Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Karen Nesbit the name KO forged to issue her 'Daily Psycho Drama' on Facebook

The facebook account Karen Nesbit is of course a fake used and abused by Kathryn O. We're establishing this fact first and foremost in this entry.

Ever since she found a way to use those piccies to insert her own nasty attacks against people on facebook, she has done so several times a day everyday! This is the same troll we've dealt with on the Beatles forums. Namely MPL and BL. This is the same psycho stalker KO, catkick and misfittoy person. The same one who claims to have a life but uses it to 1. attack everyone who has seen what a psychotic sick woman she is and 2. count everyone elses' so-called "sins" that she in her twisted warped delusional version of what she thinks is 'reality'.

Now to address that ugly troll where she is harassing everyone on a daily basis with lies and abuse toward them and doing so with a forged name! (All of which are against FB's TOS) KO should re-name her fb account to 'Daily Psycho Drama' because that is what it is!

There are direct attacks that name Bibbi & Nacky! KO is getting worse and worse with her new-found tool to use as harassment. The psycho is really obsessed and still attacking left and right!

More facts concerning the 'Daily Psycho Drama Facebook'

KO posts something about counting "sins" and this is shortly followed with another icon and spewing of her accusations where she acts like some saint (because she can never be wrong or be the problem) while listing off the lies about people who've been trying to avoid her for years; The Misery Pest Control.

KO keeps getting her lies all messed up and now thinks no one can trace the facts when there is a mountain of documented proof. Namely her attempts to forge other people's accounts on Yahoo that she started way back in '04 and the threats of being banned is not the kind of threat the cops got involved in.

That's right folks, her whole life has been all about getting even and trying to destroy the people who rightfully banned her. That is not a threat nor is it against the law. Except in twisted psycho drama Karen Nesbit aka KO's insane head!

The cops got involved when those people called the cops on her! Psycho KO sent threats to THEM! Get the facts folks and don't be fooled by the Psycho on FB who's forging someone else's name to post all that abuse! And that is also a FACT! There is documented proof of this! This is what KO is trying to punish people for; the fact they saved evidence. KO wants to call it 'counting her sins' now. It's 'counting her CRIMES' more like.

The cops were called on KO!

KO sent threats, posted threats on myspace and other boards. KO was banned for doing just that! Her lies on FB are nothing short of criminally insane.

When KO had the police visit her on multiple occasions to make her stop harassing people, she went back online and found other methods to harass them. You're seeing this now on FB and where she posts.

KO was so pissed that the cops were called on her but she tries to use that fact to create this lie that she called the police. KO was content to call and harass the victims until an end was put to THAT! Then she really went into hyper insane and started forging people's emails.

Everyone out there reading this, please do your part to report KO's fake forged account to facebook. People are being abused by her in the sight of others who don't know what's happening and so far I've heard from fans of Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison who are seeing this creep post wall after wall of this unrelenting abuse. It is constant and it does violate fb's tos. KO did the SAME damn thing on myspace between the years 2006-2008. She was finally banned from using their service permanently. Let's take back facebook from this bullying stalker troll, now!

Please report:

And since she's been indicating death threats and killing people with abusive remarks to follow, you can also contact her local police department and let them know about it.

Here is their website:

I will be sending them a letter about KO and her online activities and her forged facebook account that she is using to continually post abuse. I have finally had enough. We can't do anything about her trolling MPL or BL, because she's already manipulated enough people there but we can report her to facebook as it is a global community.


  1. Here's some more info to help get this KO put away. We can hope. KO can't take our hopes away that we'll be free of her oppression someday.
    The pic on the front is very much like what KO is, a kind of 'What Lies Beneath' and once you know, the poor me act she plays all the time is history. It's really hard to see her as any kind of victim when she is definitely an aggressor and a very persistent attacker.

    Goddamn and some people have dealt with that thing for years? My sympathies to you all!

  2. KO is another Mary T. Prantil
    Read about that nutcase! These middle-aged fat psycho bitches should never be allowed to use the internet. They are sick!

    They name Mary Prantil as the World's Most Hated Scam Artist Internet Terrorist Cyber STALKER but I have to say that this KO takes the #1 spot for that as no one is able to stop her like they did stop Prantil.

  3. Skies The LimitMay 2, 2012 at 3:25 AM

    Kathryn O has a list of people she harasses and targets and she just goes through them on a day-to-day basis and just repeats her shit over and over. Today just happened to be the day she slung her runny stinky shit on the web out on those names. Tomorrow it'll be someone else she sits and OBSESSES over. I guess she figured your blog wasn't active enough or had a recent enough entry to suit her so she got more attention. The psycho will of course whine about it while loving it and rubbing her feces on herself to wallow in it.
    ...anyway as a reader of your blogger and a first time commentor, I will also contact the police in her local area and I'll show them the links of her shit. Also her posts on MPL & BL so they can get a full picture of the Jekyll & Hyde and the abuse she slips in at those forums that they seem oblivious to.
    It would be nice for us all to see Kathryn O come to an end! A very definite END!

  4. It's funny she should have anything anti-Hitler on her wall. She's like one of his biggest fans considering her views on Jewish folks and the attacks she waged on a couple I know.

  5. Have reported her fake facebook account and Yes, it does indeed violate facbook's tos.
    Hopefully, her fake FB account will pulled ASAP.
    Also have contacted the police in her area.
    Her ISP is also comcast and they should be notified as well.
    IMHO KO aka Misery time on the internet is coming to an end.

  6. Karen's or I should say Kathryn's English is really bad so this blogger is right on target with that along with all the other stuff. KO addresses what seems like a group; Misery Pest Control and then says "we both know you got it all wrong" WTF? The only one getting the facts wrong is KO herself and she even tries to HIDE the facts! Nobody can get an honest answer from her about anything! - And the word 'both' indicates only two people. I guess she was referring to herself and her alternate personality. She's Jekyll & Hyde with very little Jekyll to show since she makes her ugliness quite visible and all I see here are people who are fighting back. Against HER; the real bullying stalker in this situation.

  7. In her 'Daily Psycho Drama' facebook she's now claiming to have other accounts.
    Wow she's got a whole lot of those DPDs everywhere! I guess one forged account wasn't enough!
    Of course we know she's blowing shit because if she did have other accounts on facebook or anywhere rest assured she'd make damn sure we knew about them! DPD KO needs attention is vast amounts everyday.

    As far as what the picture states. Nobody can teach that psycho a lesson as she will not learn. Will not stop and find professional help, she will do to facebook what she did to myspace. Nobody sought to teach her a lesson, people SOUGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE! The one thing she'll never get. The one thing she'll never do because she is an eternal obsessed psycho freak.

    She never stops to think that all her "trials" she whines about all the time are due to her rage that she cannot control others and cannot force people -who've seen through her mask- to like her and want anything to do with her.

    BTW; having multiple accounts on facebook (sockpuppets - which we know she LOVES to use to instigate further harassment) is also against facebook's tos.

    And she does another TO the Misery Pest Control flailing for everyone to look at her freakshow.

    1. DPD KO needs attention *in vast amounts everyday.

    2. "BTW; having multiple accounts on facebook (sockpuppets - which we know she LOVES to use to instigate further harassment) is also against facebook's tos."

      Wouldn't surprise me at all that those people on her friends list are indeed sock puppets. *rolls eyes*

      I've reported her profile, her posts and have her blocked.

      I've set my privacy settings to only people who know me can send me a friend request.

      Praying her computer hard drive crashes and that she can never ever use a computer again.

      Misery is also the laughing stock of the internet. She makes herself look even more ugly, idiotic, psychotic and monumentally stupid every day...if that's possible.

  8. I commented to the Basher Projects All Over the Place post and have this to add today since she's always trolling and lying.


    Gee that's odd considering that Paul was never ever mentioned prior to 2009 to anyone online or offline. At all. Not once. As a mater of fact she was called Dirk Crazy then rightfully called the Dirk Stalker.

    1. Seems to use the poster-on-my-wall story alot, no matter who it is, and being as how all are Beatles-related posters she describes, why, oh why were they never mentioned prior to 2009?



      These are like her claims that dead Beatle members talk to her and the other stuff she's very delusional about.


      And when was that? What are the details of that? First ever showing of Lennon's artwork wasn't in some suburban area of Detroit. Hmmm, seems she's been backtracking her story again.