Monday, March 10, 2014

The Banning of the Kookoo

On March 5, KO was finally banned from BFFD. Just too much drama and hassle. If that admin had just listened to her own members, well, the place wouldn't have died the way it did. People fled because of the shit KO brought on board. The troubles and sadistic personality she has, the passive-aggressive behaviour and all the other shit-storm dramas her whole existence is all about.

The final straw came when someone dared to correct her on a very well-known Beatles fact that, for such a long time fan, she totally got wrong. This isn't the only time, as KO is quite well known for knowing Jack Squat about The Beatles history despite her constant (and repeated) claims that she's been into them since she was 3 years old and has seen, heard and read everything coming down the pike. Miss O'Dell who runs the BFFD had seen the light. At least to the degree that she gave the boot to the troublemaking piece of shit. And no matter how hard KO campaigned to get Astrid, Molly and Loki kicked off because they actually are genuine fans and didn't come in after a failed Dirk Benedict stalking past time, KO's psycho mindgames just didn't work like she had hoped. Her material is always the same; playing the martyr, playing the victim with insane amounts of drama and yet being the very bully and stalker she accuses everyone else of being. With her eternal ribbing of "You're sick" "That sick Journal of yours" and "You're nothing but a bunch of bullying girls" they are still members at BFFD. Thank goodness. I know for a fact that Catshit (KO) has a real vendetta against Astrid.

Below are some comments saved from the previous entry and recent shit-storm of KO and her fucking fuckwitted drama. There is also another Catshit LJ rant that she posted about some lame shit about doctors and what they would say...nevermind that KO herself has gone around the internet claiming lots of people have all these "disorders" and making such incredibly insane claims such as holding "certified" proof of some people being in mental hospitals. Like we're supposed to believe she's just being pandered to by actual doctors and given records of these people she stalks. Highly illegal behaviour that these "doctors" of hers have engaged in if she had such medical records so she could just post about them on the internets. It's almost as insane as her George Harrison skinny dipping/cops/snakes/nudity story she came off with.

Various comments from my previous entry:

March 4

SuperSick started up again on BFFD. Making up shit... same ol', same ol'. Poor me, attacked, remembers when the beatles were together and broke up. Really?

March 5

For fucksakes what a liar psycho that KO is! Long term fan my ass and do you see the classic denial and sidestepping around the very clear points that others are making? Yep. Someone had better grab screenies because no telling how long it will last when she goes whining to Dumbass O'Dell to remove the comments.

Also Astrid didn't bash anyone, she pointed out facts and was, as always, accused of making KO such a miserable martyr of misery! Glad to see that her attempts to rattle the other members with her usual sickie dreck didn't work.


BFFD post deleted. Seems KO is missing from the members list, too. :D


The sick bitch is now posting on her LJ and being psycho again! As usual she contradicts her own "real doctor" shit because she's gone around the internet just blasting at people she hates as being all kinds of psychological disorders and most of them she's never even met or know anything about! She's even claimed to be in possession of actual doctor's "certificates" on someone being a "mental patient". None of her claims are even slightly remotely true but she sure spends much time writing how others were in mental hospitals (including Paul McCartney & Dirk Benedict) and her own actions seem to be the very thing she's now bitching about on her LJ now. What a fucking moron she is.

Not only that but what she's bitching about is totally laughable and the LEAST of her totally psycho batshit issues. It's laughable because she has stated more times than anyone can count that she is a dirty old pervert with a sex addiction and has multiple boyfriends and all that. I agree that she's a pervert and is extremely perverted but she doesn't have multiple partners unless she's finding them in the alley and they're too drunk to see. She also starts posting about being paranoid everytime a glitch happened at MPL or wherever because of her "stalkers" and how they've all made her paranoid.

All of this after she's made another ass of herself by showing how little she really knows about the Beatles given that she keeps claiming she's known of them since the age of 3 and has been a fan for "countless decades".

It's as laughable as her story about meeting George Harrison while she was skinny dipping.

If she has been banned from BFFD, I would be amazed. I would also credit Miss O'Dell as finally seeing through the bullshit KO dishes out and finally having enough of the drama she brings.


If Miss O' Dimwit did ban Catshit I say it's a little too little too late. BFFD is a former shell of itself. All the writers have abandoned the community. It's dead. It has become the Catshit archive with the occasional posts from a writer or two. I wonder what will happen when/if Catshit realizes she's been banned (if she really has been banned) and how she'll react. I think Miss O' Dimwit will finally realize she backed the wrong person time and time again. She allowed the true menace to hang around her community, and now it's all fallen apart.


And her latest LJ fit doesn't even make sense but she does invent "conversations" that we all know never took place. First off if someone says that KO "seems" like she's suffering from some disorder and anyone with half a brain can see KO is mentally ill just from observation of her behavior alone, that doesn't mean KO was "diagnosed" just that someone was giving their honest opinion of seeing what crazy batshit bitch she is.
Second off, be prepared for the next round of online assaults that KO will be engaging in.
So predictable. You can set your watch by her.


Looks like she still has a few asskissers at JHP as PLH is still in the kissing psycho ass business.

March 6

By the way, the journalfen that Catshit is bitching about lately hasn't been updated since October of last year. So, why is she suddenly so obsessed with an inactive community that no one is no longer updating or posting comments to? 

I do find it hilarious that Miss O' Dell finally gave her the heave ho. Yet, she waited too long to do it. I'm sure she's on the receiving end of multiple emails from Catshit, and will probably end up being in a future LJ rant. I wonder if she'll name Miss O' Dell as one of her 'stalkers'/'bullies'.


I think she's already calling MO her stalker/bully on facebook somewhere. She's definitely added MO in her long list of "Beatle Bitches" and all that. She's been trying to get some of her "loyal" friends i.e. her minion asskissers to report BFFD for bullying and harassing her. You know, all the things she has done to everyone else since Day 1.


>I'm sure she's on the receiving end of multiple emails from Catshit

Oh yeah. Lots of the same kind of shit she flung at Astrid and countless other poor folks that had no idea how psycho she really is until they saw through the mask.

>and will probably end up being in a future LJ rant

The latest one is basically aimed at o'dell but there will be more batshit rants about o'dell. As someone else said; you can set your watch by her.


Waiting for the really good rant to show up on her LJ. It seems she's too busy posting conversations with her cat on her FB for the time being. Poor fucking cat...