Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Stupid Crazy Whiteknighting Fuckwit

You're banned. :)

Hearing back from several MPL associates, and realizing that Retard Macs has found himself a new place to harass some of KO's enemies (that she has made for herself of course, not that her minions could ever in a million years believe she is anything but a pure white princess) I have taken the advice to moderate comments. As I understand it, Retard Macs is as bad as KO is and will not relent unless he is banned in some way. Welcome to ban hell Retard ! Feel that ban ! Gotta burn ya.

Mind you, only Anonymous comments will not go through without my approval, so the regulars can simply use their membership accounts here and post that way. I know it's an inconvenience but when has anything to do with that stupid cow ever been anything but annoying at best, truly scary at worst ?!

Retard Macs has chosen to run himself into the ground here and shown his stupidity and I ain't got time for his stupid whiteknighting ass, especially since he chooses to whiteknight for KO. The same troll and psycho stalker who has a long history of harassing people (mostly behind the scenes and getting idiots -case in point here Retard Macs- to go on fruitless battles for her "honor") so he's squished as far as being able to stink up this blog with his fucktardedness that he does on facebook.

He just knows so much about KO, and from whom I wonder ? Would that be... let's see, OH YEAH KO herself. We know her minions won't even bother to read what's here and actually read it with an unbiased view. To see that people have documented her psycho crazy ass and have responded in one of the FEW places it is safe to go up against such a malicious tyrant. Especially a tyrant like KO who has the poor-woman victim-me act so thick, that only the smart and victims themselves can see right through it. Kinda hard to fight such a manipulator. But well, sociopaths, you know.

But in case anyone with an unbiased view and isn't taken in so easily as a Retard Macs, if one wants to browse, here are some archive links:




Retard Macs can go off and fight that losing fight for KO and the illusion he lives in that she's such a downtrodden abused victim, he can do that. Meanwhile he can go back to his very tyrantical group of KO minionhood and tell her everything's gonna be okay. That is until the next time she pisses someone off, does something heinous and comes whining to him about how people just don't understand her ! He's welcome to play her wet-nurse and baby her. The only energy being drained is that of his !!

My advice to him; never argue with her. Always agree with her. Never talk to anyone she has forbidden you to talk to and make sure that you keep your life centered on her. If that's not clear enough for you, here's a chart that might help you understand how to keep in her good graces, understand that she is the center of the Universe in her mind and in order to be her friend you have to put her where she puts herself....

Have fun in moderation hell. You ain't coming here with that nutjob shit ! That's like asking John Lennon's family to tolerate Mark David Chapman sympathizers. It just ain't gonna happen. Go whiteknight her somewhere else. She's got enough minions to do a lot of her dirty work but you certainly ain't gonna bring your STUPID shit here and defend her here. This blog is here for a reason and it started with me wanting a safe place to post MY thoughts as others have done. And it started when I noticed all of KO's bullshit creepy Paul posts about things I'd rather not mention here and her obsessive hatred she has against Stella McCartney that she freely attacks on MPL now and then but was posting vitriol against her every damned day back shortly after she joined MPL.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself a goddamn clue. Buy one, steal one, do whatever you have to do, but GET. The. FUCK. Away. From. Me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

KO's Kontrol via Sobbing Sorry Sack Act

...and those who've drank way too much of the KoolAid.

Let's see, a mini fortune spent on a cruise to get the man of her, not Paul McCartney, but Dirk Benedict. KO goes and shows what a crazy deranged lunatic she is and gets herself banned from the cruiseline. Well that's definitely worth noting, I'd think !

KO then started stalking all the Dirk's other fans and mildly interested members of his site to see where they had commented, and used that as a pretext to rage in places where she wasn't already blocked. Not only did this result in a whole lot of negative backlash against her, but KO also ended up getting an account strike that she claims, "I won't let this bother me" but then spends the rest of her life complaining about it and what resulted thereafter.

Also at around this time, KO gained a number of detractors which eventually resulted in KO flying into a fit of rage, not just because she was getting harassed, but because the the Police refused to do anything to help her.

But she is extremely emotionally manipulative, codependent, demanding, masochistic, paranoid, sexually deviant, and displays temporary psychosis (meth-style). When this happened over a Paul McCartney forum, she gained the audience of a like-minded bully named Robert Macs who bulked up to become the savior of her imaginary world.

He stalks and sulks, and he obviously got very liberal with the term "stalker" because he just kept hearing it from KO so much that he is stuck in permanent parrot mode.

Which brings on why she seems to control the very weak-minded. KO could never in a million years get normal people to fall for her constant bullshit and mindgames so she pitters around the desparate and creepy to gain unwarranted sympathy. From there she can get them to do things they wouldn't do. They believe they are helping a victim when in fact they are helping the very perpetrator of the crime.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

KO's Douchebag Minion Posts Tincan Singing & Creepy Sleazy Lyrics

Mind you, these idiots of imbecilic drippings are supposed to be grown men. However the member Susy on Macca's forum had apparently insulted... wait for it... one of their AVATARS *GASP* !! How dare !

These creeps who are literally the epitome of gagging at gnats and swallowing camels have let KO literally do all their thinking for them and they cannot see the forest (of armpit hair) for the trees growing in it ! So Suzy is now the subject of attack and who got this thing to going ? Why KO of course. Kapoop; the angry follower who jumped on that KO bandwagon and swallowed the KO KoolAid has been busy with his time in the futile nonsense of bashing KO's enemies. He started his white-knighting a total stalking psychopath because he's an idiot. This is the guy who has a problem with anyone insulting his avatar to the degree that he's dedicated a WHOLE song to that person. This is him and his precious little avatar. Gotta laugh at someone who spends his time on a micro bullying group bitching about people on another forum for the privilege of having a banned bully like Robert Macs and his queenie KO approve of him while using the slightest of slights against him as cannon fodder to help stroke the ego of the little troll whose head is so far up the ass of KO that he can chew her lunch for her.

Can we say NO LIFE ? Sure ! It applies there. Retard Mac's still sitting in his deep dark corner of his cave having his little prick problems also writing up loads of lyrics. Gotta laugh at the hours that must have taken. Most of which accentuate the fact he's not ever going to be laid again. Someone told him to not wear those kilts. The pollution of the air around his little cave isn't needed. Think of the poor bats! Not enough guano to mask the smell of Retard Macs. Or KO coming through the screen. Cracking that screen.

So here is Kapoop's little sad video. Erm. Ooookay. Sounds like a tribute to KO actually ! It fits.

In the last blog there were a lot of comments detailing their little war with MPL members who they seem to think are the losers while they are still banned but somehow think that Alan Grieg sides with them. Really ? That's some delusional KO brainwashing going on in there ! She's infected them ALL ! KO stirs the shit at MPL then runs to these losers and gets them all fucked up. Then runs back and talks shit about them. Yet they can't seem to put two and two together. Cavemen can be quite thick. I wonder if Susy would be smart enough to say something about KO telling her that that idiot's avatar sucked. I wonder if Susy would even remember how the mind fuck worked. You see folks, KO sent another PM to another member there regarding Kapoop. Would LOVE to post that but I was asked not to, for the time being. But it's already out of the bag. I am withholding the copy of the letter KO sent to unsaid member because the person would automatically be exposed and KO would definitely come after him/her. Not even going to say the gender.

But here is another letter that someone sent to me for sharing. Who is a friend to someone that knows Blasted Bill. He thanks everyone for defending his friend as he is another innocent in this KO shit war that her whole life is about causing and I was given permission to share this. I quite agree with it. This is in regards to KO's bullshit Drama Queen postings on facebook where she names everyone in another endless poor-me drama shit storm of self-pity with the same boring routine of attention whoring.

Bill's friend writes;

I cannot believe how obsessed she is with (Bill, Missy, etc.)!
 That's really sick because if everyone were such a loser why does she
 care if they are "wrong" about her? Why would her job or her
 fabricated populatity be such a big deal to people who don't even
 matter and who are (as she claims) 10 years old?

 The whole thing where she's all "I'm just reeling from childhood
 trauma" blah blah blah
...I swear it's like watching a really bad
 parody of herself! I could write up a hyperbole better than that!

Here let me try!

I'm just reeling from all the times they burned crosses on my lawn and
 threatened to rape the horses in front of my poor little eyes that
 were surgically replaced due to them stabbing them with forks when I
 was a mere infant! They reopened all those wounds when they didn't
 come to my work to observe how popular I am with the one employee who
 works all naked! They should have never banned me because of how
 wonderful I am and they should have realized how much they need ME ME

 Really her brainwashing methods need some work. Okay a LOT of work
 because those people (some of them I know) got rid of her because she
 is TOXIC. No matter what, she'd always repeat the same slanderous
 stories about people (some whom they didn't even know) and she was
 always wanting an audience to her constant bitching about them. They
 just had enough and finally got rid of her in the way
 that she wouldn't infest them anymore. So here she is still doing this
 crap and her obsessive tactics aren't winning anyone over. It's the
 very thing they got rid of her for in the first place.

Incidently she's been "reeling" for over 2 years now. SMH.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that KO's drama is so fucking old, tiresome and phony that we'd all cheer if someone would put her out of her misery and out of all our lives for good ! It's just that simple of how loathesome she is.

Oh and before I forget... NICE Dox on the psycho KO ! The House of Horrors indeed.