Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Troll of Trolls Has Been Spouting Shit Again !

Well now I'm being stalked. There's no surprise there as I checked my own statcounter here and got a flood of that crazy psycho mental misery's IP showing up on multiple visits to my blog here. I knew she'd eventually find it though. So I hear from my friends from the livejournal comms and see that she's posted another flaming bunch of vitriol at me now ! LoL ! She's sending private messages on MPL and following links right to here. On MPL, yep, they're pretty much ignoring her. No, they won't obsessively report blogs for the troll. Why would they when she's already screamed so much about being censored? But the little troll is a hypocrite when it comes to the rest of everyone else following a set of rules and she feels entitled to break them and entitled to everything because she thinks she's just so special.

Funny that she thinks I'm no Beatles fan just because I won't bash the people who populate the PID forums she's stalking too. Funny that she doesn't realize I've been a long time member of MPL and other sites long before her "hairy armpit" ass showed up. Yeah you fellas remember her armpit hair thread that got removed when she first barged in with that ugly image ? EEK !

Anyways, yeah now I'm being targeted by the troll directly. I really need to start getting the rest of the stuff posted that we've saved from conversations about her trolling on these sites. Her claims what her "mother" says is a laugh riot. Oh yeah because she posted it on the internets, must be fact... NOT !

The whole "my mother said--I said" is fuckin' hilarious!* I mean I point out how that troll contradicts herself, changes her story and posts such stupidity that people know she's lying and she calls "me" stupid ? LoL wow, hey psycho bitch, please do have a mental meltdown because you know you've been called on your shit ! Go fuck a broken coke bottle.

Meanwhile I've been a Beatles fan a lot longer than the TROLL kathryn O ( long before her 2009 revelation that she could find another celeb and fanbase that knew nothing of her past deeds or history of threats and trolling and all the shit she's done prior ) and unlike our troll, I don't need to defend my admiration of four guys in a band called The Beatles. While she desperately tries to spin in every post she can mention it. Notice that?

Her story of how "long" she's been a fan also keeps changing. I can direct people to, at least, 5 different posts on MPL that she claims to have been a Beatles fan for 25 years, then there's the 30 years claim, now she's got it at 39 years! All within a six month period ! While I believe her brain is acid soaked and she's definitely got some crack pipe smoking going on there, there's no way in hell that bitch has been any kind of a long term fan of anything other than of being a psycho, a stalker and a complete lying sack of shit. She can't even get her lies straight and in the very little I've shown here of just the tip of the iceberg, she's dug herself so deep and can't answer to anything I've presented here because then, you see, she'd have to admit that she was kicked out of that other guy's celebrity fan site and found Paul McCartney's to be fresh new ground to inject her poison into.

If there's any fact I can't stand, it would be that she is manipulating people and trolling for sympathy she does not deserve because she's a big fat liar who makes shit up all the time. To see her do to this fanbase what she's done to others in the past.

While I presented facts and exact links to show her lies and inconsistencies, all she can do is troll on and show herself to be a damned fool. To refute something I have shown here and backed up with proof, with some claim that "my momma said and my friends said" is so pathetic and lame that it just gets a small chuckle from me. Well Mental Misery Psycho Stalker and whatever else you've proven to be, with all these friends and your mother making all these statements, where are they ? Who is this mystery friend I'm supposed to be harassing ? Everytime troll's name even comes up in any conversation between me and any number of people who are sick and tired of her shit, I don't recall anyone being harassed by me but they all sure have much to say about her harassment of them. Matter of fact I don't even bring up the subject outta the blue to anyone. All the time it's a pretty mutual conversation whenever the subject crops up.

The police and her posts she claims proves her innocent, another laugh riot. According to her own "story", she says nothing about the server being in jolly old England. Not once, and just shows a post to some policeman on her computer. Did he question her about the time-stamps? Erm, no. That was nowhere in her little story. Now suddenly it is? Yeah yeah keep stuttering, you ain't fooling anybody.

*Wait a minute. Heh heh heh, didn't she say that she got McCartney tickets from some "yuppies" back in '93 and that she went with someone she didn't like ? You know THAT version of the story ? Well, now it's changed yet again!!! Surprise surprise, it was the MOTHER that actually bought the tickets ! Next week it'll be Bigfoot who wanted her to see Paul in concert so she prayed to the forest urchins for a sign and the next thing ya know - Bigfoot came and left her some tickets and the mother and yuppies or hipsters or whatever have been disgarded like yesterday's news. LMAO! Guess we all know who the stupid one is, don't we?


  1. And not only all of that that you said, but she just imagines herself into all her little delusions about things and what people are doing and who they are that she gets 100% of everything WRONG! I myself have been a Beatles fan as well, so have my friends at PID and we do thank you and thank God that not everyone is so violent against anyone wanting to look into the PID theory and the stuff that surrounds that.

    And while you're looking in your IP tracker, notice that a lot of those referring links are straight from the MPL site via private messages. On my IP visitor list I see her in there and the entering and exiting pages she's looking at and usually the referring links are from Google searches she does just LOOKING for anything being said about her! The snooping stalker.

    I have a bookmarked link for a password tester if you need one though. I use it to test my passwords on my blogs and on my livejournal, my facebook, everything. I have the same password for several things because it's a safe password that no one can guess, but I still test my stuff to make sure I'm at a good fair level.

  2. One of the main reasons I haven't been able to post everything I have of her trolling just in the MPL and BL boards, is because I'm always out and usually making some long trips to New York and back. I get jet-lagged and I always choose sleep over dealing with that troll anyway so I'm taking my time. I am saving everything though because I do realize she asks hackers to do shit. A couple other people have noted the DoS attacks that apparently are looped and computer generated so I do know nobody's safe as long as she's able to access any computer, so I am taking every precaution as you and others have advised.

    Yeah and please do give me the link for your password strength tester. I could use that.

  3. Hey EL, for the link to my favorite pw tester, go to here:

    Look for the link under the 'Pasword Tester' and while you're at it you can guess that Psycho Stalker has put more insane on the net, more crazy on the net, now she thinks you're my friend from the Dirk site, the dumb insane bitch now thinks you're nacky! Does she even stop to think before she just piles out the shit? I guess she has no idea how blogs work. No she just posts crazy. All she can do is post crazy and butcher the English language with her grade school bad spelling and bad grammar.

  4. Oh really?

    I'll check it out, and post another entry here about her crazy ugly ass.

  5. Thanks for the tester! That will come in handy!