Friday, February 24, 2012

The Stella Bashing is Never-Ending

...It will be a factor until the troll is gone, but for now we all must endure it! This stems from her "childhood trauma" no doubt of rich broad barbie doll Catholic nuns and everyone else who are just so mean to even say anything they feel because it might insult the Great Queenie Kathryn O who thinks the world should already fall to their knees and swear total belief of all the shit she spits out online. Obviously this Mental Misery of a Troll wants to dominate and censor everyone on the planet and will destroy any thread, or site that she disagrees with when they speak the truth. Great Queenie Dictator Kathryn strikes again!!!

Here is another example of the TROLL doing what she does best; TROLLING!
Not only has she eternally went on and on about some remark Stella McCartney made, but she lands in on any thread or mention of Stella and bashes her relentlessly! Here she's repeating herself for the millionth time suggesting that Stella is on drugs. Saying that she's knows better! WTF? So now she's an authority on Stella's life not to mention that she's even written insulting stories about her and even having the audacity to suggest her own father would side in with TROLL like Kathryn O against his own daughter! What a psycho, what a narcissist, what a TROLL!

And before they have to remove the thread because that's the troll's design; to be a troublemaker and get any thread that mentions Stella deleted, I'm saving a few replies from it to show that not everyone is falling for the troll's "act" of being a geniune Beatles fan or even the ridiculous abuse stories she's always changing around from site to site. Kathryn is a stalker who happens to be obsessing after Paul (and dead Beatles members) now that her last obsession with some guy named Dirk Benedict got her nowhere despite the money she spent to stalk him, following him to conventions and cruises.

Reply #1
No, actually, it's not. She did a line for H&M (twice). She did a line for Gap Kids (twice). Her Adidas line is very affordable. But she is also a high-end designer, which you have to be in order to build a reputation in fashion.

Reply #2
Don't set her off about Stella, it's best to ignore her on this (i usually do, but this time is my one exception then i won't look at the thread again). Any thread on stella she'll post in, if she hates her that much then why read a thread about her? (Other than to have an opportunity to slag stella off that is. This all spans from the time that stella personally insulted her, to her face! Isn't that right KO? Must be, otherwise you wouldn't hate her so! No hang on, she said a line in an interview about being veggie that you disagreed with, that was it, i mean stella should move to siberia and live in exile how can she live with herself!


  1. Kathryn O is such a fucking delusional idiot!!!! She claims she didn't start shit on the Stella and that's EXACTLY what she did! She turned it nasty with her insinuations of Stella being on drugs. We all know she was reaching for that and anyone can go back and read that it was, indeed, Kathryn O the Troll who got nasty! But of course she points the blame to someone else and tries to skirt and divert it onto someone else like the manipulative master of sociopathy she is.
    Why can't she see her own shittyness? Why is she so blind to how she treats people? That is what a sociopath is btw.
    The problem isn't Stella. It's just Kathryn O's perception of her and Kathryn O's perception of Stella is a really fucked up one at that! Kathryn O is the epitome of bitterness and insecurity that I've ever seen! But she has no empathy for others and yet demands everyone just feed into her stories of abuse from anyone Catholic to fashion designers with famous fathers!
    Yup everyone's just out to get her.

  2. "blechhhhhhh"
    When are the admins and moderators at (maccaboard)Paul McCartney's forum going to realize that there's a troll amongst their midst?
    It's very clear that she(the ugly nasty psychotic troll)started the nastiness herself.
    She doth who protesteth too much?? ;)LOL
    I could have posted the comment with my blog name, but, I didn't want to do that.
    Misery follows me around the net wherever I am.
    She IS the stalker and not the other way around. >:(

  3. If you want to know why the troll is enabled to continue to poison the place, you need look no further than to Alan. He will also ax people who aren't posting everyday just to keep the trolls, just because they live at that forum ! Alan is also her spy for her from some of the evidence I've seen elsewhere.

    People have guessed that his main goal is money, and he's certainly accomplishing that! The troll has deep pockets and he chose his target well. Damned be the rest of us.

  4. What was the pw tester that you guys used to make sure the stalker troll didn't fuck with your blog?

  5. There are lots of them, but like so many other people who hate flashy spam ads all over the place, I just use this one:

    You can generate your own passwords, or just test your existing one. Whichever you wanna do. It don't matter. It's a really old site too. Been around forever.

  6. Yeah that's a good one! I used it to test my password on livejournal and some other places. One of my passwords registered as "fair" which is better than not even showing up as nominal. But livejournal isn't really going to be easy for Psycho Stalker to crack anyway.

  7. OK thanks guys! I saved the link :)

  8. The only trolls on here are you fuckwits!!!

    1. Nice one, Troll. So how much money did Kathryn O offer you to act stupid here? Or are you just doing this shit for her for free? You're pretty thick, she offered money to people of a hacker site to tear down DBC and other sites and you're doing her dirty for her for free!

  9. Kathryn O would post her swear words and then talk include some obscene reference to a body part like "twats" in her insane ranting rages on LJ.
    I have known crazy and terrible (ugly) people online like her, but she really takes the prize for the vilest troll.

    And those stories she tells on the forum that we all know are just made up just so she can throw kind of insult at some unknown entity out there.
    You see, some time ago she claimed she was in the "in crowd" with Trekkies before knowing about the Beatles. There are all kinds of 180s in her recent claims, but who cares since we all know she's lying anyway.

    She also goes on and on about PETA and nudity, is offended by PETA using this one nude ad and then keeps wanting to see nude pics of Nancy & Paul McCartney so her hypocracy is astounding. She got offended over PETA using the term "Rich Bitch" while we've seen her overuse the term "Rich Broad" and uses the term "bitch" and "cunt" in all her LJ posts. Yeah she's a flamin' troll who has some severe mental problems.

  10. I can guarentee nobody wants to be her, nobody wants to be around her, they like their peace & quiet so much and their own lives to want to be bothered by the likes of her crazy ass, and they only see her as a threat because she keeps on HARASSING everybody relentlessly!! Oh and for the record; she sure hates A LOT of people and does nothing but hate! Everyone she posts about others, she could be looking in a mirror and pointing her nastiness at herself! But she keeps deluting herself that she's just so great and wonderful and everyone else must be bashed that doesn't see her greatness and she'll bash you endlessly if you don't buy all her lies and bow down to her!
    She claims she has all these "haters" but never stops to think why people hate her and being around her. She has hated everyone from the victims (she refers to as "stalker" to random people who just won't be manipulated by her sociopathic personality) but she'll spend all of her life thinking about and obsessing about everyone and talking about them ALL THE TIME! So I finally decided to say something. Glad that I'm not alone in my assement of that loathesome kathryn troll.

    Did she ever mention Paul or Beatles anything during her Dirk obsession years?

    1. Did she ever mention Paul or Beatles anything during her Dirk obsession years?

      Never heard her mention Beatles once.  It was all Dirk Benedict, all the time.

  11. To the troll who posted here with these stats:

    Number of Entries: 9
    Entry Page Time: 28 Feb 2012 06:51:46
    Visit Length: 8 mins 55 secs
    Browser: Chrome 17.0
    OS: Win7
    Resolution: 1366x768 Total Visits:1
    Location: Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, United Kingdom

    IP Address: Talktalk >>>>><<<<<<

    Trolls are people who make comments to other people's personal blogs for a reaction (usually a negative reaction) so in fact YOU are the troll. Are you trolling for the mega troll kathryn o or are you just trolling because you don't like the facts posted here? People have a right to talk about their own thing and nobody here brings this up on the sites where the psycho stalker troll a/k/a kathryn o who is all about I I I/me me me has trolled relentlessly.

    So in fact you're trolling in the name of trolling and like KO, you've failed to make any intelligent posts, you've failed to look like some great wonderful saviour of poor little sociopaths everywhere who claim abuse and alienation but you have succeeded in looking like an idiot. Go ahead and show us more of your stupidity, I'll even make some entries about your desperate attempts to help someone you don't even know! You don't even know the half of it but have seemed to buy into her garbage hook-line-sinker. Congradulations on being a stupid fuckwit added to that!

    Oh and I know she's talked you into posting on this blog. She won't stop trying to fuck with people. Here's an idea fuckwit, why don't you go back to licking her fat hairy ass and stop posting here? Oh and stop helping her stalk people. She does a fine job of stalking people all by herself!

    1. Trolls are people who make comments to other people's personal blogs for a reaction (usually a negative reaction) so much for a negative reaction fuckwit!!

      If you must know, I was passing through, I dont know who this person is you hate, I feel sorry for people who show as much hate towards others as you schizos do to this person, your all sick!!

      You might not know this, you have broken the law by publishing my ip address.

    2. Hey idiot. If you really were just "passing through" as you claim, why did you not even bother to look up the hateful shit the she-troll posts everywhere else? Oh didn't think of that, just decided to take a very biased view of everything and show your ass here.

      BTW, it is very legal to post someone's IP especially in an instance like this where you are clearly harassing people here (hmm must take pointers from old Psycho Kathryn herself).

      FTR: An IP address isn't private information and the stats the blog owner have on this blog could easily be made public, so again you're not only a stupid fuckwit, your scare tactics fail too. Miserably. Think before you post and try to read up on IP publication! You wanted to show your ass here, now you can DEAL WITH IT! Most certainly the blog owner can show any IP of anyone posting to their own site. Go away little loser, you think you can hide behind your monitor and harass people like the troll does? Little coward, your ass just got handed to you! Your days of harassing people from behind your monitor and being all anonymous are over! Welcome to reality.

      And learn how to spell while you're at it! You stupid trolling fuckwit. Leave us the fuck alone because that bitch certainly won't!

      Check out my newest post. I think maybe you need to read it.

  12. Her latest crazy rant on LJ sure says it all about her! Who doesn't she hate on all the time? She's so full of hate herself but doesn't see that. She must really see people as a threat, she must really hate herself and she certainly wants to be anyone but kathryn O! Because KO is just too miserable and a lowlife and all she's got going for her is her persecution act and her self-absorbed narcissistic personality. Oh and she bullies people, like whoever Big Fudge is.

  13. She's the same troll who'd been on our group back after the Dirk cruise. She wants to use OTHER PEOPLE'S sites as her pity-party and when we banned her, she came at us with all the vile shit she could threaten out. She kept on showing why it was necessary to ban her and then our admin had to finally involve the police and get a restrining order against her. I'm one of the members and because I'm Jewish she also attacked me and some others of my religion and has since persecuted so many people that we've lost track.

  14. To answer some questions here from commentors, if I may since English Lass probably won't know these details and hasn't been exposed to "Misery" as long as we have.

    Her obsession with Dirk was very stalker like, she'd rattle off stories about knowing him personally and stating that Dirk and her had a relationship. Never one word was true. And no, she never once mentioned anything about Paul McCartney or the Beatles. She only got into that when her Dirk days were over and she needed another famous guy to stalk.

    Big Fudge is Fudgegoddess, and she is not "big Fudge" that is just a nasty name catkicker calls her, and fudgegoddess is the former admin of the group:
    She left admin powers to others who were more able to deal with the situation at hand and have done a fine job btw.
    Please note the new rules that had to be put in place were thanks to Kathryn. The group was also once a public group and now it's hidden from public view, again this is all due to Kathryn. The MOWFO group are the people she's atacking in her vile posts on LJ and facebook and wherever else she can get some idiot to feel sorry for her.

    The troll who posted its comment here, is obviously another one whose been taken in by her lies and poor-me act.

    Kathryn is psychotically delusional and really can't be helped as she's too far gone. I browsed through her crap on the macca forum you all are dealing with her on and it's so sick how she can sit there and claim that she can move on and go about her life and then turns around and keeps attacking everyone on the planet that doesn't want anything to do with her.

  15. So which is the reason why she hates all of us? What is her psychotic problem with all her hatred? I know she hates Tina and all the members of PID because she wants to be us, I know she wants to be Tina and she wants to be me. She wants to be anyone but her. When seeing her picture on her kitty9tales okcupid profile, I can't blame anyone for NOT wanting to be... *that*... it was so gross and hideous and the psycho writing in that profile was eye-opening to just how psycho she really is!

    She's so pissed that she can't drain people's life energy from them anymore and now she has nowhere to keep sucking up people's lives. Except for on that MPL forum because nobody is even touching her shit at LJ. They know she's crazy.

  16. Oh and I need to add this.

    She was caught recently in lies pertaining to cursing someone then tried to deny it. From what I see she keeps showing she had her "motives" for cursing people and doesn't even hide her hatred of them, that she wanted something bad to happen to someone, and when it did, she gloated about it on her LJ, and I saw instances where she talked about her curses always working and named someone in a curse as target Kimba. Is this the fudge goddess?

    She has also cursed folks of MFH (macca fun house) and although I don't associate with them, and don't want to, I did see some of her posts that gloated about cursing one of the members there that had some heart problems. I thought that was so mean and uncalled for and the whole thing was over the fact they banned her because they were sick and tired of her lies. She bitched and griped about them for like two months straight, and hates them so much that she took credit for "causing" that member's heart attack or whatever happened there. Then she went back to bitching about their views of her crazy FBI/Satanist tall tales and something about eye make-up. Who the fuck knows? But case in point, yeah she goes all psycho crazy with her witchy crap and curses and when caught red handed she tries to weasel out of it like the coward of fail that she is.

    And for the record, nobody at PID Miss Him ever wished ill on anyone at MFH and certainly would not condone the action that bring on a heart attack of someone even if it was a member from MFH that posted crap about us.

    1. I saw instances where she talked about her curses always working and named someone in a curse as target Kimba. Is this the fudge goddess?

      Got it in one.  That hate-on is probably jealousy; Kimba has a job, a husband and a family, all things K. is never, ever going to have.

  17. I'm a member of the LJ community she trolls now and then and I wanted to reply to her recent post but figured I'd be stalked too but I wanted to say this to her shit

    "Sure looks like you gotta bunch hate there yourself catkick! You claim others hate you but all your posts about them are so incredibly hateful and has been as long as you've had the journal that I can't sympathize with you at all! You use terms like losers, cunts, mofos, stalkers, dumn blondes and twats and all this spouting shit you do and all I can see is that you must really hate yourself or you wanna be (with) the people who you know shun you. - And looking at your posts, it's really no wonder people shun you."

    Anyway that's what I would have posted at her latest diatribe but figured I'd be safer to just post it here. Thanks for this blog. It comes in quite handy. Yes we are sick of her shit at LJ, so you're not alone.

  18. You guys, the bitch actually STOLE that stuff from Chris's facebook and is using it to further persecute and abuse Kimba with, and whoever else she hates. So she can't even insult someone without stealing someone else's content.

  19. Wish LJ would close her disgusting journal. >:(
    She steals from others... *sigh* what else is new?
    She *the ugly psychotic troll* is a thief, liar, harasser and STALKER and THE PLAGUE of the internet.
    And no, her name isn't Karen either, she posts under a fake name at Facebook.
    Doesn't have the guts to post her real name and if she's so beautiful as she claims to be, why doesn't she post a photo of herself? *rolls eyes*
    She knows deep down she's ugly and psychotic and just doesn't have the guts to admit it. COWARD.

  20. After all the shit she's caused over Stella's remark in some interview and her whole tantrum about how hippies are called dippy and her whole "Hippies are MY people" drama, she goes and says this:

    So the whole Stella bashing thing was just to get attention as we all suspected!!