Monday, March 10, 2014

The Banning of the Kookoo

On March 5, KO was finally banned from BFFD. Just too much drama and hassle. If that admin had just listened to her own members, well, the place wouldn't have died the way it did. People fled because of the shit KO brought on board. The troubles and sadistic personality she has, the passive-aggressive behaviour and all the other shit-storm dramas her whole existence is all about.

The final straw came when someone dared to correct her on a very well-known Beatles fact that, for such a long time fan, she totally got wrong. This isn't the only time, as KO is quite well known for knowing Jack Squat about The Beatles history despite her constant (and repeated) claims that she's been into them since she was 3 years old and has seen, heard and read everything coming down the pike. Miss O'Dell who runs the BFFD had seen the light. At least to the degree that she gave the boot to the troublemaking piece of shit. And no matter how hard KO campaigned to get Astrid, Molly and Loki kicked off because they actually are genuine fans and didn't come in after a failed Dirk Benedict stalking past time, KO's psycho mindgames just didn't work like she had hoped. Her material is always the same; playing the martyr, playing the victim with insane amounts of drama and yet being the very bully and stalker she accuses everyone else of being. With her eternal ribbing of "You're sick" "That sick Journal of yours" and "You're nothing but a bunch of bullying girls" they are still members at BFFD. Thank goodness. I know for a fact that Catshit (KO) has a real vendetta against Astrid.

Below are some comments saved from the previous entry and recent shit-storm of KO and her fucking fuckwitted drama. There is also another Catshit LJ rant that she posted about some lame shit about doctors and what they would say...nevermind that KO herself has gone around the internet claiming lots of people have all these "disorders" and making such incredibly insane claims such as holding "certified" proof of some people being in mental hospitals. Like we're supposed to believe she's just being pandered to by actual doctors and given records of these people she stalks. Highly illegal behaviour that these "doctors" of hers have engaged in if she had such medical records so she could just post about them on the internets. It's almost as insane as her George Harrison skinny dipping/cops/snakes/nudity story she came off with.

Various comments from my previous entry:

March 4

SuperSick started up again on BFFD. Making up shit... same ol', same ol'. Poor me, attacked, remembers when the beatles were together and broke up. Really?

March 5

For fucksakes what a liar psycho that KO is! Long term fan my ass and do you see the classic denial and sidestepping around the very clear points that others are making? Yep. Someone had better grab screenies because no telling how long it will last when she goes whining to Dumbass O'Dell to remove the comments.

Also Astrid didn't bash anyone, she pointed out facts and was, as always, accused of making KO such a miserable martyr of misery! Glad to see that her attempts to rattle the other members with her usual sickie dreck didn't work.


BFFD post deleted. Seems KO is missing from the members list, too. :D


The sick bitch is now posting on her LJ and being psycho again! As usual she contradicts her own "real doctor" shit because she's gone around the internet just blasting at people she hates as being all kinds of psychological disorders and most of them she's never even met or know anything about! She's even claimed to be in possession of actual doctor's "certificates" on someone being a "mental patient". None of her claims are even slightly remotely true but she sure spends much time writing how others were in mental hospitals (including Paul McCartney & Dirk Benedict) and her own actions seem to be the very thing she's now bitching about on her LJ now. What a fucking moron she is.

Not only that but what she's bitching about is totally laughable and the LEAST of her totally psycho batshit issues. It's laughable because she has stated more times than anyone can count that she is a dirty old pervert with a sex addiction and has multiple boyfriends and all that. I agree that she's a pervert and is extremely perverted but she doesn't have multiple partners unless she's finding them in the alley and they're too drunk to see. She also starts posting about being paranoid everytime a glitch happened at MPL or wherever because of her "stalkers" and how they've all made her paranoid.

All of this after she's made another ass of herself by showing how little she really knows about the Beatles given that she keeps claiming she's known of them since the age of 3 and has been a fan for "countless decades".

It's as laughable as her story about meeting George Harrison while she was skinny dipping.

If she has been banned from BFFD, I would be amazed. I would also credit Miss O'Dell as finally seeing through the bullshit KO dishes out and finally having enough of the drama she brings.


If Miss O' Dimwit did ban Catshit I say it's a little too little too late. BFFD is a former shell of itself. All the writers have abandoned the community. It's dead. It has become the Catshit archive with the occasional posts from a writer or two. I wonder what will happen when/if Catshit realizes she's been banned (if she really has been banned) and how she'll react. I think Miss O' Dimwit will finally realize she backed the wrong person time and time again. She allowed the true menace to hang around her community, and now it's all fallen apart.


And her latest LJ fit doesn't even make sense but she does invent "conversations" that we all know never took place. First off if someone says that KO "seems" like she's suffering from some disorder and anyone with half a brain can see KO is mentally ill just from observation of her behavior alone, that doesn't mean KO was "diagnosed" just that someone was giving their honest opinion of seeing what crazy batshit bitch she is.
Second off, be prepared for the next round of online assaults that KO will be engaging in.
So predictable. You can set your watch by her.


Looks like she still has a few asskissers at JHP as PLH is still in the kissing psycho ass business.

March 6

By the way, the journalfen that Catshit is bitching about lately hasn't been updated since October of last year. So, why is she suddenly so obsessed with an inactive community that no one is no longer updating or posting comments to? 

I do find it hilarious that Miss O' Dell finally gave her the heave ho. Yet, she waited too long to do it. I'm sure she's on the receiving end of multiple emails from Catshit, and will probably end up being in a future LJ rant. I wonder if she'll name Miss O' Dell as one of her 'stalkers'/'bullies'.


I think she's already calling MO her stalker/bully on facebook somewhere. She's definitely added MO in her long list of "Beatle Bitches" and all that. She's been trying to get some of her "loyal" friends i.e. her minion asskissers to report BFFD for bullying and harassing her. You know, all the things she has done to everyone else since Day 1.


>I'm sure she's on the receiving end of multiple emails from Catshit

Oh yeah. Lots of the same kind of shit she flung at Astrid and countless other poor folks that had no idea how psycho she really is until they saw through the mask.

>and will probably end up being in a future LJ rant

The latest one is basically aimed at o'dell but there will be more batshit rants about o'dell. As someone else said; you can set your watch by her.


Waiting for the really good rant to show up on her LJ. It seems she's too busy posting conversations with her cat on her FB for the time being. Poor fucking cat...


  1. As usual, EL, you're brilliant! I love the Dirk/Captain/Cruise pic!

    1. Thanks ! It's great isn't it? Someone from one of the Dirk fansites sent that to me. I've had it for the better part of a year and kinda forgotten about it. But now it's there for anyone who wants to use it ;)

  2. I got the latest screenshot in the Insane Journal blog. It should be right after the last one. The 8th batch.

  3. Member of BFFD here. The conversation threads dried up, and it became Catpiss Archive. It use to be a great community a few years ago. Then what happens? Catpiss spams the community with her terrible stories. And, makes tons of drama, flying off the handle and just in general a very unpleasant person. I was disappointed with how the mod of BFFD handle the situation. She let it go on for far too long and choose to ignore that Catpiss was the root of any problems in that community. I can't imagine why she allowed it to go on for as long as she did. She abandoned her own community. She didn't even make a mod post to address what happened. Just swept it under the rug. Thankfully, there is another, smaller and BETTER Beatles fan fiction orientated community on LJ that Catpiss isn't a member of where people can discuss the elements of fic without Catpiss coming in and pissing on everyone's parade. With mods who are actually ACTIVE within their community and are a presence.

    Thanks for the post E.L.

    1. Thanks for your comments, it's appreciated as I have seen what she's done over there. I know what you've gone through. The slime has been on MPL and the same shit occurs there everyday where she's involved. But that place is thick with psychos like her. Kudos to you all who've made safe-zoned Beatles writing groups. I'm sure the most part of that crowd is grateful for it.

      I guess Miss O'D just couldn't see how badly she was being manipulated until the end. Some people see sooner and some later on. But eventually they do see. Some have been stalked and harassed for years because they saw it sooner and did act and got rid of the toxic thing. Now O'D can be added to the already long list. You know she will be because KO never lets anything go.

  4. It's NOT a true story. Like all her other rubbish, total shitty and stupid lies.

    This is just another sad and tired example of how she works in her manipulative bullshit.

    Past friends got rid of her BECAUSE she's a TOXIC bitch and she's nasty. Mean. All of the psycho she claims them of being.

    And her story is bullshit. No business manager contacted her asking about Beatles stuff and for fucksakes who would find her attractive? Sick. Why does she always have to pull out the stupid narcissistic crap? Not that it matters because she's trying to derail the thread to be about her and her drama anyway.

    1. This is her attempt to make MOWFO members go "oh shit, the manager is in love with her, we might get kicked out of our favourite eatery!" yeah okay what the fuck ever Kooky O'Crazy. Go ahead and perpetuate that lie and add this "manager" to the list of imaginary friends who are so into you! Like that real doctor who gives over patient records from that imaginary hospital where all your enemies have been mentally evaluated. Derp!

    2. HAHAHA!!! And miss writer of British Beatles, and great British Vocabularist doesn't know what a FANNY is slang for in the UK. And she probably couldn't follow the word clues the other posters gave!

      DO YOUR RESEARCH, KO!!!!!!!!

  5. I know that Miss O'D was alerted by Astrid, who told her that catshit got off the handle again, raging against commenters that were nice to her. Miss O'D said that she had the choice to close down the community completely or delete her membership. She can apply again in 12 months...if she wants to (what I am sure about). And yes....Miss O'D was bombarded with messages by the shitass...four within the first hour already.

    That same story on JHP got more than one comment by oneafter901....but paulslefthand deleted the rest. oneafter901 has a long story of hating catshit, too. Catshit accused her in that deleted comments of harrasing her.

    1. Might as well shut it down. No one posts there anymore. I think posters are hesitant to contribute. Even with Catshit gone. I think they were turned off by her presence, and left a long time ago. So, if she had chosen to delete her community I don't think that many people would've missed it.

      I wonder when Paulslefthand will finally get a clue and boot Catshit. Probably never. She's a Catshit apologist. So, was Miss O'Dim wit.

    2. If she closes it, catshit has her victory. Better have a community she wants to be part of like McLennonLand. No matter what or if something is posted there, when the catshit is OUT and cannot come in for at least a year it is a victory for the people there. She would have mourned the community if it was gone...but she would have never thought that she was the reason why it was gone.
      Now she rants and whines, but she cannot come in again.

    3. The only reason Catshit has been on those two groups and harassing them all with her drama is because she saw that there *was* life there. People to get attention from, people to fuck with. And yes, her first line of attack is to start manipulating the owners and moderators. Nowhere could this be more apparent than on MPL itself where she's a protected psycho pet of theirs.

    4. WTF? Catshit will get to come back in a year? Ban the Skrunt and be done with her!

    5. I couldn't agree more ~CWG~. Why even allow Catshit to come back in a year? It'll start up all over again. It's what she does. She can't possibly keep her mouth shut and move on. Nope, her first post back would be about how she was banned, etc. etc. etc.

      I didn't think it was a good idea for the mod at BFFD to keep the community up since it's so lifeless now, but the anonymous comment upthread has made me reconsider my perspective. Far better for there to be another community that so clearly doesn't want her, continuing to keep running, and she's on the outside looking in.

  6. KO hates Tracy and her celeb friend Dirk Benedict with a passion and swore to embarrass or outdo them at every opportunity, (usually because Tracy stood up to her), but the one person she hates more than Tracy is Bibbinut. For the most part, Bibbi tries to ignore KO's scathing remarks, comments and attempts to humiliate her, not wanting to validate any of KO's actions. KO tries to gets under her skin, and Bibbi dreads getting more shit from strange people who pop up (likely KO's sockpuppets). KO is a narcissist, who believes she is the prettiest, beloved and most popular girl of all the times, (though it is clear nobody likes her), and abuses any power she's given, (as seen in BFFD, MOFO, etc). KO is not only egotistical and overtly vain, she is also cruel, unapologetic and incredibly obnoxious, and shows no redeeming values whatsoever; she also reacts very badly to anyone who, (by her own definitions), is prettier than her.


    Oy she's really reaching here!

    For those who might wager a guess, no..she never performed professionally anywhere or at any establishment. Reading poetry at club that has some kind of public draw, is like saying you performed some songs at a karaoke bar.
    & yes people probably wondered what she was on since her writing is just awful.

  8. Renowned. That there guitar Paul was playing is more renowned than she will ever be (for talent, she has it beat in trolling skill). But I'm sure she already knows that, life-long Beatle fan she is...

  9. And because she just isn't getting any attention for her trolling, or any attention whatsoever for her really shitty stories that read like they're written by a retard with crayons, she has decided to post another one of those insane and creepy rants on her Catkick journal against the poor lady she is so obsessed with. More or less glorifying child abuse or some such. You can see her thought process and how really sick she is.

    1. Oh look, the slimebag got sand in her cunt again. It's great that Nack's first words were full formed sentences! What a hybrid! As opposed to cunt's first words which were "duuurp i wan' be cwazy med hed" and as she got older and turned 15 she formed her first sentence that didn't sound like she was hittin' her dad's booze cabinet all the time, which was; "Oh look a big pole I can use to shove up my butt and then complain to the world about having such butthurt! Yeah that's how I want to go around in life. I want to be the poster child of Ugly Psycho Midget on Lifelong Rampage with a street post up my butt!"

    2. Added it to the Catshit blog documenting her insane ass on LJ.

  10. This stupid bitch is just going to take her drama and use it on EVERY forum! No matter how stupid she's being she's just gonna keep pushing it and pushing it!

    Note also that Catshit/misfitshit is the one actually DOING the bullying herself! The cunt should check her own journal before screaming about bullying! But of course it's always been ok in her psycho twisted head to be a bully because, like you know, she's got a reason to mock someone about alleged child abuse like she did to someone named Kimba once when she was spewing drama on Julian Lennon's FB page.

    And what about ALL those other members asking her to leave them alone? But no, she still nags on and still brings her drama!

    1. If she wants left alone maybe she should stop trolling innocent threads that have nothing to do with her? Why does she insist on bringing more off-topic drama to BL... oh that's right! She does that shit ALL THE TIME! Why should BL be any different than BFFD? It's all about her making her own drama public and trying to derail threads when the slightest opportunity is there to attack it.

    2. So let me get this straight, when people have painstakingly corrected her for lots of misinformation she puts out there, that's bullying?
      I'd hate to be the one to break it to the silly twat what a fucktarded imbecile she is.
      Really the dates on those posts are weeks old and she's just now commenting on them?

      Man she was really looking to start something because whatever was said was 'tween 2 other people on there. Nothing had anything to do with her cunty self! Not that that stopped her from mentioning OTHER forums to get people all WTF?
      Really does she not realize that nobody gives a fuck?!??!!!

    3. & she's been posting links to her crappy lj in BL a lot recently. the dumb bitch wants ppl to see her stupid shit post as she's trying to get anyone to go to her link.


    She just can't stop bringing her 2 year old tantrums and drama into other forums.

    God, you'd think she could reply to a pic that would be a better example of what she's on about!

  12. WTF is she going on about here? And WHO is she is going off on?

    Lemme guess, bitch got herself banned from yet another one of many other sites/groups.

  13. More stupid drama

    Yeah just because someone's not into drugs they deserve to be harassed by her. Although she has abused them for taking legal medication. Ever the hypocrite she is!

    And really is she trying to insist that Paul McCartney himself would hate people she hates? That would be everyone and Paul's not like that.

    Oh and the drama just drips more

    These other 2 idiots are simply a married couple who enjoy being manipulated by the psychological parasite that she is.
    And of course, she went off topic and said nothing that anyone would want to read. The topic isn't about her sick shit. It's about marriage. The subject of which she has no business commenting in as per her own views on marriage.

    And here's the lie she's selling again!

    The psycho cunt never met George! Also in her first incarnation of this story, she said that neither one of them introduced themselves and that she was wearing clothes and walking back from an "estate" she and her imaginary friends snuck into. She's since changed that to being naked as walked back from the "National Park" where she met a cop, a photographer and guy with a snake and posed for pictures while being naked.
    The only thing that remains the same is the dumb dialogue. And even that has been changed from time to time.

    Thankfully not everyone is buying her lies!

    We got the goods, or most of the goods anyway. AG removed the one thread where she made her "snake, cop, photographer" claims.

    and here:

    Post #11

    In this version Harry says a LOT more and suggests it's HIS pond. So the dialogue she concocted does change a lot.

    Oh and "I Had a flask on my hip" which strange when you're walking around in nothing but a hat and shoes. Somehow she forgot about wearing a flask. She forgot also that she already told people that she was wearing clothes and even described them at one point as being a full-length skirt and tub top.

    And again she had told people that she was on the property of some National Park but in these links, she's clearly trying to tell people that she's on someone's estate. Which is not the same thing.

    Oh and more lies to top that off

    1. Yeah and back then she never mentioned anything about being naked and now it's all about her being naked. KO makes sure to mention that right off the bat! But back then she never even mentioned it and there's even the one post where she says she was clothed! But see, the whole thing never happened. Crazy people cannot tell reality from delusion but I think she knows damn good and well it never happened. She just wants people to believe she really met George because she wants people to believe George talks to her from beyond the grave.
      This is how she's trying to sell that lie because she knows he'd never talk to anyone he never knew in life and if she can make her lie seem big enough and herself seem like such an event to George's life, then she can claim he would remember her. But fortunately George never saw her, and he never lost his eyesight. Meaning he never had to see that thing naked.

    2. Oh and she's still fucking crazy and delusional. But she's a liar from the word go.

    3. And yet WHERE is this "place" at? Never does she ever name it, give any proper descriptions, nada.

      Then she decides to make up MORE shit...NOW it's a "National Forest" again "bordering on private estates" which sounds hysterical considering she's trying to sell off her idea of where Dirk Benedict lives!

      And we have hit the nail on the head!!

      Out in Montana?

      Also she failed to mention the YEAR and WHERE this place is...again. She fails to mention this supposed "National" forest which anyone could remember. Yellowstone? Rocky Mountains? I mean, come on!

      Oh and it changed from 3 miles to 5 miles. In the BL link she says she hid her car 3 miles away. And in yet another version she walking back to her "friends' car"

      George never owned a house out West in the USA anywhere. He spent some holiday in Benton, IL in the 1960s (Crazy Batshit wasn't even a cum squirt then) and he wasn't in the USA hanging out at National Parks or estates bordering them (nice little lie she concocted there to try to backpeddle from the different versions she had told people) in the early 1990s.

    4. You're right! She goes from swimming and being clothed, to skinny dipping and being naked now. The story changes so much that she'll eventually be seen as the liar she is.

      Also I have it on good authority that she told of it "being a dream" she had when she was still subjecting those poor MOWFO people to her constant bullshit lies.

      It started out as a "dream" she had. But the fact is, the Crazy One never met George Harrison. She also adds to her tall tale about Harry not being George's brother. I guess by now, she knows that anyone can just ask a LIVING person about all this as George cannot speak against this shit now, so she throws in that "Harry" (that in the beginning of this bullshit story she's carried on with for years couldn't remember the name of) isn't George's brother. That whole mess of Harry Harrison still being alive had to have had her scrambling for that backpeddling she does so much. Now Harry is just some random dude.

    5. She says oh it was "out west" somewhere but still cannot name a state. Since the USA does have these areas called STATES you'd think she could name a fucking state! Nope. She can't because IT'S ALL MADE UP BULLSHIT!
      Oh it was somewhere thataway! Nice way to dodge answering an honest fucking question. Eyeroll*
      She's really twisting her lie into a mess she can't get out of. The more she adds the more she'll have to find other excuses and fibs to cover up the ones she's already told, and soon it's gonna come out like to big pile of shit that her lying mouth is.

  14. God I leave for a while to come back and she's STILL on her insane shit missions to harass, lie and fuck with people. Her CatShit journal is always such an hysterical example of psychotic meltdown syndrome.

    Another bunch of insane drama! Oh and look, she never fails to try to sell her "stalker" shit.


    1. She obviously has no idea what "facts" really mean.

    2. She obviously has no idea what signature Stu is referring to.

    3. This is another psychotic rant that is nothing more than bitching about being banned from MOWFO and this is the SAME bullshit that she does all the time.
    Nothing's changed and of course she never lets go of the past. A past that she created herself because she's insane and all of that.

    4. Kimba never told the bitch about any stalkers telling her anything. This is an outright lie. The crazy kicking bitch just wants everyone to believe that Bibbi (or the long list of people who've been victimized by Catshit) is feeding info to people.
    The reality is, is that Stu and others really did see her post that curse shit. She's well known for it! What's more is that people actually HEARD it from HER own foul mouth.

    5. Stu never altered any post. He redacted the names so the people who took screenshots of it wouldn't get the same CRAP that she (so obviously) dishes out.

    6. The whole vote thing is an absolute hysteria coming from her because her "fuck buddies" didn't even vote anyway. MOWFO wanted her gone. Period. They were in the right. As evidenced so heavily already.
    BTW and FTR jealousy is as far as one can get as to what Stu is about that fucked up shit.

    7. Before she was banned, she was violating the rules and she was doing so everyday until a stop was put to it.

    8. There's her usual creep face coming through with her usual "GIVE ME ATTENTION NOW!" when she uses her overused word "stalker" and includes some reference to getting wet. So her mind is always on these people who've done everything in their power to avoid this toxic psycho bitch.

    And why on earth bring a poor cat into her rants? Oh yeah she does kick cats even if metaphorically. One thing she does believe in is animal abuse because she abuses everything and everyone.

    AND FINALLY folks, if she doesn't care about the group...WHY does she STILL bitch and moan and flame them all the time? Obsessed much and she obviously cares what people think of her because in reality SHE'S the one with the "very severe mental issues".

    1. Oh God. Yeah she's not getting enough attention so out comes another bunch of rabid frothing foaming at the mouth. I really have to hand it to them for getting rid of that toxic shit, despite that she is still trying to poison them. In any way she can. Psychologically or physically.

    2. Get the facts from Stu himself, he tells about this experience in a more concise telling.

      His post is far more rational sounding and logical than her psycho flailing rant that just spits out a bunch of obvious lies, lies that don't even make sense along with a bunch of profanity.

    3. She's such a looney psycho nutcase.

      Shitstain Kooky O got another post but it's the same bullshit.

      Stu never tried to "subject" her to any rules outside of MOWFO, it was the fact she WANTED to remain on their group and in their group that she would have to comply with the rules. But she didn't want to do that!
      As usual she feels entitled, superior and above everyone else. Like she always assumes. If she's not in the group anymore then what the fuck is the big deal then? Why does Crazy Bitch still bitch and twist things? Oh yeah she's a total headcase.

      Her latest Stu rant is another heap of batshit crazy.

      And yes, it is a re-write with more frivilous bullshit twisted rewritting of history she always does.

    4. And here she keeps claiming she never posted any curses or flaming shit against people, this is her whole drama.
      Yeah yeah, and I suppose all this is just "new" LMAO! No, this is ALL old pattern Katheryn.

      And FFS she's going to "leave that up for a while" as if anyone reading that will ever be able to make heads or tails of any of that psycho babble.

  15. bibbinut here!
    Once again Kooky O'Crazy has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she's THE PLAGUE of the internet.
    And no, the police haven't been at my door. ;)
    KO is totally beyond stupid. *rolls eyes*

  16. the reason that this happened is that they are talking about a Mowfo BBQ event and her spys told her about it. So she wants to re-write history. And claim diffrent things happened even if 2 people were excluded from voting there was over whelming votes to have her banned and kicked out untill she apppolgizes to anyone she attacked or offended. so yes it is a life time ban.