Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stella Bashing (What KO's Life is All About)

...Of course KO can't get through one single day without bashing someone, it's not just Stella McCartney that has somehow caught the obsession of a deranged disgruntled troll on the internet, it's practically everyone within whatever fanbase KO latches onto. For those who have come in late, check HERE
I got threatened with punishment by the mods on Paul's forum for making fun of Stella's clothes recently.

 No, she didn't get threatened, and no she wasn't talking about Stella's clothes. KO (misfittoy) was bashing Stella again for something that she alone seems to take great offense to. A single comment by Stella in a magazine some years ago that was innocent and not at all brash. From what I have found out from other people in other fanbases, if a celebrity says anything that KO don't agree with it's OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !

The mods deleted another topic that KO managed to ruin; KO barged in on the topic with her same Stella hate over a comment that KO alone sees as an attack against hippies. KO has made damn sure NO ONE is gonna talk about Stella McCartney on Paul McCartney's forum ! Like a hound from Hell, she's waiting to attack anything that mentions Stella. KO's posts had nothing to do with anything other than her own delusional rage over Stella's article about MFM (Meat Free Mondays). But wait, she even goes further with her delusions...
Yep. I'm not even the one who started it but I'm very vocal on what I don't like about Stella so I guess they picked on me. I challenge a lot of her nasty comments publicaly.
I have liked some of her tops but I wasn't impressed this go and rarely am at fashion shows with the clothes or people.

That post is one heaping pile of bullshit rubbish that I've seen on BL and of course it's by the bitch Troll KO!

Let's correct any misconceptions that KO is trying to railroad people with. No, she didn't start it (THE TOPIC - THAT IS) but she DID start bashing on Stella because lo and behold there was someone making a thread about Stella and KO saw that and like she's ALWAYS done, landed in right on it and started bashing Stella and got the thread/topic removed ! Another thread gone thanks to the TROLL !!!

Then she claims she "challenges" Stella's "nasty comments publicly" WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! What it is, is KO bashes Stella publicly with NASTY COMMENTS about Stella ! Stella made NO nasty comments to KO or anyone. Ever. It's ALL in the deranged troll's head ! As far as "challenging" someone, one usually uses legitimate arguments and valid evidence to challenge someone else's views or what have you. What does KO do ? NONE of that cause it's all about KO's head damage and imagined wrongs. Then if anyone else challenges KO ! Watch out ! The nasty comments and stalking begins. KO doesn't challenge anyone other than their patience. KO aims to cause pain of any sort to whomever happens to be the misfortunate soul for the day. KO doesn't challenge anyone. KO is a coward and insults and bashes people from the safety of her mother's computer and or from behind the wheel of her mother's car. KO would shrink into a pile of the slime she is if confronted by the people she bashes on a daily basis.

In KO's psycho twisted mind, she challenges people the way a bully does, from behind the safety of her monitor or a group of people who think it's cool to be on the bully's side. No doubt she will get up in people's faces on the internet because she can't get her foul mouth slapped there, and she does send some of the most criminally insane emails you've ever seen about death and curses and "invoking" and all kinds of insanity, but she'll act like such a victim when called into account or "challenged". Note how she's already playing the victim again right after hurling all over Macca's board about Stella and getting another thread shut down. She was the aggressor but see how she plays the martyr to a different set of people.

KO's version of "challenging" people is to harass them with no end in sight, and to call them mental patients, crazy, bi-polar, drug addicts and stalkers. That's how KO "challenges" people who have opinions that go against her make-believe world that she lives in.

Oh and WTF she doesn't go to fashion shows. She has made such a stink about the fashion industry; a real hypocrite going to and paying for any fashion show. I guess she must be stalking someone there, too.


  1. And here we have more contradictions about her so-called "relationships"

    All over the Macca boards she's always complaining and nagging about breaking up with boyfriends, how they should have married her, how they're stupid for not being whatever it is that she thinks they shuold be, etc etc. Some successful relationships there.

  2. Yeah and she claims she doesn't wanna fight with anybody -- well she could have fooled me! She fucking goes out of her way to piss or shit on anyone!

  3. IMHO the members at the Macca boards should make a formal complaint to the mods and the admin of that forum.
    They can't ignore more than one person.
    Know some people there and they can't stand KO.

  4. I know lots of people there and they can't stand her either ! But she has fooled some people into her garbage.