Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Troll Doth Make A Fool of Herself

The latest garbage chewing, basement dwelling white trash hippy makes another faux pas. Isn't anything new just more of her antics in her no life little existence. Really if someone is going to keep going on and on about others having no life, that someone should check their own lack of life to go to the extremes she does to prove just how no-life she really is! My initials however are not AM. I know AM, I have known her for years and when I lived in London, she was my online link to happenings when I was in transfer to the new office, but there were plenty of fans on tumblr who know who fur_vore is, they had been accosted by the Stella-hating troll and since I know plenty of folks in that little corner of the web too, Mental Misery has revealed her deep hatred for AM and seems to be taking up stalking her too!

The same Catkick/Kathryn O Troll has also revealed on many occasions how much she hates BARBIE DOLLS! Oh boy! Now let's look at all this Troll's hatred for what it is, shall we? She is so hateful towards Anna and women who have looks and aren't 300+ lbs. that she tries to keep making these stupid statements that pigeon hole all women (except for her of course) into some image that should outrage people in general! I know a friend from another totally different site, whose screen name is actually Barbie Doll, and Barbie Doll is a woman who is witty and friendly, her commentaries are intelligent and she takes no crap off anyone! She is a beautiful woman and egotistical men try to bring her down and some men try to own her and claim her as a trophey doll but she won't have any of it! No sir! But the last thing beautiful intelligent women like Barbie Doll needs are men who act like jerks and this fat bitch TROLL who finds fault with everything about any woman who happens to be pretty and in shape! Of course Mental Misery believes she's the next sex symbol if the world would just find overweight slobs with excessive amounts of body and armpit hair as attractive as she finds herself! *Now I must go vomit and bleach my brain from the image that is Mental Misery!*

AM is another pretty woman and it's no wonder that the troll at MPL finds any opportunity to attack her. Pretty women are a threat to catkick. Hell anyone who can write their own original fan stories are a threat to catkick! If people haven't noticed, catkick uses other people's work and just copies them and throws in some weird and often unappealing sexual fantasy she seems to have because, well, she can't get the real thing no matter how desperately she begs for Paul McCartney's attention.

This recent analogy was sent in to me by way of several hands, and here I share it with you. This was actually written by someone who knows the troll in real life! But their name is omitted. No need to have the troll go after them, right? Right.

It's also hard to get her to stop being an asshole when she's immune to shame.  NameNotHere and his wife coined a term for delusional people.  It came from figure skating.  If you've ever watched some skater doing some routine to an obscure movie soundtrack tune with some vaguely associated costume, but you haven't seen the movie, then as an observer, you're lost.  But the skater goes along as if everyone is in on the story.  We call it their "head movie."  That extends to many other facets of life.  Kathryn is rolling one HELL of a head movie where everyone who "really" knows her loves her and everyone who hates her is a mentally deficient incompetent; she hobnobs with celebrities who breathlessly read every word she writes and are in on her "story," thinking she's brilliant.  You might also call it "a crock."


  1. Holy crap that troll has even trolled Pauliterotica tumblr with her obvious trolling! She's definitely a troll! With some severe mental issues and hangups.

    I couldn't find a recent page from last month of her last trolling on the subject of Stella, she had just decided to barge into a topic for the sole purpose to make people offended. Guess she was bored. But Pauliterotica didn't appreciate having to deal with her. We reported her to tumblr. Unfortunately they just removed some of her hateful posts. She tried to claim it was a bandwidth thing. Nope. She's a liar. It was for her violations.

    So here's the page I was referring to;

  2. This troll "the plague of the internet" as I refer to her, is proving more and more each day how much a stalker she truly is. She's lies so much that she wouldn't know the truth if it wound up and bit her ugly troll ass. She's been banned from many, many sites. It's like watching a train wreck! far worse than a train wreck actually. And the constant "my stalker" BS she constantly spews. "blechhhh" Anyone who has ever had a stalker knows not to constantly to refer it(the stalker) and steer as clear away from the stalker as possible. One thing is for certain there are a lot of us who've been attacked by this crazy psychotic troll and aren't going to stand for it anymore.

  3. She repeats herself ad nauseum. She's still desperately trying to build up this fake history of her life. Jeeez.

    There must be truth to the whole she's not a long term fan because no long term fan would keep driving it into the ground the way she does.

    And yeah I'd say she's a stalker. In all honesty who the fuck would care if people thought you were a new fan or not? It's like she wants to be the "#1 Fan" of all time and she thinks Paul knows of her existence, her life story and all this "head movie" inside her head! Double Jeeeez!

  4. The bitch is on facebook and always harassing people there. Of course when someone like Shay or anyone else has depression or anxiety, she calls them crazy and they've dealt with her shit for FAR TOO LONG! But when she wants to feel all depressed, it's normal (but only for her) not anyone else! Wish someone would lock her up-she's a plague, she feeds off people and she's just really really sick in the head.

  5. This

    So now she's only got ONE enemy? ONE that EVERYONE would be out to get blood from? Seems the person she's talking about here must be the real victim and martyr.

  6. The "her" can be any given woman she regularly bashes at any given time. There's a Shay, a Tracie, there's some people in Canada, Diane, Kimba, Linda and others I can't remember off hand. Basically everyone who is female.

    Funny thing is, whomever she is talking about won't pray any such a thing and I know they do wish something would happen! Because in that thing called REALITY, nobody's going out for anyone's blood or do a dammned thing. Everyone will finally have their lives back without that MISERY stalking them! There won't be too many people at her funeral.

  7. That's just the troll trying to tell the world how important she is to everybody. My God. Yeah she has no problem sending frothing masses of idiots to someone's house with torches lit but she'll SCREAM BITCH MOAN and HISSY FIT all the over the place if she gets banned for her psycho behaviour and writhe about torches and all that.

    That troll is the world BIGGEST and fattest, ugliest hypocrite that ever was.

    And that link, yeah I saw it too. Um, overmedicated? She's one to talk with her love of illegal drugs and all. Why is she even talking ill about people she claims are "friends" anyway? I can see why she is so hated and doesn't have any real friends. Oh and don't buy the continually repeated BS about her "BF", because that's another one of her delusions like the one where "everyone" will go after someone's blood. Huge delusions! In fact her comment shows how stalkerish she is! Right there she's claiming someone is gonna get killed (by *everyone* to be exact) if something happens to poor little psycho Kathryn the Internet Troll Hypocrite Extrodinaire! Her comments reveal a glimpse of the real evil that she is.

    I can hear all the prayers asking God that something DOES happen to her! Psycho Kathryn better pray that she doesn't piss off the wrong people! How's that? She fucking needs professional help!

  8. About her comment re: the extremes sick people (like her) go to...

    Um, some people a long time ago, banned her from their site, from the Dirk Benedict site and other sites. She threatened to kill them in various gruesome ways for years and years even AFTER they banned her insane stalker ass. She also harassed them relentlessly for years via email and other shenanigans. She even tries to get hackers to destroy sites because people had been so harassed and stalked by her that they started to document everything in the hopes they can bring that pathetic stalker to justice!

    May all the evil, twisted things she's written about happening to others, everything she wished on others and everything she wanted done, happens to her seven fold! I'd say she's racked up about an eternity of hellish suffering and endless torment for her own damn self!

    Oh and glad to know that PID forum is back up. I don't mind conspiracy theories but I know it's gotta have her screaming in raging fits that she didn't get her way.

  9. IP Tracker stats for "The Troll and Stalker in Detroit"

    Number of Entries:19 (3 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:14 Feb 2012 14:39:02
    Visit Length:10 mins 10 secs
    Browser:Safari iPad
    Resolution:768x1024 Total Visits:4
    Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States
    IP Address:Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:(No referring link)
    Entry Page: Page:

  10. One enemy? She(Misery the Troll) can't make up her delusional, psychotic mind(if you can call it a mind...) about how many enemies she actually has... I do believe in Karma. When you treat others with courtesy and respect and are kind then you receive courtesy respect and kindness in return. She posts under a fake name at Facebook. A lot of people are aware of that too. What else is new? Yes, I am being sarcastic. I thank God that she doesn't have my phone number and doesn't know where I live. She doesn't need professional help, she's way past that stage. She needs to be locked up and made to realize that there are consequences for attacking, harassing and stalking people. I look forward to the day where the plague of the internet no longer has access to the internet anymore.

  11. I think she's got personal info on someone in Manitoba Canada. But Dirk Benedict Central, there's no Tracy there. I wonder if that's who TB is?

  12. TB was the original owner of the Dirk Benedict Central. It has new ownership now. And no, the troll doesn't have info on someone in Manitoba Canada. It's just more hot air coming out of her troll mouth.

  13. Sounds like you got a good hold of what she is.
    Notice how the troll took a thread about someone else's tragedy and makes it be all about her. Talks about some other people and an obvious jibe at them with the repeated weight issue towards them. She should check her own fat ass and isn't she the one trying to put down anyone who doesn't weigh 400+ lbs? Yeah, it's only cool to be FAT as long as it's HER fatness.

  14. More of her "I work for the Mafia" bull, and if she were so into the Mafia, why can't she fucking learn how to spell Sicilian?

  15. Anyone who didn't give her a job was obviously smart! I guess Sicilians are desperate.

  16. I personally would love to see (AND GET PICTURES OF) KO the Troll getting her hair pulled and a few black eyes!

  17. aaaand she got a whole new group of people she hates! folks from Long Island! Wow her perception of everyone is just as nasty as she is!

    More insults toward Suzy, and more delusions that Paul reads her shit... looks like she's gotten a bit overmedicated herself on the looney pills!

    Speaking of which, someone should inform Suzy of this as there have been intances where she is trash-talking her behind her back and the troll has denied it, but now there's proof of it. Albeit hidden on that little stupid livejournal of hers. Suzy wanted to know for sure and now there it is.

    This contradicts a lot of other things she's claimed before!

    For one she claimed she got Beatles puzzles from a fan club kit, then Tiger Beat now it's a nephew!

    There's so many twists and turns in her fiction stories she passes off as real.

    But her Beatles fiction of how long she's been a fan isn't the only stuff she makes up!

    Seems like she tried a hoodoo thing herself and failed LMAO! And cfergoid should tell the troll to get professional help!

    And here comes the know-it-all who knows nothing jumping right in with her opinion that nobody asked for!

    Case in point of how she oozes stupidity

    Walliebaby had to correct her what is obvious to everyone else!

  19. My goodness, I just got pointed here from an email. I didn't realize that Misery was (in)famous on both sides of the pond now! Sadly, you are encouraging her. She thrives on attention, even if it only feeds her persecution complex.

    To correct a few misconceptions, she is not 300 pounds. Some of her erstwhile friends are 300+ pounds (I think one is well over 400). She's maybe five-foot-three and I don't see how she could be a pound over 200. But being short, fat and 50+ years old she's got nothing to attract anyone even if she had a personality.

    The funny part is that she's playing a very dangerous game and seems to be too dim to realize it. Michigan has a shall-issue system for concealed pistol permits, and as she makes local enemies she gets more enemies who go around armed. This really limits her possibilities for pumping up her ego by confronting people. (Maybe this is why she's trolling Beatles boards now, because it's safer to have enemies who are a long ways away? What a coward.)

    And yes, she never talked about Beatles anything until she was thrown out of the Dirk Benedict fan club. The McCartney obsession is a replacement. It'll always be some celebrity fixation because she has a void where her soul should be and she's always looking for something to fill it... and failing. She is the apotheosis of fail.

  20. This blog was put here as a personal ground for me and some other comrades to voice our own ordeal and abuse we're suffering at the hands of this troll. I'm well aware she's been emailing people everywhere after finding this blog and she's desperately trying to get it deleted while she is able to carry on with her trolling and attacks. Repeated attacks, mind you. So while I did share my link with some trusted sources and allowed my link to be shared to other related blogs, I didn't set out to give her any attention or feed her sick need for it. I hope we're clear on that.

    Others have tried to even get in touch with Tracy who's a friend of Dirk because of a screencapture they got that mentioned Dirk, and some personal info on him. They just want to send the thing. Dirk seems like a very private guy. My guess only.

    As for the weight thing. Someone from our board was at the Macca concert last summer in Detroit and saw her there at some public establishment. The description was of a hideous 300 lbs woman wearing a big kiddie hat and apparently likes to flaunt her saggy breasts. It was a sight that could induce vomiting. Their words. She was also loud, obnoxious and butted in on other people's conversations. And just like she is online, apparently she butts in and interrupts people with her know-it-all rubbish and shows she knows nothing. Least of all, good manners!

  21. Believe me, her height listed on okcupid is probably accurate.  Five foot nothing.  Even 200 pounds is enough to be a butterball at that height.

  22. Re: Misery. No one likes someone with a temper, a bad attitude, and no brains. Misery has a temper of a temper-tantrum-throwing spoilt teen who thinks she's entitled to everything. Her attitude is horrendous. Her intelligence and learning levels are well below average. She still can't even use image tags despite how simple thay are and how many times it's been explained to her.