a sociopath
What makes a sociopath so dangerous

And as promised, I have finally gotten around to sharing further educational pages with you from other sources.

Bully playing the victim

From that page, we learn about Bullies who play the Victim. A very consistent and broken-record role played eternally by Kathryn O. Everywhere. We start to understand why people from virtually everywhere, like MOWFO for example, have become more than wary of her tactics and have realized just how apparent it is now. Even if in the past they didn't catch on.

A bully pretends to be a victim in order to manipulate others. Because most people are good and compassionate, this is bullying at its worst.

When a bully acts like a victim, he also gains the unwitting compliance of others into bullying you. Naive, compassionate people will chastise you for not caring about the bully's victimization, and not changing your behavior to meet the bully's desires.

Although this particularly nasty form of bullying occurs occasionally in the workplace, it is more common at home, where it represents emotional blackmail.

Note also that the page points out the "Favorite Phrases" used by a bully who plays victim.

"You deserted me in my hour of need."
"You betrayed my trust in you."
"Why are you ruining it for the rest of us?"
"Don't you want to help us succeed instead of standing in our way?"
"You hurt me when you did that."(or said that)
"You hurt my feelings when you did that."(or said that).
"You hurt others when you did that."(or said that).

Is any of this sounding familiar?

It should. It's repeated daily, if not hourly, by Kathryn O on every internet website she's on.

So I urge people to read this LINK even if you don't read through the links about sociopaths I've provided here. Which I hope you do anyway. But please read the link provided here!

Some key points.

Puts a positive spin on his/her behavior and intentions.
Casts his/her behavior as reasonable and constructive.
Casts the behavior of others as unreasonable and destructive.

And one of the most glaring points to be made since there are so many people who have come forth with their testimonies...

Charming in public, but attacks you in private.

It's really difficult to defend oneself against such a thing because only the victim sees the real personality, the real face. Others who are lead to think that the real bully is a victim will see any rebuttal as an attack, rather than a red flag. Because, sadly, most people fall for the act. Bullies and sociopaths are experts at controlling people that way.

And read on here. In KO's case, omit "company" for knowledge in "fandom", especially the memorizes and quotes the company's vision and values... And just replace that with memorizes and quotes Beatles-related subjects or anything she has gotten hold of to appear to be geniune.

KO is hypocritical... her spoken philosophy and behavior don't match. (Glaring examples of this on KO's FB)

Calmly demeans you, but is angry because you don't respect her. (See above)

It all fits.

At work, KO is a bully just as much as she is online. One of my readers has contacted me personally. While this man doesn't know if KO is still working at the same store, he did want me to share some things with all of you.

He states that Kathryn is an arrogant self-righteous know-it-all. That she loves to stir up contention between the boss, managers and other employees, especially if the employee is even remotely better looking than she is, and I can imagine that practically everyone in Michigan is better looking than KO! That she spends more time flapping her gums and rumour-mongering than actually working.

FWIW, they don't call her the "Beatle girl" either. They call her something else.

I want to thank my readers for their support and documentation. I see I have gotten quite a few more readers and my stats have gone way up in the last couple of weeks. Education is important and while I use this blog to excerise my freedom of speech, I see that I can do some good by providing educational material for those who are suffering and still suffering the oppression of the Bully we all know as Kathryn O.