Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KO the biggest FAIL!

To begin with, she is a horrendous troll that has emcompassed too much time from far too many people.

KO's had droves of her own accounts deleted and the people she has tried to hack are still going strong (in otherwords we all still have our lives and that's far more than she'll ever have) so what exactly is her whole "You fail" thing? What have we failed at? Because as far as I see, we succeeded in getting her ugly posts deleted from MPL and a few other forums. We succeeded in reporting her to facebook and her livejournal posts disappear as soon as she posts them anymore because the abuse team have been clued in on her constant bullying omn livejournal. Not to mention so many people have blocked her there too, not just on facebook. So actually when one knows the truth, it's KO who's the failure and we, the successful netizens who just happen to have to put up with her shit whenever she has the opportunity to dish it. Oh and KO's curses all failed too. Yep. People from that Dirk Benedict fanbase. All still alive and doing very well, thank you very much. KO is really gonna have a meltdown over that fact.

So where is our failure? My blog gets more and more hits a day and I notice nobody even bothers to respond to her crap she posts anymore. Where is this "failure" she keeps hammering on? Yeah I don't know either. Just because she escapes detection on livejournal by the abuse team there doesn't mean she'll get away with it forever. KO just can't stand it that she can't see what people are showing about her and saying. It's really ripping her black innerds apart. So she's beating her hairy chest like she's successfully killed someone or somerthing.

First the idiot's links:

Then her "bio warning" rant:
WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, presentations, or duplication - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile, posts, pictures, or name in any form, forum, or other media form in both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of privacy rights and will be subject to legal ramifications.

Ahem, ok now any lawyer or for that matter any person with intelligence would immediately laugh in her pudgy face. There is NO copyright on anything she posts on the internet. There is NO privacy rights she can claim when she is posting her drama queen crap every day and making it PUBLIC, that means that anyone can see her shit, her big fat ass and they have every right to use it in any way they want to!
We realize she's too thick to get the concept that once something's on the internet it's there forever but she's a stupid trolling bullying bitch who also happens to be a stalker.
Even IF she managed to buy herself a copyright, if she posts illegal content and slander, that copyright still does NOT hold and she can face charges.

Furthermore, this whole "don't let me catch you again" bullshit is just another fine example of a bully on a power trip and boy has she been power-trippin' and all for naught. When she is finally handed her ass to her, George Harrison will still be passed on, and blissfully unaware of the pathetic existence of KO.

And the bully shows herself even more at MPL.

For anyone who missed it, she's basically saying she flames people but it's ok because she does it "better". Seems to me she's a one trick pony, the only names she calls people are all the same broken mentally ill record she plays over and over.
Then her taunting, power-trippin' contiunues.

And KO must be Rush Limbaugh's devoted follower considering how alike they are! Considering her hateful hooker comments, because like Limbaugh, KO couldn't even give it away. She keeps calling someone a Ho, at least Hos make money though. KO is a HO just the kind that nobody would pay money for, let alone even touch! I guess the human race just isn't into filthy fat bitches who've got a Rush Limbaugh personality.

KO = Fail. The bitch found herself a new word to repeat over and over again. She can now add the word "fail" to her one trick pony list of shit she keeps stuffed in her big rotting mouth and add that word to her other favorite words that also describe her so much. Stalker, bully, bullying stalker, stalkers, bullying stalkers. Fail fail fail. Oh and MPC PID and CIA and whatever else her creepy stalking comes up with.


  1. She wants to keep pissing people off, and has the stupidity to wonder why people want to see her get her ass handed to her. KO has got to be the stupidest braindead flamer on the planet. One day she's going to piss off the wrong person and that person will gloat everyday of their lives when she's sitting in a 2by4 cell and doing some hard time.

  2. KO/Misery/the Troll of the internet started everything and kept it going. Nobody set out to do anything and her attacks were launched immediately after a cruise in 04. She has kept stalking people and revels in her cruelty and meanness, her nasty nasty mouth/posts and emails and all the while people have only fought back. Some to the extent of involving the police and it's sickening to see her claim she got the police involved when that's the furthest thing from the truth. When the police knocked on her door (you heard that right) she went on a stalking binge like never before, insulting the police, calling them pigs and yet she thinks they're on her side. They've seen for themselves what she's posted on myspace and livejournal.

    Her latest power trip that she's on will be very short lived when she's given that dose of reality.

  3. FYI KO your name isn't Karen Nesbit either.
    My lawyer is also contacting facebook to have that account investigated and yes your IP address and ISP location show up when you sign up on facebook.
    By not using your real name on facebook you've not violated the TOS, you've also done something which is against the law.

    1. addendum.

      That IS illegal.

  4. KO has already broken the law more times than I can count.
    Harassing people by phone, emails, bypassing a mail ban to contact a celebrity, which is mail fraud.
    Harassing people in her LJ posts and in fake facebook profile.
    Myself and other people included have contacted the police in thea area where KO lives.
    I have concrete evidence that she has harassed me and have also submitted the evidence to her ISP also.
    I have a lawyer who is more than willing to have her charged. He's read what she posted on her LJ profile.
    He said it is NOT illegal for people to report her posts especially when it's harassment and attacking people outright.
    KO aka Misery has also utter death threats too.
    Many of her myspace accounts were deleted because she posted photos of guns and threatened to kill people.
    Legal ramifications? Yes indeed. For KO NOT anyone else.
    Her warning on her LJ profile is a joke and wouldn't stand up in a court of law. She's violated so many other's privacy it's not funny at all. I have sent copies of the harassing emails she's sent to me personally to the police where she lives including the IP address in the headers and the ISP. It was from her own ISP provider.
    I'm not the only person who is prepared to take full legal action against her. There are many others she has harassed/stalked and are also fully prepared to have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and have already started to do so.

  5. This is what it says with respect to public content in an LJ account.

    "Public Content: Whenever you post content on the Service and set the privacy setting to “Public” or “Everybody,” you understand that this information may be accessible by anyone with Internet access, whether or not they are logged into LiveJournal. In addition, any content you post publicly may result in unsolicited communications from other parties. You should further understand that any personally identifiable information and/or content that you post on LiveJournal that is viewable by other users may be copied and/or shared without your consent. LiveJournal cannot be responsible for any loss or damages relating to any information you post on the Service. LiveJournal may repost public entries, in whole or in part, on the LiveJournal homepage or other LiveJournal pages in order to help users find friends and communities based on mutual interests."

    KO is obviously too stupid to read the LJ TOS and privacy policy.

    Which makes KO warning in her LJ profile even more lame.

  6. Exactly it wouldn't matter if she went right out and got copyrights (which she would actually need in order to even get a lawyer to even listen to her bullshit) but even with a copyright, if she's trasmitting abuse like she does, you damned right people can take screenshots of it, save it as evidence and even post it to show people that she did post it (the coward won't even leave the abuse up long enough for the LJ abuse team to see what she's doing) and furthermore if English Lass wanted to post private emails or messages whether screenshos or otherwise that she may have gotten from the stalker KO/Misery, that's perfectly legal and not a violation of any terms and EL could even show the whole headers with IP and all.

    Basically what the stupid troll is saying is that she can order people to not save, document or do anything to fight against her abuse and bullying but if you do try to fight against that controlling dictator - SHE'LL get your ass in trouble and continue to abuse and harass people anyway because she gets away with it. Yeah she's definitely on some kind of power trip. You'd think if she's so convinced that she's destroyed everyone that she'd leave them alone. Nope. The abuse and harassment will still go on. It always does. So much for her "life". KO has no conscience she's incapable of being human so she sits and curses people, she is nothing but an empty pathetic miserable lowlife who can't find any happiness because she is void. That is her curse. KO will always be an ugly monster and that will never change.

  7. Kathryn is such a jackass! A big manipulator who always tries to control everyone. I remember how she always tried to control people (and still tries to) and if she couldn't make you believe her lies, she would send you mountains of harassing emails. Then her emails would turn into threats, then death threats, then she's spam you and spoof you. This is how she tries to win over people. Yeah, that's Kathryn for you.

    As for her "failures" yes she is the very meaning of failure and can't even seem to succeed in manipulating people like she'd like to, and fails miserably at writing, spelling and grammar.

    People at LJ have noted and even said that she's the biggest hypocrite they've ever encountered. Going on and on about tos this and tos that while violating tos's across the internet by posting her abuse and harassment towards others. But they see she deletes her abuse so she's not caught violating tos. They're onto her and her games and they know she's a psychopath.

    As for the failures of others? It seems they got rid of her from their groups; she's not welcome there anymore with her toxic self and toxic personality, a combination of toxic fumes and negativity. They succeeded in getting her away from them, so I'd say they were very successful and I hear they are having more fun without the drama, lies and poison she brings. Their groups are a much brighter place now that the evil has been exorcised.

  8. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2578254&highlight=#2578254

    KO called them friends in high places when she had someone find out Tracy's private info, now it's low friends. KO also shows her criminal nature. Not surprising. Wonder if her "boss" knows she steals from his business?

    Yeah some cosmically conscience there, the only reason she'd show some dumb internet award (amounting to the special olympics) is to use it for evil. Does she think people don't see through that?


    It's halarious she's too stupid to know how to insert a simple file or she create numerous threads about how great she thinks she is.

    1. Well and her recent comments on Democrats & Republicans. She's the last person to talk about nastiness when she is the very thing that nasty is. I couldn't even tell if she was admitting to starting all the grief you see now or admitting to being the nasty bully she is.
      Well we know it's both.

  9. WTF?


    Is she admitting she sells illegal substances? HA!

    And funny that she has now claimed her so-called (read: ficticious) ex-husband was a drug dealer, a scientist, a musician, a mafia agent and now he's a teacher!


  10. the bitch talks about karma being a bitch and she's got a double kidney infection! Yeah that karma, looks like kathryn isn't immune to karma like she thought she was. like she thought she was the center of the universe. we've been adding piccy-icon on our facebook walls too.
    one saying 'Just because you think everyone should bow down to your greatness doesn't mean you're actually great, just that you're in the same league of greatness that Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin, Gadaffi and Charles Manson come from' in otherwords they're all psychos like kathryn.

    goddamn but she's such a manipulating bully who whines everyday.

    KO claims she's pretty... "blechhhh" she IS NOT. She IS UGLY. I've seen photos of what she actually looks like. You need brain bleach to try to get the image of her out of your mind.
    Not to mention all those made up stories about her meeting George Harrison.
    And the really stupid and really lame warning she's put in her LJ bio. ROFL
    When I read that I laughed so hard I fell off my chair.
    I'm so glad I'm not KO aka Misery aka catkick aka misfittoy aka alienated aka kitty9tales...
    I'm smart, blonde, blue eyed and have been called beautifu, many times I might add and proud of it!. I'm also older than KO and am way better looking. I eat a healthy diet and am not overweight.
    KO I can say is so full of shit she'd knock a million buzzards of a shit wagon.
    And so damn ugly she'd crack your computer screen if she actually posted a photo of herself at those Beatles sites she frequents. LOL
    KO is also a coward. That warning she's put in her LJ profile proves it.
    FYI to KO the STALKER we have a warning for you KO. Don't harass us, stalk us, phone us or send us emails and snail mail. You've broken the law. You will be charged to the fullest extent of the law count on it.
    KO isn't immune to Karma at all.
    She's scared.
    She knows that her time is running out and that more and more people of coming forward to expose her lies and her illegal activities.

    1. I'm a moderator at a battlestar galactica board and I remember her coming into there and just bashing someone named Tracy. Now I'll admit I have no idea who Tracy is and probably will never run into her, but this kathryn o stirred up members there she attacked anyone who disagreed with her calling people names because she did that pretty much right off the bat. She came into our fold and just showed how screwed up she is.
      I kinda figured it was really about Dirk Benedict and the cruise he was on and she seemed to mention Tracy every chance she got. According to her, Tracy was the root of all her problems, she had somehow decided that Tracy was the one causing trouble for her and she seemed to blame Tracy for every little thing that went wrong on the cruise and in her life.

      It's really no surprise to see that she's now blaming other people for everything wrong with her although the obvious answer is, SHE is the what's wrong with her and she's the cause of ALL her problems.
      I don't know Tracy but she claimed so many outrageous things about Tracy and I still remember some of her crazy claims. At one time she claimed Tracy had been hiding Dirk's mail and screening his phone calls. It was crazy.

  12. Despite the fact that she's having "pain" if that can be believed since she lies every second she breathes, it's really something she can still find the time to bash people everywhere!

    The karma thing she deludes herself about is hilarious. Whenever someone suffers some kind of setback (due to her malicious hacking tricks) then she calls it her "witchy powers" but when she suffers from the bitch that is karma she just conveniently blames her imaginary "stalkers". KO/Misery is so twisted.

    Her facebook and livejournal are brimming with the igly psycho shit again. I hope everyone enjoyed the small break we had in the meantime. What was it this time? A whole week? Wow that's a record!

    Her latest facebook shit claims she doesn't talk about people and that's really some obvious lie there when she does it ALL the time and MENTIONS NAMES! Yeah sure they're not about who's she actually NAMING! Goddamn! The psycho even says "This is directed at you!" and then has whatever lame bullshit she finds on facebook. It's her guilt revealing itself again in the form of her projection upon others.

    Oh and she talks about fake profiles on facebook when hers is a complete forgery of someone else's real name!

    And to add, it's so sick that someone who went out of her way to call someone's home and terrorize them with threats has the nerve to call anyone else a "stalking bully"

    1. My fb post for today says
      "Just because a psycho loves to use Karma as a tool to bring fear into others, doesn't mean Karma hasn't got a special abyss for the TOOL using its name to conjure fear in the first place!"
      KO that's directed AT YOU but you're obviously guilty of something because you think I'm talking about you.

      However unlike KO's fb wall which is entirely dedicated to everyone she hates, my fb wall is mainly for other things that are far more pleasant than the filthy crusty evil-clown that KO is. ;) :) :D

  13. The shit she fucking spouts and gets away with on forums!

    Liberals hate people? Paul McCartney is a liberal.

    This is probably part of her new 'get sympathy for something new' campaign.

  14. MOWFO was a public group until KO started up with attacking people.
    KO flamed and attacked and harassed members.
    So MOWFO banned KO.
    Kudos to them for doing so.
    KO has been banned permanently from the Dirk Benedict fanbase.
    KO has been banned from myspace permanently.
    This is addressed to KO.
    KO did you ever bother to read the TOS and privacy terms of LJ?
    Nope. What you post publicly can be copied in whole. You don't have any copyrights and also any posts that you post to harass people with can be copied in whole and reported. Did you know that? Course not you ugly disgusting low life...
    KO your warning is lame/idiotic/insane and I laugh right in your ugly troll face.
    A warning to you KO you have no permission to harass/stalk send emails, phone us and send snail mail. You've also committed mail fraud.
    It's against facebook's TOS to use a fake name when creating a facebook page. Your name is NOT Karen.
    When you sign up for facebook they take note of your ISP and IP address.
    KO if you are so pretty as you claim, how come we never ever see photos of you? Answer to that is is you are ugly. It shows in your face outwardly and within.
    KO you are a coward. We know the truth about you.
    Warning to you KO we will not be silenced. We will not be harassed/stalked or be called you on the phone nor sent emails and snail mail.
    We have the right to defend ourselves and will continue to defend ourselves.
    KO I have copies of those nasty emails you've sent me. They've been reported to your ISP and to the police where you live.
    KO you started this you brought this all upon yourself.
    KO YOU ARE THE STALKER and no one else.
    KO YOU asked the Hak5 forum for help in hacking sites. The administrators and moderators and members are aware of this.
    KO I am a member of the Hak5 forum and and a member in very good standing. You claimed it was me pretending to be you. Bullshit. Hak5 knows for a FACT it was NOT me. I signed up with my ISP email address and they my IP address on record.
    The members at Hak5 aren't fooled by you they know you are a liar.
    KO we also know you are a liar, stalker, harasser
    And a final Warning to you KO... WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HARASS US, ATTACK US, STALK US OR PHONE US. Cease and desist. NOW.

  15. Haha! She thinks she's so big and bad and powerful, we still have the forum and her tricks to destroy just didn't work. I hear that others opted to keep her away like we have with drastic measures. Even the admins there know she's a fucking raving lunatic.

  16. Friend of P-V, M-LMay 23, 2012 at 8:33 PM

    I too am glad someone has a blog like this to detail the vast amount of lies and character assassination that Kathryn dishes out upon so many people. From her livejournal I see she's even made untrue comments about another community. We knew she was a toxic personality and always whining about what someone had supposedly done to her, real or imagined and with her all her imaginary bs is real. So there's no talking reason to her.
    She totally made an ass of herself and went balistic over a rule of the club she was in because they only allowed singles in one particular instance. Kathryn had claimed to be married but never legally divorced and so she wasn't able to participate in something and of course she went apeshit and was all head spins and spewed green pea soup all over because in her little shriveled mind she's supposed to be included in everything.
    When they weren't having her childish temper tantrums she went even more demonic.
    Later we come to find out she wasn't even married to begin with and that she lied about so many things. Not that that will change anything now because now we know she is a psychopath and we don't want her around us.
    There was never a husband, so her own lies did her out of participating in one of the aspects of the club and her crazy and psycho personality did her out of the group entirely. I offer you people my most humble heartfelt condolenses that you are dealing with Kathryn the psycho witch wannabe on a regular basis.