Friday, April 20, 2012

Bully calling others a Bully!

There's something you see from the sociopath everyday. The latest trolling and bitchfest by none other than the Bully who came into our midst to bully some people, and troll the Beatles forums ! Isn't it just typical that she would use her same old tired tripe again and again ? Yep.

It's really something, ain't it ? Kathryn O the Troll has bullied and made herself notorious on the internet as a bullying stalker with no life yet constantly sets out to remind whoever is present that it's everyone else that must be the bully. Zzzzzz. Look at her own history. Mmmmkay, I rest my case of who the bully really is.

It's as if she feels she just doesn't bitch enough on the forums, or on her FB or to anyone who ackowledge her in any form or all over the whole world wide web. KO just spreads her shit everywhere, while we, who deal with this psycho nightmare everyday, are keeping it simple and keeping it real! The truth and the fact I know it, really has her knickers in the biggest twist! It's absolutely hilarious.

This troll has now made it official that she does read my blog everyday ! Confirms she's a bully, by her own projections and puts as much vitriol and hatred out there that nobody can possibly see this bitch as anything but a total psycho stalker. What did I do? I put up ONE blogger account for a place to vent about this creep. No other place do I even bring that insane bagnag up. Nowhere. But she brings me and everyone else up, everywhere. Every day. All the time. I suppose her claims that we're all "stalkers" wasn't on her list of name-calling today, so it's bully. Next day... it will be bi-polar. Then she will be back to stalkers. Yeah we're very familiar with her pattern. You can set your clock by her. KO is as predictable as the Pope is Catholic.

The Troll has also totally deluded herself into think I'm "riding her coattails" and wanting to ride "other parts of her"! WTF ??? OMG ! Can she be any more off base and revealing her own perversions ? OMG! Isn't she the one writing smut against Anna from MPL ? KO is sick. No doubt about it.

Then she goes into some rant about (I'm guessing) Alan. As if I speak with him or any "authority admin" or something. She is a fucking moron. Then she deludes herself into thinking she's got more traffic to her porn stuff. Maybe the curious folks out there who want to see a real life psychopathic crazy troll in action is looking in ? It's like looking at a train wreck. People know they shouldn't but morbid curiosity kicks in. Otherwise she doesn't have the stats I have; there are other people who feel EXACTLY the way I do about that little fat troll on the net. What's more, I don't have to promote my blog, and I still get hundreds of unique IP visitors. Google kicks LJ's ass anyday! And pretending to defend any admin from the forums is an obvious ploy that she's kissing their asses. Funny she had so much hatred against Alan not too long ago and told one of the other members that she doesn't trust him and felt he should be fired. Is that what she tried to do to Tracy (Dirk's friend)? Yeah she needs to keep flapping that big gum of hers until someone puts her in a mudhole. Lord knows she'll never shut the fuck up.

The troll even has to spam her link everywhere to get all of two or three replies to her teenybopper porn, and she gets NO replies to her hate entries. I get comments all the time. Proving I do have more readers than she does and I can promise you that most of the comments are by people I know and the ones I don't know all have different static IPs. Gotta suck to be her to be so wrong and crazy ! And ugly.

I know she'll read this too. If there's anything like justice in the world, it's gotta be slapping a troll like her down and getting under her skin everyday just for existing!


  1. First a shout out to English Lass! I love ya sweetie! Call me Saturday afternoon, I gotta a sweet gift for your BDay.

    Now about the troll.
    Her attempts to report your blog have failed. So she's whiny nasty tantrum throwing. Also she claimed she was going to some band thing. I guess she loves to post stupid bashing to prove she's really just sitting at her computer being the world's most pathetic shitbag.

    1. Heey! Well I will be calling. Anyway the troll thinks she's so goddamn smart and she's dumber than a rock. She actually looked up "Misery Pest Control" on Google and I saw her in my stats looking through my blogs here via that Google search as my stats actually show me referring links where visitors are coming from! LOL
      you see she is really a STALKER ! And she's still looking for the people she stalks so she can ambush them or send more threats or try to hack and destroy them somehow. That fucking lowlife really never stops. Ever.

  2. That bitch spent her life bullying people! That troll has NO PLACE to talk! When anyone rejects her trolling or crazy ass lies, she goes beyond bullying them and terrorizes them with death threats and life-long stalking!

    1. What I find particularly disgusting about her is that she brings all this on herself but still attacks the world and humanity for her own evil and stupidity.

  3. Um Alan got bashed because Alan did some crap and helped the troll tro continue trolling and deleted good threads rather than just take care of the real problem and ban her ass.
    Nobody can even have a decent thread about anything she hates (namely Stella) without it being removed because of HER!!! Alan sucks and that's a FACT!
    And Jerry (the admin of BL) actually agrees that she is a troll.
    She just loves making up her own reality which is not reality.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before she starts her tired old empty death threats?

  5. OMG K.O. aka Kooky OCrazy aka Misery aka catkick aka alienated aka kitty9tales aka evil, insane, psychotic, ugly....
    is proving to be more and more idiotic and insane and ugly...if that's possible!
    Wondering who's the chief admin there at the Macca board.
    It won't be too long until Misery the Stalking Troll gets her ugly ass banned from there too.
    Hopefully, a lot of members at the Macca board will complain about Misery.
    She looked up Misery Pest Control? ROFL She is beyond stupid, saying she's dumber than a rock is insulting the rock! LOL
    Noticed she didn't post the link to the blog here in her disgusting LJ.
    The troll is a COWARD, BULLY, LIAR and a STALKER

  6. This is the kind of shit (TMI) that people just don't need and everyone knows she makes things up.
    Why the constant need to post shit like this?

    Nobody cares nor wants to know about this. Like we didn't need to know about her armpit hair or her masterbation habits that she created threads about back when she first joined.

    1. Um the owner of that veggie café is NOT her boyfriend, or an ex or any such thing and certainly wouldn't touch her. So she is lying. Man when lies she lies BIG and anyone who knows can see how blatant her lies are!
      I know the guy and she's definitely lying. I think I'll tell him about that post because she is indicating it's him. What owner/boss sits in a car with a heffer like that and is absent from his own grand opening?
      OK I rest my case.

      KO is the opposite of OK. It's pretty obvious she is a sickness in this world and really, imho, she needs locked up.

  7. what i don't understand is why you both keep talking about each other. this doesn't change or solve anything or bring either of you any resolution or peace of mind. instead it's the two if you just spouting off more vitriol into the internet. it doesn't accomplish anything. from what i've read she doesn't seem like a nice person, but then neither do you honestly, since you dedicated a blog on bashing her.

    i'm not a sock puppet or a while knight, i just don't get why you guys continue this flame war when it's obviously not going to get anyone anywhere ever.

    doesn't it get old?

    1. We're saying THE TRUTH.
      This was started a long time ago by K.O. aka Misery.
      She has been harassing people for years and stalking them on the internet and in real life.
      She's sent me nasty emails and many, many other people.
      Misery isn't a nice person at all, she's frankly psychotic.
      She's also called people on the phone with death threats.
      This most definitely NOT a flame war.
      The person who posted this blog has the guts and the courage to stand up to stalker and should be commended for that.
      I commend her for that.
      We're also sick and tired of K.O. aka Misery harassing and stalking people on the internet and in real life.
      Thank God she doesn't know my phone number!
      She's also been banned from many a site for violating the rules.
      Something has to be done about this troll. We're fed up and we're taking it any more! >:(

    2. I meant to say "We're fed up and not taking it any more!"
      Misery your time on the internet is coming to an end!

  8. HOTTT Herald of the Truth and TimesApril 22, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    To the one who clams not to be a sockpuppet or a white knight. This comment is for you to understand a few things.

    1- This blog isn't "dedicated" to that stupid bitch. Please read the blog's header. It is a place where English Lass and anyone else fed up, can go and speak their piece. Let their voices be heard. Since "Misery" seems to oppress anyone for even speaking. For godssake she even had her minions DDoS a whole forum that was PRIVATE because the majority of the people there were victimized by her and she knew there was solid evidence against her in that forum.

    2-- You have NO CLUE of what you speak. Look at it this way, when someone like KO makes her life be about pursuing and harassing and literally stalking people because they find her repulsive and A TROLL (let's face it, she IS A TROLL) and they ban her or do something to escape her, avoid her, not want to read another post by her on their favorite sites and she makes that impossible, and steps up her annoying trolling, I think it's safe to say that a blog like this is called for.

    There's no way anyone can balance out the vast amount of hatred she's got on the internet going against practically everybody, but blogs like this are a small step of voices that have finally dealt with it enough and decided to take the route that others have in the past. To document everything and speak up. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Go ahead and try to oppress us. We still live. It's time this notorious troll-stalker-she-beast is exposed for what she really is. Too many people who have been ignorant of her have come to pay a high price. Ask them.

    So "White Knight" or not, you can look at any example of a dictator anywhere. You can start with Hitler and work your way all the way to the Syrian Leader and what is it that the people have done? They suffered oppression and began to speak the truh and expose to the world what was happening. This is no different. Ask yourself why so many people who've spoken out have become targets, not only their livejournals and forums at the mercy of her "control" and subject to destruction but her vitriol remains and is published every_single_friggin_ day BY HER! So while people are oppressed by her, her manipulation, and oppressive personality, and face destruction of their opinions and blogs and whatever she can attempt to destroy, she never relents. Never ceases. As a matter of fact when someone is railroaded by her, she steps up the harassment!

    Ask Tracy, Kimba, Russ, Veronica, Diane, Bibbi, Tina, Dawg of DBC, Dennis, Spidey, Nacky and all her SCA friends, Sherrie, Tonita, Anna Medlicka, Christopher, Shay, Juniper, Gordon, Jane, the lady who co-admins the Star Trek community, Deanna, the folks at MFH, the folks at all the ABBA and music-related yahoogroups, Bob, and so on. This is actually not a complete list. Ask them what their experiences were like dealing with this fucking lowlife you think shouldn't have a "blog" that speaks out against her. Ask them how they feel about it. Get some information ffs instead of listening to that horrible stalking bitch with no life who keeps posting on Paul McCartney's forum about how she's got a whole blog dedicated to her (this is something that she WANTS and LOVES to believe) but in REALITY, it is a blog dedicated to the people she has victimized and tried to silence. In reality we're speaking out against a woman who should franly be locked away and imo sentenced to life in prison. That's not hate. That's not vitriol. That's an opinion coming from the experience that NOBODY is going to have peace and quite until she is NO LONGER able to do what she is being enabled to do and has done for years.

    To be continued...

  9. You can jump up and down and scream and shout and think this all some little "spat" but dude, you've got no idea how bad she is. No idea whatsoever. And the longer she remains at the Paul forum, the more the poison she injects is working in. When they realize they've been played, the coffee might be detected and suddenly all the shit she sent them out to do will come back to haunt them. Stupid people play to manipulators like her and it's only after the realization that stuff like this blog was necessary. Yeah it gets old, but she doesn't care. She's the one whose oppresive dominance has gotten old. What you're seeing is the result of yet more people who have come to that realization of what she is. Believe me, she isn't about to stop talking about anyone. Ever. KO is a gossip and that's her favorite thing to do. But she turns it into all the darkness and death she projects. It's funny that you think she'll ever want or is capable of "peace of mind", while we would have just that if she were really gone and done away with, she could never have that which she does not possess. She doesn't have a conscience and is immune to shame and responsibility for her actions.

    Read the sites. You'd think ignoring her would work. Ask all those people who've tried for years and keep getting attacks from all these unknown sources (most are her alias accounts) but some are actual evil sick twisted fucks like her. How can you not try to take action against someone who simply will NOT LEAVE YOU or ANYONE ALONE? This is not some "two sides", this is the "people vs. kathryn" and this is not a "normal situation". Oh she'll make sure that she's not ignored.

    As for Paul McCartney himself. I suggest to him one simple thing. Talk to Dirk Benedict. You'll see he's not a monster. He's not a woman hater. He's not a pedophile. He does not have sex with his sons. He's a good man, a good father and has this kathryn o as a stalker. So in that, he has had some great misfortune. Let Paul make his own mind up between the sane Dirk Benedict and the INSANE bitch who slanders him and everynoe else in her troll-wake of terror and sickness. And know the facts. Like the simple fact that MPL and BL and all those are her hate blogs against others. The difference is, she's involving the entire mamberships where this blog is just a blog. No one has to come here to get latest news on topics that places like MPL would have to make available, and people HAVE to see her hatred and esoteric slanderous remarks directed at people off site and wonder WTF? In reality she turns whole sites into her own personal hate war and wants to look as if she has an army of people who are ready and willing to take up the sword against her enemies. Dude, we're the good guys. If they wanna be stupid. They can wallow in it. When she isn't posting about someone, and actually talking about something else, it's all an act to appear normal and cooperative. It's a ploy. Go ahead and fall for it if you'd like.

    Yeah let's see Paul take the suggestion and apply it; Talk to Dirk himself. Better yet, let him show Paul that stack of insane snail mail to his P.O. Box.

    As for me, I have spoken.

  10. but don't you think ignoring her would be more effective? i mean, i've spent a lot of time on the internet and if there is one lesson i've learned it's "don't feed the trolls" both because it gives them less reason to bother you and because it tends to drive them f'ing insane too. it's obvious from her journal that she gets off on the attention you guys pay her. (i only found this journal because she mentioned it somewhere else) so it just seems like you're giving her exactly what she wants.and i'm not saying you guys aren't saying the truth or that you shouldn't have a safe space in which to say it, it just seems that when you say these things about her in public to a very small audience (since this journal seems to be comprised of a group of friends) you're having a pretty small effect overall, BUT you're giving her more fodder to get off on and more reasons to complain about her perceived stalkers and psychos

  11. oh i missed the second comment that she refuses to be ignored. that sucks honestly. it just sucks because she refuses to be ignored and she also obviously LOVES the fact this blog exists.

  12. but i do agree that no one should be bullied. it just sucks because the way things are now, she can just point to this and say "look, i'm being bullied" since she deletes all her nasty lj entries and the only place you can find them is here, and if you don't know the whole backstory (like me) it looks like a bunch of people talking shit about her, whether deserved or not, and can still be chalked up to bullying, even if realistically it's just people standing up for themselves after putting up with her abuse.

  13. I get where you're coming from, but this has no "small audience" as I personally know about 20 other readers who just never commment. These people have been stalked by her in real life and via email. Naturally they're not going to make waves. One of a bully's tactics is to silence the victim. Misery/KO has done this to quite a few people. Sure, she can point to this blog and say whatever crazy thing she thinks up, but all anyone would have to do is actually READ it and the events and witness accounts speak out volumes. This is not a bully who put this blog up. This was a freedom fighter. Same story with all the other folks who've got blogs, diaries, forums and whatever hidden away.

    There's so many people who have spoken out, but there are 10 others to each of those who've spoken out, who remain silent. It's true to not feed the trolls. Nobody here makes any move to do so. This is all response to a troll, perhaps, but EL didn't mean for the troll to actually find it. We told her that it was a matter of time. EL has discussed making this blog private but then Misery/KO would still go on harassing people, and then she'd claim victory as she always does when someone is silenced. AND she will gloat about it countless years afterward. Even when the truth is, people moved or went underground to escape her. She tries to make it sound like they've been destroyed by the Hand of God. It's really disgusting to see any lie she spouts.

    So in essence, this isn't some pesky troll, this thing is beyond that. BTW this isn't the only place that documents her stalking psycho public attacks on sites. I know of, at least, 16 other people who are taking great pains to document everything they are able to. Nobody wants to. We have to. That's the sucky part. Without the evidence, people who don't know how she operates, how she does, would not have the knowledge of the entire picture.

    Her latest signature on MPL indicates just how she's lied about the length of time she claims she's been a "fan" of Paul McCartney.

    You see, if her life was changed for the better, why wasn't he (Paul) ever mentioned when she was still posting about Dirk being her "idol" and all the gushy crap she wrote about him even AFTER the cruise where he outright rejected her advances? Why was Paul never ever mentioned? I think we all know the answer. KO's stalking skills are potent. But the truth is, she's a liar and crazy and thinks she can't be caught in her web of lies. Those who've caught her red-handed and know exactly what she is...well you see how she sets out to discredit, deceive others and destroy us.

    And look at the trail of destruction she's got behind her, and I wonder who's helped her in that desolation and hatred she has successfully caused countless people. I wonder if any of those idiots would help her now to bring down someone else. Where are they now? Where do they stand now? What's their views like now when history has shown them in the light of day their mistakes?

  14. Thanks guys. Couldn't have said it better myself. Yeah and she is still trolling ans stalking around in here and just put up another delusional post on her LJ. In her latest bullshit posting, she claims that no one here is a Paul fan. What tripe. Does she now claim to know everyone here ? Really ? What a load of bull, KO, what a load of shit you dump out of that dumptruck of trash that you call a mouth. You bully.

    When she claims people have stalked her to MPL, it's actually the other way around ! She is a stalker and needs a fixation to obsess over and Paul was the replacement when she burned herself out of Dirk Benedict stalking.

    Nobody on MPL asked for that troll to show up. She just did and folks, please know the truth, she made everyone totally aware that she was on the Beatles sites. Like she did with other sites as I had seen for myself. All her harassing emails to various people wherein she gloated about having "fans" who believe her shit and then sent along actual links to her posts of which in turn was reported to the webmaster. Her posts were removed. So much for her theory that Paul is helping her and calling people fruitcakes for her. And so much for her LIES that Paul is actually talking to her ! Yes, she actually claimed that to several people in real life and online.

    An Swedish music fan member recalls her barging in on their boards and posted links to some place called MichiganFandom or whatever and gloated about having everyone there being "on her side". Well today, nobody on MichiganFandom will have anything to do with her. Now she claims people "stalked" her to MPL ! Nope. Didn't happen, and these sites where people like me saw right through her act and saw her trolling for what it was immediately. She made it well known she was there and her victims had no choice but to report it.

    Nobody stalked her. She stalked them, got them to report her ugly abuse and still thinks she can claim she's being stalked. There's a word for her, ain't there ? It's lying manipulator. Agitator. Do the kill and place the bloody knife in the dead man's hand so it looks like a suicide. That's her tactics. More or less.

    Oh there's more!
    Yes sirrreee. She's run off old members who've been loyal and long time members there who won't even come near the place now because of her. She's successfully driven off about 3 really good friends that I've known like forever, and a dozen more who just can't tolerate her constant gay-bashing remarks about the fashion industry and Stella, and Catholic folks, and drones on about being a witch who talks ill of the dead like it's funny or something. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Her latest bullsbhit on her insane catkick livejournal is really another one of those poor-me feel-sorry-for-me boasts while totally hiding the facts and obscuring the truth.

    Recently the stuff I've seen her post about her own family members leaves me shaken and fearful for their well-being.
    The yt link is about KO, this was made so the victims can understand fully what has happened. Pay attention to the part about the "This is not a normal situation" and know we are facing a lifetime of KO's abuse.

    1. Just call me PauletteApril 22, 2012 at 8:45 PM

      Great post! On Kooky O'Crazy's latest LJ I can plainly see that she is definitely trying to subjugate and divide and all that with her post dated today. Coming out the gate she immediately accuses people here of not being Paul's fans. Did this matter? Did we have to be Paul McCartney's fans in order to comment here? Funny I dind't read any rules against it. But yes the majority of us here are his fans. Long before she came along. Mind you, the others who've commented here were basically DRAGGED into Paul fandom by way of being slandered on his forum. So I'd say Kooky O dragged people there and there's no stalking on their part whatsoever.
      In her recent catkicker posts, the first one she pretends to be all concerned for Alan's feelings. Oh bitch please. But in the post today she absolutely drags MPL (which is where Alan moderates the forum) and drags him right into her drama about who is a Paul fan and who isn't and then claims she's being stalked on his site! That's a lie. It's slanderous and libelous to MPL when it just isn't the truth. But she has filled up lots of threads with cutting remarks, lies and deception about people. In some instances even naming them. Deceing members who don't know or probably suspect she's a lying windbag.
      KO is a serial bully. There's no doubt about that.
      I finally decided to comment here because I'm a Paul fan and I have had ENOUGH of her constant SHIAT!

  15. Well whether or not the other commentor is white knighting for her or not, it's really ridiculous to ask anyone to accept something like KO in their midst and be all peace and harmony. Hey if someone broke into your house and killed your dog or your family or just broke your best china and then left and went on their merry way to harass you in whatever way they could and then played the poor me card to everyone in your neighborhood I'd think that you'd be justified in not ever wanting to make peace with that kind of riff raff. There's no sense in it when it's literally someone like her. There is NO resolution because she is incapable of offering anything other than misery. She was aptly named Misery.

  16. Well she calls everyone a stalker because she has nothing to throw at them. Her dumb livejournal posts are always irrelevent to throw people off the issue and divert the real issue so she uses irrelevancy to try to escape detection. She is so obvious in this it's really pathetic.

  17. the not whit knighter here again, honestly while i get that she's extremely unpleasant, from the gist of it, she did not break into anyone's house, kill their dog or family, broke their china, and then harassed everyone. it sounds like this is a long standing thing and to be fair it also seems like people are at the least keeping tabs on her, unless y'all happen to have incredibly coincidental overlapping fandoms and ran into her through this dirk guy and then again through the beatles.

    and honestly, since i have anonymity on my side, i can be pretty honest and say that i have had something really horrible happen to me in my past and i -did- choose to at least make peace with myself and move on as best i could, which meant distancing myself from the negativity in my own head (as well as the person who caused it) cause when i was younger, i was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance and i was too young and too scared or stupid to press charges and while it ate me up for a LONG time, it got to a point where i needed to let it go. not forgive this person and hang out with them and break bread or anything like that, but say, "fuck it, there are only so many things i can focus my mind on, and if i keep letting this hatred devour me, it's gonna be a cancer because there is literally nothing i can do about it now"

    so yeah, me and this person never literally made peace, but i made peace with myself with the fact that there are a lot of assholish people out there, some of which i was unlucky enough to cross paths with, but it was -my- decision to give them power over me.

    i'm not saying everyone should join hands and sing love songs or anything like that. it's obvious that she's nasty and i also admit i don't know 1/100th of what she's done to you guys (i don't even know who this dirk guy is) but i guess on some level it seems like there has to be a limit to what you all expose yourselves to when it comes to her toxicity...otherwise it's going to be a perpetual feedback loop of both camps using blogs to post indirect messages to each other.

    1. Notawhiteknighter, ok sorry that you had to go thru such a thing. For that you are in my prayers.

      You see Dirk Benedict was the one that was suppose to sweep her off her feet and save her and whatever delusion she created about him. When reality struck, she went off on everyone in her path.

      ABBA and Beatles are just the fringes of what started as her undying fixation on the man. Or any celebrity man who she must fixate on in order to create a fantasy world. they explain all this traits in types of stalkers and she fits all three of those kind of stalkers. 1 for the object of desire 2 for the belief that there is a relationship where there exists NONE and 3 to stalk anyone who might expose her to the public or the very guy she's fixating on.

      while she didn't go and break into someone's house physically she did in fact invade some people's homes with harassing and threatening phone calls to them. She even posted that person's phone number on a very public yahoo list BattlestarGalacticaRevival and forced that family to change their number. That wasn't the only thing she did. They fought back and people fight back, but she won't stop trying to "win" by dominating and trying to "control" them and everyone else for that matter.
      Oh yes she has done some really horrible things. Criminal things. It's not just some random idiot on the internet. This one is truly a monster among the humans. But her mask of sanity prevents people who don't see her abuse or have been on the other end of it from seeing for themselves. Only the victim really knows the true personality of this abuser, troll, stalker, bully. all that. The general public are oblivious but even in that, there are some, like EL, and others who know and see thru the act.
      It's unfortunate that this is a perpetual thing. But we live to fight another day. KO needs to be done away with and then there will be rest. And definitely she'll be forgotten. We'll gladly forget her, but until she's gone, we're still in the trenches here.
      Dodging debris. Ducking for the incoming. Cause it'll come. It always does.

  18. See what you're not understand or failing to understand and I don't think anyone here is judging you or trying to say anything negative to you personally but you hit the nail on the head with the not-knowing much about this.

    Let me elaborate a bit. First, Dirk Benedict is a celebrity in the USA. He's mostly known for Battlestar Galactica & A-Team TV series. 1979-onward. Ok so he's well known to a degree there.
    KO is a stalker, first and foremost. She bought tickets to a cruise he was to be on. A health cruise. Ok put the target and the stalker on the same boat. What do you think happened? Not good. Ok now after the cruise and her being arrested and unfortunately let go, she came back with a vengenace. This ALLL came from that one event. As far as these many people are involved. FTR, Beatles and ABBA fandoms are pretty close. But she latched onto Paul because Dirk was no longer easily accessed. She has been permanently banned from his website. Ask them. It's you can even contact the staff there. Ask them about Kathryn O. And if she were really being stalked, you'd think she'd use another name. No, she planned to infiltrate the new territory that is Paul fandom. Nobody knew her there. Except for a sparse few that were also witness to the ABBA group attacks she committed in 2005-2006.

    There are no direct "messages" here to that horrid troll. This is a blog to talk about a troll's trolling. Not only that her posts are very direct, even as one other person pointed out she names names! Yes, we'd love nothing more than to forget about this bitch and move on. And believe me many have tried. But what you're not seeing is that she keeps dragging the victims BACK IN by way of spreading the toxic shit issuing from her mouth and internet connection and as long as she has internet connection, the problem will be an everlasting one. One lady even went months without going online and hoped the problem was well behind her. But when she got back online, there were literally tons of attacks, harassing and threatening emails just witing for her and on the very day she went back online, more emails from KO popped in as she was in the process of blocking all of the different aliases KO used. So ignoring her what we all want. You have no idea how bad we want that. But that thing in Michigan, has the very tool tghat allows her to continue where in real life, she'd be doing some serious time. It's the weak laws that make this kind of crime especially grievious and the victims suffer this crime in silence. Other than being able to come and speak out. But other than that, the internet is not fun for the people who are the unfortunate targets of her obsession.

    BTW, I'm sorry that you experienced such a horrible thing. But be careful, anything you say here can be copied and used as one of "her" experiences which would be a lie and an exact carbon copy of your real life story. Anything she can do to get attention, she'll use it. Just note that.

    1. She was stalking Martin Landau there for awhile too. He was very much UNaccessible to her. So she found McCartney. I already feel sorry for him.

  19. People kinda have to keep tabs on her. When they don't the evidence is harder to point out. It's actually prudent at this stage to save and record everything. God willing the law will catch up to her. I have seen for myself that when she is left to do whatever she wants, people end up having to report her posts or blogs or whatever to someone to have their names removed and the way over the line slander she posted about them. You cannot trust to the ignore factor in this case.

    And she has actually had a helpless defenseless puppy injured once. I know the guy who witnessed this. She was about 12 years old. She had a puppy beaten because the owner thought the puppy had bitten her. The reason she did it was to show the other kids how much power she had over the adult. The stupid adult beat the poor pup because KO was never questioned or doubted by that stupid adult. Even back then, a master at manipulation and a very cruel sadistic person. When I heard of that, I can tell you right now that KO deserves the kind of fate old Jezebel in the bible had. I get really upset just even mentioning that. She deserves the worst kind of fate. And live every moment of it.

  20. That puppy thing is pretty fucked up, jesus. It worries me that she's infiltrated 'my' fandom now...Though at the very least I doubt Paul McCartney is particularly accessible to anyone at this point. Though it seems she's latched on to George Harrison's son too, and he seems much more social with fans based on stuff I've read online.

    1. Any site that she has free access to, whether it's MPL or Dhani's fb or anything she is allowed to be on, those people are accessible to her. Paul in the physical sense of the word isn't someone she can just "approach" and that's true what you say that he is safe from her in that respect but don't underestimate anything she can do having free reign of *any* forum, board, site, or blog because she does have an agenda. A very dark agenda. Unfortunately she's already infiltrated some of these forums to a degree that should admins catch in her in lying, spreading gossip about others or whatever she's been up to, they can't ban her without some idiot somewhere giving them grief over it. At this point there would be a backlash and that's nothing compared to what she'll do about it! They might even feel forced to let her back on. This is how Paul would be affected, and like Dirk can tell you, she'll spread some really ugly slander about him and won't think a thing about it because she's the poor little woman and these men are big bastard women-hating men or something. That's her pattern. By keeping her, Paul is being spared from this kind of anguish. This allows her to control the forum. DBC went through this very thing. Look how that turned out.

      Had they (MPL) banned her at the time all this info was being discovered, there wouldn't be a problem now. But you know, eh, they kinda felt that she was such a poor little baby and fell for one of the oldest mindgames. She excells in mindgames. Innocents (like a puppy) be damned. I myself have cried because of that poor little guy and I'm sure the pup is dead now but still it just makes me so depressed and at the same time enraged that such abuse has gone on. People are one thing, but animals, they do NOT deserve any abuse physical or psychological! They deserve love! Have you ever noticed how cold she is about any animal rights groups? And her twisted views on the killing of animals? The name catkick is reflected of a time when she bitched online for weeks about a cat that "snubbed her" and so she calls her lj catkick. This woman is twisted and vindictive.

      She was banned from a forum called MOWFO and there were a few people there who sided in with the creep! Talk about the wool being completely pulled over their eyes! It's really hard to counter the mental manipulation she puts in people's heads against anyone who has brought her into the light of day.

    2. KO does keep repeating the same thing over and over about MPL being her most favorite place on the internet. They're not going to be able to get rid of her and breeze through it. No way. Because she'd be "devastated" and "suicidal" and all the same stuff she told the webmaster of Dirk's site. Of the BSG site. Of MOWFO's site...............................and so on

  21. So far I've seen her directly attack someone named Fudge, someone named Deanna, then a Chris, then a Richard who she seems to want to give a blowjob to, and Anna Medlicka gets attacked there quite a few times with nasty innuendos about sex and she sure seems to want to have sex with with all the people she attacks and well I've seen her attack lots of people there. I don't think she's biased when she has the opportunity to flame someone.
    I'd say she's emtionally immature and underdeveloped to a greater degree because she also seems to feel that any sexual matters must involve abuse and control. She said lots of times she thinks like a man. She'd be a rapist if she were really a man and let's not forget she has posted about buying virgins. Whatever the hell that means.

  22. HA!

    Can people tell she just makes shit up to appear like an authority and a know-it-all?
    Apple began in 1967!
    Again I repeat, she is NO LONG TERM fan of anything Beatles!

    1. Did you see the tripe she came up with? Another BS story that contradicts itself all over the place. KO is a really bad liar. A compulsive habitual liar but still a very bad liar.

  23. Her latest attacks on FB are so goddamn stupid. EL has friends! KO has nobody but people who are willing to be drained emotionally from KO who is an emotional vampire.

    She outright bullies and attacks EL on FB by attempting to make people believe EL has no friends or something, THAT is bullying and KO excells at bullying. There is so much proof of this and KO should ask herself why does she sit day and day watching EL on the net and post about her and everyone else she hates on the net *everyday* then maybe she can look in that mirror when she makes stupid ass comments about EL watching her!

    KO just sees what she wants to see and it isn't reality! Now she's desperate and what does she do? Slings more mud.

    All of us who see KO's trolling don't have to look for them, because they are already in all our faces. We see her whether we want to or not because there's no ignore button on the forums. On FB a lot of us have her blocked so she finds ways to post her crap to other walls we will see.

    She attacks EL with the title "bullying stalker"... boy, talk about projection!

    P.S. and on KO's Wall of Hate, she posts about not needing approval from anyone but all her posts and attacks scream for attention and acceptance.

    Her wall is like her, it's all pattern. Example:

    you don't have any friends, you're this you're that! I hate you I hate you!


    I don't need approval from you!

    Then why talk about it? Keep on harping about it? Why post such squealing, whining and verbal abuse? We certainly don't need nor care about KO and her drama. We're just calling a spade, a spade. That's all we're doing here and nobody is trying to "approve" of her so her delusional outbursts and repeated wall messages are really old and worn-out.

    And KO was bullying members of MPL long before this blog came into existence. People should know that.

    1. She thinks that somehow will manipulate us into "approving" of her or something because you're right, all that crap she had on her wall today was all about how wonderful she is and trying to make EL feel like she should leave MPL & BL and hide. It's just more of KO trying to drain those who are dumb enough to listen to her and trying to wipe out the people who've caught on and see KO for what she is, by assaulting them with that stupid crap.

      And the "this is FOR the bullying stalker" nonsense, is there any further proof that KO is the one who is stalking and bullying EL? All EL did was show KO's abuse and then talk about it in her own blog. That's it.
      I can see where those people in Dirk Benedict ports are coming from when they tell of their nightmare experiences of KO. Jesus.

  24. --Ask Tracy, Kimba, Russ, Veronica, Diane, Bibbi, Tina, Dawg of DBC, Dennis, Spidey, Nacky and all her SCA friends, Sherrie, Tonita, Anna Medlicka, Christopher, Shay, Juniper, Gordon, Jane, the lady who co-admins the Star Trek community, Deanna, the folks at MFH, the folks at all the ABBA and music-related yahoogroups, Bob, and so on.--

    She was even taking credit for causing something aweful happening to one of the MFH members. Cause she thinks she's a witch.