Monday, May 7, 2012

Psycho Troll KO claims to talk to George Harrison!

The title says it all! The recent flaming attacks that psychopath has posted on her insane catkick livejournal and confirms to the world that she is hearing voices and talking with them and telling her things ! And that the voices talking to her are none other than George Harrison ! If anyone needed any proof that she makes these claims, there you go !

Now let's look at the other totally insane shit she posted, shall we ?

First she admits (again) to stalking people having their message boards deleted and naturally this has to be about the PID forum and the support group for Survivors who've stalked which has scads of evidence against her. PID is not deleted and the other one is still undergoing the DoS attacks by the hacker she hired to destroy their stuff. All of that so she can gloat.

Then she goes on and on about crap that she claims people have done to her to try to get her banned and fired and all that. Here are the facts, get them here because you won't get them from that crazy schitzophrenic abusive crazy spouting nutjob.

No one sent any messages to MPL calling for them to ban her. They reported her slanderous, abusive posts that she posted there. That was the extent of anyone's actions. That right there. The admins removed KO's ugly and insane posts so people were actually successful but the twisted psycho twists everything into the psycho mess that she is. People who have to work with her, I'm sure, are damned glad they don't have to live with her so if she's being fired, it's her that her fired. Nobody else.

So her George Harrison delusions which are so insanely ludicrous to think (even if there is an afterlife) that George Harrison would even know who that lunatic was let alone talk to her from beyond the grave is so completely INSANE especially those who really knew him in real life. We all know her George Harrison story that she tells different versions of is so laughably a lie so Mr. George Harrison talking to that particular psycho nut is even more insane that I don't think there's even a word for how insane that is.

If she's not going to be "hurt" anymore then why keep attacking people who have banned her (so there's another success story for those who have been badgered by that loathesome troll) and why keep trying to lash out and (in her twisted mind) hurt others?
Why keep ragging on and on about it? Because it's to gloat about her little hacker buddy who's also been removed last I heard. Seems that she failed there. KO also fails when the truth comes out. The only reason, and the ONLY reason her facebook and livejournal haven't been deleted (yet) is because she keeps removing the evidence before the abuse team can see it, and facebook gets thousands of reports everyday. Give it time. She is violating many of their terms. Not just the forged name she's using but the ongoing abuse as well.

And MPL, do you not notice that they put a pretty thick muzzle on her gob? So she hasn't been banned yet from there because all her abuse is hidden and admins generally go after the obvious and she's being her manipulative self. All this that she believes is Paul being in love with her is a DELUSION !!! KO remains simply because she knows if she shows her real side, that will be it and she'll be toast.

And here's another KO FAIL... she has been trying to get my blog removed. Deanna's blog removed, still trying to destroy PID forums, and still trying to get another hacker since her last one was arrested for drug-related charges. KO should be familiar with drug charges. And KO has failed miserably in all these insane conquests she's been on. She has no life, she writes out these lurid fantasies and claims to have lived them. Folks, you're reading the insane ramblings of someone who lives with her mother and sits on the internet all day and stalks people. KO hasn't done anything other than that with her life. KO has tried to infiltrate groups of people and tries to go out to conventions looking to get laid, never does and that's the extent of her "life".

I guess logic and reason were right when they dictate that psychopaths like KO do themselves in. When she is banned and her facebook and livejournal are deleted, it'll be because SHE did it to herself. As always. Nobody is to blame. KO is the blame. KO is the problem of KO's problems. KO is a psycho problem that refuses to die. KO is the sickness and has become the abyss.


  1. Her lates fb daily psycho drama is getting more and more twisted as she is. Now she's saying she projects herself onto her "bullies" :/ for christsake that's what we've been saying she does all along and now she's admitting it. Then there was something about bad children. I can say with confidence that mnay people rue the day she was born. People curse January 18th.

    her insane psycho babble about hiring a lawyer is also another twisted fabrication. She does not have the money to spend on lawyers because she's spending all her wages on Paul items to feed her obsession. Plus she's not capable of convincing any lawyer of anything. They detect crazy from a mile off. The local police in her area also know she is a total whackjob.

    1. How funny! The troll goes and says she's projecting and then calls others "bullies"! XD Nice way to drive home the point that she's a bully! HAHA! Does she even realize how bone-headed she is? Why doesn't she just admit she's a stalker, oh wait she did that too on her livejournal.

  2. Reliable SourceMay 8, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Her self-righteous facebook wall reads like an obsessed deranged pathetic loser.
    We remember all the curses and DOOM she tried to predict for all the people who were tired of her psycho shit and it seems that doom has been her story, not theirs.
    Her curses didn't happen and the folks she cursed are all still alive!
    I remember her ugly curses about sending mafia agents to kill someone and something about the planet Saturn and some sun signs making them all pay. Seems like she really needs to read her own crap and realize that everything she's putting out there is a mirror reflection of her own self.
    Of course it's always all about her, isn't it?

    Oh and she sent death threats, and left death threats on people's phones, you know she better hope nothing happens to a great number of people she's tried to carry out harm upon. Because the law has been involved AGAINST KO! Let me make that clear to everyone out there, the police have become involved because they were called upon to STOP KO and her ongoing harassment and her mental derangement on the internet.

    And considering her cruelty and the underlined cruelty she uses livejournal for, KO is the weakest bully on the earth!

    Then she posts about stopping bullying when her whole fb account is nothing but bullying and harassment. Just like all her now-removed myspace accounts. Man those were beyond bullying, they were her creepy stalker-I-wanna-kill-you accounts; like tracys-dead-body, you-die-today and stuff.

    1. Man she is ALL about obsessing over all these other groups of people! She must eat, sleep, eat and breathe this crap she is so deluded about and doesn't stop to think that it's her that needs to stop and get a grip, get a life and GET THE FUCK AWAY from the internet because her real side is really showing and people are getting wise to it.

    2. So let me get this straight, she can predict and curse others to doom but if they say anything about her doom using logic to see that where she's headed is not a pretty end, they'll get doomed but she's free to continue trying to doom them?


    3. My GOD! She sure takes these anti-bullying messages and sure turns them into her own bullying campaign! Wall after wall with the endless bashing coupled with these pic-shares that contradict her own words against her! Is she just that clueless or what I think it is; she is willfully doing this to keep draining people's time and energy like an emotional vampire.

      AND HOW DARE HER even THINK about posting anything to do with bullying and it killing anyone! Here we have all kinds of links we can show where she BRAGS about someone being dead that she hates and that she gets pleasure from speaking ill of the dead!
      If anyone were to die from her bullying, she would just GLOAT up a storm everyday about that! She even admited with pleasure that she speaks ill of the dead!

      So if she dies from what her insane mind does or thinks, is it ok if we celebrate her death and gloat about it on the internet? Kinda like give her a taste of her own medicine. But naturally, I know everyone would be relieved and glad that the nightmare that KO is, would finally be over.

  3. The lies continue...

    Misfittoy; Paul obsessive fanatic since 2009! And ONLY since 2009.

    & regarding her repetitive fb garbage she uses to fill up her fb account with, it's like she's in an endless loop of beating a dead horse to a pulp. She's obviously so mentally ill that sooner or later everyone will see and sooner or later laws will be passed to stop mentally ill idiots like her from using the internet.

  4. She's gearing up to start posting abuse to other people's walls, like she did to Chris, and posted some lame hacker threat so people will think it's not her since she realized she can't remove the evidence from facebook as easily as she thinks she can from livejournal. So she's planning on doing some more shit and blaming it on her imaginary "stalkers" and claim she was hacked. I hope not everyone will fall for her tricks.

  5. Whenever she does finally get banned, she really can't blame anyone for it but herself since she's been praising MPL's staff for "protecting" her and "helping her" so when she finally lets the beast that she is show, and gets her ass handed to her, she can't blame anyone for it!

    Gee, Misery KO Troll, you kept saying that nobody could get you banned and that George told you so! It seems you got no one to pin anything on! Of course we all know Dirk's sites banned you because of your stalking and psycho behaviour, and we know MFH & PID banned you because of the same shit we're seeing on your DPD LJ & FB. That's all you, nobody else is destroying KO but KO herself!

    Why can't KO leave people alone? We all know it's KO that's fuelled all of this for so many years because she just couldn't handle being rejected by Dirk Benedict.

    Um, no they don't. We really need to show a picture of what she really looks like to people. And now we all know to stay AWAY from "seaweek"!
    Anyway it's all about her. Try a new something product and then people still gush over her in her little fantasy world.

    Here the shit is thick;

    Incidentally, the comment "What are you eating?" was just an innocent question and you see how she twisted it into the shit you see. What a bullying psycho!

  7. The troll keeps trying to tell herself that people hate her and find her disgusting because they have the problem or they're wanting to be her (WTF? NOO!) but the problem isn't us. It's her perception of us.

    You see we find her to be a disgusting troll who bullies and stalks people because that is exactly what we've seen with our own eyes! We hate her because she is a psychopathic bully who simply doesn't think she should pay any of the consequences for her own dirty shit she does all the time. That is the legitimate reasons why we hate the bitch. We're successful people in the world, we've got our own lives and our lives don't revolve around her regardless of how hard she tries. She can go on deluding herself that all the people are all inferior to her and play her fake martyr act all over the place but none of her actions or obsessive stalking will change reality that the people hate her for valid reasons and the way she unleashes abuse in the abundance she has of it. That's the reality. Nobody wants to be her (GAG!) and nobody is inferior to her. All those stupid wall posts on facebook and the way she's got them all strung up there just proves she's the bully. She's the one wanting to be the people she's accusing day and night.

  8. Her little "my family will beat you up if something happens to me" bit with the bullying can kill thing she's trying to say that if she kills herself that everyone she harasses will continue to get harassment - just that her family will carry it out in her place.

    1-sje is waaaay tooooo narcissistic to kill herself and 2-if her family were to even want to try to track everyone down that she has terrorized they would need a computer forensic detective to look into all her online activities. Oh GOD let's hope THAT would happen so her own family can see what a psycho she is and have a detective tell them that she was the one bullying and stalking people and that they have NO case.

    Something tells me that her family would accept the fact that KO is fookin crazy and move on, and we know the sister wouldn't be too broken up about it, would probably be thankful not having to deal with the family bully anymore and the mother would probably fall over dead in discovering all the slander her own spawn had posted about her!

  9. WOW talk about irony! On her facebook wall which is an endless stream of cutting all kinds of people down, and talking about people who will probably never see her shit and talks about them behind their backs she goes and posts something about taking time out of a pathetic life to think about whomever! So she confirms with the wall of evidence of cutting down just about everyone that she takes time out of her pathetic no-life existence to not only THINK about the people she cuts down all the time (everyday) but to OBSESSIVELY post about them everyday!
    The evidence speak for itself.

    And she really thinks about everyone she hates everyday. Cuts them down everyday. What does that say about HER pathetic life? Really does she not even think before showing her ass like that? Everything she puts up is so easily turned on her but she just doesn't get a fuckin clue.

  10. KO has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she IS a bully, evil, liar. psychotic, stalker, ugly inside and outside.

    No one wants to be her. "blechhhhh"

    Has anyone noticed that she never ever posts a photo of what she actually looks like on her disgusting LJ and disgusting fake FB page? She can't because everyone on the internet would see how ugly she is.

    And "my family will beat you up" comment from KO aka Kooky OCrazy aka Misery proves also what a bully and stalker she truly is. This is FACT.

    Look at what happened to that troll lyecdevf who tried to hack sites for her. What a joke. His blog is now gone. And apparently he's been arrested.

    At the Hak5 forums the members and the administrator and the moderators know that is was KO herself who asked for help to get sites hacked. No one else pretended to be her.

    She tried to blame me for it. But, I am a member of the Hak5 forum and in good standing. They do record your ISP and IP provider when you sign up.

    KO aka Kooky OCrazy aka Misery aka catkick (what a dumbass user name that truly is) aka alienated aka kitty9tales aka misfittoy aka KathrynO we haven't failed. Not at all. THE TRUTH about you is out there for ALL to see. You KO are THE STALKER THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET and we WILL HAVE JUSTICE. We are not alone.

    Your time on the internet is soon coming to an end.

    A proud member of Misery Pest Control. We eliminate trolls like Misery from using the net to harass and stalk people.

  11. This had me laughing so hard I couldn't stop.
    Still laughing about it. ROFL

    KO posts this crap. Which is total and utter bullshit and another one of her lies.

    "I guess that works for me as well. My skin care regiem up until a few weeks ago was totally vegan for the past 25 years. I get people coming up to me all the time saying, "Your skin, hair and eyes are so pretty. What do you use on them? Will you tell me?" and I point to the stuff I use and they usually try it and make comments that my skin is looking nicer every day (It usually does). That gets them to try something new.

    I get them to eat seaweek when I explain that is one of the things that's responsable for my hair color."

    I've seen what she looks like in real life. Her hair looks like a shit brown color, worse than shit brown actually and her skin looks horrible.

    Also, it's seeweed and regimen. KO being a Vegan for 25 years? Don't believe it for a second.

    Someone saw her at a concert and commented that's she short and grossly overweight.

    Me? I've got very healthy skin, eat a nutritious diet, have lovely blond hair and clear blue eyes.

    I'm older than KO and looked 100 times better.

    1. She is not vegan She eats hamburgers when she came to mowfo at Rams horn another lie


    I posted that link because we'll need it in the future. Trust me on this.

    Summary: Psycho Woman KO had trashed a certain person and claimed she liked to be nude.
    KO herself has shared a room with other con-goers before and shared a room with three other men
    at one time. The crazy bitch walked around naked in the room and when the other occupants in the
    room complained (personally I'd need to move off-world and have a complete brain reboot) KO got
    snippy with them and told them she paid for 1/4th of the room and she'll do whatever she wants!
    Of course the other 3/4 and what they paid didn't matter. KO just wanted to be a complete gross out
    desperate to get laid crazybag. As you can imagine, the bar that closed down, had to due to the loss
    of business because KO kept trying to expose herself. Also they weren't a nudist bar.

    Anyway just saving the link. We'll need it for evidence later.

  13. Another "version" of her story about some animal or insect saving her life.

    It varies from a cat, to a spider to one single rat...and the details of the story changes too!
    But it's always about two guys and blah blah blah.

    Um she never watched YS before and for years during her Dirk Benedict stalking phase, she would always claim she didn't do drugs and lived a macrobioatic lifestyle.

    Also most people in the audience don't laugh at people who heckle at movies. Here she makes it sound like everyone knows her or something.

  14. Uh folks she didn't buy cassettes of Paul or anything Beatles. These were given to her a couple years ago when someone local to her told her about the PID thing and got her all obsessed about Paul. This is how she entered the "fandom". That's it. She just picked up her fixation from someone else's fannish whatever.

  15. Well they deleted some of her abuse crap off her wall but she sure is delusional if she thinks anyone went to Julian and told on her gay innuendo post. Nope. Never happened and her post comments on her wall about that is as stupid as her own rear end. She's full of shit. I brought something she posted on Julian's wall to his attention and he removed it. The thing I brought to his attention had NOTHING to do with gay remarks or her usual perverted stuff, it has to do with her nasty attitude and Debbiw Downer crap she was trying to do to his wall what she does to hers. Fill it with personal attacks towards others.

    Now she's got some ignorant slob doing what she does, addressing the public by feeding into Kathryn's (which is her real name) facebook drama. I wonder if old Stephanie would care to know what kind of person she's being taken in by because she sure is blind and what's worse she won't even ask the obvious question that's staring her in the face.
    Anyway case in point, Julian doesn't need Kathryn's trolling on his wall and he's always been nice to me and since I've been a fan for more than a mere few years (if "Karen" can even be called a fan since she gets obsessed with celebrities easily enough from other people's fandoms) if that slimebag stalker "Karen" tries anything with his stuff he'll block her!

    Don't believe the lies she's always posting. That sleeze hides the truth and won't tell anyone who actually listens to her any of the real details. No she obscures the truth.

    1. Apparently *anyone* who brings any of her abuse to any admin attention is a "bullying stalker". Well what a convenient psychopath shuffle she does!
      Do the evil deed and sit back and claim that anyone doing the right thing is a "bullying stalker" so that all responsibility shifts onto the person who just happened to see her abuse and took a reasonable action.

      That Stephanie sure sounds like a 5 year old. Stephanie sure projects alot. No wonder she gets along with that sociopath.

      @ Julian fan, hang in there. She calls everyone names like that. It's all she's got in her nasty mouth. Juliam will always appreciate his real fans and you've been a great support for him regardless of what that bully -troll -stalker says. He sees what she is and he's not impressed. I hate that she has to drag him and whoever else into her sickness that all started long before the internet.

  16. Sick.

    Anyway, aside from that grossness (considering how ugly that threesome must be) let's do the weekly predictions.

    Tomorrow the troll will have about five bullying messages on her facebook wall and another 'Gee it's fun to pick on these people I call the MPCs' on her livejournal of obsession.

    And as usual nobody will reply to it, nobody will respond to it and those who didn't get hip to it before will go "oh yeah she DOES bash people in between her masterbation sessions on the internet" and be even more grossed out.

    ok now I must bleach my brain from that image.

    To that other commentor, yes you're right KO is ugly. She's like a corpse weeble wobble, kinda like a garbage pail rug-rat.

    To the fan of Julian, I guess KO the dumb bitch thinks everyone is English Lass or something. What a moron KO is. Oh and she doesn't even know the difference between Julian and Sean. Some "long-term" fan there. 9_9

    1. Did you see how she tried to pass it off on everything else because she's such a stupidly obvious liar? First it's the coffee, then it's the DJ and she just goes on and on but we all know it's because the shit never happened. She just made that up. She saw someone somewhere mention the song's name being done by one of John's kids and she threw up another delusional story.

  17. Her latest BS and predictable as always is something about her bullying LJ and then calls someone a hooker.
    It's like she talks about bullying so much and then does the bullying!
    I hate you I hate you and don't let me "catch you again" whatever the hell that means but we know she's all about trying to control people and bullying them is her favorite method. Besides stalking people that is.
    Then goes on about failing. I guess she would know all about that.

    So going over to her stupid livejournal she got some warning up saying she'll sue anyone who saves the evidence she posts which is all her bullying crap. Does she realize how stupid she is? Livejournal is a PUBLIC entity, when she posts, everything she posts she makes damn sure it's PUBLIC because we all know she is a bully and loves to attack people with her big mouth, so when she tries to claim she'll sue someone over saving the evidence as if that'll absolve her of any of her wrongdoing, she really is reaching for that Retard of the Decade Award.

    1. She even admits to copying this so-called "hooker" whatever this other person had on her LJ! So you know she's stalking her too.

    2. I'd love to see her face in front of a judge trying to explain all the shit she's done to everyone all these years and believe me people will come out of the woodwork and the evidence people have against her will have to be wheelbarrowed in and all she'll have is lies and delusional mentally ill crap going for her. So let her get herself in that situation! Then they'll see what we KNOW and that'll be the end of her! And good riddance.

  18. On KO's latest power trippin' and statements about suing people for saving evidence against her...