Thursday, March 15, 2012

Troll doesn't even have the GUTS to post my link but keeps stalking me! The coward!

The Psycho Troll is doing nose candy again!

How does someone that pointedly proves she got no life accuse others of that? How does gloating about something she has no idea about show she's got a life?

How does posting a link to some generic page that all pages say when something's been taken away from her grasp prove she's now "having a life"? What? KO is so full of her own delusional make-believe world that I have to really wonder if she's really not locked up in some looney bin and she somehow sneaks onto the internet when the staff isn't looking.

Her rants against "Fudgie" are not even coherent and she's definitely been in the crank again!

And in case people haven't noticed, she makes a direct attack against MY blog here! Oh but fails to link it of course. Can't have people seeing that! Because she is an obscurer of truth. She'll bitch about it and stalk me and attack me and my fellows here, but she won't link it so people can see what she really is and take notes and make comparisons and have anyone else's take on her ugliness on the internet. No she'll sweep all that under the rug and claim everyone is stalking her. Because that's how liars and trolls operate. That's how psychopathic/sociopathic she is.

So while I'm here, while living my life and certainly not giving her all my time like she would like to think she's taking all of, I'll post the recent sightings of her trolling. It's the least I could do and it only took me a few moments to see her ugly trolling and comment on it in the safety (which is now being stalked by KO) of my own blog which really bothers her.

Known for "dancing"?
Suuuuure. Oh but about her claims that she's a cripple on BL?

She even takes her imaginary friend out to places! People see her talking to herself a lot.

Blog of bigotry? That would be anything KO is posting on LJ or wherever else she gets a chance to spew.

Let's see... hmm who isn't someone she targets and harasses? Nope, can't think of anyone. Oh but she puts herself above everyone else on the planet and claims she's God's gift to mankind or something like that.


  1. For everyone's information: Misery is being investigated. The other place is in a very safe area where she can't have access to it. At the owner's request. Misery keeps showing what a delusional crazy bi-polar bitch she is, you know how she loves to project. She's spent years harassing just about everyone and it will be her that's going back into the abyss.

    And for everyone else's information, the only reason she keeps stalking Nacky and attacking her is because Misery herself posted the forum's link for everyone in MOWFO to destroy, but instead because they are normal people and wanted to investigate, they found that Misery is the real stalker and Misery - the Stalker, got enraged and stayed that way but she's the one who brought all this on herself. Not only by stalking Nacky & Dirk Benedict & his webmistress Tracy and all of the people in Dirk's sites, but then by trying to get an uninvolved group of people in Michigan to try to take anyone down that Misery herself had and is still stalking.

    When they would not destroy anyone for her and "white knight" for her, she started cursing them. Pretty much from then on. It was only recently that the majority caught on to Misery's miserable psycho shit. MOWFO is now free of her. For the most part, she'll still harass them until she is locked up. Or she'll piss off the wrong person. Either way she's gotta come to a nasty end. No way someone like her will be remembered for anything other than what dictators are remembered for and other psycho bullies like Kathryn O a/k/a Misery.

    1. The reason she went after Nacky & Tracy so bad was because they banned her for being a psycho on their boards. They still get shit from her to this very day. KO is a persistant stalker. Most trolls go away, but she has moved into stalker ville and has been the stalker that no one can get rid of. No matter how hard they try.

  2. She attacks people all the time and on BeatleLinks she's avoided and people there know she's a troll. Even the moderators are onto her. It never occurs to her that even the mods will complain when she starts attacking entire groups of people. Her hatred for Catholics is very well known and it never occurs to her that people WILL complain when they're being attacked by a bigoted little snippy snotty bitch like her. Who wants to be attacked like that and then told by the attacker that she's just defending herself?! That's classic psychopathic logic she got there. Nobody wants their beliefs or religion attacked but she does it all the time! Nobody even says anything to her but she keeps on. Of course she'll complain that no one is allowing her to fully rage and hate on them with all the wrath of her demonic existence. But then she thinks she's entitled to hurl that kind of shit at groups of people and not have any consequences back for it. It's astounding how psycho-minded she is.
    She's the type who enjoys hurting and killing small animals because she's that sick. I'm not even sure she won't step up to real murder one day. She's certainly got the personality of someone like that. She is also a closet pedo because she has talked about sex with minors and has posted such things and she did say she writes about her life. Yeah right, what life?

    If she tries to blame the mods at BeatleLinks for having her dealt with, she'll get a rude awakening because I'm going to build my own little blog too.
    I'm so sick of her ugly presence on the boards.
    She attacked Catholics, and now it's models in the fashion industry. Next it'll be some other group of people who just happen to commit the biggest sin in her book; be a successful group with nice normal people.

    1. Oh don't I know it ! The psycho bitch even has apparent episodes of such delusionment or just has an EXTREMELY bad reading comprehension problem that she claims I said anything about some forum. The only thing I pointed out was that those people are being stalked. And I was right! She has stalked them for years ! Y-E-A-R-S ! First she wanted them destroyed by the hand of people at some MOWFO group, then she had trolls sneak on and try to disrupt members. Then she tried to have them hacked, now she's posting their link and calling them her usual round of same 'ol same 'ol nasty name calling. And she wonders why people hate her. :/

  3. It's so hilarious that she thinks she can disguise her IP from showing up here. I guess it's easy to fool her. & you guys are right about her.

  4. Whoa! So now ms misfit is claiming "Fudgie" shouldn't be listening to people little misfit don't like? So everyone, including whoever his poor citizen is named "Fudgie" is just supposed to listen to HER! So everyone is supposed to absorb all the hatred and negativety and dredging and bitching and the arsenal of lame name-calling that misfit catkcik dishes out. Yeah everyone sure needs to listen to THAT! All day long. You'd be a pile of shivering fear if she really had her way and could make people listen to her. To listen to a known pathological liar like her must be what is recommended by disturbed meglomaniacs everywhere! But thank God nobody listens to her and soon you'll see her on some news channel trying hold someone hostage and threatening to kill them because they just-didn't "listen" to her endless toxic waste and lies.

  5. OMG did that drama queen catkick *really* call someone else a drama queen? Talk about projection! Btw the sick bitch is stalking Kimba (that's who K is maligning and Kimba is a real person with a real name) Kimba is the victim of not only psycho KO's constant bullying and harassment, she is also the recent victim of a real-life robbery. The one thing KO gloated about for months, like she gloats about everything bad that happens to people, then tried to deny it. Now KO just tries to tell people that Kimba deserves to be abused. KO is all too willing to dish out that abuse and does.

    Have you seen her sig on the MPL site? 'The problem isn't me it's your perception of me'. The problem is NEVER her, it's ALWAYS everyone else.

    Just thought I'd mention the total bigotry and harassment done by Kathery O; Misery catkicker misfit psychopathic lying stalking troll. There's a few lyrics I'd like to share but I'd need permission to post them. ;)

  6. I'm still wondering what crack she's snorting when she claims to have "a life" but says she's still gloating over someone's link that moved somewhere else or is hosted somewhere else. WTF does she mean she has a life? So her life consists of gloating about sites that she thinks she got removed? Wow. Just wow. So she's got no life!

    I guess we can gloat that she's getting absolutely no sympathizers and commens to her posts and that people are seeing HER psycho sociopathic personality in the true light of day! We can also gloat that she's been banned from whatever this Mofo group is. We can also gloat when she finally gets her livejournal removed because she just can't get away with doing that to people anymore! The link she's "touching herself" over is {for} the people, I suspect, and that owner just simply offered the truth about Ms. Troll from Detroit and what all she did to terrorize these Dirk Benedict folks and some other folks.

    1. Not only is she rambling on incoherently but she contradicts herself! As always...

      Psycho K-O badly writes:
      You talked about what a burden it was for the MPCs (Her name for her victims of her harassment and stalking) to have their nasty (i.e. truthful) message boards deleted

      Then in the next sentence:
      Both boards tried to make it like no big deal and that they could shrug it off since they have no lives either and save everything

      So which is it ?

      The bad writing and incoherent babble continues: but you made it sound like it wasn't pleasant for them and the blow THAT I KNEW IT WAS when the boards got deleted.

      Who made what sound like what ? There's nothing here by anyone claiming anything like that at all ! Does the stalking troll even know what she's even foaming on about? Of course it's blow that it got deleted because really it didn't, so glad the troll let it slip out -ooops! Hey wanna know the truth ? They were being bombarded with the hack attempts and threats of DoS attacks and had to do something ! Really she tries so hard to conceal the truth but ends up being all mouth and no brains in the end ! She also didn't quote the full article of that section which states they can do whatever they want without giving any info of any forum's fate to stalkers like her. So she left that part off. It has to do with privacy issues and all that. Since she's been seen trying to break into the forum numerous times they were already on alert and helped the victims.

      Oops she forgot to "edit" out the part where it says "for any reason or no reason at all" so she's basically acting like the jackass we all know she is.

      Give my regards to Kimba. I know how Kimba must feel, I've seen the troll KO bash other people before and talk about them trying to get total strangers to help her bash some poor little person somewhere. Usually she attacks entire groups of people though.

  7. Oh and she's totally pissed off that people have had the foresight to save all the evidence against her. Guess that's really what she has been stalking them for years for. Now I've got a bunch of evidence piled up against her too. And look what happened ! I am now being stalked and threatened !

    It must be eating her alive that she cannot hide behind her lies behind her monitor anymore. Wonder if it ever even occured to her to stop being a complete sociopathic bully who stalks people ? I seriously doubt it. She can be eaten alive and I hope it stings her ass with the wrath of a thousand sharp razor blades. ;)

    1. she's totally pissed off that people have had the foresight to save all the evidence against her.

      As one of the people who saved evidence, you're welcome.

      She's not stalking me (that I know of).  She doesn't appear to mention me by name or by reference.  I think, back in what little of a mind she has, she realizes that making threats against people who have size and armament enough to make hamburger out of her is not conducive to comfort and longevity, but with her deteriorating state it's not certain that even that shred of cogency will continue.

      I hope it stings her ass with the wrath of a thousand sharp razor blades.

      You're too kind.  Sharp razor blades cut painlessly; what you ought to wish on her is paper cuts.  With salt.  (And secondary MRSA infections.)

      But privately.  I am pretty sure she gets off on any sort of acknowledgement (including negative attention like this), and nothing hurts her more than being a non-entity.

    2. I think she's getting off on her delusions that Paul McCartney actually knows her and might be reading her porn stories that range from them pissing on each other to other sickness, I mean this troll has never been laid before and sits and dreams all day of being laid by someone (anyone) famous so she can make up for her own pathetic lack of a life, emotional maturity and her obvious mental illnesses.

      I do actually wish she would drop dead, or better even if she gets everything handed to her that she dishes out. Her being told off by anyone connected to Paul would be supreme !

      I've seen her face, she already has MRSA infections from the looks of it, her face looks like someone really beat her with an ugly stick.

  8. The support board that she(Misery aka KookyOCrazy) claims that proboards suspended isn't so. The admins and moderators of the support forum worked and are working with Proboards (a mutual agreement between both parties) to get all the files including ALL the evidence that was saved etc. and moved to another site. We're still going strong! :D I'm one of the moderators on that board. This IS FACT. Proud to be a MPC which I like to refer to as "Misery Pest Control" get it? ;) LOL FYI and for the Psycho Troll's (KO aka Kooky OCrazy aka catkick aka alienated aka kitty9tales) information, we didn't get deleted we've moved. ;) Proboards has been very, very supportive and have helped us immensely, they know Misery is totally insane. We Thank them for their support. :) Proboards also got fed up hearing from Misery too.
    Noticed she(Misery) didn't post the link to your board. The Psycho Troll doesn't have the guts.
    All we did at the support forum was to move our board(with proboards very gracious help) and keep it totally private and it's at a new link with ALL the evidence completely intact. All of our posts and links are ALL intact. Misery doesn't have a clue where we are now. :) And she can't stand that. :D
    Bet you she's gonna have a fit when she's reads this. LOL

  9. And my regards go out to Kimba too and a HUG.
    And my regards to the MOWFO group. Thank God they're finally rid of THE PLAGUE and Misery the psycho troll.
    And Misery THE PLAGUE of the internet proves she reads this blog. ;)
    And a HUG to you too English Lass.
    KUDOS to you for this blog. :)

  10. I contacted pb's and they even said K-O is stalking one of their clients but they couldn't give any info on anyone she's stalking as it's private info.

    Anyway she calls women in the fashion industry "crackheads" and attacks Kate Moss or whoever. For real she talks about licking the back of papers! So she's an acid head who eats shit in order to look like the pig she is.

  11. Thanks for all the support peoples ! Yes I like the MPC (Misery Pest Control) folks and they've been a big help. I would have still made this blog but what I suspected would have been just suspicions had I not written and reached out to other people and gotten information.

    As for her druggie comments where she accuses people of being crackheads, she seems like a persistant druggie herself. Check:

    She also glorifies other illegal drug use like weed and acid. According to her stalker-ish profile on okcupid she even says she does drugs. But she'll bash some celebrity she doesn't even know of being a crackhead because said celebrity just happens to be attractive and that's the *real* reason she's attacking the woman. As many have said before she is the biggest hypocrite, projection spewing freak there ever was.

  12. Catkick the Sick, well she made up something she claims you posted and I looked at everything here and even at some other blogs about her trolling and there's nothing remotely like "bitching" about Misery Pest Control boards. The only thing mentioned is that Catkick is still stalking them and harassing their staff. Catkick the Sick says something about your blog showing you have no life because you chose to make a blog to talk about your feelings about the troll who has taken over some Beatles forums (which I understand your need to want to talk about and not reply to her trolling on those boards) but Catkick the Sick accomplishes showing everyone she has no life because she bitches about EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! She takes her drama ass to every board she can, bitching about people from private citizens to celebrities she doesn't even know and while she has stalked this Dirk guy, she doesn't know him personally or talks to him (as she claims) and she certainly isn't in touch with Paul McCartney.
    Those people who allow her to remain on MPL are only and unwittingly enabling her delusion that Paul is somehow connecting to her. I hope Paul gets her money's worth because when they realize their folly, their foolishness and their mistake, she will make sure to get their attention and she will break whatever laws in order to pursue her agenda.

    1. Well and there were apparently DoS attacks there and they did something and from what I've investigated myself, they opted to run for cover (i.e. get somewhere safe where the Psycho Troll/Stalker won't harass them anymore) and when a site is DoS'd or whatever they will put up that firewall that you see there. I'm taking it they didn't want to risk any further hacking attempts and Psycho KO does solicit people to hack and troll for her. I've already been a victim of that myself.

  13. LOL catkicker didn't read anything about anything she's rambling on about, she just lied so she'd have an excuse to plaster that link and to say something as stupid as "I hope they "invoke" whatever on your asses" and that tells me she can't even talk without showing what an unintelligent drug trash she is. Oh and as if she doesn't use her blog to bitch about everyone and their dog day in and day out. Hypocrite indeed!
    & Paul can soak her for some more U.S. dollars and she'll hand it all over too.

    1. Apparently there was another site the bitch had some problem with, a Beatles/Ringo site and they weren't even connected to anyone she flames, attacks and bitches about but she got on some infraction. The owner was someone from the BL board though, they left a review of pb here:

      So she's just been terrorizing everyone on pb as much as she terrorizes people on yahoo.

  14. OK I just read her recent shit. aaand she says others write like 14 year old crackheads??? LMAO her whole life is that of a 14 year old drug addicted, schizophrenic existence, and her writing is definitely from the mind of a schoolyard bully of about the age of 9 or 10. Her recent posts reads like a bitchy self-entitled brat whose brain rattles around in her head like a bb in a boxcar.
    Yeah and I've seen her post that link before while claiming to have "a life" pfffffffffffftt. So is her whole life about some link she seems way so obsessed about -um yes! Yeah some life there. All about some forum that had to move. I guess she's gonna keep on gloating about terrorizing a forum until they had to escape her evil grip. and she calls others stalkers. -eye roll-

  15. You guys still keeping up with her fake GH story/claims?

    Add this:

    And yet ANOTHER version of her story (read: lie) of meeting GH.

    1. The story even gets more detailed and she contradicts her own self in these different versions of it, but she sure has her fantasy well-rehearsed.

      The story is bogus! It never happened! Like some detective in her area said, she's a dreamer/pathological liar.

    2. Anyone with one tenth of a brain would know she's lying through her teeth! Anyone who knows anything Natinal Forests and private property would know she's making the whole thing up. Just that right off the bat. But she drives in her nails on her own coffin when she contradicts her own story. She claims she was naked when she saw George Harrison, but then says she was walking back through the forest when she "met him" so is she saying she was walking through the forest naked? Gross!

      You can tell it's all a lie for the obvious absence of the NAME of the National Forest, she can't keep the date on par with her tall tale because she claims it was in 1992 then claims elsewhere it was 1993, and in yet another version she claims it was in 1991. She also claims she's never been to Europe and in those years, during which time it would be warm enough to go swimming in imaginary ponds on private property a couple steps from a whole National Forest, George Harrison was in Europe during any of the years and the time she alludes to.

      Her story also changed from last time when she claimed the guy named "Harry" never said where he was from and wouldn't tell her. Suddenly he's telling her where he's from. But I guess when you make up a story like that it just doesn't matter what fictional character said what. What's sick is she's trying to get a whole forum to believe that bullshit. Why? What's the reason? And on top of that, saying she was naked in the process. Good grief.

    3. The bullshit gets thicker and thicker.

      Now she's actually claiming she was walking around naked. What happened to the version she told last year when she said something about a skirt she said she was wearing with a belt with a pouch and a flask she kept in the pouch? I guess the clothes burned themselves for the torture they must have been put through and the pouch has now turned into a backpack.

      Oh and because someone ELSE claims to have met Steven Spielberg, that automatically means she met GH. Gimme a break.

      Amazing she can remember all these details (ok yeah she makes them up herself) but she can't seem to remember the National Forest's name or location. Another thing is Colorado is hell and gone from Michigan so what about her once saying on BL that she was never outside Michigan except for when she lived in Indiana where all the evil nuns and pedo priests lived to make her life just a living hell ? Hmmmm. Case in point, GH was not in Colorado in either.

    4. Yeah here's another glaring contradiction of hers...

      In that she claims she was "fully clothed by the time George wandered over" but in her recent lie/version of whatever this mind game she's playing is, she claims she was naked except for shoes and a hat.

      She also has different versions in BeatleLinks about the location, where she claims it was on an estate and no mentions of any national forests. "Harry" also seems to change his lines a lot. The whole thing is a fraud. A con. Like KO herself.

  16. Yeah someone else wrote this in response to her crazy shit on LJ:

    So, are you accusing me of poor writing, or are you trying to compliment me? I couldn't tell because, frankly, your grammar sucks balls, and I am left confused.


    P.S. I have a life. Don't presume to know me.

    P.P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed the site.

  17. Misery never ever met George Harrison.
    Seen the versions of that "supposed" meeting constantly changing...
    Anyone with a brain knows that Misery is a liar

  18. It never stops and she's back with more shit. Damn and I was really enjoying the peace and quiet. So short-lived. So short-lived.

    Interesting that on January 12, 2004 kathy_seven (Kathryn O) wrote:

    no I've never written any slash or fics outside of Battlestar galactica and animal vore.
    I've been in love with Dirk since i was a litle girl who saw him in his first movie. I've been following him ever since.

    Now it's:

    Hmmmm. Good thing those people didn't delete the evidence. That's some serious foresight.


    Troll views humanity like any bully would view others.

    i.e. her "views of humanity" have always consisted of bashing & harassing anyone because she doesn't like their religion, beliefs, opinions and the fact she can't force everyone to believe her lies. KO really is such an asshole.

    Because this troll has become such a entity of hatred and willing to spread as much hate against anyone she deems as targets and victimizes them, there will be those of us who stand up against this dictator, this bully. Those people who are being relentlessly stalked by her harassment will have a voice. This I promise.

    One day her reign of harassing and stalking people will be over. Hopefully.

  19. I'd like to add my comments since I'm also a member.

    Here we go again, the whole "I'm crippled" story that she claims shortly after claiming "being known for dancing" shit.

    Oh and she's been crippled sine grad school! Wow between evil nuns and evil teachers and all that made-up drama she creates, you just know that her whole life is about being the most bitter bitch on the planet ! She forgot to add about herself that she's clueless and delusional.

    Then there's this shit.

    It's weird that she doesn't keep her facebook, livejournal and other shit private and even goes out of her way to announce any account she's got online so people can see the abuse she dishes out.

    Psych-O Troll K-O doesn't have a twitter account. They don't allow her kind of abuse and the lengthy diatribes she writes out so she wouldn't be able to really use them.
    The only reason she claims to have a private twitter account is because she saw the link of the person who posted prior to that and she of course has to jump right in with her innuendos and any reason at all to scath about her pathetic life.

    And since when does time traveling have anything to do with religion or atheists????

  20. Speaking of her facebook, she recently made some comment about douchebags. No, Kathryn, not everyone is a douchebag like you.

  21. And more of the same shit drama. It's all made up shit drama and some people are actually believing it! Too bad her delusional John voices didn't explain to her to leave other people the fuck alone!

    Do you ever notice that she takes *any* thread and turns it into all about her and her shit?

    Even that naked-test thread on Macca's, she just had to create another version of her George lies in order to make the thread be about her gruesome naked self rather than the topic.

    I also note she changes another story of her John bit. She claims to "fall in love" with him when he hosted a show, but she claimed she fell in love with him when he was still in the Beatles. Hmmm. She must have just read more information about his life and decided to incorporate that into her fantasy world of lies and delusions.

    The other kids (what other kids?) were so horrible teasing her! Gee in MPL here: (12-09-2010)
    she claimed only her brother was teasing her. Now it's "kids". And the mother says she'll be traumatized by this. What mother would say something like that? I guess the mother fed into her self-pity and everlasting bitterness as much as she herself does!

    Of course the story changes drastically again, from her mom sitting with her for an hour to sitting up with her all night, all on the very same MPL forum! (2-28-2012)

    Interesting she can remember detailed conversations but just can't remember things like where she was, how long she was there, and who was supposedly doing and saying whatever. But she has all her abuse stories rehearsed enough that she repeats them over and over with changed details and all that. Along with adding new lies to the lies that she already told. They have a term for what she is. Pathological liar. Sociopath.

    And she claimed months ago that she got that poster she refers to as a gift from a relative!

    And who the fuck isn't "facing Beatledom"?? WTF? As far as I know, nobody blames the Beatles for crazy delusional fanatics like her.

    And she is making all that up!

    Let's point out more of her lies and how she spreads them from one forum to another, thinking that nobody is catching on.

    She can't seem to make up her mind if she was in high school, grade school or whatever.

    She can't seem to get the part about who was crying/sorta crying. It's all made up so whatever.

    She can't seem to recall whether it was a poster of John or John & Yoko.

    And she does all this to get people to feel sorry for her made up drama and I'd bet money that she was the class bully in school. That people avoided her and stayed away from her, for good reason. So to this day, she talks nasty shit about them! Obsessed much?

    Then here she offers up more insulting comments.

    Never thinking that maybe they don't allow brutality against unknown folks and the kind of shit she offers up.

  22. Funny. She told the PID forum that she trolled that her first ever PID piece was written in 2009.

  23. It seems she's always so traumatized. She's traumatized by Dirk and the Dirk cruise. By people in schools. By people in fandom. By people who parted their hair wrong. By people just living! Everything just traumatizes the little poor abused pathetic, bitter nasty, hate-spewing mental case.

    She is sick...sick...SICK!


  24. It's such a shame that some other innocent is helping to perpetrate a lie. About her "30"
    years claims.

    Yeah and I did notice that she throws that
    claim in every_single_chance_she_gets! Yammering on.
    Still a lie though.
    Thanks for the blog my friend!

  25. Her facebook is all about taking something someone else figures out about her and she tries to turn it around on them.

    And reading through her oh woe is me posts on that BL forum, here's another one of her nasty little curses that she's famous for:

    Well we wish she'd fucking get all that's coming to her too but nobody knows where the bottomless pit is located and how to return her from whence she came.

  26. Since I've been in all the fandoms she decided to be in, I have noticed that when she joins any site where the topic of any certain celebrity is being discussed, she claim she's been an avid follower for 30 years. It's always 30 years. Always and yet, her notorious bad rep in previous fandoms she has never once even mentioned the other fandoms and I can point out where she even had no idea of the things 5-10 years ago that she now claims she wrote about, read about or any of that. So you guys are right when you say she is no long term Beatles fan. She is also no long term Star Trek fan, Space1999 fan or even Dirk Benedict fan as she claimed when she was infiltrating those people's peace and quiet to discuss the topic and she fouled up every single fandom with her constant bashing and obvious sickness.

    Everything she says about her mother is also bullshit to the highest degree. There was never any Beatles anything going on in that house.

  27. As someone who is also harassed by Kathryn, I can certainly confirm that she is a lowlife bludging scrag, she's a certified nutcase cyber troll bum.

  28. Her days of having any power over people are coming to an end.

  29. She seems to confirm that she won't seek professional help because you know, nobody can fix her crazy. But she's sure tried to "fix" people for knowing she's crazy. She threatens them, spams them, stalks them, abuses them, and she still can't fix them into being manipulated by her.
    Yeah she is like Jezebel trying to subdue and dominate.