Thursday, March 29, 2012

Troll Still Starting Shit (Won't let it end, involves entire forums)

Still, still, still spewing on and on and neverending on about people she hates !

The topic will now be about... you guessed it! HER! And she is a bully and sadistic. It's obvious.
And OF COURSE she just HAS to re-play her delusional stalker bullshit again and again as if people can't see that Miss Stuck-Up Prissy is trolling for attention again.
You see, more and more mentions of "stalker" this and "stalker" that !

She's like a stalker with her posts in every thread she can get a hold of! Like so obsessed. She's on her stalker kick today!!! Everyone watch out or she'll type it again with more of her usual bullying and defaming poor argument techniques and all that.


Really if people want to distance themselves from her and want nothing to do with her, or don't find her "interesting" how can she claim she's being stalked? Oh look, she's fucking crazy.

BTW, she's stalking my blog. I'm a member of the Beatles forums and have been for a long time. I see her posts, and I can show people how nuts she is, but my blog is my own but she's stalking it. I guess I can start posting about MY stalker too and tell people, it's someone who posts on the very BeatleLinks forum ! Thinking I should do that. See how she takes her own medicine !

1. Potty mouth? As opposed to crazy psychological nutcase Misfittoy?

2. I don't need to troll the forums with my opinions on her posts, I do it here and spare folks because she would fill up the boards with mountains of shit if anyone dared do to her what she does to everyone. She on the other hand, as shown so many times, has tried to involve entire forums into her drama.

3. Nasty simplistic manner? She keeps that projection handy, don't she?

4. Her hobby is all about trash talking everyone! Some life she's got. She's so blind to herself that her state of denial is almost comical. Not quite, but mock-worthy enough to include in Fandom Wank.

5. Nobody's contacted any random member on BL about the troll. We already know she's a troll. We, unlike her, don't seek to involve others. Like she tries to do with entire forums of people. Who are, BTW, still ignoring her demands for attention.

6. Whine? No little trollie troll, point and laugh. Big difference.


  1. she also keeps trying to point out her gross body hair issue and playing it off on Linda McCartney when we are all painfully aware that she is talking about her own dirty self and her refusal to shower and use soap and a razor. We all know this is about HER and only HER!

  2. Still baffled as to what Fudge/person/citizen was supposed to have done or been caught in. More of psycho's projections. Obviously.

  3. Did you notice she almost admits she's the cause of all these problems (which she is) but doesn't quite acknowledge it and still does what she does best. Blame everyone else.

  4. People want to erase her because she's a constant negative nagging unrelenting pig in people's lives. They just want her to GTFO and STFU. No chance of that, but people are in the right to wish for peace and quiet. Can't blame them.

  5. Well nobody is stalking her. Those she accuses of it; which are a lot of people and I know she's attacked Shay & Diane for that,
    and Tracy & Nacky and that other Canadian lady, but those people are good people.
    They have a right to live their lives and know for themselves what a fucked up whackjob Kathryn is! No amount of endlessly bitching and straining about them in every site she's on is going to change that. They have the right! They don't need her approval if they live on and forget her existence. Which has happened. Now she's got a whole new bunch of people she's been attacking. Make no mistake, the psycho bitch will put all of you through the same exact thing she's put others through for years. Until someone actually stops her, this will be just one more testimony of the plague she has single-handedly spread of her own sick disease.

  6. It's terrible that you're being stalked now, EL.

    KO has always come off as a deranged stalker anyway (she saves folders of Paul's new wife's underwear, creepy stuff) so can't say I didn't see it coming.

    Sorry that you're now going through this ordeal.

  7. Fudge is a person whom Misery blames for "rotting her brain" because Misery has been caught in all her lies and she needs someone to blame. What you see is another direct projection of Misery being regretful (if she's even capable of that) that she was caught being a little lying liar lying big lying lies. So of course it's Kimba's (Fudge's) fault! Naturally. Our perception of a bully like Misery lying and cursing isn't the right perception, we're supposed to AGREE to being abused and mistreated and let her get away with it.

    The endless "my stalker" bit has gotten sooo old that nobody is going to be fooled again. She just uses that as an attention ploy. She knows she isn't being stalked but if she can oppress someone with that lie, she'll do it because then she doesn't have to face up to all the crimes against humanity she has done.

    With Misery, this isn't a normal situation. She is a serial bully. And it really won't end until there's an end to her. She is from the depths of the darkness walking the earth amongst humans and using the internet to poison every facet she has become obsessed with; Dirk being one of the first unwilling targets of her obsessions.

    Hilarious she can call others "potty mouth"! She's a sewer mouth! The whole sewer system in her mouth that runs endlessly.

    1. Another total contradiction she makes and she really doesn't seem to even check on her own lies to make sure she isn't slipping up.

      She claims she wrote that drivel when she was 10 in the mid-1970s. When you click on the link, she claims that she wrote it for someone named Danny Fox on or around June 9th 2011 who "inspired" the story, then throws in some insane spew in order to slam some people as usual.

      You see? KO lies so much that she'll have a lie within the same post that people can detect right off the bat!

  8. Really she seems to control people enough that you can't talk about her in public.
    You can't talk about her in private. You can't talk about her and her shit, period!
    If you do, you're in the minority. I have no hopes that she'll ever be stopped.
    Any chance that anyone would see her stopped, they're few and far between. Nobody wants to deal with it. Too many are willing to just accept this life-long nag in their lives.

    As for her morning, noon and evening darkly vomit spewing of fudge hate. It's just more of her miserable toxins.
    Anyone with ADD or any disability is open to harsh and unjust ridicule by her and she will flamingly attack anyone with any disability. They're all supposed to just die because how can they live with themselves now? They don't like her for good reason but it's really them and stuff. :/
    But boy howdy, don't you dare call her a bully or a bigot or a close-minded fucking bitch from Hell because she is, you're public enemy #1. No escaping the wrath of the KOBully.
    According to her, people apparently DO need her approval to even exist! If they exist in spite of her, or they just breathed, bad mistake.

    Thanks for keeping comments open. Keep fighting the good fight, EL! I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for giving an outlet. I feel I have to speak up because as I've said, I have no real hope she'll ever be stopped. So there's gotta be some balance in the universe and this is good that people can have a voice. There's gotta be some who stand against that thing. Not that it will work to make her go away and fucking get a life, but it's good to talk. It helps. Waiting for the next big round of shit she'll fling. It always happens. :(


    1. Most of the time people will not fight an enemy. They are content to let it fester and poison as much as it can. Doing anything about it would mean using some energy and resistance. I've made an enemy of one of the foulest things in the world.... I've done good.

  9. Kathryn is known for being a nasty scathing flamer. She calls it "standing up for herself" but she doesn't seem to know the difference between being the offender and the defendee.

    btw I LOVE ME SOME FUDGE! FUDGY FUDGE FUDGE! Please see the link in my name! Fudge is GOOOOD for your brain and great for your sweet tooth. Feeling easy and sexy with fudge!

  10. I notice from those recent posts of hers that she's desperately trying to get anyone to respond to her outright jibes on BL, trying to get someone to jump in defend themselves against her pathetic attempts. First she insinuates and then insults in her posts trying to draw out anyone willing to fight her trolling on BL. -They are fighting her trolling, but she's too stupid to see the plain language of the members who who are telling her to her face that she is a fraud without being like her (insulting and demeaning) so it flies right over her head. Like everything else.

  11. Troll LOL LOL!

    "a creepy group of crazy people who are stalking me horribly"

    "I got their forum deleted and I can gloat about that"

    "Let's call them PMS"

    "I've watched their forum and reported everything I could to get to them"

    "I can't stand PIDDERS because they banned ME!"

    And she says they're stalking "her"??? Horribly! I guess people who've exposed her lies in public are to be stalkers who stalk "horribly"! Man they suck at stalking, they're horrible stalkers! They can't seem to do stalking that well. As is the case with everyone since nobody really wants her around them. This is EXACTLY why people that she victimizes finally speak out! They get stalked. They get abused. They get slapped with the insane label that SHE IS; A Stalker! But still, she "salivates" and drools all over herself to be able to rage on forever about her pathetic life and how people just didn't take her shit.

    It seems John's words of crazy people (Kathryn O) is right on target. She has big major problems in her head! It's all in her head!

    1. See this is why I don't just jump into the hate camp of PID haters to hate PID folks. I have taken great pains to get all sides of the argument (as I have always done) and there are curious bystanders who just study into it and want to investigate PID. Normal people with everyday jobs and everyday lives. She keeps trying to make them all sound like total freaks and makes them all out to be in all the forums as Public Enemies. Because they insulted her by banning her and kicking her crazy ass out so now they're gonna pay.

      I don't subscribe to PID but I don't judge a whole group of people like she does. All the time. All her life.

      And IF Paul was a mental patient, isn't it funny that she keeps trying to make ugly labels for people by calling them mental patients in the way she always does? So Paul is someone who deserves to be lead out behind the barn and shot too, I guess. According to her, that is. Since she believes she's totally without fault and above being labelled herself, while she labels people ugly little names all the time. Hmmm.

      KO's so full of hate.

  12. Have you seen her posts on David Icke? She posts under the name dolphinoflight (puke)

    Among her lies are,

    .A psychic that has celebrity clients. Talk abou not caring that she exposes herself as a liar because she told all of MFH that she was a store clerk but then told them she was 'dolphinoflight' on Icke's forum and MFH members could see her posts there and could plainly point out her lies from one forum to theirs. Really bright, huh?

    .Makes claims that she was a witch who heard the voices of dead people since she was 3 and that her family and teachers encouraged her witchcraft studies. WTF? Strange that she claims in BeatleLinks that she grew up around strict Catholic family members and teachers who abused her. Total opposite of what she claims in Icke's forum.

    .Also makes claims that she herself knows some reptilian folks and that she was born half alien and half human.

    Just, ya know, shit like that.

  13. Misery claims she was born half alien and half human? "blechhh"
    More like born butt shit ugly.
    Always saying "my stalker" and so many versions of meeting celebrities.
    Misery aka catkick aka kitty9tales and a whole slew of other batshit insane totally idiotic names she calls herself.
    Getting out the Misery repellent.
    FYI and everyone elses the support she's gloating about didn't get destroyed, we simply moved and with Probroads very gracious help too with keeping ALL our files intact.

  14. She hates Fudge (Kimba) and has been repeating the same stupid bullshit from one end to another.

    In her BL post she claims there's a Lennon song she uses as ammo against PIDs. It's retarded. She's been telling people that she talks to Paul himself, that he tells her stuff. Funny she doesn't seem to mention that as ammo against PIDs on BL as she does where she thinks no one is onto her.

  15. Laugh riot! Such a narcissist!

    Yeah if that really happened she would have been right up in their faces begging to get laid.

    I doubt very seriously anyone would regret turning her down. As if she's got a whole group of men who wanted to marry her and are trying to hang out with her. Laugh laugh laugh. And how sad if that were even remotely true that she still chose the internet over social activities. You have to wonder what her floors look like. Not that anyone wants to o.O

  16. The troll is still droning on about her "traumas" which are aplenty despite the fact she keeps all the shit stirred and people can see that. Of course she keeps steering the topic to be about HER! All about her. The others steer the topic back to the topic. ;)

  17. Funny that her childhood traumas are stolen from someone else's experiences.
    Funny she doesn't seem to realize how she continually goes out of her way to traumatize people by whatever means she can.
    Funny that she keeps trolling for sympathy. Nothing will ever change with that psycho troll.

  18. Sick of the KO TrollApril 2, 2012 at 8:32 PM

    LMAO! Apparently they knew they had a freak

    >"I was psychologically studied once about it in a University study."<

    I wonder if they tried to get it into the mental ward? It would have spared us all had they succeeded.

    Then here she is describing herself since she is a coward and obviously has mental problems.

    Let's see; constantly insulting people. KO does that every day all the time. Check.

    KO does all these horrible things like harass and stalk people, spoof their emails and try to destroy their websites because she just doesn't like them and she'll even follow celebrities around on cruises but she has no ability to know right from wrong. Check.

    KO lives a fantasy world where Paul talks to her and she's the center of everyone's universe so we know she's got no real outlet and doesn't have a real life.

    Yeah she's the kind of troll that will not only insult people, but as the coward she is, she'll insult them in forums where nobody knows who the fuck she's insulting not that that won't stop her from joining forums and attacking the very people she hates right in their own sites, mind you. Then she'll troll those same forums where nobody knows the faces of those she attacks non-stop for all the life she can drain outta them. KO's the kind of troll that seeks to take over threads and hijack them and turn whole boards upside down like Godzilla does to Tokyo.

    And this

    Let's see how this story changes and morphs into different versions.

  19. People who shop there can't stand her and avoid her. Believe me, I know!

  20. Like I said before, KO insults people all the friggin time but she calls it "standing up for herself" or her "fandom" but if someone says anything she doesn't like, it's them who's a bastard. She trolled MFH relentlessly and insulted people all the time and played such a victim in the same breath. & she can't seem to tell right from wrong since she once claimed she didn't know evil from good. FFS!
    She's really a piece of work.
    A real sociopath. Narcissistic sociopath.

  21. Not only that, she COPIES what others said about trolls and uses their own words. She has no original anything of her own. Her lj is like a mix of porn with hate and vitriol. Vitriol Porn is what we call her stuff.
    And to add to the list of horrible things she's done besides curse people with death and destruction. She's plotted to have people beat up. She's plotted to have people fired. She's plotted to destroy marriages and actually destroyed one marriage I know of.
    With my own ears I've heard her actually talk about having someone killed because they said something on the internet about her even though SHE brought it on herself and caused all that, she still truly wanted someone's life taken.

  22. Misery claims to be a published author.
    That is total and utter bullshit.
    She can't spell and the grammar she uses is absolutely atrocious.
    And questionnair is spelled questionnaire.
    Anyone who can spell and write English properly knows that. ;)
    And I Thank God every day Misery doesn't know where I live.
    And Yes, God loves me. :)
    And I also like fudge. :)
    It's Misery aka catkick aka alienated aka kitty9tales and other totally idiotic names she calls herself...who rots your brain...she's so disgusting, that you need brain bleach to get her image and insane psychotic rantings out of your head!