Thursday, April 5, 2012

Basher Projects All Over The Place

Dhani can "rebel" against hippies but Stella, she says one innocuous thing about hippies and she's to suffer for years (oh pardon me, the REST OF HER LIFE) for saying it !

And again the same "30 years" repetative bullshit. Used books are available everywhere. How many obsessive times is she going to claim to be a Beatles fan for 30 years ? Like she claims to have been a writer, a witch, a Dirk Benedict fan and every other thing under the sun for "30 years". And how many years has she claimed to be whatever but the "30 years" thing never changes ? Odd.

Now let's look at KO's projections literally clogging up a thread called "deleted".

First some facts about KO that can be easily looked up. She writes ugly bashing blogs all the time and then deletes them herself! Why? So she won't be found in violation of a service. KO is the one with the bashing blog. Not me. I'm only presenting facts here and I have backed them up. Whether by links or screen captures. I have done what anyone else would have done to prove my case. Which is why she's so pissed that people *gasp* save stuff! Now she can't deny it so easily. Life sucks for liars, don't it...

Secondly, what others have to say is, in her delusional opinion, is wrong and ILLEGAL but when she starts her mouth to running, it's all a must-read from the acid-soaked twisted mind of the sick troll who stalks and tries to intimidate people. This blog is NOT about her, though I'm sure she loves to think that and misrepresents it all the time. What this is, is a way to giving other members who are fed up a way to express their thoughts without her attacks on them because we have all learned that there is NO talking to, reasoning with and debating anything with her. KO is INSANE to the bone. So this blog was necessary for the enlightenment of those who seek the truth and the other side of the story because KO will lie and fill up whole forums with her poisonous venom about other citizens who have had the misfortune to have been in her path on her way to the Troll Hall of Shame.

Third, why is what others have to say wrong and illegal ? Why isn't what we have to say important and worth reading ? Well it is worth reading. KO's mind is fried to a point that she believes it's only her word and none other that counts. KO thinks she's God. and Misfit is a SOCKPUPPET of KO on the Macca forum as people suspect. Or someone she is coaching. I believe it's a sockpuppet.
I don't have to delete my posts. Someone already does it for me.

She sure deletes a LOT of nasty stuff off her own LJ so she's not caught and removed.
and apparantly certain whiners do too.

Please see the following posts and tell me who's the whiner....

Crap Post about Reporting

By the way, I haven't reported anything for long while bcause I know she's taken over the place because too many idiots bought into her lies and fake abuse stories. Just an FYI.

Crap Post about Defeat

And guess what, Troll, we're not defeated either ! We can defend ourselves, stand up against you and your lies and speak out ! Despite your constant stalking and then playing the victim while trying to destroy people's websites. The troll can fuck off and die in a fire.

Crap Post being Important (The Self-Important Troll)

What KO has to say is very unimportant because it's always the same thing people have already heard a million times. Some horrid little gripe or nag against someone or some being that people have not heard their side of things. So we've heard enough of KO ! To hell with the Troll KO !

Taunting Post and Showing her Obsession in full view of members
but I've not still gone away

but I'm still here

but I persist

And she claims others have no outlet :/ Oooookay. The troll's ever repeated pattern. Never stops. This is why people don't want anything to do with her!
KO "persists" and there's the very words of a geniune stalker right there folks. Normal people usually give up and stop trying to force themselves into sites or homes like that.

KO is such a Stalker

Well this really shows how low she stoops doesn't it ? KO gets hackers to DOS things and then she sits and calls her victims the ones breaking the law ! OMG really ? KO even threatens to do it again. Saying something about numbers coming up and all that. So she's going to keep stalking. It must really amuse her. It doesn't amuse anyone else. I can assure that.

So according to KO, we were right all along ! She can say and do whatever she wants to but others, not at all. KO's trying to control and oppress their freedoms. KO - the dictator. KO sure has the nerve to talk about people being raised badly. People she has NO clue about or know the first thing about. Especially after spending so much time WHINING about how she's been so abused when being "raised". KO was bred to be the biggest and ugliest bully. That isn't guessing, either. That's fact from the evidence I've already witnessed for myself.

You see how she wants everyone to not "delete" her but she's still trying so hard to delete anyone and everyone who sees she's a total psychopath.
Eventually the people will get their way, and we will be able to delete her once and for all from all our lives. She will become a hated memory and one not reflected upon and spoken of because that puts one off their food. But sadly, we don't know when we'll be free of her. But you know what they say? Eventually, her number will come up. ;)


  1. KO apparently has NO outlets in life and so here we all are defending ourselves. This blog isn't for bashing. Intelligent people will see that you present the evidence of the troll's posts and her trolling and people comment on it knowing this troll's history of trolling. Not to mention her deeds of slandering and stalking and other illegal activities. Like drugs, indecent exposure and running people over with her car.
    Yeah sure is something when she tries to tell entire forums about the law! Misery/Kathryn talks about the law like some deranged spazzed out junkie trying to sell someone down the river and she's got no bargaining chips to trade to keep her own ass outta jail!
    Tell us again about the law you break all the time, bitch!

  2. Wow she's really obsessive with all those posts on that thread -one right after the other of just bitch-bitch-bitch.

    Also there's a HUGE difference between what she claims is a "bashing blog" and you showing the links of her OWN words and giving people perspective so that people can see that there IS another side! Katherine O just wants to say whatever and of course no one can come in and challenge it without getting in trouble so this blog offers the opportunity for people to weigh in. Using her own trolling against her doesn't mean projecting either. Katherine O is the one projecting all over the place and I think Misfit is one of her sockpuppets too.

  3. If you say anything about her that she hasn't approved of or censored herself, you're obviously breaking the law (illegal) in her little crazy pea-sized brain. But she breaks the law all the time!

    Drugs. Indecent exposure. Stealing. Running over people. That and stalking and harassing people online and stuff.

  4. Boy you're right, EVERYTHING is always 30 damned years ago!

    It's like she's got a lie she can remember to keep straight. Except for the part when years go on. 2009 was 3 years ago so her same 30 year shit is already worn out.
    Of course anything she writes is made-up. This is someone who thinks she's a genius. *head desk*

  5. More shit.

    It's really something that she's even running her shit jaws when she's gotten very members in trouble with her lies and ran dozens of people off who won't come back until she's GONE FOR GOOD!
    Kathryn O fumes when her posts are deleted but she's trying to destroy whole forums where people talk. That's really a psychopath for you.

    You know what she wants is to get everyone deleted and be the only one left flaming people. She's already proven she's going to flame unknown folks forever. That whatever it is that they did real or imagined, she's going to beat dead horses because she's got no outlet in life than to be the pathetic troll she is.

    Do keep this blog up though. I don't like seeing her get her way. She's disgusting enough just being allowed to do the crap she's already doing.
    She's terrorized this one lady for years.

  6. KO drops names all the time BTW, so I guess she should de-friend herself!
    There you see she's talking about Dhani in that post and even disrespecting his privacy to a really disgusting point and talking about his wife having nude photos. Sick. This after just blasting Stella for something not even remotely intrusive.

    Yeah she can't get through a day without bashing someone.

  7. She bashes Stella on FB too. That disgusting Karen Nesbit (fake name she uses) sure could use a few million lessons in shutting the flapping of her gums, I tell ya!

    1. It's like on her FB she repeats her two most favourite words in the whole universe; "my stalker" and then names a city, a state and a country all DIFFERENT places from each other ! Wow, Psycho Troll's imaginary stalker sure gets around a lot ! And didn't the psycho actually call someone's home until they got a restraining order against her ? And even then she still made unwanted contact with those people she's still victimizing ?

    2. Just Another SurvivorApril 6, 2012 at 9:28 AM

      Yes indeed! The crazy stalker actually found my friend's phone# and started calling them and leaving death threats on their answering machine. They took the evidence and phone records to the police and an order was issued. Shorty after the order was issued, the crazy stalker then started invading an ABBA-related yahoogroup and stalked my friend there and told her that the restraining order was fake and she'll continue harassing whomever she wants (you know how crazy psycho Detroit stalker always persists?) and she kept doing that because the owner wasn't around. Psycho Detroit stalker K.O. sure is a coward when she has to attack ownerless yahoogroups but they got all her yahoo IDs reported and deleted anyway. Then they had to report the group so she wouldn't have a place to be her psychopathic self and they were free after that and members created new groups to escape that fucked up fucked in the head crazy ugly fat bitch from Detroit and from Hell.

    3. Just Another SurvivorApril 6, 2012 at 9:42 AM

      And for the record, the restraining order was not fake but crazy Misery is a stalker and stalkers will walk right through a restraining order, because to them it's a piece of paper. Nacky and her family's best bet was to buy a gun. In her state anyone breaking in can be shot without warning. That is their law. In Oklahoma a landowner can shoot a trespasser if there's a sign posted and shoot a trespasser dead and it would be legal.

      On the stalker's facebook she mentions a Craig, wonder if she means that guy who she had trolling for her?

  8. HAHAHA! In that mess of her insane *twitch* posts she's now trying to claim she went to an SCA event 25 years ago! What a BULLSHIT CROP OF MASSIVE SHIT!

    A couple of years ago, she started invading yahoogroups where my friend is a long time member and sent emails claiming to go to an SCA disco party [sic] not having A CLUE about the SCA! This was around 2005, not quite 25 years ago and in 2005 people HAD TO POINT OUT what SCA was! Talk about the bicth putting her foot in her mouth and down her own throat a mile! Sheeesh! 25 years ago she was doing nothing but stalking people to their houses maybe, but she had no idea what SCA was in 2005. All those posts of hers are all lies. Thanksfully you people know that she's a liar.

    And that Misfit sock of hers. Strange that she/it isn't pointing out all of K-O's bashing blogs and bashing posts. I guess "Misfit" only sees what she wants to see and reality be damned. I know K-O (Misery) from years back and she has projected everything including rape, murder and pedophilia on all kinds of people! K-O must be all those things. But she's never been to any SCA event in her life.

    My friend whom K-O stalks however, still goes and has lots of friends in the SCA. Take that you slimey Troll-O!


      Yeah she throws in anything that she thinks will stir shit up so mentioning the SCA is just another troll attempt by her since she has no clue what SCA is as evidenced by her string of harassing emails in '05

  9. She all but says that she can post whatever crap she wants and be a crazy bitch all she wants but no one else can post their opinions. Really she basically saying that she can be the foul mouthed rage spouting angry ape she is but nobody else had better say a thing! Apparently that's the way she was raised. Does she ever stop to think about her actions? She seems to deny her own evil while calling everyone else evil for speaking of her (her evil)
    Her posts reveal her thoughts. From what I read she thinks you guys are all evil and should be deleted because you've proven she lies and trolls forums while she thinks she's a genius for all that. :/ She's no survivor, anyone who does what she does is a pampered rich broad who lives with her mother and uses internet connections unchecked. She should be supervised. Nay, just banned from the internet. But there are those out there who are survivors of her past trolling terrorizing of them.

  10. Just Another SurvivorApril 5, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Since she loves to say it's all projection, let's look at her projections then.

    Getting something slanderous someone said about you deleted but knowing they lack a life and saved it and just keep reposting it somewhere where you're likely to see it again...and the pattern just keeps repeating.

    She's projecting her slanderous posts being deleted but she knows she lacks a life so she keeps repeating her pattern.

    (There are some really sick people out there)

    That's some serious projection right there.

    It doesn't stop the fact that you were deleted.
    The service finds you unwelcome.

    More projections. What facts is she talking about anyway? Projection projection. MOWFO and DBC and DBO finds her unwelcome and that's a real fact that can be backed up.

    you were not wanted.
    What you had to say was in violation.

    See her projection above. Here she just repeats herself while acting abused and traumatized that she's made herself unwanted and unwelcome.

    It doesn't stop the fact that what you are doing
    is just wrong
    and illegal

    She's DEFINITELY projecting here.

    but you have no concept of right or wrong
    because your parents raised you badly.

    PROJECTION! It's hilarious when she projects how she's never had any decent upbringing.

    YOu were deleted.
    You will be again.
    You know your time is just numbers
    counting down to the next time
    and for some reason,
    it amuses you to be this way.

    Well it must amuse her to project such an insane attitude. Countdown to your own demise, bitch! You and all your projections upon others.

    Long live those she opposes! You all have my personal condolences having her on your boards. I know how much it sucks to have to deal with that psycho day in and day out. Hang in there.

  11. KO is fuming that her posts are being deleted by the moderators.
    I found that really funny.
    I have a prediction that Misery aka Kooky O'Crazy will be banned from the board.
    Why? You may ask? ;)
    Because she's been banned from everywhere else.
    And it's very true about karma, what goes around comes around.
    You also have my personal condolences dealing with that insane, psychotic, ugly stalker.
    Hang in there!
    Am getting out a large can of Misery repellent spray! ;)

  12. Do you ever notice that she tries to keep everyone from contacting anyone with any facts about her evil deeds and history?

    She so badly wants to cover up the truth about her being out there. She's made so many people against her and still doesn't learn.

    Remember when she said she doesn't know right from wrong and evil from good? I remember that clearly but she jumps right off into a tangent about others being evil and not knowing right from wrong!

    Projection to her is like breathing, obviously. And she tries to control people. She fooled MPL and all she had to do was scream "STALKER" and she did that from the beginning so they fell for it.

    Then she ran off good long standing members because she got to them first. It's a shame that people are being feed her poisonous lies against all of us. Maybe one day they'll wake up!

    Like the serial killer in that movie who kept telling his new "family" to not listen to anyone from his past because they were all evil and "out to get him" and then they got killed. They should have listened to the cop.

    Speaking of cops. The cops did confront her on several occasions and she was warned. Then she posted about dancing naked for them on one of her long deleted myspace blogs. Yeah she's so desperate to get naked and noticed by any means.

    They have big lesbo bull dikes in prison. Wonder why she doesn't just knock over a liquor store and get herself in there.

  13. More curses galore on her FB. The very thing she kept trying to deny. Curses is what she threatens with at the drop of a pin.
    Those people (especially Kimba) were hurt by her actions but she acts like the victim. As always. The psycho is a master at manipulation!

  14. She claims Mike is the only atheist she respects. I guess that old Fizbin has seen the light and she's pissed at him now.

  15. So let me get this straight.

    KO posts and in her mind (or whatever it is) her words are important and worth something?

    Someone else posts and it's wrong and illegal.

    That's some real fucked up way of thinking and not even remotely true or based in reality. If anything it's the other way around.

  16. I see some people feed into her shitty crap and encourage her and tell her that she's a powerful witch! Good grief.

    I mean, seriously. That's the last thing crazy people need - to be told that their delusions are real.

  17. Wow after all the "OMG My sister's dead!" sob sob story, now she's flaming her sister on facebook!
    KO's got NO outlet in life so she spends all her time psychotically fucking with people and then flaming them when they tell her to GTFO!

    1. Say NO to KO!

      The troll keeps talking about her old worn-out computer and it biting the dust. Wish that would really happen she shouldn't be on the internet at all.


      Stella hate. More of. Neverending.

  18. The troll has spent all day bitching and nagging about Big Fudge whoever that is. Obviously some poor soul who's tossed out the trash and now the trash is hell-bent on Big Fudge's destruction. Then she goes and posts a reference to this blog and poses the question of what's wrong. Well goddamn KO is really thick in the head and doesn't get it, does she? What's wrong is people here are sick and tired of dealing with her psychotic trolling crazy neurotic narcissistic ass day in and day out! The problem IS HER! The NAME of our problem is Kathryn O! That is the problem. The neverending "misery" that she is, that she brings, that she's all about. But she'll never get it, she'll never get a clue. That troll is too far gone insane and brains all charred beyond any function other than to get online and be bat-fuck insane.

    Thank goodness for the Misery Pest Control! I really dig their FB stuff, lots of informative info. Along with the Misery Pest Control forums on a safe server now. ;)

    1. Well you know, if she doesn't like this blog that she stalks all the time, she can certainly feel free to delete herself! You know her number will come up and she'll be deleted again and again because her mouth never stops. She can feel free to fuck off and die in a fire too. I hate stalker trolls like KO. Wish she'd just go away. But she's a stalker and she doesn't stop. I'm starting to believe there's someting in what that Tina says about her being an evil demonic force in the world here to just drain people's life energy.

  19. What I see is she [KO] goes out of her way to stir up trouble, cause dicord and malign people who [as can expected] stand up against her bullying and this idea she has that she can try to intimidate and dominate through fear, control and threats. Then when they do stand up against her, she runs to whatever staff of whatever celebrity she wishes to [dominate] and control to go out and beat the crap out of those of us who have seen her in the real light of day, who aren't fooled and aren't taken in by her nausous abuse stories that are all fake anyway. KO is the abuser. Unfortunately MPL staff overlooks her abuse and solely concentrates on people's reaction and is blind to her.
    I'm glad not everyone is blind to her though. Not everyone was blind to Jezebel or Hitler or any of the people who have been victimized by her who are the real testimony against the idiots who think she shits roses or something.

  20. Not a blind pet to a psychopathApril 9, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    It's really stupid how she claims to not want drama but it's all she ever does :/

    Like when she talks about her imaginary boyfriends:
    one of that is real, btw.

    And on her facebook and aaallll the other places she posts her judgemental shit everyday she complains about what SHE does everyday! Judge people! Still even calling the people names she has attacked and judged and sent mountains of insane emails to! She never stops so there needs to be a STOP from some greater force.
    Why can't she ever learn from the things she's trying to shove down people's throats? Twisted bitch. Always judging, always attacking, never seeing what she is! Look at how MASSIVELY she's judged all the people she has stalked for years! So those people DO know that crazy drugged out broad and still hope for the day when there is NO MORE MISERY!

    Those "crazy bitches" as she calls them who attend those Convensions, do know kathryn all too well. People KNOW she's insane and kathryn's threats are well known to many on the con chair panel. It's those who DON'T know her that are fooled by her and blind to her.
    Wonder how her "curses" are coming along? You know the thing she loves to use in order to JUDGE people who can see she's psycho and that she's just plain twisted and nasty. Her own sister had to escape! Should tell you something!

    And when she says the kinds of things she does on that Paul McCartney site, where she taunts and trolls, it's damn easy to see what kind of person she is. How she kicks/bullies people and then laughs about it. Because it amuses her to bully people and it's no wonder people hate her.

  21. Not a blind pet to a psychopathApril 9, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    *None (sorry for the typo in my comment as I meant to say NONE of what she claims about this "boyfriend" is real)


    It'll be fresh because she's never heard it before.

    Needy. Lay it on and make sure those fangs are driven in nice and good.

    1. And......

      This coming from a fat, unhealthy in every sense of the word, rich broad who only started going to cons because she was looking to get laid and figured ugly geek guys would be willing.
      The ugly geeks even passed up on that! LOL!

      But she's still trying. She even shares rooms with unwitting con-goers and then walks around naked in front of them. The brain bleach is doing great business in the state of Michigan!

  23. Trolling BL
    See this story even changed a sharp turn. She claimed on MPL that she confused Dan Savage over something to do with Mormons. The narcissist she is also shows and she seems proud to be fat while acting like a health food know-it-all.

    And English is slaughtered again. Vain describes KO but how does one put vanity into the action of searching? lol

    Trolling GH

    And then here, if she can't a person for her shit, she can blame DREAMS! Her life is "ruined" now.

    Trolling on MPL

    She's sorry for being deluded lol

    The perversion never ceases.

    And then here is yet another completely delusional and fabricated story. KO only pipes up here because a song was mentioned that she had no idea about (guess the thread is gone) but now she's trying to act like she knew of it all along.