Friday, February 24, 2012

The Stella Bashing is Never-Ending

...It will be a factor until the troll is gone, but for now we all must endure it! This stems from her "childhood trauma" no doubt of rich broad barbie doll Catholic nuns and everyone else who are just so mean to even say anything they feel because it might insult the Great Queenie Kathryn O who thinks the world should already fall to their knees and swear total belief of all the shit she spits out online. Obviously this Mental Misery of a Troll wants to dominate and censor everyone on the planet and will destroy any thread, or site that she disagrees with when they speak the truth. Great Queenie Dictator Kathryn strikes again!!!

Here is another example of the TROLL doing what she does best; TROLLING!
Not only has she eternally went on and on about some remark Stella McCartney made, but she lands in on any thread or mention of Stella and bashes her relentlessly! Here she's repeating herself for the millionth time suggesting that Stella is on drugs. Saying that she's knows better! WTF? So now she's an authority on Stella's life not to mention that she's even written insulting stories about her and even having the audacity to suggest her own father would side in with TROLL like Kathryn O against his own daughter! What a psycho, what a narcissist, what a TROLL!

And before they have to remove the thread because that's the troll's design; to be a troublemaker and get any thread that mentions Stella deleted, I'm saving a few replies from it to show that not everyone is falling for the troll's "act" of being a geniune Beatles fan or even the ridiculous abuse stories she's always changing around from site to site. Kathryn is a stalker who happens to be obsessing after Paul (and dead Beatles members) now that her last obsession with some guy named Dirk Benedict got her nowhere despite the money she spent to stalk him, following him to conventions and cruises.

Reply #1
No, actually, it's not. She did a line for H&M (twice). She did a line for Gap Kids (twice). Her Adidas line is very affordable. But she is also a high-end designer, which you have to be in order to build a reputation in fashion.

Reply #2
Don't set her off about Stella, it's best to ignore her on this (i usually do, but this time is my one exception then i won't look at the thread again). Any thread on stella she'll post in, if she hates her that much then why read a thread about her? (Other than to have an opportunity to slag stella off that is. This all spans from the time that stella personally insulted her, to her face! Isn't that right KO? Must be, otherwise you wouldn't hate her so! No hang on, she said a line in an interview about being veggie that you disagreed with, that was it, i mean stella should move to siberia and live in exile how can she live with herself!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Troll Doth Make A Fool of Herself

The latest garbage chewing, basement dwelling white trash hippy makes another faux pas. Isn't anything new just more of her antics in her no life little existence. Really if someone is going to keep going on and on about others having no life, that someone should check their own lack of life to go to the extremes she does to prove just how no-life she really is! My initials however are not AM. I know AM, I have known her for years and when I lived in London, she was my online link to happenings when I was in transfer to the new office, but there were plenty of fans on tumblr who know who fur_vore is, they had been accosted by the Stella-hating troll and since I know plenty of folks in that little corner of the web too, Mental Misery has revealed her deep hatred for AM and seems to be taking up stalking her too!

The same Catkick/Kathryn O Troll has also revealed on many occasions how much she hates BARBIE DOLLS! Oh boy! Now let's look at all this Troll's hatred for what it is, shall we? She is so hateful towards Anna and women who have looks and aren't 300+ lbs. that she tries to keep making these stupid statements that pigeon hole all women (except for her of course) into some image that should outrage people in general! I know a friend from another totally different site, whose screen name is actually Barbie Doll, and Barbie Doll is a woman who is witty and friendly, her commentaries are intelligent and she takes no crap off anyone! She is a beautiful woman and egotistical men try to bring her down and some men try to own her and claim her as a trophey doll but she won't have any of it! No sir! But the last thing beautiful intelligent women like Barbie Doll needs are men who act like jerks and this fat bitch TROLL who finds fault with everything about any woman who happens to be pretty and in shape! Of course Mental Misery believes she's the next sex symbol if the world would just find overweight slobs with excessive amounts of body and armpit hair as attractive as she finds herself! *Now I must go vomit and bleach my brain from the image that is Mental Misery!*

AM is another pretty woman and it's no wonder that the troll at MPL finds any opportunity to attack her. Pretty women are a threat to catkick. Hell anyone who can write their own original fan stories are a threat to catkick! If people haven't noticed, catkick uses other people's work and just copies them and throws in some weird and often unappealing sexual fantasy she seems to have because, well, she can't get the real thing no matter how desperately she begs for Paul McCartney's attention.

This recent analogy was sent in to me by way of several hands, and here I share it with you. This was actually written by someone who knows the troll in real life! But their name is omitted. No need to have the troll go after them, right? Right.

It's also hard to get her to stop being an asshole when she's immune to shame.  NameNotHere and his wife coined a term for delusional people.  It came from figure skating.  If you've ever watched some skater doing some routine to an obscure movie soundtrack tune with some vaguely associated costume, but you haven't seen the movie, then as an observer, you're lost.  But the skater goes along as if everyone is in on the story.  We call it their "head movie."  That extends to many other facets of life.  Kathryn is rolling one HELL of a head movie where everyone who "really" knows her loves her and everyone who hates her is a mentally deficient incompetent; she hobnobs with celebrities who breathlessly read every word she writes and are in on her "story," thinking she's brilliant.  You might also call it "a crock."