Saturday, June 23, 2012

Updates & Stuff

It's been pretty busy here, I see the troll is still bullying and stalking people. I still have links to put into my other posts and the screenshots that document KO's abuse and further insanity. I will not apologize for my blogs as they are telling the public what to avoid if they see that crazy woman who joins every damned site to annoy and provoke members and people who have no idea how well rehearsed she is at lying and manipulation. As I have stated many times before, the forums I have been a member of for so long have been taken over by this crazy bag who trolls, bullies and stalks people but plays her same old tired card of victimhood so unwitting folks automatically play right into her hands.

Facts are; Paul McCartney does not talk to her, the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison do not visit her (for those who believe life after death) and she has indeed stalked actor Dirk Benedict before becoming obsessed with Beatles and especially Paul McCartney. She first appeared on a PID forum and even told those people that she was fresh getting into Beatles history and fandom, that someone she knew had introduced her to the whole PID thing. If only that person, whoever it was, could have been into someone else besides Beatles legends and myths! KO would not be trolling our forums! If only...

From there she created all this drama, began claiming to have been a Beatles fan for 30 years, although that number changes from time to time but her usual story is; she's been a fan of so-n-so for 30 years, she's been a "witch" for 30 years, she's talked to dead people for 30 years, she's been a writer for 30 years, ugh! Yeah it goes on. The bullshit force is strong with this one!

So this was what I could do to let my voice and the voices of the people be heard and she has tried so desperately to defame me and my blog on every site she has access to. Although she never posts the link to it! LOL! Must be afraid people might check it out and realize she's really crazy and she can't have that now, can she?

I do have the further info waiting to be posted. I haven't forgotten but summer is upon us, and I can't foresee what might crop up and I will always take free time to spend outdoors whenever possible so bear with me. I will eventually get everything sorted out.


  1. Glad to see you're back! Yeah she's not even mentioned PID for weeks now. There's definitely a whole new couple of people she's found to abuse. Still she'll abuse everyone else who's banned her and blocked her from years and years ago.

  2. Hey D! Well yeah I have such a tough time trying to keep up because let's face it, KO has nothing but internet access and on her mother's computer 24-7. I did update the 5 June blog to add that so that's now out of the way. I have lots to go through yet, it's been an avalanche. She never stops so documenting her online harassment does seem to take many people who must share the workload. Otherwise this bitch would be a train wreck to every functioning site out there. I hear that she's also stalking someone on twitter then runs to her facebook account to call them names and claims they are bullies! O.o

  3. Stalking someone on twitter? *what else is new?* *rolls eyes*
    KO can never cease and desist. She just has to harass and stalk people.
    One of these days I guarantee she's gonna piss the wrong person off and that'll be the end of her.
    As far as I'm concerned it's not soon enough.
    I have a twitter account, but, it's protected.
    KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET is far worse than a train wreck and also worse than a plague...
    And when is facebook gonna wake up and remove her fake profile? There is more than enough evidence and concrete evidence to prove that KO's name IS NOT Karen.

  4. And the bullshit force keeps getting thicker!
    On facebook she claims she can see people looking for her email address on twitter but then claims she doesn't have one because ".........sigh sigh oh woe is me, feel sorry for me everybody, I can't have a twitter because of people I hate and bully, oh I mean bullies who hate me because I'm the center of the universe, sigh sigh, control control, manipulate manipulate,..............."
    Anyway she really can't keep any lie straight because she posted on the MPL forum that she did have a twitter.
    So not only do we catch her in YET ANOTHER lie but last time I looked, she doesn't have access to twitter's database and they don't send emails to people asking them for their emails. Whether or not they have twitter accounts. Her lies are so obvious. It's all just a big fat game of pity-party she plays all the time. All of her life!

    And wasn't she the one who only just posted that she reads other people's twitter accounts? So she's already outed herself as a stalker to any onlooker. Like she had proven herself to be a stalker to all those people from the Dirk Benedict thing, and the Star Trek thing, and the Space 1999 thing. And all of that.

    Today was more bullshit on MPL too.
    Now she inserts a fantasy right on the spot since she has no idea who Percy is, and the story she told last time just involved Paul coming into "her store" dressed as a hippy. Then as a Hindu. Now it's a Buddy Holly personage. I guess she hasn't gotten around to posting about her conversations with John and George today.

  5. Someone did get a screenshot of her latest abuse/pity-party on facebook where she says she doesn't bother to follow twitter (um, twitter is a network, not a person or thing to "follow") anyway there was definitely another glaring lie anyway if you check out the blog
    Comment #30 down. There it is. Mentions the very post about her saying she has a twitter but keeps it "private". Unfortunately nobody got the screenshot of that post. But I know it was there. MPL deleted her comments.

    Depsite that, however, and Alan or his friend still trolling anyone who dislikes the psycho KO and calling them fuckwits, she's still jumping on *any* opportunity to flame bully the people she hates.

    Seems like the bully troll repeats exactly what she reads others say about her bullying!

    KO is the LAST person to talk about being bullied since that's what she's done all her life. KO also rubs her target's faces in the "8 years" comment because she knows she's stalked and bullied a couple of certain people from the Dirk Benedict site for the last 8 years... every damned day too! Everyday like she's STILL doing to them!

    And of course Jenny's post about young kids was immediately turned RIGHT back into what KO wants that thread to be about; HER!

    Why do people even post these threads in front of her? It will always turn into a bashing others/pity-party for KO. She'll make sure of it!

    Also the lady who was bullied on that bus doesn't spend her life bitching about being called any names and she certainly didn't start any shit with people like KO did! KO also began harassing and bullying people associated with that cruise, then Dirk's sites, and then she esculated it from there. All the while calling everyone including Dirk much worse names than anyone retorted back!

    Yeah KO can't take what she dishes out. And she keeps dishing it out expecting different results everytime!

    1. KO wants to stalk Ringo Starr on twitter.

  6. UGH! Her latest fb shit is all about drug users and welfare "queens" that she apparently bullies as well as anyone else. Welfare queens sounds like just another nasty name for some people she also hates. But what's so disgusting about her latest bullying is that she lives with her mother, doesn't have to pay one cent of rent or utility bills and she does drugs. So in fact she's the one who should be drug tested and then have to pay rent instead of buying pot and the items that feed into her Paul obsession.

  7. Hey Stephanie. While you're standing behind a notorious online bully whose history of bullying and stalking goes back years and decades for that matter, while you're sitting there having yourself a glee old time of not only enabling that bully, but encouraging it, why don't you also go and agree with all her cruel bullying against underaged girls that she also calls whores, and scary little girls whose only worth to the world is by being used by men or used in horror movies because they are nothing but horrid little life-forms that deserve nothing but contempt. Then you can also go and pat that old drama-queen bully on the back while she tears apart the hanicapped and disabled and the poor while she whines forever on about being called on her shit!

    Yeah Stephanie, and you can bash total strangers that you have no idea about or even know because God knows you gotta feel better about yourself at other people's expense. I'm sure your mama would be so proud of you! Pathetic bully. Your life must be quite empty to even entertain such a constant nagging nag who hates on everyone.
    Yeah you're a real winner and those lips of yours permanently glued to KO's ass and being used by her for her own dark purposes must be a dream come true for you. Screw any other dream, you wanted to be a lap dog to that psychopath. Well congradulations to you.

    1. Stephanie has no ability to actually question anything and I'm sure she see the bitch as a saint! The way that KO has painted herself to be and some people are too dense to see the obvious. You know that leader of Libya thought of himself as pure and stainless and without fault and he was starving and killing his own people! KO's got that "I'm a God complex".

  8. I've spoken with various famous people before both through the mail, on various internet forums and face to face.

    Both? There are three things she listed there but the lie is, there were no "both" ways she's talked with celebrities because they didn't talk with her on the internet or through the mail. She just sent countless crazy letters and emails to them, their postmasters and webmasters harassing them relentlessly.
    She's really trying to suck up to Julian and it wasn't long before she started sliding in her "feel sorry for me" routine but still shows the narcissist she is at the same time.


  9. she's into environment, cetaceans and astronomy? that's news to me and I know the troublemaker in real life!

    aside from her julian stalking, she's still posting nasty messages to a "person" that turns into "they" in the same sentence and quotes a message about karma punching them in the face and being there to punch them in the face too. well she doesn't know where they live so her stalking is still just empty threats.

    nice way to show Julian her violent crazy anger that has no merit. since her curses have never worked and people she cursed are still alive, i'd say karma is waiting for her face to be shown for what it really is since that would be the worst thing she can imagine happening!

    mpcs is her bullying towards a bunch of people who just don't like her nastiness or obsessiveness and because of our stand against her sociopathic attitudes, we/they get bashed all the time by her and she believes some power out there will eventually "force" us to bow down to her. that is how she thinks! there is absolutely something wrong with her and the way she thinks. she is a ticking time bomb.

  10. I see she's found more nasty postcards to post today.

    Since she loves to use "karma" as her personal tool for harassment and does it so much of the time
    let me tell you that she's the one who'll be sporting the black eyes and fat lips. Her eyes are already black because they are windows into the soul
    and from her picture you can see the vacant stare and there's nothing positive in there.
    But as I was saying, since she uses karma as a negative tool all the time, it will do nothing but negative to her. That's how karma works. But she'll never wake up to that simple truth.
    As she is against anything truthful. She clothes herself in lies and deceptions.

    Responsibility is karma, in a sense. When actions are performed in the name of self, then the self will also be implicated in the fallout of those actions.*
    So as a negative person thrives on hate and let's face it, she is negativity itself and does and remains obsessed with all the people who have rejected her crazy mental illnesses because she simply refuses to accept her own karma,
    thus she keeps trying to turn her own karmic wheel against others. Doesn't work that way though so she can go take a flying leap off a cliff and back into her abyss.
    And the only astronomy she's into is the kind where she thinks planets are talking to her about Virgos and them being judged by the planets. Yep. She's that insane.

    1. *a negative person thrives on hate, she will only generate what she thrives on.. hate.

  11. Since she will continue to lie and get total strangers involved in her pity party and make good people out to be the villain, I'd like to post here and dispell her lies she posts on facebook.
    Granted the people she's got eating out of her fists, claws and all will probably not know the truth because I'm only posting this here instead of anywhere she can find it and make it "disappear" but I'm going to set the record straight here so anyone can find the truth if they seek it because she will always lie.

    The liar says: "a science fiction group whose name implies how they behave."

    No. MOWFO is a group of diverse people who meet every week to socialize. She is the one who behaves atrociously.

    The liar says: "The group was founded by one with obvious insecurities who
    goes around periodically telling individuals everything he perceives wrong with them (and does it in multiples I've noti...cec comparing notes)"

    The group was founded by the people who operate within it and there was no single founder.
    Furthermore Bill avoids troublemakers and started avoiding her and this is where her narcissitic rage is always unmasked. Although only the people being abused by her can see through her mask of lies and see her true self.

    The liar says: "he got run out by a large mean woman who ran the group well but was abusive to me constantly while everyone else told me to take it."

    Nobody got ran off by Kimba. Bill doesn't get "run off" and he's not known for taking any shit from anyone.
    Kimba, being the group's administrator and owner of the MOWFO list held on for years trying to be a peace-maker between Kathryn and the people she was always flaming and bullying on the list and in the weekly meetings.
    Kathryn bullied several people within the group for years to which they'd turn to Kimba who was the group's owner and begged her to make Kathryn stop the abuse. Usually it was hit or miss and people were basically forced to tolerate her bullying for the sake of following a philosophy of being an all-inclusive group. This is what Kathryn used to her own means which were never good and claims Kimba abused her and her power.
    Kimba was only trying to stop what could not be stopped; a sociopathic bully who always cuts people down at the real life functions and online on their own yahoo list.
    The only one who was abusive constantly was Kathryn (Karen Nesbit) herself and everyone else was made to take her abuse until Kimba finally left the group due to Kathryn's abuse. That really brought the reality of the situation home. MOWFO knew it could not keep this negative entity within the group and thrive as a people at the same time. The reality was stark and clear.
    We are happy to report that Kimba is back though. She has been put through hell by Kathryn and Kathryn is still unrelenting in her abuse campaign to everyone she has affected, and is still trying to turn people who don't know what happened against Kimba, as seen on Kathryn's facebook wall of hate and lies.

  12. Continued.

    The liar says: "WHen I was at my lowest point, she imitated the original founder
    and posted some four page diatrobe on me kicking her dog. (which I
    never did). She was imitating the original founder to get to me. then
    she said, "Sorry" but I wouldn't accept it."

    Her so-called lowest point was when Bill did not invite her to a party. That was IT! Meanwhile Kimba was dealing with a recent event that was a criminal act against her and her family.
    The selfishness of Kathryn is beyond words. There is just no way to describe how self-centered and narcissitic she is.
    What Kimba apologized for was that she posted her feelings about the fact she knew Kathryn would never stop the abuse to the list, rather than in private. That was what she was apologizing for but you won't see Kathryn admit to that because then she couldn't make Kimba out to be a villain then and that is her core purpose.
    What she hopes to accomplish with that is just as crazy as the concept itself. Anyone who knows Kimba knows what a sweet lady she is. Kathryn on the other hand has found the MOWFO group and used it and abused it. MOWFO prides itself on accepting everyone but Kathryn tried to divide and conquer it. There was a breaking point and MOWFO needed to purge her from the group because it was either that or be destroyed.
    I'm sure that was what Kathryn was trying to make happen and I'm happy to say that she failed. It was her that needed to be ejected from the group. MOWFO is back to its peaceful self now.

    The liar says: "I had enough of her abuse
    and told her it stops now for good. So she and the cop-lover who runs
    the group created a vote where I was to be voted on or off the island."

    The cop-lover is Stu and he's friends with several law enforcement agents but that is not the way it happened.
    Kimba is the one who told Kathryn that she had had enough of the abuse and Kimba left the list. That's when Kathryn began posting enormous amounts of hateful harassing posts to the group trying to get everyone to march along with her in her war against Kimba and Kimba had already left by that point. Now Kathryn was trying to put the final death blow to Kimba though there was no need to. This is what people finally saw, that she was a bully and such a sociopath that they began wondering how on earth they ever fell for any of her lies to begin with.
    The vote was the only fair way to decide whether or not to keep the abuser Kathryn in the group since she was literally filling up the inboxes of everyone there with tremendous amounts of hate spewing, profanities and insane letters that something had to be done.
    Of course she leaves THAT detail utterly out of her posts because nobody is supposed to question her, just believe everything she says because she's not going to admit WHY people were demanding that something be done about the abuse she was dishing out and had been for years and now people had finally had enough of HER SHIT! Kathryn was only in MOWFO to use people and divide and conquer. That is who she is.

  13. Continued.

    The liar says: "But, those that liked me where not allowed to vote. something about
    police rules, the cop-lover said. what do police rules have to do with
    a science fiction social group? Are we all criminals?"

    This is another example of how she twists and distorts any truth that can be seen by anyone with some sort of functioning brain.
    Everyone was allowed to vote! Every single member of MOWFO was given the opportunity, but Mike & Marla did not vote one way or the other. They would not get involved in the war Kathryn is waging against Kimba since they consider Kimba a friend.
    The police rule that was mentioned simply stated a well-known fact. That anyone having any sexual relationships with the accused is going to be biased and Kathryn is always claiming to have sexual relations with Mike who is Marla's husband.
    That had no affect on the vote to either keep the flaming tyrant on the group or to get rid of her, because as I've said, the vote was open to every single member of MOWFO. It was pretty much a clean sweep. Everyone wanted her gone.
    After she had been ejected, the group's morale picked up and everyone is back to being a happy group for what it's worth.

    The liar says: "I'm still hurt
    by this and to get approached like that at a party taht was meant to
    heal me, wow."

    The party was not a party for her, nor was it meant to do anything. It was someone else's party but you know Kathryn, it's always all about her.
    Since when do parties heal people? Go to a professional doctor and get help like a rational human being! But she won't do that because there's so many other people she can drain of resources like the emotional vampire she is.

    Also she carried on for YEARS after the Dirk Benedict cruise and claimed the same things about that as she's doing now towards MOWFO.
    If she is so hurt to be banned, why does she keep abusing and bullying people? Why doesn't she change and stop her shit?
    Kathryn is too satisfied with the aspect of victimizing people and using other people who know nothing of her real personality to gain sympathy while the victims look on in disgust and wonder why.

    1. I see she still can't spell the word "diatribe". That should be her most cherished word since she thrives on ranting and raving.

  14. More trolling on the forums and geez what a bunch of trolling it is!

    Really? Why no name mentioned then? Or place or anhything? The narcissist that she is, name dropping is what she does when she can! So this is just another thread she will try to turn into the topic of her.

    Moving on here we have more delusional and crazy.

    George would roll over in his grave! More claims of talking to George Harrison. The troll really does believe the shit she posts confirming she's crazy!

    Since her whole thing is bullying others all the time, this is probably where her personality disorders began and how she started using manipulation that didn't work on smart people. She still bullies by her own name-calling them in her posts. "Breeder" that is very derogatory and flamebaiting.

    A 7th grader threatening to sue some boy in school? Yeah and she wonders why people see she's crazy. Oobu24 steps right in and says that KO is telling the truth! Um how does she know? Did she grow up with KO? How does she know what KO's parents was like? I'm sure that her parents handed her everything and never told the brat the word "NO!" because that's the classic bully right there and she looks down at everyone else through her rich broad nose. But Oobu automatically buys into the lie.

    And this totally goes into crazy delusional lunatic...

    Nobody sent her money and in reality, from the documented links and stuff I've been privy to, it was her and her then-friend Betty who went around to Christian yahoogroups and used a forged account in the victim's name claiming she was abused by her husband. The letters from the group owners confirmed the shit that "cosmic candy" and "bettyfowler" was doing to try to smear the lady they were attacking.

    And frankly why would anyone get Christians to send her money if they were supposedly "bullying her"? KO did it herself like she always does and tried to get people to send her money with her sob stories. I believe I can find those links. They were posted by her after her failed attempts to incite flame wars against the victim. Audi is replying to the sick chick herself so he can stfu already.

    From one of the sources of the victims: the Dirk stalker (and Betty's) attacks on those Christians lists was against the group owner who banned them, Tracy or Nacky. One of them and neither of them saw the "abused by Christian" stories that she tells people now. So they never saw all that bullshit. They just saw her rants against Dirk and his fans and poor people for the most part. Although they did see her bash Jews and blacks a couple of times. So MPL is now allowing the liar to post insane accusations all the while there she is being the actual culprit!

    One sick bitch KO is! Her karma is NOT wholesome because the whole thing she spouts is a lie to begin with.

    Oh and then she brags about yelling at people who apparently just say one little thing and she explodes. You see?

    And there's the idiots just totally feeding into her psycho crap.

    1. MPL allows this shit now. I guess any crazy troll like KO can go in there and just start using the forum to tell lies about people they obsess over. And get the fools Audi & Oobu to encourage them and their bullying and pat sociopaths on the back without even knowing a thing about the people they are helping her to bash. Just like on facebook!

    2. Yeah she was the one trolling the Christian groups, but she manages to tell a big ass bunch of bullshit there. It's a pity some people are too damned stupid to see what she's doing there.

    3. KO strikes again! Manages to turn yet another thread that has nothing to do with her into a thread ALL ABOUT HER! & her lies.

    4. I was there and can certainly confirm that Misery KO the psycho bitch herself did in fact create some yahoo IDs to look like our friend Nacky and went around using that to join groups like Christian groups to totally slander her. I have seen this for myself and reported Misery's fake IDs and Yahoo removed every single one she and Betty created!! Yahoo didn't put up with that shit for one minute.

      This is just more of the stalker's typical lying about an event where she was trying to con people. It's obvious too! She uses her same old "feel sorry for me" game all the time and she's trying to claim that others were doing that FOR her??? Oh bitch please! She bashes Christians and used them like she uses anyone else. It's all a game to her.

    5. What's sad is that Audi makes this comment about her karma beinng wholesome.. whatevs. So her constant bitching about everything and how much hate she spins all the time is "wholesome"? Oooookay. Audi you're an idiot. Thank you. Goodbye. Get a clue. Get a life. But get the fuck away from me!

    6. I think she's trying to accuse Kimba or Diane of her own crimes. cons. whatever she was trying to do. Ever since she was banned from mowfo she's been trying to claim that Kimba abuses her with Christianity. That whole thread on MPL was probably started at her own cohearsing some other member to post it so she COULD use the forum to further bash people and get away with it since that would be something the mods wouldn't catch onto. KO is really coniving that way.

    7. As a fellow MOWFO member and having witnessed for myself numerous rantings by this psycho... I can also confirm that she totally lied in MPL about all that. She claimed that she was getting cards and letters from people trying to get her to give her life to Jesus and complained LOUDLY about that. No mentions of getting any money whatsoever.

      I do wonder at people on that forum who just totally buy into any stupid lie she tells though. I have to wonder at their sanity. They don't even question anything she posts even though there are gaping holes in her claims. Big obvious ones too.

    8. Wow and WOW! Back when Tracy banned her and Dirk was not giving her any attention to her online stalking or snail mail, (I can produce lots of these letters she sent btw) she literally threatened to sue them and get lawyers after them all the damned time and there she is bashing lawyers??? Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at her sudden nastiness against lawyers (must have been turned down by one recently) and made up stories about yelling at ficticious people in stores who don't wear shoes (goddamn it's like watching the world's worst liar because it's so obvious how made up the shit is) but she threatened to sue any administrator for banning her from sites that she was "entitled to"!

      She sure wants lawyers to come to her rescue whenever anyone exercizes their rights to block and ban the bitch!

  15. She forged a yahoo id of one of our members and staff and we had to report her to Yahoo. That stalker with her insane crazy ass started forging people's emails and profiles long ago.
    The link where his happened is included in this comment under the BSG Moderator title.
    And I can see she is still provoking people by continuing her harassment of them and getting numbskulls to help her flame.
    See the difference is, everyone here knows all the people she has victimized and harassed and it was brilliant that all the people were brought together as a support of each other having been stalked and bullied by that miserable bitch whereas the people she's got on her side have no fucking clue about any of us or even got one glimpse into the truth of any of this whole mess.
    So while we can speak from a literal experience, all she's got is some people she's lied to who have no power of discernment and obviusly no ability to question anything let alone give any reason why they are bullying along with her. I guess they feel they don't have to know any of us to post such hostility towards us because to them we're faceless and they don't have to answer for their shit because after all they are just following her right into the mud and flinging shit with her.

    So yeah they are just as insane as she is. Whenever anyone came to our group who posted a bunch of shit like she does (and did) we, the moderators put a stop to it when we didn't know who was who and I know enough people who post here to know that they wouldn't say any of the stuff they're saying unless they knew what was going on! These bullies she's gotten to help her is just wrong because we all know she's aiming to provoke and flamebait, and they're too stupid to realize that. They're being lead to because they don't see who any of us are and so even if she got them to commit crimes against us, it still wouldn't matter to them because we are faceless non-entities to them. So they don't have to feel any guilt about what they are doing and believe me Misery is sqealing with evil laughter at the way she's got them trained.

    1. Remember MPL are the ones allowing the flamebait and lies on their forum. They allow her to slander as long as she doesn't mention any names. So anyone whom she bullies will be bullied and Paul McCartney's name is stamped all over it because she has taken over and no one dares challenge her. Not even the mods.

    2. Yes unfortunately we all know her. The hogwash she posted about the café is another example of how far she'll take a lie and run with it.

      For anyone interested, here is their link

  16. So like. When do store clerks get to yell at people who come in and not get fired for that?

    1. They do get fired.
      KO's boss apparently is a total idiot and psychotic lunatic himself.

    2. Since it didn't happen, and she's lying all over that thread and totally misrepresenting people and businesses, the boss would fire anyone who did that. KO is just trying to sound big bad ass again.

      Maybe it's more like when Stella made those comments against her druggie hippy self, KO stood there properly mortified.....;) ;) ;)

  17. So if parents are to be responsible for kids until they are 18 years old, why is she, a middle-aged hag with no life still living with her mother and making her mother take responsibility for her failures at life? If being over 18 means taking responsibility why doesn't she do it? Why is she always bitching about what her mother did? She's like 40+ years old so what's her excuse?
    And you're right, the Paul boards seem to let her get away with all the bullshit she wants to. Remember the troll she sent into another forum who lied to all of us? Yeah nice of them, huh?

  18. The MPL forum is really giving itself a very bad name.
    Anyone reading any of the posts by Kathryn O can see there's a psychotic, stalking lunatic who can't keep all of her lies straight.
    Alan, Oobu24 and Audi also look like complete and total idiots.
    Wouldn't surprise me at all if the MPL forum went under.
    And good riddance if it did.
    A lot of good and true and loyal fans of Paul McCartney left that forum after the troll KO showed up.
    I just don't bother reading anything that KO posts anymore on the internet. I refuse to pollute my computer screen if her insane, psychotic bullshit.
    And as for her(KO the PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET, the insane, psychotic, ugly troll)karma being wholesome...BULLSHIT her karma is far, far from that...her karma is EVIL and UGLY.

    1. meant to say "refuse to pollute my computer screen with her insane. psychotic bullshit"
      She also never posts photos of herself in any of the forums she's on, nor her fake facebook page and her disgusting LJ.
      She's that UGLY.

  19. Moving on here we have more delusional and crazy.

    LOL-HA! We all know she thinks she actually talks with the late George Harrison and she says in that link in that post that a statue of George might draw some crazy people XD - crazy asshole people like Kathryn O misfit who thinks George Harrison talks to them and stuff like that!

    @ the commentor above mine. That Audi must think anyone who lies so ferociously like her must have wholesome karma. So wholesome that their entire lives revolve around eternally slamming unknown people he doesn't know all over the place. Yep that's really Zen of him -eyeroll- and Paul is a breeder so what's with the hetero-hate all of the sudden?

  20. Greetings everyone.

    I am the list owner of the Christian group that witnesed what people are commenting here about. I was contacted early this morning and shown this blog's links, the posts on the paulmccartney boards and various other info so I would have a basis in which to comment on these things.
    As you can see, people here have pretty much pieced the events together quite well and yes my group on yahoo did in fact have to remove several posts made by an account that appeared to be of a lady that this disturbed Kathryn O person was using to attack that lady. I have the means to go back and find when and where it happened but without even looking, yes I do indeed recall this event as the lady who was being impersonated contacted me directly and gave me the heads up and I removed the offending posts and member which yahoo itself took action against.
    I need to know how to contact that paulmccartney site and at the moment I'm unsure what to do as that Kathryn hasn't mentioned the actual url where my list is so it might be fruitless especially since I see she's gotten people there to openly attack the lady who was first targeted by Kathy & Betty and I remember them well. They tried to return and cause even more trouble and accused one of our members of things that I know never did as I know the man personally from my church.
    This Kathryn O is a lowsome person having no joy or happiness in her life so she compensates for it by doing this to others.
    Nobody sent her any money either, that is a lie and it's an evil lie. I believe in a sort of karma and she sure has fooled herself and some of those paulmccartney people and that's a real shame she is still stalking and harassing you people.
    Thank you for giving me the heads up and God bless you all!


      I say we should all join the site and start posting our side of things since she is going to use their site for her own personal drama queen antics and lying to people and since they obviously allow her to use them in that way and the spirit of the site has been tainted to a ghastly bunch of her psycho drama, we should be able to tell our side too and set those who buy into her lies on the path to enlightenment!

      I wonder how they would like that! Sure would serve them right for being so goddamn stupid and willing to offer a well-known celebrity's official forum as her own personal bashing grounds. I can see why the official Dirk Benedict forum and other forums kicked her the fuck out. But she seems to have found the PM forum as the best place to get away with the abundant bullshit she always does. And look, she's even gotten other members there to join right in with the hate and lies. They need to go ahead and re-name the forum to Kathryn O's personal ranting raving drama forum: The Current KO Obsession-Paul McCartney and the Beatles members who have passed on.

      It's no longer about Paul so the comments here are right, she has taken over. There's only one way to break through the wall of lies and deception she has doen to that forum. The damage has already been done but how do we counter it? How do we let the truth be known? She's out of control!


  21. This lady is dealing with the same kind of Kathryn O too!

    Only KO gets others to enthusiastically bash the blog owner on the forum of MPL so nobody can gather the information and evidence this blog has to offer.

    This blog also reflects exactly what Tracy, Chris, Nacky, and others have stated who have also dealt with being victims of a horrendously jealous pathetic loser like KO.

    So as you can see Smirking Cat has a KO too. A stalker named Ala.

    "Ala" is a type of female demon who particularly likes to eat children, is known for gluttony, and is typically an enemy to humans.*

    Hmm, so Kathryn is really an Ala! We knew. Somehow we just knew.

  22. Well it certainly explains some of the hate mail from some people from MPL she's gotten to send for her.

    But I doubt MPL even cares what shit she's doing there. That Alan guy isn't concerned about anyone being slandered on the boards there and I think he would be the first to oppress anyone else's freedom of speech as he's already demonstrated by not allowing anyone to show any evidence against KO. He would not allow anyone to present their side and he'd let serial bullies and serial criminals like KO off without even a warning while anyone who opposes her is severely punished. Thank goodness he's not a judge, or a lawyer or in any position of any real power. He will always side in with any freak who is obsessed with McCartney because he knows he can sell more merchandise, everyone else be damned. If she wants to use the site as her own personal army of nitwits, we can always go to higher authorities and keep sending reports of this to his ISP. We know how much that would piss him off.
    I think the sentiment about us being faceless people that don't even matter is quite accurate when it comes to MPL. There is no fairness. When she's gotten away with what she already has, and she's already gotten these idiots to march along in step with her banner of Bash'em! it won't be long before people's names and other info can be used to further fling her shit at us.
    And anyone posting anything related to the subject she thrives on; bullies in this case, you know she'll jump all over that like a gluttonous slob who will devour it like a pitbull.

  23. What always amazes me is that she goes on and on and on and on and on about all her shit and lashes out with such hateful remarks and then whines about being bullied as she dubs it when her posts are nothing but bullying and creepy and so on, and none of those idiots even stop to wonder WHY is there so many people who just hate her. Even if anyone was sending her big FUCK YOU letters, why can't those idiots stop to think; Gee she must be provoking somebody! Look she sure does it all the time on every single account and forum she's on! Gee she must have really gotten someone mad enough to fight back! She even posted about punching someone in face! and she wants to cry to Julian about her fucked up life? Gee she keeps going on forever and never stops so maybe there's some merit in why people just wanna fucking bash her head in! Gee YA THINK??? Wow get a fucking clue you assholes about the biggest asshole you suck up to! Assholes and bullies always seem to flock together and Oobu, Audi and Stephanie are no exception.

    But no, they apparently don't see the obvious ugliness of her posts like normal people can. They just think it's cute. They really do feel that KO is without flaw, without fault and everyone she bashes must be just some cockroach that needs to be stomped. They seem that brainwashed by her and she has totally convinced them that she is some kind of perfect little angel. Do they know how fucking stupid they make themselves look? I think they're too stupid to even consider that since they have no way to rationalize that maybe there's a reason why people fucking hate her and want to see her gone and forgotten.

    Hmph they probably have to have their mother change them when they piss themselves and be reminded to breathe through their noses instead of their mouths.

    1. And you know, my dear observant one, that she couldn't care less if they're being mentioned here. They are only as good for as long as she can use them.

  24. Every site that has had KO on their forums have either banned her or gone private and banned her or closed their site altogether.
    Who in their right mind would want to join MPL?
    I've got a friend who's a long time Beatle's fan.
    And he's a real fan not a fake one like KO.
    He took one look at the site, read a couple of KO's posts and his response was "I'm not gonna join a site where they let an insane person post bullshit and outright lies at their forum"
    His exact words. And he also said "I value my sanity, I'm gonna find a Paul McCartney fan site that has sane and decent people on it" Good for him!
    I also refuse to pollute my computer screen anymore by reading any and all of KO's bullshit and insane, psychotic posts. Seen than enough of that.
    KO is also giving Beatle's and Paul McCartney fans a bad name.
    Can't wait to see her finally kicked off the internet for good and those idiots too who supported her at MPL, LJ and facebook.

    1. continued...
      Meant to say Beatles fans.
      I'm a Beatles fan myself and also value my sanity.
      Gonna go find a Beatles fan site that isn't tainted by an insane, psychotic and ugly troll.
      Let's ALL make the internet a KO free zone!

  25. And with ALL that Christian bashing she's been doing on the forums she just goes and claims they sent her money from some years ago! So all that bashing and hate she does on them, it's all just KO being the prejusticed bitch she is. Of course I don't buy a word of what garbage she spews and I'm just telling the truth here when I say she discriminates against whole lots of people. She hates Christians, she hates poor people, she hates healthy people, she hates pretty people, she hates pretty blondes, she hates Dirk Benedict because he wouldn't touch her when she went on that cruise, she hates people in the groups she's been banned from because they wouldn't put up with her crazy shit and to this day she still lies about them. Making every single URL she's on be about hating on them.

  26. Former MFH/MPL member who got disgusted and leftJune 28, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    ME ME ME! At MFH it was always all about her! I'm here to tell you that she actually provoked PID members and used MFH to further her harassment of them!
    While MFH were doing their own thing, she went out of her way to stalk PID members and I know because I was there! Some of MFH were also approached by this Alan guy and he tried to tell us a bunch of bullshit, just really feeding into the shit he was lead to believe so as a result, lots of MFH members just got disgusted with the whole Kathryn psycho mess that she is and the fact she had this supposed "Paul associate" help her to harass different forums of people!

    There's more to tell but suffice it to say, she's just turned MPL into what she was attempting to do to PID, MFH and other forums.

    1. That Kathryn O is the worst I've ever seen! Not just the way she found our forum and began immediately with her drama bullshit but the way she continually bashed members and moderators there, posting lies about everyone but the way she stalked us, harassed and threatened my friend Tina and still stalks us!
      And people commenting here are RIGHT on the money when they note how she turns every site into a crazy psycho mess trying to get people to do her dirty work for her. Psycho Stalker literally stalks people everywhere and tries to get their blogs, sites and other stuff totally destroyed because she just stand if there's anyone out there who can expose her for the psychopath stalker she is! So she goes out of her way to have anyone deleted that has brought forth the TRUTH!

      And there that Alan guy was also helping her to report our forum not because of anything about Paul, but because she used him and he being the stupid idiot he is, helped her to harass us and other people! He even tried to create problems between us and other sites.

      Psycho Stalker wants her lies to be as wide-spread as possible while anyone with the truth about her is systematically silenced, slandered, torn apart and threatened with all sorts of things and face being shut down all the time and it's through the "official PM" forum that this psycho has been able to assemble such hatred and slander against any one of us and you wonder why we believe PID? Or that people set up these sites to tell the TRUTH??? It seems Paul or anything connected with him is a tool for this psycho woman's behaviour and uses Gastapo-like tactics to shut anyone down who knows what she is so I hope people are seeing the big red flag finally!
      If no other celebrity forum would allow this psycho to do what she's doing now, but MPL gladly allows it, how can anything they represent be good?

      Just tellin' it like it is.

  27. Not to toot my own horn but I know Paul in real life and I just do my own thing and check up on goings on. I'm not a staff member or anything but I'm thinking this Alan guy should be investigated. I have been reading the blogs here and ever since this KO showed up and ran off some people from that site I have been kinda looking into this situation. Some were people I know personally. One fellow was one of the first few hundred to join MPL and he was so harassed by this woman that he was basically forced to leave or pull all his hair out.

    1. Having Alan investigated would redeem Paul (even if he is the fake one) in my eyes.

    2. I must admit that it is {{very}} strange that the official site has been used in the way it has when they claim to not tolerate the kind of behaviour she is actively getting away with and keeps getting away with. They might tell her to stop but she waits and does it again. They apparently don't learn that she will repeat her abusive pattern and won't change it. Kinda like the mods who advise her to stop or they'll say "stop" again. That doesn't help and just lets her know that there will be no consequences to her bad behaviours or her ill intentions.
      That's kinda what I'm looking at is the INTENTIONS she has, and it's clear she has an agenda and it's not good at all! She is openly provoking people and getting other members to help her provoke people. That's clearly her intention. But they overlook that. Strange indeed.

      I'll pass this along. This whole thing is beginning to really bother me because she is using these sites to wage her war against so many people.
      I don't condemn you for believing in PID, because I know there's people who honestly want to know the truth and I won't bring up the subject here but Paul is Paul. He's not perfect, he would not put up with someone like KO and he would probably call the police if he saw her loitering around his residence. You can count on THAT! Paul is not Alan either so I apologise for Alan's treatment of you and others whom he's tried to shut down.

    3. No need to apologize for Alan's crap. It's not your fault. Thank you for posting here though. And I agree, it is very strange they're allowing her to do whatever the hell she wants to when no one else would even dream of doing what she does. Also Christians don't hand out money and so her lies about getting all this money from them because they just "felt so sorry" for her is a bunch of bullshit if ever I saw it! Christian folks aren't stupid and not easily conned into giving money to someone who claims to be harassed. More than likely she was trying to get them to send money to her and failed so she used her same old sob story (the sob story that Alan bought into hook, line and sinker) and they recoiled and banned her. Judging from the letters I've read that a Christian lady who runs another site shared with us today, she tried to con them into sending her money and used her sob story to get them to. They kept asking questions and that's when she blew at them and emailed nasty letters to the lady who runs the ygroup. The questions they asked her were normal, non provocative, and nice in every way and she just blew up at them and threatened them. So her posts on MPL represent her lies so far into the RED FLAG zone that I can't believe any member would think any of what she claimed actually happened.

    4. I too think it would be great to have Alan investigated.
      A message of Paul himself wouldn't hurt either.
      If he reads what KO writes on the MPL and objects very strongly.
      After all the site (MPL) is so supposed to be about Paul not KO.

  28. Stalker:

    1. My guessing is that it's KO herself in that thread.
      MPL really needs to kick her out ASAP
      Would be sweet to see Paul himself write them a formal complaint asking them to boot KO out of HIS forum. It sure as hell isn't her's(KO's) >:(

    2. Remember that time when Dirk Benedict had her permanently banned from DBC? Ah that was great because DBC was finally clear of her!

      Oh and remember when MOWFO finally kicked her out and now they're getting back to being a fun group without all the drama and negativity (that was all brought on by her and all the shit in her own mind?)

      The simple answer is that she's nuts, and she calls others names like whores and tries to paint them as very loose people who would catch every vanerial disease out there but yet she lives in a total fantasy world and posts about sleeping with everyone in Detroit and then calls *other* women whores! It's easy for her because the only men that would touch her is that Sasquatch twat tower who's ugly as fuck and you know, the bums from the projects so K has those diseases anyway. She sits at home everyday and claims to have lived all these experiences which she never has and never will because she's too focused on trying to control everyone on the internet and what we say and what we think and she is a waste of life.

      People have written letters of complaint, just not to MPL. ;) ;) :)

      Oh and remember that time when she was totally banned from PID? Good on them!!!

    3. And whores make money though. KO can't even give it away! Uuuugh it came from the sewer!!

  29. All the people that were harassed by KO at the MPL site and ran off should all write formal letters of complaint and maybe Paul himself could see those.
    He certainly wouldn't want his official site used to harass people.