Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stalker's Location: At her computer and still going at it!

There's such insanity in any of her posts that it's like watching a train wreck. By way of the LJ community who has seen many a "spew" raging rants from the Troll, we are confronted with yet another hateful abusive post for the day. Just bringing the news to the forefront here, folks. This is the same Troll who dominates MPL (she even confirms this in her facebook rants btw) and calls them "professionals"... these are the same people who've lied to another bunch of folks and made an ass of themselves. Now here we have the troll's protests against my blog. Warning: May cause hysterical laughing.

First is her "my stalker" card she ALWAYS pulls out at the beginning of ANY psycho ranting she does so people reading that know up front that she's delusional and attempting to play her "martyr" card. Then she shows everyone that she's obviously not concerned about "being stalked" when she addresses her targets (that's right folks, you heard me - TRAGETS - HER TARGETS) in the very public way she does.
Let's also not forget that I made NO attempts to post my blog's link anywhere. I did not even post it in any of my profiles or any other site publicly, she found it because she STALKED ME here. Look back at all the archives and you'll see this is the case. Also when she claims she doesn't come here all the time, THAT is a LIE! I see her IP here all the time.

Second she copies everything being said about her and repeats it on her teenybopper porn journal. All she's doing is throwing the things said about her out at me. She so fails at any kind of a sane combat that it's embarassing. She must feel that showing her ass is alright. But it just makes for more lulz. Her posts read like a pissed off brat who's been outed and is now playing the only card she ever plays. Boo hoo.

And finally, there is NO excuse for her hate of Stella. This is the troll who joined all our Beatles sites and started her trash talking stalkerish rants in the first place and Stella was her main target for her abuse. Again all her bullshit and drama is based on NOTHING! It's all in her twisted, insane, dried-up druggie brain.
Then after her whole bully routine which she proves herself to be, she then writes this thing about why did she bother to post in the first place. HA ! Why indeed. Because shutting the fuck up isn't what she can do. That will never happen.


  1. Yeah MPL must really love having to play to her demands. They can't have any threads about Stella on there, they can't have any topics on there that she disagrees with and any thread she lands in on, is subject to being deleted because of HER! Yeah they're real professionals alright. Catering to a real drama queen who lives with her mother.

  2. She keeps thinking that some nice Canadian lady went in and caused trouble on Macca's forum. She sent numerous private messages trying to get them to ban any new Canadian person.

    1. ROFL
      Next thing you know the insane psychotic ugly troll is going to ask them to ban any new members coming in at all.

    2. Yes I she did try that one too, to have every new person questioned specified to her liking. She didn't get her way on that. Unfortunately she got her way on everything else though.

      The lastest trolling...

      This person she's talking about is the same person she's trying to get to troll me here. Unless it's probably another one of her alternate accounts.

  3. Isn't it fucked up that she just calls anyone and everyone a stalker? I mean how long has she went around with that stupid shit?
    If she was really concerned about stalkers, why is she always in people's faces and making all these rants very publicly and directing them to her? She even sends messages directly to you to bitch and whine. Why doesn't she go away?

    She uses her lame stalker card everywhere. It's like a broken record.
    I wonder how she's going to spin you as any kind of a stalker when she's the one who has made all these fraudelent claims about being a Beatle fan and after being booted from another fan site (Dirk Benidict) just happened to come into all these Beatles sites and trolling them to disrurb the peace and quiet. Not only that, you were there long before she came to troll and rage her drama in there.

    1. She attacks everyone and then calls them a stalker. It's like she doesn't have anything else to
      throw at them so she uses that. Why do people have to deal with her shit everyday?

      Really she should re-name her livejournal and all her usernames as "stalker" because she uses the word SO much that when you see anything written by her the word is always present. KO sure has a fixation about the word and uses it like an obsessed fanatic.

      Stalkerkick, Misfitstalker, Karen Stalkerbit, Stalker O, Fur_Stalker, Stalker_Vore, etc.

    2. You see, anyone who opposes her dictatorship or trolling or her psychotic harassment, is automatically slapped with the "stalker" label. That's all she's got to throw at people.

  4. Well she isn't talking about her usual victim. No one from our circles has joined any Paul MCCartney site or forum! She must be referring to more imaginary people or possibly that lady from Canada.
    Here is what we said in 2006!!

    We of the ABBA groups feel safe now. Yahoo has a staff that has disabled her stalking to a great degree!

    We have been followed by that deranged stalker who stalked Dirk Benedict onto a cruise.
    That stalker has followed one of our friends in particular and had slammed into our sites to cause trouble and terrorize our boards.
    When she encountered Yahoo's staff, she was up against real professionals who knew how to handle stalkers like her. They removed all her ids and sockpuppet accounts. ;)
    We feel safe now because she can't do what she did before!

    You see, this is word for word what is said on a few ABBA groups on the topic of the notorious stalker known in all of our groups, and of the people she victimized there and what does she do? She COPIED what we said (she must have saved it before we went private) and is spinning it as her own and taking what she did and trying to turn it onto her victims. What else do you expect from Misery?

  5. Here's one for you EL and ALL you good people

    ~No need for revenge.
    Just sit back and wait.
    Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves
    and if you're lucky, God will let you watch!~

    I'd say the MOWFO karma she had coming was a good one to witness after the years she's spent trying to poison them against good people. Popcorn was tasting pretty good.
    Eventually that creep KO will get herself locked up. In a mental institution. If she thinks Paul is going to save her from her karma, heh, she's gonna be really pissed when reality dropkicks her!

  6. I'm a wiccan and I protect myself from KO's curses all the time.

    I say this chant to ward her evil off...

    Damn the foe who has harmed me,
    May evil return to its source ten fold.
    Let the sufferings intended for me be visited upon the perpetrator.

    Light thirteen candles and place them at different points in a room. Say the chant and let them burn out by themselves.

    I know people usually don't believe in this stuff but I have to tell you that it has worked for me. Kathryn no longer has any power over anything or anyone that I care about. She's history.

  7. Wouldn't be surprised if she(Misery aka Kooky OCrazy) used alternate accounts to talk to herself. *rolls eyes*
    KO aka Misery the Stalking Troll is the laughing stock of the internet.
    KO is becoming very well known as a stalking ugly troll who's definitely NOT a Beatles fan and writes horrible stories on her LJ.

  8. What's more is she doesn't seem to realize her latest facebook or I should say her "wall of hate" is something she herself should read to herself!
    Since she's one of the biggest haters, spreaders of rumors and gossip, she jumps on anything to do with anyone she hates and acts a damn fool and people who listen to her are indeed, idiots.
    But she obviously can't see her own vitriol and the fact people won't let her just railroad them or railroad people like Stella who, by the way and for the record, did NOTHING to deserve the crazy insane obsession of Kathryn O the crazy ass troll.

    And another thing. That crazy troll sure thinks about your blog all the time. She's still seething about anyone taking a stand against her little world of delusional freakdom. The truth hurts her.

  9. Well she has posted the name of my blog twice now that I know of on her Wall of Hate, so I guess my blog is being promoted by her now. Nice. Maybe people can see how she trolls because I do put the evidence up.

    Oh and there's NOT one rumour anywhere on my blogs. So her little grasping at straws is another pathetic irrelevent ploy of hers. The only "rumours" anyone would see here are the ones in which are shown authored by HER via her posts on the Beatles forums she is trolling and has been trolling since she found them and on her stalkerish catkick livejournal.

  10. Macca fan who's had enough of KOApril 15, 2012 at 9:25 PM
    It's like *any* chance she can say that she's been a loooong time writer/fan/whatever, she'll add that like she's going to shove those lies on someone or else!
    Barf. Of course the only thing going on in her head is pretty gruesome.

    And of course *any* chance she can mention the people she trolled and pissed off and RAN OFF from MPL, she's gotta take any stab she can!
    And as if she doesn't fill up EVERY inbox and thread public or private with her chronic nagging!

    What's even more fucked up is that she claims she doesn't know *why* people keep track of her shit!
    D'UH! Maybe people don't like the fucking rumors and accusations she just throws at them! Like being stalkers when she's the one who stalks them!
    And the fact she is *always* including people who have already made it known they don't want anything to do with her in as many places as she fucking can!
    And the numerous harassing shit and even THREATS she posts about them! Yeah she just doesn't know why people are on alert. What a fucking imbecile.

    KO really doesn't GET that it's her MOUTH problem and that she IS THE PROBLEM! She'll NEVER get it.

  11. LOL she says she'd like to know what people thought when they kicked her out- what a laugh! Like all narcissists she doesn't care what others think, it's only all about her and what she thinks. Nobody else matters, she even posted some shit on Chris's wall saying 'oh you think I care?' then followed that with a 'but stop and think how I feel' >< It's like saying 'I don't give a shit about you or your feelings but you gotta bow down and revolve your universe around me!'
    Chris ended up blocking her.
    Yeah she's a completely self-absorbed psycho bitch.

    1. Yes I did block her, She is worthless and needs pro help. It is very sad to think i used to associate with her and go to the same events she went to. I got sick of it when she took post on my facebook page and crapped and twisted them to be all about her. I hope i never see her again in real life i do not know what i might say or do....

  12. Hey she's definitely old and uncool. She's been posting some more me-me-me stuff at the Macca blogs. Even brings up the imaginary Charlie G again. Good grief.

  13. No wonder we've had peace and quiet for the last few days!
    The troll bitch had no power!

    But unfortunately she was back to trolling and flamebaiting.

    Here's what our forum had today in the way of her psycho bullcrap.

    Going waaay off topic to throw in more bullshit. What else, right? The fictional Charlie G is mentioned again!

    And man! She REALLY doesn't get satire or has the slightest sense of humor!
    Also what she describes she is doing is, in fact, illegal.

    Or being a "Bitch" more like. She speaks ill of anyone living or dead. Nothing but a pathetic gossip, she is!

    1. Funny, she first told us (MFH) that she had a ex-husband who did sign language.
      Nothing about a birthday parties. Then she changed her story to an all-about-her and her birthday parties with dolphins (kid stuff and everything)
      and said that they just taught the people at the "party" sign to Lennon's 'Imagine' and nothing about any other songs. Just that one.
      The story keeps morphing into all these different things because she's trying to invent something the never happened.
      I think she just saw something about sign language on TV or some other place and decided she would turn it into an all-about-her subject.

      Ironic that Stella is the one who put together Paul's latest song to a sign language theme using different celebs.
      KO must be tearing her hair out right about now. Stella, the one she really hates is going to be the one with the sign language fame for Paul than KO ever will be no matter how much she makes self-absorbed stories about herself.

      Another thing I wanted to add. Now that I know more about KO's stalking and her long history of threats.

      KO, deleted. All her posts. All her myspace blogs of death threats and sickness.
      The service found her unwelcome because what she posted was wrong and illegal.
      She was deleted. She was deleted again and again. KO's sickness will never change and she'll be deleted again.

      Just wanted to say that.

      We're glad to be rid of her at MFH. What a troll she was at MFH.

  14. She wasn't at any SCA "party" recently. There is no such thing as "SCA parties". Jesus Christ.
    Sounds like she's still stalking that girl in Ark.

    1. The troll stalker bitch really doesn't get what SCA is, does she? What an idiot troll. You know she only posts that to stir up shit because she thinks SCA people or members thereof will see that. She really wants her past victims of her list invasions to see that and react. But they've all buried her in the ground and forgotten all about her!

      Also facts be known, her comments about being deleted, and her threats that she'll get somebody deleted is now officially an EMPTY threat! Those victims have their own server and can host whatever the hell they want to. The truth prevails!

  15. Had she really been a long time fan, she would have known this very blatant fact and also has she REALLY read or even owned any books in the 1980s, she could have read that very blatant fact!
    KO shouldn't be inflicted on anyone either!
    The reason I bring this up is because KO tried to get Francie inflicted on Dirk Benedict and his site since KO had failed to hack it.

    Because with ALL her [imaginary boyfriends and married men she tries to hook] she just can't get anyone to touch her nasty...any part of her!

    Brain bleach needed now!

    Or being a "Bitch" more like. She speaks ill of anyone living or dead.

    Why does she think because she thinks she's a "witch" that she's somehow safe from karma when speaking ill of the dead? And she sure shows she has no social skills whatsoever. Doesn't even suspect that she makes herself look like the pathetic ugly bully she is and that her personality really reeks of suckiness.

    What stuns me is that she has minions who actually do crap for her, troll for her and think they're standing up to bullies when in fact they are helping her TO bully and harass others.

    She's even bragged about having mafia people who'll do crimes for her. Really sick and twisted. So is anyone who follow in her hoof-prints.

  17. I'm starting to see what you guys mean! Her facebook wall is nothing but a bunch of hateful bitching and telling people to go fuck themselves because they don't quote/unquote 'like her' but she sure whines about not being liked every goddamn day! Maybe she should fuck off and get over herself already..... hmmmmm

    And have you ever noticed she keeps bitterly attacking gay men and fashion because she's a fat ugly pig who's obese?

    KO is obese AND obsessed!

    Her only "minions" are just as pathetic and boring as she is. Mafia my ass! The bitch got nobody to help her do crimes. Just druggie losers like ShitHead Loser.

  18. Saw these today.
    She's crazy alright. She thinks dead Beatle members are talking to her.
    Not only that, this "ghost a/k/a her delusional crazy schitzoid mind" obviously can't remember if [John Lennon] gave a book or received a book. FFS!

    HA! This shit's aimed at some celebrities but it's still more of KO's mirror reflections of herself!
    She is whiny and nasty. NASTY! And she throws tantrums.

    And this "Paul basher" is one of her friends on FB! And what's more, her post is off-topic.

    And on her Wall of Hate on FB, imaginary friends keep getting mentions and made-up stories are still being ignored. lol

    Just adding my two-cents.

  19. You know I was reading through that crap of hers on fb. I'm a member of that ST group one of her minions had up that's now gone.
    Her name there was kitty9tails or some weird shit like that and she sure spread enough rumors there because she's a hater, her lies were accepted by fools, namely the group's owner and I took it upon myself to do some research
    since she constantly talked nasty about others all the time on there. I went to the old BattlestarGalactica group and hunted down the person she spread rumors about.
    Turns out that the person she seemed so obsessed with never like Jar Jar Binks, or any of the stupid nasty rumors kathryn would always spread on that group and several others. All those groups are gone now and the idiot believing her lies is really as stupid as kathryn is nasty.

    I can't believe he'd know she lies about shit and doesn't consider that she just lies about everything. But what can you do?

    KO should also seek anger management help. Oh man Mel Gibson's stuff is nothing compared to KO's rage.

    Ask KO's poor sister.