Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Psycho Cyber (and Real Life) Stalker Keeps On Running Her Stupid Mouth

The latest spewing and trolling still reigns at Livejournal.

Warning; Insane Rantings at the link below:

Sick Stalker Gloats & Attacks A Victim For Seeking Protection Against Her Harassment

Hmm, it goes from insulting someone for autism to a "they" because, you know, her stalking and harassing MANY people should have never been met with consequences and all.

Typical Kathryn O thinkings, which is the typical sociopath thinking pattern; do whatever harm and attack when there are consequences. LMAO that dumb bitch thinks I live in Fort Smith ! So she's going to play that delusional card or is everyone she sees on the interwebs all one person and that's ALL she sees. Some serious disconnection with reality there. That's some serious obsession she's got. I guess she's STILL stalking that poor woman there and hopes to pin everything on her. Not that I or anyone who comments here has broken the law. She can feel free to waste her time hunting for me there. KO and her retarded friend can't seem to understand that we have saved evidence of HER harassment over all this time. Proving that she's the perp.

Bringing up the whole "miserable city" that she's apparently never been to (even when she spends all her time stalking someone FROM there) it's strange that she would keep mentioning an area where someone did actually get a restraining order against her. Hmm. Then she goes off into some scare tactic about my blog.

Okaaay imbecile, perverted little creep who's into death threats, implications of having someone raped and obvious predator perverted mentality, go right on and say something to a court about my blog and then try having someone in Fort Smith associated with my account. Since I'm in the U.K. I'm sure your high powered mafia leader lawyers will have no problem getting Interpol involved when they realize I'm way out of your imaginary local army's reach. Good luck with that.

Anyway people, I'm sure every lawyer will be knocking down her door after seeing all the victims' documents they've saved; her posts on the internet; her threatening emails and her attacks against autistic people who went to seek a PRO order against her because of her recent implications that she was some kind of potion witch who could slip in "truth serum" into food and drinks. Not to mention what sick things she's said about another local woman's baby.

Then KO makes another insidious sexual suggestion on her sick journal because she just can't get over the fact that she's been rejected by everyone including her former celebrity victim; Dirk Benedict. That's where we can all see for ourselves the perverted and predator mentality she has. She posts about shoving pipelines up anal cavities and sitting on their middle finger, to suggesting that someone's sister must be raped for telling KO off and then suggesting she had a photo of her so she could put some voodoo curse on her. And THIS same insane lowlife is going to suggest going into court about any of us ? Talk about being laughed out of court and in her case, being sent to the mental ward where she belongs.

"showing the Cyberdouchebag's blog (one of the many since they have no life) asking for people to try and take out a PPO on me to get me banned from conventions"

Because threatening to poison their food and drinks have nothing to do with that, I'm sure. *eye roll*

"(not because they think I'm stalking them)"

THAT'S EXACTLY what we think and what we KNOW is happening! But delude yourself little psycho. You do excell in lying. Or are you just trying to convince people who still bother to read your bullshit over at Johnheartpaul ?

Another interesting fact and one that made me laugh (at KO's blatant stupidity at lying, just pulling that silly gossip right out of her ass) is that Forbes actually named Detroit as the most miserable city in the country (2/21).

At least she now acknowleges that Fort Smith is a city (much bigger than her little in the middle of nowhere township) I know this has been covered elsewhere several times before from other sources. So she can feel free to fuck off at any time about her make-believe world where she thinks everywhere else is abandoned... and if she's going to make out and out lies up about some statistics on a city; she should REALLY back it up with something that could be questioned even remotely ! But the proof of her lying was just that simple to point out. Again. As usual.

Back it up. KO cannot in a million years because she's a liar and we all know this. KO cannot back up any of her lies, because well, they're lies!!

The truth is much better. Like the way I'm backing up what Forbes REALLY said about the "most miserable city" here:

What Forbes Really Said - Proof of KO's Lies

Forbes isn't the only one who lists Detroit as the "Most Miserable City" in the USA

See how just simply looking stuff up brings all sorts of facts about things ? What a concept !

KO is simply a proven liar but the way she just thinks no one is going to check the facts is astoundingly ignorant of her! Incidentally; Fort Smith isn't anywhere ON any Forbes list as a bad city. So much for her uneducated and out-of-her-ass attacks on a city of all things. Good grief.

Wow she really thinks nobody can prove she's a nasty, blatant liar. I should be used to proving what a liar she is by now, but it somehow still astounds me how fucking retarded she is that she doesn't seem to even think for one second about what she puts out there for everyone to see what she is and to expose her lies and psychopathic tactics. Since she, by her own words and her own blogs, has proven that she has no life. I'm just another messenger here, folks. Only KO obsesses and spends her life seeking to destroy this one person in a city that she will never be allowed to go to.

If I ever go to the USA I'd visit Fort Smith and not even blink at any part of a map that included Detroit.

Good luck stalking me in "Fort Smith" fatuous bitch. As long as you believe I'm there, I'll always be way out of your reach. How's that mafia thing working out for you ? I've seen the emails you've sent those people after your disasterous cruise. So you work for a mafia boss, huh? He's going to make your victims disappear and kill this Tracy before she kills Dirk ? Last I looked, all above mentioned are alive and well. Is this why you won't stop trying to get to them ? Well it seems none of your curses or threats ever came to pass. Just think how you'd be sitting in prison right now, had Paul McCartney been as accessible as Dirk was to you at one time... just think... serious time that.

The other nonsense in KO's recent insane rantings is that she wants to give the impression she has money but I wonder what the mother she lives with would think of her online activities if she even dares to bring this to court. Go ahead, stupid psycho, see what crops up when countless people across the globe enter their testimonies and EVIDENCE of your stalking and harassment of them. Let's see how much money you got and put it where your foul putrid mouth is !

As for KO's "friend" ...the one that lives under her bed, or the one that helps her harass others for her when she has to go hunting for new victims, has no idea of the harassment she's done all these years. So we'll see how shocked that little "friend" is when the truth is shown (like it is presented here) as far as I've been exposed to that sick, insidious bitch.

*I knew she would have a screaming tantrum over the middle finger thing after she suggested that D's sister should be raped for flipping off the nasty crusty hag.

KO is too predictable.