Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Workload is Massive

It just keeps piling up how far back and how abundant the TROLL's abusive history goes !

I still have screenshots and links to put into past blogs here, and this recent revelation of how she tried to con a Christian group is just flat out why I know that creating this blog was really for the benefit of so many people ! KO has literally tried to destroy anyone who could bring her into the light of day !!! She's also tried to get my stuff removed and has sent my link to the few people who don't even question her and tried to get them to report me. But she failed. I guess that Alan must be busy doing other work for her, like letting her use MPL to further harass people. So be it.

I decided to educate people here by sharing some links that describe what KO is; a SOCIOPATH and psychopath too, these links and what can be learned from them is the invaluable information found there. I will point out some glaring facts that people should be aware of because we are fighting against a very skilled liar and manipulator. Not so skilled in how she does it, but skilled at finding the people who are just too ignorant of sociopathic people like her.

This will be a long post and later on, given the permissioon to share actual screenshots of the private letters that KO sent to various people, I will add that in with this blog post. For now, my intention is to simply educate people and let them see for themselves, using the very examples I know for a fact.

To start off with...

Sociopaths In Our Midst Hate the Truth and Its Advocates - KO tells people to not believe anything about her from people she has already victimized

What is the one thing a sociopath does not want other people to know?
The truth. More specifically, sociopaths do not want the truth about
them to be known as they are insecure, malicious, and devious people.
Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts,
they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That’s in
large part because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to
control other people and get what they want. If others were to know
about their true nature, they realize that most would want nothing to
do with them. They would lose the support networks of malicious
minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Therefore
sociopaths have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and
ruin anybody who presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise
questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements.
Many sociopaths are so insecure and malicious that they feel similarly
motivated to go on the offensive, perhaps with lesser severity, in
reaction to people who might embarrass them with obviously nasty (to
them) comments like "Is that lettuce stuck between your teeth?" or
"Your car is filthy! There’s a $3 carwash special across the street."
If that gets them unhinged, just imagine what being exposed as a child
abuser, false accuser, liar, or thief will do.

*Sociopaths may be especially cognizant of the risk that people whom they have used to abuse others might even turn against them, especially those who might be greatly angered by how they were manipulated into participating in destructive and harmful activities against others. Example: MOWFO & groups that were never on the Dirk Benedict cruise or at other celebrity functions, to start with.
Keep reading through the page. It is very informative.

They sure have KO summed up !

Here is what the page says, Recognizing a Sociopath and read on from there.

Appear normal on the surface (this first one doesn't apply to KO but the rest DOES apply)
Truly see nothing wrong with themselves
Nothing is ever their fault
Justifies their actions
Deep need for the respect, love, and gratitude of others
Superficiality, false charm
Inflated sense of self and superiority
Narcissism, excessive self-love
Self-importance not based on achievements
Lack of emotional depth, surface only
Incapable of normal human attachment
Relationships are a tool to get what they want (Stephanie, MPL members, M&M)
Lack of empathy
Contempt for those who seek to understand them (Kimba, so many others who came to realize she is a sociopath)
Authoritarian and domineering
Secretive and paranoid, worst fear is to be found out
Lack of remorse, guilt, or shame
Need for stimulation (celebrity obsessions)
Impulsive behaviors, lack of personal control
Irresponsible and unreliable
Promiscuity, infidelity
Parasitic lifestyle, they live off of others (doesn't pay any rent or bills, lives off of her mother, before that with people who finally kicked her out)
Goals for life are inflated and unrealistic
Possess a wide range of skills used at the expense of others (criminal
and/or entrepreneurial)
Seek total control over the lives of chosen victims
Attempt to create a willing victim (the list on this one is too long to add here)
Assign their own behaviors to their victim

Advice on how to cope with a sociopath

Since sociopaths are takers, they tend to be attracted to givers.
If you are assertive and can stand up for yourself, they wont want to
tangle with you. Don't live your life as a doormat, or they will take
the invitation to wipe their feet on you.
Let's say you are pretty sure you have had a run-in with a sociopath.
What do you do about it?
Do your best to avoid them socially.
If it is someone that you are in a more intimate relationship with,
cut off ties. It sounds harsh, but you have to take care of you, and a
sociopath will do everything in their power to see that that does not
If it is someone you cannot escape, such as a family member, limit
your contact with them and seek help from a professional in dealing
with them.
There are various support groups both online and off. Find one and participate.
Sociopaths thrive on being the center of attention. Don't give them
that opportunity. It may be your life, but to them it is just a game,
and they will find a way to win it at all costs. You will lose, so
don't willingly lose any more than you have to.
Sociopaths seek drama. Do not give it to them. Conversations will get
twisted, actions will be misconstrued, and you can bet they will come
out looking like the victim. No matter what you do, they will insist
that you have violated them in some way, so don't even give them that
Don't wait around for a sociopath to experience guilt, shame, or
remorse for their actions. It will not happen. They don't see anything
wrong with themselves. They may fake emotions for a short time, but
will continue the same behaviors.
Do not ever give a suspected sociopath access to your money or belongings.
That seems pretty obvious, but this is where most people get conned.
Many sociopaths are pros at conning people. They have can't-miss
business opportunities, financial troubles that only you can cure,
they just need a little bit to see them through.
Be on the lookout for those red flags and don't ignore them.
Sociopaths often present themselves as experts and work very hard to
earn your trust. Before you give anyone your money, check them out.
This is especially important online where you can't always get a real
feel for them. (this is what the Christian group admin told US so we KNOW KO lied on MPL about receiving money from them !!!)
Don't just accept the references they give you. Do a search and find
out for yourself if they have any skeletons.
Criminal records are public record. Call the courthouse and get a copy
of their record before you do any sort of business with them. Don't
forget to check in other states where you know they have lived.
A sociopath is very good at only allowing the world to see what they
want to be seen. Beware if they present themselves as perfect and
never making any mistakes, and are secretive about their past.
If you can avoid it, never get into a legal battle with a sociopath.
They are accomplished liars, and will have the court eating out of
their hand in no time. It will cost you a great deal of time and
money, and in the end all it does is further your stress.
If you begin to suspect you are dealing with a sociopath and things
are getting ugly, document, document, document. Save every bit of
correspondence from them, carry a tape recorder, and videotape their
tantrums. Keep a journal record of all interactions no matter how
small; they are admissible in court.
Finally, whatever you do, do not try to get even with them.
You are playing by a set of rules, they are making up the rules as
they go. While you may be a law abiding citizen, they will have no
problem breaking the law. While you are bound by conscience, they have
As soon as you begin to suspect you might be dealing with a sociopath, RUN.

Further reading and read further. Even the people who kicked KO out of their lives loong ago confirm what these pages had to say. Chris and the moderators of the BattlestarGalacticaRevival group, Deb & Nacky who own the groups they own and now even MOWFO all state what it says here.

EDUCATE YOURSELVES !!! KO is out there and online most of her life and look at the path of destruction, victims and evil minions in her path ! Just say NO to sociopaths, say NO to KO ! Unless you are a sociopathic, parasite like her and agree with her abuse, stalking and bullying.

Now here's what I have to add to all this. I know MPL won't escape unscathed by this and it's already suffered. I see that. They allowed it, they have made the same mistakes by being the pawns of KO's game. She sucks out of people the very thing she can never possess; empathy and sympathy. She will use sympathy or the emotion of it against anyone and feign it as if she has any clue what it really means, but she has NONE and cannot feel any kind of remorse or shame. Here is where I'm pointing out the obvious facts that everyone should know. Had this KO been just someone who was harming others she knows in real life and family members, we (us, entire groups of people) would not even be aware of her. We would be blissfully out of her reach.

BUT with the inclusion of the internet and the ability that it offers her and those of her ilk, it has been a tool for her to further inflict, damage, destroy and harm just about everyone she has come into contact with. Everyone eventually, though they don't see it now. With the advent of the internet, she has been enabled to literally affect so many lives and damage so many in her wake with her manipulations and mindgames that the number of people she has targeted, victimised and stalked is staggering.

Since she was not a political figure, having military at her desposal like Hitler did, her affect would have been confined to a much shorter list of people. But the internet gave her the tool to use it as such a weapon that blogs like mine have been not only necessary but called upon for the good it's done in helping people.

Had Hitler not been a political figure, and no military at his side, had television not been a tool he used or could use to promote the same kind of hate KO spreads and the propaganda she and Hitler alike have used to discriminate against whole groups of people (like KO always does when someone she targets just happens to be a Christian or an unemployed person or what have you) and uses that as a hammer to pound everyone that falls under those criteria... Hitler would not have been able to do what he did. Think about it.

So I am right in my judgement to say that had it not been for the fact she has been able to get online, NONE of this would have happened. The worst thing is, it began when she figured that she could go on a cruise and stalk the object of her obsession. When she was knocked back into reality and Dirk was not going to be her "fantasy", the internet served her evil purpose to get revenge on him and everyone else that just happened to be in the way. THAT IS THE TRUTH and we all know it !

Now look where we all are. People are being forced to defend themselves who are being targeted from a Paul McCartney forum. Twisted.


  1. So far in those few posts on that MPL bully thread KO has lied so much that the Ridiculous Meter busted!

    She lied about a place being sued for a fight in an alley. Nope didn't happen.

    She lied about a barefoot lawyer coming into the Natural Food Patch where she works. Nope she just wants to act like she controls the place and she shows her anger there even if the event never happened, she shows her ill nature.

    She lied about a kid in school, and then calling up his parents to threaten to sue him. How do I know this is a lie? Because her story changed from a girl doing something to her in school that involved her locker TO a boy that got into a desk. The story changed, but the "I'm gonna sue your ass off" is the only thing that didn't change. Then she totally slams lawyers while trying to sue some kid for the same frivolous reasons she rails out against! Wow.

    She lied about receiving funds from a Christian group. She has told various different versions of this crap story before and not once did she ever mention getting money from them. The opposite in fact. She joined their groups and begged them to "pray for her" and then went on with her sob story. Since I can actually go in and view these posts where this is documented, I can say that she went to them to beg for sympathy and then later on money, and told them all her lies about Dirk being her "friend" and how a mafia was trying to destroy her and his "friendship". She was banned from those groups eventually when they reported her for solicitation. Also she's the type that would keep the money and keep trying to receive it in a constant flow if she could con anyone to do that.

    She lies, she lies, she lies! And MPL just looks the other way while her lies gets bigger and more damaging. Lawyers will be happy to know that MPL might be the deepest pockets since lawyers focus on the organizations that allow abuse and all. Nice.

  2. Unlike “artemis”, most minions probably never understand how wrong they were. If they do, they are probably too embarrassed to dare apologize to their victims.

    This can explain why some people from MFH have been known to lash out at others and go on banning sprees rather than try to understand.

    Verbal Abuse

    Sociopaths generally have a strong narcissistic streak, even if they may not meet the formal definition for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As such, they feel driven to show that they are better than you and/or that you are a very bad person. Consequently, they often use verbal abuse tactics. Yelling, swearing, or insulting another person now and then is something that most people will do in an argument. But sociopaths use these tactics as means to control and dominate others, not merely as means to express their internal turmoil such as a normal person might due in a heated argument.

    If you’re being verbally abused, it’s possible that your abuser might be a sociopath. But you need to look at the context and motivations. If you smashed into another person’s car after accidentally shifting into reverse at a stop light, being yelled at and insulted might not be unexpected. But if you did nothing unusual or aggressive and yet find yourself berated, demeaned, and insulted, (or threatened to be slapped) you may be dealing with a sociopathic abuser.

    KO does seem to brag A LOT about yelling, swearing and verbally abusing people for stuff that seems so trivial (that she made up, more like) but still, the very intention is there. Just noting that.

    1. Yeah KO's and her ilk that think they are so much better than everyone else / barefooted hippy lawyers are just plain bad people.

  3. Everything she sees on Julian's page or anywhere, she always has to assume drugs are involved or insinuate drug use!
    Such a druggie!

    And on her facebook wall of drama, hate and insane shouts she's still bitching about this blog!
    If she truly didn't care abut it, why is she STILL fucking reading it? She's really so obvious and the hostile little postcards asking for us to shut up is even funnier! NO! We will not be silenced anymore! We are free men and women and we're gonna stand up to the bully KO! Count on that.
    How about she shuts the fuck up? Like for the FIRST time in her WHOLE LIFE! But we know that'll never happen!

    ALL of KO's accounts ARE anti-everybody, not one, not two, but ALL! So she's the last one to PREACH about anyone who has come to see the light about her and make it known and speak out.
    BTW we couldn't care less what KO's opinion is of us, just like EL couldn't care less. This blog is NOT for KO though she's still trying to delude herself that it is. It's about the people she has victimized and telling their story but she'll never grasp that! Because as the educational pages say, when it comes to sociopaths like KO, it's always all about them in their own minds!

    KO is the textbook example of narcissistic rage.

    Just to give another educational link to the brilliant new blog by EL ;)

    1. Yeah she keeps glued to this blog. Then goes to Julian, MPL, everywhere else on the planet to bitch about it. The postcards that she uses are so lame. They were all created to use against trolls like her anyway so whenever she posts one of them she's being masochistic.

  4. A lie that keeps getting repeated over and over again.

    She keeps repeating the same old tired shit on facebook too. Ad nauseum.

    Wanted to make a few comments here since I mostly read but hardly say anything.
    No1. I don't see anything wrong with you guys posting and documenting, the only one that does is the bully KO herself.
    No2. KO doesn't know a thing about most of the people she's always attacking. But she not only talks about them the most, she talks about them ALL THE TIME!
    The archives of MOWFO and the other stuff is proof of that. Therefore you guys keeping a sort of record of things is more than reasonable. You are being provoked by her and she is using other people's sites and lists to incite minions to her cause.
    One other guy I've been talking with told me the history of her cruel deeds. Someone who has been witness to her constant bashing of people both on a MOWFO list and in MOWFO functions. It was all the time that she sat and obsessed, bitched, ranted and carried on about people that she had never met and doesn't know one thing about them other than they banned her and told her to get lost.
    The woman KO refers to as a "Myspace hooker" is just one example. This is someone who works with the conchair at a convention something or other and is not a hooker at all. It's just a name KO bullyingly put to her.
    Another example is that she stalked some people from the DirkBenedict thing so much that these people were literally contacting the police and getting restraining orders and whatnot. I can imagine the hell KO has put some people through. After all I would be trying my best to rid myself of a crazy fanatic like KO if I banned her for her crazy crap, and then being subjected to the outrageous overkill of threats and harassment she subjects those people to.
    The group owners in that case had told this guy their story and it comes out basically to this; that they didn't want to hear about what a bastard Dirk was in her mind, they didn't want to be the pounding grounds for it. When they refused to let KO bash him she blew up at them and attacked them with death threats even. That's when they banned her. So they had just cause and they still get threats and KO's now sending out letters or getting someone to send harassing letters claiming to be from MPL and that Paul is going to sue them for what they're saying about her.

    1. ( I had to continue my comment here as the form wouldn't post the whole comment I wanted to say )

      So I note the lunacy this KO is all about. Where you are speaking up, it's because you have been victimised by her and are being abused by her in some way or another.
      Where she keeps going on, is to keep her abuse streak going because without it, she has nothing. She doesn't have very many minions and they don't really seem hell bent on anyone, the only one living her life to destroy others is KO herself.

      The facebook is one gigantic contradiction after another. She repeats herself and she knows nothing about the people she hunts. She's jealous and wrathful. But you all know her unfortunately all too well since you have been on the receiving end of the harassing flood of emails, death threats and ongoing-never-ending abuse for years.
      It is more than reasonable that you say what you do say here. Because she could limit her abuse to one thing or one outlet of her obvious rage towards the humans, but she opts to involve as many people ( that don't know her history or her ) as she can. Involving even the whole of MPL itself.

      KO repeats herself and keeps re-posting the same stuff all the time, while not knowing her victims other than they wouldn't be controlled by her manipulations.
      The victims, her targets and whoever all, just make the info available with their own commentary which is a natural reaction to the abuse they are suffering, or that she's trying to make them suffer.
      And KO is stalking you guys. Obviously reading everything that is said here, while some MPL members have come forward to show that there is a very destructive troll in their midst. So her posts are so contradictory, where these posts here offer a clear look into what is happening.
      She repeats the MPC ( Misery Pest control ) so often but nobody can ever know anyone and anyone reading her shit can't place or are allowed to, place a face or a real person to it. KO will hide that. Here, nothing is hidden. Sane people can determine who's trying to obstruct the truth, who's the liar and who's making the truth be known if only among those who have enough brains to listen and observe events as they unfold.

      The way she carries on about PID is also quite sickening because whether or not what they believe is wrong or not, next to KO the people who believe in the theory look like the world's most rational people! As such the gentleman I've been talking with did explain that her first obsession with the Beatles was from a local person who was into PID and PID was the first site she joined before any others. That's where her obsession with Paul began; the being dead aspect of it. KO's fascination with the possibility that he was killed by an occultic secret society was what triggered her obsession with him. THAT is where her first obsessions with Beatles actually started and that was sometime a few years ago AFTER her quest to destroy this Dirk guy had failed.

  5. To the poster above me. Yes I remember she would sit for hours and just bash the hell out of Dirk. This was right after she stared getting all her snail mail sent back to her as "Return to Sender" because before that she kept telling everyone that Dirk and her were in a relationship and that he wanted to talk to her but the "mafia" wouldn't let him get near her. After Dirk himself apparently made it known to her that she was a crazy delusional scary stalker with a severe mental illness, she began telling a whole different story about Dirk.
    First she bashed him for being a single parent and being divorced and that divorced people are assholes and can't maintain a relationship with anyone and are basically the scourge of the earth or slime of the earth. Nevermind that she just discriminated against most of the human population and there were divorced members of our group sitting right there being told how worthless they are for the so-called crime of getting divorced. That didn't matter to her. Kathryn is not known for tact in any sense of the word, but isn't Paul McCartney himself divorced? I guess her claims no longer hold any water now huh? She claims she herself divorced so all that shit she unloaded on us years ago just flew out the window. Not to mention that she can't maintain one single healthy relationship if her life depended on it! So that's another thing about her that people should be aware of.

    I don't and never did believe the HORSESHIT she said about Dirk. She told people in real life that he molested his boys, that his boys were raging homosexuals and condemned them for being raised to be flaming gays (as she put it) and seemed outright hostile that she didn't have a chance in hell to date his boys WTF???? She came off as a pedo while she accused Dirk of it. She'd sit for hours and claim he was a total drug addict and only showed up at conventions to hit her up for drugs and booze that "only she could get" because she had "special connections" and they didn't sell Dirk's favorite whiskey at any stores and that she knew a guy who had a secret stash of it and the more she carried on, the more her lies began to not only be so goddamned obvious lies but they warped into unrealistic tales of how she would be called upon to show up at any convention he would be at! Come on!
    She more than once told people that he would call her up and beg her to bring him drugs (the illegal sort) and she'd only do it if he promised to "do something" about his fans. In otherwords have them bumped off. At first she suggested that he should sue them for banning her and keeping her from reading his website. Then it morphed into her idea that he couldn't do anything outside of physically harming them or "making them disappear". So she'd suggest he'd have them bumped off. She even said that Dirk would WANT THAT! )))OMFG!))) So when they weren't bumped off as it were, she would say that Dirk wasn't that desperate for the drugs that she was willing to give him for the "favor".

    To anyone who didn't even know Dirk, she had painted him as such an asshole who had no control over his life, his mind, his so-called addictions and his career. She painted him as a silly, insane little fucker with no soul. All of course reflections of her, herself! She rages on today about bullying and stuff. Yeah maybe she'll lash out on MPL again and show us all the way it is about bullying since she's the world's biggest expert on that.

  6. Wiccan PriestessJune 29, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Her latest "story" is a rip off of someone else. I can't say anything without mentioning names but, the latest she posted is a total rip off of SOMEONE ELSE'S experiences! Not hers!

  7. KO lies so much she wouldn't even know how to speak the truth out of her insane, psychotic and ugly mouth.
    My prediction is this.
    Paul is notified of what's going on at this official board.
    Gives Alan the boot and KO the boot and then gets someone sane to admin the MPL site and nor more stalkers/trolls are allowed on his(Paul's) official forum.

    1. meant to say "Paul is notified at his official forum"
      KO is also finally banned from Facebook and from LJ.

    2. Wouldn't work. Paul isn't there. Someone would have to notify him personally or through a source close to him and really nobody on that forum is close enough to him to make it to his ears despite what KO claims, except maybe Liz. I hope KO doesn't start pestering Liz now.
      Nevermind the lies and delusional delusions that KO has conjured up in her own mind about Paul contacting her and being on a regular talking basis with her. It's just simply not true!

  8. Back on topic of this blog about sociopaths: I have noticed that KO always tries to insert herself into other people's marriages.
    When I like a guy and someone tells me he's married, my next question is, "But is he available and what is their status?"
    ...... I only date EXPERIENCED couples

    Basically the question is; will he cheat on his wife and fuck me?

    So it's obvious she's gotta glom onto other people's relationships because she can't get one of her own! I don't care how she tries to make it sound normal, it is NOT normal nor is it any different than what you'd call "swingers". She tries to get into swinger couple's relationships but the more monogamous the couple is the harder she'll stalk them to prove something, I guess, and her real goal is to break up that marriage. Although with swingers you kinda have to expect that to happen anyway. But that's her goal.

    When someone says they are married they ARE telling the bitch that he is NOT available. Not that she can accept that.

    Also just some more facts here. The other boyfriend is NOT her boyfriend! Perhaps M&M should question why they never see this guy. Geeee, ya think she's totally lying? DUH! This Craig guy is also married and he and his wife have politely told her to stop pursuing him.

    The deal with M&M is also very exaggerated by her although Mike is not really a good person.

  9. The attention she's trying to force from Julian has been unsuccessful. So now it's beginning:

    And it is unnerving that she bashes and bashes and bashes people with disabilities and people who take medications (like poor Brick) for their pains whatever they be, but she totally defends killers and serial killers and posts how they're all still "human" but she'll totally dehumanize anyone else. Even before they realize she's a sociopath and void of love and truth, and all because they "don't like her" for very valid reasons yeah they get dehumanized and called things. But Lennon's killer, oh he's just a killer so who cares, right?

    She also thinks the female body should be worshipped but then she has a REAL problem if it's a healthy female who is of normal weight, is pretty and above feet tall- so in fact she wants her slob-ugly glob to be worshipped, not women in general.

    1. Lennon's killer doesn't bother her as much as people who know she's a psychopath/sociopath and stands to expose what she is and reveal all her lies. Them's her enemies, not Lennon's killer. She couldn't care less about John Lennon being shot, it's all about what we think of her ugly, psychotic self that she will reserve all the hatred she can bring up out of that abyss with her.

  10. Just goes on and on and never once considers that her eternal nagging is what makes people sick!

    Yeah and she's said the SAME THING about the Dirk fandom being the best, the MOWFO clan being the BEST, the this being the best, the that being the best!
    The sociopath knows how to tell people what she thinks they wanna hear so she can insert her negativity that she thrives on into the air! It's all about the pity-party, never growing the fuck up, never working on herself - just making sure that some group or other are going to be exhibit A and another group is going to be exhibit B in her game of pit one against the other. So far, nobody on MPL is playing that game with her today.

    Now of course Audi can show up and start telling her how wonderful and without fault she is and lay on the compliments but that won't change anything. She's not wonderful, she is at fault, and she's way worse than he can imagine but none of that will ever change anything because it's always about pitting one against the other - that is her grip on the people she wants to control. Keep driving at it that someone out there is some real bastard and get people like Audi to agree. Yeah THAT'LL help everything! Except that it didn't and she's trolling for more and more, give her more and more pats on the back, give her more sympathy and attention. Watch yourself slowly be drained because _it_NEVER_STOPS _the sucking_of_LIFE_energy_is_her_feeding_time and that never ends. So spin your wheels ol' Audi! And whoever.

    She's been pouring on the thank yous and kissing up act to MPL. Oh and she degrated Julian again.

    Poor Paul. He got a nutcase stalker who thinks she talks to GH & JL.

    1. KO strikes again! Thank you Paul and staff, your place is THE BEST! You are the BEST people! God told me himself from a T-Shirt that you guys were MY salvation!! I have claimed you as MY territory (terror-tory) now so you can't possibly ban me now or ever! I can use your forum for my own ill purposes and talk about the people I hate for insulting ME and rejecting ME and you are now ALL MINE! I have given you my best superficial, fake praise and admiration and laid it on THICK so you can't ban me.

      Now she can work MPL however she wants to. She's already forced them into a sickly corner of sorts. Their hands are tied. Any rule she breaks, will have to be overlooked because her whole exsistence is riding on MPL and her ability to keep trolling there! They will let her feed there. If they were smart, they'd ban her, and tell her to seek professional help and not be a party to this woman's obsession and sickness. But sadly, they'll opt for the control she has over them to keep her from attacking them because they know the backlash now. They are aware of what she will do if they do anything to shatter her delusions.

    2. And that, my dear, is the saddest part! There are countless other admins who faced the same miserable dilemma! Keep her and keep the discord knowing she's insane, a liar, a flamer and all that or kick her off and be added to the droves of people who had been forced to make that decision. Eventually common sense rules out at the end of day and when they FINALLY wake up and realize that she will never stop her bullshit and trolling and undermining them, she'll be handed an eviction notice.

      Her crazy words about how wonderful they are, how Paul is the best and everyone there is the best, is just more manipulation. I wonder if they're feeling that? But as long as this monster, this Misery is on the internet, we need what we have to counter it. Education and support against her. Because nothing else short of abandonning the internet will suffice.

      P.S. Julian doesn't owe her a goddamn thing! She's beginning to spread ugly stuff about him and has posted in both BL and MPL about him and calling him an asshole.

  11. A fandom about "hope & motivation" ???? That wouldn't be a fandom. Fandom implies that a celebrity or celebrated person or persons is the central figure for that base.

    Please note that she got herself kicked out and I wish people would see through her sob story act! Give it a rest already! Jesus goddamn. If she were really trying to "heal" you'd think she'd stop and THINK and the key word here being "STOP" but she never does!

    If it was a place to heal for everyone, they certainly didn't need the likes of her there! She isn't there to heal herself, she's there to acquire minions who will agree to all her lies and bullshit! That damages anyone else's hope for healing! They are abused even more and fall back into the sick pattern she's all about. That isn't moving forward. It's dragging everyone down with her if she can get that to go for her!

    "has any group ever treated ME right?" The right question she should ask herself is "Was there any group that I didn't use, abuse and bully into my stinking vendettas and jealous rages?"

    Then she claims nothing sags on her body! WHAT? The picture of her shows a fat woman of 45+ years of age! So while she's having her pity-party all over MPL and wondering why people hate her, she continues to lie about even stupid things that nobody cares about!

    1. Right on with that! She never stops! Ever. If she's just do that, stop forcing people into her pathetic drama and darkness (which she's full of) then there wouldn't be ***THIS*** and there'd be nothing to report. Nothing to defend. No needless lies to dispell and there'd be nothing!
      But she won't stop because it's the attention she wants and negative attention is what she thrives on. The MOWFO group were never there to "heal" anyone! They are not professional doctors. She just wants everyone else to agree to everything she says or does no matter how hurtful it is to someone else! Other people just simply don't count! It's all about her and everyone else be damned!
      Funny she should be mentioning God in her post. She absolutely hates his followers and bashes them everyday. I suppose if she found a nice group she could fit in with (like the Phelps family for example) then she'd be surrounded by people willing to hate everyone and help her just bash the fuck outta everyone she hates! Then she can "heal" from whatever it is she thinks she "doesn't need help" for!

      Then when anyone dies, she can go and picket their funeral with hate signs. Just like she already does on the internet.

    2. HILARIOUS! Alan from MPL maintains Julian's facebook page and she's bitching about him on MPL where Alan is as well!

    3. ROFL
      Alan just may have to ban her ugly ass afterall.

    4. He won't do that because he's got something to prove. What that is exactly we don't know. Boils down to his own ignornance about what type of person KO is. He wants to stay blind. It's all about the money. Nobody else matters.

    5. Perhaps it's because he(Alan) hasn't got a brain? *rolls eyes*
      Anyone with any common sense can see right away KO is a liar, lunatic and a psychotic troll.

  12. You guys aren't just whistling Dixie there! I mean we had the same experience dealing with her. When she was banned because we had the proof right in front of us so it confirmed what we suspected for a long time, that she was trolling and using us as her personal vendetta army, we banned her and she went after Tina like a hound from Hell. The abusive emails that she kept sending kept getting worse and worse. All of these were saved and I believe an incident report was filed against Psycho Stalker.

    MPL admins will get harassing and threatening emails if they ban her, at first she'll feign innocence and not knowing why, and blubber and claim to save someone's life and all the 'you're insulting a saint by banning ME' tripe. After that, you can count on the abuse she'll spread about them on everything she's on, facebook, livejournal, everywhere. But it won't stop there. She'll unleash the avalanche into their own inboxes as well. What can they do anout it? Well, with the law being what it is, probably nothing. And Paul/Faul anyone associated with MPL or that forum, they don't have much power because in this case they would have to involve Interpol. They're in the U.K., Psycho Stalker is in some small township in Michigan. Good luck with that.

    About the only thing they can do is get a restraining order. Like some other people did.

    1. KO will never truly be happy until she can actually make someone dead. Or make good on any one of her threats. The reason she never stops is because something she wants accomplished hasn't been fulfilled and to a sociopathic, psychopathic disturbed person that she is, the only gratification she wants is to make someone dead or a lot of someones dead and/or have a celebrity (Like Paul or Julian or even Dhani) come to her aid to help her give her life validity and really show those Mos & Pcs how important she is because she's got a big named celebrity walking around with her. -Of course this will never happen and she lives vicariously through others, especially celebs, but in the rawest, most naked truth is that she won't truly be happy until someone is destroyed. Literally.

      After that, anyone who she deems as worthy of death is going to have attempts made on their lives. IF she gets away with anything. Well she's already gotten away with the hit and run thing, so who knows? She can't easily harm people if she doesn't know where they live, and who live in different states or parts of the world. So her serial killer dreams are just that right now. That's what she really wants. Them there to be dead. Smashed. So you see all the vitriol she's putting out there online. The fact that it never ends, really seriously never has a stop to it and the shit she has to fling is flung every single damned day and night, is an indicator that she will stop at nothing and that she is forever obsessed with her blood-thirsty quest.
      Right now the only way she can manifest those harmful desires is through the internet. And the unfortunate beings living around her. That sister should have taken the poor cat with her!

    2. The admins and mods at MPL can always block and report her emails.
      As for the abuse on facebook and LJ, well MPL should have banned KO at the very beginning when she starting posting her bullshit posts and harassing members there.
      Maybe one of these days her computer is gonna blow up in her ugly face and that'll be the end of her!

    3. They can block her but she will do what she's always done. Create numerous other email accounts, and bombard them with those until those are blocked. Then she'll get some other people to help her attack them and send minions in to gather as much info on them as possible. Then she'll work on other means. It's a pattern she has done since being banned from sites and groups in 2004.

      Further there were only a few people she harassed at MPL and they left. They took off. The people she harasses are outside the forum and she harasses them from MPL using their forum as a way to do the abuse without consequences. A safe little rat's nest for her to use as her dumping arena with everyone there making sure nobody can address the lies she tells and abuse she dishes out. She dug in and settled.
      They are supporting and enabling her to launch her attacks while trying to destroy anyone else for having their say.

    4. The last forum that enabled KO to do that soon bit the dust so to speak.
      Yes there were a few people that she harassed at MPL. They left, I'm aware of that, however, word of mouth gets around and word spreads like fire on the internet.
      MPL has given itself a very bad name.

    5. Of course they have. People on Digital Spy were being nice to her and they were just as friendly there and anyone else on any other forum but KO pushes people and bullies people and tries to go to them everyday to suck more life-energy and sympathy out of them and it just wore so thin that people started ignoring her and when she was ignored, she turned up the volume on her sociopathic feel-sorry-for-me routine and you're gonna do something about my crappy life or else routine and eventually people complain and she's banned.
      In MPL's case, the forum removed *numerous* and I mean NUMEROUS posts and threads by her (the armpit hair digusting thread was the start of it) and their way to "fix the problem" is to just remove her provactive content (not that they remove all of it) but that is how they think they're avoiding nastiness.
      The ONLY thing that has saved them from making a REAL decision is facebook! Yep that's right, that stupid site that is a breeding ground for stalkers like her because celebrities are more accessible on facebook than on MPL. She's been too busy trying to get to Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison to be focused on MPL members. But had it not been for facebook, MPL would be scurrying to keep her there to prove to the world that Alan is just never wrong about anything.
      Princess Diana would refer to people like Alan as "The Firm". So while MPL does have a bad name, they'd rather be rid of the normal fans than the obsessive stalker ones like KO because KO will spend more money on her obsession than the normal fan would.
      KO lives with her mother and is enabled to use the internet to do evil because KO doesn't have to go out and make a living, she lives off her mother. Wow.

  13. KO won't stop because she enjoys talking shit and bashing people too much. That's like her only activity that she really gets off on. Her only real hobby. Spreading rumors, talking shit about other folks and then whining about how hurt she is when she aims to do just that!
    I believe she's a dangerous person just waiting to really harm someone. It's more than talk from her, she really does seek to physically harm some people. She just has no idea where they live.

  14. Another version of her fake Paul fannish fan made-up history. KO has claimed several times that the Beatles (not Paul) was her first I was "made aware of Paul" moment.

    Julian gets another back-handed comment about him.

    KO doesn't know Julian, she's not one of his friends, she's not one of his associates, she has no part of his life as an individual whatsoever but she insults him on MPL and BL trying to call him an asshole. Yet she doesn't say anything on her fb wall about him there. Oh because he might SEE THAT! So the coward runs off to MPL & BL to bash him on those sites. Figures. Now if he outright rejects her, ejects her, kicks her off his facebook, then the vitriol will be everywhere like Dirk Benedict got in the end. Or anyone else who knows what she is.

    1. hmmmm...
      Did it ever occur to her that Julian just might look at the MPL page? and the BL one?
      KO is far too stupid and brainless and totally insane to realize that!

  15. KO claims to hate Mitt Romeny because he's a "bully", and he's from Bloomfield Hills! Just like KO! Richy rich broad hatin' on her fellow bully neighborhood richy rich!

    Yeah that Bloomfield Hills is blooming with bullies!

    1. yes, KO is a bully.
      I do question the rich broad part.
      It does seem that she gets enough money living off her Mother and not having to pay rent or bills.
      The people in Bloomfield Hills should all throw people like KO out!

  16. I wrote another blog. You'll love it!

    1. I do love it!
      And English Lass's blog too.
      Thinking of making one meself.
      Not sure what to call it though.

    2. She's not even from Detroit. She lives in Bloomfield Hills which is a small, and I mean SAMLL town and she certainly wasn't born in Detroit, again she's from a small town in bum fucked Indiana. So that's the truth about her.
      Now I must say, it's been two whole days since we've seen her online posting her usual shit and I have to say that it's been a VERY blissful two days without her or even seeing any trace of her!

      Wish that would last but we know it won't last. But it's been nice and quiet. Oh that golden silence!

  17. Chris sent along a link to her other facebook account.

    I don't even dare look at her fucking bullshit she must have posted there.

    1. Nope, no bullshit...yet... except for something saying that...
      this sucks and facebook sucks...didn't look at it long enough...don't want to pollute my computer screen!
      She actually put her real name in instead of Karen. I thought this was really funny. Shouldn't make a fake facebook profile KO, and yes you suck! ROFL
      Me thinks that maybe facebook is going to finally pull her "fake" facebook profile!
      Keeping my fingers crossed and yes, I am laughing at KO royal stupidity and ugliness.
      She also has become the laughing stock of internet.

    2. Because I have already blocked her latest facebook account, can you tell me when that stuff was posted on it? I don't really want to unblock her.