Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apparently everyone who doesn't like trolls are "stalkers"

I knew KO the internet Stalker who's been kicked out of other celebrity sites would eventually slap the old "my stalker" label on me ! Wow and this amid all the other nasty shit nagging cuntish posts she makes when she can't control people's thoughts. KO is now so desperate for attention today that she is involving Julian Lennon's facebook page into her drama since she can't seem to make and force members of BL or wherever to hunt down and kill people who have vocally opposed her shit.

So after having witnessed this beast, this troll, this crazy windbag who joined into some forums where I have been years long before she showed up and showed her ass all over the place and we've been exposed to her whether we like it or not ! Because I used my voice to speak up against this horrendous non-stop troll crazy freak, I have now become among the many. The many who are and will be constantly referred to as a stalker or a "my stalker" while we get these unknown pissants who have no clue what she is or know anything about her, to help her troll us and send nasty little threats.

I spoke up and since doing so, I've been trolled by her "white knighting idiots", I've been sent some threats about destroying my blog, and some lame hack attempts have been made against me ! So this is what happens when you speak the truth and the truth you speak against the evil one has some power and influence. Mainly her power is manipulation over MPL (Alan & Craig and whatever idiots listen to her and believe her tripe) because they apparently need to sell Macca stuff to the deranged "fan" too. Can't miss a shilling!


  1. I'm a member of the Agnetha group that she attacked on a regular basis after being slapped with a restraining order. Well she stalked one of our members there, actually she stalked several people there and when one of us posted a link to a help board to give advice to victims of stalkiing, KO even followed her victim right into tha! We know her as kathy_seven and fur_vore and a string of other yahoo ids she made so she could keep joining the poor weary group she kept spamming with hate posts and she she even followed that lady into that help board and claimed she was being stalked when all evidence showed KO was the stalker!
    She followed our friend
    to the Abba & Agnetha groups for a long time, then followed her to the help site, trying to claim she was the one who was stalked
    WHILE (get this) ADMITTING to calling our friends on the phone, and sending death threats to them!
    KO the Stalker actually admitted to being a stalker but still tried to claim she was stalked because she's so desperate to be the center of attention and use whatever someone else has in order to steal their experience and claim it as her own and discredit them. When even the owner pointed out that she followed her target into the help site, KO then tried to claim that her "friends" told her to do it. Yet none of those "friends" ever came in to back up her claims. Not a one!
    The owner banned KO.
    We had to move the Agnetha group and got yahoo to take down the original as she was attacking all the time. It was a group effort because we know she'd still be at it if it were still up. There was no owner there so that KO couldn't be stopped otherwise.
    As she herself admits that she "persists" and she is a persistant stalker, troll, nutcase.

  2. She lives to destroy people's sites. If she can't control them, she forces them to move, go underground or to become so private and guarded that they're always watching their backs. I remember DBC used to be a carefree zone. Then that nasty thing showed up. Many a yahoogroup used to be a very active and fun place, then she showed up. MOWFO after years of her oppression and dictatorship finally had to take steps. No longer a free zone or even a public one. And that PID forum had to stop her from reporting them every single day. She wakes up and gets right on her mission to destroy all the sites and people she's targeted. While thinking some old celebrity man is going to save her ass.
    But she claims she "lives" with these sites being up. Has she ever tried to stop her insane stalking and trolling? To stop targeting sites? No. She's a seething lunatic with no life. It makes her feel important to be able to get whole sites locked down and escape from her.

  3. They should have other people at MPL take over from the idiots who listen to KO there.
    Hopefully they'll learn the truth and soon.
    Surely they're not that desperate for money and especially from a psychotic and ugly stalking troll.
    Lame hack attempts and threats.
    You should have seen some of the idiotic threats that were sent to me via email.
    I know exactly who sent them.
    I can read headers in emails.
    Misery can't hide from me.
    Forwarded those emails to the police where she lives.
    Don't give up.
    Misery will be banned eventually.
    She always is.
    MOWFO is now rid of her and we will all be too.
    Can't wait to see the day when she's permanently banned from ever using the internet again.

    1. I love the idea of her not being able to use the internet again. But I wouldn't place too much hope in the admins waking up. They've already taken her side because she spoonfed them her lies and they ate them up. I know that Alan has buried his head in the sand and refuses to even acknowledge that there's a problem. He has actually taken action against anyone complaining about her. He's handed her even more power and he helps her. Don't get your hopes up unless he's fired or something.

  4. That troll has got more issues than Time, Newsweek and People combined! Here's a list I found on LJ of some other people she has managed to troll and piss off. These are in no particular order and I'm not about to list all the people there. She'd stalk them there.

    That catkick and her retarded ranting so obvious she's the real culprit when she keeps claiming it's all some stalker (or stalkers) doing all this stuff that she herself has done and is looking to pass off the blame so she can keep telling herself that some idiot sod will believe it when in fact, she's the ONLY one who believes her own lies.

    I really hate her trolling. I hate that she sends Russ and other people she's pissed off all this hate mail and then can't remember sending it but that's ok because she'll just blame an imaginary stalker for it and like that she thinks she's pulled something off.
    I hate that she joined Hak5 because some freak from PaulM's crap decided to troll another site, and when she was caught asking for hackers to hack some sites, she immediately thought of a lie right on the spot and claimed someone "posed" as her. Wonder how well her lies work when she's caught red-handed sending shit with her own IP or the place where she works from their IP? She must think she can lie like that no matter what her crime is. She can tell the police that someone just "posed" as her when they catch her trying to beat people up in parking lots or threatening people with knives. Maybe she can claim she has an evil twin except that she's the evil one and the ugliest one.

    I hate that she's a stalker who sends fake emails to Dirk Benedict's members and then goes around and claims they did that to her. She even spammed the Battlestargalacticarevivial group and then claimed to be "out of town" when it happened even when the group moderators showed her and Betty's IP all the headers of those messages.

    I hate that she still stalks people to this very day and does shit that she claims she didn't do when we all know, she did!
    I hate that she not only stalks people but that she sends nasty emails to people and THEN goes from site to site, facebook to facebook, forum to forum and keeps lying her big fat lies to people, lying out her ass to them, and still perpetrating all her lying lies and getting stupid people to fall for her lies and stupidity while she still carries on bashing them.

    It's really no wonder blogs like this exist! She'll keep doing the crimes, the shit, the lying but then spreads as much of her slanderous lies as possible that the ones who are being victimzed and terrorized by her see here neverending dredging on and on and on and on just calling people names and accusing them day and night and sitting there JUDGING them day and night when she knows goddamn good and well that she did all this, did all that and is so crazy that she thinks she can just keep blaming innocent people for all her evil deeds and that karma will never catch up to her!

    Kathryn is a fucking stupid retarded abusiver bully, no worse than that, she's so hugely insane that she would kill someone if she thought it would bring her instant fame and recognition to the world and even after being found guilty, she would use any opportunity to STILL blame an innocent party for her fucking trolling, spamming and stalking some people on the internet!

  5. I see A&C have trolled you too! Those fools came to troll us! They lied about so many things, got people pissed off, lets Misery do whatever the fuck she wants and then calls anyone who protests the bullies! They had already been bought. I'm glad there's this blog, keep it up as it makes my day. They want abuse and love their little troll so they can suck balls for all I care. Yeah they don't care that she's using their forum to troll for undeserved sympathy and to post subtle attacks so why should anyone care that their shit is being handed back at them? They can't even see how she keeps all this shit stirred up.

    You know what my big so-called crime was? I BANNED the psycho when she made threats to my friends! That's IT! When I did that, I was target #1! Eight years and counting. Although Dirk is or has been a target and subjected to mountains of her insane emails and letters, it's like what did he do? He hosted a cruise! That insane staking bitch has been blacklisted from any future cruises. FYI.

    Moderator, Misery Pest Control

    1. Yeah I think we've all noted the trail of destruction she brings in her wake. Sites are either locked up tight or taken down and moved or worse yet reported until some pelted administrator is ordered to remove something all together. But yet her abuse remains for all the world to see and it's neverending. What's worse is she does have minions who have joined her in her war on humanity. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

  6. And in your previous blog about all her trolling on a thread called "deleted", she taunts the mods, and people who've stood up to her to protest her threats and bullying and then goes on to whine about being deleted. Seen her complain to no foreseeable end about people saving the evidence of her misdeeds but she just keeps repeating her misdeeds and doesn't stop. Actually she steps it up and makes matters much more worse and so people are compelled to save and document. Because she simply won't stop her insane stallking crap and harassing everywhere she goes. So citizens are on alert, the smart ones know that this is a problem that won't go away and will continue to stalk and haunt them. So blogs like this are natural courses of events.

    If she'd only stop. This would all go away but she doesn't want that. She wants to take people's time and lives away from them.

    1. MPL is basically known as Misery's Poisonous Location now. It's got tons of her lies and abuse on there already and she even names names! Her followers think it's funny that a single psycho bully like that has taken over. Despite what educated people have said about sociopaths and their sharp ability to manipulate others. When her "stalker" bullshit doesn't work, she resorts to the next level of manipulation, it'll be her "jealous ex-husband" or her "mafia boss who's out for revenge" or her "mother's murderer" or any stuff like that.

  7. LOL she's still trying to get people to report your blog. The troll is sending private messages in BeatleLinks and giving them all this drama to get your voices shut down. I can imagine that she's already reported it many a time and failed because they could see she's psycho and not everyone can be pressured to censor the good people who stand against that cowardly witch-wannabe. So she's thinking of having you all ganged up on.
    ...If it's any comfort, people at BeatleLinks isn't listening to her shit. Alan might try something but Jerry doesn't give a shit about her or her self-inflicted problems.

  8. And she's always peeking in here, so much for her theory that people are stalking her when she's doing exactly what she calls "stalking". This IP is always showing up in my stats
    That and some health food store IP number. Surprise surprise.

  9. Well she's been trying to stalk SCA members in Arkansas again. They're ignoring her. Thank goodness!