Sunday, July 8, 2012

Troll is back, Letter, and Julian

We all know KO lives on the internet and that it is extremely rare if she's ever offline for more than 6 hours everyday, so when there were power outages in her little town of Bloomfield Hills, there was a MUCH needed break from her trolling and stalking that people actually celebrated. Unfortunately, she got back online and the bullying harassment continues. Did you expect anything else ?

She immediately filled up her facebook wall with more of those bullying comments and thinks of herself as a "smart mother fucker" because as she states "my bully thinks I'm crazy". Excuse me while I laugh at her theory she surmises that anyone would think she's crazy because they are "dumb" LOL and she must be wearing her tin foil hat again ! She goes on and on about "bullies" and then singles ONE "bully" down in her latest barrage of bullshit. She jumps between plural and singular so much any person can quickly pick up she's a raving lunatic. KO is crazy. Nobody is dumb, the people who know she's crazy have come to that conclusion because they were smart and have been on the other end of her abusive crazy stalking and obsessions. They are smart enough to detect her lies. It's a no-brainer. If her mouth is moving or her fingers are typing, it's a lie. She claims to talk to dead people like George Harrison and John Lennon and she lives in a totally make-believe world trying to make the rest of the world adapt to her psychotic fantasies. In short she is crazy. A sociopath, a psychopath, a stalker. A bully online and as much in real life.

Moving on.

Someone sent me several letters explaining some things in the hopes that I can help dispell the vicious lies KO posts about someone named Jenny. Here is a cut copy paste of portions of that letter (with permission to post it here)...


She was on Mowfo and trashed Jenny and anyone else into online gaming. What happened was Jenny and this other lady simply refused to help Kathryn to stalk and harass anyone. These gamers were more interested in having fun, playing online games than to sit and help her obsess over Tracy and whoever else Tracy knows. Kathryn wanted them to drop everything they were doing and help her get to Dirk - that was her big and ultimate goal. She has posted nasty, and I mean NASTY bullshit, trash bullshit talking against these ladies and tried to tell all of Mowfo that they lived in their own feces, would throw used tampons on the floor and all kinds of such disgusting images she could pull out of her ass! NONE of what she said about Jenny or the other lady was even remotely true. Kathryn is just so mad at them for not helping her bully people that she set them up to look like social rejects (like she is) and made them into such a piriah that she hoped nobody would have anything to do with them. Needless to say someone in Mowfo did defend Jenny but all those harmful vicious lies that Kathryn posted, still remain. Now she's trashing them on facebook.
We have also notice that she is trying to use Marla Rudas in the same way she tried to use Jenny. Please know that this is exactly what she tried to do to Jenny with the whole Dirk Benedict obsession she had at that time. She is still trying to make Jenny out to be this unimaginably horrible lowlife by spreading these grostesque rumors about her, but that's what Kathryn does. That's how she does people. How she tries to control people. I wanted the truth to be out. Kathryn is a criminally insane liar and do NOT for one minute believe a damned word she says or writes! She's the one who is obsessed in the computer. Worse than any gamer alive because all her time is spent on stalking people and harassing them if they don't play her games!


Now let's discuss the situation with Julian Lennon and compare, shall we ?

On her facebook wall today, she posts the following troll crap posts after this Marla person asks if she can "do" anything. To which the Troll KO states to Marla to do something about Julian Lennon and tell him not to listen to anyone about her.

#1 Nobody is talking to Julian Lennon about her. Nobody. Julian can see a nutcase for what it is himself. Sending an obviously silly woman named Marla to "talk" to him is the stupidest thing ever. She is just using this idiot woman to help her harass Julian. That is what's happening here. Just like she tried to accomplish with the subject of the above letter; Jenny.

#2 She calls Julian a "Beatle baby brat" in her urging to get this silly Marla woman to confront Julian. So in essence, what she's done is insult and demean Julian while trying to get someone else to "put in a good word for her" !!! AFTER just insulting him. Go to Julian and tell him how wonderful, saintly and whatever other lie sounds good, about KO. While of course calling him a Beatle baby brat. Nice way to make your point there, Troll KO ! Slap him with a degrading, name-calling, bullying comment and then get someone to not see the obvious and agree to go pester him for you. Pester him about how wonderful you are after showing how shitty and psycho you really are !

#3 From the looks of it, this silly Marla woman is going to send Julian some crap letters for the psycho. Good grief.

You know Julian can also block KO and her co-horts. Problem solved. Except for the annoying fact that she will begin the same campaign against him that she had going against Dirk Benedict. Another fanbase has now been introduced to the nightmare that KO brings, and will never let up on. Going without a computer for the blessed 2 and half days that we had from her, wasn't enough and she's back online where she lives on her computer, back to bashing and bullying, stalking and sulking forever about everyone.

I've been busy with work and getting outdoors and planning a trip up to Scotland for a couple of weeks. It's just been such a windfall and I will get all this stuff done here even if it takes me longer than I had anticipated. I want to thank all my readers for their comments and also for their kind and supportive letters to me. I greatly appreciate your vigilance as we fight this troll and expose all her lies and psycho actions. We have to keep on our toes.

Julian Lennon can handle himself so there's no need for anyone to go to him about this psycho woman KO. He's already figured it out if she's already calling him names. That's a sign that he didn't buy into her rubbish. He must have told her to get lost. This is the result of his rejection of an internet troll who is a stalker. We're seeing that play out. So Julian has already seen what she is for himself with no help from anyone else. He can block, he can ban, he can even report her if things get out of hand. We know they will. BUT LET HIM DEAL WITH IT ! He is more than capable of ridding himself of an obsessed fanatic crazy lying stalking troll, so do not fear for his safety. All KO can do is bash him everywhere and stalk him online. She doesn't know where he lives or anything.



    Here is more of the slanderous lies she keeps posting on MPL. She had to go and mention that guy again and made up all this garbage.
    Just more of her shit and her trying to make herself look like such a center of the universe while calling that guy's WIFE (not ex-wife) a golddigger.

    Oh and she even keeps bashing Julian Lennon too, yeah she throws that right in there!

    "someone managed to get a Beatle's baby angry with me too" WTF? Delusional psycho bitch! Nobody is whispering things to Julian unless they themselves know Julian personally and second of all, she claims he's "mad" at her! This is just another one of her mindgames! Julian could not care LESS about what the fuck her problem is!

    This is just more of her whining crap to get his attention like she did with that other fellow! I guess she's decided that stalking poor Julian is easier than stalking the Paul McCartney! Jeeez.

    Why the hell does she have to use other people's forums to launch these goddamn psycho drama attacks? She tries to make her life sound so perfect (mansions and all) so why can't she get a life?

    1. Wish those solar flares would do more of their magic and shut her offline for good!

  2. That Marla should get a clue.

    Cyberbullying by Proxy (Third Party Cyberharassment or Cyberbullying)

    Often people who misuse the Internet to target others do it using accomplices. These accomplices, unfortunately, are often unsuspecting. They know they are communicating irate or provocative messages, but don’t realize that they are being manipulated by the real cyberharasser or cyberbully. That’s the beauty of this type of scheme. The attacker merely prods the issue by creating indignation or emotion on the part of others, and can then sit back and let others do their dirty work. Then, when legal action or other punitive actions are taken against the accomplice, the real attacker can claim that they never instigated anything and no one was acting on their behalf. They claim innocence and blame their accomplices, unwitting or not; their accomplices have no legal leg to stand on.

    Just a reminder to teach students to thinkB4uClick. Otherwise they have become what they say they are fighting. They have become a cyberharasser or cyberbully themselves. Teach them not to be used. Teach them to use their heads.

    So "Marla" should get a clue already and stop helping that mentally ill woman.

    1. That old Stephanie has become a cyberbully herself because she has always helped Crazy Bitch flame her targets.

  3. OMFG! Julian DID BLOCK HER!

    Aside from this being PROOF that she has been harassing Julian Lennon, and this being the highlight of my week, I have a few observations to make.

    Okay so where is this BLOG? Because NOWHERE on here does anyone say "She's talking to Julian lately. How sick of her knowing what she writes about his father"

    Also if her "slash" shit is supposed to have hurt Julian so much, why is she posting links to it everywhere? It's not about the slash, it's about her HARASSING Julian Lennon!

    Plain and simple.

    Also where is this "bragging" she's saying is posted here about anything to do with Julian Lennon or her fucked up psycho mess.

    AND WHERE OH WHERE is there ANY claims that anyone sent Dhani her fucking stupid slash crap????!!! She sure is using the sexuality as a means to divert the real attention away from the fact she's been harassing/stalking him! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Julian Lennon couldn't care less!

    None of what she claims is even REMOTELY here or anywhere! Fucking lying bitch. She sure knows how to make people out to be a bad buy. Thankfully not everyone is sawyed by her jacked up whining bullshit!

    1. *Swayed.

      Meant to say swayed not sawyed which is not even a word :p

      Thankfully not everyone is swayed by her jacked up whining bullshit!

      And it's true, Julian does not care about the personal sexual habits of KO! Though I'm sure she believes he is.

  4. She just whips out the ol' "My stalker whaaa waa waa" everytime someone finally blocks or bans her ass or reports her shit.

    She uses the words "my stalker, my bully" so much that people are just finally fed up with her obvious bullshit attention whoring and cries and demands for sympathy.

    Funny how her stories keep changing too. And that sick shit about her first orgasms, *puke* why did she tell a whole other group of people something entirely different? Oh yeah, she's a liar.

    She really repeats "My stalker" "My bully" like a deranged fanatical looney. FFS STFU already! There is no "MY" this in your pathetic life KO! Get OVER YOURSELF!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Angie's & FTS's comments!

    1. One of KO many victimsJuly 9, 2012 at 12:06 AM

      THANK YOU ANGIE & FOLLOWTHESUN!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! For telling it like it is!!! THANK YOU!

      And please Julian Lennon, don't ever UNblock her! Trust me, you're better off getting rid of her fast-like. Don't let her back in! Let her whine all over MPL. They'll allow her shit there and she can run to them and rant all over the place about it. But don't let her have access to you again. I hope she doesn't involve Dhani, but that's just another hope to be crushed.

    2. Why does she keep calling them [Julian and Dhani] Beatles babies? They are grown men. For someone who demands all of everyone's attention and constant sympathetic reassurance she sure offers no respect for other people's feelings whatsoever.

    3. KO lacks respect in every sense of the word.
      Here's hoping that Julian and Dhani have her(KO) arrested!

  5. The insanity was always in that community and she even claims Paul knows her:

    None of the topic has a thing to do with what this psycho crazy bitch is even ranting about. It's just more of her cherished drama she's spewing.

    FTR; Nobody from another fandom became a pidder. The PID people threw her out. Even THEY knew she was fucking crazy.

    Oh and who is this cyberstalker she "confronted"? It wasn't Tracy or anyone associated with her. It wasn't the group owner who banned her when her group suffered threats because they didn't wanna hear her Dirk cruise bullshit anymore. It wasn't Kimba because Kimba had left prior to that in MOWFO. So who is this imaginary cyberstalker?

    And what innocence did Paul's staff find her innocent of? Because we know she did those things even if she used all her whining to win MPL over. And again for the record; nobody threatened Paul. That's just another one of those twisty twist the facts around bit that she uses.

    1. This is one of the people KO likes to run down.

      KO tried to claim that a "stalker" spams her everyday. Hmmm? Nobody does so it's like all her other imaginary crap shit. Imaginary.


      Goddamn did she use enough CAPS in her screaming post? It's bad enough that she's screaming like a fucking psycho at someone who didn't even provoke her but that her post had nothing to do with what the OP was saying. Then she posts several more times in smaller case letters. She must go into rages at the drop of a pin.

    3. KO has just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in that post that she's totally and utterly insane and a psycho and stalker too!

  6. Oh good grief, some idiot on LJ said that Catkick never intended to hurt anyone ---- UM ---WTF? Really? Is that their analysis? OMG how LITTLE they know!

    She certainly intends to hurt anyone she bashes and bullys all the time, her INTENTIONS there were no different. She certainly intended to HURT Julian Lennon by making up these crazy ass accusations at him on that LJ community! That was intentional and deliberate! How can he defend himself over there while she's picking people for more sympathy and wanting to whine and bitch all over the place? Julian is being painted as a stupid jerk on LJ now! BeatleLinks and MPL just wasn't good enough so the harm she intends towards him is now being posted at JHP. That person needs to wake the hell up!

    Julian is now just another soul in the long line of people whom KO has wielded her nasty tyranical forces at. He's now in the same boat as poor old Dirk Benedict, and the other celebs she's stalked over the years. sigh

    1. Catick is insane, liar, psychotic and a stalker.
      Never intended to hurt anyone? Bullshit. Plain and simple.
      Copied that post she deleted and have it on disc/usb as evidence.

  7. Julian Lennon, Okay folks, JULIAN fucking LENNON - HIMSELF, BLOCKED HER! And some people are still blind to the possibility that she is a fucking stalker? Oh the humanity! Some people are so fucking goddamn STUPID!

    1. Good for him!
      Pretty soon everyone on the internet is going to be blocking KO!

  8. HA! Here she is outright lying and can be caught in yet another LIE!

    WHERE is this BLOG or POST that claims that? WHERE???? No links? Ah gee miss fucking stalker liar you can make claims all day long but without a link, who's to know right? It's all just about just taking her word for it! Why she doesn't have to show any proof whatsoever!

    And she NEVER apologizes. Ever. Because sorry doesn't mend. & George Harrison comes to her and talks to her? The George Harrison that was totally about making amends with people and harmony and light and all that, HE is visiting HER from the great beyond? Wow.

    1. George's spirit is being drawn in by the dark forces of darkness. KO is darkness itself. She feeds off the living. She's going to teach that Julian Lennon a lesson too. Because he's just listening to all the wrong people. Everyone who knows she's crazy are, of course, wrong and must be silenced right away, I tell ya!

    2. Well the fucking coward deleted it. She knew she made claims that were so fucking untruthful that she could not stand to be caught in all that.
      Does anyone have screenshots?

    3. This is the best screenshot I have because I forgot to expand some of the threads! Aw well, her bat-shit craziness comes off strong anyways.

    4. Thank YOU! I've got it saved now. Is there anyway to see all the comments? Do you get like notifications where all the content is intact? Again thank you so much for this! Having proof is always good when we're dealing with a massive stalker troll like her.

    5. You're very welcome! I just had the page open and I took a whole page screen shot using Google Chrome's Screen Capture tool. (It's very useful!) Unfortunately, when I realized that I forgot to expand threads to see all the comments, the post was deleted! So I couldn't do anything anymore. I'm glad to have been of some help though, because dear lord, this woman is nuts and I just hope her insanity stops.

  9. If someone saved the content, please make it available somewhere. You can even take screenshots of it and I'm sure EL will post it here. The whole Julian Lennon lies she was telling must be shown for the record and this is important! I hope people are finally seeing. She just can't have her way with Julian and that's now going to be her new war waged against another unwitting soul.

  10. And look at this insanity.
    This post is viewable to the public.


    July 9 2012, 23:24:06 UTC

    Just for the record, the person that attacked me was my stalker. she created that account just 6 months ago only to post here. I know because her posts to me were verbatim word for word what my stalker says to me as she follows me around and the person also mentioned a certain LJ that got deleted for violation of TOS that was making nasty fan fics about me and Beatledom that only my stalker and a few of her friends even knew about. "

    Again with the my stalker bullshit!
    KO has a stalker? BULLSHIT UNTRUE LIES

    1. And KO what about all your nasty emails and threats and posts to us?

    2. And even more bullshit from KO
      This post is public and under no copyright law on the internet.


      July 9 2012, 23:28:25 UTC

      I also will mention that those who are regular members of the community here who were uncomfortable with my subject, said so in a non-offensive manner. the attacker was my stalker and she has Borderline Personality Disorder similar to Francie Swartz and posts in the same manner."

      Me thinks catkick is talking about herself here.
      Uncomfortable? That's an understatement!

    3. And the most recent bullshit out of KO's ugly insane, psychotic, stalker, troll mouth.
      And again this post is viewable to the public and under no copyright law on the internet.


      July 10 2012, 00:14:30 UTC

      I am being bullied horribly and this was just one more incident. Only I'm not getting any help anywhere. even the authorities can't help when someone just follows you around the net. and she's not even a Beatles fan."

      She(KO)is speaking of herself? isn't she? ;)
      I say this to KO!
      So you expect people to take your lies, insanity, threats and your stalking and not fight back?

  11. I am very tempted to link to this blog...

    1. Well you should because she is trying to call Angie and everyone else a stalker, she's desperately trying to say that everyone IS this one lady she has stalked for over EIGHT LONG YEARS now, who has had to literally get a restraining order, change her telephone number and change her email address God knows how many times because this stalking bitch is such a nutcase that she would NOT leave that lady or Tracy the FUCK ALONE!
      KO literally keeps trying to amass a personal army to get to just this couple of people. She is notorious in the Dirk Benedict & Battlestart Galactica realm as a stalker. You can ask his official people and even join his official website and ask them! They know who KO/Catkick is and they even they could tell you horror stories!
      This bitch has gotten away with so much, and has harassed and STALKED people for so many years that it's incrediable that she hasn't been hauled away yet.

      And the whole Francie bit from her is laughable. Did anyone ever, besides the nasty KO herself, spread the kind of ugly UNTRUE slanderous beyond nasty shit about people that she does? Even Francie would recoil. KO just can't stand sarcasm or witty comebacks from others so she tries to paint them like there's something horrible wrong with them.
      Nobody has BPD except KO herself. That's a fact.
      There's one lady from Canada who is bi-polar but she's a nice lady after all.

    2. Of course she's taking more potshots at Julian with her projections since she's NOTHING about peace or anything like that.

      Her facebook wall was filled today with stupidity:

      She's got herself a little idiot following but fails to show even THEM any of this stuff going on in LJ. She's all about lies and hiding any truth so people can't see and judge for themselves, they have to just let the lying liar take her word for it. Then that stupid oaf steps in with his weight and height referrence like it's supposed to scare people or something. Honestly does he know how stupid he is? Yeah internet tough guy, you go right ahead and do whatever it is you think you can do. Defending the real BULLY by helping her BULLY others is just like being the bully yourself. Internet tough guy.

  12. And the way she railed on Dirk as described here in the comments

    The person posting on June 29 tells the story of how she demonized him to everyone she possibly could and now it's Julian's turn.

  13. Well Angie was right! The psycho did accuse her of being her "stalker" alright!

    She just flat out calls Angie a stalker! As her usual response to anyone who points out the consistant crazy fucking bullshit catkick posts. So now Angie is a stalker too! Or supposedly all the same one who is a figment of catkick's delusional pathetic excuse to come into any forum and play her broken record of "feel-sorry-for-me-everybody!"

  14. Oh look. Her new signature on MPL is:

    Mess not in the affairs of cannibals for you are delicious and go well with steak sauce.

    That's what she says to people in her area. She wants people to think she's a cannibal. Well she does feed off of the living energy of others and wants to make her enemies dead and all... so...

  15. Reading through the screen-capture of that psycho woman's Julian rant and her comments afterward toward the fed-up populace, it's amusing that one person points out the posts that catkick's made against Jews and I know those were all on JHP community NOT her stupid catkick crap journal, and catkick replies with a quip about how someone read her LJ when that shit wasn't even ON her LJ, it was on JHP! But that catkick, she sure likes to twist anything around.

    Jesus Jewish Christ!

  16. Amazing that one idiot came out and said she hasn't hurt anyone. OH EXCUSE ME, BITCH? What the hell kind of glue have you been sniffin'?

    1. Obviously the idiot is someone who hasn't seen much of catkick/KO's antics, bullying and harassment anywhere. Not even on LJ because it's there rampant-like. KO's abuse and INTENTIONAL harm she tries to do to others goes back years.
      I think yes2day has been drinking the KO Kool-Aid again.

    2. I-2-am-a-victim-of-CatkickJuly 9, 2012 at 11:14 PM

      Not only has she hurt people and set out to intentionally harm them, either physically or via the internet, she has literally terrorized some people that they were afraid to even answer the door or telephones! HOW'S THAT NOT HURTING ANYONE? She has inserted herself into many people's lives by her constant stalking of them and when she can't email them, she resorts to online attaks on very public forums. That yes person is one DELUSIONAL, brainwashed stupid fool if she honestly thinks catkick didn't ever hurt anyone! Why do people who know the LEAST about KO make such grand and unfounded claims?

  17. Wow holy shit! I see the nasty KO has been making claims about what's said here. I'm glad people are showing what a filthy liar she is! But the WHOLE reason she posted that Julian crap story of hers to that LJ thing was to get people to flood Julian's inbox with "How dare you ban her" and that was her whole purpose in posting a Julian sob story there. To get people to help her get UNBLOCKED from Julian. Of course it totally backfired in her face.

    Not one person there will do anything to Julian on her behalf. If they're smart. And some of them seem really stupid so he might be in for a mass blocking of KO's minions, it could happen. I'm sure he's already blocked that Mike and Marla couple of goofy sods. He'll probably be blocking more goofballs who might come to him and demand that he unblock poor little innocent stalker KO. What a bunch of numbskulls. I hope he gets happy on that ban button because she's ranting and raving and has been making the rounds on what Julian should and should not do. She's his boss, ya know? A Yoko-wannabe.

    1. Julian can set his privacy settings on facebook so not just anybody can message him.
      And can make his profile on accessible to friends only and friends only searches.
      I've done that with my facebook page. ;)
      Thinking of friending Julian meself. ;)

  18. KO is SOOOO desperate to tack a profile or anything to her delusional stalker bit that Angie (whom I know and is not a stalker, just another fed up person with the fuckin bullshit of catkick-KO) is now being slapped with the "my stalker" label outright! Not only that but is also the same word-for-word person because she used the word BATSHIT so that is automatically definiely the same person as the other 2 million people who've called her BATSHIT so it just HAS to be the same person!

    Poor Angie. See, you can't say anything without realizing that catkick has already manipulated some people into believing the horseshit she has fed them for so long! You know that she ran right to Loretta and whined like a harpie and Loretta being somewhat brainwashed by the bitch immediately set up a post so catkick can sit and take pot shots at you!

    If anything, like peeps have said here time and time again; she is an accomplished liar and an extremely manipulative person. KO is a sociopath and you're seeing the results of trying to stand up to a sociopathic bully like her.
    You are now a stalker, suffering from BPD and you sound like Francie Shwartz! All of those are vicious attacks against you and THAT is being allowed by Loretta because you DARED call that nasty KO on her bullshit! You spoke up! Now you've been silenced and now being dragged through the mud by catkick and she'll be having a grand old time at that! Can you see how the manipulation she does goes without notice by the stupid blind?

    But we know what she is and how full of SHIT those idiots who defend her are. We know. Believe me she's done this to countless people before you! Countless.

    1. Those idiots are an insult to Beatles fans everywhere.
      Paul McCartney and Julian Lennon would be completely disgusted by them!
      Wonder if they've since that shit on LJ that those idiots post? Hope they pull that LJ community and all of the Beatles erotica shit that's on the net. DIGUSTING
      KUDOS to Angie for standing up to KO.
      KO has attacked me and I stood up for myself and guess what? She hasn't dared to try to attack me since!

  19. With stalkers like KO on LJ and those other idiots who support KO on wonder it (LJ)is going under!
    As a real Beatles fan I am disgusted by Beatles porn, er, erotica fan fiction as those idiots write in LJ.
    I say this to KO and those idiots like Loretta and the other brainless,clueless idiots, STFU, GO AWAY, WE DON'T WANT YOU ON THE INTERNET
    KUDOS to those who stand up to KO WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED

    1. Calm down. Loretta and those other idiots are being played by a master manipulator. Maybe they will wake up but let's not get overboard here.

      I do note that she plays the "Paul's staff" card like she's got some kind of trumping card there. Paul's staff isn't all that convinced of her tales of woe. They won't let her openly attack someone and she's been trying to get past that rule for a long time now. She just finally got past the rules of JHP and can bash and post any lie now that she wants to. But that's JHP. MPL is keeping an eye on her like a hawk.

    2. I have every right to be angry and justifiably so. I'm also a member of the Dirk Benedict fandom and no, I'm not going overboard. We have had enough of this troll.
      We finally got her permanently banned from there.
      She is now seeking to try to wreck another fandom and this won't be tolerated. I sure as hell don't want to see KO wrecking or attempting to wreck the Beatles fandom.
      I've had to deal KO for years and frankly, I'm sick of it.
      I've been personally attacked by her and sent nasty emails.
      And she's even claimed that I pretended to be her! I've got concrete proof that I haven't. My own ISP has confirmed that.
      Calm down? Hell no! And I'm not alone on this either.
      A lot of us are fed up.

    3. JHP IMHO should be removed.
      As for MPL keeping an eye on her like a hawk...
      Frankly, I've got doubts about that.
      KO should have been banned from there along time ago.
      KO has also done this shit on the internet for many, many years and frankly she has to be stopped.
      This has gone on long enough. It needs to stop. NOW

    4. Okay as a longtime JhP member myself I would like to clarify something. That people on there write erotica about John and Paul does not mean they aren't "real fans". Most of them are well-read when it comes to the Beatles. Fandom, to some people, is just a way to immerse into what they love even more.

      Like or don't like it, but don't say these people aren't real fans. Most of them (KO being an exception as she obviously just wants to get attention) are proper fans.

    5. For clarification I was referring to KO not the members of JhP group.
      I don't like erotica, but, I respect those who write it and are indeed well-read when it comes to Beatles as you've said.
      Not some twit like KO aka catkick.

    6. I also wanted to add that I was angry when I wrote that post.
      There are indeed some decent people in the JhP group.
      My sincerest apologies to those members.
      Having to deal with KO for all these years is damn frustrating.
      I meant no offense by my post. It's KO who IS NOT a real Beatles fan.
      And my sympathies go out to the members of the JhP having to deal with catkick.

    7. Thank you for apologising, and your apologies have been accepted.

      I agree that KO has no fucking clue what she is writing about. I am able to stomach a lot of the stories on there, as a fan of erotica, but not her writing. It's ridiculous (hey, are you surprised?). You will be pleased to know that she hardly gets any comments on her stories at all, even if she thinks her writing is fabulous.

  20. Yeah on the cruise thing. Nack didn't even have a dog in the race. She wasn't even there on that cruise. KO was abusing her and her group because of what happened on the cruise and members started complaining. When the very sane and upright lady that Nacky is decided to politely explain to the crazy psychopath to not slander Dirk's cruise anymore KO went fucking APE SHIT!
    KO is the one who is mentally insane and a very disturbed unrelenting psychopath on a warpath that never ends.
    KO talks about people all the time.

    KO claims Nack did stuff to other people. No. She just banned all of KO's aliases. Show me ONE living REAL person who can come forth with any proof that Nack has done anything to them! Just ONE! KO can't because her imaginary people just do not exist!
    For the record; KO was never anyone's friend. Nack was just someone KO wanted to use to deliver harassment towards this "mafia" of Dirk fans who were on that cruise. Nack would not play KO's game. That is KO who is INSANE and still, as I see, just as INSANE now as she was back then!

    1. Nack is a friend of mine and a very decent person.
      KO on the other hand is evil incarnate an IS INSANE.

  21. Wow she just lies and accuses people all over the place!

    People like Quazonic who attack my personality (which is what she did as well as blame the victim) made me not want to address the issue on the forum myself

    WTF? Quazonic didn't attack anyone any such time!!

    And she's been using JHP all over the place so what's with the "made me not want to address the issue"??? Goddamn she's been slinging shit since the beginning of time!

    She's a proffessional spammer. Not making that up

    Boy she sure picks a lie and just runs with it! KO is making that up! And of course, no proof of this will be offered at all and the supposed male friends she's claiming get professional spammers talking to them about her shit is OUTRIGHT INSANITY STUPID!

    It's like ANYONE who even politely asks for proof or offers another perspective will get slapped with unfounded accusations and called attackers and stalkers while she whines on and on! Nevermind that she's actually bullying people there. As long as she's the big center of attention, she can fling her shit all over and people MUST offer her nothing but total loyalty without question! You're just all supposed to agree with her without fail! Nevermind that she's been exposed as a total lying windbag sack of shit! It's all about her demands that YOU bow down to her and become mindless sheep!

    To dispell other lies, another among a multitude of lies, there is no stalker who had multiple LJs or LJ deleted. She just gets all too stalkerish and tries to report everyone! There was ONE LJ removed because catkick whined on and on to LJ about it. The LJ owner can still get the LJ back at any time by writing to the staff and agreeing to take out the full name. That was what did it. So her claims of greatness are fake as catkick herself!

    The person she claims posted her "story" publicly was Connell who forwarded her Dirk cruise story which was FULL of lies and slander against him and the other passengers, he forwarded her shit to Tracy who owns DirkBenedictCentral! The nasty stalker that KO is, decided to attack the group owner for it and began posting and sending threats against her and her group both publicly and privately!

    Then she stalked that lady to ABBA groups, SCA groups, got her then-friend Betty to send spam to everyone, forged all their emails to one another and goddamn the list of horrid deeds goes on of what KO did! KO is famous for barging in on people's sites and just attacking them out of the blue. This instance with JHP wasn't out of the blue. She was whining about being blocked by Julian Lennon!

    1. She copies from this blogger too! KO has stalked someone for 8 years and she grabbed that used it in her posts! Leech.

    2. Good to know that not those member of JHP agree with catkick.
      KO aka catkick is proving more and more each day that she IS THE STALKER and she(KO)stalked someone for eight years!

  22. LOL she even mentioned someone who was "very concerned" with her while she sobbed her pathetic story and some guy said he'd help her then never did. He did an investigation into the matter and found that she was the one doing the stalking and trying to get the victim into trouble. THAT'S what people everywhere should start doing! Investigating her claims because if they did, they'd find the nasty truth that she has hidden from them. Sociopaths go out of their way to hide their history from others.

    In this case, KO can't hide her history of internet abuse when people have documented it. That's why screen-shots are so important and combating her lies she posts in little hidden-away places.

  23. Got multiple IDs of catkick's deleted on MySpace and Yahoo. Believe it or not she's had her shit yanked on LJ too!

    FTR; Angie may have been the Maccaminx, but she's a Beatles fan from the Beatles forums. Long before KO even showed up. & the LJ spammers were just random spammers. KO wants to tell herself she's some great big authority on who's who. She has no clue whatsoever!

    Why is it that no one is seeing the obvious? JULIAN LENNON BLOCKED HER!

    Reason: she is stalking and harassing him and wants him to treat her victims the way she treats them!

    Why is no one seeing that she was stopped from posting her porn links in MPL? BECAUSE IT'S NOT AN ADULT SITE!

    Reason: she was trying to spam her link every chance she got and there are kids on that forum!
    They warned her with a ban if she didn't stop. Believe me she has bitched up a storm about that too! Trying to overturn it. Like she's trying to overturn Julian's decision to finally block her!

    But see, some people just don't wanna see the truth. They wanna be fed the lies she tells them!

    1. Well said!
      No one should be subjected to KO's disgusting, ugly, stalkerish shit!

      And as for her(KO)fake Facebook profile...
      Read the terms of service of Facebook KO! you ugly troll!

      Facebook TOS:
      1.You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
      2.You will not create more than one personal account.
      3.If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.

      KO never bothered to read that, did she?
      Her profile(s) have been reported on Facebook and with a copy of Facebook TOS in the report.

    2. And she violates LJ's terms all the time too. She just removes her violations before the abuse team have a chance to see.

  24. So far angie has been accused of being a stalker (we knew that would happen anyway), a BPD, a mentally unstable person, and a professional spammer!

    This is like watching a lunatic jump up and down and use every possible name-calling she can pull out of her ass!

    And KO's posts in that thread that she always wanted: the SPOTLIGHT ALL ON CATKICKER that she is just soaking up from all the attention she's getting...
    her posts towards others are so condescending and snobby. Anyone who doesn't fall right in line with her BS are looked upon like cockroaches.

    "ooooh blame the victim!" KO taunts...excpet that KO isn't the victim. Not even close! She just plays one and the act is paper thin. She refuses to change her deeds because SHE is the one with Borderline Personality Disorder! Read about it people. I dare you. See whether that pinpoints catkick's character to a t.

    1. KO is a sociopath. Not a BPD. KO is a paranoid schizophrenic and a raging narcissist. She makes fun of people with real health issues. Look what she did to poor Brick from MOWFO. To name but one. These JHP people have never really seen her attacks and bullying on ohers, but some (thankfully) have seen enough to know she is the one causing all the grief. They note that she is harping on the old mental illness factor and wanting everyone to dogpile on angie and join in a chorus of hate on angie. But they are more focused on why is catkick making all these claims which is WHAT THEY SHOULD DO because therein lies the whole damned nut. Catkick is just obsessively repeating herself with her mantra that she's rehearsed for a decade now. That same old broken poor-me record.
      It's a total shame that no matter where she goes, she brings down whole communities. She is a terrorist in every sense of the word, only without actual bombs.

    2. KO is also a psycho and sociopath.
      catkick is worse than a terrorist, she's THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET

  25. Setting the record straight for another lie that bitch is trying to force down people's throats. Neither Tracy nor Nacky have even contacted Julian Lennon once! I would hope he, himelf could confirm this because NOBODY that I know, and I know both ladies, have ever in a million years contacted Julian Lennon EVER!

    Thank you and tell KO to fuck off and die.

  26. Pal of Angie's here, who by the way I think (have not confirmed with Angie) was just kicked off JHP by the piss-poor mods over there. These so-called mods obviously fell for her lies. They'll wind up regretting it in the long run, no doubt.

    You folks are correct when you observe that many members at JHP have fallen for her dangerous crap. Others, like Angie and dozens (if not hundreds more) always saw right through the bullshit, long before we knew about her other trolling activities. Will sanity prevail in the end? Who the fuck knows. JHP has been in the wank shitter for some time now.

    Thanks for this blog. It's been very informative.

  27. Angie here. Nope, I'm not maccaminx...but am forever indebted to this person for her unabashed GENIUS!!

    I had an LJ friend hand me the link for this blog...fuck me running...I had NO idea this wonderful place existed...nor did I have any idea CatShit's poison was so historical and widespread.

    I was pleased to learn y'all got to watch the CatShit fight the other night. I do have a screenshot of the fight. I learned long ago she's a cowardly deleter. I missed some expansions, too--but I know what I said, lol.

    Confirmation: Angie has been kicked from JHP. No worries. That's what anon sock accounts are for. Trolls can only be fought with troll tactics.

    I could write a book about CatShit here...but I have to work soon, so I'll see you fantastic people later.

    1. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

      CatShit is well...full of shit!

      I think all of us can write a book about CatShit!

      JHP needs to be kicked off LJ, including CatShit and the other idiots there.

      If Paul or Julian saw that bullshit on JHP they'd be really digusted!

    2. Angie can you post what was said that wasn't saved in time? I'd like to know what your reply was when the psycho stalker bitch said she never said sorry to no one ever. Funny she can't see the problem she has there. She really does think like a real sociopath. She IS a sociopath!

    3. Well you're welcome and I didn't know about JHP until someone showed the link here with her very public display of JULIAN LENNON BLOCKED ME OMFG FREAK OUT post on there. But lots of my readers are from LJ anyway and so the link showed up here. Good call to post it here too. Yippy, even more lies to expose and dispell from KO. We have shown links galore, screencaps and can even provide contact info to different admins and mods of all kinds of sites so people can (if they want) check into everything. But the links and screencaps are solid evidence because she has spent years distorting the truth so bad that blogs like mine are absolutely necessary.

      We're dealing with a real monsterous thing here. Someone who has used cyber space for such evil intent that it's mind boggling. This troll is the worst to encounter because it can always find someone to jump on her insane train and onto her psycho bandwagon.

    4. Hi, people. Angie again. I checked my screenshot, and it's damn near the same thing as is posted above. My computard skills make me I DID copy and paste toward the end...therefore have a word doc of it...with most everything expanded. Perhaps you guys can compare it to the screenshot? Up to you. A few of my comments didn't get expanded--I filled in what blanks could be filled. I prepared this originally for the group of CatShit haters I associate with. I have already posted it at my LJ site. Have a look quick, as either CatShit, or someone else may try to have my site taken down over it. I wasn't very nice. I don't have to be, lol.

      I think CatShit will be very surprised. Or not...

  28. You should all read the current comments at JHP
    Not everyone is buying CatShit's bullshit in that JHP community! LOL
    CatShit is truly an idiot, insane, psychotic, troll and ugly!
    Reading CatShit's rants and posts in her responses made me laugh so hard I fell on the floor! ROFL

    1. This is hilarious!

      This post is viewable to the public and not copyrighted by internet law.


      July 10 2012, 17:56:53 UTC

      Well, Loretta, it looks like certain individuals are just ganging up on me saying stuff that isn't even true in their assertations. I wish they could at least get their facts right.
      things about the nature of Julian's fb page, things about the apology I got from Paul's staff...even claiming there was no proof of my stalker when she posted, (though to be fair there, some didn't see it but the important people did).

      too bad if they're going to be haters, they can't get their fact right and hate for the right reasons.

      and I know my fics are way better then most of theirs. I'll stand by that too. (and yet, they keep reading them)"


      catkick IS CatShit! LOL

    2. And this insane post of catkick's aka CatShit is even funnier! ROFL

      Again the post is open to public view and not under copyright law on the internet.


      July 10 2012, 17:15:24 UTC

      as far as hiding my stories, now that Julian, Paul and DHani know, who else is there to hide them from? My boyfriends both approve and enjoy them. My family knows of them as it's been something of mine for 25 nearly 30 years. they don't agree with it or like it and would never read it, but they learned the hard way as well reading my notebooks a long time ago.
      so why even hide anymore? HA! I don't fucking have to."

      Julian, Paul and Dhani know? BULLSHIT
      They wouldn't read her shit if you paid them!

    3. Again for the millionth time. NOBODY sent Julian any of her stupid slash stories. His comment that she claims he said "What are you talking about?" could have very well been what ALL these other people are asking when she starts on one of her infamous ranting rages. She accosted him in some way and he responded as such. NO telling what exactly he was actually responding to! If in fact he even SAID that!

  29. KO actually blamed Anna Medlicka for being Maccaminx. For all we know it probably is.

    The facts are, nobody is stalking her. She is using these comms and groups to wage war against someone and in several cases, wage wars against lots of people.

    Angie is NOT anyone from any sci-fi forum either. Her so-called "proof" that Angie is a stalker is so goddamn weak! Just because someone finally spoke up and said something, now, like everyone else she's a stalker!

    People are RIGHT when they say no one would want to stalk this KO bitch! Nobody does. She inserts herself so people SEE her posts! KO is so desperate to make Angie out to be the very target KO has stalked for many years. But Angie is not that person so KO is still doing what she does best: wasting her time and everyone else's time!

    She's still spinning her lies that something is posted on a blog about her "stalker" posting about showing Julian Lennon her dumb fics! But again, NO LINK is given, no SCREENSHOT, nothing! Goddamn the blogger here took pains in providing the proof that KO is a bullying stalker with a very severe sociopathic disorder, so why can't she bring one single SHRED of proof of her ballistic claims? One damned link so we can SEE! You know why she won't post a link? Because then people would be see and sunlight would fill the darkness and the truth would be exposed and KO_just_can't_have_that!

    1. KO also seemed really indignant at the mention that people wouldn't want to stalk her! WTF? She just showed what an attention-seeking troll she is.

      JHP's admin hasn't been around for ages and if any of this was in the admin's hands; catkick would be BANNED but there's no saving that comm because that stalker bitch KO has taken over. I guess Loretta will end up banning everyone and let only catkick supporters there.
      Now it's Loretta's problem. Oh joy!

    2. Yeah ban everyone that disagrees with catkick's lies and bullshit. By all means ban anyone that might want to defend THEMSELVES against catkick's attacks. Catkick can attack whomever she wants to now. Everyone else be damned. Nice going Loretta. Elect the tyrant into a position that nobody can stand up against. Wear your little helmet of the Emperor and hand over all power to the person you see as poor little helpless drama queen who is just so "horribly bullied" while spending all of her time making sure someone is going to be bashed everyday because in her mind, they deserve it. And you thus, enable the real bully further.

      Good going Loretta. Good going. /sarcasm

  30. I can't be anything in this situation other [sic] then the victim since that is what I am.

    This is such a load of bullshit and the blatant I say sao, so you must believe it now is so lame.

    She's learned it from Paul's staff the hard way.

    What did Paul's staff do to someone? Jesus she makes it seem like they took someone out back and shot them. She makes them out to be her personal body guards or something.

    The back and forth roller-coaster she's got going on with Julian in her own head is also something to witness! She insults him, has made outright accusations about what he did and why he did it, then she goes into motherly mode over him like she wants to protect him!
    UGH good thing he blocked her. She is acting like the stalker she projects onto others.

    Everything she posts about others is a projection of herself. But she sure likes what she sees in herself! Narcissist to the bitter end. Bit of truth here. She hasn't been writing anything for 25-30 years. Let alone Beatle stuff. She's a newcomer into the fandom and it started with hassling PID forums.

  31. The lady KO stalks is actually a seamstress. But I guess that translates into professional spammer somehow. She's so damned crazy. Also anyone can access proxies on the innternet. Anyone. So her crap story just trails off into such a blur of lunacy.

    1. Yeah Angie posted her feelings and opinions and SUDDENLY what was just guesses and uncertainty at what Julian did is now SOLID proof because Angie posted a couple of comments calling KO on her shit. Now it's the gospel truth that Julian did this because of her porn stories and now anyone asking for real, genuine proof can go fuck themselves because Angie made all the proof ya need! Good fucking Lord.

    2. She spends so much time DEMONIZING people and calling them stalkers but goes fucking bonkers when someone gently suggests she's a raving lunatic and points out her deliberate attacks on people. She gets to villianize and demonize some poor soul out there but god forbid that someone might give her a taste of her own medicine! She sure likes to dish it out but sure can't take it.

  32. KO had begun her stalking of a couple of people right after a cruise she went on where Dirk Benedict was. KO was stalking Dirk before she started stalking Tracy, Nacky and a handful of other people. But T&N got the worst of it.
    Nacky tried to reason with KO in the beginning and, as you see, the result of that was a backlash of insane accusations and threats. Nacky banned the horrid little nutcase.

    Tracy was putting up with KO's bashing Dirk on his OWN site, being subjected to insane email after insane email, and threats against her as well and Tracy and Dirk BOTH banned KO from DBC.

    This whole war you're seeing and all the lies she's been postsing (for YEARS) about these fine ladies is all KO's doing. KO is just determined to involve a whole new fandom into this war of hers. Loretta better be damned prepared to fight the war for KO because now she's set herself up as KO's champion. Yeah the train wreck this will be.

  33. She's a proffessional spammer. Not making that up

    Yes you are making that up!!! Link please? Proof please? Talk is cheap and you're a spammer that just spams forums and boards with your insane shit. A spammer stalker! OMG everyone start helping KO to attack that target over there, she's setting it up so they can harm KO's favorite target that KO has taken great pleasure in abusing all these years! Go at 'em everyone! Stalker spammer alert! Everyone hates spammers, you must want to kill her now and hunt her down now and do something to make KO's life better now!

    Provoke provoke provoke and that's her game. She'll post anything and put it where her targets WILL see it and then whine forever when it backfires on her ass.

    She'll sit and provoke people in the other forums too. People who are smart enough to see what she's doing even if mods who all seem to be rather stupid in the area of discernment, can see what she's doing.

  34. as far as hiding my stories, now that Julian, Paul and DHani know, who else is there to hide them from?

    WHAT? So she's now totally convinced herself that these famous men are AWARE of her dumb teenybopper porn fics ? Oh boy !

    They are not reading her shit, and Julian is not reading her shit either. He wouldn't even give a flippant rat's ass about any of her BS porn stories let alone create a conflict where he blocks her based on that shit. The reason he blocked her was because she was fucking harassing him about numerous things including her delusional stalker story of woe.

    Paul and Dhani do not, I repeat do NOT have any time to look into her narcissistic and self-absorbed sexual fantasies. They do NOT CARE ! Repeat, they do NOT fucking CARE !
    They do not know about her or could even pick her out of an online line-up against other usernames. She's just grandstanding and trying to gloat to that silly JHP site that she somehow has all their attention whereas they do not. It's the same story she tried to pull with those Dirk Benedict sites. But too many people actually KNOW Dirk in real life and called her on LOTS of total garbage bullshit !

    The insanity goes further than even I thought.

  35. Kathryn O's, aka catkick aka Karen Nesbit aka Kathryn O'Connor......your time on the internet will soon come to an end. I know you read this blog because that's what crazy cyber stalkers/bullies with no life, do with their time. Live on the computer. Connections are powerful resources. You think you are powerful stupid bitch, but you are not. You are a weak, pathetic, woman who lives with her Mommy, fat & ugly and insecure.....your threats and curses are hollow and empty. Time for you to say "bye-bye" internet world very soon.....


  36. I'm wondering what the police will even say about her trying to go to them and say 'oh boo hoo someone on livejournal called me batshit boo-ey hoo-ey' so what are the police going to do?

    Let's assume they even do anything and find out that catkick herself removed the post herself and look into angie's account and find out it is just some person that catkick never even knew about and decided to up and blame angie of being a stalker and then lops (what I assume is) Nack as the culprit. Funny that Nack is blissfully unaware of this but let's assume the police actually wish to waste their time on this nonsense catkick has stirred up.
    Well they would find that it's catkick who kicks out the harassment and throws anyone under the bus at any given opportunity. Then all they'd have to do is look into catkick's online activities and see that she's the one causing all this crap. Police know people can be provoked and catkick specializes in provoking people so well. Then having a meltdown when she's called on it. The coward won't even give a single link to anything she claims is "out there" and people are just supposed to take a liar's word for it.

    Policemen can also detect her lies pretty much right off the bat and I challenge catkick to go ahead and go to the police! By all means, please do! Let us all know what they say when you show them all this "evidence" you claim to have. Because a link to angie's profile and what she said is basic response to a troll who claims to be stalked every five minutes.
    And please let the police be clued in on how many aliases and fake accounts catkick has everywhere! And what she's doing with them. Like getting blocked by Julian Lennon for example.

    Yes let's have a look-see into THAT situation and find out the real reason he blocked her! Let's get the police in here. Please also DO SHOW this blogger's link to the police as well. Get all the info to them that they may do a proper investigation because we all well know that their findings will match what we've been saying all along; KO is the perpetrator and instigator!
    Be nice to have a stamp of official authority on that.

  37. It's really something isn't it? KO literally lies out her ASS about the events on some cruise back '04 and is CAUGHT RED-fucking HANDED in those lies and so what does she do? Since she never apologizes or can even admit she's wrong even when doing evil wrong deeds, she goes on a LIFELONG QUEST to demonize the group owner whom she blamed for exposing her lies! Nack or Tracy doesn't matter who, gets labeled and attacked repeatedly every day for the rest of KO's pathetic life for ratting her out! Getting called mentally ill when the mentally deranged one is KO herself!

    Just think had she not lied in the first place, there'd be nothing. But KO is far from letting anything be nothing.

    It wasn't even Nack who shared the sordid bullshit slanders that KO posted to her group, it was Nack's friend Connell. He was also justified in what he did because he honestly felt that the lies needed to be exposed. He's a cop after all! Or was until his knee injury. So there's the truth people!!!!! I know you already knew it but I can see why people want KO done away with. It's evil how she's been getting away with this crap drama of hers for years!! >:-(
    Her lies about that cruise and Dirk were aimed to hurt him and others. Her lies were vicious and uncalled for. The reason they almost arrested her on the cruise was because she was making terroristic threats towards other passengers. I have heard from some of the Dirk fans who were ON that cruise and they should come and post here!
    Also FOR the damned record, Nack's group was at that time PUBLIC and Misery (KO) was posting on it freely knowing that it was public. When she got banned from Tracy's group, KO just made a vow then and there to stalk Nacky from then on and she did just that! KO even TOLD her that she would be on her tail and chase her down wherever she went. These were the content of emails she would send to the group whenever she came back to attack it under her different aliases like candy cosmic and the pile of other fake accounts she made. Charlie and John Blake; also her aliases. Yahoo removed all of them after she'd been reported for sending threats with them. KO has no problem breaking rules and violating TOS and that's what she wanted Nack to do! Allow her to post slander and libel against Dirk. When Nack wouldn't have it, and Connell sent the lies for people on the Dirk group to see, KO was caught and became the worst stalker you could ever imagine.
    People who are defending KO are so incredibly BLIND to history because they've never been privy to it. I hope to change that!

    1. Yeah and if that Loretta suddenly decides to not allow KO to use JHP as a launching board for her attacks and swipes at people, then Loretta will be called a stalker and mentally unstable too. All because KO didn't get her way NOW there'll be hell to pay! That's KO's M.O.

  38. If ONLY a "stalker" and a few other people even knew about a certain Maccaminx LJ, how come catkick knew about it? Lots of people went there and she couldn't stand it so she reported it because somewhere in it, her real name was mentioned. Catkicker she knows no one is stalking her but it's the automatic attention she can get from people so she uses it. KO is a munchhausen by proxy where she will set herself up as the victim and then use that to mask the fact that she is attacking and stalking other people.
    She also knows damn good and well that nobody she has victimized over the years would even show up in any LJ she was at, so she knows Angie is just Angie, but KO wants to sit and delude herself into thinking it's one of her past victims so she can openly flame her or any other her out there on the LJ she has now successfully taken over.
    It's just more of the insanity you can expect to see from that pathetic sorry-excuse of an air waster.

  39. LMAO at Misery's miseryJuly 11, 2012 at 5:41 AM

    Well that catkick sure ain't winning any converts with her obsessively ongoing obsessions over her targets that she loves to call STALKER! What a stalker that catkick is. Ain't winning any converts. Ain't even gonna get them to do her dirty work for her so her Julian Lennon plans are falling through! As for the blackouts! OH YEAH! Please let there be more power outages of the Misery household! Please God yes!

  40. Does anyone have a list of catkick's alias usernames, past and present, that she's used in all these communities? I don't know if it's been compiled, but that might be useful.

    1. alienated, kitty9tales, misfittoy, Kathryn O, Karen Nesbit(KO's fake Facebook profile)

      And a whole slew of others!

      And also mention of all the myspace accounts KO created and were removed by the admins at myspace for violations of their TOS. KO has been banned from myspace.

    2. And KO's myspace accounts that were removed and banned by myspace. - Misery's 1st MS profile filled with blogs of death threats and death fantasies. - Misery's 2nd, see above. - Misery's 3rd, see above. - Misery's 4th - Misery's 5th - Misery's 6th - Misery's 7th (329399901) - Misery's 8th (330471127) - Misery's 9th - Misery's 10th - Misery's 11th - Misery's 12th

      barbara758 is a very nice person whom Misery tried to make a fake myspace profile with that user name. barbara758 sent myspace proof that Misery tried to make a fake myspace profile and the admins of myspace sent barbara758 an email Misery's fake myspace profile with her username was removed!

      After numerous and over 11 myspace profiles Misery aka catkick aka kitty9tales aka misfittoy, KO...myspace banned KO permanently from using their site.

      alienated was a user name KO used at Digital Spy and she was banned from there.

      Seems everywhere Misery goes, she's banned sooner or later.

    3. And also
      And there also a lot of Yahoo emails that were deleted because of Misery's violation of their TOS.
      candy cosmic is one of them.
      THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET does seem to get around with her ugly stalking shit, don't she?!

    4. And also
      All the links posted and user names are not under copyright under internet law.

  41. I sent a letter to one of those mods. this is part of what i wrote.

    It is rooted in the fact that she has literally threatened the lives of people who have caught her in big huge lies and when they did, they banned and blocked her only to find themselves painted like such horrible people with mental illnesses and being lied about in sites they can't even begin to defend against that kind of attack. catkick has done far worse than u know. You don't see the victims, you see someone who claims to be a victim but will never give you names or links or any way for you to investigate her claims. She has set it up that no one can ask real questions or they are immediately slapped down.

    Then i have this link that i wanted to share.
    This link is more or less for people whom she "claims" are her boyfriends.

    # 8 and # 10 should be paid close attention to and the other parts about throwing things since KO has confessed to throwing knives at people
    and the "I love you, you belong to me" that triggers the victim that they are being controlled.

  42. More swipes (insults included) against people who don't care for her goofy fan porn

    Oh and lots more of her rage and rants and bystander people asking if she's ok? !!! Too funny.

  43. Pointing out another set of lies.

    Neither man is sleeping with her. Mike is Marla's husband and if he's been cheating on her, she (Marla) is not aware of it though she totally should be. Mike is not a good person and has those personality traits that cheaters have.

    The other man is also married and is NOT in any relationship with her! That is all in her dreams. As a matter of fact he has told her (politely) to stay away from him.

    M&M wasn't in any triad with her for any 8 years. This whole warped game kinda started about a year ago. When they started coming to the MOWFO meetings, they never really talked to Kathryn at all and just ignored her. Yeah I was there.

    They just went along with the silly nonsense because they believe she is so fragile and needs the fantasy. They really have no clue what they've opened themselves up to. The movie Fatal Attraction comes to mind. I also have never seen any signs of her being actively involved with any woman and doubt she's bisexual. She's not having any kind of sexual encounters except for the ones with herself.

    1. Um and she hasn't had any long standing relationships with anyone. Forget the 25 years thing. She's already told the MPL forum that this "Craig" person was dating her for about 5 years. That she met him 5 years ago. She also told MOWFO that. Nobody has ever seen this Craig dude. Suddenly now she's known him for 25 years? The length of time keeps getting years longer by the hour!

      Kathryn cannot hold down a healthy normal relationship with anyone and anyone still hanging around her seem to have severe problems themselves.


    I'd really like to know what hunteres2 said that even got the screaming nonsense and bullshit reply that it did by that catkicker.

    What the flaming fuck? She just keeps on mentioning Paul's staff all the time!

    They're wonderful beyond words, she keeps getting in trouble with them, they handle people she hates, she again keeps getting in trouble with them!

    And on and on!

    So everytime she gets in trouble with the oh-so wonderful Paul staff, it's not her own doing? Oh really now.

    And what's more she does this again and agin through that topic just so she can mention her imaginary stalker over and over again.

    She's a fucking whackjob. More obsessed with her imaginary stalker than the imaginary stalker is!

  45. "I did wonder where the hard core long term JHP members were , just a handful of us stood up."

    CatShit considers herself a hardcore, long term JHP member. As to the rest of it? Perhaps she changed personalities mid stream??

    I have a theory that bears are stalking her, too. She found out they shit in the woods, and tried to out them. Unfortunately Paul's staff didn't give a shit, and she now is convinced they're supporting the bears.

  46. The ultimate stalk I'd like to see her attempt would be Yoko Ono. That would be the epic battle of the universe. C'mon super stalker, take on a REAL challenge. Yoko would eat her alive, and then figure out a way to make art out of it. *dreams*