Wednesday, October 7, 2015

KO Returns to Stink Up The Place!

Wow. An insane woman full of rage claims to be an "empath"!

That Crazy Bitch is back

Read the thread. That crazy bitch is just always having some rage and anger at someone! It's a neverending thing with her! And she is quite definitely emotionally ill. Though she will always blame someone other than the true culprit; herself.

KO returns to stink up the forum again!

"the sexism is why I left the animal rights movement."

New Reason just made it up!

Really? Because her story was that they didn't like her and wouldn't allow her into their group. Now it's because it's "sexist" but this changing a story every five minutes doesn't surprise us.

And this gem.

Really it's more about a stupid costume hat than a dying mother, at least her priorities are still the same! It's more about what she looks like in a hat! The spells, the spells, the spells. Forget medical science, KO's got "spells". Biopsy bitch is casting spells!