Thursday, August 1, 2013

KO's Douchebag Minion Posts Tincan Singing & Creepy Sleazy Lyrics

Mind you, these idiots of imbecilic drippings are supposed to be grown men. However the member Susy on Macca's forum had apparently insulted... wait for it... one of their AVATARS *GASP* !! How dare !

These creeps who are literally the epitome of gagging at gnats and swallowing camels have let KO literally do all their thinking for them and they cannot see the forest (of armpit hair) for the trees growing in it ! So Suzy is now the subject of attack and who got this thing to going ? Why KO of course. Kapoop; the angry follower who jumped on that KO bandwagon and swallowed the KO KoolAid has been busy with his time in the futile nonsense of bashing KO's enemies. He started his white-knighting a total stalking psychopath because he's an idiot. This is the guy who has a problem with anyone insulting his avatar to the degree that he's dedicated a WHOLE song to that person. This is him and his precious little avatar. Gotta laugh at someone who spends his time on a micro bullying group bitching about people on another forum for the privilege of having a banned bully like Robert Macs and his queenie KO approve of him while using the slightest of slights against him as cannon fodder to help stroke the ego of the little troll whose head is so far up the ass of KO that he can chew her lunch for her.

Can we say NO LIFE ? Sure ! It applies there. Retard Mac's still sitting in his deep dark corner of his cave having his little prick problems also writing up loads of lyrics. Gotta laugh at the hours that must have taken. Most of which accentuate the fact he's not ever going to be laid again. Someone told him to not wear those kilts. The pollution of the air around his little cave isn't needed. Think of the poor bats! Not enough guano to mask the smell of Retard Macs. Or KO coming through the screen. Cracking that screen.

So here is Kapoop's little sad video. Erm. Ooookay. Sounds like a tribute to KO actually ! It fits.

In the last blog there were a lot of comments detailing their little war with MPL members who they seem to think are the losers while they are still banned but somehow think that Alan Grieg sides with them. Really ? That's some delusional KO brainwashing going on in there ! She's infected them ALL ! KO stirs the shit at MPL then runs to these losers and gets them all fucked up. Then runs back and talks shit about them. Yet they can't seem to put two and two together. Cavemen can be quite thick. I wonder if Susy would be smart enough to say something about KO telling her that that idiot's avatar sucked. I wonder if Susy would even remember how the mind fuck worked. You see folks, KO sent another PM to another member there regarding Kapoop. Would LOVE to post that but I was asked not to, for the time being. But it's already out of the bag. I am withholding the copy of the letter KO sent to unsaid member because the person would automatically be exposed and KO would definitely come after him/her. Not even going to say the gender.

But here is another letter that someone sent to me for sharing. Who is a friend to someone that knows Blasted Bill. He thanks everyone for defending his friend as he is another innocent in this KO shit war that her whole life is about causing and I was given permission to share this. I quite agree with it. This is in regards to KO's bullshit Drama Queen postings on facebook where she names everyone in another endless poor-me drama shit storm of self-pity with the same boring routine of attention whoring.

Bill's friend writes;

I cannot believe how obsessed she is with (Bill, Missy, etc.)!
 That's really sick because if everyone were such a loser why does she
 care if they are "wrong" about her? Why would her job or her
 fabricated populatity be such a big deal to people who don't even
 matter and who are (as she claims) 10 years old?

 The whole thing where she's all "I'm just reeling from childhood
 trauma" blah blah blah
...I swear it's like watching a really bad
 parody of herself! I could write up a hyperbole better than that!

Here let me try!

I'm just reeling from all the times they burned crosses on my lawn and
 threatened to rape the horses in front of my poor little eyes that
 were surgically replaced due to them stabbing them with forks when I
 was a mere infant! They reopened all those wounds when they didn't
 come to my work to observe how popular I am with the one employee who
 works all naked! They should have never banned me because of how
 wonderful I am and they should have realized how much they need ME ME

 Really her brainwashing methods need some work. Okay a LOT of work
 because those people (some of them I know) got rid of her because she
 is TOXIC. No matter what, she'd always repeat the same slanderous
 stories about people (some whom they didn't even know) and she was
 always wanting an audience to her constant bitching about them. They
 just had enough and finally got rid of her in the way
 that she wouldn't infest them anymore. So here she is still doing this
 crap and her obsessive tactics aren't winning anyone over. It's the
 very thing they got rid of her for in the first place.

Incidently she's been "reeling" for over 2 years now. SMH.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that KO's drama is so fucking old, tiresome and phony that we'd all cheer if someone would put her out of her misery and out of all our lives for good ! It's just that simple of how loathesome she is.

Oh and before I forget... NICE Dox on the psycho KO ! The House of Horrors indeed.


  1. Definitely needs to work on his singing. And writing. And well everything else. Mind you guys, this is all over an avatar. Okie dokie.

    1. sounds like audi is up kapoop's ass (literally this time) and they recorded the results...

  2. bwahaha, this asshole kapoop really can't take it that his 'song' and all about him 'musically'is CRAP. it's like he can't fathom that people would actually not like his crap.
    it's so 'impossible', lol.

    maybe more of us have to go click 'dislike' for him to get the message where it hurts, lol.

    Ken Urry 4 dislikes? No way Suzy has 4 friends! Lol

    Ken Urry Impossible.

    Robert Macs no way Susy has any friends hmmmmmm well there is Herc of course lol

    1. Robert Macs no way Susy has any friends hmmmmmm well there is Herc of course lol

      Ken Urry Damn! Suzy has managed to recruit and mobilize 6 whole people to dislike my battle rap!! Now keep in mind there is no possible way these voters actually like her, but still mildly impressive just to consider the effort that must have taken on her part. Anyway, peace and love. Back to the beach!!

      Ken Urry ...and I don't mean the wackass beaches of T&B that Floozy gushes over non stop..

      LOL, 'peace and love'? really kapoop?
      what part of you has any 'peace and love'?
      your whole existence is about hate and envy.

  3. LOL, rahil posted on MPL, which flushes the hopes of ko and rm down the toilet

  4. What reveals Retard Macs delusional brains so much, to me anyways as I have information regarding Alan Greig so wherever Retard Macs is getting this idea that Alan kisses up to KO has to be from KO herself. KO is established as a pathological liar.

    You see, Alan also runs Julian Lennon's facebook and site and Alan banned KO from those things. KO has been stalking Julian Lennon (I'm guessing she still wants to) and Alan has banned her from ever trying to contact him [Julian] again. And Alan *knows* that it's KO from MPL that he banned from JL.

    Where Retard Mac's delusion comes in is that he believes that Alan is seeing RM's little spy as some sort of pariah. That Alan must think the same thing about the spy as he does. Alan probably doesn't give two fucks about RM's paranoid delusions and I'm sure RM thinks that Alan wakes up everyday thinking about RM, worried about what happens on RM's little micro group LMAO! You guys do realize that facebook themselves removed RM's first group right? They issued him a warning to remove the attacks on it and he refused. They gave him some pre-determined amount of time to remove it and he quickly created another one and let fb remove the group.

    But KO's Alan praising is hilarious considering he's the one who banned her from Julian Lennon. Had nothing whatsoever to do with any of her crap fap rambling shit on livejournal. Had nothing to do with Julian Lennon's relationship and commitment views. Had nothing to do with anyone but KO being a psycho stalker who wouldn't stop harassing him! I wonder if KO even realizes that Alan has banned her ass where Julian is concerned? But if she does know, she's either trying to kiss up to him to back onto Julian's site or she's trying real hard to stay at MPL so she can continue to get as much of her poison spread there as possible.

    KO thrives on conquering and dividing and Retard Macs is already conquered and divided among his own little flippant little boy ego trippin', but he still allows the very one who did all this to be his decision maker. He's that pussy-whipped and for a psychopath like KO, she has to keep on RM until he's totally done away with. It's how she does people. Psychopaths always seem to know who the most vulnerable is and KO will be in thick with the weakest personalities to ensure their utter destruction.

    The term vampire comes to mind.

  5. LOL, rm might kick out jen dodge next (with the same logic that he used to kick out adrian allan over the weekend)

    Björn Karlsson
    FINALLY, this is what it takes to bring this group and and Rahilbombedibom an company together, and we can sing All Together Now!! No more meat/veggie or Meatfree Monday debates at all!

    Scientists to cook world's first in-vitro beef burger - Sci/Tech - dna
    Cultured beef grown in lab from cattle stem cells; demand for meat seen increasing by 73% by 2050; scientist sees in-vitro meat as viable alternative. - Sci/Tech dna

    Josh Gill Them vegans will still have something to say about it!

    Nancy Riley I read about this! Should be interesting to hear what Sir Paul has to say about it!

    Jen Dodge Absolutely disgusting.

  6. LOL, apparently audi didn't see rahil's post on MPL thinking he is banned or something

    and "it was about his fucked up life and his shit muzak"

    LOL, rahil's fucked up life and shit muzak? LOL, who's more fucked up and shitty than rm, ko, audi, kapoop and the others there?

    Ken Urry ...and I don't mean the wackass beaches of T&B that Floozy gushes over non stop..

    Robert Macs never mind her mate - its probs the Simplybanned fans voting.

    Audi Maccafan Speaking of, it's been two weeks this past Saturday. I wonder how he will make his comeback...assuming he wasn't permanently banned.

    Robert Macs He was a bit of a thorn in your sides since the day he joined, it wasn't about Macca - it was about his fucked up life and his shit muzak, maybe at last someone upstairs has woke up and seen those who were/are backing him for what they are, one things for sure, they didn't half shoot themselves in the foot posting our posts - just remember, you, ken, kath etc are mainstays on the forum, you guys are a lot more liked on the forum than what you think - unlike that troublemaker Josh

    Robert Macs couldn't resist that Josh

    1. Jen Dodge Absolutely disgusting.

      Robert Macs i seen that on the news, yuck!!

      Nancy Riley Why Jen & Macs? It looks just like regular ground beef.

      Jen Dodge If you don't eat meat, the picture above is pretty damned gross. It is to me, at least. I don't even like thinking about cooking flesh. So therefore, disgusting.

      Kathryn O'Connor it's called Shmeat and it's $200,000 a pound at this rate only Paul could afford it

      Jen Dodge No, there are stupid people out there who already pay $20,000 for special hamburgers, so I'm sure some assholes out there with more money than brains are drooling at the thought of this in vitrio meat, too.

      Jen Dodge Not as much as the above burger, but evidence that stupid people will indeed fork over big bucks for meat:

      Jen Dodge Just to be clear, I have no issue with meat eaters, as that's a personal choice and it's none of my business. I have a problem with idiots with too much money and time on their hands. Giving to charity, helping the less fortunate? No. Let's pay more than most people make in 5 years on a hamburger. Idiots.

      Kathryn O'Connor one burger had gold in it If you need your poop to sparkle, I'm hitting you in the face

      Jen Dodge The 20% gratuity alone on the $200,000 burger is more than my take-home pay in a year, ffs.

      that Jen Dodge is such a loser. always having to backpedal to kiss the ass of those who insult vegans/animal rights it would seem, just to not fall prey to their insults.
      what a fake 'vegetarian'.
      no surprise with a name like 'dodge'. always 'dodging' from those others to be 'liked' still.

  7. It's so hilarious that RM is still under the impression that anyone "upstairs" is concerned with his delusional issues. That idiot sure has some major problems. I hope they laughed at him when he sent his new barrage of complaints. HA that he thinks that KO is well liked on MPL! That's a laugh.
    I still wonder how these idiots fall in line to RM or KO. Those 2 are losers 1000 times over and I'm not sure what the appeal is other than they've all been dragged into the drama for fear of being attacked elsewhere. Even Josh and Mark aren't that into the bullying as RM/KO do on a daily basis.

    But you're right MaccaFan, KO and her little minions do lack any kind of a life. The only thing KO ever contributes to MPL is inappropriate perverted comments. She made some sick comment about the Beatles sucking on (guess what) and there are kids on that forum. KO doesn't care, the sick bitch.

    1. and neither do the moderators it would seem - they are like zombies pretending to 'enforce the rules objectively' while they seem to become blind around ko and company all too often. no idea why.

    2. And considering how toxic KO is, you'd think they'd start to get a clue. I mean look at her claiming that she "allows" people to be friends with others and bashed Rahil for asking others to block others because of the turmoil YET KO has went out of her sicko psycho little way to demand that everyon block people she wants to silence. They don't even have a say-so or are allowed any input and her minions blocked people who were at one time on their friends list. Major hypocritical KO and her shit. I know for a fact that Jen Dodge is a vegan and yet she was told, no ordered to block a couple of other vegans just because they might be friends with Rahil.
      And there ahe is being all drama queen crisis when Suzy blocked KO's ass. It's like nobody had better block her but she sure as hell tells others who they can and cannot be friends with! Her crybaby spreechy speech about who your friends are are your own business and coming from KO that's a real manipulative lie since she absolutely does everything she can to stop people from even talking to someone she can't control.

      KO is a control freak out of control!

    3. "I know for a fact that Jen Dodge is a vegan "

      some 'vegan' this Jen is...
      vegans don't ever speak of what they stand for as 'beliefs' and give so much 'leeway' to meat-eating as this Jen has been doing over and over while kissing up to those losers.

      some excerpts from June-July:

      Josh Gill Babooram's Vegan Message *rolls eyes*

      Songwriter Rahil Babooram’s Vegan Message
      Rahil Babooram is singer, songwriter and musician, living in Trinidad, Caribbean. A native of Canada, Babooram became vegetarian in 1993 at the age of 14.
      4 hours ago

      Kathryn O'Connor Message of peace? What message of peace? The guy just preaches nasty name-calling and mean untrue accusations at people. and we now know he even tries to control who can be friends with whom.
      only an asshole does that.
      3 hours ago via

      Robert Macs Graham Grimleys post is awaiting moderation.
      3 hours ago · 2

      Kathryn O'Connor Here is Rahil and the other board veggies all over my post. Hey, I'm making a good point: Vegetarians, Don't be a douchebag. see how Rahil repost stuff Hey Kittay deleted because she just didn't feel like fighting. (and no, I haven't read it all but it proves my point about veggies being nasty people)
      3 hours ago

      Robert Macs the good news is Kath, we can eat veggies, they can't eat us lol
      3 hours ago · 3

      Ken Urry Yeah I wonder why that is that vegitarians are assholes? not sure thats a blanket satement, but man I'm just looking at the facts in front of me lol very high percentages at this point.
      3 hours ago · 1

      Robert Macs we've all heard the saying "i'm so hungry i could eat a horse" just doesnt work with greens does it? i'm so hungry i could eat a lettuce" or "i'm so hungry i could eat a bunch of red roses" Paul Simon once said to me "hey Macs, you can call me Al" never quite got that as his name was Paul, makes you wonder what goes on in some peoples minds eh?
      3 hours ago · 1

      Jen Dodge Ken--a wee bit insulting--vegetarians aren't assholes. People can be assholes no matter what they do or don't do, believe in or don't believe in.
      about an hour ago · Edited · 1

      Claire O'Connor Ken, I'm a veggie also (like Jen) tis ok didn't know xxxxx
      19 minutes ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge Even if he did, it's not exactly like a few people who are vegetarian make us all assholes?
      17 minutes ago

      Jen Dodge In any case, Ken is someone I like and respect. Just caught off guard by that post.
      16 minutes ago

      Claire O'Connor I think he may have just been speaking (in general) about the twats on the board xxx
      10 minutes ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge I think so too, I just don't want ANYONE mistaking a few idiots as representatives of the millions of vegetarians out there, as that seems rather shortsighted to do! That's as bad as my students who say things like, "I know three black people and they're all drug dealers, so all black people are drug dealers."

      Claire O'Connor Good point, Jen..generalising doesn't make sense
      The sad thing is..after reading those posts from the board, I agree with a lot of what that dude is saying..but I would never be so condescending or vile about my views!!! xxxxx
      about a minute ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge True. My beliefs should never be professed as the only TRUE views, and that goes for all people. We all have our own ways of doing things, beliefs, morals, etc., so it'd be ridiculous and stupid to say that my way is the ONLY way.
      12 minutes ago

    4. (from sometime in June)

      Ken Urry Ra-heel boobasheepshit
      about an hour ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge Just catching up on this thread...what is this guy's ISSUE? Obviously there is something loose in his head, and it ain't no Krishna love.
      about an hour ago

      Nancy Riley I didn't like him from the beginning when he totally ignored my request for him to not write in that yellow/orange color!! LOL! Ken (my friend!) you crack me up!
      54 minutes ago · 1

      Jen Dodge Kudos to Ken for taking him on!
      53 minutes ago · 1

      Jen Dodge I'm still not totally caught up with the thread, but I figured I'd jump in, lol.
      38 minutes ago

      Kathryn O'Connor guess I got to go read it now
      8 minutes ago

      Kathryn O'Connor My only advice to Ken is the name calling in the thread might land you in trouble with the mods.
      6 minutes ago via

      Jen Dodge But so worth it, lol
      4 minutes ago

      Kathryn O'Connor I just addressed Rahil's charge about me being some protected class of person on the board. One thing I realized in reading some of his quotes in an attempt to find the post I did quote, he is quoting those cyberdouches like Amazon-liv-tyler-fake profile. word for word.
      and yes, I know he talks to them because he contacted me privately about them. Then he contacted me wanting to know who told them he had contacted me. (I have no idea).
      I told him to never contact me again after he was quoting them to me. I said that I ignore them and don't care about their monkey chatter. (It was after I had the talk with the Rinpoche which BTW is a true event in my life).
      38 minutes ago via

      Ken Urry 3 people have 'Disliked' my YouTube vid of Little Man lol could guess who those were. You guys need to help me out with some 'Likes'! Oh well Lennon got shelled for How Do You Sleep, comes with the territory I guess.
      4 hours ago via mobile

      Herc Mcca i didnt dislike it maybe Josh is the one cause he is jealous. To be fair that was one of your weak tracks but it was ok, not bad to dislike it
      4 hours ago · 1

      Ken Urry No way me and Josh are cool! Dislikes on a song like that don't surprise me, it's calling out religion for petesakes, treacherous territory. But I give 2. Surprised you don't have my back herc! I still love ya
      4 hours ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge What's your channel, Ken?
      2 hours ago

      Ken Urry Google canary robbery! Or else KPU1977
      about an hour ago via mobile · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor where on the board did you post it? In the Krishna thread?
      54 minutes ago

      Kathryn O'Connor I wonder whAT hey Kittay meant by 'no matter what your screen name is" in the Krishna thread. I bet she thinks I'm some protected person there too.
      Nope. I'm not. It's just that the mods can see what happened.

      You know, as bad as they've been to you guys, in this case, I'm not 100% sure. They left just enough in the thread to show Rahil being a dick and interupting Kapoo's and my conversation with his rudeness.
      50 minutes ago via

    5. (from June)

      Kathryn O'Connor You know what's ironic? both sides are claiming the other side gets away with whatever they want. I do think Rahil is getting away with too much nastiness. I didn't get in trouble until I had been on the forum for about 3 years and the mods even said to me that since I had been a member for a while and never caused trouble before, they'd let it slide that time. There was a time when I posted some nastiness for a few days straight and the mods told me there had been an increase in confrontative posts from me and maybe I should desist. I think most of it was about Stella and my gripes with her. I don't remember but I knew that I had obsessed douchebags watching me and reporting everything I did
      about an hour ago

      Kathryn O'Connor I wonder how the secret group feels about Rahil. Do they hate him or love him?
      about an hour ago

      Ken Urry What secret group?
      36 minutes ago via mobile

      Ken Urry Im just at a loss how Susy and Kittay could POSSIBLY like Ra-heel's music!? Lol either they are retarded or they are just doing it to spite me/us out of some sort of strange jealousy.? It's just funny that they would waste their time pretending to like shit just for spite! Their wasting their time on rubbish.. mind boggling. Oh well, You can lead a horse to water, can make em drink.
      32 minutes ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge or drown them, as that would be cruel to the horses. The horses' riders, on the other hand...
      32 minutes ago · 1

      Ken Urry Seriously lol
      28 minutes ago via mobile · 1

      Jen Dodge
      27 minutes ago

      Ken Urry Gotta hand it to them though... They stick to their guns. Their solidarity is unparalleled!
      25 minutes ago via mobile · 1

    6. Jen Dodge lol Too true. Too bad they're spinning their wheels on the wrong team, though.
      24 minutes ago · 1

      Ken Urry I'm starting to understand how cults form, the religious fanatic mentality is disturbing. No matter how stupid it gets, they just stick with it to the end.
      24 minutes ago via mobile

      Jen Dodge Do you think they'll need to change their names to Moonshadow and FlowerSucker?
      23 minutes ago · 1

      Ken Urry They need to do something like that ok, gotta get the kids to bed Jen, catch u in the flip side!
      22 minutes ago via mobile · 1

      Jen Dodge 'night, Ken.
      22 minutes ago · 1

      Jen Dodge Josh--WTF? I'm absolutely repulsed right now by the fact that Rahil would send something that ridiculously prick-y to someone, and then that someone would actually FOLLOW his instructions!
      about an hour ago

      Jen Dodge Glad Audi responded to her with message!
      about an hour ago

      Kathryn O'Connor Audi stood up for me but he's friends with Rahil and just said someothing like, "I hate it when my friends fight especially when they both have so much in common." Which is true. the big difference with me and Rahil is that I stopped being a vegan. (Yeah, we all know I can get people to hate me too. Just ask Amazon Russian and fake Liv Tyler).
      3 hours ago

      Kathryn O'Connor But someone telling someone else who their friends can be....that is so wrong. My friends are friends with evil bastards who hurt me. I can't tell them they can't pick their own friends. They just know they will hear about how I feel over and over again and again.
      3 hours ago

      Jen Dodge That sort of "I control who your friends are" attitude is rather misogynistic.
      3 hours ago

      Kathryn O'Connor Claire O'Connor, simplyrahil is someone on the macca forum who's been being a total dick especially to me. (He was nice in private when the cyberdouchebags contacted him though). He started out as a preachy vegan who condemned everyone who is not a vegan in horrible snide tones and those who were for being one for all the wrong reasons. Then he started in a thread Ken Urry started about Krishan and George. Granted, the thread was tongue in cheek but at the same time, ironic in that many of us westerners exposer to Krishna was through drugs and George. That conversation got out of hand. It's deleted now but things got pretty ugly. I was called a whore and a junkie by Rahil and a bully by hey Kittay. Ken stood up to Rahil and paid a bit of a price.
      3 hours ago

      Kathryn O'Connor and Suzy's a piece of shit for unfriending Audi. what's rahil giving her that Audi's not? They're both online friendship. She thinks Audi did nothing wrong. then why is she letting Rahil dictate to her? I'd respect her more if she felt Audi did something wrong and unfriended him over that.
      3 hours ago via

      Ken Urry This is really something... I'm literally dumbfounded at the fact these girls like Susy are AT ALL interested in being friendly, much less smitten!, with a grease ball used-car salesman fake ass sanctimonious Hare Krishna pussy like fucking Rahil. That dude needs his ass kicked. The fact he has fans makes me sick to my stomach. Susy's a fucking DORK, and so is anyone else who consorts with Rahil. I'm starting to itch to write these people another song. Lol Oh and I forgot to mention, Rahil is about the worst singer I've ever heard lol
      3 hours ago via mobile

      Ken Urry And josh, despite what herc said we both know your musical talents are on par with mine... Goes without saying but I wanted to say that.
      3 hours ago via mobile

      Kathryn O'Connor Jen Dodge, it's also a very typical attitude of the Vedic scriptures. George wasn't much better, really.
      3 hours ago

    7. KO claiming that someone's nasty and she posts a link to her nastiness! LOL! She thinks she has proof of something based on her own psycho views of people! Jen Dodge thinking she's not with the wrong crowd, now there's a laugh! Didn't KO just tell her something about "in your face" and Jen still kisses up to that psycho KO? Lordy.
      And people can rest assured that KO is a huge liar when it comes to Andrea or Milla. Neither one of them talk to Rahil. Neither one of them know him. Even if one of them is vegan. So KO is talking out her ass again with her shit about knowing they talk to each other and that Rahil repeats what they say! How? Where? No proof as usual and KO just makes one pulled-out-of-her-ass assumption after another.
      The ONLY reason KO keeps attacking them is because they are friends with Stu. I know Andrea is a long time friend of Stu and probably introduced Milla to Stu.

      Check out KO's obessive friendship mentality. She claims to let people be friedns with whomever they want but she's going to bitch at them over and over again! Yeah some freedom to do as they wish, huh? KO be one control freaking psycho bitch.
      And people on MPL complained about KO's constant bashing of Stella. Nobody watches that bitch and she'll just never get over herself. She sure wants to believe in her own delusions. KO is the biggest narcissist sociopathic bully ever.

      MaccaFan you're right about Jen Dodge.

    8. yeah i've notice that KO sure has a huge obsession with Andrea & Milla(Amazon) who both have real photos of themselves in their fb accounts. not that KO will admit to that. but she sure seems hell bent on them and they haven't even said much to anywhere.

    9. That's because KO has been trying in her stalker ways to get those two ladies removed. But little psychopath KO don't get that Andrea is a real person just as Milla is. The only thing Retard Macs set up was a bitching group full of bullies to hate on people like Rahil, Susy and whoever. They want to bash MPL members. And this all was brought on by KO herself. Otherwise they might have gotten a life. Maybe.

    10. amazing that all those MPL members are so 'displeasing' to rm, yet he wants to be forever studying them, studying the forum, studying how to be a member on there in secret, etc. still

    11. This is exactly my point, why does he care when he's said over and over again that he doesn't care. He is being lead around by the nose by KO. I don't believe KO's lies and her claiming that Rahil asked her about other people is suspicious. Why would Rahil run to her of all people to start talking about anything? If he did, he soon learned she was a psycho and regreted his mistake. That is IF he even talked to her about anyone.

      Rahil does have a friend named Diane but it's not the poor lady KO attacks all the time. It's someone else and Diane has been Rahil's friend for a while now. Before KO decided to stalk him and his friends.

  8. bwahaha
    (continuing from the stupid post
    Björn Karlsson
    FINALLY, this is what it takes to bring this group and and Rahilbombedibom an company together, and we can sing All Together Now!! No more meat/veggie or Meatfree Monday debates at all!

    Scientists to cook world's first in-vitro beef burger - Sci/Tech - dna

    Kathryn O'Connor one burger had gold in it If you need your poop to sparkle, I'm hitting you in the face
    15 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge The 20% gratuity alone on the $200,000 burger is more than my take-home pay in a year, ffs.
    15 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs It showed you how it was made, those scientist will wipe out the population one day f'ing about with nature..
    10 hours ago · Like · 1

    Jen Dodge Imagine what they could be doing if they put their attention to researching medical treatments for ailments instead of mucking about with modifying nature and food, for goodness' sake.
    10 hours ago · Like

    Nancy Riley I wasn't referring to that pic, but a pic I saw of the actual meat. I agree, the above pic is gross. The point of making the meat is so that we don't have to feed cows grain then lead them to the slaughter. The grain could go to feed starving people. Did you read the articles about all this?
    6 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge Nancy, I'm not some stupid kid. I got the point of the article. I've actually read several articles about this, and in reality, mucking about with nature is never without cost.
    44 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    bwahaha ugly nancy riley is getting some bitchback from jen dodge

    1. Jen Dodge Nancy, I'm not some stupid kid. I got the point of the article. I've actually read several articles about this, and in reality, mucking about with nature is never without cost.
      4 hours ago · Edited · Like

      Nancy Riley Sorry if you took offense--I wasn't sure if that (above) article had the same info as the one I read. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.
      about an hour ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs We all have choices - mine is to eat meat, i like my greens to lets put it this way, if we ALL decided to turn veggie would it save the planet? NOOOOOO - annnnnnd another thing, if we decided not to eat meat, the planet would be overrun with Coo's, Sheep, Pigs, Bunny Wabbits etc, we would then need to organize a cull to keep the numbers down, annnnnn another one more thing, why the f**k did the big yin give us teeth if we weren't meant to eat pork chops? if we were all born gumsy i would see the point in giving up meat, i did go out with a girl once who had no teeth, best bj ever
      25 minutes ago · Like

      such an ignorant asshole

    2. and believe it, that dummy jen dodge actually LIKED rmacs asshole comment! what sort of 'vegetarian' is she to LIKE these nasty comments against animals' lives and belittling things to 'choice'?

      Robert Macs We all have choices - mine is to eat meat, i like my greens to lets put it this way, if we ALL decided to turn veggie would it save the planet? NOOOOOO - annnnnnd another thing, if we decided not to eat meat, the planet would be overrun with Coo's, Sheep, Pigs, Bunny Wabbits etc, we would then need to organize a cull to keep the numbers down, annnnnn another one more thing, why the f**k did the big yin give us teeth if we weren't meant to eat pork chops? if we were all born gumsy i would see the point in giving up meat, i did go out with a girl once who had no teeth, best bj ever
      3 hours ago · Like · 2

      Nancy Riley ROTFLMAO!
      2 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs it wasnt a pretty sight seeing her false teeth in a jar at the side of the bed, her glass eye and wooden legs didnt bother me that much
      2 hours ago · Edited · Like

    3. Retard Macs lives up to his name because only a retard would make such stupid comments. Because you know, apples, celery, potatos, etc. don't require teeth to chew...*eye roll* You have to wonder how he even manages to tie his shoes.

  9. aw, who are you pretending for stupid bitch?

    Kathryn O'Connor
    about an hour ago
    hmm...I wonder if my cat is crazy. I've got one plate of vegan millet salad and green raw veggies. My other plate has bacon. Kitty sniffs the vegan dish. hmmmmm.....

    1. why would any 'vegan' have bacon at all in the same house?

      fucking piece of shit liar who feels she can fool so many.

      what's the gimmick about really?
      what aim?

    2. KO was never vegan, never macrobiotic. KO has eaten shit and greasy bacon burgers all her life. Take it from me, I know. Seen her wolf down much but never anything healthy.

      Kinda funny that KO has been trash talking some of her "friends" online to people in real life. I guess KO feels that Nancy R's gripes against Rahil only goes as far as orange writing and so even Nancy is getting the shit treatment although I'm sure KO plays all nice to her to her face. KO bitches that Nancy just isn't doing enough. Good grief.

    3. Kathryn O'Connor
      guess who's back? Yep. Rahiil started posting on the board again. still using that sucky orange color too.

      Jen Dodge I can't see him lasting long on there--too many people irritated by his garbage at this point.

      Kathryn O'Connor OH, and he posted that he's been too busy to be on the forum. Nope. BANNED is more like it. Looks like it was a temporary one. Oh well, it is fair to give that as a first offense. I wonder how Suzy will react. she seemed to wake up to his nastiness once he was gone. wonder if she'll stay cold or warm up to him.

      Kathryn O'Connor Oh, and Rahil, suck on this........and make it good for me.....

      oh yes, so according to that fake vegetarian jen dodge, rahil posts 'garbage'.
      interesting, since a real vegetarian would never call such posts for animal rights 'garbage'.

      seems like ko is obsessed with rahil, watching his moves and having to stir up some issue about him over and over on their pathetic facebook group.

      and what the heck does susy always have to do with anything when ko brings up rahil?

      rahil's 'nastiness'? more like response to and exposure of ko's nastiness which she could not handle happening.

      these people do as if rahil (and the others they attack) is daily in their lives or something, as if everytime they look in the mirror they see them, to always have to throw a tantrum about, LOL.

    4. rahil's 'nastiness'? more like response to and exposure of ko's nastiness which she could not handle happening.


      Yeah KO is very obsessed and she wants so bad to believe Rahil was banned. KO can't even comprehend that others have a life and that they don't live on Paul's site.

      Jen Dodge just fucking sucks and is just as phony as KO is! Someone else was even saying how she invited people to talk to her about an issue. That she was willing to talk to anyone. But when someone took her up on that offer, she attacked them for it! That's Jen Dodge for you! A real creep and like Retard Macs, head up KO's ass and drinking that KoolAid.

    5. Kathryn O'Connor Oh, and Rahil, suck on this........and make it good for me.....
      14 hours ago · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor He's back to his garbage. calling veggies who are friends with meat eaters 'fake vegetarians who suck up to fit in' in his most recent post
      2 hours ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan Suzy is shilling for him....and as for him being "too busy"...nigga', please.
      2 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan sorry...had to get a little "ghetto" for a moment there...
      about an hour ago · Edited · Like · 1

      Jen Dodge I can't get into the Paul main website at all--I'm getting a 503 forbidden message.
      22 minutes ago · Like



      ko: easy. I need to survive. that's how I can justify it.

      the environmental factor works better in showing people benefits of eating less meat.

      I was raised Catholic among Jewish folk. I am thus immune to any guilt trips about anything. it was a side effect of my rebellion.

      quote ko:
      "easy. I need to survive. that's how I can justify it. "





      simplyrahil: oh, worse yet are fake 'vegetarians' who keep 'kissing up to' animal-eaters about 'personal choice' and such copouts, just to 'fit in', instead of firmly standing up for what is right in the face of being a minority.

      so much so that such 'vegetarians' would actually side with animal-eaters to try to ostracize vegans.

      and who suffers? the innocent animals.

      ko: No. It's that they learned about Self-Righteousness, the most dangerous force on the planet. and won't feed into it. that's not just to 'fit in'. it's about stopping a deadly force.

      those that feed Self Righteousness are on the side of desruction. Plus, it doesn't convert people. in fact, being self-righteous, telling people who their friends can and can't be, shaming them not only never works ever, but has the opposite effect. it drives them away and turns them off.

      Einstein said the mark of insanity was to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


      Self-Righteousness and Destruction huh?
      there is NOTHING Righteous about killing and eating animals.
      it is very righteous to not kill and to not fund and eat of that murder.

      righteous behaviour and lifestyle is certainly better than blatant non-righteousness, especially what so much is at stake.

      so that repeated cry of 'self-righteous' can never bring down the facts of the matter or change the reality that killing and eating animals is evil and degraded, and harmful in all ways.

      This meat-eating destroys everything. Destruction is all that it causes.
      Destruction of animals' lives, Destruction of the planet, Destruction of oneself, etc.

      Meat and the Environment

      Vegetarian Vs Meat Eating: Statistics on Destruction of Body &Planet

    8. Jen Dodge I can't get into the Paul main website at all--I'm getting a 503 forbidden message.
      41 minutes ago · Like

      Robert Macs this is you're chance to stick the knife into him - complain about his one sided shit.
      8 minutes ago · Like

    9. ko:
      No, self righteous behavior is not better. why? BECAUSE IT FAILS TO HAVE THE DESIRED EFFECT YOU ARE STRIVING TO ACHIEVE. In fact, it does the opposite. It drives people from even considering your message in any form.
      Does anybody listen to your ranting? Had it effected anybody in a positive manner?

      It's not working. Another method must be utilized.

      and evil is only as evil as it's perceptions. I've met religious folk who think it's ok to burn down dr's offices because of evil things going on in there...dispensing of birth control. etc. Is it good or evil?
      Depends on your views.

      i said RIGHTEOUS behaviour and lifestyle is certainly better than blatant non-righteousness, especially what so much is at stake.

      i never said anything about 'self-righteous' being justified. all i said (as many other times when you throw that phrase into a thread) is
      "so that repeated cry of 'self-righteous' can never bring down the facts of the matter or change the reality that killing and eating animals is evil and degraded, and harmful in all ways."

      jump high or low, killing animals is wrong and evil and detrimental to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. the facts are there, and for those who have a heart and a little compassion, all these facts and justification AGAINST MURDER OF INNOCENT ANIMALS would not even have to be battled time and again to be convinced.

      please stop funding the killing the innocent animals.
      be righteous.
      thank you.

    10. ko:
      easy. I need to survive. that's how I can justify it.

      simplyrahil: nope

      ko: Yep.
      some of us have found more productive ways to take out our aggressions


    11. LOL
      what does she know about HONESTY?

      Kathryn O'Connor shared Beatles Fans's photo.
      16 minutes ago

    12. KO proves her insanity by repeating her ugly pattern never changing. She's nasty and tells people to suck her while going on MPL and yelling at Rahil. Continuing to flamebait him. She runs to her bully gang to bitch some more and this whole Catholic thing being raised around Jews is a new one. All the time on BL she always attacked Catholics and said nothing about Jews then goes into a whole thing about not feeling any guilt (psst, it's because she's sociopath serial bully and has nothing to do with religion because she even attacks people who aren't of any religion) and then she stinks up the threads with HER self-righteous attitude.

      As for KO preaching about self righteousness being so destructive; she sure fits the bill there! And ask Dirk fans how she repeated her shit and stalking and never stopped. KO's posts show that she thinks she's in charge of everyone's thought process, and she thinks she's in control of everyone on MPL. And her shouting the sentences about desired effects, while shouting, mind you, is just another one of her traits that the loudest is the rightest attitude.

      And wow KO is the LAST person to talk about the burning down of anything since that's always been a threat she would level against people who banned her from their sites. KO also took credit once for having a store burn down and claimed to know people in the mafia who would carry out hits on people that she simply didn't like.

      Remember that, KO?
      Sure you do!

    13. Yeah Jen Dodge "complaining" about not being able to sign in is sure gonna "stick a knife" into someone...bitch please, you mad! RM still being the little puny braindead shit face he is.
      Man that RM sure got that KO shit caked on his face real thick there. Hey Jen Dodobitch, go complain right now! Look! You can't sign in, grab a knife! Go. Go!

      LOL idiots.

    14. If KO is so immune to guilt, why does she spend her life trying to lay guilt trips on everyone else?

      KO is a piece of SHIT!

  10. Rahil if you get this, check your emails. I got some news to pass along to you. Thanks

  11. Robert Macs this is you're chance to stick the knife into him - complain about his one sided shit.
    7 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge I'm trying to get into the forum to do just that!
    4 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge Nope, still saying I'm forbidden from going to the main site. Anyone got the direct link to the forum?
    4 hours ago · Like

    Audi Maccafan Try another browser. I've had no issues today.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge Nope, still no dice. I was in the other day with no issues...odd.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor I've gotten into both. I'll get you a link. HOld on
    4 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor :: Index
    4 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor I've argued with him. he's pretty bad. now he just says, "Nope" to my responses. I guess I can't go back in the veggie area for a while.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Jen Dodge Could someone contact the mods and let them know that I can't access any part of Paul's site? The only solutions I'm seeing for this are that my IP has been blocked from the whole site. I've cleaned cookies, tried different browsers, nothing works, though. I was fine on there a few days ago. Today I'm getting this message: "FORBIDDEN: You don't have permission to access / on this server."
    3 hours ago · Edited · Like

    Jen Dodge Or at least ask them who I should contact...
    2 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor I can tell you who to contact. I've contacted that addy before and had great help there
    2 hours ago via · Like · 1

    Audi Maccafan Let us know how it works out, Jen.
    37 minutes ago · Like


    Your one-word negative shows a lack of anything backing up your claim. But there is one backing up mine.
    Survival is one of the first keys to claiming something is alive. Self preservation. (There are others. I don't remember what they all are or how many of them there are. Growth is one. I need to either dig out my 6th grade science book or watch that Star Trek TNG episode again).

    but my main point was that survival was the first and primary characteristic of any living organism. If I were not to try and survive, I would not be living.

    Even Dirk Benedict whose strict vegan diet would put yours to shame, wrote in his book Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, about how one must eat for one's region. And even though he just gave many a nutritional account on the bad things about eating meat and wild game, if he was in the Northern parts of the globe, he'd have to eat meat. Even he admitted the limitations of the diet he was promoting. (But how the rest of us don't live in the north)


    "Your one-word negative shows a lack of anything backing up your claim."


    "But there is one backing up mine."


    "Survival is one of the first keys to claiming something is alive."

    and eating animals' flesh is against the survival and lives of the animals, against the survival and lives of those eating it, and against the lives and survival of the planet as a whole.

    "Self preservation."

    so-called 'self-preservation' at the cost of so many others' lives.
    we're not in the jungle.
    we have choice.
    vegans living everyday in the same real world with the same real circumstances are living proof that this same 'self-preservation' is very well accomplished without bloodshed.

    'self-preserve' THAT.


      To be honest, I've seen you demonstrate little heart or compassion yourself.

      if that's the case with me, i wonder what observers would say about you, one who pays for the killing of animals..
      the most non-compassionate demonstration is to knowingly pay for murder of innocent beings.

      and in saying righteousness is better, you are justifying it.

      i think you don't know the meaning of 'righteousness' to be shunning it so openly and repeatedly.
      be righteous.
      it is right.
      do right, be righteous.

      I stated before. I left the vegan movement because I found the self-righteousness destructive for the entire world. and the original message has long ago got lost.

      and as i stated before, several times, veganism has nothing to do with any 'movement'. it is about having a heart and respect for the lives of innocent animals who have a right to not be abused and murdered.
      it has nothing to do with any personal issues and problems you may have had (or rather, more likely, that people have had with you), so keep that out of the real issue of INNOCENT ANIMALS BEING MURDERED.
      THAT is the issue.
      nothing else.

      being vegan is about being against this unnecessary, unbridled murder..

      You think someone like me can't stand up to being shamed? Ha ha ha ha ha

      ok, no idea what that is supposed to mean, so i'll bypass it.

      as stated, learn a constructive new technique in communicating and converting others. For you, it'll be a path of self-discovery

      simplyrahil: and what's your excuse?

      please stop contributing to the destruction of animals, people, and the planet (which includes yourself).

      thank you.

  13. Vegan-and-proud-of-itAugust 7, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    To the guy trying to get in touch with Rahil. Check his website, he has a yahoo uk email and you can try to contact him that way. Also remember to check the spam folder as messages can end up in there accidentally.

  14. To Rahil, you cannot reason with KO, she will argue with you. You cannot convince her that she is wrong because a sociopath doesn't have the capacity to feel any guilt or remorse for doing something heinous. If you contradict her, she will argue with you. If you point out her insanity or lies, she will attack you. You've already seen this for yourself. My advice is to not engage her in any way. Do not acknowledge her. Just continue with your message without replying to any of the goofy shit she posts.

    With KO, it's ALL goofy shit that she posts. She'll try to wrangle the topic, any topic from its original message and fill it up with her dramatic garbage and pile on her poor-me bullshit. In KO's mind everyone must agree with her regardless of how wrong she is. If you don't agree with her and play along with her bullshit antics, she'll find a way to make an example of you like she did to RetardMacs who still doesn't seem to know what hit him or who was behind his bannings. KO is treacherous and sneaky. Do not fall into her trap. Ignore the shit out of her and watch HER explode. Because she will.

    And for godssake don't talk to any of her minions (Audi, Nancy, Retard etc) because anything they get they will send right to her. They do not think for themselves, she controls every transactions they have going on. KO controls who they can and cannot talk to. So it's useless to try to reason with them either.
    They all do as she tells them to do. Your best bet is to literally avoid her like the plague.

    My 2 cents.

    1. She did the same thing at public events too. No Matter what the topic of discussion she would find a way to twist it to her. It was sickening I am glad she is life time banned from Mowfo. Meetings are much better attended and discussions are not gross and make you want to vomit.

  15. assholes, even disrespect Sir Paul

    a 90 post thread on the fb group

    Robert Macs
    WHO SAYS MACCA HASN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING WORTH WHILE SINCE THE BEATLES? - i've picked out a few comparisons from his Beatles and 70's output which kinda a sound the same yet are so different.
    Lady Madonna v Listen to what the man Said - the latter is a far superior pop song. Blackbird v Bluebird - bluebird - i never tire of those harmonies.
    Helter Skelter v Hi Hi Hi - Hi Hi Hi by a country mile, much better rocker.
    When I'm 64 v You gave me the Answer, YGMTA I still like after all these years.

    I'm sure there are many more comparisons, many in which his Beatles songs will win hands down, Hey Jude, Yesterday etc but where do you start with the sheer volume of brilliant songs he released in the 70's Maybe i'm Amazed, Tomorrow, My Love, Uncle Albert, 1985, Love in Song, With a little Luck to mention a few - ...

    later comments which are disrespectful -
    Audi Maccafan I wish Rahil was here to contribute his vast McCartney commentary and insight that he's so known for at that ...other place.

    Robert Macs and they were songs he released - i was thinking more along the lines of the songs he never released at that time.

    Audi Maccafan (listening to that medley whilst typing, friends) ...not bad

    Mark Lazydynamite Bradley i was trying to go for songs that ARE rated in one way or would be easy to rattle off some clunkers like 'gratitude' or 'ebony and ivory'

    Callum MacGruer I tell you a travesty (there are loads but If I was to pick one), why flying to my home wasn't on flowers and why isn't it held in far higher regard

    Mark Lazydynamite Bradley how many number one songs has mccartney actually scored since he became 100% veggie?........hmmm......perhaps he needs a bacon sarnie to get his juices flowing again

  16. LOL

    now this hypocrite, animal-eater ko is going to play she cares about whales?

    Post subject: Military to clear cut oceans of whales and dolphins

    Thanks for alerting us about this Kathryn.
    When will this kind of madness ever stop?

    (but here's the kicker)

    here's a petition

    THAT link has nothing to do with the whales!
    it's a link she must have copied and pasted from her previous recent browsing activity.
    that is the kind of horrific stuff she views and happened to post there instead of the whale petition link, LOL!

    I guess later if someone comments to her about it being a wrong link she will edit it, which is why it had to be shown now to show more what her mind is about even in the midst of pretending to care about anything alive..

    1. KO being a sick bitch is an understatement. My God the psychopath has even told people that eating human flesh is on her "bucket list" of things to do. She has a fetish for cannibalism, and has claimed to attend "underaged orgies" (there's no such thing and if there was, it's highly illegal) so yeah KO's mind is a very sick twisted knot of psycho.

      And she certainly does NOT care for any living being. Psychopath/sociopaths and she is one, has no capacity for the very basic traits that normal people have. And Retard Macs finds nothing wrong with her, so you can imagine what kind of freak he is.

    2. wow, how disrespectful to Sir Paul..

      Audi Maccafan Would've made a nice bonus-disc.
      48 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan "Kisses On The Bottom: The Complete Tush"
      47 minutes ago · Like · 2

      Robert Macs It worried me more the way he sounded on most of the songs.
      36 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley he sounded like he is..totally fucked vocally.....he needs all the studio gimmickery going [ala elton john] to sound decent on this new album..i hope he takes it 100% because his voice is completely shot in every way folks..his live stints are becoming a totall embarrasment
      26 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs I was thinking that as well Mark - he deffo needs to use something.
      23 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Mark Lazydynamite Bradley he is quite happy to use 'autotune' gimmicks and release it as live albums...i see no reason why he should not be using every hi tech studio gadget to sound more like his younger self on any new material album.
      13 minutes ago · Like · 1

    3. You have to know that it was talk like that on MPL that KO ran to the mods to report. Those two were insulting Paul too much for KO's liking and she gathered her little Paul fan minions (like Suzy!!!!) and reported them for posting all that negative stuff about Paul and his album KOTB, they also bashed Paul's Olympic fiasco and Jubilee and other stuff...all of this KO would report to MPL. she couldn't stand it so she got some Paul fanatics to back her plan up and they eventually got their way and banned those two knuckleheads. People tried to tell them but she got to them first with her bullshit and crap about a secret group. And like the idiots they are, they went with the very glutton that did them in.

      I can see why people who know this are loving the irony of it all watching those minions of hers act totally oblivious to the facts.

      Notice that KO always seems to have their website moderator info and how she always praises MPL and Alan and the mods and everything. I mean it's fucking obvious to even the average smart person.

      And pay close attention, KO won't say anything in agreement with them about Paul. So actually them dissing Paul is a good thing in this case, cause you know she's totally throwing a tantrum over it. KO does see herself as Paul's saviour or something. Might not say anything to them on there, but if they turn up the heat on it, she might. KO is worse than Suzy when it comes to Paul, and far more manipulative.

  17. LOL

    and then on their gossip facebook group

    Kathryn O'Connor Hey, Jen Dodge, are you back in the board? I got a message from a mod saying they are concerned that I have been baiting Rahil in the cosmically Conscience forum. she said that vegetarians should be able to discuss their views there without being attacked by meat eaters. I pointed out that I support veggie views and I should be able to discuss them without being screamed at by a vegan fanatic that I am a junkie, whore and selfish for not caring enough about animals. I pointed out the Rahil has basically ended all discussions in Cosmically Conscience.
    about an hour ago · Like

    Audi Maccafan He could end all discussions at a Chatty Kathy Convention.
    40 minutes ago · Like

    she can NEVER say/type the right word. it's COSMICALLY CONSCIOUS (as in the song, so-called FAN), not CONSCIENCE.
    every single time.

    and who screams more than ko? LOL

    just like rmacs with his constant " you're " for EVERYTHING whether it is for 'your' or 'you are'

    by the way, rahil never called ko a 'whore'.
    yes, he called her a junkie and a liar from what i've seen on MPL (on that 'power of Krishna' thread when she lied about meeting the Hare Krishna leader 'in the 1980s').

    1. The mods should be well aware that KO will not take responsibility for anything and you see how she twisted it all onto Rahil? That's what she does, and blatantly LIES about what happened regardless of the evidence that it was KO that started shit with lies and made-up garbage stories. But no, she'll try to blame her victim, her target for the whole thing.

      Anyway the troll is back on after our pleasant 24 hour break from her shit;

      Is she claiming to be Aztec now? Why would she be "proud" of someone's shoes? And it's spelled "warriors" and it's the "Anasazi". Good grief if you're going to name something in a post, fucking check the spelling! KO the Queen of Footmouth.

      Here she is trying to sound more knowledgable on something because Rahil posted some good advice so now KO has to post acting like the know-it-all.

    2. Since when doesn't KO bait someone?
      The mods should be well aware of this by now. Wish they were even more aware of the pms she sends and then removes from her outbox because to her that means "no more evidence trail" and the unfortunate thing is that her targets don't bring this to the mods' attention.
      They just accept it and move on.

    3. Kathryn O'Connor Hey, Jen Dodge, are you back in the board? I got a message from a mod saying they are concerned that I have been baiting Rahil in the cosmically Conscience forum. she said that vegetarians should be able to discuss their views there without being attacked by meat eaters. I pointed out that I support veggie views and I should be able to discuss them without being screamed at by a vegan fanatic that I am a junkie, whore and selfish for not caring enough about animals. I pointed out the Rahil has basically ended all discussions in Cosmically Conscience.
      16 hours ago · Like · 2

      Audi Maccafan He could end all discussions at a Chatty Kathy Convention.
      15 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs reading between the lines on that thread its the meat eaters who are being slaughtered by Simplyatit - yet again another case of double standards by the mods.
      7 hours ago · Like · 1

      LOL, what's wrong with that robert?
      you and your bunch support the slaughter of innocent animals, so if you perceive that rahil is 'slaughtering' meat-eaters on a thread, then so be it. LOL.

      I fail to see how though, but ok.

      anyway, all these months he calls simplyrahil 'simplyatit'.
      what makes rahil simply a 'tit'?
      does rmacs have something against 'tits'?
      is he gay or something, that he dislikes 'tits' to use the word as an insult?

      don't all men like 'tits'?


    4. Retard Macs doesn't like women in general, and when his outview on life is coming from the inside of KO's colon around his face and head it's pretty safe to say that anything else would seem totally foreign to him.

  18. LOL!
    and dodgey calls her 'KO'!

    Jen Dodge Which I STILL can't access! Or the main site. Again, could someone PLEASE ask a mod who to contact about that? Please?

    Audi Maccafan Seriously???? OK, I'll alert them.

    Jen Dodge THANK YOU. I've waited a week for a response from the e-mail address KO posted. Dead end.

    Audi Maccafan Have they contacted you, Jen?

    Jen Dodge Nope.

  19. LOL

    Bett Hines shared Ѕραякlєѕ⋆'s photo.

    Kathryn O'Connor so then you throw it. and the person who hurt me has hurt me so many times as well as many other people that she needs to get burned from it to learn not to ever do to me to anyone else again. she didn't learn a thing about messing with people's heads and souls and sits there every monday night laughing and smiling at how she got her sickness fulfilled at ruining my life. Probably on the douchebag's message board right now as we speak plotting more shit against me
    3 hours ago

    1. How can anyone NOT see the utter ridiculous paranoia and delusions of this bitch?

      Kimba stopped getting involved with KO's drama a long time ago no matter how many times KO tried to drag her back into it! And UNLIKE Retard Mac's secret group, nobody sits and plots anything against that bitch. Just like here; there's only discussion about HER plots agasint us!

    2. KO should take the very advice of the photo linked there, but noooo, she of course turned it around on someone else and justified her fucking anger.

    3. **should say TRIED to justify her anger.

      KO is sick in the head.

    4. aww someone feels picked on

      it can get eerie. I was feeling down about being picked on and went to play with this. It started out with John asking me about his immigration problems after I typed in my name.
      I said that it sucks when the government messes with your plans. I said I was in a bad mood too.
      He then replied, "I know. I stuck up for you."

      I mean, I know how this works with lines from his interviews coded into it and it picks them searching for key words, but this was eerie.

      Then I said, "Thank you. I needed that."

      John then replied, "I could go one more time for you. You can read something naughty into that if you like."

      but he then repeated that line for my next three comments

      and LOL!
      Looking at pictures of Paul becomes addictive. I've been doing it for over 30 years from books and magazines to now the net. I have a huge collection

    5. aww faggy has to kiss dodgey's ass some more

      Audi Maccafan OK, I'll make a post in the technical issues thread on your behalf

  20. As MaccaFan has already pointed out two of KO's posts, I can second their sentiments and add a couple more.

    Of course there's NO link to her tall tale here! KO tries to give an excuse of why she doesn't have then goes into some story about a book that for some reason she can't name (being such a Beatles book collector and all) and of course later on she'll claim to know this guy, then claim she's sleeping with him.

    Another '30 years' lie that is so repeated, but she is trying to bang this into everyone's head so that they believe the lie.

    It's like drivel, all day long. The thread isn't about her imaginary dating experiences and her wish to level some lame insult at someone, but she's got to post nonsense anyway.

    You knew this was gonna show up

    The dumb bitch thinks she's really talking to John Lennon O.O and KO's got that silly cow believing her hype. No it's NOT eerie, all it takes is some drama queen to whine.

    1. That same old lie about being a fan of Beatles for over 30 years and yet not one mention of them anywhere previously while she trolled all those other sites prior to 2009.

    2. disgusting

      Kathryn O'Connorposted toMarla Rudas
      August 12
      talk to our hubby and see what time you guys are stopping by. (You may have to bring pajamas) We've got pizza
      Like ·
      Mac Kelly likes this.

      Marla Rudas Working on it. Hubby has to go to Free Geek for a little while. I may just bring my PJs.
      August 12 at 11:39pm · Like

    3. LOL, again, such a 'long time fan' huh?

    4. LOL, this ugly fuck
      what's the aim of scaring us? LOL

  21. Josh Gill
    What's your take on Bob Gannon?! I get he's been to a LOT of shows (good for him) and I always thought he was okay from the limited interactions I had with him in the past, but he's not coming across too well on the forum and winding a lot of folks up...
    Like · · Follow Post · 8 hours ago
    Seen by 13

    Captainfantastic Grace whats happening on the forum?
    8 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs Bob as you know was in the other group, he was passing our posts onto the crazy mob - not the one tho who gave the posts to Simplyatit - that was another twerp.
    8 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs My take on him is he's a top class wanker
    8 hours ago · Like · 2

    Claire O'Connor OMG...I had no idea that Bob was doing that!! Whattacunt!!!!! xxx
    6 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Robert Macs yeah the cunt had to have the same fecking name as me - no not spidermacs lol
    6 hours ago · Like · 1

    Claire O'Connor Gannon?! haha reminds me of Gammon :S bleurghhhh haha xxxxx
    5 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Nancy Riley Who is the 'crazy mob'? LOL! Macs, he's Bob, you're Robert!
    4 hours ago · Like

    Kathryn O'Connor anyone passing our stuff on is unforgivable to me. (Yeah, I know I need to work on that, Marla). what's he doing on the forum?
    2 hours ago · Like

    Chris Ferguson He's an ass
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like

    1. Robert Macs Nanceeeee - Robert = Bob Boab, Boaby, Bert, Bertie, Rab, Bobby, Rob, Robbie etc are all the names you can be called for being a Robert lol depending where i am or who i'm with i get called different names ie. At work its Robert, my Dad and Sister call me Robert, my brother calls me Boab (slang for Bob or penis if its a boaby) some mates call me Rab, some Bobby or Bob - Like me its all very complicated lol
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs ps. Whenever i'm in England the females call me Rob - glad i got that cleared up lol
      8 hours ago · Like

      Robert Macs ooooop's soz Nancy - the crazy mob are those mad fucked up stalkers who follow us around on here - the same horrible snots who got wee Joshy removed from the forum.
      8 hours ago · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor don't forget that creepy douchbag that's been following me around for 9 years. she ain't given up yet
      about an hour ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor I found Bob's ID on the board. For the past few days, he's been posting in the new album thread or on the ROck Show forum about touring. So I couldn't figure out where he was posting our stuff. But I did notice one post where he criticized someone who said that the front rows at Macca's shows are all corporate people. He claimed that wasn't the case.
      about an hour ago · Like

    2. These losers feel they are so justified in what they do and that the actual 'wrong' thing is not their words/activity, but people finding out and revealing of it. LOL.

      Robert Macsposted toMcCARTNEY - The Man His Music & Other Odds n Sods.
      Soz guys - only found out that arse Bob Gannon posted some stuff from here on the board, what he and his arse wipes are trying to achieve is beyond me as we keep ourselves to ourselves - if any of you have any concerns about who is the mole on here (yes another one) feel free to drop me a pm and i'll do a cull on here, personally i don't care if we only end up with 10 members on here, its about trust so feel free to mention names and they will be gone
      Like · · 5 hours ago ·
      Claire O'Connor likes this.

      Claire O'Connor What had he to gain by reporting back to PQ (Psycho-Quarters)??? He seemed like a nice enough guy the few times I spoke to him online..ohhhh, how wrong was I?! Idiot!!! Is this group closed??? xxxxx
      5 hours ago via mobile · Like

      Robert Macs yeah its closed claire -
      5 hours ago · Like · 1

      Robert Macs rite my fellow fuckers, i'm off, busy day today, football, booze and music - ahhhhhh heaven
      5 hours ago · Like · 2

      Josh Gill I've got no problem with him, he's always been alright with me. but I'm just wondering how people outside the group know what's been said on here.
      5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

      Josh Gill And enjoy, buddy!
      5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

      Robert Macs he can't be alright if hes posting our stuff - och well fuck it, if i manage on here pissed later, some might be for the chopping block like the last time lol until then na noo na noo
      5 hours ago · Like · 2

      Robert Macs ps - someone should complain to the mods that by posting stuff from other forums they are tempting a all out flame war on the board.
      5 hours ago · Like · 2

      Robert Macs bye now my lovely friends and dumbfuck molesters
      5 hours ago · Like · 1

      Audi Maccafan what pathetic lives moles have...
      2 hours ago · Like · 1

      Kathryn O'Connor Isn't what he's doing against the rules? Can you link to where he posted it? I mean, Rahil got a week banning for doing that?
      about an hour ago · Like

      Kathryn O'Connor Robert, I'll report it to the mods but where is it on the board?
      about an hour ago · Like

    3. Nancy Riley Macs, my dad is a Robert, but always went by Bob. His parents always called him Bobby.
      about an hour ago · Like

      Audi Maccafan I just don't get why anyone would invest so much mental energy on spying on others' internet activities -- especially on those who have no actual, direct impact on THEIR lives. It only exposes how sad their own world is. Hope they know: Karma's a bitch. And real.
      about an hour ago · Edited · Like · 1

      YES, let's hope that audi, ko and crew all know that about karma and that it is their 'world' that is sad and pathetic, while THEY invest so much 'mental energy' badtalking others and plotting attacks.

  22. Harley's "friend" Jen Dodge is still in there and says nothing, as usual, to defend her "friend".

    Robert Macs

    Ken Urry Nice man, now we're getting the feel for where you're coming from. that place looks nice! like you'd have to open a window once in a while to let out some of the musical inspiration
    8 hours ago · Like

    Mark Lazydynamite Bradley why do you have a picture of 'harleyblues' above the fireplace macs???
    8 hours ago · Like · 2

    Ken Urry How often does HarleyBlues stop by to hang with you Macs?
    8 hours ago · Like · 1

    Robert Macs I decided to go black n white a few month back - hey i've got a room with a view, i'll try to capture it - errrrrrr Harleyfrigging blues lollllllllllllllllllllll
    8 hours ago · Like · 2

    Ken Urry Hey fellas have to run real quick, be back probably 1hr
    8 hours ago · Like

    Ken Urry dig the place Macs, you have a nice set up there
    8 hours ago · Like · 2

    Mark Lazydynamite Bradley ive just had a scary thought..argggg 'harleyblues'/in a white dress having a marlyn moment as the wind blows up....argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs ta Ken - i'll be off once i post a few more pics - need to get a few things done as i'm off out after the game tomorrow to watch a band - you said it Mark argggggggggggggggggggggg lol
    8 hours ago · Like · 1

    Robert Macs sox aboot them being the wrong way roon lol
    Robert Macs's photo.
    8 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs that should have been soz lol
    8 hours ago · Like

    Robert Macs a room with a view
    Robert Macs's photo.
    8 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Beautiful man! Is it just you living there? Sweet place
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Robert Macs my son and daughter are still with me, must be my cooking lol
    7 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Ah that's cool. Someday you'll be back to having that sweet bachelor pad for yourself. Give me a big screen and a record player and I'm set nice to have the kids around tho
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Robert Macs The kids can stay forever - the wicked witch was gone a long time ago lol
    7 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Totally, well played Macs
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Robert Macs my inspiration for the new song
    7 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry Yeah man I see that now, those lyrics are hard core! That's a good thing, very direct and meaningful. See this time I don't have a track laying around so ill have to feel something new out.
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Robert Macs I'm sure you will rock the hell out of it mate - let it go like i've done with the lyrics
    7 hours ago · Like · 1

    Robert Macs plus change to suit because everything i do apart from sex lol is done quite quickly from start to finish.
    7 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ken Urry You know you know you know it!
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

  23. A couple of points here. My blog gets 100's of hits a day, last month I was well over 1000 hits, and lots of those hits I can see the IP, country and other stats of the visitors to my blog. Scotland and the U.K. are huge and other countries like Germany, Russia, Brazil, etc. Lots of hits from Michigan USA, lots of hits from other East Coast states as well and hits from Trinidad. So I can see what's going on behind the scenes and so here's Retard Macs screaming about stalkers when he's done nothing but stalk people on a forum he's been removed from and is still trying to get shut down somehow. He stalked Rahil to other sites when he didn't kiss Queenie KO's ass, and he plots various attacks on other MPL members who might be friends against his assface gear her wears (KO's fat greasy ass) and his big secret group are a sad collective of people who have the very issues they're accusing others of having!

    KO and her "and don't forget cyber blah blah" because everyone must remember her constant banging of lies into their heads about someone while she still hides the very fact that it's HER who's been doing the following and stalking for over 9 damned years! And it never occurs to that sad little group of sychophants that people did contact Retard Macs because KO was the one sending out links to his fucking group and telling them shit.

    And his whole head game of this mole he apparently has such disdain for when it's HIM who has his little moles infiltrating MPL and stirring up shit! Yeah he's a real piece of work.

    Their sad little campaign about sharing their posts is redundant because Retard wants his shit flaunted out there. His real gripe is really about not being able to assemble a full out assault team on MPL and he's been reduced to getting pms from the stinkhole herself and trying in vain to explain even the simplest of things to her since using her to launch attacks on MPL just won't work the way he thought it would. And why? Because of the very hilarious fact that it was KO herself that got Retard and his two idiot buddies banned from MPL to begin with.

    They just didn't worship Paul good enough, now she's making damn sure they never find out it was her by making everyone else out to be the villain.

    Hmm maybe I should post a daily stat for an example of the traffic I get here?

    Also someone in Brazil keeps asking me for Rahil's email address. I cannot give it here. Rahil must write to me (if he even has my email) and let me pass along the message to him privately.

  24. Actually KO is the creepy cyber douchebag. While this Retarded Macs guy is a real cunt. His face caked with KO poo.

  25. Kathryn O'Connor
    Off topic but I think there's a FB id that might cause you some problems for me. Her name is Ashley Lovingood. Just created the account an hour ago. Sends me a friend request. I am her lone friend. Blond girl in avatar. My cyberstalker who always does this kind of crap. probably trying to see my friends only stuff. Just thought I'd send out a heads up if you're contacted by her in any way.
    Audi Maccafan likes this.

    Audi Maccafan Good to know.

    1. and this ugly fuck is encouraging another ugly fuck

      Josh Gill ( )
      Hey Kathryn, tell us about this cyberstalker of yours. I constantly keep hearing about her but whats the story?!

      Kathryn O'Connor Just an ex friend from Battlestar Galactica fandom 9 years ago. I left her and she went crazy. then she targeted other mentally unstable people in fandom who don't like me to aid her. Mostly women with issues. She found out about Paul and followed me to Paul fandom where she became a PIDer when the board wouldn't throw me off just because she said so. She contacted several people in this group back when it was open. she follows me around doing crap like that.

      Josh Gill is this the Amazon Russia person or whatever it was?

      Claire O'Connor What's a PID, Kath? xxx

      Claire O'Connor Awwwww, Thanks Josh xxx

      Josh Gill PID=Paul Is Dead

    2. Wow KO's lies keep getting more and more twisted!

      FACTS folks, 9 years ago KO kept stalking people in Battlestar Galactica fandom after her removal from the Dirk Benedict sites (Dirk Benedict is an actor who played Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica) and KO is the one who would try to recruit people to attack those who had already banned her psycho ass.

      Nobody followed that bitch around, she followed THEM! There is no ex-girlfriend, the person she's trying to demonize is one of many victims of KO's stalking and harassment! Who is now being accused of being this Russian lady, which is another paranoid crap lie from the psycho. Amazon is a real member of a Star Trek site that KO harassed some time ago and unfortunately that person felt a duty to warn others as she was also on the other forum. Don't know who this Ashley person is but nobody is doing any shit from any Battlestar Galactica site! KO's story gets more and more twisted when she tries to claim that PID never banned her! WTF? THE HELL THEY DIDN'T! YES THEY DID BAN KO! And for the record nobody joined and became a PID member from any past site. Those members all seen what a crazy stalker KO was when KO revealed herself to them when she kept harassing PID's admin Tina!

      It's so crazy how KO just lies and lies and makes shit up all over the place! Throughout this blog and others, the documentation of KO's lies and the exposure of her lies is evident.

      This whole "I left her and she went crazy" is such a big pile of bullshit that you have to laugh at her utter delusions! KO was thrown off the cruise because she harassed and threatened Dirk Benedict. When KO came back online she attacked him and everyone on that cruise. When the person who owns the yahoogroup (that's still around btw) banned KO, that's when KO went into psycho overdrive and began a neverending campaign of attacks, hate and even sent numerous death threats! KO never "left" anyone...she never left anyone the FUCK ALONE! Although that remains their wishes! It was those people, especially the one she's always attacking who wants that filthy stinking bitch to leave her and everyone else alone! KO is the one who "went crazy" and she didn't "leave", she was BANNED, then had to be banned again and again, and again! And still CANNOT accept the fact that Dirk and his fanbase banned her, blocked her mail, blocked her ass on all his sites and that all the other people associated with Dirk or any Dirk-related site wants NOTHING to do with her!
      They all KNOW what a crazy psycho lying stalker she is! They all know what WE know; that KO is a fucking crazy piece of lying trash.

      And BTW when KO was removed from the Dirk Benedict and Battlestar Galactica sites it was after she had already caused so much trouble, drama, trolling and attacking members there and going on and on about Dirk and the cruise with a bunch of lies that people who were there had since debunked.

      KO is a cancer, a poisonous, toxic lowlife.

  26. LOL it's so ridiculous how KO justifies all those people hating her! In her little junkie drug-soaked mind it's all because "they" have issues! It's gotta be something wrong with them, not her psycho stalking and harassing ongoing eternal obsession with them, yeah it's them not her! That's the ticket! XD

    Like Stu said, KO's excuses and lies are all a crock of shit!

  27. It's so sick that KO tries to make her victim(s) out to be some "girlfriend" in the sexual sense as she seems to imply. KO would fuck a mule if she could, but the people she maligns and the label "cyberstalker" has been thrown at all of them, are as straight as they come! Tracy is straight, Nacky is straight, Bibbi is straight, Kimba, Diana, Anna, they are all straight and would have never had anything going on with such a repulsive ugly piece of shit like KO.
    Over the internet or otherwise.
    It's also interesting to note that a lot of KO's threats were along the lines of what a rapist would say to a victim. KO spends a lot of time posting about their private parts and shoving things you-know-where and making sickening things up about them.

    Yet those idiots who can't see the obvious are helping her bully the victims even further.

    1. Well I looked into that facebook account and it was an obvious spam, just another average craig's list type like the other millions of fake ones trying to get people signed up for something.

      But it shows how pathetic KO is because her life has no meaning and validation unless she can see the target of her obsession behind every shadow and around every corner. KO's sick delusion that every fucking person on the planet is this ONE girl is really her deep psychosis. This is KO and her mental problems. Nobody else's.

      That one girl doesn't even know most of the shit KO is still obsessing about or stirring up. EL could post back links to this fact.

      And just to show how sick KO is, why did KO accept a friend request from a person she claims is stalking her? Why aren't those idiots clued in on the actions that would send up red flags to anyone with half a brain? They literally believe any lie she tells them! They're that far gone.

      By the way I like EL's newest blog entry! It's spot on!

  28. If anyone went crazy it's because KO would NOT leave! Just would NOT leave people alone, stop trying to get to them with her pathetic antics and trying to villainize them to every idiot who'll listen to her endless screams for attention and help her plot further harassing tactics against people who've been trying to fucking ESCAPE from KO!

  29. Kathryn O'Connor Yeah, it was her. that was one of her many fake IDs. just to show her craziness, she uses fake IDs all the time and it's okay but if I do it to hide from her, I'm the bad one who uses fake IDs and she bitches about it endlessly
    4 hours ago · Like

    SAYS the psycho with SO MANY fake accounts herself

    1. And of course she just KNOWS it's "her", goddamn! Yep KO has got facebook's admin panel right there and can see who's who on there! I'm laughing because it's NOT anyone and KO is full of shit as always!

      And last I looked, nobody is "bitching" about KO's fake IDs. They all just block 'em and ignore KO! It's KO doing the bitching about that and as you can clearly see, KO is bitching about some random account that she ADDED for godssakes! How does one add someone that is SO convinced it's a "stalker"???? DRAMA LLAMA!

      It wouldn't surprise me if KO actually created that account and needs to keep bitching about something that she won't let go! Like being banned from the sites she thought she needed to control!

      I have to point out that KO's version of "leaving" someone is pretty warped and twisted! Indeed in KO's version of that it entails stalking the person and invading their boards and groups. Posting endless insane psychotic rants on their facebook pages and before that, on any place she could find including other social media, calling their HOME phone number, calling other relatives of the person she's "leaving" and leaving threats on answering machines and on forward messages on their phones! POSTING their phone numbers on yahoogroups like the Battlestar Galactica groups to name but a few, and of course CONTINUOUSLY talking about the person she "left" all the goddamn time to everyone within earshot, for years and years and YEARS on end! Until those people finally got SICK of it and banned her only to see her claim she "left" them too! ROTFLMAO!

      If only KO's version of leaving someone was actually LEAVING them alone and going on and moving on and accepting that she didn't escape the consequences of her actions, we'd all be left alone! But sadly, KO version of "leaving" someone alone is not really leaving them alone but finding ways to keep inserting herself into their lives!

  30. LOL no I am not this Ashley person. Nor would I ever attempt to friend that psycho stalking cuntface KO! Ever! She needs to SO get over her damned psycho self!!! What does she think she is? Some kind of life-essence that nobody can live without? Fuck we'd be so much better off if she'd just fucking disappear and like never heard from again! Being from Russia, I could suggest they dump her slime ass in Siberia. Maybe that'll help?

    Anyways I need to find out how to block messages from outside people who are not on my friends list. I have addressed this issue on my facebook Star Trek theme account and on my personal account for my own family in my native language. While the crazy silly ugly bitch hasn't found my Russian/Macedonian account, I am still hoping to take measures to make sure she doesn't find it and start sending in her thug bully army of fuckwits to harass me further!

    Here is what the fucktard sent to me

    Hey Ashley Lovingood are you ever going to give me your phone number? what about letting me call you you slut? Do you have any idea how much you've done to poor kathryn? she is a witch who does voodoo spells and your phone number would be most helpful for her so she can call you and show you what real magick is all about!

    ^^^^^THIS is the fucktarded asshole shit she's sending out there via fucktarded Retard Macs and her moronic goons! As if voodoo threats scare me! Let me laugh in your faces! And what kind of sick invitation is that anyway? Call me to show me "magick"? Fuck off and die BITCH!

  31. what crap is this? LOL
    rahil never 'advocated child brides'

    from what i read and recorded back in June of that, rahil posted a few conversations with the Hare Krsna movemement's leader Srila Prabhupada and one of those had a section in which SP spoke about such marriages being arranged from age 12, etc., in the Indian culture, and about chastity, etc.

    it doesn't mean rahil 'advocated' anything of that. LOL.

    the excerpts were shown regarding the fact of ANTI-DRUG USE that HARE KRSNA philosophy details, to show KO and kapoop how they were talking crap when they tried to mix both in their b.s. posts.

    Kathryn O'Connor
    Ken, remember that Krishna conversation we had on the PM forum where Rahil advocated child brides? This one is for that fuckhead....

    Can a spoon end forced marriage?
    A simple trick is calling attention to a massive problem for UK girls and women
    Like · · Follow Post · Share · 4 hours ago

    who is more a fuckhead than KO and those who will listen to her and drink all she says as truth?

    1. but this applies to yourself KO and those in rmacs' group, you asshole

      Kathryn O'Connor shared Because I Can Thats Why's photo.
      15 hours ago

      and who the fuck fooled you KO that you are smart or pretty AT ALL?

      Kathryn O'Connor shared a link via Salathiel Palland.
      5 hours ago
      I feel empowered after reading this. I stand up to buttwhipes like this and survive. I am stronger then they. (and smarter...and prettier...and just everything)

      The Shocking Ways that Women's Free Speech Is Under Attack
      Women who are in the least bit outspoken are subject to threats of rape, racist and sexist epithets, and deeply offensive trolling. How did it get this bad?

      aww someone is still butthurt
      Kathryn O'Connor shared a link via Being Liberal.
      4 hours ago
      Well if you're a member of the lowest sci fi group out there, then you'll just join in

      If You Ever Hear Anyone Doing This In Public, Please Do More Than Ask Them To Quiet Down
      Things that matter. Pass 'em on.

  32. KO is not smart or pretty and she's certainly not sane. People who have rejected her are the ones being abused and constantly harassed by her. To further the poison she spews, she'll invent pathetic lies to make them out to be some lowly thing that she wants to believe is "in love" with her. Like she thought Dirk was "in love" with her, like she thinks her victims are somehow hanging onto her. The reality is, documenting her insane harassment and ongoing antics and terroristic tactics is proof people are trying to get RID of her and expose her for what she is so the abuse can stop!

    But she finds pathetic assholes (like Retard Macs) to carry out her plans to keep harassing the people who want the rejection of her psycho ass to be a permanent rejection without having to keep on guard all the time!

    Now Rahil, for daring to speak up, has become another victim in the long line of them!

    And MOWFO is not a "lowest sci fi group" it is just one of many but there are no labels like "lowest", that's just KO again labelling people again. Her favorite thing to do.

    And Milla (Amazon) was outspoken and spoke up, and GEE! Yeah she's being threatened, and deeply offensive trolling is being done by KO against her! For speaking up! What's more is she's got the Retard Gang helping KO to further bully and harass her!

  33. Kathryn O'Connor
    Well, I got another threatening e-mail from some anonymous bitch using my old alias Karen Nesbit. Typical bullshit bringing up such crap as I was the one that was threatening Paul's site (his mods proved otherwise) and I did flee the scene of an accident (the cops proved otherwise and even caught the real perp) and claimed I used Paul's board as an alibi. (I did).
    Claiming no one reads my stories. (I have a counter and I get PMs about that)
    It seems to follow a pattern. Someone tries to get to us here by getting someone on the board to post our stuff, causing a stir. The mods take down what they post and we move on to funner things to talk about.
    then I get the strange e-mail because they have no way of getting to me for the moment.

    1. Kathryn O'Connor
      Whoever wrote this story got all our names wrong:

      Captainfantastic Grace this is the funniest thing i have ever read - "Oh, hi. I'm Robert Gannon. I'm here to take photos."

      Kathryn O'Connor To be honest, I don't think Robert Gannon had anything to do with this. It was written along with a series a few years back (I don't know why they keep featuring me with a hump on my back). He's a police officer. I'm guessing that my cyberdouchebags pulled him into this for that reason hoping he'd arrest all of us or something. (Yeah, they're that stupid).

      Kathryn O'Connor You see, up until the Paul forum, my stalker would go to any admin of any site I'm on and demand they ban me. If they wouldn't comply, she'd keep up the harrassment until they did her bidding. this happened endless times. Paul's staff was the first group that didn't give in to her. they'd only ban me if I broke the rules and they clearly stated to me what those rules are so I'd know.

      Audi Maccafan I would check it out, but I don't want these ill losers to have my IP address.

    2. Marla Rudas shared Jeffrie Wallace's photo.
      about an hour ago

      Kathryn O'Connor true. this might get me through today
      about an hour ago

      Marla Rudas Good! Bad day at Black Rock today?
      about an hour ago

      Kathryn O'Connor Check your e-mail. I had to go to the police again
      about an hour ago

      Marla Rudas Oh Ye Gods!
      about an hour ago

    3. who's a bigger fucking bully than you KO?

      Kathryn O'Connor shared a link.
      29 minutes ago
      For the Cyber Douchebags. I've been singing this one for years. Now it's time to share it.

      Twlight Sparkle's Bully Song
      The quality of this video is lower then my other videos since the episode its from hasn't been released yet, which is also why the editing isn't as good, sin...

    4. RIGHTTT....
      YEH RIGHT.....

      Kathryn O'Connor shared Britt Bratt Lerma's photo.
      27 minutes ago
      I've been fighting for decades. even before many of our current community were pagans

    5. OH STFU

      Kathryn O'Connor shared Fucktards Need Not Apply's photo.
      27 minutes ago

      OH STFU!
      who wants YOU in their lives?
      we want you to get out of ours!

      Kathryn O'Connor shared Crazy shit's photo.
      26 minutes ago
      The problem is the cyberdouchebags put way too much effort to get me into their lives

    6. It's HILARIOUS that she claims to not put any effort into getting to the people "she" tries to project her own shit upon! Um we see her always trying to invade our lives and always TALKING, BITCHING, whining endlessly, RAGING, OBSESSING over and over again on those she claims is trying to get to her!
      Why can't she step back and finally realize that she's the one with the problem and is the one doing exactly what she seeing in others that is really in herself? Because that would be too much like admitting the truth and she CANNOT have that!

      And KO's next fandom to slime with her psycho toxic personality will be My Little Pony!

  34. Oh God. To dispell more of her lies!

    1. Maccaminx wrote a funny story and shared it. That's it. KO went ballistic and raged and reported. Nobody dragged any policeman into anything. It's more of her drama. How does the mention of some guy suddenly mean that he was being asked to arrest someone? WTF? KO and her psycho-overdrive delusions again!

    2. Why does she claim she got another threatening email AFTER having one of her minions threaten Milla? Now KO tries to play the victim who got an email! Where is it and what exactly did it say?

    3. Audi can go to hell, nobody cares about his damned IP and he's an ill loser. He's just not that important to anyone here.

    4. Nobody went around harassing admins to ban KO! KO got herself banned (from a MULTITUDE of sites! - Why? - Because >>>KO<<< would fill up their boards with her crazy off topic rants, attacking other members and acting like the PSYCHO she is!) when she got banned, she of course BLAMED it all on her imaginary stalker! Like she blamed this non-existent stalker for being banned from Julian Lennon's sites!
    Her stupid sorry excuse of a story makes NO sense as any admin can simply block anyone doing stuff like that. Paul's staff not banning KO is pretty much on par with how Paul's staff lets any psychopath reign on that forum. Has nothing to do with anyone else. Case closed.

    5. Paul's staff never "proved" a thing because there is now public documentation that Paul's staff are liars!

    6. KO calling the police is laughable. Because the police do not help mentally unstable cyber bullies like KO get revenge on people just because she obsesses over them. Let the police take a look! Please! See KO constantly harassing others and posting attacks at them and getting her gang of mental midgets to attack people for her because she can't risk being caught or something.

    7. People everywhere have tried to go back to having fun in their own sites, boards and forums and KO is always waiting to launch another attack. As always.

    For fucksakes. KO sure spins these horredous lies that any thinking person can sense is all bullshit. But her minions are braindead after all.

  35. pulled him into this for that reason hoping he'd arrest all of us or something. (Yeah, they're that stupid).

    Gotta laugh at how stupid she is to even have the nerve to post such a stupid statement like that. Like InTheKnow said, nobody tried to get "them" arrested but KO wants all those she already controls to think we're all writing stories to get people she associates with arrested so they'll have the same warped, unrealistic and totally deluded view of the world as she has.

    And isn't it KO trying to get the police to come after everyone anyway? LULZ!

    Anyway that story was just written as fun. From some old members from the MPL forum who are just so sick of the trolling she brings there. We're not alone in that sentiment!

  36. Claiming no one reads my stories. (I have a counter and I get PMs about that)

    It's called bots. All major sites have them.

    It's called we know your patterns of attention whoring, if there were real PMs from anyone, you'd post them! Also it seems anyone wanting to compliment such trash wouldn't mind actually commenting at the fic itself! Face the fact that your writing just sucks and you have no talent.

    Nice try but not impressed. Don't believe a word of it!

  37. LOL she's just mad because she realized that MaccaMinx's story wasn't wiped off the face of the earth like she had thought it was and is posted in a safe place or two that she can't touch! And she must have just been clued in about the blog that saved all her hideously insane LJ posts. LOL she's been frothing at the mouth! Good. Serves her right! That insidious little toxic bitch.

  38. EL posted a new blog and we should move our comments on up to there. Just saying because it gets hard to scroll through all the comments.

    But I'll go ahead and comment here and on the newest entry.

    This is FUCKING SICK! And of course, kids can still read the posts on MPL! Her post is wrong on so many levels!

    What 10 year old thinks like that? A perverted future pedo like KO!


    It's another "small child, Beatles fan since the dawn of time" claim but she blew her cover recently when she revealed that she's been kicked off many other forums in the past! Gee what other forums? Would that be the celebrity sites of past famous guys she's stalked and been psycho on? HELL YEAH!
    Of course it's never her fault, an imaginary stalker must have done it. *eye roll* I do know many people had to report her posts on some sites where she posted their phone numbers and personal info BUT she'll HIDE that fact right away and make the victim out to be the bad guy! Of course! DBO, DS, S:99 anyone? Not to mention the rage of terror she tried to leave on a multitude of yahoogroups.

    I'm still wondering how they allow such a filthy troll to keep posting. WTF? Ringo, daisy, fucking bracelets? WTF acid is she on?