Sunday, April 27, 2014

KO's Catkick Batshit Livejournal

After about 3 or so weeks of blissful silence, out comes the Hag of Hate again. The scene; her wretched livejournal that is mainly filled with some of the crappiest writing and stalkerish fan fantasies mingled with psychotic outbursts about cops, guns, witches and stalkers (who are really the victims)...

Again I'm creating this blog from recent comments as found here.

God I leave for a while to come back and she's STILL on her insane shit missions to harass, lie and fuck with people. Her CatShit journal is always such an hysterical example of psychotic meltdown syndrome.

She's still crazy no matter how many times she screams otherwise.

Another bunch of insane drama! Oh and look, she never fails to try to sell her "stalker" shit.


1. She obviously has no idea what "facts" really mean.

2. She obviously has no idea what signature Stu is referring to.

3. This is another psychotic rant that is nothing more than bitching about being banned from MOWFO and this is the SAME bullshit that she does all the time.
Nothing's changed and of course she never lets go of the past. A past that she created herself because she's insane and all of that.

4. Kimba never told the bitch about any stalkers telling her anything. This is an outright lie. The crazy kicking bitch just wants everyone to believe that Bibbi (or the long list of people who've been victimized by Catshit) is feeding info to people.
The reality is, is that Stu and others really did see her post that curse shit. She's well known for it! What's more is that people actually HEARD it from HER own foul mouth.

5. Stu never altered any post. He redacted the names so the people who took screenshots of it wouldn't get the same CRAP that she (so obviously) dishes out.

6. The whole vote thing is an absolute hysteria coming from her because her "fuck buddies" didn't even vote anyway. MOWFO wanted her gone. Period. They were in the right. As evidenced so heavily already.
BTW and FTR jealousy is as far as one can get as to what Stu is about that fucked up shit.

7. Before she was banned, she was violating the rules and she was doing so everyday until a stop was put to it.

8. There's her usual creep face coming through with her usual "GIVE ME ATTENTION NOW!" when she uses her overused word "stalker" and includes some reference to getting wet. So her mind is always on these people who've done everything in their power to avoid this toxic psycho bitch.

And why on earth bring a poor cat into her rants? Oh yeah she does kick cats even if metaphorically. One thing she does believe in is animal abuse because she abuses everything and everyone.

AND FINALLY folks, if she doesn't care about the group...WHY does she STILL bitch and moan and flame them all the time? Obsessed much and she obviously cares what people think of her because in reality SHE'S the one with the "very severe mental issues".

Another reader adds

Stu himself tells about this experience in a more concise telling.

Gee, this Stu guy really IS logical and rational after all! Haha.

His post is far more rational sounding and logical than her psycho flailing rant that just spits out a bunch of obvious lies, lies that don't even make sense along with a bunch of profanity.

Then after a day or so, out comes another wave of psycho screaming.

She's such a looney psycho nutcase.
Shitstain Kooky O got another post but it's the same bullshit.

The Meltdown...again.

Stu never tried to "subject" her to any rules outside of MOWFO, it was the fact she WANTED to remain on their group and in their group that she would have to comply with the rules. But she didn't want to do that!
As usual she feels entitled, superior and above everyone else. Like she always assumes. If she's not in the group anymore then what the fuck is the big deal then? Why does Crazy Bitch still bitch and twist things? Oh yeah she's a total headcase.
Her latest Stu rant is another heap of batshit crazy.
And yes, it is a re-write with more frivilous bullshit twisted rewritting of history she always does.

Further comments :)

And here she keeps claiming she never posted any curses or flaming shit against people, this is her whole drama.
Yeah yeah, and I suppose all this is just "new" LMAO! No, this is ALL old pattern Katheryn.

And FFS she's going to "leave that up for a while" as if anyone reading that will ever be able to make heads or tails of any of that psycho babble.

A MOWFO member who is a reliable source gives his comment as well:

The reason that this happened is that they are talking about a Mowfo BBQ event and her spies told her about it. So she wants to re-write history. And claim diffrent things happened even if 2 people were excluded from voting there was overwhelming votes to have her banned and kicked out until she apolgizes to anyone she attacked or offended. So yes it is a life time ban.

And Stu himself was gracious enough to give his testimony to share with us of Kathryn's ever repeated and regurgitated garbage. He pretty much confirms what all is said above. He writes:

Oh, I actually LOVE direct questions!  Funny how she asks them to the wind and not to ME, who she apparently is talking about.  But for anyone who wants to know, here are my responses.  (And I'd be happy if you forwarded them to her.)

K: Of course Stu claims it's a rewrite.  But tell me, what part is rewritten?  What part didn't happen?
Me: First, my remarks weren't about the posts about the robbery that she denied.  I told her that I saw, with my own eyes, the "curse" post she wrote about Johnny (Brick).  THAT is rewrite #1.

K: Um...I never used a signature in LJ.  Ever.
Me: I used the term "signature" figuratively.  (Nobody SIGNS e-mails, after all.)  I just couldn't remember if I saw it on her Catkick LJ or on another forum where she calls herself "Kathryn O."  (And I told her as much.  I never expected a pop quiz.)  That's called "honesty."  But it's also a fact: I saw it myself.

K: You know what Freud says about guys who like guns
Me: Freud today isn't taken seriously by anyone AND wasn't it YOU, Kathryn, talking about your OWN gun?  (You also said something about your "weapons."  You know what they say... LOL!)

K: Then, he posts what he claims is a screen capture of the phantom post.  I've never seen it before.
Me: I did find her post, forwarded to me as a three-part capture.  She's lying again; she's seen it because she wrote it.

K: Hell, it doesn't even sound like my language I'd use.
Me: I'll let readers be the judge. You'll find the post attached.*

K: But get this!  Mr Logic-and-Reason admits to altering this post. is an altered piece of information proof of anything then?
Me: Indeed I did!  That's what is known as "honesty."  In the interest of full disclosure, I told her what was altered, WHY it was altered and how the content was unchanged.  The ONLY REASON she knew it had been altered was because I TOLD HER.  As I said above, it was a three-part capture.  I put it into a single, one-page-sized format so that readers wouldn't have to flip between pages.  (I've retained the originals, just in case anyone has doubts.)  The only other alteration made was that I redacted the sender's e-mail address.  I did this at the request of the sender.  It is highly visible and obvious.  No other alterations were made.

K: Hell, he wanted to hold some vote but my friends couldn't vote.  Why?  To quote him, "Because you're fucking them."
Me: The survey was mostly about MOWFO policy for disruptive members.  (I can show anyone interested a copy of THAT, too.)  It wasn't something I wanted; members demanded it.  Only one of the questions was about Kathryn specifically.  It asked: "Do you see Kathryn O’Connor as disruptive and bad for MOWFO?  If so, should she be asked to leave?"  The answer ended up being an overwhelming YES.  (I've kept the tabulation results as well.)

For weeks (maybe months), Kathryn had been touting the fact that she, Michael and Marla were a "triad."  As I understand the term, it means that there is a sexual relationship.  Kathryn made it a point to let everybody know this, not just me.  (Mike's famous line, "I'm not doing anything that my wife doesn't approve of" came from this.  He repeated this at Sherry's house during one of the special parties.)  This is the backdrop.

During the whole fiasco leading up to the complaints, creation of the survey and the vote, I had been corresponding with Kathryn.  As her friend, I'd hoped to give her some advice to avoid being kicked out and clue her into what was being said by members.  The voting began with the initial e-mailed survey, and initial results ran against her.  When I told her this, she asked, "Well what about Mike & Marla?"  It was then that I told her that I didn't send them a survey.  When she asked why, I told her that I knew they'd be biased in her favor.  She asked me why and I reminded her of her "triad" remark.  She kept pressing me on it, and I finally said, "BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING THEM," hoping to break through her obliviousness.  And then...

K: Then he babbled something about that's what the police do.
Me: SHE asked ME to explain why that might disqualify M&M from voting.  I used the example of how police question people who witness a car accident.  They NEVER let people in a car "witness" for the driver of the car they were in, because they assume that they're friends and family of the driver and their testimony will be biased.  I tried to convey that the same principle applied in this case.  (I also mentioned that ANY investigation operates the same way.)  Anyone who knows me also knows I'm adverse to reinventing the wheel, so I borrow from professionals.

When I again mentioned that they're in a sexual relationship, she said, "It's not like that."  I took her at her word.  I immediately sent M&M a survey via e-mail.  I again offered them a hard copy at both Ram's Horn and at Redford.  (They declined one of them -- I forget which.)  In short, they had three opportunities to cast their own vote.  I never got anything from them.

K: He was just jealous of our relationship and rigging the vote.
Me: I cared nothing one way or another about their relationship; I had no reason to rig any vote.  I've retained all documentation and am happy to let anyone "check my homework."

K: And after he says I'm kicked out of the group (after that conversation about people fucking me not being allowed to vote,( I'll never call it a fair vote.
Me: What she calls it doesn't matter: it was completely fair.  MOWFO isn't big enough to generate overwhelming numbers -- it was quite easy to tabulate votes.  After ignoring all of my advice and failure to own any part in the fiasco, the members voted and she was asked to leave.

K: He contacts me to threaten me that I am violating the rules of the group . I had to remind him, "Dude, um...I'm not a part of your group anymore.  Remember?  Your rules don't apply to me."
Me: What SHE fails to mention is that her first removal was a SIX MONTH SUSPENSION.  During that time, we had implemented some rules about conduct during suspension.  (Naturally, she violated them repeatedly.)  When I warned her, she had a tantrum and said "I quit," along with hurling insults, which is her SOP.  Still, the REST OF US have rules we agreed to follow.  So when I warned her again when she once again violated the rules of suspension, she claimed that she'd quit and that our rules didn't apply and that I was somehow terrible for reminding her of them.

K: He's an Atheist.  I remember him taunting me on Christmas day out of the blue sending me an email about all the groups and places I've been banned.
Me: SHE is a WITCH.  Now, that's just as irrelevant as her opening words.  As I recall, she and I were having an e-mail conversation about her conduct.  It was devolving from friendly to hostile, which I'd hoped to avoid.  I'd heard from various group members of other groups she'd been kicked out of, and I knew of some online forums where she'd been banned as well.  I simply made the observation that it seemed odd for these groups to randomly kick people out, and that the one common factor in all of them was HER.  I made the suggestion that maybe she WAS the reason and that she should re-evaluate how she interacts with people.  Silly me -- I was once again trying to wake her up and help her stop bleeding friends.

K: But he included drum circles.  Um....I've never been banned from any drum circle ever.
Me: I'd heard from one member that she'd been kicked out of a drum circle she'd been a part of.  No, I can't swear to it that it was gospel truth, but I trust the person who told this to me and mentioned it in the course of the conversation above.  I wanted Kathryn to know that I was on to her antics beyond MOWFO.  COULD that be wrong?  Sure.  But that was also beside the point.  She wouldn't have to complain about people and groups "turning against me" if she simply changed her conduct.  That's what I was trying to get into her head.  Instead she stepped on the rake of "drum circle" and completely missed the point.

K: He sneered at me when I commented on him ruining Christmas for the past three years . He asked what would a witch celebrate Christmas for.  I had to educate his stupid ass about the origins of the holiday.  He had no clue.
Me: So she misses Christmas at MOWFO?  She claims not -- that she hates all of us, how we're losers, etc. -- but how else is it I or anyone else "ruined" her Christmases?  I've done absolutely ZERO to her since she was asked to leave, beyond responding to various threats, missives and accusations.  I have never been the initial actor; every contact with her since she was tossed out was in RESPONSE to her.  Each and every one.  No "sneers" or hostility.

Also, although I DID respond to her accusation by asking her what a witch (especially her BRAND of witch) would care about Christmas, she never expanded on the history of the holiday -- LOL!  It's also hilarious that it wouldn't occur to her that we atheists TALK.  We have forums and e-mail lists, chat groups and meet-ups; that the history of the holiday is circulated each and every year!  (And -- cluephone ringing -- said history has zero to do with witches, unless she's going to lump them in with pagans.)  But in her head, she's not only a master nutritionist, but an historical authority to boot.  And a pothead who ACTUALLY sneers at those taking LEGAL, prescription medications.

K: Think I give a shit what he and his dinner group of losers think of me?
Me: Yes.  Yes, I do.  You, after all, can't let this die.  YOU blurted your rant on LJ, making our mutual friends pass it along.  Seems you got pretty worked-up over what is supposedly ancient history!  You obviously care very much.

K: ...they are banned from advertising in other science fiction groups due to Grumpy Cat's awful past behavior.
Me: That has zero to do with me.  I'm a guest on one panel and running another at Penguicon.  AND being allowed to promote and sell my books there.  How's that ban supposed to work again?  File this under "fiction."

K: ...but you only let [Russ Cage] back into your yahoogroup just to bash me.  What other reason could there be?
Me: First, I had NO IDEA that you and he had been feuding.  Secondly, when the big mess EXPLOSION hit the MOWFO list, a lot of people chimed-in.  Russ had seen the posts because he had never been completely removed.  But when people began to pick apart the mess, he IM'd me and said that he had a few facts to contribute to the conversation.  I warned him to STICK to the facts and not make ad hominem attacks.  (In short, follow the current rules.)  He agreed, however I took the precaution of placing him on moderation.  I personally allowed ONLY the remarks that were NOT "bashing."  K was allowed to answer as well.  It was all about fairness.

K: It just shows what a sick sadistic ass you really are.
Me: As I see it, it shows what a myopic, pathological, toxic and malevolent person YOU really are.  I'm quite disappointed that you're incapable of rational discussion and that we communicate via silly posts such as this.  Why not face-to-face?  Why not over the phone?  Why the cowardly disappearing LJ posts and the blocking and banning?  You OBVIOUSLY want to communicate -- it's important enough to you to write long missives like the TWO I'm responding to!  Why?  I've left you alone as you SAY you wished.  Why haven't you just gone the fuck away?  Or let ME depart from your life?  Why must you badger people who just want to be left alone?  Only you can answer those questions. You NEED to answer them FOR YOURSELF.

*Those darn screencaptures that KO thought could never be saved as evidence. Sorry I had to chop out all the sides and trim the capture somehat as Blogger was having a fit about letting me upload a bigger file here. But I got the main part of it. The words that KO posted. And that's all that matters in the end. My thanks to Stu for allowing me to post all this with his kind permission.


  1. I got the screenshots up on the blog for Catshit's Crazy journal postings.
    Link is here:

    So no worries. It's been saved. Great blogs btw EL :D

  2. Man, she's stupid. Being from another 'branch' of her bullshit tree, I'm not even involved with this MOWFO stuff... but I know the damn story... because she DOES bleat about it constantly, and you folks answer her with obvious truth and evidence... and she continues to bleat. She needs to swallow her infantile butt hurt and go the fuck away. God damn attention whore is all she is. GO TALK TO YOUR CAT, YOU SNIVELING TWAT!!! Take comfort in your shitty writing and stfu. It's truly amazing...

    1. IKR? It's even more amazing that some people actually fall for her huge drama and continue to do so and they never seem to realize that it just keeps getting bigger. Either they are drama whores themselves or are really in denial.

  3. She is Cunt hurt over the fact that her fuck buddys were not alowed to vote. (LIE)
    Her 2 people were offerd forms etc I wittnessed it. THey Refused to Participate. BUt when over 20 people voted against those two would of been 10% vrs 90% votes so it makes no differance. She will cry abuse and that we are loosers but again when ever we plan a special event her spys tell her or she looks on someones facebook account to see it and then she stirs up crap. She is worthless and I really wish all her suside attemts would be a Succuess some where in there. I know many who would celebrate her departure from this world. Sad to say but she has caused so may problems in so many groups that there would be a Huge Party. Her ban is life time cus the only way back in is to appoligize to everyone she has hurt at mowfo. This will never ever happen.

  4. Psycho Cunt put up another LJ post about Stu again. Saying she's "adding" more on him but it's just another pathetic repeat claiming Stu never states anything specific when his letters, posts and fact-showing is VERY specific!! What a moronic bitch she is.
    And I agree with the comments above! Catshit does love to stir shit when she can. I guess she figures she can make their lives miserable because they wouldn't be used and manipulated by her any longer. So now she firgures she has a right to harass Stu because of it.
    She's also been trying to tell total strangers on facebook about Stu and his guns and just defaming him to whoever will listen. Stupid bitch just wants to punish people with her narcissistic rage when they won't be good little minions.

    1. I got it. Screencapped and stored. It's been included with all the other psycho rants and screams for attention of hers.

    2. Yeah she just wanted to call Stu another name while still trying to
      play dumb. The bitch knows quite well what she's done.

  5. Whoa I checked in and saw the batshit crazy bitch has posted more flaming drivel on her Insane Journal of Catshit again. She's so lame to use a guy's last name to call him "caged" what an imbecile. What is he "caged" about? Is this more of her attacks on people with some disability or just that some poor man has a last name she can't make fun of without sounding like a witless bully who tries to come up with some insult regarding their name?

  6. Because she's been sending out emails of Mr. Cage's email address to (what she thinks are) her minions and I get these via some of my contacts that she bothers, trying to get people to attack/harass him, I got a copy of this recent horrid picture she claims the poor guy is jerking off to. I've added it to my blog:

    How can anyone who looks like THAT think they are giving a guy a boner? Nightmares, maybe an instinct to kill the demon, but certainly not anything sexual. That pic would make any man run screaming away. As far away as he can get.

    1. Holy shit ! That is one ugly woman. With the cray cray to match !

      This is what I see when people tell me about the movie "Deliverance"! I mean look at her (if you can) it's horrifying.

  7. Okay for such a powerful witchy witch, why is she having to get permission for whatever insane thing she thinks will help Paul?

    So much for her transcending all barriers and the mumbo jumbo she thinks is real.

  8. WTF??

    Monks? Delusional.....

    1. IKR?

      More of the usual...

      Well there's another group she'll be able to foul up with her bullshit.

      And the bitterness at whatever the fuck it is this week is always with this psycho bag.

    2. She's wearing a ring to help Paul McCartney... so she IS that delusional to think anything she does, says and even WEARS is going to somehow impact Paul in any way?

  9. Just another lie. With proof of her lying documented, I thought I'd just add this to the lie heap she has amassed.

  10. New LJ post.....

    Her mother loves her? HAHAHA HAHAHA!!! On what planet???

    Leave Kimba alone, you sad miserable ugly duck!!!

    1. I was just coming here to mention it. If the woman she's bashing really does look like Grumpy the Cat, I LOVE HER ALREADY! Because I LOVE THAT CAT!
      That piece of shit bitch Kathryn O is one hideous thing. She looks like some backwoods, teeth missing neandrathal bulb of filth in human form which is the WORST possible way to look.
      But looking like a cat is beautiful because cats are beautiful creatures. There's no such thing as an ugly one! But there are plenty of ugly humans and man oh man does KO fit the ugly to a tee.

      Did you see how she's been causing problems again in BL?

    2. I added it to the Insane Journal blog. Thanks for the heads up!

    3. They deleted her shit stirring comment on BL. HA! At least they aren't leaving her crap up, and allowing her to ruin conversations that don't involve her. She's just butthurt that she can't join either of those communities. They won't have her. Probably the only Beatles sites on LJ that are wise to her and refuse to allow her to join. It's funny, that Miss O' Dimwit, one of the people stupid enough to defend her in turn had her community ruined but Catshit is a member of two communities that won't allow Catshit entrance. LOL.

  11. Ha! Go BL!!! If you're not gonna toss her out, put a muzzle on her!!

    Yep, she's butthurt and doesn't recognize drama unless its her own. Or at least manufactured by her. None of the shit is on those comms. Just comfy Beatle/reading/writing discussion without odd interruptions involving overblown fetishes and lies. Awesomesauce.

    1. One place that she can't weasel her way into. I think she's had run ins with those creators/mods of those LJ communities that won't allow her entrance. I bet it just burns Catshit's long nose hairs that Miss O'Dimwit is in and she isn't.


    LOL! She mad. I adore those nasty bitch hardly writers!!!!!!!! I will read a bit of quality over (mass shit) quantity ANY DAY. Find an online creative writing class, catshit. Keep your mouth shut and LEARN. If you open your gob, ask questions pertaining to the subject at hand. Begin with having someone explain the difference between THEN and THAN. When your point of view, vocab, and spelling abilities grow beyond fifth grade, you'll be on your way. ThEn you can move on to learning about your subject. But, learn to write FIRST. Yep.

    1. Wow she's really a piece of human garbage. So if someone doesn't write a bunch of shit every other day, they're not writers? That twat sure is one to talk about writing since she can't even understand HOW to write or WHAT writing is. All she knows is how to be toxic with her plague of the internet status.

    2. Added to my blog about her psycho shit. Yeah she's pissed off that Jerry at BL removed her shit stirring post so she had to repeat it at the only place she can...her insane little journal. Which people can point and laugh at.

  13. What a whack-a-do. The poster she's referencing from the quote she posted on her latest LJ rant is jonesingjay. He has never slammed Catshit on any Beatles communities. Even when she referred to him in one of her now deleted LJ rants as jonesisgay. He's been silent about her. The guy avoids her like the plague! LOL. Why is she rewriting history on him? I don't know. Maybe, because he ignores her and won't respond to any of her baiting posts? HA! I took a look at the post he made on BL and all the guy was doing was promoting a couple of Beatles fan fiction communities. She's just got those skid mark stained panties of hers in a bunch because they won't have her. Jerry deleted her shit stirring comment. I wonder why she doesn't name him in on of her vile rants?

  14. johncharles is back:

    1. I want to join the hidden group! I was a member of the last one, and I loved how they totally exposed what a fraud Catshit is with her claims that she was a "paid writer" and wrote for local magazine articles and newspapers. You'd think a writer would actually have some kind of contact with an editor! But not Catshit! She just emails her brilliant sparkly content from the litterbox and they scoop it right up and publish it all. As is.

      /massive sarcasm

  15. LMAO!!! Yeah, she provided a 'link'... OOH LOOK. WHEN I PRESS THIS BUTTON IT UNDERLINES MY BULLSHIT AND MAKES IT BLUE!!! THAT'LL GET SOME ATTENTION!!! FOMCLMAO!!! ... as she goes off to the cupboard to get another sexy graham cracker mailman... lol. Them are dog treats, catshit. ha haha.

  16. Um, I just read the FB exchanges; people complaining that KO's silly shippy comments are not welcome connected to beatle pics. Well, she boasts about her fics being unlocked. I have to tell ya, that's violation of LJ TOS. Those fics are open to under 18 year olds... if they're as 'open' as she implies. Those locks aren't provided to 'hide' writing that people are ashamed of... they're legal tools to keep dumbasses from publishing things that shouldn't be seen by users under 18. ???

    Flagging Adult Content and Accounts: LiveJournal is committed to maintaining the Service in a manner that is reasonably acceptable to all audiences, but cannot be held responsible for the monitoring or filtering of any Content found on the Service. You are fully responsible for all Content you post on the Service and should keep in mind that the lower age limit for use of the Service is 13 years old. You are encouraged under the TOS to flag ALL Content and/or Accounts that contain adult themes and images, including, but not limited to, nudity, sexual acts, crime, violence, and/or illicit subject matter, regardless of artistic merit or newsworthy purpose. You understand and agree that LiveJournal may, at its sole discretion, flag, restrict access or delete said Content at any time without prior notice without assuming liability for any damages or legal claims associated with the posting of said Content on the Service. Should the Content be deemed illegal under U.S. law, you understand and agree that LiveJournal has the right to share your personal information and submit all necessary information to, and cooperate with, the proper U.S. authorities;


    1. That's assuming that catshit can read and comprehend. She clearly can't. LOL. Besides, she only follows the rules when she's using them to get her way. You bring up a solid point though. I wonder if a group of people reported her content to Livejournal what would happen. Hmmm, perhaps, the same thing that happened whenever she reported communities. A shutting down of her own Livejournal account. It'd serve her right, that's for sure.

  17. Assuming that she is normally functional is assuming way too much. Batshit never changes. Get rid of bit already...

  18. All good comments and all good points. I doubt she realizes that she's publishing filth for minors to read. The disclaimer on her shit makes no difference if the kid can still access it. A lousy disclaimer isn't worth shit.

    I guess they ignore her since they take one look at her and realize how bad her writing really is and figures it's a non-issue since no one will read and if they do, they're really opening themselves up for torture and cringing.


    Scroll down to comment #144. LOL. I wonder if PLH really posted that comment.

    1. OMG that is ACES! Holy shit...maybe PLH has finally woken up?

    2. LOL.

      I don't know. It'd be interesting if PLH over at JohnHeartPaul finally got a clue, but I doubt it. She's proven herself to be a grade 'A' idiot, just like catshit.

    3. One of my readers left a comment that blogger fucked with, and somehow isn't showing up here (even though I got the notification) and so I am posting the comment here for that reader.

      "There's also this:

      Not sure what the topic is as tumblr seems to be a total train wreck and apparently only made for i-phones but someone also knows what a total bitch she is."

      Sorry about blogger fucking up shit again. Every now and then they take it upon themselves to remove comments. It's happened before and one reader thought I was removing the comments! So again, sorry for the delay. Blogger can really suck it.

  20. Looks like catshit has been posting on that thread trying to defend her shitty fics. I'll bet she went SCREAMING to PLH and of course PLH has to spend the rest of her life coddling and babying the psycho crazed bitch.

    1. Oh it's her. Latest hysteria post:

      It's funny because all anyone did was leave a random comment on a weirdest fic thread on some random forum and she finds it and starts thinking McCartney has recorded a song in her favour. Yet her fics still suck and are still steaming piles of shit.

    2. I added the latest screenie of it before it disappears. Anyway she's blathering about someone called WritMcCartney and stamping about some roleplay thing. WTF? The fact she's referencing the youtube song she posted a direct link to as some way she feels about whoever it is, is kinda weird since the song has actually a positive lyric and yet she calls people losers in her little toilet journal. I guess she sees evil, darkness and spite everywhere. More of her mirrored attempts.

    3. I missed the screen cap. Could you link me to it?

    4. It's the "ninth batch" here:
      Scroll down to see it. The further down is the most recent as it goes in descending order. It was so stupid and lame. Like all her rants.


    I didn't know catshit was a lesbian. I thought she lusted after men who wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire.

    1. Can't see it. I think you have to be a member. Anyway, KO is no lesbian or bi-sexual. She's just a pathetic attention whore and she doesn't get any. Her body odor being one of the biggest factors and the fact she doesn't use a razor on anything and her looks are just, well hideous. Really hideous.

    2. Yeah, it's been pulled down I think. It was hilarious though. I wish I'd gotten a screen cap of it. Basically, it was a picture of catshit in all her ugliness. LOL. The person wrote about catshit getting dumped by her girlfriend of ten years. Then went on to ask people's opinion on her looks, so she could improve on them and win her girlfriend back. LOL.

      We all know catshit doesn't like gay people. Yet, she writes slash, and is currently stinking up a lesbian forum. Whoever posted that was having a good laugh at her. Too bad it didn't stay up longer so more people could comment on her fugly ass.

    3. Well if you remember the title of the thread or some word in it might could be googled. There might still be a cache of the page. Can screengrab it from there.


    And yet she joined PID to spout her death stories about Paul because someone from MOWFO was into the Beatles and she wanted to be too.
    Also because she had burned herself out of the sci-fi communities she was unanimously banned from. Namely for harassment and stalking people.

    But she wanted to join the first thing she wanted to participate in that would have been gory and bloody. So she sought out PID, because she always wrote stories about killing people and cursing them to die and all that other darling stuff.

    1. Did you see this?

      This bitch is so self-centered that even when someone makes a point about the earth and life in general, she's just gotta turn it into another pathetic troll about how people have kicked her to the curb. People who progressed beyond needing her toxic self around to spoil their existence.

    2. And she's still using her me2 account to agree with herself.

  23. Kathryn O; someone constantly viewing herself as a victim while being complicit in her so called victimization isn't very sympathetic or rational. She takes no ownership of her own "sins" and has zero empathy for anyone else. Why should anyone extend some for her? Her delusional pity parties do nothing to change that either.


    Hilarious shit today!

    Yeah, I can feel what others are feeling. Ask me if I care?

    Spoken like a true psycho. She only cares if it's preventing HER ability to manipulate others.

    You can learn to choose when to be effected and when not to be.

    Effected? Goddamn her writing, spelling and grammar never fails to suck so bad.

    It takes effort but it can be dumb.

    Dumb? It's dumb to take the effort to, what is it? Not be "effected".

    All you can do is choose to get over it yourself.

    This is hysterical coming from her! Of all people!


    Store plays Paul McCartney regularly because she is regularly in a foul mood...hmmm. Did they ever come up with the clever plan of just firing the bitch?

    Still has NOT read any article concerning the "Bigger THAN Jesus" thing because the word still doesn't exist in her tiny psycho world.


    Hysterical. Mind you that she made herself an enemy because they caught on that she was an even bigger freak.

    Her antics and harassment of them also didn't endear her to anyone.

    1. Yeah that and she did stalk them and did to them what she's done to a whole long line of people (and celebrities) years prior and years before. Paul is freaky but he doesn't stalk PID believers.

      Also the guy KO is replying to would be put off his food for good if something like her kissed him! EEK! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  27. More ludicrous reasons from the Batshit One to hate on Stella.

    Really, STFU bitch. People know you're fucking crazy.

    1. Yeah and several people have called her out on her shit, so she posts some stupid article that has nothing to do with anything and copied pasted the first two paragraphs to appear smart. Then she goes and tries to outdo someone who posted a short video of Paul rapping and posts a video of Paul simply getting into a car being photographed by paparazzi and mumbling something but she declared it was a better video of Paul rapping, WTF?

    2. Oh she's still trying to start shit about Stella McCartney? Yeah there's a surprise *eye roll*

  28. Oh she's still playing this record, which is warped and more or less a reminder of the movie 'Single White Female'


    "when at my mom's"

    LOL she lives with her mother! And she opposed to video games sheesh! People everywhere would have liked the peace and quiet if she weren't so hell bent on spending all her time online trolling.

    Ah someone else remembers a Beatle event so of course she's gotta throw in her tired old bullshit lie about being a fan for all her life.
    Still funny how none of these things are mentioned by her until she was thrown out of Dirk Benedict's fandom.

    1. Her mother probably supports her. IMHO KO can't fully support herself.
      Can't help but wonder when she'll be thrown out the Beatles fandom.


    You just know she's bashing some poor soul, but any names aren't going to be mentioned so nobody can see where she's been banned from.

    Seems she's still trying to get attention from websites that have anything to do with death and the occult involving any Beatles guy since she can't fuck with the PID folks anymore.

    1. KO aka Kooky O'Crazy the PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET Gets banned everywhere!