Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Desperate Acts of the Insane KO

I've been given the heads up that KO is now trying to hire hackers to hack me and several other sites. This sounds like her. So in the event that she tries to hack my blogs, I have backed them up and saved everything and am in the process of saving the latest stuff. I'm also looking to create a domain where all this evidence of her trolling can be readily accessed. Google is also installing new security measures so she won't get very far.

1 comment:

  1. Misery hiring hackers again?
    What else is new? *rolls eyes*
    Make sure that you also have a very strong password that's also alpha numeric.
    And keep changing it.
    It's very good that Google is installing new security measures.
    Misery won't get very far either.
    And FYI hacking sites is illegal. Any hack attempts should be reported to the authorities immediately.
    Also she's already tried to get a hacker to help her.
    Turns out this hacker wasn't a hacker at all. Just another troll who claimed he could hack.
    They're also aware of him at the Hak5 forum.
    And the members and the moderators and the admins at the Hak5 forum know that it was indeed Misery herself and no one tried to be her when she posted that post to try to get help in hacking sites. They record IP's and all email addresses that are used to create accounts.
    I'm a member of the Hak5 forum.
    Misery has claimed I pretended to be her to try to ask for help in hacking sites.
    That is a lie.
    I signed up at the Hak5 forum with my ISP email address(which was recorded at the Hak5 site) and my IP address is also recorded there as well.
    I'm also a member in good standing at the Hak5 forum too. ;)
    It might be a good idea to ask the admin/mods at the Hak5 forum for help with blocking any and all hack attempts.
    And what could KO possibly offer monetary wise to hacker? ;)