Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Troll Follows KaKreep into Re-Opening Old Thread to Stir Shit

Quick update...

More shit-stirring by KO and her minion...

The Power of Stupid Trolls Who Seek Attention

They (Kathryn O & Kapoop the Kreep) went in and replied to an old thread to get other members upset. That is their goal after all, isn't it? To stir shit. They're just not content to leave anyone alone.

So the post there by creepy old hag bag KO and the claim to be able to cause people harm is still a thing she thinks she's got going on. Read closely, that's exactly what she's hinting at. Still her "powers" are as lame as she is while she continues to try to "disrupt and distress" people on a daily basis. No wonder she has enemies!

If Rahil is seeing this, my best advice is to not rise to their bait.