Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Coward Troll gets other to do her Dirty Work for her !

Looks like Kathryn O has roped some idiot who apparently knows nothing about her, into doing her own trolling for her ! Check this, we're getting posts by this person (with an IP that is a dynamic IP; meaning he or she is using a proxy and is a very public IP) and posting shit talking stupidity to my blog ! I guess she really got another stupid idiot to do her bidding for her and we know this is the case because anyone just passing by, wouldn't be trying to make such a case for Kathryn the Troll.

No. We are not fooled. I know she is very much behind this. It's a shame this new little idiot she's got all believing that we're such horrible people hasn't even once considered the obvious: being asked to post shit for someone over the internet makes you look like a complete fucktard. This new idiot can white knight all he or she wants but in the end, the idiot is nothing but someone that Kathryn can use because Kathryn knows full well about IP address. Oh yes. You see, I've done my homework. She's been caught in so many online shenanigans and nefarious activities that she knows if she comes in here, we can post her IP right along with her stupid posts. So what does she do? Why she cries off to some fool who is too dumb to realize this and gets someone who's ready and willing to troll for her. Thus getting someone to do her dirty work so she doesn't get caught. Instead, someone else does and looks even more like the stupid ass-sucker when it tries to claim it was "just passing through" ! Bitch please. You're a bad liar and like Kathryn, you probably live with your mother, can't get a job and drive your mother's car claiming you own it. FFS.

I know from other sources that she tried desperately to get other people to post shit to my blog. They ignored her and moved on. Them smart people, must really suck that Katrhyn can't get everyone sucked into her game. But there's always that one idiot with the brain brightness of one watt. Dim, and clueless as Kathryn herself. I've also found out so many other things about Kathryn that she would shit herself that I know these facts. She has spent so much time and so much of her life harassing people and trying to force everyone to bow down to her, and those who wouldn't have been targeted, maligned, even threatened to the point of having to call the police ! But Kathryn continues in her mad quest to make everyone who has seen through her take the brunt end of her abuse on a daily basis because she simply will not stop. Her insane quest consists of making everyone like or love her and those who won't are to be fed to the lions. Or as far as her power goes; harassed, threatened and maligned relentlessly on and offline.

Her history of this shit goes back years. She stalked a guy (Dirk Benedict) to a cruise ship and then when she was tossed off for whatever she did to freak people out there, she went on this years long troll binge where she followed people to different sites, sent numerous harassing and crazy emails and snail mail to Dirk's staff and other people associated with his website. And has caused so much grief for many, many people. She even tried to get people to send mail to Dirk with THEIR own names and street addresses after she had been blocked from Dirk's mailbox by his postmaster. Sound familiar, little asswipe who wants to be showing up here ? Maybe you can help her harass other people too ? Maybe you can make all her evil deeds disappear with your great undying love and heroism ? Or maybe you'll just end up like the rest of the people who've tried to help her and realized she's fucking insane. Even people who didn't even have a dog in the race ! This bitch has made it her LIFE to go after anyone saying a damned thing about her constant slander of them and when they've taken measures to stop her; like blocking and banning her, her rage got even worse !

But the idiot troll helping her out now doesn't even wanna know any of this and probably doesn't care because he or she is gonna "save" poor little Kathryn from the big bad world and be a hero ! Right. Don't confuse the idiot with reality or facts, that would cause its little delusion to come crashing down. This is what makes this person even more pathetic. How can someone of any scrap of intelligence not even think; Gee this person wants me to post for her on a public site, I wonder why she won't do it herself? Could she be a coward and just wants ME to take the rap for HER own shit?

Of course Kathryn is telling this new idiot all kinds of lies and trying to mislead them into all the pits she can. It won't bother her any, she's got herself a new fuckwit who has been completely blinded. To be misguided into whatever KO can do to escape detection herself. But this as I understand isn't the first time she's gotten someone to do her dirty work for her. Oh the long post this would be if I put it all here what I have found.

What the trolls don't get is; White Knighting refers to the fucktarded online defense of attention whores, "Artists", or douchebags, all under the pretense of supposed compassion for some sort of benefit. Generally, this action occurs on websites like DeviantArt, Stickam, YouTube, and other places which foster self-proclaimed Internet Celebrities, who are protected by people that seek some sort of benefit in return- be it secondhand popularity, sex, or just attention. This invariably results in making the defended look even dumber, making the defender look pitiful, and making the entire situation one big clusterfuck of fail/lulz

Now let's get to the ever stupid, lame ass, unintelligent claims made by the new ass-licker of KO about breaking the law by publishing IP addresses, shall we ?

First, posting someone's IP is legal. Especially a public IP which this idiot is using. Posting your IP when you troll is called you getting your ass handed to you, you dumb fuck.

Second, I hope you try to sue me, because you'll be paying my lawyer too when you lose in court. I'm ready for you, you dumb fuck. Though living with your mother is going to damper your plans of finding a good lawyer though. Ask KO about that. Nobody will take you seriously when you tell them how you helped some online stranger to fuck with people and you got what you asked for. Or in KO's case, where she fucked with people and they banned her and then had the police visit her front door and issued warnings after banning didn't get rid of her. Yeah lawyers are dying to help out a crazy delusional online troll who thinks she's a witch with supernatural powers like her, I'll bet.

And finally, when you take it upon yourself to post to any public site, your IP is visible, and my IP counter that I have installed in this blog and all my blogs, does indeed come with a function that if I choose, I can make every post here display the IP address of all the people coming here. They don't even have to post, I can see all visiting/lurking IPs. How's that for ya? That function is available to me if I choose to use it. I just have it set where only I can view the IP list. But since I can opt for public display and the hosting site for IP Tracking that I have here, I'm certainly within my right to do whatever the fuck I want with any IP coming here. You can go back to eating the shit you're being fed by KO; a notorious online troll and stalker whose mission in life is to ruin everyone else's lives because her life is just so miserable and she isn't happy unless she has gotten everyone stirred up.

I bet you and KO have had yourself quite a conversation about all the shit you're stirring up on here. My advice to you; get out while you can. You have no idea what she is. None at all.


  1. Kudos for telling this new idiotic troll off! ;)
    Misery is far beyond stupid not to mention brainless, ugly, psychotic and evil.
    Posting public IP's is NOT illegal.
    I'm sure glad I'm not Misery.
    I'm also blond and very, very smart and have blue eyes. ;)
    Misery has shit colored brown hair and shit colored brown eyes and is UGLY "blechhhhh"

  2. FYI all the members including the administrators and moderators at the Hak5 forum know for a fact that is was Misery herself who posted the post about trying get help hacking site and NOT anybody else.
    They've got the IP on file including the email address when the account was created, they KNOW it was her.
    Misery keeps on denying it. The PSYCHO UGLY TROLL

  3. Where has dumb Misery gone
    Long time passing
    Where has dumb Misery gone
    Long time ago
    Where has dumb Misery gone
    Gone off trolling everyone
    When will she ever learn
    When will she e-e-ver learn

    1. Where has troll Misery gone
      Long time passing
      Where has troll Misery gone
      Long time ago
      Where has troll Misery gone
      Gone off stalking everyone
      When will she ever learn
      When will she e-e-ver learn

      Where will stalker Kathryn go
      Long time passing
      Where will stalker Kathryn go
      Long time ago
      Where will stalker Kathryn go
      Off to jail, we can hope
      No she will never learn
      No she will ne-e-ver learn!

  4. Been thinking about doing a ban list, much like this guy has:

    Because KO the Troll is definitely guilty of so many high crimes and misdemeamors... for instance;

    Some people will just stun you with the outrageous foolishness of their comments; those who seem to say nothing but stupid things get the axe.

    Making comments intended only to disrupt a thread and incite flames and confusion.

    Making self-congratulary comments intended only to give an impression of your importance or intelligence.

    We've established she's a stupid trolling wanking psychopath.

    1. We've established she's a stupid trolling wanking psychopath.

      Come now, you're being far too kind.  You forgot to add hypocrite (as in a "vegetarian" who eats meat when she's out with "those friends") and stalker.  If you don't put those in, she might think you're sucking up to her.

  5. LOL looking at the site linked in your post, the Attention Whore tactics fit Kathryn to a Tee!

    Attention Whore Tactics

    In order to obtain their necessary daily dosage of attention, Attention Whores will employ a variety of tactics. Common examples include:

    Turning an internet wide joke into a serious business protest because of minimal mention from media sources.

    Telling outrageous, usually untruthful stories about things which they claim happened to them. These stories may include incidents in which they were almost raped, most times by a close family member or friend; claiming that they have been (or are being) stalked; claiming that they were shot in the spleen, et cetera.

    Claiming to be bisexual.

    Posting poetry which alludes to their "dark and mysterious" past.

    Claiming they're 90 pounds, when [irl] they're obese.

    Posting song lyrics meant to describe their "no one understands me!" emotional states.

    Cutting or occasionally half-heartedly attempting suicide.

    Deleting their LiveJournals, only to return 48 hours later. (In KO's case, just deleting most of her insane ranting)

    Shameless self promotion.

    Wearing makeup and very little or very slutty clothing. (In KO's case just wearing unflattering clothes and won't put a bra on for godssakes!)

    Saying, "I dEaLzS dRuGz" at every opportunity.

    Claims they are a Big Deal constantly.

    Repeating popular/funny quotes from popular shows, CONSTANTLY.

    Starting "flame wars" with their troll socks. (In KO's case, just starting flame wars with everyone and using socks to claim they are mafia people like the imaginary Charlie G)

    Constantly reminiscing SUCH CRAZY TYMES and real BAMF moments with their fellow attention whore friends..while in a group of strangers.

    During a conversation with an attention whore you will notice they use more sexual innuendos then "The Todd" from Scrubs says in a whole season.

    secretly have a disproval for Black kids their age and, consider them to be uneducated and, ignorant. (believe me it's true)

    Will Hate anyone who Reveals Them For what they are.

    Will try to do anything as long as it's the result of them being in the center of attention.

  6. I so wanted to post to her stupid catkick blog, I wanted to say; 'funny the only stalking loser I see here is you'... but that would have made her fat ass fall out of her crunched couch and caused a slight earthquake and there's no need to rattle innocent people like the neighbours.

  7. She never misses an opportunity to project does she?

  8. Yeah and she wonders why people hate her. Of course she's deluted herself that people hate her because she thinks people wanna be her. What a loser. No, people hate her because she's a nasty bitch who makes people repulsed by her.

    People just want her to go the fuck away and never darken their doorways again.

    But that hope is in vain. So we'll have to keep on our toes and keep documenting. In spite of her minions like Alan and whoever enjoys kissing her ass to prove they are "loyal friends". WTF evah.

  9. And here she takes another opportunity to blast folks in the PID forum. Those PID folks must really have her figured out because she's still trying to convince people she's so innocent and of course she had to throw in the subject of herself which does more to convince people she's really a horrid little troll than otherwise.

    Then she goes on to claim she's "refuted" all PID facts. Um, she copied everything people at some MFH forum have said. She has no original thought or research of her own. She just copies other people's ideas, stories, and whatever else she can and claims it as her own.

    Of course, while she sure keeps BITCHING about people posting stuff about her that isn't true but she sure loves to post incredibly nasty, and as many other people add, completely untrue shit about a PID moderator... she keeps posting shit about so many other people. She even admits it's about someone she hates and that someone happens to be the same moderator that banned her ass !
    She put the link to her LJ in here:
    And if you follow the link, in the comments there she admits she's taking swipes at that person. Then she bitches when she's called out and people hand her ass back at her! Fucking psycho narcissist.

    Back to her trolling of the Beatles sites. Of course we're supposed to automatically believe that she just -KNOWS- all these "mean fashion models" and calls them nasty names that just show how catty, mean, and what a judgemental "broad" she is! Wow. It's like she becomes such a monsterous entity of demon possession and fire and brimstone then accuses someone of the very thing she's trying to scorch the earth about !

    She doesn't know any models and doesn't know there are some really beautiful women in that line of work who are absolute gems! Her hatred is so apparent. She must really loathe people who have souls, and minds and (LOL) looks! Three strikes against them in her book !

    Then she makes this statement that gay men in the fashion industry have caused all the "world's" eating disorders! Holy shit is she on some kind of crack cocaine?
    That's like saying all the black people in Africa are resonsible for AIDS. She really is a goddamn sick troll! >:(

  10. And just to add, what people say about her is true. The troll just claims all that stuff isn;t true. Funny but Dirk Benedict could pick her right out of a line up and her name is notorious so yeah, they (all of whomever) did post the truth. *

  11. It's hilarous that she's now posting more "my stalker" crap on her facebook. Everyone who's been exposed to her for a long enough time can tell she's completely obsessed and definitely spends ALL her time thinking about those imaginary "stalkers" but she goes and posts that she wishes they'd take some advice and stop letting her rent space in their heads!
    We know she'll never stop stalking and obsessing over the groups of individuals she keeps looking to harass in any way she can via message boards and the amount of time she keeps investing in spewing on and on and the life she's dedicating to being the center of attention with constant bitching sessions, and trying to build herself her little army of fuck-nuggets but it's hilarious that she thinks people (other than your occasional call out posts on her shit and behaviour) are spending their lives thinking about her!
    She just admited she does spend all her time thinking about "stalkers" (erm, wow) and coming up with ways to keep the harassment going and to top that off she just called herself a NEGATIVE and TOXIC person in her latest stab at Chris O!

    Well little miserable psycho K-O, those people you've spent years attacking in the Dirk site, none of them give a shit about you or read your crap because you can't invade their sites or emails anymore. Not without police being called on your ass. Must suck huh? So you don't need to give them advice of kicking you out of their heads. You don't rent space in their heads, got it? Or the PID heads or anyone's heads. That's the reality. People just call you out on your continued shit because obviously you are the negative and toxic asshole that keeps the shit stirred.

    Finally thank you English Lass for putting up with all you have. I feel for you. Greetings from MN.

  12. She just made a case FOR PID with that hateful post of hers. People know she lies and wants to destroy the evidence of where people can see that what PID say about her is indeed true. Otherwise she wouldn't have have used her last whiny attempt to report their forum. She also tried to destroy (via some Canadian troll named Betty) a Xena group where they kept her posts about the Dirk cruise (thanks to Deb's friend who shared that info on the secret places) and oy! She's still trolling BL!!! Last time she was causing trouble in there she was claiming all Catholics have no moral compass and that they should all be burned alive at the stake. While whining about witch hunts. Warped and twisted. She's like a fucked up nightmare that you are induced to throw up at.

  13. Kathery O aka Karen Nesbit is def. a veru negative & toxic troll. She even keeps posting nasty comments to people all over the place and calls them stalkers. That's negative and toxic. What an attention whore. Who happens to be a stalker calling people what she is! She's a running joke online. Who can really take her seriously when she's just so self-evidently a psycho case?

  14. Kooky OCrazy aka Misery (as we call her) And what she calls herself... kitty9tales aka alienated aka catkick and whatever totally idiotic and royally stupid name she calls herself, makes trolls look good. Calling her a troll is well, insulting a troll. She is THE STALKER, THE PLAGUE of the internet and if she were to actually post her picture online in her psychotic LJ the computer monitor would crack she's that UGLY. Her personality if you can call it that, reflects what she is truly is... UGLY, EVIL, PSYCHOTIC, STALKER, LIAR, THIEF...
    Did I leave anything out? ;)

  15. she keeps on and on about "stalker" this and
    "stalker" that. Meaning she gets banned and she automatically pulls
    that card out as if someone else will take the fall for her behavior
    and she's saved from being banned because, you know, it just wasn't
    her own fault that she's a nasty lying psycho. Also proves she's STILL
    hung up about Nacky & Tracy & Dirk or maybe even Bibbi & Diane & Shay
    & everyone else on the planet.. you know all those people she claims
    are stalking her!

    Misery's M.O. is 'ZOMG! I got banned! It must be MY STALKER who got me BANNED! ZOMG I gots to tell everyone that I got a stalker and then I'll be un-banned and allowed to keep stalking, er, posting crap about other people on the internets!'

  16. She thinks ALL people in the PID forum believe that John Lennon is still alive! So she only stalked the people and doesn't bother to read what different people are saying on the subject (unless it's about her) and apparently loves to make blanket statements according to what only a few people believe. She's gotta try to trash all of the people in PID forums because she thinks she's talking to John Lennon's ghost and getting advice from him. Oh let's not forget she's posted on the forum that she also talks to Paul's ghost!

  17. Now she's telling people how to spell and still gets it wrong, and she's claiming that some people call her a unicorn. WTF?

  18. Every vegan she knows is a drug addict! Really now? Or is it just that she loves to trash people? The latter!

    And this is someone who still has a job?

    Further: Dirk Benedict is a macrobiotic and he's definitely NOT a heroin addict!
    It's just Misery maligning people again. As always. She's a negative and toxic person.

  19. The troll just keeps maligning others and thinks to herself that nothing could possibly be wrong with her, when the fact is she is the problem and there is something horribly wrong with her. But she wants to tell herself that everyone else is a drug addict or whatever so she doesn't have to face the fact that she's the drug addict who is mentally ill. Very mentally ill.

  20. See she still can't get a grip and keep her stories straight. She told everyone in the Macca boards that she only knows vegans who eat candy, bread and drink beer and soda all the time. Now they're all on heroin ! Next thing you know they'll all be hiding in her walls stalking her while she pounds her computer screen screaming for the attention of another celebrity man in his late years.