Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Ever Growing & Changing Lie About Meeting George Harrison

We all know Kathryn O lies and she lies like most of us breathe. But one particular lie is so easily dispelled that I'm truly disappointed in anyone who will fall for this very obvious lie from a very obvious lunatic fanatic who comes from another fandom ever since being thrown out of it due to her consistently stalking its main celebrity and fanbase.

We have discussed this very thing before, and even recently you can see this thing is brought up again because she continues to lie again and again. Rather than write out a whole new blog on this, I will simply borrow from the comments presented by myself and other readers from this link.

The lie she's selling again!
i.e. Kathryn O's ever twisting and convulted story to have met, touched, spoken to and been naked with George Harrison.

Kathryn O never met George! Also in her first incarnation of this story, she said that neither one of them introduced themselves and that she was wearing clothes and walking back from an "estate" she and her imaginary friends snuck into. She's since changed that to being naked as walked back from the "National Park" where she met a cop, a photographer and guy with a snake and posed for pictures while being naked.
The only thing that remains the same is the dumb dialogue. And even that has been changed from time to time.

Thankfully not everyone is buying her lies!

We got the goods, or most of the goods anyway. AG removed the one thread where she made her "snake, cop, photographer" claims.

Please see previous blogs here and here.

And here is another site where the lie is manifesting: BeatleLinks Thread. See post #11

In this version Harry says a LOT more and suggests it's HIS pond. So the dialogue she concocted does change a lot.

Oh and "I Had a flask on my hip" which strange when you're walking around in nothing but a hat and shoes. Somehow she forgot about wearing a flask. She forgot also that she already told people that she was wearing clothes and even described them at one point as being a full-length skirt and tub top.

And again she had told people that she was on the property of some National Park but in these links, she's clearly trying to tell people that she's on someone's estate. Which is not the same thing.

To which a few Anonymous readers left their comments on the matter:

Yeah and back then she never mentioned anything about being naked and now it's all about her being naked. KO makes sure to mention that right off the bat! But back then she never even mentioned it and there's even the one post where she says she was clothed! But see, the whole thing never happened. Crazy people cannot tell reality from delusion but I think she knows damn good and well it never happened. She just wants people to believe she really met George because she wants people to believe George talks to her from beyond the grave.
This is how she's trying to sell that lie because she knows he'd never talk to anyone he never knew in life and if she can make her lie seem big enough and herself seem like such an event to George's life, then she can claim he would remember her. But fortunately George never saw her, and he never lost his eyesight. Meaning he never had to see that thing naked.

Oh and she's still fucking crazy and delusional. But she's a liar from the word go.

I commented back hoping that even casual readers will see how far into a lie Kathryn O will carry it.

And yet WHERE is this "place" at? Never does she ever name it, give any proper descriptions, nada.

No real information. Just a bunch of bunk.

Then she decides to make up MORE shit...NOW it's a "National Forest" again "bordering on private estates" which sounds hysterical considering she's trying to sell off her idea of where Dirk Benedict lives!

As predicted.

And we have hit the nail on the head!!

No real information. Just a bunch of rubbish.

Out in Montana?

Also she failed to mention the YEAR and WHERE this place is...again. She fails to mention this supposed "National" forest which anyone could remember. Yellowstone? Rocky Mountains? I mean, come on!

Oh and it changed from 3 miles to 5 miles. In the BL link she says she hid her car 3 miles away. And in yet another version she walking back to her "friends' car"

George never owned a house out West in the USA anywhere. He spent some holiday in Benton, IL in the 1960s (Crazy Batshit wasn't even a cum squirt then) and he wasn't in the USA hanging out at National Parks or estates bordering them (nice little lie she concocted there to try to backpeddle from the different versions she had told people) in the early 1990s.

Further comments.

You're right! She goes from swimming and being clothed, to skinny dipping and being naked now. The story changes so much that she'll eventually be seen as the liar she is.

Also I have it on good authority that she told of it "being a dream" she had when she was still subjecting those poor MOWFO people to her constant bullshit lies.

It started out as a "dream" she had. But the fact is, the Crazy One never met George Harrison. She also adds to her tall tale about Harry not being George's brother. I guess by now, she knows that anyone can just ask a LIVING person about all this as George cannot speak against this shit now, so she throws in that "Harry" (that in the beginning of this bullshit story she's carried on with for years couldn't remember the name of) isn't George's brother. That whole mess of Harry Harrison still being alive had to have had her scrambling for that backpeddling she does so much. Now Harry is just some random dude.

She says oh it was "out west" somewhere but still cannot name a state. Since the USA does have these areas called STATES you'd think she could name a fucking state! Nope. She can't because IT'S ALL MADE UP BULLSHIT!
Oh it was somewhere thataway! Nice way to dodge answering an honest fucking question. Eyeroll*
She's really twisting her lie into a mess she can't get out of. The more she adds the more she'll have to find other excuses and fibs to cover up the ones she's already told, and soon it's gonna come out like to big pile of shit that her lying mouth is.


  1. As always, EL, you get the whole thing presented and show the goods of the evidence. As stated above, she wants people to believe she met, touched and was naked in front of George Harrison. The brain bleach is REALLY needed whenever she starts on that bullshit again. Why couldn't she stick with her being clothed version? x.x To top it off (and I saw those posts too) she went into how a cop and a guy with a camera was there too and someone with a snake just happened along. These somehow only show up in her lie whenever it's convenient I guess.

  2. Another long-winded bunch of bullshit.

    These "boyfriends" of hers must really not know squat about the Beatles if they think she knows Beatles history!

    Or maybe they enjoy drama and the lack of her knowledge of *any* history!

    Oh the lies are still thick in her ongoing eternal drama, she's never lost friends because of being a fan of anything, she's lost friends because SHE'S TOXIC and PLUMB PSYCHO!

    She also bores everyone with HER nasty pettiness. As evidenced in her post. Just saying.

    1. What a moron "I won't bore you with the pettiness of the other groups."

      AND YET she JUST DID!

      Bitter little hag.

    2. Oh how predictable. She's taking her bitching about MOWFO onto McCartney's forum and yet she sounds like the bitter one trying to play the martyr and makes no attempts to disguise her bitterness. She wants people to hate the "science fiction" peoples! lol. And who is this person she bashes? This lady who likes Lennon better than Paul? I'll take a guess and say she's trying to bash Miss O'Dell.


    Just can't keep track of her lies, can she? In a previous version she claims that he called back out to her saying he "loved her" and that it was after he sang "Yesterday".

    KO is waaay delsuional.

    1. Agreed. Delusional as fuck all. If any young guys have been "eyeing" her I'm guessing there's something seriously wrong with their eyes and they need to go get them checked out immediately.

  4. We ALL know this is utter bullshit.

    And this is just fucking laughable!

    Giving up her "path of science"??? LMAO! Bitch can't and won't even learn basic knowledge, basic writing or anything. GUFFAW!


    FB secret groups are "best avoided"? Is this a sign that Retard Macs has finally seen the light about her and kicked her fat ass out?

    And she thinks her posts are popular because mindless idiots live on FB and like everything they see. No matter how stupid it is. FB is nothing but one long meme.

    Then she goes into some spiel that at first is about some "admins" then quickly refers to a "him" :/

    Then the stupid twat goes and makes a second post (because she doesn't get what edit is for) stating how she still sucks up to a board run by a complete prick who is only after money and keeping the psycho fans unchecked.

    Yeah running down the neighborhood street cursing people like the crazy ugly bitch she is. To add, given the pic of her from a recent convention it is highly unlikely she's doing anything other than sitting on her fat ass shovelling Cheetos down her hole while trolling and stalking people on the internet.

  6. Gross disgusting dildo post. People have seen it before and we've heard it all before.


    This is the same bitch who in her Dirk stalking days would call herself the "very fem" petit exotic dancer with big boobs. Yeah and she still writes crap mary sues about herself in her crapfest of fics about being so girlish and makes a big deal about her boobs, snatch and ass whenever she can!

    The dysplasia is her MENTAL state. Her physical state is obese, ugly and unclean since she doesn't believe in showers or shaving.

    And of course, the bitch can't read English. The person she's trying to pick a fight with over non-existent shit to do with her, has given their reply and we see how KO strives to cause drama.

    Another one of her posts which shows how incredibly stupid she is and has NO idea what she spews.

    And here is another psycho post. What to make of it, who knows?


    Sorry George, crazy psycho 'tard is still claiming she talks to you and still perpetrates that bullshit story of hers about meeting you with her big hairy vagina showing all over the place.


    WTH kinda shit is this? At least people at her work know she's an obsessed fan.

    Why does everything have to so demeaning? It's Paul & Nancy's anniversary ffs!


    Gawd, her made-up stories are always so...what's the word? Hysterical dramas.


    And she still tries to claim she's been a fan since she was 3.

    1. She's also trolling (what else) with some stupid shit about Republicans hating the Beatles.


    No life but at least she'd be doing something other than trolling the internet.


    Oh yeah she's done that too! Next will be she's helped another family who were exposed to radiation and nuclear waste toxins.

    Yes lemme post a link to that same story too just to be more annoying.

  14. That KO. In all her insipid amateur fan wankery.


    So her nephew grows up listening to Paul because of her, but doesn't know shit about him or his music when he hears the music played in a car?

    Sounds legit -___-


    She still thinks she's a writer. She still calls herself a witch.
    I guess failure in picking up any skills on either of those things counts in her little world but what's really fucked up is that she totally doesn't get what the fuck the article she's presenting even said.
    Channeling (a word she can't even spell correctly to profess to doing it) isn't what the artists mean. Kooky O'Crazy just gotta turn everything to be about her witchy delusional ramblings.