Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Troll lashes out at MOWFO

The shit-storming of a psycho on the internet is still raging on. BTW just for the record, what I post here is NOT copyrighted material and is from very public sources which allow it. Anything else I have been given express permission to share such content as songlyrics and letters.

Ok so here we have the latest from Psycho Troll KO.

This is about some poor soul named Kimba who is known as the Fudge Goddess, and whom, from all accounts I've read, is a very sweet lady who has been victimized by the TROLL Kathryn O. This is the group in which is KO was banned from and refers to: MOWFO

Now let us present THE FACTS, those things KO loves to hide from everyone who is too stupid to get a clue. The FACTS that the psycho TROLL KO loves to hide and twist to fit her version of reality and well, just hide because she doesn't think people know she's a full-blown sociopath who is better off locked away from society or better yet, locked in with the kind of people she is; a ward for the criminally insane.

Here are the FACTS from a gentleman who is a moderator of the group. This is shared with permission.

She has been a member of MOWFO for a very long time. The group is fandom-related, so there's a lot of diversity as far as religions, lifestyles and on and on. We're a very inclusive, accepting group. Kathryn claims to be a witch, although she's a member of no coven that I know of, nor does she adhere to any of the traditional Wiccan philosophies. (In fact, she makes a point of saying she's not Wiccan.) But again, this has never been a problem since we have other witches and pagans in the group.

Although she's had some personality clashes and other beefs with several members over the years, it really came to a head when a friend of mine slipped and fell, seriously injuring himself while working with me. She posted on her LiveJournal blog that she'd cursed my friend and took credit for his misfortune. He was hurt by her nasty attitude since, up to that point, he'd thought they were friends. (Apparently they had one big argument at a gathering, and after he had long forgotten about it, she continued to stew on it.) Flash forward about a year or so. This time, our group's organizer had her house broken into and lost several thousand dollars worth of electronics. Once again, Kathryn posts about how "my curses always work," since she's had an ongoing tiff with our organizer for years.

This time several people saw it. When our organizer saw it, she felt hurt and blindsided! She posted on our group's forum about it. Although she didn't use profanity or epithets, she did violate group TOS by posting what could be seen as an "attack" on the group forum. Realizing her faux pas, she apologized online and quit the group. (I'll also say that she was dealing with several other traumatic things at the time and felt piled-on. She's a very emotional, heart-on-her-sleeve type woman, so she sometimes just plain reacts.) Kathryn wasted no time; she posted a diatribe against her that I would describe as thermonuclear; no words, slurs, expletives or slanders were held back. Members began to ask to be removed from the list and/or simply quit. When our organizer left, she made me and two others moderators.

So now I get a flood of calls and e-mails from members saying, "Make this stop!" (Kathryn kept on posting and posting more of the same.) Several threatened to quit unless "you guys DO something." So I began to gather data. I polled members on various issues. Since we had no policy to ban anyone at the time, I asked if we needed one, how it should work and so on. I created a survey, and since Kathryn was the instigator, I included a question as to whether or not she should be banned from the group. Some interesting results came along...

First, even though it wasn't a question on the initial survey, when members found out that our organizer had left the group, they DEMANDED that we beg her to come back! (I had no idea she was that popular, but the members were adamant.) So I included that question in later surveys, too. We got some great suggestions for our policy. We called an emergency meeting, enacted our new rules and asked for member input when we posted them to the group. To make a long story short, the ball was now in Kathryn's court: our organizer had posted an apology to the group and they demanded that Kathryn do the same. Of course, Kathryn has maintained a stonewall "I did nothing wrong" attitude and has refused to apologize even for offending members who were basically innocent bystanders in her flame war. She flat out refused to take any responsibility for her actions. She claimed she never posted anything about curses. When we told her we had seen her posts with our own eyes, she demanded proof. When a transcript of a complaint turned up that contained a cut/paste of her blog and the post in question, she dismissed it as a forgery.

In short, nothing is sufficient for her; she takes no responsibility for her actions and, instead, casts blame to anyone who has ever said a single word of criticism or anger towards her.

The members banned her from the group for six months. When she continued to badger members on their personal social pages -- a violation of our new rules -- her ban was extended for a year. She was told that any further actions would make her ban permanent. Her predictable response: you didn't ban me -- I quit! She made a big deal out of being persecuted due to her religion (which had nothing to do with it) and then made a big deal out of attacking atheism, since I'm an atheist and created the survey. And get this: the whole time I was in constant contact with her via e-mail, trying to reason with her and giving her the best, most positive advice I could muster. (I have no malice towards her at all. In fact, up to that point she'd never been anything but nice to me.) Needless to say, she disregarded anything I had to say.

She does indeed have a group of people she's pissed off that she calls her "stalkers." To me, it simply appears to be people from fandom that she's fucked with who have gotten together for mutual support.

I'm completely unsurprised that Kathryn won't let this go, learn from it and move on as she should. She is a narcissistic sociopath and, as long as she doesn't have to actually do the "dirty work" herself, I'm pretty sure there's nothing she'd hold back to make a point/cause a scene and take revenge. It's good to know that you and your friends are smart enough not to be made into her tools. I guess it never occurred to her that the very savvy computer-literate people she was approaching were smart enough not to be played for dupes. (Duh!) Bravo to you!

I once considered myself her friend and gave her every opportunity to keep from being banned from MOWFO, but I have found that she seldom, if ever, does anything positive (give an apology, cut someone some slack, admit when she's wrong). Instead, she's totally negative; she'd hack and destroy someone's page rather than create her own, readily commits character assassination as currently displayed on her LiveJournal, accuses others of things she's done and so on. In short, she's quite toxic. *

And we even have some lyrics that some members from that group even wrote up while dealing with her constant onslaught of facebook attacks. These are also posted with permission by the different authors. Written some months ago.

" health, my job, my soul and my car,
my feet on the table, and a Cuban cigar!
"But sometimes that just ain't enough to keep a witch like me interested...
(Oh, no) No way! (Uh-uh)
I've gotta go out and have fun at somebody else's expense!
(Oh yeah!) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
"I prattle all day about all things inane
while the people around me are going insane...
I'm an asshole (She's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's an asshole, such an asshole)
"I post selfish crap on acquaintances Facebook spaces
and imagine the looks on their MPC faces!
I'm an asshole! (She's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's the world's biggest asshole!)
"Maybe I shouldn't be singing this song,
Cursing and flaming and carrying on,
Maybe they're right when they tell me I'm wrong...
I'm an asshole (She's an asshole, fuckin' asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's the world's biggest asshole...)"

 Yeah... sounds like her National Anthem. :)

Then this brilliant little number....

Imagine there's no Kathryn
It's easy if you try
No hell on Facebook
Live Journal or online
Imagine all of fandom
Living without fear....
Imagine no more Catkick
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to screen grab or report
And no witch curses too
Imagine all of MOWFO
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday it really happens
And all fandom will be as one
Imagine there's no Kathryn
I wonder if you can
No need for blocking or de-friending
Or any members to ban
Imagine all Beatles websites
Sharing a troll-free world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday it really happens
And no psychos will claim to have a gun!

Needs to be recorded. Played at conventions. Performed by celebrities. I wonder if that Dirk Benedict fellow can sing ?


  1. So if "sorry" doesn't mean anything and doesn't count, and doesn't mend whine whine whine, why is she still harping on about it? For that matter if she ever apologizes (when Hell freezes over) is it ok if MOWFO keeps the ban on her since "sorry" doesn't cut it? We really don't want her back. It's been so peaceful and cheerful. MOWFO meetings are actually fun now.

  2. Her "Karma" bullshit is just like her curses bullshit, yet she'll deny she ever posted it when that's her usual M.O.

  3. Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo to the moderator of the MOWFO group.
    So glad that Kathryn is no longer part of your group and that you've banned her.
    She has been banned from many sites including digitalspy, myspace, Dirk Benedict Central, Hak5 forum amongst others...
    Dealing with Kathryn is not for the faint of heart. She is psychotic.
    I've been sent nasty emails by her. Others have been phoned by her.
    The police have showed up at her to charge her with harassment.
    She claims she's done no wrong. But, we have concrete proof.
    A lot of us in LJ community are sickened by her disgusting LJ.
    We'd like to see her LJ removed.
    Her facebook page is fake and no, her name isn't Karen.
    I hope the members of the MOWFO group also report her fake facebook page and that it's removed ASAP.
    I know some people in the Beatles fandom who want to see her banned from their forums as well.

    Love the lyrics the members wrote about her.

    Imagine there's no catkick, alienated, kitty9tales...
    It's easy if you try...
    When she's finally gone from the internet I'd be so happy that I cry!

  4. This KO is kitty9tales and she trolls around videos to insult Stella McCartney. Glad someone else also took notice of this deranged lunatic's obsession with poor Stella and put up this blog about it. I thought I was alone in what I saw when this KO troll showed up out of nowhere and started attacking Stella on every damned url.

    1. And her latest sweeping generalizations never stop but she sure throws a fit when Stella made an innocent comment about "hippies"

      And her latest facebook crap is as always stupid. When I can hear these people's side of the story of why they don't go to cons anymore, I'll bet it's because she's always there.
      Also her personality clashes with people are very well documented and she's the last one to talk about THAT!

      I'll bet most of those con-goers, concert goers just hate her. She's toxic.

  5. Yeah her facebook is one long diatribe of bullshit after another. For one thing nobody sends links to her "friends" on anything. That is just an outright lie and the bullshit she comes off with and the scare tactics she uses to make unwitting people believe her lies it's just disgusting. Also she does call everyone she bashes a "cunt" all the time. Her facebook wall is just repeated "this is for my bully stalkers" with some other insulting garabge and it's every damned day.
    One would think she would get tired of doing this crap but sadly she LIVES to do just THAT -- trolling and being toxic and draining every ounce of energy out of anyone seeing her crazy shit.
    Oh and she uses far more four letters words than anyone else I've seen post here.

  6. Well this is a perfect example of what she does, just like Rush Limbaugh, she is like his exact carbon copy because she just degrades and bashes people and has done so all her life. They're two peas in a pod.


    Bullshit *cough* Bullshit

  8. Hello people. New here to this blog. I am a moderator of the yahoo list battlestargalacticarecroom and we have dealt with this same person years ago. I could tell you she really trolled our list. It was a constant struggle trying to figure out what was happening before we finally wised up and realized we were dealing with a real sociopath.
    The owner and the rest of us mods wised up to her and banned her when we had an investigation looking into her claims and realized she had been causing all the chaos they were seeing and being lead to believe was other parties.
    It was all her, she was the one who sent offboard messages with her aliases and spoofed other people's emails and blamed it all on the people SHE stalks!
    There are so many lies and slanders she posts on that list it would make your blood curdle.
    There is no "mafia" and Dirk Benedict's staff never sent anyone to do anything, there wasn't anyone doing anything to begin with! There is no stalker, except the one you see posting there about it!
    She also kept getting her own accounts deleted for abuse and then claimed it was the work of a "stalker". This should have been the red flag for everyone but for some reason it was never questioned and her explanations sounded weak but we just didn't think too much about it, I guess. Then she'd brag about getting other people deleted but when I personally looked into it, they were hiding from her and they were the ones protecting themselves from her. She even admitted to attacking their other lists but again, we must have really been out of it because that was another red flag. The biggest red flag was when she claimed the FBI told her to stand up to these "Dirkettes" on their own sites. FBI simply doesn't instruct anyone to do anything of that sort. Then she made claims she couldn't back up because whatever "proof" she claimed to have all disappeared and that Dirk knows all about "it" and other weird stalkerish stuff she spewed there.
    It just goes on and on.
    No doubt she had fucked with many people and some reacted and probably did flame her on their own boards but they were being attacked and she was instigating everything.

    Kathryn uses different ids on the group between 2005 and the time we banned her. We checked into everything when complaints were too numerous to ignore. She has really done a job on us. Her constant repeated words on our list were Dirkette Mafia and/or mafia. Oh and stalker too. A lot. But mostly the mafia stuff. Further there's no mention of Beatles or Paul McCartney anything. Just Dirk and her obsession with him. And her obsession with lying to our members about these elusive non-existent mafia people who were really just some members from another Dirk Benedict fansite who kicked her out for what I found to be just cause and legitimate reasons after all.

    1. Long-time MOWFO member here (and someone KO once considered a friend, until I took exception to something she did...)

      You're absolutely right about the switch from Dirk to Paul.  She was always Dirk this, BG* that, and never once mentioned Paul or the Beatles.  I don't remember her even talking about liking them.  The obsession is the same, only the name has changed.  Oh, and so has the talk about stalkers; too are onto her now, so she attacks specific people instead of shadowy agents Somewhere Out There.

      *I can't see this without thinking of all the parody names, like Battlestar Galaxative and Cattlecar Ponderosa.

  9. Oh and I wanted to add this as it's further proof what a liar she is;
    Totally contradicts her other version of the same event here:

    FTR: John Blake and Charlie whatever are made up yahoo ids she created. She even personally told our owner that it was her at one point in time and gave some weird nonsense reason why. As a matter of fact she created loads of fake ids and did everything that she accused "Dirkette Mafia" and "stalkers" of doing.

    On our list you see she uses the word stalker like it's going out of style. She's a parasite.

    KO called herself Cosmic Candy in 2005 along with the loads of other names she used and Liz Fowler is Betty and was never on the cruise or at the 2005 convention mentioned in her post on battlestargalacticarecroom. I got that confirmed some time ago.

    I don't know who anyone else is she had talked about on the list but she claimed to have a whole support group called michigan fandom and talked about people named Bill and some other names I can't remember atm.

  10. What I like about your blogs EL is that you present what the crazy bitch is saying and show actual links and screenshots of her shit and challenge her psychopathic delusional bullshit whereas she doesn't challenge *anything* stated here because she can't, all she has is the same tired old repeated "bully - stalker - bully - stalker" mantra that she regurgitates over and over. She doesn't have a leg to stand on and it never occurs to her to stop her bullying and stalking.

    People are simply tired of her mentally ill ass on the internet and they have a right to speak out. All she can do is hope that everyone is blind to her and her obvious mental issues. Heck she even uses the threat of someone contacting her so-called friends (they're really dupes or unwitting passersby) and telling them that some evil being will contact them and you know it'll be her in one of her many fake accounts who's really doing it. It's like all dictators do, if they can't get people to follow them and believe all the lies then they'll use scare tactics like another commentor said and try to force people into some state of fear in order to get them worked up.

  11. Thanks for the further information RagtagFlight !

    And yeah exactly what everyone is saying. KO's facebook is nothing but a pile of ego-stroking mania for her mental issues. She probably messages people on her random friends list and begs them to like her comments. How pathetic.

    And the stuff about anyone passing links to this blog or any other is more of her delusional drama. The only one passing links is KO herself and that's only to beg someone to hack me or something. I've gotten some emails about that so she doesn't fool anyone (anyone smart, that is) and she just goes on and on with her broken record self. To think she has done this shit for years holy crap. Yeah she's that obsessive.
    People she claims do shit to her but you know, when someone that deranged and obviously crazy goes out of her way to piss people off someone somewhere is gonna do something to bitch slap her pathetic troll ass down.
    KO certainly needs bitch slapped. She's never had a proper beating and I would blame the bad parenting and upbringing because she's never been made to take responsibility for anything in her life.

    The facebook stuff is ludicrous. She claims the police are involved in some "forged threats" and we know she has forged other people's emails along with all her fake accounts that I've seen for myself and the recent knowledge of a whole site with even more evidence that she has done everything she accuses others of, but she says the police will only become involved if there's danger. But according to her the police got involved over some alleged threats ? Yeah right.

    Yeah here's what really happened. If threats stopped, it must mean she got some of her favourite fake accounts removed for tos violations and so threats stopped when she couldn't use fake accounts to harass people with.
    And mind you, I already know the story of how all this began. KO started the threats when she didn't get her way on a cruise and then got caught lying about the cruise and people on the cruise and then got caught again slandering Dirk Benedict. She got caught by Dirk himself and proceeded a long horrific string of snail mail to him that I found disturbing and quite frankly, cannot understand why she wasn't arrested for any of that shit.

    But maybe eventually she'll get herself arrested for something. She does seems to champion illegal drugs everywhere, so you know she's bound to be pulled over at some point by the police and searched. When that happens, let's pray that they finally throw the book at her and uncover a multitude of crimes she's been doing all this time. That is if she isn't plotting someone's demise in that MOWFO group.

    1. So you saw the recent fb crap? It's like yesterday's crap, last week's crap, last month's crap. It's always the same drama looped forever in that wheel of sickness she's all about. That comment she made to someone about how someone will contact that person is an obvious ploy to have that person under her control. So anyone even thinking about contacting anyone who's confused about all her drama will automatically be conditioned to think against any rational common sense. So anyone that might think of saying anything to anyone who she's roped in, and asking them 'do you really believe all that crap ?' will be met with hostility. It's her mindgames and how she keeps people from seeing the real poison being injected. But smart people wise up. Exceptionally smart people see through her act right away. We've dealt with lunatics before. And one glaring thing should occur to anyone seeing her constant bitching, they must realize something important; the absense of the other party's account of things. It's all about her and never about the other party. She bitches about blogs and other personal journals yet not one link is ever posted by her so people can weigh in and get the truth. She hides that and just bitches about the existence of these blogs.
      It kinda defeats the purpose to whine and play the martyr when no one is allowed to see what exactly is going on.
      Well what's going on is she's a fucking psychotic liar playing on everyone's sympathy and being an emotional vampire.

    2. And another glaring big red flag in front of everyone's face is why is she always flaming all these other people? Why is she banned from so many other sites and people's email/fb accounts? Why is she probably the most blocked and hated internet entity? There are whole groups of people she just smears, the MOWFO people, the PID people, the MFH people, the Dirk people and that's just scratching the surface. The convention people, the kink group people, the Stella fans, the fashion industry, the republicans, the democrats, the rich people, the poor people, the straight people, the gay people who are in the fashion industry, fuck is there ANYONE she doesn't attack or hate on (other than the people she's currently got sucking up to her)? And you know she'll just as easily trash them too. She feeds off them.

      You'd think with all the hate she so enjoys spreading on so many different folks that a clue would be had as to what kind of nutcase KO is. That people in general would just see that and steer clear of her. All these people who are blind to her are doing is just enabling her and encouraging her delusions and that's the last thing a delusional nutcase needs is to be encouraged. But meh, some people like the negativity she spews. Birds of a feather, ya know.

  12. A lot of people ban her from their email accounts.
    This is part of an email I got a while back.
    "Paul told me that he was going to ban you from his forum. you\'re just to bi-polar to relize it yet."
    Not only is she NOT a friend of Paul's, she thinks she can intimidate me with her lame threats? Absolutely NOT.
    I can read headers in emails and I took very careful note of the IP address and ISP in the email sent to me.
    This email was reported to the authorities as well and to the ISP of where it was sent from.
    And I know exactly who sent that email. I am very, very computer savvy. ;)
    KO is worse than a nutcase. She is totally an utterly insane.
    The police are indeed involved. They are investigating KO and the threats she has sent to people via email (and the phone calls she's made to people with threats too). I've actually talked to one of the officers on the phone about KO and her ongoing long history of harassing and stalking people. They told me they've received many complaints regarding KO and are taking the matter very seriously.
    And frankly I'm not surprised by this all.
    KO will eventually be arrested for something.
    And for me it's not soon enough.
    Can't wait for the day when KO is off the internet for good.

    1. She's also still sending Jane, Nacky and Diane threats too.

  13. Well it's obvious she doesn't get along with people and those she's got fooled are only being used by her. Like any sociopath they can play an act for years without being detected as long as people remain blind and stupid to it even when she shows all kinds of hatred and discord in their lives.

  14. Some more of her "curses" and stupidity. And be warned the post is hateful and wishes curses upon people (but that's what MPL allows now since she's taken over)

    & This

    Is totally false! Talk about MISREPRESENTING something! The person she's talking about just ASKED her who did all this abuse since they knew a lot of people whom she was accusing of abuse in that school. KO never answered (because the abuse NEVER happened) and is now claiming they said something they didn't say!
    What's worse is she's flaming that member for being "nasty" and other things when there was NO SUCH thing and that member only asked where and when, and here you see her twisting it into something it isn't.

    Of course all her posts about abuse is a lie because if you read what she's really after, you'll see it right there in her own words - she's wanting sympathy despite how fabricated her allegations are to get that sympathy!

    And here she is debasing Dhani

    1. Here is the post that KO is trying to suggest is "nasty".....

      LMW28IF said:

      This is perfect! I've been in Indiana for more than 20 years. I have had at least one child in the Catholic School System (all under the same guidelines) for more than 15 years, with three currently. I've coached four different CYO Sports, and referred. My wife serves on committees at the school. Mom has worked as an assistant to the Principal (3 different ones) for more than 20 years. All of the above in Indiana, just like you.

      What three schools did you attend? Mayb I've been there, know people from there.

      Oh, and if it's the "Carholic education" that is the problem, how did the other few hundred kids at your school turn out? The thousands before or since? Please note I am not at all suggesting you were even the smallest portion of the "problem" you had to deal with.

      I'm merely interested in the link you have made with "the education" provided. The same one I've been a part of for two decades. I look forward to your response.


      Nope. Nothing at all nasty about that post whatsoever. Certainly nothing that implies what "Misfittoy" states in her recent post against this person. Misfittoy (KO) totally distorted everything about what that person actually said and then acted all like she was confused. No, KO is just a liar and doesn't think anyone can prove she's being a treacherous liar. Naturally because of this display of absolute lying and distorting the facts, I have to go with my gut feeling that KO is nothing but a pathological liar and no abuse she describes even happened.
      It's all a pity party with her.

    2. About the MOWFO and them banning her thing, here's what someone I know said:

      She's claiming such trauma and upset at being banned from MOWFO because, as she put it, it's "the most important thing in my life," yet she then goes on to trash it and everyone IN it... what a moron. She can't even pick a single story and stick with it.

      To add to her changing up her story all the time, she'll even claim she quit and left of her own accord, but then she comes off with flying chainsaws about being banned! Well which is it, banned or left? The answer is she was banned but hides behind her cowardly excuses. She didn't leave she was all too prepared to drain every last bit of life out of everyone if it took the rest of her life to do it!

  15. Have you seen her latest fb shit? Oh. My. Fucking. GAWD!

    KO has a whole bunch of new utterly insane BULLSHIT she's been posting and cursing people left and right and calling them names and attacking them and still playing the "I'm so abused" card and it's so old and so transparent now that even one person tells her so!
    They don't realize that she IS the poison so of course it fell on deaf ears! Someone tells her to get over herself basically so she shows EXACTLY why people hate her as she talks about hexing and cursing someone! For fuckssakes!

    & Gee doesn't the bully on facebook calling itself Karen Nesbit realize that everything she posts is DRAMA?

    KO = Dumb Retard Asking for More Attention and everyday too! Her blogs all about everyone else is just what that means! Do you think she'll ever stop? Hell no! Because she's a dumb retard who creates all this shit and gets people stirred up and craves the attention from it.

    Plus, the DRAMA post comes right AFTER all her dramatic screams and blogs for attention! How ironic.

  16. Another troll post from BL.

    Basically she's willing to fuck anything because she just can't get laid

    1. This is a lie she is the one who started promoting her hateful posts there.

      KO thinks she has conversations with John Lennon (her own LJ comments claiming that btw)

  17. On her fb she says she's good at curses and cursing people. Yeah she's good at cursing people but a total failure at actually making those curses work. When she fails she just claims she didn't work hard enough at it. Gimme a break.

    And we all know she didn't do anything on the holdidays except sit at her computer and bash people. As always.

  18. That LJ of hers, it's especially frustrating that she posts things lifted right out of already published books and some people are too stupid to realize it's not her own work, she just copied parts of books and articles and threw in some odd sexual scenes that show she has no clue about anything on homosexual matters. But they compliment her like she wrote their characters well or something. Yeah no shit because she didn't really write those parts. With her it's all some twisted sexual innuendo and in her latest she claims George pretended to have Paul's mother talked through him. WTF?
    She sure likes to take credit for someone else's work.

  19. She does lift things from other authors, even some authors she read on other fiction sites. She steals alot. But whenever it is her own she claims it's based on something she "experienced". Yeah right. She sure lives in one hell of a world in her head.

  20. Concerning her fb shit storms. It's like she totally ignores anything that Stu says and when he shows facts, she warps it into some twisted thing. BTW there is NO person with multiple ids (that's another one of her projections) and I'm pointing that out here. Nobody is doing anything that they're not being provoked to. Nobody posts "1000s of four letter words" a day either, that's all her. Not only does she post four-letter words everyday about people but she posts five-letter words about them, seven-letter words about them and keeps on and on and on and on and on... never stops.

  21. WHOA! And her whole life is about name-calling people and harassing them and threateniing curses on them!

    And she has the nerve to post THIS:

    Also she's never written to any parole board in her life. She's NOT a long time Beatles or John Lennon fan.

  22. On my facebook today I posted "Karms's only a bitch if you are...and those who keep saying karma's a bitch is just asking for it"

    I don't know if she's seen it or not, but thought I'd post it here too.

  23. Ok catching up on the latest KO BS. Wow. She is the WORLD'S BIGGEST and BIGOTED hypocrite! Ever! She calls people worse things than "thing", she calls them anything she can, from "cunt" to pedophiles if it suits her purpose. Nevermind that innocent people are being trashed by her, she gets all fucked up over a convicted killer being called a "thing" by a Lennon fan? Please do slap that bitch down back into the dark sewer she crawled up out of!

    And I'll tell you something, I know what's going on in facebook. She's attacking Stu and his character and yet she won't unfriend him because then she wouldn't have his audience while she verbally abuses him with her drama screaming for attention!

    Tell you what, since EL actually has the MOWFO link posted in her blog post, anyone here is more than welcome to email that group and asked them and confirm what I'm saying here *is* the TRUTH -here is her big fucking psychotic drama over all this endless nagging; she is screaming and typing in ALL CAPS at Stu over how her problems were so important and Kimba's nothing. Here's the truth, and to show you how fucking self-centered and selfish that bitch KO is. Kimba had her house broken into and robbed. An actual CRIME was done to Kimba and being the victim of a crime shatters your sense of safety. Common knowledge. Here's what KO was "going through" as she put it; she wasn't invited to Bill's party. THAT'S IT! That is her whole "poor me", pitiful abuse card she's playing and has played since last year now! KO was uninvited to a damned party! Kimba doesn't go around and bitch about what happened to her, but you see KO **STILL** on a goddamn rag about not being invited to a party to this day! To the point of posting about him hoping he'll burn himself on a grill to all the members of McCartney's forum.
    This seven years thing she speaks of is ALL her and she's the one who keeps the vemon going. Nobody else. KO is HIGHLY TOXIC! So toxic she'll rot the flesh off of the living if you get near her.
    That's how toxic she is.
    It never occurs to the dumb insane bicth to just stop. She loves the attention too much and loves the self-pity and negativity so much because she serves the darkness. She is evil.

  24. Liberal Atheist PilotMay 30, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    Her latest fb crap is so utterly like the rest of it. Insane.

    she suggests that others' websites and blogs will be investigated if something ever "happens" to her. Bitch please. Yeah I'm sure they'll just totally overlook the TONS of shit she's posted and her own fb and lj and all that.

    Yeah her family is gonna get someone in serious trouble? Are they as delusional as she is or soemthing? And the crap about her dad and trying to suggest something could have happened to people she was harassing as far back as then, when the fact is, had her dad been wise to anything he could have taken her internet away. Yeah to think what could have been, we could have all been spared had her parents stopped her cruel insanity from spreading and manifesting itself.

    I wonder what the family would think of all the emails and fake ids she had made and sent to people? I'm sure they'd back down real fast IF they're even entertaining helping her continue her harassment of others gung-ho like. The "cop brother" would be pretty embarassed to lose his job to a sick sick online stalker who just happened to be a relative. Kinda reminds me of the 20/20 story I saw about a crooked cop, ya know.

    So in short, the "PID" and whatever all realize the one important thing above all else; they all know she's fucking crazy, fucking dumb, and doesn't have a clue how stupid she sounds all the time. They all realize that and believe me, they laugh at her. She's too ridiculous to even matter.

    1. Well that's Misery for you, she's always gotta insult others and tear them down to feel better about herself. I know some of the people she stalks everyday and talks about everyday. And just because someone is from a Dixie state doesn't mean those states are all nothing but farmland. That's how ignorant she is. I know the lady she stalked and is still stalking (the same one she even stalked by calling her family's own HOME) and they're not living on any farmland, they own property in Florida and run businesses in both states they go back and forth in between. They keep having to block Misery's harassing threats all the time though. But when they involved the police the phone calls stopped when Misery was slapped with a restraining order.

      Those people also have kids and jobs and lives and have always had lives, it's Misery who has nothing but time on her hands and no social life whatsoever.
      As evidenced because she keeps getting herself kicked out of everyone's groups. She's such a failure and so utterly insane.

    2. For someone who claims to have such a life, she sure spends it all online bullying and stalking people. The only one I know who's out in the boonies is her friend in Nebraska. Everyone else lives in populated areas, even the ladies she bashes in Canada, California and some other mid-western state. They all have lives and I know this for a fact because I'm on their friendslist and see how little they are actually online while she is there everyday slagging people. DOZENS of times a day too, I might add! Some life there! So to the people the psycho troll harasses; I got you guy's back. Just so you know. I'm there for ya!

    3. Well obviously her dad told her to leave people alone and the cop brother guy obviously didn't want any part of her crazy shit. Just looking at her facebook wall you can see how astoundingly full of shit she is. Where's the mafia hitmen she claimed she would have visit the Dirk fans she hates? Where's the computer whiz cop she said would tear down Dirk's site? Where's her lawyers she claims to have all over the place?

      Just what I thought. KO is full of loads of horseshit and has the brain of a monkey's nutsack.

  25. D.R.A.M.A gee has KO realized that is about her own FB & LJ that bullies everyone she attacks all the time? D.R.A.M.A !!

  26. The mistakes of the fool (Karen Nesbit) are known to the world, but not to herself. The mistakes of the wise man (me) are known to himself, but not to the world. That's my lastest facebook post anyway.

    Did you see her totally scream at Stu about Kimba quoting someone (well she screams the words STALKER but we all know it's just some poor random out there) and she's all like HOW DARE YOU QUOTE someone else's words against ME!

    Damn. I don't think even Hitler was that oppressive. Goddamn. KO must have thought she OWNED Kimba! And could tell her what she could say and what not to say. Seems like the bossy control freak is the one spouting and projecting it! Go figure.
    I'm sure the quoted sentence was 100% right on the money too ;)

  27. I hope nobody (with any brains) actually believes the shit Karen KO posts.

    Talk about making up lies about people.

    The one person she has harassed for years and STILL thinks about and obesses over does NOT live in the "middle of nowhere" and there's no trailer involved, these people live in HOUSES and they live in the city of a populated area more populated than that Bloomfield Hills KO lives in - WITH HER MOTHER too I might add!

    Funny that she keeps posting about those she stalks then claims to have no time for it! WTF? Apparently she must be at her computer all day... again. That's her favorite thing to do. Sit there and bash people.

    Oh and she took an internet test to prove something. Not only a bully but a retard as well, screaming for more attention.

    Stephanie. I hope you're reading this... YOU get a life and STOP being a suck up to the REAL STALKER BULLY who poses as Karen Nesbit on facebook from her mother's basement! We have a right to document her harassment of others. Because believe it or not, she has threatened people's very lives (oh you don't see that yet, her personality is as Jekyll & Hyde as you imagine) so there is great support for those she targets all the time. We know what she is even though you have no clue. Yet.

    Stephanie why don't you ask yourself why that idiot has to flame people everyday. Why does she have to sit there and harass people everyday and make lies about them where she has no challengers or anyone has any chance to shed light on all her bullying (other than the obvious consistant name-calling she does) and then ask yourself some tough questions; why do you keep feeding into her delusions and being a willing life enery for her to drain you of?

    Everyone here has been dragged in some way or another into her drama and she never relents. This all began when she stalked Dirk Benedict onto a cruise and got arrested there. Then brought all her sickness to several other people's groups on yahoo and they could see what an insane bully/stalker she is! They knew. They banned. She stalked. That's the story right there. How it all started was with that! Her own sickness is what she keeps going all the time.

    People who have been stalked by her have a right to speak out despite the oppressive tactics that people blind to her do for her.

    1. Well she did say she was going to be "playing" on her computer all day and I knew right away that meant she was going to be doing her favorite thing; bashing and abusing someone (in her case; every person she has a list of to stalk) and she really has no life. Her FB is FULL of projections galore. KO still lives with her mother and is still a loser and is still bringing Paul's site/staff into her drama and acting like they approve of her nastiness.

    2. HAHA! She sure wants to believe the sick shit she makes up because the truth would just knock her down. Like a concrete block putting that nasty thing down like a loud thud!

      How pathetic she is, still hanging on to the hope that Naky or Tina (I'm guessing those are the people she's obsessing over with her whole life) are even aware of her continued bullshit about them. She wants them to be reading her abuse because to her that's her trying to have control over them and with bullies it's all about control. Too bad for the bullying stalker troll that the people she targets aren't even giving her the satisfaction of seeing her giant ass make a further ass of itself! Other than to laugh at her when she sends nasty messages to them or gets one of her minions to do it (Stephanie?)

      It must really bug her that she tries to make others believe her lies about them but in the end, the truth is she's the only one who's in the middle of nowhere, living with her mother trying to call everyone else's mothers when she gets blocked by the police with restraining orders because she stalked and called uninvited the persons that banned her in the first place. Now she can only sit and bash them on the internet. That's all she's got.

      No matter what.. they will ALWAYS know she's fucking crazy and will NEVER want anything to do with her. Seems lots of people are of the same knowledge.

    3. Well Diane, Nacky and someone else has been getting more threats sent to them lately and there the little psycho is talking about them up a storm on her psycho account. Talking trash about them alot! Coincidence? I think NOT!

    4. Yeah I noticed that she brings up MPL as if to rub in their faces all the time and even talks about them on MPL itself. No wonder people are pissed. I hope they know they created an even bigger monster from the monster she already is.

  28. Just Another Subject of the ToDo list of Nasty KOMay 31, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    Her "To Do" list is like her list everyday, to sit and abuse and bully and lie about others. Beating them up on her wall like she beats that dead horse of hers. Not only are we on her TO DO list and she has nothing but time to be nasty, she even has to HUNT DOWN those creepy little pics so she can spend all day doing her TO DO list of bullying while stalking their websites and facebook accounts. She watches Bill's and a lot of people I know.

    KO's To Do list reads like this:

    Find more facebook nasty stuff to post and claim to be a victim to everyone who is stupid or just the random stranger.

    Post bullying content while using anti-bullying messages TO bully people.

    Check Bill's profile 100 times a day. Check Stu's and anyone who hasn't been forced to make their accounts private yet.

    Post about people who banned fake accounts from years ago and call them names and then ask people on friends list to support what is said although they have no clue that they are helping the bully to bully.

    Check Bill's profile again and curse anyone who can actually have meaningful relationships and marriages and then pretend to have a life.

    Yeah that's KO's To Do list everyday.

    1. I see I was on her To-Do list today! The Psycho Stalker even posts my screen-name from a forum with her usual bile and toxic venom.

  29. Ko is definitely OCD because you can see how obsessed she is! Keeps trying to deny that she's doing all this and ffs people are just responding to her consistant bullshit and constant abuse.

    This is her facebook wall everyday, and the retard who thinks bullying behind another cowardly bully is fun (that's directed at Stephanie)

    Karen Nesbit: Nasty words, bully bully, I'm a victim ALL CAPS! More ugliness.

    Stephanie: Likes.

    Karen Nesbit: Ugly ugly pissy pissy bitch bitch retard retard cunt cunt I be a victim spewing this hate all day-this ugliness all day!

    Stephanie: Likes.

    Stephanie: I told them off for you-ego stroking the hateful Karen Nesbit! I hope they're watching me be an internet tough guy!

    Yeah those two are like seeing a embarassing display of retard follwing retard whose mentalities never quite made it past grade school.

  30. Did you guys catch that comment about Percy? All the sudden she thinks because Percy liked some comments that means something. KO will always read into anything more than there really is; it's the stalker in her that she gets delusional like that. Percy likes everyone's comments and is just being nice. Percy hasn't even seen KO's fb wall at all and doesn't see the nastiness because if Percy did, it might have Percy afraid to get too close to that nutcase KO !

    KO then says something about how only Percy matters in Paul fandom now. So much for all her gushing over MPL and Paul's staff all of the sudden. LOL now they don't even matter !
    I'm sure they're all worried about an obsessive fan-stalker who posts such garbage day after day. Most of it about the people she targets when she isn't tooting her own horn.

  31. WHOA! I just read her recent posts in BL O.0 and she defends John Lennon's killer and doesn't want to see him called any names! Did I miss something? She flames people every goddamn day on facebook and other sites AND even BL and she's telling someone else they "look bad in her eyes" for calling a killer a non-human? Seriously? What about how incredibly bad and psychotic she looks in everyone else's eyes for what she does? And she's admonishing someone for a justifiable reaction of the killer??? 0.0
    Not only has she proven to me what a total hypocrite she is, she's proven to me how much like John's killer she is!

  32. You guys......she doesn't even realize HOW insane she is or how INSANE she sounds. I run a yahoo group that she spammed and stalked my members to. Shadowwarrior was her and her helper Betty's yahoo ID. I can post those details for you and show you the headers and how to see them if you'd like. It's a Canadian IP and it matches EXACTLY the same yahoo account called Liz Fowler.

    Now while this Betty has long since stopped helping the miserable bullying stalker in Detroit who calls herself "a victim" it will come as no surprise that one and the same is still up to her shitty tricks. & her "celebrity story" was nothing but a bunch of hateful bullying slander against Dirk Benedict to whom the stalker in Detroit had obsessed over before and long after the cruise ended.
    Let me know and I will be MORE than happy to provide further details of this.

    1. Yes please. I have a few other contacts who are putting their blogs together to let people know what to look out for. They're putting all this info into sections of their sites and I submitted some content myself. Mainly all her trolling on MPL. Please do show whatever you got.
      Look we know she's a liar and a bully. Deanna told me she'd be posting some stuff to her blog more often and has asked to re-post some of the stuff from here and other sources. It's a go across the board.

      Do you think that KO will ever stop now? She won't, she's too stupid to care and too much of a bullying troll to be ashamed.

    2. I've sent you an email, perhaps you or someone can post it to a blog. I am still trying to get all the screenshots I can. Remember I have access to my admin panel and can show how she and Betty would sign in with their own email addresses and change them over to the shadowwarrior ID and all that. Another group owner who has a Xena group has also given their support to show the evidence of what happened to them too. There's all kinds of evidence out there and we'd like nothing more than to show it to the world since that psycho bitch will never stop trying to turn the world against us, her targets and victims.

    3. Check your emails, English Lass, I have got most of it done. It might take a couple more days but I will get all that to you!

  33. Well it's nice to know that KO will be reincarnated as toilet paper. Not only does she talk shit but she's such a liar too and is guilty as sin. We've got proof. She got fb wall of shit. Wall of Psycho Drama!
    Don't let that bully railroad you! Keep telling the truth and getting the word out. Even Hitler was defeated! Evemtually.

    1. What's hilarious is there's all this SHIT right before the quote saying that people who talk shit will come back as toilet paper! I LOL'D at that. She might as well have just went shit-shit-shit-it's not my fault-me me me-it's all your fault-more shit-shit-shit oh look it's toilet paper!

    2. Yeah she keeps proving that hypocracy is what she's all about when you see her talking shit about everyone all the time. Talking shit about them like she knows them just because she's stalked them for 8 years! Talking shit about their homes, their lives, their careers, and all the innocent people she talked shit about for years to people in a mowfo group who have since woken up and realized she's poison. That was a great vindication for those who had been targeted before and now they know she's the stalker and bully all along. They're now being stalked and bullied. That's how that poisonous toxic evil KO does people.

  34. OK I've got some new posts, so feel free to check them out. I had meant to do this over a week ago and got busy at work and the over the holidays.

    1. Thank you Deanna! I've read your recent blogs and they give more insight and a further look into this, about that stalker--who is unrelenting, unstoppable, and absolutely vicious.


    Talking shit, talking shit. KO=The whole case of toilet paper in a fit!

    But Paul McCartney doesn't spend all his days bashing people on facebook and trashing them and talking shit either. So we know he's got life and common sense whereas Kathryn O acts like she's being killed every day to manipulate sympathy and spew childish insults with no end in sight.

  36. Did you see her trying to weasel out of being called out on calling George a deragatory name? She found some link that made light of it but no matter how she tries to pretend like she didn't name-call an insulting name, anal retentive will always mean tight ass! It's self-evident for chrissake! That after she had a fit over John's killer being called, oooh, "a thing".

  37. Another Person that nasty KO spreads rumors aboutJune 2, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    The psycho's fb wall of hypocracy continues! What a troll with no life! There was the usual name-calling and usual whining because she's always stuck at home with no friends, of course her imaginary friends would be making her hear voices of things she likes and voodoo and all the garbage you see on her wall, then something about not judging people and shutting up (this coming from the wall of drama, hate, and the crazy train you see over there!) and for what it's worth - she's such a STALKER that sexy people she STALKS have a support group for her VICTIMS! Just setting the record straight.

    Actually there are more than one, because there are different groups of people she stalks and harasses. So...

  38. Let's point out the continuing lies and rumors this stalker spreads about people!

    One. Nobody ratted out the bitch. She openly flames and names people on facebook and actually messaged them ON facebook! Oh she'll hide that fact though.
    Two. She's not a real Beatles fan, she is a stalker looking for her next obsession. The Beatles just happened to be it.
    Three. The cyber bully is misfittoy, the very one who bullies people all the time on facebook and these other forums among members who don't know the targets or know her and she sits in her rat's nest of safe zones like the one Alan and her mother provide for her.
    Four. I've been a long time member of BL and know some of the people Misfitbitch trashes and talks shit about! So nobody has to "watch" anything! It's already made known!

    And the big FIVE. Her claiming that there's a photo of George and John kissing is a LIE!
    That photo is NOT of them kissing and her "you can tell they were fighting" is bullshit. How can you tell anything like that from a photo?
    It looks more like John is drunk like Wildewoman said! But you know how the cyber bully likes to makes things up and spread rumors.

    To top it off, she's already laid the flaming down for MPL too by re-posting it here:

    Which will open up the same comments so she can flame people unknown to most of MPL and again on MPL like she just did on BL. There is NO photo of John & George "kissing", it's all in her twisted fucked up head!

    Then there's more shit talking.

    It's really convenient when the people she talks shit about aren't there to defend themselves.


    Leaving Paul gifts where he might "find them". Creep factor 10.


      This should be seen as the bullshit that it is! Matt's lady never did any of that. That's Kathryn again trying to defame someone because she couldn't wedge her way into Matt's relationship with his own wife! M&L are not M&M who obviously fell for a shitload of Kathryn's lies. They'll soon see that she really has no money. Kathryn isn't coming into a whole bunch of money either. But they're merrily swallowing all the shit that psycho feeds them.
      But M&L wouldn't let that bitch talk them into the shit she was trying to talk them into! So of course Matt's wife gets flamed like that. You know most marriages are monogamistic and they have a RIGHT to be!
      Regardless of the mindgames and threats that bitch tried. It was like Fatal Attraction WITHOUT an unfaitful husband because Matt always found Kathryn a vile dirty woman. Dirty physically and mentally!
      So her posts on these Beatles sites are highly inappropriate but she does this everywhere. In real life she's a coward: she's NOT a manager of any damned store. She's a clerk. She barely has the mental capacity to do even that! She scares off customers and acts crazy in the store, talking about Dirk's private parts and "eating" him. Oh yeah it's Paul McCartney now.

  39. Calling KO creepy is well...insulting a creep!
    She's far worse than that, much worse!
    Thank God she doesn't know my real life identity.
    I really feel sorry for those who know her in real life...
    Very glad that the MOWFO group is finally rid of her.
    They (MOWFO)should also be careful since KO has been known to call people by phone and harass them. Hope they've changed their phone numbers or at least taken precautions.
    Hoping that there's enough complaints about her fake facebook page to have her permanently banned from there.
    And I hope that KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET is banned from using the internet for good.

  40. That Karen/Kathryn psycho is really psycho! First she just CAN'T STOP obsessing over the people in Arizona and thinks about their private parts so much that she posts about them all the time. So she does have OCD and MPD and BPD and is definitely toxic, no doubt about that but she even claims that she doesn't need professional help because it's everyone else that "made her react" to whatever insane thing she imagines.

    Here's what she claims other "did" to her.

    They BANNED her for...get ready for it...her own shitty behaviour on their sites! The whole being BANNED is what, as she claims, caused her to "react" and she "reacted" by threatening, harassing and stalking them! And has committed the REST OF HER LIFE to doing this to them all because she was BANNED! Folks, that's why she needs to see a head doctor because she IS crazy! A psychopathic stalking crazy bag.

    & just to add, they DO actually have Pride Parades in every state in the USA...even AR. That stupid ghetto basement-dwelling troll can just go schizoid herself on up the loser trail that she lives on with her dolls and imaginary friends.

    1. Her own very words of 'they did this to me-i railed against them-i don't need no professional help-they did this-it's all their faults-they didn't kiss my arse-they wouldn't take my shit-i had to get them some way-RAAWR!
      Proves more than anything that she does need some serious radical therapy but she'll end up harming or killing someone before she ever realizes she's insane and won't seek therapy. She'll never see it and it's really sad because someone will end up hurt or dead because the law won't stop her until she does cause some heinous act of violence of which we all know she'd love to cause.

    2. Classic, textbook psycho answer to everything! Why it was their fault officer, they MADE me do it! They kicked me out, I was just stalking an actor on that cruise, I was just flaming him and threatening people on some sites after the cruise, I was just forging their emails to get even with them! It's ALL them, NOT me!

      Yes, Norman/Kathy Bates, you listened to the voices, of course it's not your psycho mind at all. Ir's everyone else who made you do it, there there now would you like a butcher knife to go try to scare some children in the playground because they're obviously plotting against you too?


    3. Dancin' Mountain ManJune 5, 2012 at 2:34 AM

      Funny that she thinks anyone in AR is going to be jealous of not seeing a bunch of gays marching down some street by some building. The bitch doesn't see those things so why is she even posting about it? The lowlife doesn't see that stuff because she's too busy being insane on the internet and on facebook living with her mother, stalking people online and thinking about their penises and vaginas. So the gay parades pass her by. No doubt they banned her. I can see that. We are talking about Misery Kooky O'Crazy after all. Meanwhile in the beautiful state of AR, we get to go outdoors and enjoy the SUN, the lakes, camping and the mountain top where the Astronomy Club we attend have weekly gatherings and telescope parties taking in the views of the universe.

      I'd say our lives are so much richer and fuller in one day than she has in her entire lifetime! Sure we're annoyed that we have a stalker who's too insane and clueless to fuck off and die, but we laugh at her failures and see her for the bully stalker Miserable little nothing she is. Her whole life is about being obsessed with us and trying to demolish us from her keyboard and she's lost every single battle she waged against anyone and is too insane to know when to quit. Sooner or later she'll fuck with the WRONG person and then we can do what we've always done, forget all about her and when she's finally gone for good, forget about her PERMANENTLY and not have to spend the hour or so each week blocking her nasty harassing and utterly insane emails.

  41. I know she's stalking my facebook and mine is private too! I had the same message about her talking shit and being the scurge of society and she used it just today! We said that about her months ago and noted all the stuff she grabs from others about anti-bullying and uses bullying tactics right after them!

  42. It's really something, we know everything about this horrid little bitch because she posts insane delusional stories about herself all the time and has been caught in so many lies and contradictions so we know she's crazy and a liar to start off with. But all she know about me is my name and my wife's name! That's it! Nothing else about us but she has spent years obsessed with us to the point that the rest of her life is dedicated to trying to turn total strangers to hating us. People we'll never know and could never care about. Her whole existence is based on obsessing over what we'll have for dinner every night and yet our lives go merrily on each day without giving that pathetic piece of shit a second thought.

    1. But all she know about me is my name and my wife's name!

      Same here. But that nasty stalker made her life be about us because my lady banned, booted, blocked and kicked the bitch out of her site.

  43. Wondering how many people have complained or have reported her fake facebook profile.
    You can also block people you don't want contacting you on facebook too.
    I've got her blocked and have reported her and provided concrete proof that her name isn't Karen.
    And my facebook profile is private, very private.
    For me KO aka Misery aka catkick aka kitty9tales aka whatever dumbass name she calls herself...doesn't exist...she's NOTHING
    She won't come back reincarnated as toilet paper!...she'll just fade into a void of nothingness and never be heard or thought of again!

    1. Really! That nasty stalker is too nasty to be used for toilet paper, and there's no need to use toilet paper that can give you AIDS or some other disease.

  44. LOL where is the bitch getting this idea we're crumbling? Her claims that we have "endless" forums about her (yes she's THAT delusional and narcissistic beyond belief) but where does she figure we're crumbling if we have endless forums as she claims? Wouldn't that mean that we're actually stronger?

    ~Fighting the good fight! Fighting the evil of Misery KO the Stalker!~