Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Troll's Obvious Delusional Claims

Here she is glorifying sluts and whores. Until next time when she wants to bash someone by calling them a slut or whore, that is. Then claims of writing an article for some magazine she claims is a "Major Detroit Magazine" and we can only guess what her game or lie is there.

And go down further, she claims to be an attractive female and being in the "sex industry" herself - WTFF??? I didn't know working as a clerk in some store qualified as being in the sex industry. Is she prostituting herself on the street corner at night? I guess she can't afford her drug habits with a clerk's wages.

WTF is with her felony-mail fantasy world she lives in? Oh she's just looking for another way to slip in more of her toxic poison again. Note that nobody she accuses day and night of her own shit is in jail for anything so that's just little psycho troll Kathryn O still living in her little delusional world again. I've been told that Jim O is an alter ego of Kathryn O.

But from what I've read elsewhere; I know KO is guilty of mail fraud which makes her posts about it even more entertaining / mock-material. There were people who wouldn't allow her to use their names and addresses who've been relentlessly flamed online and harassed by her when she couldn't get her way to have them mail Dirk for her. So she used fake aliases and addresses to slip past the ban on her. That was deliberate tampering with the U.S. mail. That is a federal offense. And if Dirk wants to he can have her arrested and that would NOT be the only thing they'd have on her either! Then she tried to attack the owner of the forum when she couldn't get her way.

Oh and that is a repeated pattern. KO attacks all admins of every forum she doesn't get her way on and is banned from so many that people have lost count.


  1. Considering how ugly Detroit hookers are, she'd blend in but she is online and therefore too busy stalking and harassing people to be going out on the town.

    It just doesn't occur to her that she's the one who followed my friends around the internet (Nacky being one of my many friends) and I witnessed her storming the ABBA sites on Yahoo, and she'd even post names like Jim O and the link of some Michigan group and she put it in people's faces. But she'll leave the whole story out of it and invent her own twisted spin to evade reality and hopes people won't see through her lies and through to her psycho self which is her real self.

    Oh and we got bashed for being ABBA fans by her and her troll Betty. Yeah well we are who we are and we certainly told her and her psycho ass to get the fuck out and stay away! We don't need that poison around us. We certainly don't need people's approval to love ABBA! And we're not about to become mindless sheep to have that nasty stalker in Detroit's approval! God forbid.

    Misery (the thing you guys are now dealing with) is a stalker and she did do those things you mentioned: federal mail fraud. Maybe Dirk will do something and we can ALL be free at last!

  2. There is some truth of Jim O. He was a prominent member of Detroit's BDSM scene. He did not like her and his wife hates her and because of that stupid bitch, she left the scene when her husband died. Jim frequented the sci-fi cons.....the BDSM, Sci-fi and the Pagans groups fucking can't stand her. Feeling better I have a gun to protect myself and passed my CPL. Come after me Bitch like you always threatened to. Heard a rumour that her tires on her car blew up after leaving some sci-fi con last Jan. Seems like a warning perhaps.

  3. You wanna know what is so delusional? She's under the name misfittoy at the BeatleLinks forum (the owner of this blog is also a long time member there) but this recent CRAP here:

    Just shows what a TROLL she really is! I'm sure she uses her "I'm being stalked" in every forum she joins so she can freely troll and badmouth anyone without any consequences but she is so insane because no "stalker and her friends" are complaining about her posts! No, long term members there are complaining and I should know because I am one of them! I have been there for so long and have never seen a troll like her and I've seen trolls but Misfit takes the prize as most horrid little troll! I can't believe that she just called some valid long term members stalkers when she's the one who blasted into our forum and started her shit!

  4. I see she claims that ONLY her imaginary stalkers and such are the only ones complaining about her posts. Wow. She really does live in a helluva make believe world, don't she? I wonder if she tried claiming it was the boogyman or gremlins before settling on her exhausted use of her two favorite words "my stalker" well there are plenty of people who say she's stalking them and chances are they're right!

    Let's take this another step farther, why is she so vain and arrogant to think anyone would want to stalk her??? She is very ugly in words and deeds and I took a glimpse of that okcupid account she has up and it all does sound just like her and the photo with it does show a very hideous looking woman. Going through some Detroit convention sites that are public I even noticed some other pics of what looked like her and some very scary shots of a fat puggy faced big-forheaded woman with LOTS of armpit hair and I threw up. Really folks I threw up but I made it to the toilet in time. So why would anyone even stalk that thing? It's just not possible. Even a homeless guy with herpes and deformities that would put the elephant man to shame would not be desperate enough to touch that vile woman!

    Greetings from Utah! ;)

  5. Jim O didn't like her...what else is new?
    His wife hates her...so do a lot of people
    Frankly a lot are disgusted/repulsed by her "blechhhh"
    And again with the "my stalker" crap. *rolls eyes*
    Kooky OCrazy committed mail fraud and no one else.
    Attractive female? Sex industry?
    She thinks she's attractive in that sick, perverted, delusional, psychotic brain of hers...if you can it a brain... "blechhhhh"
    No man in his right mind would touch her
    Seen photos of her in real life "blechhhhh" *throws up*
    I really feel sorry for the people that know Misery in real life...
    Wish Dirk would arrest her...he's got a lot of grounds to do so...a lot...
    Some people have been saying that the police are now investigating her...
    Hope they finally lock up this PLAGUE of the internet and throw away the key!

    1. addendum:
      Meant to say have Dirk have her arrested...
      Oh and she's also committed email fraud too...
      All the members including the admins and moderators at the Hak5 forum know for a FACT that Misery herself tried to get a hacker to hack boards...
      No has ever pretended to be her...

    2. addition to the above comment:
      And I meant "no one has ever pretended to be her (Misery aka KookyOCrazy aka kitty9tales aka alienated, catkick and other dumb ass names she calls herself)
      No one in their right mind would do so!
      And how many times do you bet that she reads this blog?
      Many, many times I bet.
      Those folks at MOFO too can have her arrested...
      They sure have grounds to do so...

  6. She does keep trolling the BL forum and people are complaining because she is a troll - like we've all been saying !
    Now she's claiming she just "standing up for herself" and where in the fuck did the fashion industry do a thing to her ?? When did anyone do anything to her that she didn't bring on herself ? She throws in posts that all derail any topics and turns topics into her drama and all about her!!! It's sick. Who cares about her hatred of people with pink hair? Last time I looked, people with pink hair don't need her permission or approval and she really does reveal what a nasty little harpy she is. But there she is, posting about pink-haired demons and calling people douches for what they "did to HER" my gaaawwwdd! What about what she does to people and the human race at large ? Yeah what about THAT ???

  7. Pink haired demons and douches? Sounds like she's trippin' on her skanky armpit hair and self-induced drama again!


    Really? Reallllly??? Sounds like a whole lotta people gotta stand up for themselves everyday while she's still not in prison or the looney bin from whence she came.

  8. In one of those links, she says she is "standing up for herself" in one of those threads. Geee I didn't know any thread on there was particularly about her. Oh she made it be about her because of how she views the fashion industry. So in order to stand up for oneself, you gotta hijack threads, spew on and on about what crackheads they are, insult a bunch of people that nobody even knows, claim you're being stalked and then go on to slap the moderators down who asked that the negativety be dropped. So THAT'S *her* interpretation of standing up for oneself !?!

    God I'd hate to see her version of just outright attacking someone because she just doesn't like their hair or something.