Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Some items of good news to start off with. First Retard Macs and his micro group of KO Asskissers has been removed. I guess he wants to be a real secret group as opposed to the paranoid delusions of KO and her equally idiotoc Jen Dodgey with their "secret group" bullshit.

Second, the Insane Jounral of Catshit documentation blog that's been long coming, and planned out to be put up since the beginning of even my blog, has been finished. All the screenshots have been made fully public ! So much for KO's sneak attacks and then removing them so her "follower" won't catch on. It will be added to as the Crazy Catshit (KO) continues to troll, harass and show how insane she is, that is.

There are also posts on other blogs announcing this new piece of evidence. DeAnna's Blog and JC's Journal LBF.

Now onto some other things that need sorted out.

It appears that some comments have not been going through. That would be Google's massive fuck up because I do not censor anyone ! In the rare instance that KO or some fuckwad has been talked into commenting here with actual personal details of someone's street address or their home phone numbers, those are the only comments I will remove. But that's a rare instance. It's happened before, KO's pathetic attempts to get this blog shut down. Technically, all they'd have to do is email me and ask me to remove any such comments. However I caught them early enough. There's only one person who needs censored and that would be the TROLL KO herself ! That sludge of grime shouldn't even be allowed internet access ! But sadly, she has an enabler; her mother !

So in light of the issues on the blogspot end, I have went ahead and put up the comments that didn't show up the first time at this entry Take Action Against The Troll as that was the entry being commented on. I apologize for any frustration this lag in the servers have caused. Ever since they've added the new features things have gone from smooth working order to a complete it's anyone's guess what the fuck happened? So bear with me and know that I would not ever censor you, my fellow readers! Especially anyone who has been victimized by KO the slimebag of psycho cunt waste. I'm on your side ! So comment away !

I actually would have missed the comments in my inbox had I not been notified that some comments weren't making it through. Lots of people prefer to comment anonymously, making it harder to locate specific comments. They're from all over the globe. KO's enemies have gone international so that's why it was hard to find the missing comments. If anyone else has these issues, PLEASE let me know ! If not here at the blog, then if you know V, Sindy, Bibbi or anyone in your circles that have had issues and do not wish to comment here, tell them and I will get word and get in touch with you, asap !


  1. Hey glad to see that idiot group gone!
    Even more pleased that KO can't hide behind her cowardly actions anymore, GOOD GOING on the new blog!

    And yeap. More trolling by the troll continues!

    Literally anything that happens to someone else happened to her too!

    Gotta turn it into a thread about herself now! Nobody's gonna take the bait though.

    Don't buy it for a second! KO was never married and although the "husband" is imaginary, I'd still love to hear HIS side of things!

    1. Imagine that! Like KO has any place to be offended at others using racist terms! KO is a slithering, sleazing tribute to hate against other races.

  2. the former facebook group was closed by rmacs, but a new one exists..
    and the same activities go on..

    but because it's set as 'secret', no one but their invited members know and can read what goes on.
    but take my word for it, nothing has changed.

    1. All well and good, because you have to know that KO is hating the fact that her "audience" has been greatly reduced! We're laughing and enjoying the fact she's screaming into a void. Retard Macs isn't about to spend two seconds more kissing her ass than wiping his own! Her fb crap is like her lj crap. Tumbleweeds rolling through a desert see more action!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/groups/2235838959/
    More links of K getting her butt handed to her about how she makes every thing about her no matter what the subjext is.

  4. So much for Psycho Bitch's bragging about living in Detroit! The city is abandoned, has LESS people than many small towns AND is completely bankrupt. So the bitch always trying to trash someone else's state or city, yeah, how's that working out for the bitch, huh? How's that working out for ya KATHRYN O you PIECE OF SHIT! Brag about being from the ghetto you welfare grease slob!

    BTW for everyone else's info (and I know certain people in another state's gonna like this one) but the police DO roll up the streets after dark! They don't even go into Detroit after a certain hour! Fucking lowlife bitch in hicksville Bloomfield Hills livin' wid her momma! Why don't she go into Detroit after dark? Wouldn't that be great? Maybe she can get her next fix from her local crack house?
    The stalking blob of snot-nosed ugly that's a cruise reject!

    1. Detroit has an estimated population of well over 600,000, which is far more than any small town.

      On the other hand the response time for the PD is on the order of an hour for a shooting, they don't even bother to respond for property crimes, and 2 Detroit police officers were just arrested for robbing people at a gas station.  The city is a no-go zone.

    2. Well what I meant is that Detroit is abandoned and those numbers account for the city as a whole, not by square mile. What I meant by "small towns" are places that KO loves to attack that actually has way more of a population than her little township which is NOT in Detroit but in fact quite a ways from it.

      About the cops being idiots. Nothing new about that and why doesn't it surprise me that one of them was robbing people at gas stations? It's pathetic but cops can be worse than the criminals they claim to fight. They are the criminals anymore.

    3. "What I meant by "small towns" are places that KO loves to attack that actually has way more of a population than her little township which is NOT in Detroit but in fact quite a ways from it."

      I should have mentioned that I know where Bloomfield Hills is, because I used to drive straight through it on Telegraph Road every day.  Oh, and I'm one of KO's favorite recipients for her hilarious mails... and she often sat next to me at MOWFO meetings.

      Bloomfield Hills isn't as small-townish as you can get; just down the road, Franklin really tries to be one.

    4. But still Blooming whatever is way smaller than another town she loves to bash about being small which I find ironic. You do have my deepest condolences for having her sit next to you and dealing with crazy that up close! (shudders)

  5. shit hits the fan

    1. triplets cleared up the thread

      she removed audi's 'hypocrite' post against rahil also

      and she posted

      Triplets Love Paul
      "This thread has received moderation.
      Please note the following found within our forum guidelines:
      Contributions must not:
      Contain any material which is defamatory of any person.
      Contain any material which is obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory.
      Be likely to deceive any person.
      Be threatening, abuse or invade another´s privacy, or cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.
      Be likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person.
      This message board is not the place for airing out personal grievances on any private matters. Please keep any serious disagreements off the forums.
      If you have any grievances about another website or forums then please take it up with the webmasters or administration of those sites and do not discuss it on the forums here.
      There is no place for cyber-bullying here at this message board. The moderating team has and continues to take all necessary steps and precautions to address cyber-bullying. To those that believe they are experiencing off-site cyber-bullying, please seek assistance from the administration of the source site(s). If there is anyone here at this message board that believes they are being cyber-bullied by another member via open forum or private message, please contact me or any member of the moderating team with specific details to be addressed.
      Thank you.

      of course the losers will take it as RAHIL being guilty of doing that when it applies to audi, ko, and the others


      those losers better know not to bring their shit on MPL or rahil will make noise.

    2. this is what took place (on the political thread on MPL) :

      Joined: 25 Mar 2002
      Posts: 14745

      New postPosted: 07-20-2013 03:15 PM Post subject: Reply with quote
      hey_kittay wrote:
      audi wrote:
      Your feeling personally attacked was not my intention.

      And if you're referring to those at Facebook who mock a certain hypocrite, that's another issue altogether.

      I am referring to ME being called a wh**e and a drug addict by that FB page and the people on it. That is cyber terrorism. I am not a wh**e or a drug addict.
      Not by you, but by the people on that page who plot and then come on here to start trouble.

      Yikes. That's terrible. But, hey, I've been called worse. Group hugs
      2013 - Bonnaroo Festival
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      hey_kittay wrote:
      audi wrote:
      Your feeling personally attacked was not my intention.

      And if you're referring to those at Facebook who mock a certain hypocrite, that's another issue altogether.

      I am referring to ME being called a wh**e and a drug addict by that FB page and the people on it. That is cyber terrorism. I am not a wh**e or a drug addict.
      Not by you, but by the people on that page who plot and then come on here to start trouble.

    3. simplyrahil:
      let's not play naive now due to 'forum rules' (which surely have been bent here immensely). everyone who knows the facts knows that audi is very well part of this even though those same people - KO, RobertMacs, Nancy Riley, Josh Gill, Kapoo, et al have been making fun of him also at times in the past (apart from making insults about myself, hey_kittay, susy [although susy was a 'victim' she backstabbed me and felt that she would inform the group via audi who in turn informed josh gill about the fact that the fb group was known to her now, yet none of them wants to genuinely be her friend! and she still kept being insulted although she figured they would accept her, haha], harley/mccartney [she knows what i am talking about]).

      i am fed up of this game where everyone is supposed to pretend to not know about this ongoing harassment and slander, so here it is showing up by audi trying to mock at me now with the ORANGE font and AGAIN refer to me as a hypocrite (yes audi, i know you are referring to me, as does hey_kittay and all those who see all the plots on the now 'secret' group - yes i have an informant who is very close to you all who you'd never suspect, so i know what i am saying because the cybercrimes unit of the police are aware of all of this online plotting and harassment, together with ip and email addresses of the perpetrators also from when insults have been plotted to be posted on external sites such as anairhoads.org and on the trinidad newspaper sites).
      once it remains 'gossip' slander though as for the my case regarding what you all keep doing, it has to be just ignored, however if it goes beyond that sort of content and into the realm of what hey_kittay has been through due to it (let's also not play naive about this), then that's another legal story.

      (btw, it is due to Josh Gill that i even found out about the lowlife fb group - he came on about 3 occasions to try to obscenely harass me on my facebook fanpage and put the group link)

      so, what exactly am i a hypocrite about audi?
      you referred to me as this also on that kapoo youtube post.

      what the hell do you over there with your 'life', your limitations, your shortcomings, your own ways, have over me to dare to refer to me as a 'hypocrite'?
      what do you think you know about me so much to feel in a position to refer to me as a 'hypocrite'?

      all i have done on this forum that sparked this crap from that group (who i listed above) is back in June call Kathryn O a LIAR due to saying that she met Srila Prabhupada 'in the 1980s' (on 'the power of Krsna' thread).
      Srila Prabhupada left this world in 1977!

      and also a 'junkie' due to her (no secret again! she flaunts this info so often!) history of drug use (yes, 'junkie' can refer to a user of any drug from my word search online).

      then that whole scandalous episode of the 'song' by kapoo.

      i eventually made apologies openly to ko and kapoo about the WORDS used 'liar' and 'junkie' although the facts are the facts, and kapoo (who was defending ko, and not in anything directly with me) accepted, while ko IGNORED.

      the thread on that disgusting fb group started about me by Josh Gill became almost 600 posts!
      get your priorities straight folks!
      a fb group that supposedly was about SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY which has a single thread almost 600 posts long about some nobody called RAHIL.

    4. simplyrahil:
      then when RMACS (i don't know what the heck is his problem. you were banned from this forum and you and i have had nothing to do with each other in history, so no idea why you keep instigating and perpetrating verbal attacks at me on your fb groups. you do as if i have something personal with you. and yes, i have evidence of everything from my informant.) moved group, all it took was me standing up about the Linda/veggie issue for KO to again start up on the new fb group for you all to chime in and plot posts.

      the moderators have advised that once nothing happens overtly on here, it is outside of their jurisdiction, naturally, but this rule is starting to be bent a lot now, apart from the others who plot and then come to post what was plotted, you now audi have posted this 'slight' at me on here, within forum moderators jurisdiction, and so i must address it, and to most people who have no idea what i am referring to, and would obviously be naive about the situation, just note this evidence of why i know this is a plotted attack, just attempting to be 'subtle' as you called it, yet once there is proof to show intent, the moderators ought to step in and remove all these 5 or 6 posts above, for this is really crossing the forum lines now.

      so what am i such a 'hypocrite' about?
      and more specifically (from the youtube time) a 'Krsna hypocrite'?

      as i have stated in June on the Krsna thread, and as i have stated many places publicly, i never claimed to be any 'devotee'.
      i am an aspirant in Krsna-consciousness since 1993.
      i never call myself anything else.

      so i have no idea what you think you know about me to call me any 'hypocrite' about anything.
      and if speaking out against the lies and the other things that i do speak out against is what ticks you off, then that's hardly grounds for me to be called a 'hypocrite'. i just stand up for the facts/truth.

      there is nothing i pretend about, so i am waiting to hear what your repeated slight at me about 'hypocrite' is about.


      and suddenly when i openly called KO out for her fib about meeting Srila Prabhupada, suddenly i became 'such a lame musician' (and all the associated insults about me and my music).
      this is so kindergarten.
      you people have nothing better to do with your lives than to sit around on a fb group gossiping and plotting?

      you are all perhaps older in years than i am, yet this is what you all are spending your time doing?
      this is amazingly sad.

    5. simplyrahil:
      and i am not following any of your 'advice' ms. KO.
      everything is not about you.
      i have been a forum member here many years before you, so don't feel your 'existence' and spouting of words/insult and has any bearing over my decisions on a forum. (those reading the evidence below will see what i am referring to).
      please get over yourself.
      i choose to post what i choose to post. you have no say in the matter.
      if i post about veganism or about Sir Paul, that's my darn business and own decision. you have nothing to do with it.

      Kathryn O'Connor
      Rahil is back to his old s**t. On the thread, Remembering Linda, he's bitching that everyone who likes her should be influenced by her vegetarianism.
      I told him I'm more influenced by her pot smoking and screwing Rock Stars
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      Kathryn O'Connor Rahil is now accusing me of slander elsewhere. I guess he means here or the old group that got deleted. I reported his ass for that.
      July 12 at 8:32am · Like · 1

      Claire O'Connor Will you PM me the link ... I'm on the maccaboard now & I've complained about his orange writing (my head hurts!!) hahaha xxx
      July 12 at 8:37am · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2711094#2711094

      paulmccartney.com :: View topic - Remembering Linda
      July 12 at 8:38am · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor you might go back to a page before where he starts in. This is the one where he turns his attacks personal
      July 12 at 8:38am · Like

      Chris Ferguson Oh he annoys me something shocking!
      July 12 at 8:54am via mobile · Like · 2

      Audi Maccafan You crack me up, LadyKO.
      July 12 at 10:57am · Like

    6. Adrian Allan Although she did smoke Pot maybe all her life, I dont think she would want the Promiscuous image of her to be her abiding memory. That was her at the age of twenty something. By the time she died she was a settled woman who loved her family and all animals. I think that is a valid assessment of Linda.
      July 12 at 11:23am · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan That's a given, Adrian.
      July 12 at 12:41pm · Like

      Adrian Allan yeah I know, but just to contrast it with the groupie persona, which she grew out of many years beforehand.
      July 12 at 1:24pm · Like · 1

      Nancy Riley Claire, the first time he posted I asked him to please not write in orange as it was too hard to read! He completely ignored me! He is such a douche!
      July 12 at 2:31pm · Like · 1

      Robert Macs Kath - get even with him on other sites, told you before, he hates bad publicity. btw, he knows exactly what he's doing, he's baiting you and others, the usual suspects will agree with him, making you look the villain.
      July 12 at 2:52pm · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan Months and months ago, I was contacted by him, advising me that I was being dissed at some other forum/FB group and that someone had mentioned that I was distancing myself from K.O. -- which was news to me, being that I've never actually had a problem with everybody's fave liberated, hypersexual vixen.
      July 12 at 3:01pm · Edited · Like · 3

      Robert Macs I've probs dissed you as well Audi, well no probs lol you know i have - but like always we kissed and made up lol Simplyatit likes to mix things - oh gawd i would have tied him in knots on the board (and then got banned) lol i've already mixed it with him on a few sites, only one winner
      July 12 at 3:33pm · Like · 2

      Audi Maccafan Because I don't want to be banned, it's unfortunate that I have to find clever ways to address and, effectively, dismantle pricks at the forum who are rude to me. If I were free to comment at will...oh, lawdy.
      July 12 at 3:39pm · Edited · Like · 2

      Robert Macs My advice to anyone who wants to get even with Simplyrotten is make it simple - he rants on and on about his love for rabbit food & religion, he tends to write a book when he's got the bit between the teeth, people who are pissed off with him should only write a few paragraphs when replying *example" Simplyrotten will go on and on about whatever God he's into, all you reply with is "My God can turn water into wine & turn babbling bushes into bread, now you know why western men (not cowboys) like oral sex, we like toast Confusing I know but i know what i'm on about lol
      July 12 at 3:46pm · Like · 1

      Adriana Rojas
      July 12 at 10:38pm · Like

      Claire O'Connor Haha he's a ****..calling me a nobody, like he's a somebody!!!! Assssshooooooooole!!!!!!!!
      Nancy, what is the orange all about?! haha it hurts my brain tryn 2 read that xxxxx
      July 12 at 10:57pm via mobile · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor Audi, sounds like my fan club and something they'd say. they jump up and down with glee when they think someone is distancing from me they really are pathetic with no lives. I did hear from the mods. They told me inappropriate post continued from both sides and had to be removed
      July 13 at 12:39am · Like · 1

      Claire O'Connor My posts on the MaccaBoard have been deleted!!?!! FFS????!!!?????
      July 13 at 2:59am via mobile · Like

      Chris Atkinson So is Simply Rahil getting Simply Riled?
      July 13 at 4:02am · Like · 2

      Claire O'Connor He's being a MUPPET, Chris & going on the complete defensive because I said his Orange writing hurt my head!! Hahaha xxx
      July 13 at 4:29am via mobile · Like

      Chris Atkinson It hurts my head too!
      July 13 at 4:32am · Like · 1

    7. Claire O'Connor Hahaha I know it's probably has some Krishna relevance but FFS..it's ridiculous!!
      Doesnt it state somewhere on the forum that users need to use colours which are legible or somethin to that effect?!
      Or did I make that up? xxx
      July 13 at 4:47am via mobile · Like

      Chris Ferguson To be fair, I'd rather not be able to read the stuff he writes!
      July 13 at 5:05am via mobile · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor Rahil only seems to use the forum to push his fanatical vegan views and his music. that's it. I dont' think he's talked about Paul once
      July 13 at 8:53am via · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor someone really insulted him. a post with a 'quote' of that insult saying he was being a **** was still allowed to stay somehow
      July 13 at 8:55am · Like

      Chris Ferguson My post appears to have been removed
      July 13 at 9:28am via mobile · Like

      Chris Ferguson Oh no it hasn't but it's been edited!!
      July 13 at 9:30am via mobile · Like

      Audi Maccafan When Suz' sent me an FB message, letting me know that she was un-friending me -- at his insistence -- I told her that as long as one kisses his ass, they shall remain in his good graces. Hasn't stopped us from interacting at the official board, though. I'm sure that it annoys him. But, hey, perhaps he can use that energy and write his mediocre song yet!
      July 13 at 12:25pm · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor I look down upon Suzy for bowing to pressure in letting someone choose who her friends can and can't be. but I will say she belongs more on that board then he does. He never talks about Paul (Or even Linda actually) but uses the forum to push his music and his views. Suzy at least has a genuine like for Paul even if she isn't an uber fan and she does try to talk about him with the rest of us. I'll give her that.
      July 13 at 9:03pm via · Like

      Nancy Riley Can't believe they didn't remove my post! (Chris A: "Simply Riled" LOL!)
      July 13 at 9:07pm · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor Yeah, Nancy Riley, I'm surprised there too but then, you're rarely a trouble maker like the rest of us
      July 13 at 9:08pm · Like · 1

      Robert Macs None of you guys are trouble makers - its being turned around to look that way by Simplyafud, he rubbishes every persons point of view if it differs from his and what makes matters worse, he gets away with it - he also has the usual suspects backing him up. As for The Virgin Queen (Susy) she's melted to Simplyafuds errrrrr charms, check out her replies to him (puke) if Carlsberg wanted to do waterfalls, they should look no further than Susy's triangle, it must be gushing buckets every-time her fingers start tapping to her lover over in Trinadadland.
      July 14 at 4:52am · Like · 3

    8. Kathryn O'Connor a friend on the forum noted to me that Rahil gets away with breaking the copywrite rules of the board. they state clearly they only want the first few lines of an article quoted and then a link. They will even change a post if it does not follow those guidelines. yet, Rahil post pages and pages from entire articles in that obnoxious orange. Well, this person told me she mentioned it to Martin and I noticed that in Meat Eaters, Shame on You thread, Martin has done something about that with Rahil
      July 14 at 7:04pm · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor They did remove my post where I talked about Linda getting made fun of and standing up for herself having a good time anyway. how she got made fun of by paul's peers and the public for everything from her looks, body hair and musical abitlities
      July 14 at 7:07pm via · Like

      Robert Macs Simplyafud goes off topic on every thread by continually rabbiting on and posting links to his songs - i was warned many times about going off topic yet nothing is said to the holy one.
      July 15 at 5:14am · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan fyi...http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2713712#2713712

      paulmccartney.com :: View topic - The 2012 and beyond Political Thread - Part 2
      55 minutes ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan subtle enough?
      55 minutes ago · Like

      (audi is referring to his attack at rahil on the political thread on MPL where he refers to rahil as 'hypocrite' in an orange font, something that he has called rahil elsewhere before yet cannot state what rahil is hypocritical about)

    9. simplyrahil continued on the MPL thread after his exposé:

      i am asking you all (the group led by the names i called earlier on) to please keep your crap to yourself.
      stop instigating and encouraging this ongoing harassment of people you have dislike for/envy for (for whatever reason).
      please remember, what goes around comes around, the law of karma does not sleep.
      so this is for your own good on a metaphysical level as well (apart from the legal perspective), to desist from this lowly behaviour.

      and moderators, i am fed up of the tiptoeing that has to be going on on here. rules are obviously being bent and you see the evidence about the plotting openly now.
      please do your jobs and put a stop to this abuse of liberty by this set of people on here who as you see have vendettas they try to exact on your forum.

      thank you.

    10. audi:
      The moderators are already aware of discussions that occur at other sites. Sorry if you've felt harassed.

      However, please consider this: The one, common-denominator in all of these tiffs ...

      ...is you, bro.

      what hell do you mean 'sorry if you've felt harassed'?
      it IS harassment and plotting, what else are the subjects of this nasty gossip supposed to feel but harassed??

      i have no damn thing to consider.
      your logic is bogus.
      sure, i may be a 'common-denominator' but not of any 'tiff'.
      i do not have interaction in that 'clique' for there to have any 'tiff'.
      the 'common-denominator' is you and that group who keep discussing every move that i make on here that does not satisfy you all. whether it be about my veganism/animal rights posts or about standing up to a lie about someone claiming to meet someone who was dead already.

      i have no 'tiff' with you lot.
      you all are the ones 'tiffing' amongst yourselves on your pathetic fb group, conferencing and plotting as if i am personally in your lives.
      what a pathetic of life and time.

      whatever i post on this forum here is public and if it doesn't suit any of you, then so be it, but there is no excuse for this slanderous behaviour going on which is creeping now onto here with your 'hypocrite' comment on the previous page and your subsequent announcement of your 'move' on the fb group for their approval.

      you all know what you are doing.

      and i am calling you all out on it in front of everyone, including our dear moderators.

      if they so know, then they ought to do something firm about this harassment which is rearing its ugly head onto these threads now with your 'hypocrite' post earlier.

      and still, what is this 'hypocrite' crap about?
      i have asked you to justify your insult.
      man up.

    11. audi:
      Remember when you brought that matter to my attention, about people talking about me?

      And what was my reaction...? Nothing.

      Why? Because it doesn't actually affect me. I would encourage you to do the same.

      You are presenting yourself in an unflattering light, which I don't think you really want.

      Have a nice day.

      I'm not going to commit anymore of my mental energy to someone who can dish it out but can't take it.

      you are pretending to be 'innocent' here, but i have all the evidence that you are part of this gossip group, everything has been backed up and shown to relevant bodies.
      you may not be a 'head honcho' in it, but you are part of it.

      so anything 'unflattering' here is your attempt at pretending you are 'aloof' of this.
      those who know KNOW.

      and yes, my memory is very good, so of course i remember informing you of the fact that the same 'people' who diss you are pretending to be your 'friends' now and engage you in this lowlife behaviour of gossip and plotting with subsequent posts to attack others, including myself.

      point really should be if YOU remember that.
      because it seems you don't or you'd not be engaging in this.

      you have yet to declare what it is you have with this 'hypocrite' thing though. all i have 'dished' out is public and is about facts.
      so speak up publicly too. what am i a hypocrite about?

    12. audi:
      And, with that, I will let you have the last word.

      then audi proceeded to post on their nasty fb group:
      Audi Maccafan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anPDBC0vnU4
      Little Man
      Lyrix & Muzak by KPU Guitar & Vocal - KPU Recorded @ O'Boogie Studios such a little man I see a broke down musician watch the little man try with his punk Bu...

      Audi Maccafan Catchy song, isn't it?


      on MPL
      yet you continue to do the nastiness

      "Audi Maccafan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anPDBC0vnU4
      Little Man
      Lyrix & Muzak by KPU Guitar & Vocal - KPU Recorded @ O'Boogie Studios such a little man I see a broke down musician watch the little man try with his punk Bu...
      18 minutes ago · Like"

      Well, I thought I'd keep your FB shills busy today. Wink


      then later triplets made her appearance as stated in the first post.

    13. the jackass audi continues
      What took ya' so long? Wink

      But, seriously, I take that matter seriously. There is a fine line between exchanging personal opinions at a common site and directly stalking people online.

      Thanks, Triplets! Smile

      what do you mean what took her so long?

      YOU are the one who brought the nastiness on this thread today!

      you posted that 'hypocrite' in orange font comment, so don't play innocent for everyone now.

      Triplets, you know the facts, so just remove this immature attempt by audi to carry on the crap now with his post above.

      crap is really starting to stink in here with his 'freedom' being abused to attack others.

      you audi and your pals are the ones who stalk and gossip and ridicule ppl. you stepped over the line today by posting what you did earlier.

      everyone saw.

      so thank you Triplets for removing his junk.

    14. simplyrahil: and to show you Triplets and the other mods what is continuing to show you that this is calculated, planned harassment to come and perform on HERE:

      Audi Maccafan - This was just posted by the mods: "There is no place for cyber-bullying here at this message board. The moderating team has and continues to take all necessary steps and precautions to address cyber-bullying. To those that believe they are experiencing off-site cyber-bullying, please seek assistance from the administration of the source site(s). If there is anyone here at this message board that believes they are being cyber-bullied by another member via open forum or private message, please contact me or any member of the moderating team with specific details to be addressed.

      Thank you."
      16 minutes ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan - To sum it up (and pardon my French): We can say whatever the fuck we want here.
      16 minutes ago · Like

      going on gloating about how they can basically mess with the forum rules here

      they think they can keep discussing, plotting on their fb group, and then come to perform these acts on here because you the moderators won't do anything but edit posts after they had their say on here.
      nothing severe or lasting is done about it, even though they are basically breaking the rules on here time and again.

      i am not staying quiet.

      i have been a forum member here long enough to not have to put up with this plotting to make my and other ppl's forum experience uncomfortable by these lowlives.

    15. cowards

      Triplets Love Paul

      Joined: 08 Aug 2006
      Posts: 8156
      Location: USA
      New postPosted: 07-20-2013 08:03 PM Post subject: Reply with quote
      Mod Post

      This thread has once again received moderation.

      I am kindly requesting that the parties involved please immediately cease with this disruption to the forums. This is not the place to air personal grievances. The parties involved must take their personal grievances off site. Should this disruption continue further, I will lock this thread until I have the attention of administration. PLEASE cease now and allow this thread to return to topic.

      Thank you.

  6. That Audi has some delusions thinking KO is a "lady"! WTF? Has he even seen what she looks like???

    He also seems to totally ignore the fact that he is kissing KO's ass so why is he bringing up any issue involving Suzy? And there was a time he did distance himself, but it was over something else. KO had insulted him about something some time ago. Maybe he forgot all about it. Pot head.

    This is rich...KO is still butthurt over the fact Suzy doesn't want to be her friend anymore. She claims Suzy is her friend, then claims otherwise for Retard Macs sake, and now re-claiming she should be her friend again!

    But it clear they are plotting harassing posts against other members on MPL. It's what KO has done for years. Retard Macs just happened to be one of the biggest bullies she has in her corner. And bullies tend to gravitate toward each other!

    See this blog, we discuss what's happening on MPL and other sites the KO the Troll has infested, but the big difference is; nobody here has suggested or plotted attacks or subtle swipes at anyone on any of those sites. KO and her "fan club" issue. What a bag of douche! Even we can see she totally needs to get over herself!

    And the stuff about Linda should be noted by any thinking human. The thing KO finds admirable is a slutty attitude and sleeping with every Tom, Dick & Harry! And she goes around with such venom against women and calls them "hookers" because they're prettier than her! So KO only thinks of pot smoking and being a slut as admirable things about Linda McCartney! Shows her horrid little personality right there, it does!

    1. Audi IMHO is another troll just like KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET.
      He's proven in it his comments to Rahil.
      IMHO MPL should be either be taken over by an admin who doesn't cater to trolls or a whole new forum that's KO free and also free of people like Kapoo and Audi.
      Wonder what Paul would think if he saw the goings on at MPL?
      He'd probably demand that KO and Kapoo and Audi and those other idiots who follow KO be removed ASAP!

  7. and ko is so fucking self-righteous!

    Kathryn O'Connor - What was Rahil doing? It all got erased. Thank god the mods are finally on it but he's got to be pissing off more then just us
    36 minutes ago · Like

    what the fuck?
    rahil pissing off someone PLUS pissing off them (ko and her nasty group)?
    she does as if the mod 'justice' of clearing the thread was to serve them and audi's purpose!
    what a deluded state of mind.

  8. now the next fucker, kapoopoo feels left out, so he has to act up

    Plants are living too, why is their 'murder' okay? Are you going to say something about 'consciousness'? We have no knowledge of any consciousness other than our own (human).

    Murder exists in nature and is part of life. It sucks and especially sucks when humans do it to humans.

    when those who eat animals try to come with this 'oh plants are killed' cry me a river, as if they so CARE, it is always hilarious, because their lifestyle is responsible for killing much more plants than a vegan lifestyle.
    PLUS killing the planet as a whole.



    also noteworthy -

    why don't all the supposed Sir Paul fans who have learnt nothing from his example take up that senseless argument up him?
    will they to take up that nonsense logic with him?
    he openly prescribes to not kill and eat animals

    so, puhlease..

    1. simplyrahil: you speak of 'nature' but there is nothing natural about the murder industry and it is hardly comparable with the actual carnivorous animals' activities in nature with their respectively-designed digestive systems, stomach pH, teeth, instincts, claws, etc..

      so, listen to what the man said.

  9. asshole

    Kathryn O'Connor shared a link via Audi Maccafan.
    about an hour ago
    a musical piece by a friend of mine. straight from the heart.
    Little Man
    Lyrix & Muzak by KPU Guitar & Vocal - KPU Recorded @ O'Boogie Studios such a little man I see a broke down musician watch the little man try with his punk Bu...
    2 people like this.

    Steve Burkus Jr. really diggin the natural fad-off at the end
    about an hour ago

    Steve Burkus Jr. *fade-off
    about an hour ago

  10. KO does this to people all the time. She just happens to have a microgroup of bullies this time to aid her agenda. But her pattern never changes. Rahil should talk to Milla, she's vegan and has had problems with KO stalking her on facebook.

  11. The Paul McCartney forums have become a joke. The admins and mods better get their act together and get rid of the cyber bullies like KO and Audi and Kapoo and all those other idiots that ruin the are ruining the board for the other members who don't bully, harass and attack other members.
    Bibbi BTW thinks that KO and Kapoo and all the other bullies that listen to KO's crap be thrown off the planet!
    Less pollution!

    1. They're easily manipulated that's why they're marching to KO's evil demands. She's fed them enough shit that they are full of shit! Retard Macs was the first to buy into her shit and he created an environment where she could continue her trolling activities with no resistance, and to carry out these underhanded plots to have other members harassed.
      And it's so obvious from that thread that was shared here that she's the one setting these idiots up to no good. Her minions are merely following suit. KO is the one stirring shit up.

      What Rahil needs to do is go about his business, ignore them even when they plant another personal attack at him via KO and her drunken mental patients. He could even bring up macrobiotic diets, and use examples of famous people who have been on macrobiotic diets and watch KO get hostile over that, eventually the mask she wears falls off.

      Oh and she'll claim to have been on such a diet before...do NOT believe it for a second!

    2. Audi Maccafan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anPDBC0vnU4
      Little Man
      Lyrix & Muzak by KPU Guitar & Vocal - KPU Recorded @ O'Boogie Studios such a lit...
      See More
      Yesterday at 5:00pm · Like

      Audi Maccafan Catchy song, isn't it?
      Yesterday at 5:24pm · Like

      Audi Maccafan This was just posted by the mods: "There is no place for cyber-bullying here at this message board. The moderating team has and continues to take all necessary steps and precautions to address cyber-bullying. To those that believe they are experiencing off-site cyber-bullying, please seek assistance from the administration of the source site(s). If there is anyone here at this message board that believes they are being cyber-bullied by another member via open forum or private message, please contact me or any member of the moderating team with specific details to be addressed.

      Thank you."
      Yesterday at 7:22pm · Like

      Audi Maccafan To sum it up (and pardon my French): We can say whatever the fuck we want here.
      Yesterday at 7:23pm · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor What was Rahil doing? It all got erased. Thank god the mods are finally on it but he's got to be pissing off more then just us
      22 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs They can't do a fecking thing regarding what goes on in other forums, dear Alan Greig tried that one with me when i found out about that guy Flashjazz - i found him on a Queen forum and a few of us attacked him - AG told me he had ways of finding out if members of the maccaboard were involved, and appropriate action would be taken, i basically told him to fuck off because what i do outside the macca forum is nothing to do with him. Do the mods on his site now think they are protectors of the internet?? lol someone should remind them legal steps can be taken against them for getting involved with things that are nothing to do with them - the only cyber bullies i've came across in all my years on the net are those dipshits who run the maccaboard - think about this, if they could do anything, why didnt they do it when some of us were slagging them off on the other forum?
      14 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan Somehow, our posts are getting copied -- verbatim -- and shared in other forums, which is Ok with me. As long as no one is slandered...
      4 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs Anything posted on a closed group can't be used against anyone - the dipshit who is copying our posts will be found out eventually for the record - worse things were said on the other group lol
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan ...and how pathetic it is to be willing to pretend to send a Friend Request to somebody with an ulterior motive. Oh, well...guys, let's move on -- we've devoted enough time to the Krishpocrite and his groupies. Let's get back to talking about Paul! But I'm glad this issue is being exposed...and I'm not banned from the Maccaboard. I'll share my response to Martin shortly...
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

    3. Audi Maccafan Here it is:
      "While my disdain for simplyrahil is rightful, it's not enough for me to lose my membership here.

      Frankly, I don't like the guy -- he's a loose-cannon, but, yes, my identifying him as a "hypocrite" was out of line -- not because it's untrue (because he very much IS), but because it disturbed the harmony on the Maccaboard.

      You moderators are going to have your hands full with this guy.

      Sorry for the drama, Martin."
      4 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2

      Robert Macs those who wanted to remove people just can't stay away from us - sad sad people.
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs or rather fuckwits lol
      4 hours ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan In eleven years, I've had a few minor blow-ups with folks, but this is -- by far -- the one time that I've willfully lost my cool there. I'm a reasonable man -- but if somebody is being an asshole, I have to address it.
      4 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs Audi - you and a few others are being trashed by this idiot - you've done nothing wrong, there is no law against standing up for yourself. hey!! i bet you wish me and lazy were still on the forum lol
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan Word Of The Day: "mo·le" - 3. A spy who operates from within an organization, especially a double agent operating against his or her own government from within its intelligence establishment."
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan I do.
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Chris Atkinson Afternoon chaps - was he posting this on the main forum??? Has it all been deleted?
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Chris Atkinson And how was life off the fence Audi!!???
      4 hours ago · Like · 2

      Robert Macs if this continues and some members are concerned - i'll close this group and add only people i've known and trust yeah Chris.
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Chris Atkinson Darker forces are at hand
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan Triplets deleted his posts (copied directly from here) and warned to keep outside feuds, well, outside...and the schmuck did it again!!!
      4 hours ago · Edited · Like

      Robert Macs he should be banned - oh well, at least we know it bugs him when people talk about him lol
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan I've un-friended a couple of my own personal suspects. I won't name them, though...geez...I feel like i'm in bloody high-school again.
      4 hours ago · Like


    4. Chris Atkinson He sadly doesn't get it, does he? He is destroying his message, and any hope that his viewpoint will educate as he wishes - and that from his point of view is a big mistake. It is a shame he does not talk more about Paul either. Sadly the board is out of control and lacks the musical insight, opinion and debate of the past, although it is tough task being a mod, certainly some of the blame has to lie with how things have been handled over the last 12 months. It was a great board, but will it ever regain its status. Sad thing is, there are probably only about 50 people in the world, who have the knowledge, independence and inclination to post and debate on Paul's music on-line with any real substance. There is probably about 10 people on this forum, who for various reasons do not frequent the maccaboard anymore or rarely. It is still my opinion that admin/mods should change every two years, to avoid any form of clique or sides forming - and it is never planned, it just happens and results in a kind of internal corruption. A paid overseer (who does not post) and a team of mods/admin. with two year stints, on a staggered introductory system. Anyway, that's my viewpoint.
      4 hours ago · Like · 3

      Audi Maccafan Hence, my use of the term "hypocrite."
      4 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs something like you're message should be posted on the forum - back soon i'm emailing Alan Greig lol
      4 hours ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan Sadly, I'm predicting that I will be among those who will voluntarily exit the Maccaboard. I'm losin' that lovin' feelin'...
      4 hours ago · Like

      Chris Atkinson Josh - your next blog 'Audi, my life off the fence'
      4 hours ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan hahahaha!!!
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan Ah, what the hell...one more time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anPDBC0vnU4

      Little Man
      Lyrix & Muzak by KPU Guitar & Vocal - KPU Recorded @ O'Boogie Studios such a lit...
      See More
      4 hours ago · Like

    5. Robert Macs Hi Alan

      Its come to my attention someone has passed posts from a FB group to a member of the maccaboard, these post were then copied to the forum, granted they were removed quite swiftly - the facebook group in question is now a closed group because the same people who plotted to remove members from the macca forum have been following our group, the question is why? they got their wish by having some members removed, yet!! they continue to stalk other forums, at least several members of our FB group were contacted by one of you're members, they wanted us to discredit someone on the macca forum, this person was politely told to f-off.

      I know you're reply will be "this matter has nothing to do with you" imo it should be as you've got a major problem on the forum, especially when it concerns the same people i told you about last year - you've probably noticed many good members are posting less and less on the forum - these people are fed up with the lack of leadership on the board, thats probably down to the fact, some of the mods are a little to friendly with the scum who have just about ruined what was once a great forum.

      I've never tried to rejoin the maccaboard as i have no interest in joining something thats corrupt - sadly you had the names in front of you yet you dismissed it all. Maybe you should look no further than those who are siding with Simplyaidiot, I trust he's been dealt with and warned about copying from other forums? some of the members on our group were non to pleased about Simplyaidiots actions but then again he seems to do and say what he wants on the macca forum without fear of reprisals from the same mods who are members of a certain secret group - I and many others know who they are and sadly so do you.

      Kind Regards

      3 hours ago · Like · 3

      Nancy Riley Audi please don't leave the Maccaboard! I love your posts! Just stay away from Simplyanidiot.
      about an hour ago · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor Audi Maccafan, I'm still there in spite of the bullshit and with the force trying to ban me for no reason other then to just cause me pain, I intend to stay there. I hope you do too because your post there are gems
      34 minutes ago · Like

      interesting, Rahil suddenly seems to be the root of all those losers' problems. LOL.
      the mutual scapegoat.

      what is it Rahil did to audi that he keeps complaining about?
      as far as I have observed Rahil dealt audi for his insults, that's it.

      and he has never had anything to do with rmacs on the forum.
      as for KO, yes, Rahil called her out for what she is - a LIAR and a JUNKIE.
      how/why does this affect all of those losers' lives so much?

      'as long as no one is slandered'??
      but that is their main activity!
      that thread itself is total slander of Rahil.

  12. why doesn't this kapoop asshole stfu?

  13. oh stfu you asshole


    Kathryn O:
    "I'll deal with persecution in many areas of my life from my spirituality, my size, my relationships, my choice of dress and body image, my religious practices, my choice in entertainment.

    I've got this attitude that my friends tell me comes from growing up emulating Rock Stars and listening to Rock and Roll. I don't give a rat's behind. I just keep on rolling. (sometimes giving them a middle finger as I roll on by).

    The best example is living well. (and not being a douche)"

    but you ARE a HUGE DOUCHE!

    1. where the heck did Rahil 'insult' these assholes?

      THEY are the insulters and plotters.

      Kathryn O'Connor - what pisses me off is I've encountered for the last 9 years these creepy people online who do shit like the secret group...and then get mad when it's done to them. that Amazon Russian and her ilk pulled the same crap though she does suffer from mental issues so there's a factor. but it seems the SECRET GROUP is doing it too.
      about an hour ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor - I still don't get what Rahil was trying to accomplish by posting insults aimed at us on the Paul group. Did he think the mods would like that? what was he trying to accomplish? Every vegan male I met all had deep anger problems and were abusive in some way. a few grew out of it. Felice. Joe Mitchel. Voicheck to name a few.
      about an hour ago · Like

    2. I see KO is still being obsessed with Milla! KO doesn't even KNOW Milla and has no idea what kind of trash talking she's pulling out of her ass. But that's KO for you, she has no life and just has to create one lie after another! Milla didn't even know about KO until she encountered her on TrekSpace and Milla is a member of MPL for a lot longer than KO! The dumb mentally insane bitch KO just doesn't get that. So off she runs with her puky mouth of lies and misinformation.

      Retard Macs is a walking shit-talking hypocrite and while he is dead on right about AG, all his ass-kissing of the bigger ass KO falls so flat and he becomes everything he claims he hates! He also contradicts himself all over the place!

      And they talk about all this trouble that just happens over the course of a year and yet these idiots, mods and AG included cannot SEE that KO is behind all of this fucking discord! With lies and manipulations, and created drama and making it appear real with her underhanded tricks and the real sneaky shit that only those in the know, have put the pieces together and woke the fuck up! And yet there's KO still trying to claim some "secret group" are trying to get her banned!
      No silly insane bitch, we are simply sitting back and watching you hang yourself!

    3. KO claims EVERYONE has mental issues that happen to see through her act and see that's she's insane! Milla's not alone, KO will claim every fucking person who doesn't just fall down and kiss her skank ass has got problems. KO is the biggest narcissist. So full of her self-proclaimed godhood or whatever she thinks she is! For christsake she even tries to claim Russ is a mental patient of some kind. The only certified mental case is KO! KO has even been in the looney bin before. UNLIKE all the normal, sane people she trashes everyday!

      Her mention of Milla (Amazon) was another ploy to get everyone focused on her hate-target, but everyone is talking about Rahil instead. KO's manipulative ploys don't always work. Thank goodness.

    4. Milla hasn't even said anything remotely related to the Psycho Bitch! And those minions of hers buy into her lies that others are stalking her? No Retard Macs, KO is the one who stalks people and has for OVER 9 years! KO even harass-calls them and tries to gain access into their lives where she has been BANNED in every sense of the word!

      KO stalks people for no reason other than her own psychotic narcissistic ego that's been slapped down. KO is Misery, is Esther and Hannibal! There's your fucking "friend" you fool!

    5. KO is lying through her tooth again. Nobody pulled any crap. KO pulled the crap, then got banned, then started stalking people! The truth that she'll do everything to try to hide!

    6. Kathryn O'Connor and I agree Macs about the buttwhipe being a pathetic person with now life. Amazon Russian used to giggle and say it made her feel like one of Harry Potter's owls copying messages. that's how sick she is

      Robert Macs The big leader who runs Macca's site will be none to pleased with nipple head brain, all this person has done is make it more obvious these creepy creatures exist, don't you just lurve ripping the piss out of these cretins knowing they haven't got the balls or flaps to retaliate

      Kathryn O'Connor They make all sorts of free and open blogs about me on every site they can. Shows they have way too much free time. I don't bother reading any of them. just pass them on to the police. anything happens to me, these fucks will get the blame.

    7. I see KO is still trying to drag Amazon into their pathetic bullying gang-up. FTR everyone, Amazon never said anything of the like! It was KO on a long ago site called DBO (Dirk Benedict Org) where KO was the one bringing up shit about Harry Potter while the other members scratched their heads wondering what the fuck she was on about! (grabbed from the evidence from the Survivor forum) FTR, Amazon isn't doing a damned thing nor copying posts from their bully group.

      But KO is a loser and can't get to her latest targets so she loves to invent shit. And no, these two pathetic troll creatures; Macs and KO can squawk all they want. Nobody, least of all the police, care about their narcissistic egoes being slapped down. All anyone would have to do is look at any of these blogs and realize the obvious; people are RESPONDING to the HARASSMENT that KO perpetrates!

      And KO can die of whatever illness she claims to have every other week and get as many biopsies as she can sign herself up for...the police know she's fucking NUTS! Nobody will get blamed for a thing because if something happens to KO, the only thing that will come of it is celebration that Karma and Fate finally stepped in and put the beast back down into the abyss where it belongs!

    8. Where does KO get the idea that people on the internet will be blamed for anything that happens to her? D_E_L_U_S_I_O_N_A_L

      Yeah I can see the police now getting her emails: Oh look it's Crazy Batfuck Insane Kathryn again...oh look a delete button!

      LOL and Harry Potter's owl didn't copy messages. The owl sent messages because it had the role of mailman. Maybe KO should stick to her usual smut and stay out of any fandom that requires any kind of reading material that's elevated above her taste for filth?

    9. I giggle about Harry Potter stuff? That's news to me! I see the little psycho stalker who targeted me for telling on her is still obsessed with me. I must find a way to live as rent free in the real world as I do in her twisted and delusional whatever that mess is between her ears!

      But no I've never read Harry Potter nor made any comments regarding any owls. WTF? LOL at her lies that she pulls out of her ass on the spot. I see I'm also somehow being blamed indirectly by her as the one sending posts over to MPL or other sites. Whoa I must be getting really good at this clairvoyance thing LOL!

      I think when KO says anything about being sick she must go look in that big mirror of hers. Seems to me that she's the one with the sickness. That's how sick she is to try to pin this thing on me!

      And all because I dared talk to RM at one point thinking he was an alright guy. He proved my perceptions about him wrong sure enough! The fucker is just as insane as she is!!

  14. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2714127&highlight=#2714127

    Correction: KO dishes out religious persecution and all that other stuff, while trying to come off as a victim when she is the very epitome of self-righteous pig-headedness!

    So much for KO's claiming to not be a douche! Biggest bigoted douche I've ever seen!

    The thread isn't about you KO! It's about vegans so...GTFO!


    Goddamn! How stupid is this bitch? Stoooopid stupid bitch.


    And look there are over 50 right off the bat of a Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:

    1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)
    2. Jimmie Reed (Murdered his wife and his 2 month old daughter and set them on fire)
    3. Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
    4. Justin Blackshere (Stabbed two white cooks at Cheli’s Chili downtown Detroit)
    5. Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
    6. Donell Ramon Johnson (Murdered a mother and a daughter)
    7. Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered by nigger)
    8. Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
    9. Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
    10. Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
    11. Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)
    12. Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)
    13. Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years!)
    14. The Zebra Killings (71 White people)
    15. Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
    16. Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
    17. Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
    18. Reginald and Jonathan Carr (The Wichita Massacre–6 Whites murdered)
    19. Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days, including an entire White family.)

  15. continued...

    20. The Tinley Park Murderer (Suspect hasn’t been found but has been described as black – murdered 5 women in a store.)
    21. Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
    22. Charles Johnston (Murdered 3 unarmed white men in hospital)
    23. Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
    24. Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)
    25. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton (Murdered 6 Whites at the Kirkwood, MO. city council. )
    26 & 27. Darnell Hartsfeld & Romeo Pinkerton (Abducted and Murdered 5 from a restaurant)
    28 & 29. John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
    30. George Russell (3 women, WA state)
    31. Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
    32. Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
    33. Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
    34. Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
    35. Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
    36. Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
    37. Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)
    38. Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
    39. Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
    40. Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)
    41. Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
    42. Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
    43. Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
    44. Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
    45. Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
    46. Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
    47. Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)
    48. Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
    49. Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
    50. Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)
    51. Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
    52. Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
    53. Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
    54. Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
    55. Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).
    56. Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )
    57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

    How many more out-of-her-ass stupid things will she post next? Fucking dipshit.

    1. The insane piece of shit doesn't even watch the news because this is making headlines now:


      Yep. He doesn't look white to me.

  16. WOW! Did Retard Macs just actually complain that someone else "trash talked" Audi???? Did he really fucking just say that??? Wow. I wonder what fucking crack pipe he isn't putting down and won't stop making himself sound like the total loser he is!
    Um dear stupid idiot Retarded Macs, you trash talked Audi something fierce when you removed him from your group before your ego moved to the "Oh shit we've been caught" sector.

    Such an idiot and shit for brains there Retard Macs. Oh yeah and email that fucker Alan Grieg all you want because he's just like you! A total imbecilic prick. Good luck talking with a carbon copy of yourself.

    1. Why does this RM idiot think he has any say so over MPL anymore? He was BANNED! Get over it and over yourself RM! AG isn't interested in your shit.

    2. why don't these hypocritical assholes shut the fuck up?

      everything they say about 'others' describes themselves precisely..

      Kathryn O'Connor I still don't get what Rahil was trying to accomplish by posting insults aimed at us on the Paul group. Did he think the mods would like that? what was he trying to accomplish? Every vegan male I met all had deep anger problems and were abusive in some way. a few grew out of it. Felice. Joe Mitchel. Voicheck to name a few.

      Audi Maccafan We'll see...

      Robert Macs The thing is someone on here passed the posts to Simplyaidiot - I doubt the village idiot who done this will do it again, as i've said before, those in charge at the Macboard are not interested on what goes on elsewhere,
      if they were to get involved (which they can't) it would be opening up a can of worms out with their control, as for those who continue to follow our every move, they must lead really sad life's if this is their only outlook in life,
      I can only speak for myself, I couldn't give a monkeys f**k what the asswipe on here is copying, it proves this person to be nothing more than shoe shite
      sooner or later we will find out who this ugly b'stard is and he/she/it will be gone and back to her/he/it little band of mentally disturbed friends
      where he/she/it can kneel before its leader promising to suck the big toe more than ever before
      - If any of you guy have concerns about the shoe shite we have on here, drop me a pm, if the worse come to the worse i can always do a massive cull lol
      as for Simplyatit posting our stuff, well what can i say, whats good for the goose and all that

      Robert Macs
      I've been reading through some of Simplyatits posts about veggism & meat eaters, I don't know about you guys but i couldn't give a toss about what people eat or do with their life's, its your life so do what you want - I'm also reading on another thread about people being mocked for being veggie, gawd i must be living on a different planet because practically none of this happens in the world i live in, i see bigotry where i come from but never veggie, gay, meat or any other kind of bashing and thats saying something coming from Glasgow :)

      Watching me watching you ah-ha :)
      Audi Maccafan likes this.

      Kathryn O'Connor the board is down now. Rahil probably short circuted it

      Audi Maccafan They're replenishing their orange font.

      Robert Macs Maybe they are paving the way to let Josh back on - he was indeed a innocent man who was set upon by the brain dead weeds of the mac forum - oh gosh and one of those weeds is here copying all this stuff to send back to mummy bear.

      live in paranoia assholes, LOL

    3. Robert Macs Maybe they are paving the way to let Josh back on - he was indeed a innocent man who was set upon by the brain dead weeds of the mac forum - oh gosh and one of those weeds is here copying all this stuff to send back to mummy bear.
      5 hours ago · Like

      Josh Gill We should start a sweepstake to see who it is! haha

      Robert Macs My mole at MFI will come up with the name soon

    4. KO pulls the strings of the little muppets she's got kissing her ass! All those words that Retard Macs posts, those aren't his words, they are KO's words! "stalker" "mental patients", "following every move made" etc etc. Goddamn she's got him so totally brainwashed and suckered that he might as well let her speak for him! He's a trolling copy of KO.

      Funny he should be talking about being followed, when he got banned he never stopped stalking the sites he was banned from! Like KO does when she's banned for being the psycho creep she is!

      Yeah they say way more about themselves than anyone else! There really was no reason to attack Rahil the way they all did, KO has been harboring her hatred of him ever since he handed her ass back to her months ago! What you're seeing here is the outcome of her vendetta against him and having her little gang mentally sick bullies follow her instructions.

      Anyway if Rahil can get in touch with some people who are against KO there is info he should be aware of.

      And Retard Macs, an all round idiot. He should be running scared. The asswipe wanted to kiss the ass of a filthy stalker like KO. He deserves everything coming to him.

    5. LOL
      good, be pissed off stupid shit

      'good members' LOL
      KO, you're the worst 'member'

      Robert Macs My mole at MFI will come up with the name soon

      Kathryn O'Connor what pisses me off is that rahil is still there and you guys all got banned for less. Hell, one friend still on the forum got a two-week banning for less. I'm not going to say he's special and protected or anything. I think the mods just don't know what to do about him. They don't want to kick off some good members arguing with him.

    6. now the shit psycho is trying to do like she's conversing with one of her other victims!


      Post subject: being a veggie
      I have had a somewhat hard time being a vegetarian, then recently a vegan, as I feel so badly 4 those calves who are murdered as they drink too much of their Mother's milk.
      At first I felt like I had to hide it from my friends, as where I live everyone loves meat and no one even thinks about what animals endure to provide these people with what they like to taste. Then I felt defensive and felt out of place in most social situations as the host/hostess of the party did not have vegetarian/vegan meals at all. I would pick around on vegetables and such to pretend like I was eating. Now I have come to a plan where if I know I shall be at an event with no veggie options I will bring my own meal. My friend had her daughters 2 year old birthday party a few months back and before hand I picked up a veggie sandwich and a power smoothie. I sat and ate with everyone, but it was my meal, and it brought a pretty decent, civilized discussion on why I don't eat meat. I feel so liberated from the shackles of pretending for the sake of others to conform to meat eating. Yes, I will continue to be judged by others who love bacon flavored drinks. no lie! Confused
      But I have chosen this path and I love it. Cool Wink Idea

      Kathryn O:
      Kittay, you're doing what I used to do. I used to bring my own food in a plastic container that fit in my purse. Most are used to people doing it now with allergies and gluten-free issues, but it seemed to spark more civilized discussions about dietary choices rather then debates and sparring.

      In science fiction circles, I called it my Alien food. One thing I liked about hanging out with hippies....veggie food was always an option.

    7. LOL!
      as if in any reality John would call her 'love' or even have her near him!

      Kathryn O:
      Dear Prudence is one of my favorite songs of all times. I think the India connection has a lot to do with it and the images it concocts in my mind when I hear it.

      I heard that each in the ashram was in small groups of threes. If one got too involved in the meditating, the others were to bring them back to reality. Who ever had John or Paul in their group got coaxed out with a song and Dear Prudence was John's efforts with Mia.

      I wouldn't mind waking up out of a trance to find John singing something like that to me with a simple accoustic string and then saying, "You all right there, love?" I have had it happen with musician friends at rituals, lsd trips and meditation circles and it's a wonderful way to be brought back to reality.

  17. AG told me he had ways of finding out if members of the maccaboard were involved, and appropriate action would be taken, i basically told him to fuck off because what i do outside the macca forum is nothing to do with him. Do the mods on his site now think they are protectors of the internet??

    That's funny because he tried to tell some other people the same thing! Only he interferred with MFH and tried to get them all fucked up over someone's copy/paste of an email that was sent that had his email address in it! It was a copy/paste from Lolo, and Larry already had his email but Alan went and bitched out this poor lady over sending an email that all parties already HAD! Fucking asshole. I hope he's shits bricks when he finds his email has been publicly displayed for all to see!

    But Robert Macs is just as much of an asshole and KO sleazes on with her lies to justify her psychotic hatred of the Dirk fans who banned her psycho ass!

  18. Trying to get a hold of Rahil. Or Diane.

  19. Well look at that, KO the Mental Troll is still claiming she doesn't read this blog! I see her IP creeping around here but I guess the psycho just doesn't get that I have an IP tracker installed on my blog (as do others).

    Entry Page Time:21 Jul 2013 07:39:11
    Browser:Firefox 22.0OS:WinXPResolution:1024x768
    United States Total Visits this session:11
    Location:Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
    IP Address:Comcast Cable (
    Referring URL:bookmarked

    From the information above she is accessing my blog from her mother's computer, has it bookmarked and visited my blog at least 11 times during one session. Nice try liar KO. But we all know what a psychopathic liar you are.

    And people, please try to get screenshots and use a image host to post links to all these posts. You don't have to, but I'm just saying it would save on space. That's all.

    Laughing at that retard Macs. He really needs to check himself into an institution and find some way to unscrew his head from the inside of KO ass. He keeps saying he doesn't care about his MPL ban but he's still trying to take over MPL and all the while he's still kissing the ass of the main psycho who got him banned in the first place! Still laughing at that irony!

    And regarding Alan, yes we know he's an asshole but isn't everything he's doing exactly what Alan does?

    And the remarks Retard Macs makes about anyone else not having the balls or flaps to retaliate is an admition that his attacks via KO and her minions are intentional. He knows his bully tactics are launching these attacks but then tries to delude himself that nobody can do anything. Well we'll see about that, won't we?

    Keep kissing that diseased ass you think is so innocent, RM. She'll lead you into her own hell well enough and you'll find yourself even more isolated. That's what KO does, tries to bring anyone down to her darkness and lowly level and have someone there to be in hell with her. Instead of actually getting yourself a life, you Retard Macs, have elected to spend all your time scurrying around trying to get people to flame other members on MPL and posting everyday about them. How they piss you off, how they piss off your queenie that control your little puppet movements. While we watch you become more and more like the very shit you try to claim others as being.

    What Audi and Kapoop are getting out of this drama circus KO's created around them is beyond me. You'd think grown men would wish to wash their hands of it. It seems there are some extremely sensative carnivores out there. But not exactly. KO is pushing the Rahil hate. And as another commentor said, Rahil did nothing to RM at all. Where is this sudden hateful all-out war even coming from? OH YEAH! It's coming from the PSYCHO asshole herself, KO!

    Look no further than KO for the smoking gun.

    1. Hi Kathryn!
      having a good time?

  20. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2714375&highlight=#2714375

    The only relationships this insane bitch has are the imaginary kind. The others are online pedo midgets on facebook who she can feed off of.

    The rest of her druggie comments in that thread is silly and anyone can tell she's trying really hard to swipe at somebody. It's all more of her own projections. And look at that! KO posts like a junkie! Still can't form a decent sentence.

  21. Kathryn O'Connor what pisses me off is that rahil is still there and you guys all got banned for less. Hell, one friend still on the forum got a two-week banning for less. I'm not going to say he's special and protected or anything. I think the mods just don't know what to do about him. They don't want to kick off some good members arguing with him.

    Robert Macs I wouldnt put anything pass the mods, its a case of if you're face fits.

    Kathryn O'Connor They make all sorts of free and open blogs about me on every site they can. Shows they have way too much free time. I don't bother reading any of them. just pass them on to the police. anything happens to me, these fucks will get the blame.

    Robert Macs Kath - The the creep-show freaks would never dare leave the comfort of their keyboards, their world is a little corner in some room where as we prefer to keep it real.

    (keep it real? LOL
    by pestering people online, that is real?)

    Audi Maccafan
    It's gettin' good, folks...


    Audi Maccafan It's just a matter of time before those fuckfaces ban me...I swear: I. Don't Care. Any-muthafukkin'.More.

    Josh Gill Lol love this new don't-give-a-fuck Audi! And just so you know, I'm on your side. Genuinely don't care about this royal baby. People are getting excited about the birth of a pair of strangers kid. It's all very weird. Ah well, another little sponging addition to one if the biggest spongin freeloading families in the UK...

    Robert Macs Well done Audi for telling it how it is, that fence has now come tumbling down you're opinion is valid - not everyone in the UK has any time for the royal parasites, I've never understood why people, many of whom are living in poverty swoon over those snotty nose b'stards, look at dear old Martin on the board, the way he's going on you'd think he had just become a Grandfather, what a fud.

    Robert Macs PMSL at this reply "Not anybody with my skin color; that's for sure. LOL!"

    Robert Macs Whats the betting the newbie baby will have a Scots name? it could be the last throw of the dice for the tories, labour and everyone else who says Scotland can't go it alone. I'll be gutted if Independence doesn't happen. In 79 under a labour government Scotland voted for independence only to beaten because labour made a clause stating a certain percentage of the Scottish electorate had to come out and vote, more people voted yes yet we lost (only in the UK hmmmmm) one things for sure, if it doesn't happen this time I won't see it in my lifetime again.

    (awww the little pansy is trying to be a hero )

    1. Robert Macs Kath - The the creep-show freaks would never dare leave the comfort of their keyboards, their world is a little corner in some room where as we prefer to keep it real.

      Kathryn O'Connor Well, I did have one try to get me in court this last March. The creeps on that mental misery blog about me thought that if they got a Personal Protection Order against me,
      they could get me banned from the Science Fiction Conventions which they want for the same reason they want me banned from the macca board....to cause me pain.
      An autistic male who hates me but I haven't seen in almost two years (with our last contact being him joining a yahoogroup just to post nasty things at me)
      actually tried to get one and got laughed out of the court room. He didn't realize that he actually had to be stalked to get a PPO.
      They also tried to get an ex boyfriend from 10 years ago to get one. I mean, they are that dumb. they are that fucking dumb

      Robert Macs they also tried to get a few of us to turn against you by pm - i wouldnt be surprised if they are using that same tactic with Simplyatit, never mind, as the old saying goes, "what goes around comes around" feel free to name and shame them on here

      Audi Maccafan Geez, LadyKO! You ARE absolutely being stalked. I'm sorry you're going through all this...I'd bet those folks call themselves Christian, too.

      Robert Macs Audi you don't know half of it - her stalkers contacted quite a few of us when we started up the other group, they wanted me to contact some detective in the US lol these morons really are potty,
      some of Kaths fan-club are residents on the Mac forum - John (Lennon) only had one Mark Chapman, Macca's forum seems to be full of them.

      Robert Macs luckily we only have the one weirdo on this group - come out come out whoever you are lol

      Audi Maccafan Lawdy, lawdy...

      Audi Maccafan I know a few good lawyers that could make life pretty friggin' miserable for them. What they're doing is harassment. I'd take severe civil action against them.

      Robert Macs And i know a few good shrinks who might be able to help these dodo's lol

      Audi Maccafan hahahaha!

    2. Kathryn O'Connor Audi, if you know a good lawyer, let me know. they ain't christians but Atheist. living in a small town. (Fort Smith...one of the worst cities in America according to Forbes).

      Kathryn O'Connor Actually, Allen was the first person to ever tell them to buzz off. He may be awful to you guys, but he did right by that thing with me.

      Kathryn O'Connor Oh, and yes they are with Rahil, Macs. he contacted and told me about it. (Then got weird about it accusing me of telling them he talked to me when I told no one). His tactic of posting our posts here is from them. he did it for them.

      Robert Macs yeah but he had info in front of him about the secret group and its members and done nothing about it.

      Robert Macs Simplyatit has been suckered into doing their dirty work for them - the poor guy aint as bright as he makes out to be, how anyone could fall for the shite they send out is beyond me. lol

      Robert Macs TBH AG wasn't that awful to me, he told me many times to move on but i wouldn't budge, my gripe is he knows whats going on and continues to do nothing about it - me calling him niceties like prick and a-hole didn't help my case near the end lol i did love telling Triplets (Anita) what i thought of her tho, ahhhhh the memories lol
      about a minute ago · Like

      (LOL, they are all stalked, persecuted ANGELS huh?
      aww audipansy keeps eating the shit up
      and what fucking 'dirty work' is KO trying to pin on rahil still?
      as far as I have seen, all rahil has been doing is standing up for himself against the public shit from KO, audi and kapoop.
      KO is the one doing 'dirty work' for macshit and the others to do for her.)

      Robert Macs Look at the board now, its full of half baked fans wanting to know if Paul's undies get the odd skid mark, seriously thats how bad its got, apart from the veggie debate going on, when was the last time there was a good ol debate about Paul McCartney, The Beatles section has also died a slow death because those running the site don't want debates with balls attached, all that shite about not talking about Paul's private life can be seen anywhere on the net yet its not allowed on his forum - could someone tell me what Mr Spock is there for? all he does is welcome people to the board lol I remember when things got heated he would log off, honestly he's worse than a waste of space, he's also one of the crew who joined up with the removal gang. dontcha just love freedom of speech - one of the reason i'll never join a site like that ever again.... trained monkeys could do a better job running that forum, then again we have a trained monkey on here watching our every move - go on have a banana ya fuckwit lol

      you sour, old, bitter piece of shit
      wish you were still part of the forum huh?
      but you can't, banned in your ass, so diss everything, sour grapes old man)

    3. Kathryn O'Connor I think Rahil is banned. Probably temporarily but he hasn't posted in a few days

      Robert Macs was thinking the same - that will teach him for going over to the dark side lol

      or perhaps rahil has a life OFFLINE in the REAL WORLD, unlike you fuckwits who keep wondering about him LOL

    4. Robert Macs was thinking the same - that will teach him for going over to the dark side lol

      Audi Maccafan Like I said the other day: "Triplets deleted his posts (copied directly from here) and warned to keep outside feuds, well, outside...and the schmuck did it again!!!"

      Robert Macs The dark side have done some good then orchestrating his temp or permanent banishment lol

      Audi Maccafan I'm not necessarily breaking out the bubbly. One never knows...

      Robert Macs At the end of the day its a result, he thought he was above bans lol i'm thinking you won't be seeing much of him if its a temp ban - he's only on the board to promote his excuse for music - Trinidad is to music what meat is to veggies - shit!! lol

      Audi Maccafan hahaha!!

      Robert Macs I've still got the gift eh Audi? loll

      why don't you go suck rmacs' cock while you're at it audifaggot? LOL

    5. Robert Macs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh got a idea - i could copy his attacks on meat eaters and post them on cannibal groups - :)

      Audi Maccafan Nah...let's let him be.

      this piece of shit rmacs has nothing to do all day but sit and think about rahil? he has a crush on rahil or something?

    6. Robert Macs maybe we should tell him on his facebook page he was set up by the dark side.

    7. Nancy Riley Too bad they deleted all the good posts! lol

      Robert Macs Someone should tell Simplyafud he's been set up by the loons, maybe he will tell us who passed on the posts

      Robert Macs smoke the peace pipe with him someone - that should get the arse wipe mole on here worried lol

      Kathryn O'Connor I've thought about it but he's prone to suddenly going off about something and getting mean suddenly when you never see it coming. I've dumped real friends who kept doing that crap. can't take crazy

      Robert Macs I was going to do it - i even had something written out, it wouldnt post lol i ended up copying something from youtube and lost it lol Kath its been proved you've been telling him the truth, he's been set up by the loons, surely even someone as thick skinned as Simplyanob can see that now?

      Robert Macs Encore time - thanks again mole for copying some of the post on here - I bet promotion in the loon ranks won't be coming anytime soon after doing something as stupid as that, never mind, we think you are great, you've done more good than you can ever imagine - hey and before you think i'm going soft, you're still a fuckwit

      LOL rahil was 'set up'?
      as far as I have observed, all rahil has done is stand up for himself when KO and the others try shit with him on MPL. no idea how that translates into being 'set up'.
      however, these pieces of shit don't see how KO is 'setting' them all up...

    8. Nancy Riley Where is this mole posting our stuff? On the Maccaboard? If so, why aren't the Mods banning whoever is doing this?!

      Robert Macs the mole passed the post to Simplyafud and that daft crunt posted them on the board - the poor guy has been set up by the loons, looks as tho he's temp/perm banned - i never seen what was posted Audi will be able to fill you in.

      Audi Maccafan he posted the entire feed of Kathryn's post about him

      (good little faggot audi, report to your master, LOL)

      Nancy Riley What a wanker! lol

      (your ugly face nancy)

      Robert Macs or wankeress

    9. Mark Lazydynamite Bradley hi guys .....whats up?...usuall shit?......been ill and offline for 10 days or so....im better now

      Kathryn O'Connor Yeah. same shit. This new group is closed but rahil posted a bunch of our post about him on the maccaboard on sunday. It was all deleted and looks like he might be banned. Glad to see you back, Mark Lazydynamite Bradley

      (awww poor babies, rahil post your shit.. boohoo... LOL
      the fact that you all sit around posting shit about people to begin with is not the issue huh? LOL
      look at yourselves)

    10. Amamzing how gullable those idiots are! I can see KO is still very much obsessed with Fort Smith which she totally lied about AGAIN! Forbes named Detroit the most miserable city and EL pointed out this very fact here! This whole shit-dinner KO's got them eating out of her hand is so sick!
      People contacted RM to warn him not fuck with him! Get your lies straight little liar RM! But trot on down the crazy lane. You've accused others of doing exactly what KO is doing but you can't see it because your head is so far up her ass!

      And NONE of these shit-for-brains even QUESTION that KO got someone trying to get a restraining order against her! It doesn't even dawn on these stupid fuckers how much of a STALKER she is! So they buy into her lies and believe she's the victim! The disgrace of those fuckwits, I tell ya!
      People want to ban her BECAUSE of her INSANE and VICIOUS attacks on them and their friends and family! KO creates a hostile environment for these people and they do NOT want her around them! But she's playing her victim card as always. It's gotta be everyone else who are the bad guys, never her. Never question her motives or anything! Just believe everything she tells you! This thing that these minions of hers have NO IDEA what she is!
      Not even a CLUE.

      Fort Smith family that KO has stalked is still living rent free in KO's sick mind! But her trying to get people to harass them has been limited only to internet. No more phone calls to that poor woman and her family members at all hours of the day and night. Must suck for KO that one of her biggest asskissers doesn't live in the town she wants him to, otherwise all her threats to burn down people's homes would be more paid attention to!

      Suddenly RM goes soft on Alan when it's KO who praises him. Yeah we see how whipped little RM is! And PROOF that Alan was up to stirring shit in other people's forums because KO totally named him there AND then says that HE told her victims to "buzz off" when they weren't the ones who contacted him - HE contacted THEM! This is a matter of public evidence now!
      But they sit there and buy into the shit she's feeding them and say she's being stalked! Yeah RIIIIGHT! Maybe she should stop telling her "secret group" to try to destroy the evidence against her and then maybe people won't tell her minions the truth about her? Fucking slimebag of shit.

      And he complaints about Rahil is so weak, when she posts about Paul all she ever does is talk about his ass or other body parts. No real substance about him, just being her usual creepy self.
      And FTR nobody ever told Rahil to say anything to her, and nobody's coaching him the way KO is coaching that micro group of imbecilic drippings!
      And RM saying to keep it real? WHOA coming from a grown man who creates secret groups to honor a lying sociopathic piece of shit like KO and bitch everyday about what's posted on MPL? Is that called being real, Retard Macs?

      The KO KoolAid is so thick there you can see the toxic cloud all the way to China!

    11. So those idiots call us the "dark side"? Wow. They follow a psycho who has told people in real life that she follows Satanic cults and has made claims of being a big right-hand member of a Satanic cult on Maccas Fun House! Remember that folks? Has made her whole revolve around getting someone killed who banned her from their site and has stalked so many people in the process over many years and these morons who have no NO clue about her history are just buying everything she tells them.

      All the warped, convulted lies they don't even let a breeze unsettle them. Thusly why stupid people should never be allowed to reproduce! Because sociopathic liars like KO can cause quite a chaos.

      And her praising Alan, and that Rmacs not even AWARE that Alan was the one who sought out her victims! Also that KO had that Retard Macs banned because of HER constant complaining about his negative remarks about Paul (which KO fancies herself as Paul's saviour) and it just happened that Retard Macs also went off on rants that got him banned, but he doesn't seem to know that KO reported him several times when he kept on about that Paul Olympics fiasco!

      And then they scoff at the idea that KO is MPL's "special member" when it's obvious that she's had lots of people railroaded via her hero Alan! Yeah she's a protected member alright! They'll never ban her even when she has minions to harass people on MPL that she wants done away with and you can see her trying to lay the groundwork of getting Rahil banned! She wants it so bad that she's watching his every move now.

    12. When the fact was out there that FtSmith was a much bigger town than her little Bloomfield Hills hole in the wall, when it finally got through to the junkie-pot-headed coniving cunt that her bullshit about a town she's never even been to was revealed to be an actual city, she decided to demonize it another way. With this very stupid lie about it being a "miserable city" making a Forbes mention! Of course she lies and Forbes has named Detroit (the mostly abandoned AND bankrupt shithole) the country's most miserable city NOT FtSmith! I wonder if any of those fuckwits will even bother checking out the facts or just keep marching to her psycho lies?
      Can't call someone else's city a hicktown because it's bigger than her little street where she lives on her mother's computer so she figures she'll just use another lie to demonize it when it's a proven fact that Forbes didn't say jack shit about FtSmith in any context! But Detroit being named as the most miserable city!

      I'll bet none of those people even bother to look it up!
      But at least EL got the goods!

      Scroll down you'll see the exact links of what Forbes actually published! Why listen to a liar like KO when the facts are right there at anyone's fingertips?

  22. That self-centered bitch just has to turn every thread to be about herself.

    KO is all about mocking and ignorance! KO thrives on it.

    they ain't christians but Atheist

    KO jumps from they to a single person so quickly and these people don't catch on to her flipping so much?

    Oh get real!

    We who KNOW what KO is are real and we're keeping it real! It's the little delusional psychopath you have thinking for you that's the REAL problem!

    Gotta laugh at these morons for falling for one of the bigges liars to come up from the abyss.

  23. So let me get this straight... anyone who seeks a legal protection against KO is suddenly called a "stalker" by Audi? How so? Does he even KNOW the situation? The answer to that is NO he is an ASS with his head in an ASS of a stalker who is doing his thinking for him!

    And anyone who isn't kissing KO's fat ass are on the "dark side"? May I throw up now? How fucking stupid can these minions be? KO found herself a new group of people to lie to and this time they all seem to be marching in line to her sick mindfucking.

    1. That's what I was wondering too. Only KO can claim she's being stalked when people are literally trying to rid her out of their lives! How does one go from getting an order against them to being a stalking victim? She claims she hasn't done anything to him and they literally all did their muppet dance of 'Oh you are so right queenie! We know you are telling us the God's honest truth because we're so smart! See we believe everything you say!' as KO tosses them the crust off her shitty crack.

  24. LOL at those losers Robert Mac and his ghouls! If MPL is so full of tossers why on earth does he even read stuff over there? LOL at his saying what kind of scummy people are there and KO is one of MPL's TOP posters, there everyday posting shit!

    They sure have that mirror looking thing down to a T! Too bad they don't have a single brain cell in their sorry asses to see themselves for what they espouse on others.

  25. Oh and her asking Audi for info on a good lawyer!! HA!!! Audi is in what, Australia? Yeah bitch go call a lawyer there since Detroit has ignored all your attempts to whine to them about your drama that you YOURSELF brought on!

    I guess when you lied about that cruise, Dirk and attacked him and all his fans, then stalked them in every way you could they made your pathetic crimes visible to the world and now you're begging some idiot to get you a good lawyer!?? I gotta laugh about that so hard! Really! LMAO!

    What's the matter, little town Blooming Fields of Lunatic hasn't got any lawyers? Is Detroit all bankrupt? Awwww LOL! You fucking piece of lying filth!

  26. nah the audifaggot is in the US ('he' attended the bonnaroo festival in tennessee with his faggot boyfriend 'sur rod')
    (changes nothing, still a huge JOKE what KO is attempting about 'lawyer')

    1. I posted on my facebook about this bullshit she and her bully gang are doing. So I have spoken up.

      You are right MaccaFan! KO trying to get a lwayer is laughable because any lawyer would soon realize that she is the stalker with a LOOOONG history of abusive and stalking behaviours. That she is a narcissitic sociopathic serial bully. No lawyer listened to her in her own location, what does she think will happen by another location? Sad little deluded crazy junkie.

  27. That Retard Macs really has gotta get himself a life! now he's trying to win people for KO and get them over the dark side! imagine him wanting to smoke a peace pipe with Rahil and trying to convince him that his queenie KO is all so innocent and such a lovely person (BARF)
    he's really got that fat melon head of his up her ass!
    I hope Rahil doesn't fall for the ploy. Retarded Macs is only looking to get more people to march along with him since he's taken up the cause to be her white knight.
    God he really has no idea what she's all about does he?
    Mac's the kind of creature that would
    have sucked up to John's killer had he been exposed to that the way he's fallen all over himself regarding KO. same kind of sychophantic waste puddles.

    1. I think that based on what we've all been observing, there is no way that someone obviously intelligent as rahil would ever fall for any tricks from that nasty bunch after all of the direct problems and insults from their camp he has had to deal with

    2. Good to know. any group that has no concept of thinking for themselves and letting something as nasty as KO do all their thinking and even talking for them needs to be put down. since I don't know Rahil myself but knowing how dirty and underhanded KO is. how manipulative she is.

  28. Penguicon AttendeeJuly 24, 2013 at 12:29 AM

    Whoa got through reading all the comments and I see K still playing her "they want to hurt me" bullshit story. I guess she forgets how she has done nothing but hurt, malign, harass, threaten and even some threats were actual death threats descibed in gruesome detail, to everyone before then! People who wish to see her banned from their events because she has done such SHIT to them!
    Don't know what to say about her minions Mac and Audi but these gutless cowards ain't getting laid or have any kind of a life so they spend all their time helping this pathetic bitch get even with her enemies. Enemies being real people that, mind you, they have never met, don't even know or even talked with! People they don't know their story or their side of things! Yet they are so willing to listen to the GARBAGE being told to them by that sick bitch whom they've also never met or know anything about!
    Macs and Audi are the type of cowards that jump on any bandwagon if the drama is to their liking where they can pretend to be big boys. Thugs more like.
    As someone who knows what K is, and she is a sick, sick muthafucker, if she got her way Macs & Audi would break down someone's door and either beat up some family or shoot them dead. That's how K would prefer them to be! Totally brainwashed to that extent.

    And have them believe that they've done something good! They're trying so hard to save her already massive erupted ego. Her narcissistic agenda. Hell they've probably already offered to assault someone for her. I'm sure of it. Yet nothing will ever be good enough. K will demand more.

    One comment about their heads being buried in her ass was right on the money. Usually people over the internet don't take up causes for people they really don't know. This blog as well as others have had first or second hand experiences of K's evil shit so we can talk whereas all they're doing is attacking people they don't know. While they spurn and spit, I can see documentation going down here and their ugliest being shown. It's not like anyone's hiding what they have to say...but they've sure got a lot to hide because K can't take them knowing the truth - so they'll help her hide. They won't present anything from any of us because that would mean there's another whole picture than K's version spinning and twisting into whatever shit she thinks sounds good and none of us will parrot her foul lies! So of course we're to be thrown to a speedy execution.

    We're the ones keeping it real. Macs & sleaze-co. are the ones who are seriously deluding themselves. I'm sure that if they ever find out what they're wanking to, the face that they've imagined that isn't anything like they've been told by her, their teeny weeny tiny dicks will go soft forever. But braindead idiots like them really have no business trying to pro-create anyway.

  29. Hmm KO saying she can't take crazy? How does she ever live with herself? Inquiring minds and all.

    Also how is everyone living in FortSmith? KO right out clams that. So MOWFO and all the others they don't exist now? Looked at stats on FortSmith...that is definitely not a small town! Now Bloomfield Hills is not only a small little spot on the map but it literally sounds like the name of an insane asylum.

  30. LOL, this old piece of sour shit is pleased about nothing in life huh?

    Robert Macs posted toMcCARTNEY - The Man His Music & Other Odds n Sods.

    Oh my gawd Prince William & Katie are working on a name for the baby - does that mean they will be paid even more for working some overtime? Why work on a name when most of us know it will either be Scots themed name in a last ditch effort to keep the Union together or one of the following, Charles, Henry or Marmaduke (Granny Liz has probably decided what the name will be )

    With a few hundred outside the hospital and a couple of thousand outside Buck Pal why all the ho ha about a nation celebrating when most of us couldn't give a toss if Katie gave birth to a Orangutan, then again, that would be some story.

    Keeping in with the feel good factor the UK is going through at the mo - last years Olympics continue to make the news, this time its team members from the handball team saying they can't train as much because of the lack of funding - for some they might have to give up the sport altogether awwwwwwwwwww shame lets tell the PM to take even more taxes from the poor to keep team UK together.

    1. Watch KO turn that topic into another hate fest against her victims. Then watch Retard Macs say something stupid about them and their children and ignore the fact that KO is stalking THEM more! Maybe he can offer to beat up her victims' babies too! Wouldn't put it past him.

    2. Mark Lazydynamite Bradley haha...you should do a piece for a newspaper mate!..100% agree

      Robert Macs Thanx Mark - I should add, While the government is busy trying to introduce birth control for the poor, The Royals continue to drop babies like flies, to make matters worse, its the poor who pay for the Royal males nights of pleasure.

      Robert Macs My mole tells me (not the two faced crunt we have on here) its not the animal variety either, its the talking mole I have on my back!! anyways Molesy as i call it, is fed up because hairs are starting to grow out of it, i have suggested a trip to the moledressers but Molesy doesn't fancy the idea of a stranger seeing him without my shirt on - I did try cutting the excess hair myself but ended up cutting a big chunk outta my back and missed Moleses hair altogether, maybe i should have used safety scissors instead of gardening shears - oh well the damage is done now, see you guys soon, i'm off to the hospital, feeling kinda dizzy, blood is everywhere.

      Robert Macs Before i go i should touch on hereditary royal baldness - While William was standing outside the hospital saying how heavy the new baby is ehhhhhhhhhhh he's fucking joking right?? A reporter cracked a errrrrrr joke about the baby having more hair than his dad ffs my Mole has more hair than William.

      Robert Macs Have any of you guys noticed how big Williams head is? every time he appears on the telly it seem to get bigger, seriously check out how his head has got larger throughout the years!! this might explain why his hair has went awol, the bigger his head grows, the more gaps appear making it look as if he's going bald.

      Robert Macs Right thats the ambulance here, until next time (if i don't bleed to death) this is you're roving reporter heading to the accident and emergency.

    3. and for him it's always "you're", the illiterate bastard..

    4. Mark Lazydynamite Bradley i fear the only way to escape this 'brainwash' in the future will be to get rid of the TV...the whole sorry shower make me wanna vomit.....who gives a shit about their priviliged lives and births.....any british citizen who swallows this patriotic shit is a fool and an idiot..........god we are quick to take the piss out of the yanks ,but at least they got rid of this dictatorship birth right elitism a couple of hundred years ago.......i am ashamed to be british...i so hope scotland gets full independance next year....i might even move my family there in the future if i can

      Adrian Allan Isnt it funny how we laugh at the North Koreans for worshipping their esteemed leader. I cant really see the difference to be honest.

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley great point adrian....infact they are doing a good job of this patriotic shit in the last decade or so..ive never known so much media compassion for the 'royals'....me thinks its all part of the bigger picture.

      Adrian Allan I call it weapons of mass distraction. In fact it was reported that at times of national celebration the economy is given a slight boost as people spend more, stupid as they are. It just makes me a lot more angry!

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley as i said before at times im ashamed to be 'human'...however im always ashamed to be 'british'....we are one of the worst examples on earth of a brainwashed fucked up country with no morals

      Robert Macs The feel good factor is all hyped up by the media - I think we'd find the majority of these islands couldn't care less about royal events such as births, jubilees & the auld yins corgi dugs, the media bore the pants off us with hours and hours of coverage, yeah you get people like Martin (Brit) & Susy (Yank) lapping it up, its not as if Susy knows anything about Britain anyway, she thinks the four countries that make up the UK are England, England, England & errrrrrr England. One day baby no name will be a King, you've got to ask yourself, King of what? lets say the baby with no name becomes King in 40 years time, yeah wee no name will also be the head of the church of England but in 40 years time this country will be a multi faith nation and more likely than not, the Church of England could well be in the minority by then, its all if and buts at the moment, but its not that far fetched, our borders have been open for so long we could be a nation without an official state church (not that it bothers me) Scotland have a referendum next year, who is to say change won't happen in N.Ireland & Wales, like I said King of what?

    5. Robert Macs Come home Mark

      Robert Macs but ffs don't bring the other 4 million Scots who live down south with you lol

      Robert Macs Continuing on the Royal theme, Knights are suppose to be protectors of the Realm - what fucking chance would we have if Sir Paul, Sir Mick & Sir Elton were to lead us into battle lol

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley hehe

      Robert Macs Breaking news, baby no name is now called George - so much for something different, Liz got her way again, to make matters worse, his middle name is Alexander, my brother won't be pleased at that, thats his middle name ohhhhh his 3rd name is Louie - oh for fuck sake, i've just heard on the news he can change his name when he becomes King - King Spidermacs sounds much better

      Audi Maccafan Please educate me: Pleeeeease don't tell me that the "royal" Family's wealth comes from taxes.

      Audi Maccafan Surely not, right?

      Robert Macs Yip - its the unloyal subjects who pay for all the pomp - watch Robin Hood lol

      Audi Maccafan wow....now I understand why they are called "parasites" -- they're worse than the U.S, Congress

      Robert Macs They even got something like an 11% rise while the rest of the country are being offered 1% its not that they can't afford to take care of themselves, then again why would they spend their own billions when they get our hard earned cash - I've said before, London is the only place that benefits from having the royal parasites.

      Chris Ferguson Yes and no, the Queen receives a "Soverign Grant" which comes from the treasury. The income from all Royal estates is taken by the treasury and a certain amount of that income is given back to the Queen as the Soverign Grant.

      Chris Ferguson The revenue from the royal estates went up last year so the soverign grant will increase by a proportionate amount next year. That's not to say I agree with it but it's not black and white.

      Robert Macs where does the treasury get the money? answer - the people.

      Chris Ferguson No the Soverign Grant is based on the income from the royal estates. I would argue that money should be given to the people rather than the queen though!

      Chris Ferguson My biggest problem is accepting that anyone is born better than anyone else. The money annoys me but the adoration and bowing/curtseying actually bugs me even more. Why the hell should one human being ever bow down to another?

      Audi Maccafan You have touched upon the core of why I resent "royalty." And it baffles me that Americans fawn over them! I say this as objectively as I can: They are just plain idiots.

    6. Funny that Audi should be disgusted with royal titles when he's calling an old hag psychopath "Lady". If he ever slips and just calls her KO, she'll glare darkly at him and remind him that he is to call her a name she certainly does NOT deserve! Even if I, myself, don't like all this stupid royal bullshit, a lady is someone who is a human being. KO isn't even close to that. Demonic and evil as in that witch in the new movie 'The Conjuring' a very hateful and EVIL entity!

      And EL is trying to get a hold of Rahil because of all these comments that mention his name here. I know she's been a bit worried since he was wanting his link removed some months ago. So Rahil, check your emails. EL needs to know if she should delete some comments.

    7. Ah look at that! LOL they're not discussing KO's favorite subject! Herself and her drama! She'll come in and quickly remind them that they need to get back to the most important subject of all! Herself and her fucking drama.

  31. Looking through that thread on MPL and seeing Kapoop's stupidity coming through as big as shit. Plants are living on a cellular level. Enzymes. Things that can be found even in like water DUH but he can't seem to understand a beating heart, with blood flowing through veins and a BEING who has eyes and can see and ears to hear and nerve-endings (because again of the BLOOD) to feel pain and has all these same senses that humans do. Plants do not and they were put upon the earth by God to feed all life! Animals were never meant to be food. Things that grow from the earth are! A potato offers nutrition, a murdered being does not offer nutrition. It's actually poison but I guess Kapoop likes having a huge gut and a warped head. He can't tell the difference between a plant and a sentinent being?

    Kapoop needs to check himself into rehab because that crack pipe he's smoking is gotta be imploded by now!

    1. oh stfu susy and ko..

      always some bullshit excuse about the 'methods' of vegans.


  32. Kathryn O'Connor shared a link via Geeks Are Sexy.
    23 hours ago
    This is for all those geeks in fandom who've been cruel to me: Bratty Bill, Shay Nutter, Ugly Fudgie, Brick the Prick, Fat Kitty, Stu full of poo, Freon the Peon,...all of you...this is a double middle finger from me. (Note I did not include F*rkins the pregnant hooker....she isn't a geek. Just a poseur)
    Nothing to Prove – Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks [Music Video]

  33. Marla Rudas shared Fuck You!! No Fuck You!! Wait Why Are We Fighting? Damn I Forgot's photo.
    22 hours ago

    Kathryn O'Connor true. You help me do that. I'm just reeling from having childhood scars reopened by a bunch of mentally ill geeks.
    22 hours ago

    Marla Rudas *Sigh* I know, sweetie.
    22 hours ago

    Kathryn O'Connor but I do get moments of happiness. I'm just so angry and hate Ugly Fudgie and Fascist Poo so very much. SLut shaming me and all that crap they did.
    10 hours ago

    Marla Rudas Hang on to the happiness, .
    10 hours ago · 1

    Kathryn O'Connor Yep. Besides, I can't let a bunch of losers like that group win. I mean, you're talking the lowest of the nerdy sci-fi groups in MI. Not even allowed to advertise on other groups.
    7 hours ago

    1. Obsessed freak still trying to get attention for herself! And Marla being the eternal drama-leaning stick. A couple of loser sick people.
      btw other sci-fi groups aren't allowed to advertize either! Nice way to twist things to make a non-existent point to the group who banned her pathetic toxic ass! If they're such losers why is still dwelling on them? Her "moments" of happiness must be when she's pushing pins into her little voodoo dolls. Sick little psycho sitting in her sick little room posting her sick little diatribes at people who've seen through her act!

      And no, only KO the Psycho Crazy is "talking" lowly. Nobody else even has anything to do with her!

    2. who've been cruel to me

      OK, let us translate KO's definition of "cruel"...being cruel means not believing everything she tells you. Not being a 24-hour service to her drama. Thinking for yourself. Catching her lies and then telling her that she is a liar. Stepping in to stop her from hurting someone. Not taking her threats and not cowering down before her. Not letting her intimidate you. Not letting her get away with the bullshit she does all the time!

      That is KO's definition of "cruel".

      All those people, nice people too btw, have thought for themselves and not let her railroad them. So she sits and complains about cruelty without even the one tiniest wisp that she's a walking piece of shit that's cruel to any living being that doesn't fit the criteria of being her punching bag and endless supply of blood or lifeforce.
      She sits and whines about cruelty because she just didn't get her way!

      How's that lawyer Audi working out for her? LMAO! It must be really sad that all she gets from him is a servant to bow down to her and call her lady. So why doesn't that make up for anything? Oh yeeeeah, because he can't make the people she hates to be dead!

    3. The Facts are very simple. People in MOWFO got tired of eating the same Regurgitated Shit Sandwich she kept dishing out to everyone. They Revolted and Voted. some voted with there feet and walked away to never come back again, others emailed the MODS of the group and were heard and action was taken. The Kunty K was kicked out on her ass and after she was kicked out she contued to stalk and take craps on peoples facebook pages and try to cont her rage and spreed her STD's to others be it by internet or telephone. She lashes out at MOWFO when ever she feels ignored and wants others to giver her pats on the head and tell her she is a good person and we are all the bad guys..... She talks about things that happen over 3 years ago now like they happen 30 mins ago... She needs to get a life I thought she also claimed she had quit us first and moved on to better things.....



  34. I am not a Geek? BAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAAAA....I am more of a Geek than Kathryn O'Cunter will ever be. The difference is I don't stalk Geeks like that ugly, pathetic, loser, stupid, whiny, friendless BITCH does!

    Still waiting on those threats.....thanks for the laughs!!!

    1. Right I know! She's STILL obsessed with people that she hates that banned her 2 fucking YEARS ago! Still making public indignant outburst about! But the time frame doesn't surprise me, she has stalked other people from the Dirk Benedict sites for a goddamn DECADE! Even longer!

      What her BIG problem is with MOWFO is that #1 she doesn't have an audience anymore to trash talk people to! People like Matt & Linda and #2 she has nowhere to go now and must wait for conventions to roll around so she can be her creepy self walking around naked to get attention in a crowd! #3 she has no one to drain from anymore. Vampires like her must feed off the life-energy from people and MOWFO was at one time a smorgasbord of energy. But she became so toxic that they had to take measures.

      And Brick is a sweet guy! She can insult these people and she's STILL known for what she is! The Psycho One! Psycho K! Crazy Bitch! Misery. Living a miserable life and has just got to try to make everyone else's miserable! Why wouldn't they kick her out? They did the RIGHT THING! And LOL she's still on her childhood trauma soapbox. The only childhood trauma she ever suffered is when mommy and daddy didn't buy her 1000$ worth of toys every day.

    2. Oh and #4 she wants MOWFO to either disband or killed in some some way. Because they are not dead and still among the living and DARING to go on without her toxic ass stinking up the place, she is going to be her bitter, bitter, bitter self and flame them because she can't stop them and she can't kill them.

      Fact is, even if they were dead and she got some idiot to go out and shot them all, she still wouldn't be happy! She'd gloat and still flame them. But she'd STILL bitch about them and what they did to her! Which was rid themselves of her!

  35. stfu you assholes ko and susy

    I don't appreciate being terrorized into being a vegan by fanatic control-freak types. I have a hard enough time sustaining being a semi-vegetarian, but I really try in phases, and to be excoriated and vehemently scorned for my unsatisfactory incomplete efforts is a real turn off. Because it's the best I can do, so far.
    I thought I wouldn't mind being "brain-washed" by those types into doing the right thing but found that their methods put me off. Paul and his Meat Free Monday campaign offer a kinder, gentler alternative to terrorizing fanaticism. I noticed that lately Paul Mc. is speaking up on behalf of a suffering elephant--his love and concern for animals is truly touching, and inspiring.

    Kathryn O:
    I know how you feel, Suzy. It was the attitudes that really turned me off. (I only eat pork out of defiance to religions that abused me as they all hate pork).

    No matter what my efforts were, they were never good enough. (one vegan ended up wearing my spaghetti 30 years ago when I bought the same noodles he always ate and he asked me how do I know there really aren't eggs in it even though the label reads 'vegan'?).

    and having been a vegan and gone back mostly due to the mentality I encountered, that makes me even more of an evil.

    Yes, MFM is a better way. try doing it for a day. (Except for Stella's comments on its launching).
    WOrks more then badgering people. Most of my friends don't eat meat with every meal anyway either.

    what a fucking excuse to eat animals, 'pork' out of 'defiance'?

    can't admit they are too addicted and too weak to stop eating animals, so they make the issue about how 'vegans do them'


  36. what fucking shit is this?


    Kathryn O:
    I'd never believe that my gay friends could marry. Now maybe one day, me and my spouse and her spouse can marry like nature intended.

    someone actually wants to have/has had sex with this turd, far less want to 'marry'?

    1. It's all her fabrications, MaccaFan. Nobody has sex with her. That's why she's always online trolling people. And stalking them.

  37. this disgusting bitch

    Kathryn O'Connor shared Only Beatle Fans Understand's photo.
    5 hours ago
    now kiss for me

    (a pic of Sir Paul and Mick Jagger at some event, chatting)

    Nancy Riley And to think--Linda had them both, AND Jim Morrison!
    3 hours ago

    Audi Maccafan You have a strong stomach, LadyKO. LOL!
    2 hours ago

    again, "LADY"? my ass!

    what the fuck is wrong with all these people?

    1. Who knows what's wrong with them, but you have to remember, she corners them privately and works her poison on them. So in public they say how high when she orders them to jump.
      All Audi would have to see is what she looks like and all the lies she's told him would be apparent. I do know that KO tells people that she's a petit blond exotic dancer. The only thing accurate about that is the petit part as in 4 foot 0 inches height. But everything else is way off the mark! That's a whole lotta crazy smashed into 4 feet.

    2. but audi is a fag, why would how ko looks be a factor to him?..

      but yes, ko is a venomous creature..

    3. My point is, she lies so much to everyone. He probably thinks she's hot. If he ever saw her, he'd know she's a filthy liar with a filthy body and really ugly face. Then he'd know she's not telling the truth. Sometimes it takes very little to expose a liar.

  38. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2715082&highlight=#2715082

    The poor man she's dissing here is Brick. The one she calls a "prick" and this is her acting like some sort of saviour again with her catty little insults.


    Fuck off! Leave Stella alone already! And so much for her whole whining about the shoving shit down throats when she repeats herself over and over and over again hammering her fucking lies down anyone who's stupid enough to listen!

    Like here is the 18,900,874th time she's said this:

    Also she's NEVER EVER been a vegan, nor macrobiotic, nor anything she claims! She has always eaten like the monster she is.

    The reference to being abused by a religion is another flaming example of her twisted delusions! She's made forums miserable with her anti-Catholic freak shit, now the JEWS are being accused of abusing her! Next she'll claim that the Bhuddists have abused her!


    This is her ultimate delusional fantasy world she lives in. The pscyho refers to Mike & Marla there. Who are a married couple, but they don't have sex with that skank KO, they don't "swing" they don't "share" each other. They are so convinced they need to humor her and feed into her fantasy but in reality there's nothing of the like going on.
    They're stupid to feed into the psychopath thinking they are being "supportive" because in the real world, it can only end badly when she decides she's going to take it a step further. KO goes totally terroristic when she's rejected. Ask Dirk about that cruise. Or anyone else she's stalked. Start there and see what's a matter of public record now. Geee, ya think it might not be a good idea to encourage the delusional sack of shit?!!?

    Hello, M&M have you ever seen Fatal Attraction? Helloooo? Idiots.

    And IF nature had intended such tripe as three people being married, why doesn't the bitch just move to Utah?

  39. I love how so many of these folks from Paul's board are bitching and moaning about how other board members are turning the board bad, when they have their little "board clique" and it shows every time they post on any thread and if you haven't posted tons of times then OMG you aren't a real Paul fan or a newbie that doesn't know jack.

    1. That Retard Macs clique is a small group of bitter old assholes who couldn't get laid if they had millions and they have NO life and KO is leading the way of Loserville Sorry Sack Bag. They bitch because they've failed to get everyone to jump on that sick bandwagon and force the KO-KoolAid down the throats of most Macca fans. They need to go on with their little marching asses, dragging them down Shame Street.

  40. LOL issues much?

    Kathryn O'Connor
    about an hour ago
    To all my detractors. I'm looking at you, Bratty Bill and that creepy miss of a girlfriend, Ugly Fudgie, Fascist F*ck*r, Babynut, Bad Kitty, Shay Nutter, Pregnant Hooker, and all those cyber douchebags who just watch me all day with nothing better to do with their lives, answer me this:
    I have a job where the bulk of my duties is that I deal with the public. It turns out not only am I good at my job, but I excel at it and am very popular with our customers. Enough that many ask for me by name each and every day and will line up to talk with me just for that smile I bring into their lives.
    If I'm such the bad person you all try and make me out to be, then why do they all like me so much and I'm so good at what I do?

    Crickets. You're all too stupid to have any answer that isn't written by a 10-year old mentality. It just is one more thing that shows how wrong you are about me.

    Audi Maccafan (crickets chirping)
    41 minutes ago

    1. Well it seems that KO is on another rampage. Getting ignored and can't stand it. Her rant there is pretty much on par with a ten year old. A very sick, mentally ill 10 year old.

      Number 1, people cannot stand her at the place she works. The ONLY reason she even has a job there is because the owner is friends with her mother and that keeps her psycho daughter out of trouble all day. He is only playing babysitter because the mother cannot deal with her crazy ass 24-7. So what if he puts her to good use by making her stock shelves and run a register? And she doesn't deal with the public, she is kept from running her mouth to them by the boss himself! Ask JJ about her sometime. There! There's the truth! He is merely keeping her occupied during the day so she woun't go out and act like a psycho. Cruise anyone? She wasn't kept on a leash and so, the rest is a matter of public record now. She got thrown off the cruise for threatening other passengers and harassing Dirk Benedict. With a steel dildo no less!

      Number 2, all of the shit she just posted is another example of her contradictory twistings. Crickets and then she throws in some bit about being answered by 10 year old mentality. Well make up your fucking mind! And for the record, nobody has to dignify her stupid shit with an answer to begin with because NONE of it is even remotely true about what she says about people "lining up" to see her. FFS! It's all a fabrication. You'd think in this digital age, with all this "popularity" she claims to have that someone could simply upload a fucking youtube video of her "fans" fawning all over her. Or get any subtainial evidence to even ONE thing she claims! But it's not there. Why? Because she's a pathetic liar with no life and still focusing on people who've thrown her ass to the curb!

      Number 3, she attacks even Bill's girlfriend and just like Bill's girlfriend, all of the people she's attacking there have never done anything to her. KO is the one who started shit with them! And FTR nobody "watches" her all day. This is another fine example of how she'll post her garbage and then alert everyone to it, or send out emails with the same content! People just simply CANNOT get away from her! She stalks them! And those who are members of MPL have every right to read what's there. She is invading their forum after all.

      It's like Stu said:

      It's also hard to get her to stop being an asshole when she's immune to shame. NameNotHere and his wife coined a term for delusional people. It came from figure skating. If you've ever watched some skater doing some routine to an obscure movie soundtrack tune with some vaguely associated costume, but you haven't seen the movie, then as an observer, you're lost. But the skater goes along as if everyone is in on the story. We call it their "head movie." That extends to many other facets of life. Kathryn is rolling one HELL of a head movie where everyone who "really" knows her loves her and everyone who hates her is a mentally deficient incompetent; she hobnobs with celebrities who breathlessly read every word she writes and are in on her "story," thinking she's brilliant. You might also call it "a crock."

      He put it perfectly!

    2. No Audi, no crickets chirping. Roars of laughter and lots of shaking heads and facepalms.

    3. Ken Urry
      Susy is a doozy who's writing can read quite boozy a floozy I'd like to bruisy artistically with my shoezy til she's woozy.

      I feel another song coming on
      Claire O'Connor likes this.

      Robert Macs Is it a love song to Susy?

      Ken Urry Yes, yes it will be. She PM'd me and said she can't stand my avatar and said it made me look stupid and that is gives all Americans on the board a bad name! lol Can't believe she just came out and said that to me, what is with that woman!? Fuck off Suzy. My avatar there is awesome, it's called having fun.

      Ken Urry I didn't even dignify her w a response, my response will come musically, in good time. It's a shame I'm so busy at work (actually that's a good thing but...), it actually may be a while... But it's comin.

      Ken Urry I'm thinking of bringing a little life to this track in this matter. plain and simple rhyme built to diss? you guys like, or should I write something else? using this backing will just save me time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZDmn4Oi5TE

      Iz The Mic Hot?? (11/12 Music feat. Canary Robbery)
      Carlo - Beats, Turn-table Vibe Mello - Bass, Keyboard KPU - Guitar Recorded by 11/12 Music @ Fine Vinyl Studios

      Audi Maccafan Good strategy, Ken. It's a trap, my friend. Don't fall for the provocation.

      Ken Urry No way man, I'll use it as inspiration to create music! and put one of these little odds n ends (sods) I have to good use.

      Robert Macs She has a cheek to douse anyones avatar - look at the one she had for years, i thought she was Chinese lol I think you're avatar is wacky n cool Ken, I thought Susy said she liked wacky? as for giving Americans a bad name ffs what a stupid cow, tell her to fuck off and go play with a train.

      Ken Urry exactly. my avatar is a goof, have fun with what you do, thats my approach. people who want to get to know me will know whats up.

      Ken Urry She definitely has a cheek, well said my man.

      Robert Macs She's a sad sad woman with nothing much going for her, her so called love for McCartney has given her a life as a old maid, even now she still has dreams of being with him, i'm afraid she's just another one of Macca's fruitcake fans with a face only a Mother could love.

      Audi Maccafan what genre shall he choozy -- perhaps, bluesy? (groooooan)

      Jon Stammers Your last couple of avatars have been really good, Ken, I have to say!

      Kathryn O'Connor Wow, I was going to point out on one of the veggie threads, Suzy talked about how mean-spirited vegans who belittle her to become vegan had finally put her off. Jee, I wonder who that could have been. I thought maybe she was growing but to PM someone and insult their avatar....didn't someone get kicked off the board for their PMs to someone? and Robert Macs, I think it's your fault she still has that dancing avatar. She got rid of it and we were having that thread WHICH ONE OF US IS PAUL. The thread that made me hate her . We all were having fun making guesses and pretending that we all could tell who was Paul and she took it seriously. I remember you told her that Paul liked that avatar and she put it back. then she went berserk on all of us.

      Kathryn O'Connor Oh, and when Paul married Nancy, it was suzy and Harley who both expressed negative opinions. Go figure on that

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley didnt macca famously say somthing like 'if suzyhouses had glass walls EVERYONE would fuck animals instead'????...cant remember the exact quote....hehe

    4. This was posted twice so I removed the duplicate. Anyway, I don't concern myself with Suzy as she's been on MPL for a long long time. I remember her first appearance there and thought she was a little strange. She's convinced Paul is lurking on MPL. But KO addresses him directly on MPL AND on her shitty LJ so KO is far more fanatical and crazy than Suzy is. And I can tell you that when KO first showed up at MPL, the ONLY thing she ever posted about was the same thing you see now; crap about other people, she went on and on about that cruise (that I know far more about now than I did when she first invaded) and about Dirk Benedict and his fans. That's all she posted about except for a few scattered comments about Paul's private parts.

      I do recall one thread she started talking about her armpit hair. KO grossed out the members and they removed that thread. Then she pm'd everyone complaining that she was being "picked on" so she's been far more on the crazy train than Suzy has ever shown. Not that I'm a big fan of Suzy, but on a scale of who breaks the crazy meter, KO breaks it to TILT while Suzy probably has about a 6 or 7.

      As for Harley, why is KO dissing her now? She was sucking up to her not less than a few weeks ago because she got closer to Paul than she'll ever be and wants to be going with her next time. What I hear, the bitch even offered to share expenses if she'd take KO with her to see Paul. Don't know what came of that.

    5. That idiot Dynamite, his remarks about the face only a mother could love...maybe he should take a look at KO? Or his own face?

      And of course there's KO thinking that if anyone agrees with her that they must be "growing"! HA! The narcissist never ceases to have that God complex. KO is so self-righteous!

    6. How ironic.....KO bashes Freon, who is well loved in the con community, yet she is following him on her FB page. Hilarious....

    7. 'big men' with nothing better to do, pathetic.

      Kathryn O'Connor Oh, and when Paul married Nancy, it was suzy and Harley who both expressed negative opinions. Go figure on that
      Yesterday at 4:25pm · Like

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley didnt macca famously say somthing like 'if suzyhouses had glass walls EVERYONE would fuck animals instead'????...cant remember the exact quote....hehe
      Yesterday at 4:50pm · Like · 2

      Ken Urry I've got a rough demo done dudes and dudettes. hilarious. actually sort of mean spirited, should work out
      2 hours ago · Like

      Ken Urry hoping to get it recorded SOON!
      2 hours ago · Like

      Ken Urry sent the demo to Audi Maccafan and Jon Stammers already for their initial thoughts, so far so good.
      2 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan It's scathing, my good peeps. In that inimitable kapoo way.
      about an hour ago · Edited · Like · 2

  41. KO with more of her slagging the Catholics and painting that psycho picture of hers about them.

    Not to mention everything she says is a lie. None of this came out during her Dirk obsessing years.
    To profess how deeply moved she claims to be by the Beatles or anything to do with them, it's strange she never once brought any of this up when she was busy
    talking about Dirk Benedict, Battlestar Galactica, and all that stuff.

    And a note to Rahil.

    People here have been nothing but nice to you, stuck up for you and you still demand that others block them from fb and talk down to them. You've made demands of them and then got shitty with them. So you're not all that perfect. Diane was told to block some peopleand you've blocked people for no reason than they wouldn't hide some link somewhere. Like it makes any difference. You can feel free to ask EL to remove my comment. I suspect you've been rude to her too for no reason other than a brat not getting his way.

    1. If Rahil contacts me and asks me to remove your comment, I can edit out the part about him as you are leaving that as an open suggestion. I do know someone who was having a pleasant conversation with Diane and that was cut short and it being a case of the same tactic KO pulls with ordering people to block anyone who might say something. But in this case the person didn't deserve that. There was nothing against Rahil even going on. But yes we have been supportive of him or anyone who KO targets. We know how fucked up the bitch KO is.

      I do recall taking down a link concerning Rahil. I had to make sure people who had already seen it, knew for a fact that he was a real person and not Astrid as that was KO's shitty ploy at that time. To accuse him of being her and vice versa. Most of that happened on livejournal though. I think there's even a screenshot but one person actually did get a pm from KO's stupid ass trying to make them believe Astrid was Rahil and I can definitely vouche that is NOT the case. They're two totally different people and they have two totally different lifestyles. I can bet money on that.

  42. suddenly a 'witch' (wannabe) again...


    Kathryn O'Connor shared The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe's photo.
    3 hours ago
    Yep. Even to those b*tch*s who make fun of me. but then, their parents need to be b*tch*d slapped for raising them wrong.

    1. Looks like the bitch who spawned that filthy KO should have been slapped so hard for giving an unholy birth to begin with! Didn't anyone tell old hag Shirley that having sex with Charles Manson wasn't a good idea?

      And WHY does she always have to disguise her damned cuss words? If's she typing them out, she's already saying them so why hide letters with a fucking * * * ??? What a hypocrite.

  43. KO's House of Horror....not in Detroit! She was doxed and her info is not prvate. Certainly not a million dollar home!


  44. someone has 'talent' insecurities for sure.. keeps having to 'announce' about 'talent' in every 'effort' he comes out with to try to diss others with..
    one of the most talentless oafs has no right speaking about others and about 'talent'..

    (the attack on susy)

    Audi Maccafan It's scathing, my good peeps. In that inimitable kapoo way.
    8 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2

    Ken Urry You Shouldn't Play With Fire. http://youtu.be/I94NdMdFixo

    You Shouldn't Play With Fire
    Muzak by KPU, VibeMello, Carlo 'the King of the Beat' Lyrix by KPU Guitar & Voca...
    See More
    6 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor You know the moment you post this on the board, the mole will alert the mods who will remove it. and who knows what else. (They probably wouldn't have cared otherwise)
    6 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Yeah I don't even think I'm going to go there with it.. although I should be able to, it's totally 'sanitized', doesn't name names. Be we all know what's what
    5 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Ken Urry I think Macca would dig it!
    5 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Ken Urry You know what blows, I just thought of a lyrical rhyming improvement... 'Valiantly try to underhand and.. '. oh well.
    5 hours ago via mobile · Like

    1. "you shouldn't play with fire
      you blood sucking vampire
      it's like you're wired to be a liar for hire it's so transparent
      that my skills you admire and desire em
      conspiring gets you nowhere
      I've got no fear of tearin you up and leave you in a dyer quagmire
      I'll pull your card with pliers
      you got too many priors
      you shouldn't play with fire
      you shouldn't play with fire

      you picked a fight with the best and I'll get it off of my chest
      cause you can't handle someone with talent valiantly try to minimize
      and no I can't stand it rhythmic avalanches landing on the blandest of lasses
      with mind slow like molasses

      and if they ask who's she
      she's a boozy floozy
      we gonna bruizy with our shoezies keep doing in til she's woozy
      no confusing things
      word this loser who brings
      out the best in me
      so now let's just sing

      you shouldn't play with fire
      you blood sucking vampire
      it's like you're wired to be a liar for hire it's so transparent
      that my skills you admire and desire em
      conspiring gets you nowhere
      I've got no fear of tearin you up and leave you in a dyer quagmire
      I'll pull your card with pliers
      you got too many priors
      you shouldn't play with fire
      Canary Robbery style"


      LOL, this loser kapoop trying to call someone else a loser.. pathetic...
      the word is 'dire'
      and aww, the big baby has to 'get it off his chest' anytime someone maybe reminds him of how stupid he is.

  45. ADULTS with nothing better to do.

    Kathryn O'Connor You know the moment you post this on the board, the mole will alert the mods who will remove it. and who knows what else. (They probably wouldn't have cared otherwise)
    Yesterday at 8:06pm · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Yeah I don't even think I'm going to go there with it.. although I should be able to, it's totally 'sanitized', doesn't name names. Be we all know what's what
    Yesterday at 8:22pm via mobile · Like

    Ken Urry I think Macca would dig it!
    Yesterday at 8:23pm via mobile · Like

    Ken Urry You know what blows, I just thought of a lyrical rhyming improvement... 'Valiantly try to underhand and.. '. oh well.
    Yesterday at 8:33pm via mobile · Like

    Ken Urry Go figure someone disliked the song can't imagine who that could be.. I swear, Susy and Rahil would dislike freaking Helter Skelter if Paul said something bad about them or vegetarians.., fucking idiots. That'd be a good song: Fucking Idioits. Nah.
    13 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Audi Maccafan I did it...damn dyslexia.
    12 hours ago · Like

    Ken Urry are you being serious?
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Audi Maccafan Really, Ken? No!!!! LOL!
    12 hours ago · Like

    Ken Urry Lol I'm a bad judge of online sarcasm
    12 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Kathryn O'Connor It's the mole.
    11 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor Oh, here's what Suzy said about vegetarians recently on the board. I sweat it's about Rahil. "I don't appreciate being terrorized into being a vegan by fanatic control-freak types. I have a hard enough time sustaining being a semi-vegetarian, but I really try in phases, and to be excoriated and vehemently scorned for my unsatisfactory incomplete efforts is a real turn off. Because it's the best I can do, so far.
    I thought I wouldn't mind being "brain-washed" by those types into doing the right thing but found that their methods put me off. Paul and his Meat Free Monday campaign offer a kinder, gentler alternative to terrorizing fanaticism. I noticed that lately Paul Mc. is speaking up on behalf of a suffering elephant--his love and concern for animals is truly touching, and inspiring.
    11 hours ago · Like

    Audi Maccafan how quickly they turn
    11 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry She may officially have zero friends now.
    11 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor I was wondering if she refriended Audi yet. that's where I looked down upon her. Letting Rahil tell her who her friends can and can't be. My friends are still friends with people that made me want to commit suicide. I'm not happy about it but they have the right to choose who they want (they don't side with them and have shown me that). No one can pick another's friend
    11 hours ago · Like

    Ken Urry yeah, herc is friends with Suzy and I don't hold it against him. ..well I sort of do.
    11 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs People write songs about others all the time, Paul's done it many a time to, If it was my choice i'd post the song, put it this way, its not everyday someone writes a song about you, Susy should be grateful to you Ken for putting a trollop like her in a song - As for the mole, fuck that arse-hole, I've narrowed it down to 4 people, i will remove all 4 if you guys want that?? personally speaking, the dumbfuck shot itself in the foot posting our stuff, Alan Greig might be a complete waste of space but he's not daft, do you guys really think he's interested in what goes on elsewhere, he's only interested in the Macca forum - and the good news is, he know these sick bastard now exist lol all together now, lets all laugh at the mole, what a tit lol
    9 hours ago · Like · 1

    1. Ken Urry Exactly, and honestly that's part of the reason I never explicitly name her/them in the song, don't want to do her that much service.. It's the general aura that is in the songs. Plus I learned from JL being too specific can sometimes work against you in the long run. Not that it really matters for my underground ass lol
      8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan here's another tip: don't type "hypocrite" using orange (unless the subject actually IS a hypocrite).
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs Once i get some time, maybe a few minutes, i'll write a song about her lol
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Ken Urry Macs, truth told you're one of if not the best WRITER among us! Painted Ladies bro!
      8 hours ago via mobile · Like

      Ken Urry Actually KO is pretty damn good too, all of us in different ways
      8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

      Robert Macs high praise indeed Ken - honestly mate i only doodle and yes we are all good in our own ways, none of us are followers like the idiot mole on here
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Ken Urry Telling it like it is!
      7 hours ago via mobile · Like

      Robert Macs will try and get the song done b4 the football - lol
      7 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs cheers mate.
      7 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs you're excellent with words & music
      7 hours ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor Thanks for the kind words, Ken Urry. I started sharing my stories in '09. For about three years it was an online paradise for me. Then one of those doucebags, one who goes by the name of Diane F*rkins, or as Marla's husband calls her, the girl who badly needs to buy a vowel, found those groups and turned the tide against me. She's a pregnant hooker and her story as to why she follows me is weird. (Yes, she and I know each other in real life). but her actions taught me something about England, Ireland, Scotland, vs the rest of the world. All my friends that hail from those islands said to me, "Well, I've known you for years already and you've never caused me trouble." Every single one including Allen G. EVerybody from everyfuckingwhere else said, "Bye. I know the truth about you now." SO it said something to me about the peoples from a certain land vs everywhere else
      7 hours ago · Like · 2

      Audi Maccafan Misogyny amongst women is quite real, unfortunately.
      7 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs ok here come the song - was in a bit of a rush, feel free to amend i even done it without a name check lol
      7 hours ago · Like


    2. Robert Macs

      She can bite with her teeth
      She can roll with her eyes
      She can ruin a thread with her casual lies
      And she only reveals her nipples to see
      She looks like a Chinky
      But she's always a fruitcake to me

      She can lead people on
      She can take you and hump you
      She can do oral sex
      But she'll never swallow
      And she'll take it up the arse, as long as its big
      Yeah, she squeals like a pig
      But she's always a fruitcake to me

      Oh-she takes care of her hair
      She looks like a bear
      She's gives head all the time
      Oh-and she's always open
      And she lets anyone in
      She just yelps all the time

      And she'll promise you more
      Than the local street whore
      Then she'll carelessly bend over
      And cry like a bleedin hyena
      But she'll say you're the best
      And better than the rest
      Blame it on her hormones
      Cause she's always a fruitcake to me

      Oh-she takes care of her hair
      She looks like a bear
      She's gives head all the time
      Oh-and she's always open
      And she lets anyone in
      She just yelps all the time

      She is frequently nude
      And she never looks good
      She can growl like a bear
      Though she looks like a pig
      And she can't be dethroned
      She's lost that long ago
      And the most she will do
      Is anything you want
      But she's always a fruitcake to me
      Like · · Follow Post · 7 hours ago
      Seen by 10
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      Audi Maccafan Macs: The Master Of Innuendo
      7 hours ago · Like · 1

      Ken Urry Oh wow lol the roast is on! Hilarious and awesome how close you worked with the lines to the Billy Joel song, clever dude! Like 'ahead of her time' and 'gives head all the time' lol and a lot of other examples, classic Macs
      6 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

      Ken Urry I'm with you on trying to find time for stuff like this... 30mins here, 15mins there... Gets rough. I wrote mine here and there but then literally only had about 15mins to record it, which means 0mins to actually try to mix it. Hence it sounds like it does.. But good enough.
      6 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

      Robert Macs takes a bow and goes back to the game, 0-0 ht Mark. big Sammy is the only one who wants to take anyone on - pretty even at the mo - laters..
      5 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs Could one of you guys post it on the board?? no names were mentioned so it should be ok lol
      5 hours ago · Like

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley inspired by your genius ive started me own macs...can you guess the song ........
      5 hours ago · Like

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley She unscrews the top of a new white rum bottle
      And turns on her laptop to write a shite novel
      Like some kind of witch with blue fingers in mittens
      She smells like the cat and the neighbours she sickens,
      The 'maccaboard' profile has long seen her picture
      The hideous output a permanent fixture,
      She looks like joan rivers and thats being kind to her
      She sends off her PM to the poodles who bind her
      5 hours ago · Like · 2

      Ken Urry Nice lol can't place the song but you nailed it
      4 hours ago via mobile · Like

      Robert Macs Squeeze - Labeled with love
      4 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs brilliant Mark lollllllllllll
      4 hours ago · Like

      Chris Atkinson LOL you guys!
      3 hours ago · Like

      Chris Atkinson It is a great song Ken....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j34KrI0m9WE

      squeeze labelled with love
      squeeze labelled with love is a good song
      3 hours ago · Like · 1

      Ken Urry I like that, great song! Never heard it before, or can't recall.. But now I can say Lazy def nailed it!
      2 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    3. "Ken Urry - Go figure someone disliked the song can't imagine who that could be.."

      aww, it's such a GENIUS PIECE OF WORK, that NO ONE with 2 EARS or 2 EYES would find it to be what it really is, right?
      a load of crap.

      "Kathryn O'Connor - I was wondering if she refriended Audi yet. that's where I looked down upon her."

      who the fuck are you KO to look down upon ANYONE?
      and why should Susy 'refriend' Audi if he is part of this gang that insults people including Susy?
      if Rahil warned her about Audi and the others insulting her behind her back, then i see nothing wrong with advising her to beware of them (and hence block them).

    4. everyone here should go click the 'dislike' button under his crap 'song' so he can know how stupid it really is.


      Kathryn O'Connor shared a link via Audi Maccafan.
      18 hours ago

      You Shouldn't Play With Fire
      Muzak by KPU, VibeMello, Carlo 'the King of the Beat' Lyrix by KPU Guitar & Vocals - KPU Drums & Turntables - Carlo Keyboards - Vibe Mello Recorded @ O'Boogi...
      Ken Urry likes this.

      Ken Urry we gonna bruizy with our shoezies keep doing in til she's woozy lol certainly no confusing things
      18 hours ago


    5. Robert Macs Squeeze were a great band, wrote some really catchy songs.
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley actually to two songs basterdised here my macs and me are two of my all time favourite NON beatle related songs ever...and yes macs squeeze where a brilliant band..i love many of their songs
      6 hours ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor I thought Suzy didn't have sex....and it offended her....
      56 minutes ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor I'd write more about how Suzy gets offended at other's innuendos but then makes her own and says it's okay
      55 minutes ago · Like

    6. oh get over your stupid self


      Kathryn O'Connor shared Crazy shit's photo.
      11 minutes ago
      This is to the cyber douchebags who like to post kiss my ass as a response to anything I say that is on target....

    7. Everything, every_goddamn_thing she ever posts is TO the people she hates! We just totally inhabit her delusional warped world so rent free that everyday we can rest assured that she is waking up with groans and moans about us! And for fuck sakes! She's STILL going on about a screencap saying "Kiss My Ass!" wonder what she would do if someone posted a "Fuck off a die in a fire" screencap?
      Might be worth looking into, eh?

      Oh and LOL nice way to alienate old Kapoop and Audi with her U.K. shit. They're not from there and have kissed queenie's ass but she doesn't seem to acknowledge them as highly as Alan Greig! Go figure!

    8. Kathryn O'Connor I'd write more about how Suzy gets offended at other's innuendos but then makes her own and says it's okay
      14 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs Kath - the thought of her having sex in a song will offend her even more lol :))
      12 hours ago · Like

      Nancy Riley I hope I never get on you guys' bad side! LOL! Macs & Mark--you should take it on the road!
      4 hours ago · Like

    9. LOL
      everyone is 'crazy' but her


      Kathryn O'Connor shared The Renaissance Woman's photo.
      3 hours ago
      and some of these people I know should be committed

      Kathryn O'Connor
      2 hours ago
      hmmmm..."“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That's the message he is sending.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

      Yeah, I already knew that one. The question is where do I send the douchebags for help?
      2 people like this.

      Imagine Do LOLOLOL
      2 hours ago

    10. HA! KO should know the place by heart! The Asylum where she escaped has to still be there. Maybe one day they'll go and fetch her and put her back in the little padded room?

    11. Robert Macs Kath - the thought of her having sex in a song will offend her even more lol :))
      Yesterday at 11:46am · Like

      Nancy Riley I hope I never get on you guys' bad side! LOL! Macs & Mark--you should take it on the road!
      18 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs Susy can be our groupie - Mark you can have her
      44 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Nancy Riley ROTFLMAO!
      32 minutes ago · Like

  46. What's sad about Retard Macs is that he is absolutely a follower and his bully gang are followers all along. The KO-KoolAid is thick in their gizzards. The KO shit thick on their faces from being up her ass all day.

    Really if a group of people warn about KO, you'd think this idiot would listen. Nope. Not the braindead. Go on ahead and rip yourself, losers. Do not bother to come crying, know what I mean?

    His lyrics are nothing but shit and obviously he has issues regarding sex. I guess he's not had any sheep for a long time. Lord knows he has no charm to speak of. He's like that creep you see sitting in corners at pubs making hideous remarks at random. He's just plain vile. Him and KO are a perfect match!

    FTR Diane didn't do shit! People that know the truth about KO know the truth without any help! Gee do you think it could be because they have brains and can read and can see crazy coming from a mile away? DUH! Her whole mind game of suicide and childhood trauma is a fucking broken record. The people (like Alan Greig) that seem to turn a blind eye) don't know her! It's the ones that DO know what she is that she is most obsessed about!

    KO does look down on everyone. It's the way she's always been. People just get tired of it.

    BTW Retard Macs overtly sleazey lyric is a song totally about KO! She's always walking around naked in con rooms, and all that other stuff he said - THAT'S KO in a fucking nutshell!

    1. Yeah it's hilarious how she thinks the entire countries of Ireland, Scotland and England are all on her side! That's some vanity and DELUSION right there! What have they "taught" her? That she can manipulate people from these countries easily? Bitch get over yourself! I know plenty of people who fucking can't stand her who ARE from those very countries. I know RetardMacs ain't got any friends outside of the few who can stand him.

      Funny that Audi speaks of misogyny when KO's the biggest one of them all! Such a cunt. Why aren't these so-called men who claim to be real not picking up on the KO mind games? Why can't they see? OH but that's right, their heads are in her ass up there about 9 miles. Kinda hard to see through that thick toxic shit.
      And watch KO get Retard boy all singing Alan Grieg's praises and he seems quite deluded. I can assure everyone that Alan is aware of a sick bastard alright - it's name being Robert Macs! So there's the real news. Not the deluded watered down version that Retard boy seems to want to wallow in. KO shit and deluded theories mixed together makes him look like a shit lake.
      And he's got plenty of it too! Quite full of it.

    2. That Lazy's little lyric is also more about KO than anyone else! LOL! HA! Who else goes around claiming to be a witch? And who else writes shit novels? Catkick is one big rambling shit novel if you ever seen one! Oy!

  47. Robert Macs

    I was sifting through the board looking for some of my stories and news section - all are gone apart from the odd post, I must have really got to them in one way or another lol one day soon when i return i'll be telling them what i really think of them - oh thats right i've done that already oh molesey come out to play, molesey come out to play, you should copy and paste this & send it to Mr Porky Chops to pre warn him i'm returning under a new name, checco sounds good, what do you think molesey?

    Mark Lazydynamite Bradley i have been posting on there for 7 months now....i changed my tactics and it worked a treat...of course i am nowhere near as controversial as i used to be however the fact that they have not rumbled me gives me great satisfaction...dont tell anyone macs though [keep it secret for now].........i would advise you to change 'country' if you want to get through fattyputs security!!!

    Kathryn O'Connor the mole might try and out you so don't give away your name to any of us

    1. Robert Macs Mark - I have changed my country Kath - It doesn't matter if Molesey knows who I am on the board, I'm happy to say Moleseys credibility is right out the window on the board after what happened with Simplybanned

      Kathryn O'Connor hmmmm....you might be right....and it's so nice to be able to talk about veganism without him

      Robert Macs As long as its a level playing field it wouldn't have bother me if he was there or not - i'm a meat eater and couldnt care less what people think about that, the same goes for veggies, do what you're happy with but don't preach, nothing worse than someone preaching practices, i can't give up ciggies n booze never mind meat lol

      "nice to be able to talk about veganism without him"


  48. It's simply Retard Macs picking through his shit again hoping to find his brains. I don't see how anyone lost credibility over what Rahil posted. If anything all they did was show what a bunch of assholes KO KoolAid group is.
    And yes it's really some damn nerve she's got talking about vegan anything. KO has offered NOTHING intelligent or any kind of comprehensive thought to the subject whatsoever!

    All KO has done as far as the vegan topic goes is; complain about what Stella said, complain about some random strangers in Detroit that nobody knows or even cares to look into, and bitch about what Rahil says. That's it!

    And funny that Retard Macs thinks because of Rahil's silence that he must be banned. I have seen Rahil take off for weeks at a time and not post a thing when shit's been going on the boards. Shit, mind you, that has all been an ongoing process since KO showed up. Coincidence? Absolutely NOT!

    1. Well my latest post / blog does have some further info regarding KO's shit-stirring tactics. I also have the latest whiny youtube link there of Kapoop having a meltdown over his avatar. I mean, Susy may not be smart enough to pick up on things, but to go that drama-drastic over an avatar is really something. I can only hope that Kapoop can get a clue, a grip, a hold of some kind of smack upside his head that people can also respond in kind to the way worse shit KO has done and is still doing.

    2. And it is really telling that a bunch of people have warned about KO and the idiot minions still didn't listen. Reminds me of that incident involving a spelunker who went into a part of the cave that the others would not go into. That chamber or cavern or whatever it was had a reputation and it wasn't good. But this one jackass who just knew it all decided to go anyway. When they found him, he was catatonic. He ended up institutionalized. Whatever he saw in that cave, he lost his mind.

      But he knew what he was doing alright! Yeah he just had it all figured out. This Retard Macs penis drip has obviously never been introduced to a real psychopath before like KO. Let him learn the hard way.

  49. bwahahaha, rmacs removed adrian allan from the secret fb group just because adrian has been posting veggie/animal rights stuff on fb ('which is too much like 'simplyatit''s posts on MPL') !

    rm stated this as his reason!