Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Troll Still Trolling, Bashing, Being Mentally Deranged

Abuse abuse abuse! She can't see how she is the one dishing it out!

Did I not say she was a TROLL!?? That what you see there folks is a big ass filthy, horrid, cruel, obviously mentally sick TROLL!


  1. Wow she just finds SO much fault with *everyone* on the planet and fails miserably to look at her own abuse and bullying and obvious mental sickness!

  2. On her LJ, she's still making stalker-ish comments and lying out her putrid ass. Oh and making fun of Kimba's hair! Isn't THAT bullying? Damn right it is! How can she claim she never wished harm or uttered curses at Kimba? It's so obvious! And she didn't "walk away", she was banned because she wouldn't STOP! and she still harasses people everyday and there's NO sign she'll ever stop and walk away. Even when it's clear that nobody wants that toxic dump around them anymore!

  3. Re: that dumber than shit lj of hers. Abby on NCIS wears pigtails, and no one seems to think that is a problem. :)

    Even funnier, someone who never shaves any of her body hair, and often wears inappropriate clothing is claiming to be creeped out by 'others' hair? LOL! Does she not have any idea how many people are grossed and creeped out by her?

    As for this "badgering and bullying" her at night after people left so they wouldn't see it, that was done for her benefit. Since said person was talking to her about complaints said person had gotten about her from other members, so thought she would prefer it be done in private. If it had been done it in front of everyone, she'd be screaming about that. Notice she tries to make someone else sound like a bully, and fails to mention these talks were based on complaints that had been lodged against her. Typical Kathryn tactics.

    LOL! I wonder who she is talking to when she says "I know what you mean about pigtails" ? The ghost of Paul? George? John? Pink elephants?

  4. What I'd like to know is what is a "badgnering" as she claimed she was "badgnered"

  5. Has Misery THE PLAGUE of the internet ever looked in a mirror? Nope.
    Heard what people said who've seen her in real life... "blechhh" I'd need brain bleach to wipe that image from my mind. Her hair looks like the color of shit and is very stringy and limp and she's creeped out by someone wearing pigtails?
    Bet you that person washes their hair and it's an attractive color.
    The troll was banned from Mofo. She didn't walk away.
    Seen photos of her too and an actual photo of her in real life. UGLY and the clothes she wears...DISGUSTING
    If she's so good looking as she claims (Misery) how come she never posts a photo of herself?
    Do I hear the word hypocrite? ;)
    People are grossed out by her, a lot of people.
    She's the liar and can't stand it that more and more people know THE TRUTH that she IS THE STALKER and it's not the other way around.