Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KO the Bully (share on facebook)

This was a nice one today ! Everyone is welcome to use it for their own blogs, fb stream or anywhere. You may have to click on it to get full resolution. But there ya go !

I will be busy for the next couple of weeks but I do promise to get some other stuff posted that is waiting. I may be able to sooner rather than later but I can't make any promises. So much information has come to me and I am very grateful to those who supplied their evidence and documentation. With all of this, hopefully we can get a law passed to get mentally ill scabs like KO off the internet and locked away where she needed to be decades ago !

Someone sent some pics along for me to show people what this crazy woman actually looks like. Since there are no copyrights on these photos (although hideous as they are) I have included them here so people can see what exactly they are dealing with on the other end of the screen.

This first one was taken during the 2004 cruise with Dirk Benedict as the celebrity host, at this point in time he had no idea or inkling what an insane stalker KO was but in 2005 at the Comic Convention in Michigan, after he had been fully introduced to the insanity and stalking that she actively engaged in (mainly through online harassment and slander but also through snail mail), he had went to the security there at the event and told them his stalker showed up. Witnesses who were there said that he was visibly shaken. This is what happened after the cruise depsite KO's lies about not only the cruise events but that event at Comic Con in 2005.

She is the one on Dirk Benedict's left in black.

This is her today, the picture is public on several other urls and flicker and was linked to here from there.


  1. I shared it on my facebook and some of my other stuff. I've already gotten about 23 likes! Apparently more people know about this KO troll than I thought. Some have even left comments sharing some of their recent experiences with her and wow. KO lives to troll people.

  2. I re-posted it too.

    You know when she goes around and tries to make fun of where other people live and stuff and bullies them about gay pride events it is used to put others down to make that "bully" feel better. If she were happy with her living situation, she wouldn't obsess over where someone else lives and what she thinks they're being "deprived" of. She's just so insecure so she thinks that'll really bother people in other states. Honestly I can see why they laugh at her. She sure projects, don't she

    and her excessive use of the word bully shows that she isn't bullied but just a spoiled rotten brat who's been told her whole life that she's better than everyone else, and so treat others like scum.

  3. KO's facebook is a broken record. It's the same thing everyday. Day in and day out.

  4. Cool. We had one full day without seeing her ass around, but it never lasts - the peace and quiet. She thinks I can't see her IP peeking in here and that site she uses doesn't have the filters she thinks it does. I still see her IP coming into here. A bloomfield hills IP range. Yup. That's her.

  5. The bitch just copied another thing from my own facebook! As if she's ever anything BUT negative, so apparently she was trying to taunt me. What a moron.

    1. What's more is she obviously doesn't care how stupid she looks when she posts such stupity. She really has NO idea was the S.C.A. is! It's really bothering her that we here in grand old Dixieland do stuff and belong to communities.

    2. yeah really what exactly is an sca house?

    3. That's just it, there's no such thing. It's like the towne idiot saying she went to a Renaissance Festival house. She's just that stupid and I know people have posted links on other sites she stalks describing what the S.C.A. actually is. But she's obviously too on drugs to have enough sense to keep from putting her foot in her mouth. That picture is also just some random picture she found on the internet and nothing in the photo even suggests anything about the S.C.A. at all!

      S.C.A. is a medieval re-enactment society. There are no "houses" that are designated as S.C.A. as it's a non-profit org. They don't build houses for or dedicated to the S.C.A.
      She spammed our groups some years ago and tried to blame our friend for it. The same lady that the nasty Mental Misery stalked and still stalks and obsesses over.

    4. To echo what Bri is saying, if there were "SCA houses" you'd think they'd be decorated accordingly. Even one small hint that they do something beside climb their walls :/ this is an idiot who would say that the Civil War re-enactment society would have a house and decorate it with bungee cords. ><

  6. I just caught up with all the crap she's been doing and I expected there to be a shitload. That's the nasty little Kathryn for you. Her LJ is a joke with its warning about using anything she posted there when she herself has copied from other's works, books and violated their copyrights, etc. I mean she certainly never credited the source material or the authors, journalists and other writers she stole from. A rare instance where a book's title might be mentioned but again that's rare.

    Over on some other blog she claims someone in PID stalked her for 10 years! Copying the person who posted the blog because that person had been stalked for 10 years so of course she's gonna rip that off and use that as her sob story there. Kinda like her versions of how long she's been a so-called Paul fan and writing those smut stories that she claims all happened to her while using Beatles authors of different books as some sort of event where she goes into her make-believe world where she thinks she's a psychic and a witch and whatever else she thinks she is.
    Really been hitting those illegal substances a lot, hasn't she?

    And to clear up the misconception about a publisher being contacted, that woman had every right to contact any publisher when Kathryn was the one sending threats that she was going to slander that lady who moderates the PID forum. One thing Kathryn can never do is keep her mouth shut. Then she complains when she gets what she asks for! Psychopathic broad from Butt Hurt Hills.

  7. I added it too. I noted the recent comments about Bill from her. You'd think enough people telling her she needs therapy that she'd get a hint. But when do sociopaths ever learn? Of course she not only claims to not need help but she turns the blame onto someone else! Typical kathryn behavior. She clearly needs psychiatric therapy when her own wall is nothing but a pro-bully statement after another, but she is also all about controlling another person. In this case Bill. His bonfires are tradition when he throws parties. How can she ask someone to not have a bonfire who throws the party and the theme? She sure has a lot of nerve. I can't see why he even thought of inviting her back anyway. He's already had his eyes opened and has to realize by now that she's had this act going on for years, he was just oblivious to it and then there's the thing about her cursing his lady friend and carrying on posting bullying and harassment all the time. Yeah says a lot about her character. She's a psychopath.
    A psychopathic liar.

    1. Yeah apparently anyone who suggests she sees a head doctor is a bully. It's never her fault or her craziness and delusions. It's always someone else who is at fault. When there's no living being to blame, she'll blame dead people like John Lennon for instance.
      This is what she told one of my friends, ""John Lennon has given me advice before but he has tricked me and as a result I must blame him for some of the things that have gone wrong in my life"" <<This after she claimed he talks to her from beyond the grave.
      OK she's fucking crazy lunatic deranged demented crazy!

  8. You got that nasty troll following and flaming you guys too? Join the club! I was a Battlestar Galactica member of several of those yahoogroups. Yes I was there. What she'll do is try to take everything away from you and she doesn't want to be ignored let alone left alone, because if she truly did, she wouldn't hound people like she does and stalk them and keep on with her never-ending cruelty against them. She'll never leave you all alone. This troll, this stalker never seems to just go away. She will drag you down with her and take as many lives as she can.

    Sooner or later you'll find she's been working on you while you thought she was gone for good and suddenly you realize that you've been the focus of her obsessiveness all this time. Believe me I know.

  9. WTF? LMFAO.....what a fucking nut!

  10. I added that to my facebook as well. Thanks EL for that. :)

    *sigh* there's more BS on the boards today so the peace and quiet we were enjoying has been short lived (as always) and here's the latest tripe.

    Why do derabged fans who don't even know Dhani feel they can bite his head off?


    As for the Wolffucker comment, she's the one writing smut on livejournal about Paul turning into a wolf and fucking every guy he comes across before tearing the body to shreds. So WTF?
    Those Julian fans have no idea what kind of psycho she is yet but she trolls for new people to beg to add her all the time.

    On GH this is the same shit she posted when Paul & Nancy got married...

    On MPL it looks like the sycophants of Kathryn O have too much time on their hands! But not as much time as KO herself has to just sit and make up stupid crap to boost her ego.


    1. According to the employees of Natural Food Patch in Ferndale that didn't happen. What the source said was that she came to work bitching about everybody and said that Paul would save her soon and "show them". Whatever the hell that meant :/

  11. The crazy bitch is just plain evil. I have seen her crap fro years and when she invited herself into our SCA group and started trying to manipulate everyone there against our friends it was so clear she was stalking them. We live in Arkansas where there is LOTS to do, and my friend who is being stalked by that Detroit scumbucket is always the center of Detroit bitch scumbucket's life. What's even more sickening is that she will complain to that Beatles group about my friend and saying shit like she has no life and nothing to do here. What the fuck ever. But she'll go and try to taunt people in our beautiful state about not having some parade or some stupidity that she has NO IDEA about because the Detroit bitch has never even been here! ftr plenty have been to Detroit and they all fled the area! So it's like Detroit crazy bitch is all this wwwwhhhhhaaaaaaahhh! I got a stalker who lives nowhere whhhaaahhh and she's all looking at me! Then goes like oooohhh where you live nowhere, you get nothing, you better be looking at me! You must center your whole life about me it's all about me you must be thinking always about ME! Watch me post about your twat and talk shit about you and let me show the world that it's really me -the Detroit bitch stalker- that's thinkin' about YOU!

    See we who live far away from crazy bitch in Detroit have lives and have plenty to do around our cities and state, we have good lives and we don't think about that bitch we banned some years ago and here we have our friend who was (like several other people in the local SCA) treated unfairly by some religious zealots. It wasn't just our friend, but several other people who were not Baptists or members of the bible-belt right wing sect. That never meant anyone was banned from the SCA here. But Detroit crazy bitch went on rampages trying to get our friend banned. Detroit crazy bitch is the one who GOT BANNED and I'm still LMAO!
    So whenever you see Detroit crazy bitch mouthing about someone else's life, check out her own and the staggering amount of time she's dedicated to obsessing. The staggering amount of sites she's been BANNED from for her neverending obsessing over our friend and some other lady who manages Dirk Benedict. Here are the STATS!
    In case you missed it---
    Our girl makes wonderful garb and other nice things with her great talent.
    Meanwhile Detroit bitch posts about trailers and whines about everyone banning her.
    Our girl goes places and even spends lots of time in Florida (THE BEACHES you Detroit BITCH, where you at? Mother's house, all alone, no friends? YES! LOL!)
    Meanwhile Detroit bitch sits and thinks about a vagina and posts about it while dreaming that our girl is even aware of her sickening filthy posts!
    Detroit bitch sitting in front of her mother's computer in the dark posting about a vagina and being psycho crazy claiming she is stalked, talking to a dead George Harrison.

    Florida/Ark girl, in the sun, on the beach. Living life. Oh and vindicated! Vindicated by people in DETROIT who have finally opened their eyes to crazy stalker bitch who lives with her momma!

    -And while we have fun, outdoor fun, indoor fun and all kinds of stuff going on, Detroit bitch is wishing she could be a member of the smallest meth lab druggies while tripping on her supply of illegal substances in her mother's basement in Detroit!

    Y'all can tell who the insane sick fuck is, who's the one with NO LIFE and NO PURPOSE other than to PLAGUE the living! It's that stalker Detroit bitch!

    [img]/party of 2010 castles.jpg

    I bet she don't get that sitting in her mother's house year after year. How's that for rubbing in Detroit bitch's face?

    1. Well it sure beats the lame photo that Karen Nesbit (Detroit Stalker bitch KO) had up of some stupid building.

  12. Goddamn. The bitch even looks like a bully! I can see her bullying little kids in a playground that's how bully she looks. My god she is one ugly mutha! Her posts and bullying online matches up with the face! My god she is ugly and I'm sure I'll have nightmares now.

  13. One word after looking at KO's current photo.
    And she IS UGLY!