Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Workload is Massive

It just keeps piling up how far back and how abundant the TROLL's abusive history goes !

I still have screenshots and links to put into past blogs here, and this recent revelation of how she tried to con a Christian group is just flat out why I know that creating this blog was really for the benefit of so many people ! KO has literally tried to destroy anyone who could bring her into the light of day !!! She's also tried to get my stuff removed and has sent my link to the few people who don't even question her and tried to get them to report me. But she failed. I guess that Alan must be busy doing other work for her, like letting her use MPL to further harass people. So be it.

I decided to educate people here by sharing some links that describe what KO is; a SOCIOPATH and psychopath too, these links and what can be learned from them is the invaluable information found there. I will point out some glaring facts that people should be aware of because we are fighting against a very skilled liar and manipulator. Not so skilled in how she does it, but skilled at finding the people who are just too ignorant of sociopathic people like her.

This will be a long post and later on, given the permissioon to share actual screenshots of the private letters that KO sent to various people, I will add that in with this blog post. For now, my intention is to simply educate people and let them see for themselves, using the very examples I know for a fact.

To start off with...

Sociopaths In Our Midst Hate the Truth and Its Advocates - KO tells people to not believe anything about her from people she has already victimized

What is the one thing a sociopath does not want other people to know?
The truth. More specifically, sociopaths do not want the truth about
them to be known as they are insecure, malicious, and devious people.
Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts,
they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That’s in
large part because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to
control other people and get what they want. If others were to know
about their true nature, they realize that most would want nothing to
do with them. They would lose the support networks of malicious
minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Therefore
sociopaths have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and
ruin anybody who presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise
questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements.
Many sociopaths are so insecure and malicious that they feel similarly
motivated to go on the offensive, perhaps with lesser severity, in
reaction to people who might embarrass them with obviously nasty (to
them) comments like "Is that lettuce stuck between your teeth?" or
"Your car is filthy! There’s a $3 carwash special across the street."
If that gets them unhinged, just imagine what being exposed as a child
abuser, false accuser, liar, or thief will do.

*Sociopaths may be especially cognizant of the risk that people whom they have used to abuse others might even turn against them, especially those who might be greatly angered by how they were manipulated into participating in destructive and harmful activities against others. Example: MOWFO & groups that were never on the Dirk Benedict cruise or at other celebrity functions, to start with.
Keep reading through the page. It is very informative.

They sure have KO summed up !

Here is what the page says, Recognizing a Sociopath and read on from there.

Appear normal on the surface (this first one doesn't apply to KO but the rest DOES apply)
Truly see nothing wrong with themselves
Nothing is ever their fault
Justifies their actions
Deep need for the respect, love, and gratitude of others
Superficiality, false charm
Inflated sense of self and superiority
Narcissism, excessive self-love
Self-importance not based on achievements
Lack of emotional depth, surface only
Incapable of normal human attachment
Relationships are a tool to get what they want (Stephanie, MPL members, M&M)
Lack of empathy
Contempt for those who seek to understand them (Kimba, so many others who came to realize she is a sociopath)
Authoritarian and domineering
Secretive and paranoid, worst fear is to be found out
Lack of remorse, guilt, or shame
Need for stimulation (celebrity obsessions)
Impulsive behaviors, lack of personal control
Irresponsible and unreliable
Promiscuity, infidelity
Parasitic lifestyle, they live off of others (doesn't pay any rent or bills, lives off of her mother, before that with people who finally kicked her out)
Goals for life are inflated and unrealistic
Possess a wide range of skills used at the expense of others (criminal
and/or entrepreneurial)
Seek total control over the lives of chosen victims
Attempt to create a willing victim (the list on this one is too long to add here)
Assign their own behaviors to their victim

Advice on how to cope with a sociopath

Since sociopaths are takers, they tend to be attracted to givers.
If you are assertive and can stand up for yourself, they wont want to
tangle with you. Don't live your life as a doormat, or they will take
the invitation to wipe their feet on you.
Let's say you are pretty sure you have had a run-in with a sociopath.
What do you do about it?
Do your best to avoid them socially.
If it is someone that you are in a more intimate relationship with,
cut off ties. It sounds harsh, but you have to take care of you, and a
sociopath will do everything in their power to see that that does not
If it is someone you cannot escape, such as a family member, limit
your contact with them and seek help from a professional in dealing
with them.
There are various support groups both online and off. Find one and participate.
Sociopaths thrive on being the center of attention. Don't give them
that opportunity. It may be your life, but to them it is just a game,
and they will find a way to win it at all costs. You will lose, so
don't willingly lose any more than you have to.
Sociopaths seek drama. Do not give it to them. Conversations will get
twisted, actions will be misconstrued, and you can bet they will come
out looking like the victim. No matter what you do, they will insist
that you have violated them in some way, so don't even give them that
Don't wait around for a sociopath to experience guilt, shame, or
remorse for their actions. It will not happen. They don't see anything
wrong with themselves. They may fake emotions for a short time, but
will continue the same behaviors.
Do not ever give a suspected sociopath access to your money or belongings.
That seems pretty obvious, but this is where most people get conned.
Many sociopaths are pros at conning people. They have can't-miss
business opportunities, financial troubles that only you can cure,
they just need a little bit to see them through.
Be on the lookout for those red flags and don't ignore them.
Sociopaths often present themselves as experts and work very hard to
earn your trust. Before you give anyone your money, check them out.
This is especially important online where you can't always get a real
feel for them. (this is what the Christian group admin told US so we KNOW KO lied on MPL about receiving money from them !!!)
Don't just accept the references they give you. Do a search and find
out for yourself if they have any skeletons.
Criminal records are public record. Call the courthouse and get a copy
of their record before you do any sort of business with them. Don't
forget to check in other states where you know they have lived.
A sociopath is very good at only allowing the world to see what they
want to be seen. Beware if they present themselves as perfect and
never making any mistakes, and are secretive about their past.
If you can avoid it, never get into a legal battle with a sociopath.
They are accomplished liars, and will have the court eating out of
their hand in no time. It will cost you a great deal of time and
money, and in the end all it does is further your stress.
If you begin to suspect you are dealing with a sociopath and things
are getting ugly, document, document, document. Save every bit of
correspondence from them, carry a tape recorder, and videotape their
tantrums. Keep a journal record of all interactions no matter how
small; they are admissible in court.
Finally, whatever you do, do not try to get even with them.
You are playing by a set of rules, they are making up the rules as
they go. While you may be a law abiding citizen, they will have no
problem breaking the law. While you are bound by conscience, they have
As soon as you begin to suspect you might be dealing with a sociopath, RUN.

Further reading and read further. Even the people who kicked KO out of their lives loong ago confirm what these pages had to say. Chris and the moderators of the BattlestarGalacticaRevival group, Deb & Nacky who own the groups they own and now even MOWFO all state what it says here.

EDUCATE YOURSELVES !!! KO is out there and online most of her life and look at the path of destruction, victims and evil minions in her path ! Just say NO to sociopaths, say NO to KO ! Unless you are a sociopathic, parasite like her and agree with her abuse, stalking and bullying.

Now here's what I have to add to all this. I know MPL won't escape unscathed by this and it's already suffered. I see that. They allowed it, they have made the same mistakes by being the pawns of KO's game. She sucks out of people the very thing she can never possess; empathy and sympathy. She will use sympathy or the emotion of it against anyone and feign it as if she has any clue what it really means, but she has NONE and cannot feel any kind of remorse or shame. Here is where I'm pointing out the obvious facts that everyone should know. Had this KO been just someone who was harming others she knows in real life and family members, we (us, entire groups of people) would not even be aware of her. We would be blissfully out of her reach.

BUT with the inclusion of the internet and the ability that it offers her and those of her ilk, it has been a tool for her to further inflict, damage, destroy and harm just about everyone she has come into contact with. Everyone eventually, though they don't see it now. With the advent of the internet, she has been enabled to literally affect so many lives and damage so many in her wake with her manipulations and mindgames that the number of people she has targeted, victimised and stalked is staggering.

Since she was not a political figure, having military at her desposal like Hitler did, her affect would have been confined to a much shorter list of people. But the internet gave her the tool to use it as such a weapon that blogs like mine have been not only necessary but called upon for the good it's done in helping people.

Had Hitler not been a political figure, and no military at his side, had television not been a tool he used or could use to promote the same kind of hate KO spreads and the propaganda she and Hitler alike have used to discriminate against whole groups of people (like KO always does when someone she targets just happens to be a Christian or an unemployed person or what have you) and uses that as a hammer to pound everyone that falls under those criteria... Hitler would not have been able to do what he did. Think about it.

So I am right in my judgement to say that had it not been for the fact she has been able to get online, NONE of this would have happened. The worst thing is, it began when she figured that she could go on a cruise and stalk the object of her obsession. When she was knocked back into reality and Dirk was not going to be her "fantasy", the internet served her evil purpose to get revenge on him and everyone else that just happened to be in the way. THAT IS THE TRUTH and we all know it !

Now look where we all are. People are being forced to defend themselves who are being targeted from a Paul McCartney forum. Twisted.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Updates & Stuff

It's been pretty busy here, I see the troll is still bullying and stalking people. I still have links to put into my other posts and the screenshots that document KO's abuse and further insanity. I will not apologize for my blogs as they are telling the public what to avoid if they see that crazy woman who joins every damned site to annoy and provoke members and people who have no idea how well rehearsed she is at lying and manipulation. As I have stated many times before, the forums I have been a member of for so long have been taken over by this crazy bag who trolls, bullies and stalks people but plays her same old tired card of victimhood so unwitting folks automatically play right into her hands.

Facts are; Paul McCartney does not talk to her, the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison do not visit her (for those who believe life after death) and she has indeed stalked actor Dirk Benedict before becoming obsessed with Beatles and especially Paul McCartney. She first appeared on a PID forum and even told those people that she was fresh getting into Beatles history and fandom, that someone she knew had introduced her to the whole PID thing. If only that person, whoever it was, could have been into someone else besides Beatles legends and myths! KO would not be trolling our forums! If only...

From there she created all this drama, began claiming to have been a Beatles fan for 30 years, although that number changes from time to time but her usual story is; she's been a fan of so-n-so for 30 years, she's been a "witch" for 30 years, she's talked to dead people for 30 years, she's been a writer for 30 years, ugh! Yeah it goes on. The bullshit force is strong with this one!

So this was what I could do to let my voice and the voices of the people be heard and she has tried so desperately to defame me and my blog on every site she has access to. Although she never posts the link to it! LOL! Must be afraid people might check it out and realize she's really crazy and she can't have that now, can she?

I do have the further info waiting to be posted. I haven't forgotten but summer is upon us, and I can't foresee what might crop up and I will always take free time to spend outdoors whenever possible so bear with me. I will eventually get everything sorted out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some More Shares

These were so good I had to re-post them here too.

For KO the Psycho Troll, Misery the stalker who cries stalker!

Yeah she'll be waitin' a loooong time for that!

And KO should really see a shrink about her OWS!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KO the Bully (share on facebook)

This was a nice one today ! Everyone is welcome to use it for their own blogs, fb stream or anywhere. You may have to click on it to get full resolution. But there ya go !

I will be busy for the next couple of weeks but I do promise to get some other stuff posted that is waiting. I may be able to sooner rather than later but I can't make any promises. So much information has come to me and I am very grateful to those who supplied their evidence and documentation. With all of this, hopefully we can get a law passed to get mentally ill scabs like KO off the internet and locked away where she needed to be decades ago !

Someone sent some pics along for me to show people what this crazy woman actually looks like. Since there are no copyrights on these photos (although hideous as they are) I have included them here so people can see what exactly they are dealing with on the other end of the screen.

This first one was taken during the 2004 cruise with Dirk Benedict as the celebrity host, at this point in time he had no idea or inkling what an insane stalker KO was but in 2005 at the Comic Convention in Michigan, after he had been fully introduced to the insanity and stalking that she actively engaged in (mainly through online harassment and slander but also through snail mail), he had went to the security there at the event and told them his stalker showed up. Witnesses who were there said that he was visibly shaken. This is what happened after the cruise depsite KO's lies about not only the cruise events but that event at Comic Con in 2005.

She is the one on Dirk Benedict's left in black.

This is her today, the picture is public on several other urls and flicker and was linked to here from there.