Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Troll Grasps at Straws

From the latest attacks that came today, I've learn that the stalker troll has launched a string of attacks on her facebook wall. Oh how pathetic. After getting the skinny on exactly what is posted there I cannot believe how this crazy bitch even sleeps at night. But sociopaths are without a conscience after all.

KO's pattern and tactics are always the same; Regurgitation of the same thing she's used for years against other people. Her dictatorship really presents a problem for her when her way is not had. It must really suck for her to be so obsessed with anyone who has brought to light any of her deeds. I being one of them.

It seems her biggest problem with me is that I simply have a blog where people can say what they want to. She has stalked, harassed and manipulated so many people to help her keep anyone from having that simple freedom - the freedom of speech and she has went on the warpath to prevent anyone from having any kind of site, blog, URL on the internet that exposes her for the sociopath she is, the liar she is, we're exposing her lies and so naturally this blog is going to be subjected to her unrelenting abuse.

She couldn't get it reported and hacked, so her last resort is to start the hate campaign on me and keep it going heavily. Now I am amid the number of other people who've been in the same boat.

So in light of her latest total bullshit on fb today which looks like every other day over there, same flaming and then whining about her life and how people hate her and then, more flaming and never realizing that she has a fucking mental illness, I will now dispell her LIES she's posted today.

1. I never said I had "fans", that's just more of the serial bully's way to distort the truth and make me out to sound like her; vain and arrogant. I said I had READERS which are people I know, most of them anyway. I said I get hundreds of unique IP visits A DAY. That doesn't mean all of those IPs comment here. It just means I get hits to my blog. Which bothers her because her lies are being exposed and pointed out. A sociopath HATES that. ;)

2. I'm not online everyday. I don't sit and "watch" her everyday. Nobody does. She isn't being stalked. She just keeps trying to get people to help her attack us and keeps talking about anyone she hates online all the time and so her delusional freak twisted acid-soaked warped thing she calls a brain is so far off base that you might as well be looking at a void of darkness and emptiness. Any logical rational person can tell she is the very thing she's constantly throwing out about others. Nobody can reason with someone that far gone. Too bad people can't make her internet connection mimic that same disconnection from reality that she has. Then we'd all be free of her.

3. KO watches my blog everyday. Then posts attacks against it while running and whining to MPL and BL and tells people there about how abused she is. But most of the members there have seen her attacks elsewhere and they just know better than to feel sorry for her when she's the aggressor. You cannot appease an aggressor. So members just ignore it best they can. It's kinda like she hits you, trolls you and attacks people like Stella and when you hit back, she goes and cries to the www and feigns victimhood.

4. She posted the "bullying stalker" several times on her wall. Maybe if she posts it enough, some fool will offer sympathy to her and she'll get that manipulated attention once more.

And her lies about what I said is another blatant manipulation. Claiming that I said I had "fans", the bitch isn't mis-remembering words or what was said, she is purposefully distorting the truth and putting words in my mouth that I never said. When you see anything here that reveals things she's said, it's all backed up with direct links, screen caps, and other criteria. KO is the liar. Not me. Not us.

Here's a snipper of one of the comments on my last blog. I'm posting it here to address KO's latest fb attacks.

All of us who see KO's trolling don't have to look for them, because they are already in all our faces. We see her whether we want to or not because there's no ignore button on the forums. On FB a lot of us have her blocked so she finds ways to post her crap to other walls we will see.
She attacks EL with the title "bullying stalker"... boy, talk about projection!

I told you ! She'll use the "stalker" word one day and the next it'll be one of her other favourite words! This time she just combined her two favourite words into one slam. Her efforts are tedious. You see all anyone has to do is take her most favourite word in the English language; that would be "stalker" and take her most favourite subject; which would be Kathryn O herself and combine those two things and you got the answer. Kathryn O = Stalker. Simple.

Further, the commentor is absolutely right, we have to deal with this bitch all the time ! Good grief she uses the "stalker" card so much that people know she is a fucking mental case who stalks people. My blog is in her thoughts 24 hours a day, but she won't change her ways, stop stalking, stop attacking me or anyone else for that matter because then she can't whine about her miserable life and drain people's energy and suck out all their life energy. So this blog that seems to really fuck her up because we're showing her for what she is, is a nice work of some retribution. It really pisses her off that she cannot stop anyone from talking, seeing, discovering and having a place to go to. KO just thought she had silenced everyone. Not quite ! Not even close.

So of course I'm now her target and now the one she'll focus all her hatred on. Oh excuse me while I yawn. I don't see her fb wall of rage and hate and tantrum throwing. I just have to see it on MPL and BL and her constant posting of her retarded catkicker livejournal links. I can see why the only place she can live is with her mother. I can't imagine how any other human being could live with something like that. The sister who had escaped the crazy nuthouse where KO lives makes so much sense ! Too bad that mother she lives with is totally oblivious to her online activities because KO flames her too.

And KO was bullying members of MPL long before this blog came into existence. People should know that.



  1. I've seen her attacks on facebook today. It's really disgusting that she can just flat claim that you have no friends and she knows NOTHING about you!!! >:( First off she thought you were Anna (the lady she also attacks on her stupid fiction journal) and you most definitely have friends EL! I've known your friendship for many years and I am standing by your side now. You've been one of the best friends I've had in a lifetime and that will never change, my sweet friend! KO is a disgusting troll who talks out of her large smelly ass and shows it to the horror of people who witness her ugliness.

  2. Of course I have friends. KO is just projecting her lack of friends because the imaginary ones she conjures up in her wall of lies aren't able to really bond with her. Imaginary friends are like that and she can't get real friends because she has no idea what friendship is. Didn't she finally get kicked out of a local group because she just shit on all those people who were willing to be her friends? Like Kimba, Chris and whoever all?

    Maybe she shouldn't be preaching about friends when her own status on that is a flaming failure. Her flaming is a big part of why she has no friends. Real friends and not sychophants who believe she's talking to Paul McCartney and other idiots who indulge in her drama, lies and feed into her delusions.

  3. That trolly troll K O sure deludes herself. I guess it gives her life meaning to believe people are watching her every move. Then why is only the Beatles sites ever linked here. I think it's obvious she's living in some little miserable la-la land. I think people also have a right to monitor things because, heh, she keeps libeling them and naming their names.

    @ English Lass, you are a true friend and don't ever feel down over a meaningless troll's trolling. Well you know I could take her own stupid retarded attacks on you and turn them right around on her! Since when did anyone here including you need her goddamned approval??? That's what I thought! K O is a LOSER! And we don't need her stamp of approval to see her as the bully AND STALKER that she is!!! I'll see it IN SPITE of her goddamn attention whoring on every profile she's littering.

    1. Believe me, she's proving to the world that she's the bullying stalker. The repetition alone is enough to show people that. I'm not in the slightest bit worried that she's having all kinds of head-splitting fits all over her livejournal and facebook. I'm waiting for her to start shit on MPL because the coward has only been sending private hate mail there. But sooner or later she'll snap and show all the people there her real personality. Mr. Hyde will eventually come out.

  4. One of the things Psycho Stalker does is bring into question other people's friendships and relationships. She did that to Tina with an avalanche of nasty harassing attacks in email and on MFH. Tina of course has plenty of friends. You of course have been a good friend to me and that will just EAT away at that Psycho Stalker and I'm glad. I hope it makes her double over and throw herself into convultions. Me being a friend to you. Thank you EL for your kindness, understanding and courage. You rock!

  5. She's still carrying on on her facebook wall. gee what a dredge and regurgitator. Just on and on and on and on and forevermore bitchybitchy bitch. Holy shit she never stops and then wonders why she's hated. Her wall is a barrage of contradictions and the little pic-icons with sayings should be something she reads for HERSELF since she can't stop lying and trying impress and manipulate people with her lies and it follows her 'I don't your accpetance' shit. Now she's on a 'You can't be accepted by me' trip. HEY BITCH - NOBODY cares if you don't accept them or not. The only way that psycho accepts people is when they can do for her and when they're no longer of any use, she shits on them.
    Bill (I know this guy) he gets slammed by her too and again everything she's posting should be directed right AT HERSELF! She's used the 'bullying stalker' label now about six times in like the last couple of hours. Does she really think that she will get anywhere with these flame attacks and lies? Like her ugly wall is going to change anyone's mind or sway them. What a psycho troll.
    The reason she's harping on Bill is because he didn't want her pathetic life-sucking tactics at his last party. He did not have to invite her and he had good reason. But it's always someone else and never her. She flames, blames and whine, then wonders why people don't like her. The blindest, thickest, clueless nasty bullying stalker who lies about chitchatting with McCartney out there.
    And what's more this is on facebook and it can be shown page after page on her wall that it's just an account she uses to harass with which is against their terms, it's also against their terms to use a false identity and her real name is NOT Karen Nesbit!

  6. It's really sick when she can call *anyone* a bullying stalker when she has announced several times that she talks ill of the dead. Gloats about anyone's misfortunes or the destruction of their property and brings harm to innocent little animals. And she calls *anyone else* names like that???? Has she been looking in that mirror of hers too long?????
    You guys, you have my sympathies. I see what she is and this has nothing to do with trying to be accepted by anyone. The truth is the truth! KO is an enemy of the truth, and decency, she's an enemy to anything that requires a moral center. She is utterly void of humanity. How does she not get locked up? It will be nothing short of a miracle if she's ever brought before justice.

  7. I'd like to know where anyone's lies like she claims. Everything here has been pretty much straight forward and links to her lies and comparisons of her "stories" like the one about meeting George Harrison is pointed out. This place has shown example after example of her lies, yet no one here is making anything up as far as I can tell. Instead of posting crappy flaming facebook/livejournal angry rage of her Mel Gibson 'tude, why doesn't she point to one, just ONE instance of a lie here and back i up with a screenshot or a link or anything!? She can't. That's why.
    And I have a copy of a message where she actually said her "George Harrison" thing was a dream. Since then she's tried to tell everyone it's real. Someone actually slipped up not too long ago and replied to her post about it and said of this is the dream you told me about. Then she sent some pm to them and to shut up and replied back that it was all real. Seems like the liar is so bad at keeping her stories straight but can't stand being caught lying. Not that she's going to learn NOT to lie, she'll just attack you on facebook and livejournal and make snide comments in the forums to compensate.

  8. English Lass I would also like to consider you my friend.
    You have a lot of honour and courage.
    Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.
    KO aka Misery aka Kooky O'Crazy the Plague of the Internet is A COWARD, LIAR, HARASSER, STALKER.
    I'm a member of the Maccaboard and Yes, I AM a Beatles fan.
    I've also got her blocked at LJ and at Facebook.
    How many people have reported her to Facebook?
    It's true that it's against Facebook terms to use a false identity.
    If enough people report her (Facebook) there perhaps we can have her banned from Facebook.
    KO has also been banned from Myspace.
    KO has gotten people to send me emails with harassment.
    KO didn't have the guts to send them herself.
    Those emails have been reported to the police and the to ISP's of those who have sent the emails.
    I'm also a member of Hak5 forum where we all know including the admins and moderators of that board that it was indeed KO herself who signed up for an account to try to get help to hack people's sites. This IS FACT.
    A HUG to you English Lass.
    You've got my support and friendship.
    God willing Misery the troll the Plague of the internet will never ever be able to use the internet again.

  9. She complained on BL abou Dhani having some thread on BL removed and bitched about his right to privacy because "she" had it so much worse than him and whine whine whine but whatever was said in the stuff on BL, she doesn't respect his privacy one little bit because she went on to suggest his wife or girlfriend or whatever had nude photos floating around and made some really lurid comments about that. Last I looked her posts were still there. She's trying to get Dhani's attention. Most of her time lately has been to attack EL though. This after she claimed she was just "living with it". The troll Misery never lives with anything she is content to rob people of their lives and time instead.

  10. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2572512&highlight=#2572512

    Mike is a married man. Craig is not her boyfriend either and she does use that name like a "George Glass" thing so "Craig" is probably the pink elephant she believes in.


    Nobody was even talking to her at the veggie cafe, or the drum circle, but she sure kept following some other guys around who were creeped out by her remarks and, you guessed it, stalking them.

    She really lives in her own looney world where men are chasing her and giving her all kinds of gifts. That's really pathetic.

    Why is she always posting about "boyfriends" and what they supposedly did and said? It's all made up and unfortunately drags in real people at times.

  11. Her latest troll on LJ is hilarious! If nobody's controlling her then why is whole life about flaming us? Bullying us, being psycho and crazy because she was rejected by us, apparently we succeeded. In a forced, must defend ourselves sorta way. Like a guy who defends his home against burglars.

    So let's review once again "her" version of what bullying and harassment is. Her version.

    1. KO being banned is a clear sign that the person pushing the ban button is clearly bullying her.
    2. KO being shut off from further emailing numerous harassing emails is a clear sign that SHE is being harassed.
    3. KO being blocked from making further contact, being IP blocked from or in any way being stopped electronically sending hate mail, harassing mail or threatening content is clearly bullying her.
    4. When all communications and the prevention of KO posting on forums or groups or anything has been denied to her, then the rest of the internet, her accounts on LJ and FB will have to suffice to counter the blocks and bans placed on her and those routes will be used to continue the behavior she was banned and blocked for which should have never happened because she is supposed to be able to bully and harass others without recourse or consequences.

    KO doesn't like having a Pest Control using methods that control their own inboxes or boards from her invasions and is oblivious to what Pest Control really means.
    KO doesn't think she's a pest. KO is actually beyond being a pest. She is a stalker who harasses and bullies. Continually. There's no end to it.

    Her FB wall is an avalanche of sickness. She's been bullying non-stop and claims she's dancing in the rain. Nope she's online posting attack after attack and get this spending *her life* ONLINE! Is she even aware of how bad she contradicts herself?

    And it's astounding that she doesn't see the irony of the pic-icons she posts. Since they can all be said in support for the people KO bullies and harasses. Being around KO means being around a negative toxic person who does nothing BUT involve people in her drama! Her FB is certainly full of it.

    And EL said the SAME thing a year ago that Troll KO has got on her FB wall!
    EL said she can't stand people who lie and then expect her to believe it! This was right after KO's drama about Stella.

    KO's already destroyed herself but is the unholy undead, for fools who don't yet know what she really is keeps her sucking life out of whatever available source there is.

  12. More facts.

    KO was never married. More slamming of random people and uses her recent favorite word "bullies" again. And again. And again. You know she who goes around screaming "bully" to everyone is showing everyone exactly who the bully is! It's the one doing the screaming about it. Kinda like the Boy who cried Wolf or something like that.
    We've heard her "various" versions of the John dying/Brother story.
    And Beatles meaning so much to her all her life? Funny that there's STILL NO MENTION of them AT ALL prior to 2009.


    That whole post was just so she could throw in her drama and bitch about people and use the word "Bully" in as many sentences as she could. That's ALL!

    She's never been "studied" and the claim that she remembers her unholy 'birth' doesn't mean they study people for it. This is along the same lines that her head size was examined or that she talked to ghosts (claims she made on David Icke's forum) Unless she's referring to the time she was in a mental ward.


  13. She's sick and she keeps trying to turn MPL into a low quality site.

    Just because KO the Troll posts on FB and other forums, and shows what a toxic person she is, don't believe anything she posts. It's all for drama and to feed off of the unwitting populace.

    We just wonder when this horrid nightmare will pass. When she's finally gone. When we can look again and not fear the avalanche of her attacks.

    1. Question. If she's re-connecting to old friends and going out and succeeding in life why is she always on the internet in her mother's house flaming people all the time? Hating on people all the time?
      Yeah she's a liar. Snob. She's a bully wearing a pity-party mask.
      She should re-name her FB Karen's Pity Party! Come join if you wanna hear all about her dramatic bullshit everyday and have your life-energy drained from you.

      I mean she spends so much of her time looking for icons with messages in them to post on FB and uses them to do evil with. How does that address what she claims are lies? See she knows we're exposing her and telling the truth, so this is her lame pathetic tactic.

  14. Well her stupid livejournal still has no comments to all that trolly nonsense she's got up there. In the last one she's admitting she's a pest. Pest Control don't control her because she's going to never stop being a pest and trying to get to everyone. And if no one controls her it sure seems they control her enough to get her raging ranting 24-7. She's so full of shit and hate. Hateful shit. That's KO that'sthe catkicker.
    WTF is with her fb drivel anyway? Who's failing or failed? Is she taunting someone? Is she calling that Fudge person a failure? WTF? She can't get your blog deleted so you see this bombardment of attacks. Man, she is CRAZY! She doesn't even realize how fucking insane she is or what she's revealing herself to be! A pox on her!
    A definite hex on the evil force enabling her!

  15. The way she trashes Sola really pisses me off ... she doesn't know her, she doesn't know D, it's disgusting.

  16. Hey this is my first comment and I have to say that I am really sorry that kathryn is harassing you now on the internet as she's always done to people far and wide and she must love and wallow in misery because she keeps it all going and all stirred up with her endless nagging, lies and talking shit about everyone that she so loves doing!
    A letter to her whining about your blog should be something like "And you must LOVE it kathryn otherwise you wouldn't keep doing shit to make people just HATE you!" but she'll never get it, she is insane, irrational and clueless but psychotic and sociopathic enough to want to slam people, have them react and then try to destroy their freedom to express their voice against HER bullying stalking bullshit! Which never has an end btw.
    And I've seen her public attacks about God hating whoever's names she has picked out for that day. Kathryn is JUST like those freaks that stand out at funerals and hold up signs that read God hates fags. She's JUST like THEM! She must be a member of their church of hate! She even talks horridly about the dead and goes around claiming God hates people.
    And some people actually give sympathy and feel sorry for her??? The mind boggles.
    I'm really sorry that this lowlife cowardly scum who totally gets off on what she does isn't sitting in prison. I was once fooled by her poor pity me stories and I tried to help her but I soon realized that she WANTS to wallow in misery, in her own shit, and that she won't help herself and WANTS to DRAG everyone else down with her! I had to put an end to it!
    And bitch! If you're reading this, you leave Kimba the fuck alone! She's a grown woman and does NOT have to listen to you and your ENDLESS NAGGING and LIES! She can listen to her own heart and decide what is best for her own life and geting YOU OUT OF HER LIFE was one of the BEST THINGS she could have ever done! Being around you is like being around a black hole, it just pulls the light and life out of one's soul! You are a cursed little black hole of existence on this planet! You're here to serve as a reminder to all people everywhere to NOT be like you! To take check of any narcissitic traits or the belief that you can FORCE people to like you or they pay for it by being abused by you in the never-relenting way that you do!
    You're the poster child of what a TOXIC waste is like in human-form. If your form can even be called human, that is!
    I have known Kimba for years and she is a good woman, always giving and taking care of everyone even when she has little to give. Her conversations have always been uplifting and positive. Talking even just five minutes with that kathryn makes you feel winded, tired and looking for an escape. and that's the least of it! Stay away from the conventions too! Nobody likes being stalked there either!
    And you can fucking threaten people all you want, coward kathryn, nobody cares about your cowardly online threats!

    To the blog lady here, I'm sorry for posting my feelings but they are the truth. You can delete this comment if you wish, but I just had to speak out.

    1. Delete your comment? No way! I wanna print off several thousand copies and drop the flyers all over the town she lives in!

      I am glad to let you speak out. Don't be afraid to! You have a right!

  17. ImagineNoKathryn NoMoreTrollApril 27, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    The bullying stalker has plastered her bullying remarks all over her fb wall.
    Just repeats herself over and over like the regurgitator she is. So like are we supposed to be afraid because she says she's from Detroit?
    Actually she isn't. She's from a small township that is outside Detroit. How lame. Wow. The psycho stalker bitch found another excuse to post more harassment.

    I wonder why she keeps posting these "To my bully stalker and ilk" messages because she's obviously bullying *and stalking* them. Direct open attacks on all these sites showing the world who the real bullying stalker really is.

    And the gay bashing. Oh yes I've seen her NASTY comments against the gays and the fashion world, saying they like all the worst in women. I'm like HUH?
    So being young, thin, and beautiful is a worst trait in women like that? I don't see what's even remotely bad about it.
    Oh but she's a fat old ugly bullying stalker and all so naturally any woman with beauty is going to have a strike against her in that nasty KO's book.
    Being young and thin or rich is an automatic three strikes against them!

    That KO is one jealous seething ugly mess of rage. Her jealousy is so obvious and ugly. Why can't she leave people alone?!!

  18. Why is Nancy McCartney being dragged into this insane bitch's fantasies?
    Isn't having folders of Nancy's underwear creepy enough?

  19. Here she is bashing that poor Kimba again.

    At least WE will get a few days of NO MISERABLE KO around! Enjoy those days while they last!

    1. That oobu is sure an idiot. She's like KO's little obediant little poodle.

    2. Well the bitch is back. We got one whole day without seeing her shitty ass around. Saturday was all we got. Goddamn. There is no such thing as having a whole week free of her. That'll never happen. Unless a miracle happens to take that plague offline for good. But I've never witnessed a miracle so I can't say I believe in them.

  20. I'm from the livejournal comm where we were sharing Beatles fics and I thought she was just a Debbie Downer because she always posted about how horrible life is and so on. I finally had to take her off my flist because she wouldn't stop posting ugly things attacking people and calling them names all the time and I would get notifications and I couldn't take it anymore. Several other friends saw that she was mentally disturbed and more than just a Debbie Downer, she wants to take everyone down with her and have them subjugated under her. So I had to flush that out of my life.

    Funny thing though, she keeps trying to ask me why I stopped talking to her. I won't answer any of her messages and that's when she got creepy towards me. I had to block her. I wanted to report her and maybe I still may do that but I know she'd blame these innocent people and say stupid garbage like "My stalker had my account deleted" and then there'd be another avalanche of her harassing you guys.

    1. Report her ASAP.
      Harassing other users is a CLEAR violation of LJ's TOS.
      She can also be banned permanently from LJ.
      She's been banned permanently from using myspace.
      She's been harassing us for years.
      We do know how to defend ourselves against her.
      We're not alone!
      I've got a strong feeling her time on the internet will soon end permanently.

    2. Because I blocked her, LJ will just consider the problem solved. But that's how stupid LJ is. They cater to these fat drama queens because the majority of their staff are perverted fic writers who sit around eating bonbons all day. LJ has always been that way. Moody bitches control the place.

  21. People with their heads so far up her ass don't see that she's a lowly coward and uses the internet to live her hate life of attacking people there, they don't see how she talks about people behind their backs ALL the time and has done that all her pathetic life they don't wanna see anything that would cause her to frown upon them because they are sycophants by nature and they chose a really disgusting one to latch onto. I wonder what exactly they think she's ahead of anyone in? She lives with her mother, has a miserable existence that spirals down and down and dragging someone down with her is her ultimate goal. I guess there's one born every minute.

  22. BS and more taunting and trolling.
    It's obvious she doesn't want any real person knowing she's talking about them and lying and making up BS stories.

    BTW Dave was never "shattered". Jesus, what a drama psycho.

    Further on that thread she still claims writing Beatles stuff since she was... 14?
    What about the claims she started doing that since she was 5 or even 3!!!

    so she's posting links to her idiot profile so people can see her rants.

    1. How come she keeps posting about being glad there's no drama and then fills up her life, online accounts and everywhere else with it?

  23. KO is a passive-aggresive.

  24. Not even five minutes back and she was right at her usual drama queenie attacks again!


    The troll slimebag says:
    I was worried about it with the troubles Big Fudge and her ilk plus the MPCs always trying to ruin anything good. (You know, they never ever suceeded. Even when that hooker lied claiming she owned the convention and she ...could get me banned. Haven't seen her around much at all at the cons now. I guess it really did return to bite her in the rump, but then, what can you expect from anybody who post on a PID board?)

    What a major douchebag! Hooker? Oh right she's still perpetrating that lie and slander. Oh and by the way, for the record, she herself posted on PID forums! And got BANNED for her ugly and stalking behavior. Just FYI.
    And further everything good that she had or was involved in, she ruined for herself but she'll never ever place blame where it truly belongs. It's always gonna be someone else's fault. Classic sociopathic warped logic.

    1. Did it ever occur to that horrid little batfuck insane warpjob that she never succeeded in ruining other people's stuff or lives? Oh she tried and still does but Dirk Benedict Cental is still up and running and ooh the PID forum that she was reporting night and day has doubled in membership and MOWFO's still strong! Even Nacky's group that she tried to ruin with death threats against all those members are still around and having their own lives in spite of her mountains of threats and posts from years back. All those myspace attacks when her spamming yahoogroups failed.
      Sure PID, MOWFO and DBC and other sites had to double security and take drastic measures to keep themselves safe because of the fucking scumbucket knucklescrapping ape woman but nobody was "ruined". But she sure tried and tried and tried. Looks like she's a complete failure.

      She's what Vincent Price would call the braindead zombie with no real destiny other than downward.

  25. WTF?

    "TO *my* bully stalker and her *ilk*??? Then a stupid note that says "I'm from Detroit, bitch"


    What's that even supposed to mean? Ilk, you're MINE, I'm from some slum ass city, bleh bleh bleh! Really does she even know how stupid and ghetto she sounds?

    And what's with this ilk stuff? Thank God that the folks she bashes is NOT of HER ilk which consists of narcisists, psychos, bullies, and delusional batshit insane nutcases!

    1. bloomfield hills is not detroit in any way shape or fourm. She lives in her mothers house.....

  26. Her fb wall is still raging on and on and I can't believe this bitch is still not removed!

    Her latest spewing is to indicate she would like to kill some people and she's still making DIRECT "To" messages at people she's attacking. KO exposes that she definitely would be doing this in emails if she had their email addresses so she's publicly harassing them!

    And this is ALL being seen by fans of Julian, Dhani and the like.

    1. i tell you those pic-icons are really directed at HER she's just mirroring what's already been revealed about her! look at the drama the psycho caused over an innocent comment Stella made years ago and she's STILL going on about THAT!
      she sure is the drama queen of projection, aint she? yup.

      and we're calling her out for all the abuse she is making apparent to the world. that's not us creating drama, and like i said she is the biggest drama-creater i've ever seen. didn't she create a WHOLE lotta drama over sometthing Mr. Dirk Benedict said? and spent years harassing him and his fans over it like she's doing now with other celebs?

      yeah that's what i thought.

  27. Now there are direct attacks that name Bibbi & Nacky! The psycho is really obsessed and still attacking left and right! And she keeps getting her lies all messed up and now thinks no one can trace the facts when there is a mountain of documented proof. Namely her attempts to forge other people's accounts on Yahoo that she started way back in '04 and the threats of being banned is not the kind of threat the cops got involved in. The cops got involved when those people Psycho KO sent threats to THEM! Get the facts folks and don't be fooled by the Psycho on FB who's forging someone else's name to post all that abuse! And that is also a FACT!

    The cops were called on KO! KO sent threats, posted threats on myspace and other boards. Was banned for doing just that! Her lies on FB are nothing short of criminally insane.

    When KO had the police visit her on multiple occasions to make her stop harassing people, she went back online and found other methods to harass them. You're seeing this now on FB and where she posts.

    KO was so pissed that the cops were called on her but she tries to use that fact to create this lie that she called the police. KO was content to call and harass the victims until an end was put to THAT! Then she really went into hyper insane and started forging people's emails.