Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mental Misery Mirrors her own Multiple Personality Disorder

Latest psycho post on the catkick livejournal was another sickly cankerous thing to witness. Apparently now she's attempting to not only accuse me of not being a Beatles or Paul fan, but now she's claiming I'm someone named wacky, of what I'm guessing is her lame school-bully unimaginative insult of the name nacky. So now she's seeing me as this person she's been so focused on for almost a decade now that all began with the troll being banned from a cruise and then from the site where the cruise subject was being discussed.

Be that as it may, the insane troll still has no clue of reality. She's been sending out private messages to everyone she can think of and still trying to wage a war with everyone who she sees as a single entity ! That's pretty fucked up.

So let's do this, and I'll be using information I already have on this, so people can check out my blog and decide for themselves how crazy catkick is. For more info see this person's blog:

1. Catkick just proves with her continuous barrage of attacks that she loves to provoke people (namely the person she stalks) and creates blog after blog, post after post on sites she has been allowed to troll on. All the time, everyday. So naturally people do notice this, now she's bitching that people compare notes among themselves. Any advice to her to STFU of course will always fall on dead ears, she simply wants to cause trouble.

2. Catkick just proved she reads anything and everything that I post, that Deanna posts, and anything that her victim she refers to as wacky posts. Catkick also follows people around the net to find them even when they do everything to avoid her.

3. The only people that have been contacted (as far as I personally know) were webmasters to REPORT the libel and slanderous ugly off topic posts that Catkick makes on all their sites because catkick wants to CREATE TROUBLE! Nobody can blame those parties of doing that when catkick is STILL trying to get her own personal army. So far nobody is doing her bidding, thus her perpetual attacks. Aww nobody's listening to her demands. LoL

4. The mods of MPL certainly know catkick's type, so her useless rants on that are already defeated. Seems to me, from what I gather about the troll and her claims that mods and admins get harassed if they don't do someone's bidding is an exact mirror reflection of her own deeds. Dirk Benedict Central stands as one witness, and her threatening and harassing of them.

5. Catkick was caught asking for hackers to help her destroy and dos some sites she doesn't like because they banned her. Namely the PID forum. Catkick still pathetically denies it along with her denial of any wrong-doing. Also in several posts on a forum called MaccasFunHouse, she admited to using proxies and doing shit to PID members and had done it in the past. Hmmm. So she can't trace emails of her victims now? That's what she's really pissing herself about.

6. Deanna, the lady I'm talking with on a more regular basis has already seen catkick's insane, and I mean INSANE blog posts about her and all her friends, she doesn't need any further proof that catkick is the sociopathic, psychotic stalker and deranged obsessed fanatic. I wonder how Deanna would feel knowing that she's been stalked ever since her friends and the rest of those people in PID were bombarded with harassing posts about them and the vitriol that continues to this day from catkick! I'll bet Deanna had a lot to say about catkick and the NERVE catkick has trying to suggest that another victim of catkick's stalking is some bad person. Not to mention that all those PID folks have seen for themselves all the gloating catkick has done over getting their forum taken offline. What a psycho, indeed.

7. Catkick is so psychotic she can't even see what she does is wrong and seems to be completely blind to her past actions and the long line of people who already know all about her, her lies and her mind-games are proof enough, along with the mountain of proof catkick herself makes known with her endless rants and cruel lies and cruelty. Catkick is in such a state of denial and many people believe, rightly so, that she needs some extreme professional help. But everyone doubts she'll ever seek therapy.

As far as calling someone "Wacky" well, that's just catkick's perception of someone who I am beginning to feel even more sorry for because there's this insane person on livejournal calling itself catkick who's still going to stalk and pursue her target seemingly forever. Well catkick will eventually either end up in the padded room with a self-hugging blazer or she'll end up as a cellmate with Big Bertha.

Apparently catkick also loves to wet herself with her schoolyard bullying in with her schoolgirl porn fantasies. Catkick is a what we'd call a Fail Troll. Fail Trolls always try to provoke their targets with gross sexual innuendoes.

Now I know my blog really upsets her, it almost makes up for the trolling she does on our Beatles sites.

To see the evidence of the crazy, please see the link below;

Just wanted to show people the proof of this crazy bitch who literally contradicts herself, bitches about being stalked while actually showing she is a stalker and a sick one at that.


  1. Thanks for this blog, EL! It's good that we're exposing this sleaze! Her whole thing about wetting is just fucking creepy. Of course she sits and thinks about nacky all the time and last year she kept posting about nack's private parts. There were a barrage of posts that were nothing but about nacky's privates. Very sick stuff. The Perverted Psycho Stalker.

  2. What I find equally disturbing is her total lack of decency. The way she lies like she breathes. Over on MPL she was griping (as she always does) about some radio contest. Because the contest was held in other cities besides Detroit, she went on and on about that. My God. She doesn't even live in Detroit she lives in her rich broad high society neighborhood, spending all her money on Paul stuff. To sit next to her Dirk stuff, no doubt. You know most people have hobbies that don't involve being obsessed with a celebrity or musician. Anyhoo the point I was making is that if she lived in some odd city and they had the same radio contest for just major cities, you can imagine the bitching and gripping that would occur there ! People have noticed that she thinks because she lives near Detroit that she is somehow better than people who live elsewhere. Her remarks about whole entire races of people are sick and shows what a bigot she is. She truly is the very snobby rich broad she bashes others of being.

  3. I know this crazy bitch! She is a fucking raving little troll who thinks everyone stalks her. If people are going to stalk someone it sure wouldn't be her! But she's worse than what is described here, she will literally spread vicious lies about anyone! She is relentless in her cruelty and she'll label innocent people of really horrible things like being a pedophile. The police know she's a stark raving lunatic though. She will sit and perpetrate some of the most vicious and cruel lies and accusations you could think of. She tried to ruin so many people's lives and get them in trouble because they refused her and rebuked her.
    Now she goes around claiming everyone else has ruined her life. Well looks like Karma is finally beginning to let her have her own shit handed back at her! I too hope she ends up locked away. The relief everyone would feel would resound like a wave of peace that this world has been missing. With evil bitch like Kathryn in this world, it doesn't need anymore. -Linda

  4. OK I read all of that shit kathryn/Misery posted and omg she is fucking crazy. She gives crazy the bad name, a worse name in fact!

    Like what kinda drugs is she on? She must like showing her ass and that list she made of the you are a stalker because- and then she lists all this stuff that has nothing to do with stalking except on her part and it's just all about her and her rage, just bitching about how people's "percieve" of her and then goes into some ridiculous drama llama stuff. If people see her as crazy and rightfully so, that's not stalking and I can rip all her bloated stalker list apart because I know she uses proxies and spoofs emails. Then denies she sent them, even when she used her own email to send another insulting creepy stalkerish emails against a friend of mine. Didn;t she stalk some forum about Paul and kept reporting every tiny thing they posted? Her list is astoundingly disgusting and hypocritical in its own gruesome regurgitation.

    She posts equally insane shit on facebook too. "how cute, you think I care? Stop and think how I feel?" you see? If she doesn't care about how her trolling effects people or posting insults to people then why the fuck should they care how she feels about anything? Where does she get off thinking she's the big center of the universe?

    That bitch really does believe she is entitled and acts every bit of the bigot snob she has always been! The problem is her. People's view of her is justified because of her sick behavior. Maybe she should stop to think about how she acts to people but she never does because she thinks she never does anything wrong or hateful or immature or vindictive or evil and the truth is, she is ALL of those things! She's also a sociopath this side of the solar system. Kathery is one sick motherfucker.

  5. Yes she stalked our PID forum for a couple of years and looked for anything she could report. Very obsessed in her quest to destroy our forum and anyone knows that if you get reported enough, they finally do something to shut her the fuck up. But we are working with sources and may get our forum back. We just aren't going to jump when she starts harassing their abuse team.

    Yeah that list of hers is one insane glob of misery! Psycho Stalker thinks anyone who doesn't see her as some wonderful just spectacular shining superstar, must mean you are a stalker! How... insane. If you have a perception of her as being a filthy troll and a crazy ass bitch because she actually shows that's what she is, well then according to the crazy bitch, you're a stalker. Everyone to her is a stalker but nobody stalks her. They just won't let her get away with her sick twisted shit anymore. The police are watching her, but they're not stalkers. The miserable filthy pathetic bitch.

    Here's her logic in a nutshell.

    Oh MY God! You must bow down to me now and think how special I am to you and the rest of the world and if you do not, I'm going to call you a STALKER! Yes I will call everyone that!
    I'm gonna call you a dumb bitch and stupid and stuPID and use every little insult I have in my lame troll bag but I will make sure to play the victim to everyone else and show you how I can be a psycho-sociopath and how well I can play my violin of misery!

    In case you hadn't noticed, stalker is her favorite word. In the dictionary, her picture should be right next to the word; as a stalker who uses the word a million times a day. Every day. Living and eating the words "my stalker" as she tries to be in the lives of people she stalks by deluding herself that they would want anything to do with her. What I see are people who just don't want to even be mentioned by that ugly maggot wrinkle.

  6. What I find equally hilarious is that she makes her little list claiming all this shit which any layman can see are just her projections, claiming her lame list of things as "proof". Proof of what? In the first couple of sentences she mentions blogs but doesn't link them, doesn't back any of her so-called "proof" up while you guys have went to task to not only provide substantial *proof* of her stalking and harassment (and trolling) she has shown NONE! All that was, was a bunch of bitching and projecting.

    The fact is, she knows she's stalking and trolling, and that so many people have been exposed to her shit that they've done what English Lass and others have done, stood up and be heard, let their voices be heard about this mentally ill troll who plagues the net. Offering exact copies and links and even saved emails of the harassment and stalking they've endured, while "catkick" just blathers on and offers absolutely NO proof of a damned thing.

    If all your blogs are proof, why didn't she link them? Why didn't she show them? Is she afraid people will compare and see her deeds by witnesses of the people she's always flaming? What she afraid of? Why wasn't the link to this blog shown as "proof"? It is because she wants those people who just go there to read the porn not see any of this because then they'd see all her twisted lies and contradictions with exact links pointing her lies out. That's why!! She sure had no problem showing links to her criminal hacker buddy's links that constantly threatened you guys with hack attacks and insulted Nacky every which way he could. A hacker buddy that she wrangled from Hak5 with her own requests to him via PM and emails. Catkick had no problem showing THOSE links, which were removed by Google and police intervention and the hacker being tracked and all his conversations with the creepy catkick on record. What she offers as "proof" would be laughed out of court. If anything it proves her opposition right.

    Funny she should talk about the harassment of webmasters. First it was Tracy, then Spidey, then countless others, she's even blasted Alan who as I understand it, is with the webmaster of MPL.

  7. I should post this as my next entry but I'm responding to the recent comments because I want everyone to see how the troll for what it/she really is. First I'm not Nacky and I'm not Deanna, nope, all totally different people so catkick's claims that there's just one person who creates blog after blog is just as delusional as her delusions are that Paul McCartney is gonna marry her. i.e. INSANE ! So let's pick her so-called "proof" apart.

    Well she seems to not even take stock of all the blogs she's created one right after the other (MySpace, livejournal, to name some) that are nothing but creepy stalker-ish content and name-calling and her perceptions of everyone else. She seems to totally ignore the fact that she's actually referring to herself when talking shit about someone creating all these blogs she seems to know about (stalker) when she googles things looking for them. I know for a fact I never advertised this link anywhere, I believe Deanna when she says her link is only available on her OWN stuff and likewise didn't advertise her blog anywhere, so how did "Psycho Stalker Catkick" find our blogs? Hmmm. Does she sit and google certain words when she isn't trolling? Yep.

    And if she even dares to claim that all her blogs (blogs of death threats and burning people alive) was everyone else stalking her, I offer a letter I didn't think I'd get a response but I did, I actually did some research and found some Dirk Benedict and Battle Star Galactica moderators to ask some questions to. Because I like to put all the cards on the table, so here's what one of those people had to say:

    "Thank you for your letter,

    I do remember her (she was once in every single board and group on the subject of Dirk Benedict) I personally own and operated a few BSG groups and had one along with a Dirk Benedict one on myspace before myspace took out the groups feature and added some spammy looking alternative. Which I didn't like and will not deal with. I remember her popping up over and over again with her profiles with all those damned nasty blogs and some that would make your skin crawl, I mean she was effing NASTY!
    Nobody had to go looking for her so to answer your question of how they always knew about her blogs... Simple, she would keep getting in my members' faces by re-joining my BSG group after I had banned her previous aliases and they'd see her posting with a brand new profile and she'd get reported for the death threat content and then reappear with a new profile with more death threats and claims of casting spells and describing how her spells were being cast by legions of other witches on her side. Yea we would get some good laughs from that crazy bucket of sad troll, but nobody went looking for her. But she would make sure they'd see her there. She knew her victims were there on my BSG group so she made use of that as a way to announce every one of her incarnations. She'd go off on tangents about astrology and that her sign was going to be triumphant when Dirk got around to kicking all our asses. Which never happened btw but we were ready and waiting for Dirk to come and kick our asses! LOL!

    She'd been banned from Dirk Benedict's official URL, I know that much. She's a sad pathetic stalker who cannot connect to reality. She lives in a state of total delusiona. She has no life. Her life consists of trying to destroy people who've seen her for what she is. That's what I know but you might want to talk to Dirk's webmaster/webmistress, they could tell you far more than myself."

    And another note I had received was from a fellow Macca fan who was approached to report my blog account LOL! Of course this person will not do that and imformed me that was grateful for my blog. Little Misfit Misery isn't as popular as she thinks she is!

  8. Also for more info check out, the following are all victims accounts of the same stalker;

    And some other sites worth checking out;,2933,468704,00.html

  9. Right now, the troll is posting more trollish and provoking members at MPL. Saying some crap about tempers and vegans and all that and wow I just have to say that she's the LAST one to talk about tempers. Everyday she seems ready to start in with hurling ALL CAPS insults at people and her signatures are always negatively charged with such an attitude that all we can do is run and hide. Duck and cover when we see her on the site. & this is everyday folks. We never get any relief from Kathryn O and her nasty comments & her blasting at some phantom people that nobody is allowed to hear their side of anything. Kathryn O is a complete control freak full of temper tantrums and a really vicious temper. I hope they ban her, but they've got more money to make off obsessed fans like her so probably not until they've gotten enough.

  10. More made up drama. People ignoring the troll.

    Hmm, those "lowlifes" as she labels and name-calls them aren't the problem. It's her mentally ill perception of them. ;) But anyway you see the trolling. It's always a 'I'm so wonderful, and I'm gonna trash and bash other people because that's just how special and wonderful I am' it's like she's got herself convinced that she's God's gift to the planet. Bitch. Please.

  11. Hey EL, the crazy one has some more spew. Now she's saying that my blog (or your blog) or whatever doesn't "upset" her! Funny that she keeps posting flaming screaming hissy fits about them though. She's also going off about re-using words so she's obviously talking about herself or just her perception of thing lol. Then she claims she knows who we are! The bitch really has no clue.

  12. Yeah cuz she says your blogs don't upset her but she's going to post about them anyway with the same old 'hey dumb bitch' 'hey you cunt' 'hey person with no life' and it's always the same bitch posts over and over. She's ignored on LJ. What else can we do? But if she really had a life, why is she still trolling and peeking into your stuff? Why does she keep following you?

  13. Is that her latest pissing ? Seems she spends a lot of time stalking me now since she showed up here and I did log her IP on my IP Tracker today ! Clicking into here twice today already !

    Well if she knows who I am, she had better not contact me on MPL because I will report her ass to the mods ! And I've been there way longer than her pathetic ass. They're waiting to ban her and we're all just bidding our time until she's outta our midst !

  14. Her creepy statement about knowing who you are is pretty damned stalkerish. Does she drive by people's houses and shadow them too?

  15. Well I think the crazy troll is in Detroit or some small township in the vicinity and she'd have a very hard time drinving across the Atlantic ocean to find E.L. so I'd say she's shit outta luck for driving by the house of the blog owner.

  16. Well she looked and sought out people's blogs so she could stalk them and then turn around and slander them on other blogs and forums so she obviously doesn't get how unstable she is and why does she keep removing her own blogs? Well she knows she can't back up her psychotic delusions and for the record she repeats herself everywhere with the same stupid comment about Dhani everywhere so it's hilarious she accuses others of this though I have not actually seen anyone else repeat themselves like she does. If she thinks she's a success in the Paul forum, she's got a rude awakening.


  17. According to her boast that a blog doesn't upset her, and apparently she was talking about some other blog called MaccaMinx, she sure reported it because it upset her so much that she had to make sure it was destroyed! She's been rabid foaming at the mouth.

    It must have had truth in it for her to want it taken down so badly. The truth hurts, don't it? I noticed she didn't mention the name MaccaMinx until after she made sure it was down. She's such a coward. Why didn't any of us get to see what was there? Why wasn't the name mentioned before? Anyway I did a google search and found some of the stuff on there and saved it. I'll be trying to get in touch with that blog's owner and suggest another safer place (like livejournal) to host it. And by the way Deanna told me something that confirms the depth of Mental Misery's hypocracy! Deanna's friend Tina got their PID forum back and found that Kathryn O had reported them for a copyright violation! The bitch doesn't own any copyrights to *any* Beatles or Paul photos! And speaking of copyrights, maybe we can report her for *all* the copyright violations she uses in her livejournal that are exact pages from Beatles books? What a hypocrite she is! She does evil, turns around and tries to pin in on others. Does the violations and turns around and reports others for anything that she can manipulate abuse teams into thinking. Someone should SOPA her ass off the internet!

  18. As a fellow member, I actually took two minutes out of my time to look into her catkick thing
    and wow, what a crazy troll. She actually believes in her own self-entitled title that all of maybe
    five people voted in some silly online poll! Her actions are NOT that of someone cosmically conscience
    nor fascinating. I guess those who find her such are that starved for any kind of entertainment.
    Kathryn needs to realize that her shit does stink and she's a troll.
    More people hate her presence there than those who tolerate her. The pity votes count for nothing
    and since she only uses that stupid thing for attacks rather than put it in her signature,
    I have come to the conclusion that she harangued people to vote for her the way politicians do
    on the campaign trail!
    That ridiculous poll doesn't prove a thing and she's still a troll.
    She's been taking cheap shots at Nancy and family members. No surprise there.

  19. THANK YOU English Lass! Your are so right! But she is a misery so she'll never STFU!

  20. Ugh! Well I guess some of us are migrating to other sites that are Kathryn free because I know I stopped taking the crap about a year ago. The thing about that poll is ridiculous in that she takes that as some kind of validation when she wouldn't have won whatever title at all had the timing been fair and let others vote.
    It's like they created a monster now that they can't contain!
    But had the poll been fair and given enough time for everyone to vote the one who would have won both those categories she's boasting like an asshoat about would have been one of the mods who uses the name Spock. That's who should have won and he's IMO the one who really did win. In that silly unimportant little poll.
    She acts like she won the goddamn Nobel prize! What an immature grand-stander. She never stops riding her high horse.

  21. Can I add to this?
    Um no. If the bitch has a problem with Barbie dolls that's HER PROBLEM! Actually I've seen the worst attitudes in old fat middle-aged broads whose faces look like someone dropped an ugly bomb on them! They're the worst!
    It's so tedious- she says she stands up for herself, I beg to differ, the only thing she does is constantly bring others down and talks about other people. She shows her mentality as low and tiresome. she's as interesting as shit trying talk from a toilet bowl.
    She really has a problem with pretty women who take care of themselves! She really has a fucking problem with anyone who isn't as hideous as she is! I can't wait for the rude awakening she's sure to get when she realizes she isn't all that important or well-liked by Paul or many of his site's regulars.
    Didn't she say that her John poster was in a locker at school? Now it's a grandmother who stole it not a school teacher?! See the story must change to fit her agenda here. Which is to lie and make shit up.

    -posting this comment anonymously as I don't want her to come after me on the Paul forum since she found your blog and all.

  22. Yeah it's hilarious she thinks I "claim" to be a huge Beatles fan. I don't have to claim a thing. Not my style. We all know the truth. I don't even have to post about it and make up frivilous stories like she's still doing, desperately trying to convince everyone of her lies and historical Beatles events she has no idea what she's talking about. We are well aware of the whole Dirk Benedict thing and where she had been before. Kathryn O is an intruder. A stalker. Big Troll on the internet.

    Seems like I was right after all.

  23. Oooh let me try and have a stab at her and ridiculous post on catkick.

    You all MUST realize !REALIZE NOW! this you little peons, that I AM SOO special that I WON a poll on a THREAD in the PAUL McCARTNEY forum! That's a BIG forum with LOTS of people who ALL voted for ME! They ALL LOVE ME! I am the most IMPORTANT THING ON THEIR FORUM - YOU HEAR ME!??!!
    I have also been named in other sites as a MEMBER of a VERY IMPORTANT glob of people calling themselves SLASHERS! That is more important than anything you can IMAGINE in CYBERSPACE! I am also always TALKING ABOUT PAUL McCARTNEY online and offline ALL THE TIME! That makes ME so much BETTER than all of you! So go screw yourself and realize, no, not just REALIZE but THINK ABOUT how IMPORTANT I AM! And when I say go screw yourself you MUST feel CRUSHED and UNIMPORTANT as I tell the world how insignificant you are! (Nevermind that I'm giving you all my attention with my indignant outbursts) I'm going to POST THIS DIRECLY AT YOU and SPEND ALL MY TIME PISSING MYSELF about YOUR DISBELIEF in MY greatness! I am GREAT! I won an online poll that a handful of people voted in! I won that! I pestered some people until they voted for ME! Proof that I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU!

    How's that? Do you know she actually posted something like "I got tears in my eyes, I'm on stage accepting this award" like she was winning an oscar? My God. All it is to her is a nasty vindictive win to do what she's doing now. The poll didn't change anything, she's not marrying Paul, she's still a hideous troll and she's still seen as a pathetic fangirl.

  24. Psycho Stalker has deluded herself so much that she thinks you're not a "real" member of the MPL forum, when you've been there looooong before her stalker ass showed up! You're more of a real member IMHO than she'll ever be!

  25. I am a friend of Nacky's and she's being stalked by this horrible wretched excuse of a human being. I posted your link several weeks ago when one of my readers stumbled on it, but your blog sure made people's day and Nacky wanted to thank you. Even though she hasn't seen it until about a week ago. The whole group has been in pretty good spirits knowing that there are other people who know what Misery is, what that pathetic lowlife has done and is. Too bad she's still on the internet, but her little reign of terror days are numbered.

    This same pathetic psychotic woman was banned from Nacky's group for making threats towards members after a cruise which nobody, including Nacky, had nothing to do with. After that Misery followed Nacky to every group and site she could find and continued to harass her and her friends. Misery also not only sent numerous death threats directly to Nacky and her family, she would post about how her and Tracy (a friend to Dirk Benedict) would die on several public blogs. Very sick.

    Just a note, Misery will also copy anything you say about her and try to turn it around on you. She was caught lying and slandering Dirk and she still blames everyone else for her own sick behaviour. Misery is a stalker and a very sick, sick woman.

  26. catkick aka Misery isn't pathetic...she's delusional, evil and sick, psychotic, not to mention ugly on the outside and inside. She's always reading my LJ and tried to taunt me into responding to her insane posts on her disgusting LJ. Not falling for her taunts. I'm just ignoring her. Which the psycho troll can't stand. Talking with some people at LJ who think she's completely and utterly insane. Has anyone ever noticed she doesn't post a photo of herself on her LJ? Claims to be beautiful. One look at the photo will tell anyone she IS ugly! I feel sorry for those folks who know her in real life. More an more people are becoming aware that she is a stalker. Hope they lock up her soon and ban her from ever using the internet again.

  27. Also goes under the user name of kitty9tales, alienated is another alias that she used at digital spy and was banned from there.
    Where does she come up with those lame ass names?
    This link shows what the troll really looks like.
    (that's a public site and anyone can see it on the internet)
    And yes, there's the "my stalker" BS yet again posted there.

  28. So she would be delighted to cause "accidents" and then claims some stalker bullshit? Her very statments tell me and any other unbiased person that she is the stalker! What a stalker-ish thing to say! Accidents? Oh really? Goddamn it's a good thing she doesn't know where people live!

    She'd probably mail body parts to some underground black market. She probably eats human flesh if she finds dead bodies.

  29. She probably eats human flesh if she finds dead bodies.

    I doubt that she has, but I'm sure that she would.  How do I know?  She said so directly to me, with the implication that it was still on her bucket list!  This was several years ago so she may have added that bit of ghoulish depravity to her list of sins, but she has probably not had the opportunity.

    That was the point when I became completely certain that everything she said was out of Bizarro World.  I said to myself "I bet she is really stalking her `stalker'"... and sure enough, I was right.