Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some More Shares

These were so good I had to re-post them here too.

For KO the Psycho Troll, Misery the stalker who cries stalker!

Yeah she'll be waitin' a loooong time for that!

And KO should really see a shrink about her OWS!


  1. Facebook must have warned her because her hate posts have stopped for two whole days! Two days is a record! Or she just couldn't find anything very insulting to use as her bullying campaign against people who know she's a bully.
    Either way, just some more crap about having an anonymous person asking for her smut stories (of course she's lying and wants people to think Paul McCartney is asking her for anything) please do not fall for that because I already know where it's going. She'll work up to it and has already told several people that Paul does write to her. They know she's nuts.

    Also there was something about basing some GH thing and gnomes invading his home and claiming that it happened to her for real!
    Um, hmmm. Gnomes and gremlins aren't real. Except to crazy schizoid people who hear voices and spend their lives living in a fantasy world and never get professional help.

    1. Oh she's still bashing people. Just some new other people now. She even bashed Julian Lennon for being 49 and not married. WTF? She's an old hag and never married either, she's toxic.
      She's just gotta bash someone and the reason she's been leaving some people alone is because there was a recent marriage and she's gotta try to get herself all involved in that stuff.
      Still thinking that people that get married are going to have open marriages so she can get her hooks into them (remember her posts about wanting to be inbetween Linda & Paul? Gross) and her being able to breakup a celebrity marriage is a goal of hers. She'll never accomplish it but she'll insert herself despite how unwelcome she is.

      I hope peope are starting to see her for what she is.

  2. This....


    Like she should talk! KO is the epitome of rude and crass!

    She's bitching about not seeing any pictures everywhere! Even on GH!

    Fucking give it a rest already! Why the hell does she need a damned picture for anyway and I don't buy that it's because she wants to see Stella's design of a dress because she hates Stella!
    Or she wants to see the dress so she can bash it. Fucking ugly trog-troll that KO

    When is a hobby not a hobby but a sick obsession?

    She did ask and people usually don't film themselves having sex. She probably tapes herself masterbating ! GROSS !

    The words these celebrities need to practice are "KO or whatever fuck you call yourself, our private lives is NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS! Stop being a stalker!"

    1. -She showers?

    2. KO repeats herself and has no originality of her own. All her so-called stories are copies of other authors only she adds the perversion. She said the same exact thing about Paul & Nancy's wedding, about a video recording of their honeymoon. It's just recycled garbage like all her other stuff.

  3. Here's more example of her trolling on FB.

    Do you guys know that before she showed up, Panda never had much of a problem with having to delete comments from his pages. Well since she's been there she's always trying to provoke someone and pick fights. I honestly cannot understand why Panda doesn't just block her.

    Also just for the record, she DOES stalk Dhani's in-laws FB pages! That's what Milly was observing from the comments Karen Nesbit left on them! Of course she blames some other guy on GH forum for posting a link but she totally overlooked the FACT that Milly already pointed out; she was desperately searching for photos from the in-laws FB pages whether someone posted a link elsewhere or not! She still posted it too, and made further comments about wanting to see their "honeymoon video" for Christ's sake! Fucking creepy perverted scary stalker!

    Dhani... RUN! Get as far away from Karen Nesbit/Kathryn O as possible!

    1. HA yeah I saw all that too! Wow she just claimed someone else was "weird" for just sharing a link, but THEY aren't the ones that's been posting on numerous boards and pages about wanting a photo! No, that would be HER and her alone! Milly was RIGHT! Also if you noticed, lots of people told her that Dhani's wedding was a private affair and she still argues with everybody and insists that he needs to post photos and sex tapes of him and his new wife and posts other sick obsessive stuff so she can jerk off to it. Yeah I can understand keeping ALL his photos private!
      Why taint a beautiful memory when you're aware that some sick middle-aged fat broad out there who lives with her mother is masterbating to photos of you and your new wife! Good on Dhani for keeping to himself!
      Then there's her comment about making the gates talk with silver polish,... what the....???

      That troll has been freaking out that Beatles kids are getting married and her goals to hook Dhani have now slipped away lol!
      The ugky thing she said about Julian though is just another manipulation that her type uses. Insult and force fist a guy into "proving himself" and get him to pop the question, :/ she believes he should ask HER to marry him! He doesn't even know her and if he did, he'd be filing a restraining order and NOT looking for a ring!

    2. This is the thread in question that she tried to claim on Panda's page that the member "gnome" had posted and tried to pass the blame off onto who was acting creepy:

      as you can see, gnome just posted an article, that's IT! didn't make any letcherous comments just posted an article which she went and posted everywhere else with words like seeing his honeymoon video as if to imply there was one! Jeez not everyone is Madonna! >.<
      Gnome has also been a long time member of GH forum and has never acted weird or creepy like she does!

      I know gnome from that forum.

  4. Her latest reply to that GH thread is disgusting. Now she claims that if Dhani wanted to keep his wedding private that Stella shouldn't have made the dress! Blaming Stells of course and still acting all bloodthirsty for some damned photos that are really NONE OF HER BUSINESS!

  5. I've seen her post saying the same exact thing about Dirk Benedict on that Ragtagfleet link! & Paul's been a veggie for so many years and if she's such a follower of his, how come she doesn't even know the basics?


    Note that only a stalker would make such a comment: he's the only celebrity that hasn't taken away from my life... I mean what the fuck? She doesn't know any celebrities or has any personal relationships with any! All the previous celebs she's referring to are clear signs that she's stalked them and been thrown out, rejected and banned from making further contact with them.

    Delusional narcissist but no, those ants are just the result of too many acid trips.


    Little delusional narcissist in action again! What makes her think I don't post at MPL?


    This doesn't even make any sense!


    1. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2585344&highlight=#2585344

      Psycho troll says:
      I left you a birthday present in the usual spot, Paul.

      Um, he doesn't even know her, doubt seriously he even reads her smut porn on the site or any site,
      wouldn't know wtf she's talking about but I'm sure she's still trying to tell people that Paul himself requests shit from her.
      It's all in her mind.

  6. Well it's been a RECORD (24 hours) but as you might suspect, the Karen Nesbit/Kathryn O harassment on FB is back! I guess she couldn't get Julian's, Dhani's and Paul's attention so she got right back into her bullying campaign on random people again.
    Funny, she sure tries to control other people and make them sacrifice their time to deal with her bullshit. MFM also ignored her pathetic ploys for attention by implying that Paul preaches and then tells them to "motivate" her. GTFO bitch! Why should anyone sacrifice who they are just because she has a problem with it?!
    Fuck off Karen the Bully Nesbit!

    1. Well she found a way to insert Dirk Benedict into a thread!

      And here all along she told that whole group of people on that Battlestar Galactica group that Dirk never came out to greet his fans or said one word to her! Hmmm :/

    2. Grossed Out Con AttendeeJune 18, 2012 at 7:44 PM

      Everyone else cringes when she walks around naked at conventions seeing the hairy beast with that skanky hairy tub of lard.

    3. I'll tell you what she's doing. Trying to find a way to subtly bring Dirk Benedict into the Paul site so she can bash him there and bash everyone else associated with him. That was tame, wait until she starts getting away with further remarks about him. If she goes unchecked, it'll turn ugly real fast.

    4. Yeah her bullying campaign is back. Jesus. You know she's the lowest dredge I've ever seen! At least she admits to being crazy. I don't know Kimba (Fudge) on a personal level but I can tell the differences in personalities. I'd much rather hang out with Kimba than Miserable Bully Misery any day! Regardless of what KO says about Kimba. I don't think Kimba is ugly, even if the hideous troll KO says she is.
      They say ugly is as ugly does and KO is fucking hideous. Kimba has a careworn face and wisdom is in her eyes even if she doesn't look like Cindy Crawford. KO just looks like a demonic beast waiting to strike.

  7. And every time someone posts any photo of Linda or Nancy or any woman that Paul has been with, she always makes some statement about their underwear or breasts. Another member shared a .gif of P&L, and she of course turned the thread into a discussion about Linda's breasts. Honestly I did not see anything bouncing all over the place and she was wearing a sweater and could have very well been wearing a bra. KO seems to concentrate on the subject's private parts too obessively even when there's nothing to see.

    I also didn't appreciate the way the moderators are being mocked. You know KO's been defaming them privately so those people only get one side of it from her (which are the lies) and have no idea how hard the mods work to keep the forum porn-free which is impossible with KO there.

  8. Her latest attack on FB is against the very lady she stalked since 2003!
    First off Nacky is the one who banned nasty perverted stupid crack ho KO because everytime anyone read her cruise posts it was like losing 100 IQ points because KO is in the negative numbers BELOW an IQ average!

    And KO does wanna be Nacky otherwise she wouldn't have dedicated her whole life to stalking Nacky like she's still clearly doing!
    KO also dedicated many blogs and myspace accounts about Nacky because KO clearly is obsessed with her to an extent that she is the center of KO's whole world that she has spent YEARS talking about her on and OFFLINE! Same can be said for poor Tracy and Dirk Benedict!

    1. Nacky was never a permiscuous type so I don't know where that ugly beast KO would get the impression and after all Misery (KO) is the one who brags about fucking everyone in Detroit and saving folders of Paul's wife's under garments! She's beyond skank ho, she's creepy stalker skank ho!
      Misery (KO) is the one who started STALKING Nacky! Nacky BANNED the nasty stalker and since then she's been on her INSANE vendetta!
      Who was it that called on the phone to harass Nacky and her family members, and calling her family members! THAT'S RIGHT! The STALKER from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who STALKS people and gets OBSESSED with celebrities that she can never have! That bitch in BHT is INSANE and a PYCHOPATH!

    2. Nacky was never a permiscuous type so I don't know where that ugly beast KO would get the impression and after all Misery (KO) is the one who brags about fucking everyone in Detroit and saving folders of Paul's wife's under garments! She's beyond skank ho, she's creepy stalker skank ho!
      Misery (KO) is the one who started STALKING Nacky! Nacky BANNED the nasty stalker and since then Misery's been on her INSANE vendetta!
      Who was it that called on the phone to harass Nacky and her family members, and calling her family members! THAT'S RIGHT! The STALKER from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who STALKS people and gets OBSESSED with celebrities that she can never have! That bitch in BHT is INSANE and a PYCHOPATH!

    3. Well it must be Nack's turn to be bullied today. KO has a list of poor souls she sits and abuses verbally everyday. Today just happened to be Nack's turn. KO's facebook is so twisted in on itself, she boasts that Mitt Romney is a bully and then follows in his footsteps with bullying messages so her facebook is definitely a PRO bully page!

      KO is jealous of Nacky because Nack is probably at a beach party in sunny Florida and KO can't stalk her that easily, and she's sitting at home all alone posting bullying posts on facebook. Some successful life there :/

      KO is so unoriginal that she has to use OTHER people's words to flame anyone.

      In KO's mind she believes that when she stalked and threatened you all when she was banned that she had a right to do all the shit she's done, copying other people's emails and profiles and trying to incite trouble on those Battlestar communities, but when people reacted and banned her across the board and voiced their disdain at being harassed by her they were called stalkers.
      So in KO's twisted little fried mind when SHE harasses and stalks people she calls that her curses working. When people react and hand her her ass, she calls it stalking and bullying when it's KO that's actually doing the stalking and bullying. KO is really twisted and psychochotic. In her ill mind nothing is ever her own doing, she thinks of herself as a saint when she is evil.
      She does not know any geniune emotion nor loves anyone or has the slightest respect for others and everything about her is phoney.

  9. We know she's mentally sick and digusting, take heart DMM. She also claims to live a very perverted lifestyle too! Check it out


    And all that porn on her sick livejournal that she claims is her life (yeah right) and she has the nerve to call anyone else names? KO is a BULLY after all. Gotta expect the hypocritical name-calling that the bully always does! She's the epitome of what a bully stalker sick sociopathic toxic personality is.

    P.S. she doesn't get laid at all. She's always online stalking and bashing people & celebs.
    She's always "at her computer"


    KO's unpopular because some people are smart enough to see crazy coming from a mile away and avoid it!
    Her posts are fucking stupid too and make no sense!

  10. The lady who helps document stalking cases via victims' own accounts has posted an update.

    Dirk never talked with her either! Everyone in that fanbase knows her as the stalker, liar, bully that she is. They all know her by name.
    Remember this is the same stalker that Nacky banned and for that Nacky got stalked! Misery kept trying to use aliases to gain access to Nacky's new email address and used Betty when her plans didn't work. Betty was detected and thrown off the yahoogroups as well. Then Misery began spamming and spoofing all kinds of members on even the large BSG yahoo lists. The stalking even carried over into lists that had nothing to do with BSG or Dirk! Misery would attack Nacky in those groups while spending ALL her offline time bashing Nacky and trying to get a personal army to help her in her campaign to harass Nacky!
    That's documented history and documented proof!

    Go to recent update: http://www.my-diary.org/read/p/543379985

    And if being unpopular doesn't sit right with her, why doesn't she do something about her nasty vicious toxic personality?

  11. Karen Nesbit KO is a fucking asshole. Plain and simple.

  12. Wondering how long it's gonna take for facebook to remove the fake profile of KO aka Misery.
    That's a definite violation of their TOS (facebook TOS)
    Her name IS NOT Karen Nesbit.
    I'm sure I'm not the only person who's got proof that KO name in real life is Kathryn O and NOT Karen Nesbit.
    I've got her blocked at facebook and at LJ.
    I no longer read what she writes.
    I come here for updates.
    I've also seen enough and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that KO is a evil, psychotic and ugly stalker.
    I refuse to pollute my computer screen by reading any of her disgusting shit she posts and looking at her ugly, ugly face.
    When I saw what she (KO) looked like in real life, I really needed to get brain bleach to get her image out of my mind.
    She's that ugly.
    "blechhhhh" *almost threw up at that time too* "ewwwwww"
    And KO also thinks she's pretty. puhleazzzeee HELL NO!
    And the reason she doesn't do something about her nasty vicious toxic personality is because she IS totally and utterly evil, insane, psychotic and a stalker.

  13. Goddamn and does she ever always play her same old broken record day after day and repeat her "stalking bully" mantra just begging for everyone's attention and trying to drain them of sympathy. Goddamn. The troll even mentions this blog again with her same old droning dredgery! The author of this blog hasn't even been around much less following that stupid bitch and KO is the one who stalked her way into Paul fandom to begin with!

    Also the same repeated bull about her ex-boyfriend this and an obvious lie about a shrine. Is this the same imaginary friend who has a Beatle shrine? Also her whore-like attitude because she claims to already have 2 other "boyfriends" she's fucking and one of them is married! Yeah who's the crack-ho clown again?
    Does she just like to contradict herself on purpose? She is def. a TROLL!

  14. She's planning on fucking with David Bedford's site Beatles Social Network, and before anyone asks, I did warn him about her months ago!
    But feel free to join everyone and keep that place free of her! God knows we need ONE place where she ISN'T!
    She also seems to admit stalking EL's blog to see how much attention she gets from her trolling but we're just documenting her bullying and harassment here with commentary which is something her idiot suck-ups just can't grasp!
    You know who you are!
    And to the KO -- YOU are a STALKING BULLY and a PATHETIC EXCUSE for a human! May you be bannished to BAN HELL!

  15. MFH member Alan haterJune 21, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    If she doesn't want people documenting her harassment of them, then why doesn't she stop harassing people and posting about them all over the damned internet? On every forum she can join she harasses someone there and brings in harassment from her history of her harassment of them (all one sided of course and is a form of stalking since she tries to incite others into flame wars) why doesn't she stop? If she stopped there'd be nothing to report. But she thrives on spreading negativity. I believe you guys are right, she is evil. No doubt about that.

    1. Word! Her comments about the conventions aren't friendly and people reported her ABUSE that fills up all her accounts day after day after day...............
      But her constant bullying she sees as "enjoying herself" and her version of having fun at cons is to sit in the room naked and gross the other occupants out and they leave, and the other half of her time is spent gossiping about others, talking SHIT about others, stalking celebrities around if they're around, and ranting endlessly about her miserable life! THAT is how she spends time at cons so the ASSHOLE she thinks she's avoiding must be her alternate personality or something.

      Believe me we try to AVOID that asshole at conventions! All of the cons, but she's always there and she will stalk people at those cons.
      She goes there TO stalk and harass people. So no con is without pathetic losers like KO.

  16. This comment is directed right at that stupid Stephanie Horan or whatever she calls her fool self. Why are YOU helping a BULLY to BULLY others? You seem to agree with someone you don't even know to bash someone else that you certainly DO NOT and NEVER WILL know or even meet and there you are, just like a little follower who stands behind a big ugly bully (KO whom we do know unfortunately) and stand behind that thing and agree with all her bullying that she dishes out.
    Well I guess it must make you feel better about yourself to help a bully to bully people you don't even know.
    You're just as pathetic as the bully Karen KO Nesbit herself and you're obviously a real failure at life otherwise you'd use some common goddamn sense. You also help her flame people who are handicapped or have some disability because you feel that's pretty funny and while you two lowlifes sit and please yourselves at other people's expense; your brain disorders and handicaps far outweigh anyone else's. Take a look in that mirror and ask yourself why you help an obvious psycho bitch to badger people. You have no idea what KO is and if you did, you should feel so ashamed of yourself if you have any sliver of humanity, that is.


    2. Sounds like this so called Stephanie Horan just might be an alias of KO.
      KO has had the habit of creating fake profiles, fake emails and wouldn't surprise me at all that this might another fake facebook account.

    3. KO is the bully that you may remember from school or some other event. She's the type who bullied people behind their backs and got other people suckered into her fake sob stories so she would have someone actively bully for her in a confrontational way. As years went by she just got worse, knowing she could play on people's sympathy and mask that the bully is really her but she doesn't hide it for long because as you see lots of us have caught on. Stephanie may be an aliases but I think what Stephanie is, is stupid and obviously none of KO's victims even know who the hell Stephanie is so she's obviously a non-involved party that KO simply latched onto and started working on and this Stephanie is too stupid to realize she's being lied to and used.
      To KO "a friend" is a person who never questions evil deeds she does, follows blindly and enables her.
      Stephanie likes to talk like an internet tough guy, but she hasn't confronted one single person directly except through the coawrdly position on KO's fb wall.
      She doesn't have the nerve to seek what people have to say, she'd rather just sit and believe whatever lies KO feeds her. When anyone does seek the truth and ask the actual targets of KO's abuse, KO immediately plays the "I'm being stalked" card and uses every old trick in the book to keep the truth from being known and her methods, sadly work on some people. I can name a few.

  17. Any mention of PETA = automatic troll post by KO and it's the same thing over and over. The same. Exact. Stupid bullshit. Again.


  18. Whoa! Her drama facebook bully campaign just keeps getting more and more stupid. Doesn't she realize that she began bullying people loooong ago? Calls them names all the time, makes fun of Kimba's weight, calls her Big Fudge and yet she wants to compare a bully video to the very people who rejected her nasty bullying to begin with? Whoa! I guess her and Stehphanie are the two ass clowns on facebook.
    Note that she admits to stalking someone's twitter. I wish they'd post a link here!
    Yep that miserable Misery and her bullying that began this long drawn out war she keeps going after that Dirk Benedict cruise.
    Yeah she would harass and THREATEN people just like a real psycho bully. Those kids in that video have NOTHING on KO (Misery) at all!
    After that cruise she started bullying Dirk and his fans right away with comments about how he molested his boys, how he's a woman hater, and wife beater, how his fans are "wastes of people meat" and should have been given over to the Jewish Nazi camps in WWII Germany. Yeah I'd say that KO definitely wins the world's BIGGEST BULLY award for being the world's most loathesome bully. In real life too! She even had some employees lose their cool because she kept stealing their stuff and trying to harm them and they finally quit to get away from that psycho train-wreck!
    And she keeps going on about bullies! She should certainly know since she is one of the biggest bullies ever.

    Even Mitt Romney pales in comparison to her! She had a poor little puppy beaten, Romney only drove around with a dog on his roof. He didn't have a puppy beaten and then gloated about it afterward. Let's face it, she is fucking evil.

    1. LOL she's stalking people's twitter pages now?! I guess she just hunts people down wherever they are and God forbid they post any of THEIR opinions of her while she's going to reek of the stentch she so enjoys wallowing in of her own making! There just comes a time when people must have a voice against evil. Nobody ever complains about Hitler being called names, or any other evil figure and she is an evil presence in this world. So her bully whining shit is what you'd see in any dictator who feels everyone should worship and follow, not question and use their own brains. KO wants to control everyone! To the point of looking for their twitter accounts OMG!

  19. BlockTheBitch orgJune 23, 2012 at 7:18 AM

    She's too dumb and pig headed to realize what a bully she is! Calling people names all the time on her facebook and lvejournal and in forums. Making fun of them and even bragging about it. Calling people cunts and hookers, fatties and making fun of their hair and having a little bully like all her name-calling when she posts it. She's not speaking out AGAINST bullying, she's trying to take wrath upon all souls of the living! To feed off of the living. She is a parasidic draining sucking force like any emotional vampire. Oh and lookie! She's even got a bully-in-training named Stephanie! Wow.

  20. Well it's been a whole month since she posted a flaming bunch of hate at livejournal. She must have found more trolling satisfaction at facebook! I did laugh at the fact no one's even commented on her "birthday gift" to Paul which was nothing more than her talking to herself thinking she has somehow channelled Paul's late wife.