Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workload is Massive Part 2

I knew there was too much to get done in a little time. The screenshots and emails, all waiting to be posted and some of them I would like permission to show before posting. Like the links and emails that some people had received from years ago. I have contact with the Christian Yahoo mailing list owner that KO showed up on to try to con people there and attacked a member there, and all kinds of grief she had given them. I have contact with the moderators of several BattlestarGalactica lists on Yahoo, as well. I also have a contact who knows a guy named Stu, who is one of the moderators of MOWFO and he does have all the screenshots of KO's nasty, violent posts on Livejournal despite what she thinks that they've been destroyed. Stu has these screenshots as they were saved by vigilant folks who've been victimised by KO for years. Suffice it to say that he's not the only one with the screenshots. There are over 100 of those. Of KO's Livejournal abuses.

Here are the lists of the Troll KO's past accounts on Yahoo and MySpace, plus a few other items, like her ex-friend Betty's accounts on Yahoo, and the deleted Livejournal accounts that the Troll created.

KO's reign of terror on Yahoo:

transbot7 (this was her John Blake ID)
charliegauto (this was her Charlie G ID)
gy_rogers (created to spoof one of the mods on BattlestarGalacticaRevival)
inga_tessler (created to spoof her favourite victim)
solve_this_problem (created to harass Tracy, another favourite victim)
youthreatenedme (created to harass Tracy and the admins of DBC)
youarejade (created to harass Jade and Diane, victims local to KO)

KO has sent countless threats and harassments using all of these emails, all of which have been saved for documentation. All the accounts themselves however have been removed by Yahoo Administration.

Her current Yahoo IDs that we know about are:


KO's reign of terror on MySpace: (created to spoof Bibbinut)

There were 12 accounts in all. All of them filled with creepy staring you down and burn you alive inside a house of wicker removed by the admins for severe TOS violations. The "stalkergoaway" one was created to directly contact people who had blocked her previous myspace accounts. Fucked up, huh?

Here are Betty's Yahoo IDs which have all been removed by Yahoo.


Note: the moderators and owner of the BattlestarGalacticaRevival group have proof from their management logs that the theshadowwarrior66 was an account that KO and Betty created and shared to spam many BSG groups on Yahoo. There is bonafide proof of this. IP logs don't lie.

Betty & KO's Livejournal accounts that were created to harass KO's victims and which Betty aided KO in that harassment:

The Yahoo mailing lists that they created. Several were created to post the ugly slander against Dirk Benedict and his fans, and the other groups eventually turned into a bashing ground for KO to bash Dirk in because the owner let her bash him there. All removed by Yahoo Administration.

Here are the groups which KO and her aliases have been banned from for causing flame wars, flamebaiting and attacking other members and spoofing their accounts. Not to mention threatening, harassing behaviour towards mainly the Dirk Benedict fans within those groups.


  1. I remember all of those!
    *Needs brain bleach!*
    Wonder why KO's ISP hasn't pulled her internet privileges. *sigh*

  2. Good Christ. I wish I had internet time like that. Poor me for having a life, I suppose. sheesh.


    Okay am I the only one who sees the BLATANT lying going on here? Um actually no. One of the members on BL sees through it too! :p

    She just told that forum that she is in a tirad with a MARRIED couple! Which is meant to be thought of as a sexual relationship because she keeps pounding that into people's head! Her I'M GETTING LAID BY A MARRIED COUPLE tangents she goes on, and now she's totally back-tracking her story! Throwing in stupid shit to divert attention away from the fact she just lied out her ass! Who the fuck CARES if someone drives or not or takes buses? It's called psychopath-shuffling. Side-stepping, avoiding answering any direct questions. *head desk*

  4. Those Yahoo sites on Battlestar Galactica that you have there, have search features of their own and I put in some of KO's aliases like kathy_seven and sunofdaddy and wow, the insane shit she did back then, she's STILL doing now! Only one thing has changed. Her usernames!

  5. HA!! On her fake facebook Psycho Troll KO says

    Now, if only Julian could deal with cyber bullying in such a manner.

    LOL He DID deal with it! He BLOCKED her fat ass! So he did deal with a bully -- he blocked the bully! But she doesn't see it that way though. Still trying to suggest Julian is being bullied by her imaginary stalker(s). The only one who bullies people all over the net is KO herself.

  6. I know I'm repeating what I already posted in the last blog but the way she railed on Dirk as described here in the comments

    The person posting on June 29 tells the story of how she demonized him to everyone she possibly could and now it's Julian's turn.

  7. Just thought I'd give you the latest in case no one's heard yet. Julian Lennon blocked Psycho Stalker Kathryn on his facebook! Julian Lennon BLOCKED the BITCH!

    Of course she's now trying to spin it like it was her imaginary stalkers who sent him links to her porn crap on LJ. Jesus, she can't even come up with something that sounds more like reality? So anyway, yeah nobody is sending Julian her dumb links. Why would they? How would anyone even KNOW that would be the result of her being blocked by him? The man simply blocked her because she got insane in front of him and his red flags all went up and he blocked her ass.

    Hilarious! That Dirk Benedict guy blocked her a long time ago, too! From his site, his mail box, everything. Multitudes of people blocked and banned her, now Julian Lennon blocks her. If no one can see she's an obvious stalker with a pattern of this, then they are truly blind.

    SO is there ANY way we could get an official word about this from Julian Lennon? Perhaps? Please shut this bitch up! Tell the world she harassed you and that her porn links had nothing to do with anything and that she's simply using this as another way to promote her stupid crap writing. The bitch needs to REALLY and truly GET OVER HERSELF!

    1. Yes we already heard. The Troll let everyone on JHP Livejournal community know that she was blocked by Julian Lennon. KO acted her usual attention-whore self.

  8. And looks like KO is trying to make a fake profile again on myspace!
    Here's the link.
    It's been reported.
    More people should report this.
    myspace admins aren't stupid, they do keep files of people who have abused their TOS, how many accounts they have, including the ISP and IP address.

    1. Well that would explain why the guy who has the Dhani Harrison account was getting unusual messages from her. It's not actually Dhani himself, he's just selling music but he doesn't actually check the messages or anything. When she starts posting her usual bullying shit, I will report it.

    2. Also sent myspace all of KO's past myspace account links,
      that were deleted for violation of their TOS.
      Also sent them her IP address and ISP provider info.
      Unusual messages from KO to Dhani?
      Hope he reports her ugly troll ass.

    3. Dhani is now a married man. She can't have him, not that she won't try to convince herself that all married couples just wait to be conquered into letting her in the middle of them but Julian Lennon is now definitely off her menu.

    4. And another myspace account has bitten the dust!
      It's been deleted! :)

    5. meant to say and another myspace account of KO's has bitten the dust!


    So are we to assume that ALL the drama shit she posts is really not her?

    LOOK more drama ensues!

    She's pear shaped, big ass, no boobs, and this palsey thing is just outta nowhere. Another made-up crap story of an imaginary affliction.
    *Noting her claims of never having any such ailments and being some sort of super human. She goes from being handicapped to being not handicapped. Her biggest handicap is her severe mental illness and sociopathic, narcissist personality.

    1. TMI again! Nobody is jealous of her,...anything! I seen her picture. GROSS!

    2. Any chance she has to mention her ass, her vagina, her saggy tits or her orgasms she'll jump right on like stink on shit! ANY opportunity to talk about her nasty self she will grab at like the gross-out troll she is! Judging from her photo on okcupid with the two slices of Hefty garbage sack that she barely has covering her tits it sure looks to me that she's got small saggy ones that droop really low.

      And WTF is that thing on her head?

      God I wish MPL had more class to not allow that kind of shit from her. Come on there are kids on that forum, do they (or anyone) really need to read about how wonderful she thinks her tits are? Come on! She's got no class. Reminds me of that other troll on that Dinar site calling herself DoubleD. Stupid fucking insecure bitches who have to talk about their body parts as if anyone cares! Or is she still under the delusion that Paul is reading her self-gratuitous shit?


    You know, she literally opens the door to comments like that and people tend to respond to trolls like you see there. It was actually a non-confrontational comment on the usual side of what anyone would expect to get from all these stupid posts of hers about all her fantasy relationships and NONE of which have ANYTHING to do with the topic, but she doesn't see how stupid she looks.

    But as usual, KO goes ballistic and brings out her whiny 'you're so cruel and terrible' kick in the balls. Why is she offerning up little old ladies anyway? She's done this three or four times now. Sheeesh!